This is what CRUISING on a sailboat looks like | BOAT LIFE (Unforgettable Sailing Ep.149)

This is what CRUISING on a sailboat looks like | BOAT LIFE  (Unforgettable Sailing Ep.149)

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Can you believe, this. This is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Our powder just broke. Sucks. How hot guys we are without, an engine and we break. One of the earth. Now diego is paddling by himself. So we won't drag to the ocean. In this tiny, tiny beam. We are george, diego, we quit our jobs to renew a tiny 50 year old sailboat, to live on the sea. Once we put ourselves, out there life made its turns, and we moved to a more comfortable, home, just to lose it a few months later to the biggest hurricane, in history, we were already in love with both life and as a stubborn, sailors we are we didn't give up, twenty, thousand nautical miles later, here we are in unforgettable, tree, following our dreams, how far further, from where we started. Subscribe, and join our live at sea. Hey guys we came to town today, and that's how, we're going back to the boat. Engine, fail. Fail. But luckily we find somebody that's gonna. Take us because we are quite far more than a mile away from the. Boat. Back to the boat luckily, we found a very very kind soul that gave us a ride on his pickup, not only for us but for our outboard, our dinghy, and our groceries. We also managed, to leave the outboard, in a mechanics, because we had a previous look and we couldn't fix it it seems bad well i hope it's not that bad, so tomorrow he's going to give us some answers. And, so far we'll be paddling, it's incredible, how much stuff. We can accumulate. Over time in a sailboat. When you're anchored that's okay you have time to search for stuff but we are when you're sailing you need to find, stuff. In a minute. So that's what we're looking for and it just feels so good to have things organized, here comes feng shui again. What the hell. I don't think i'll make it. I removed, everything. I. Wiped with uh, vinegar. So it's ready to, receive. All this stuff back. Voila. Improved, a lot, i installed some lights also. Hey diego. You could cook dinner. Tonight. Hello guys. Let me tell you what's going on today in unforgettable.

We Were ready to explore, hayate, that's this island, we are in right now. But our plans, changed, and now we are going to tahiti. A friend offered a position, to, work for two weeks. Preparing, a super yacht to. To get ready to sail, so probably be buffing, and cleaning. And, yeah we are shorting money. So, it comes in a great great timing. I would rather stay here life is awesome here in hayate, but sometimes. You gotta do what you gotta do. Okay, tahiris. Well before going to tahiti we just have one last thing to do. That's it how is left from our. Board. Chewings. Yeah the foil wings and 250. Bucks. Which he paid for the broken motor. It's a hard decision to make. But. I think it's the more. Reasonable. Thing. And, yeah it was really bad what was the problem. Uh it damaged the the berries, damaged the piston. And the seals, and o-rings, so had changed a lot of stuff, would be over one thousand. Dollars just in parts, here in french polynesia. Plus service so there'll be like 1400. So he pays 250. And uh. A new one. A new one it's uh like 1800. So. Yeah, not worth. Yeah it's, and it would take like two months for the pc, yeah it would take two months to, order parts from united states arrive here pick customs, and all this stuff. Tough day tough day at the office but. It is what it is we have the wings. Case, ready to move, ready. Yeah. We are planning to go to a, small motu, that's just. Very close but before we go to tahiti just for a last swim enjoy a little bit. More. Why don't you let. Yourself. Out of. Get your control. Oh. Well guys as you can imagine, this is not tahiti, yet, this is just a small motu, close to the past here in hayate. We just decided, to spend the night here, and then tomorrow, morning we wake up we swim enjoy a little bit this place and we head to tahiti. The, this is uh what the polynesians. Call a motu, amotu, is just a small island, inside, the lagoon. So yeah we are anchored in front of this. Tiny motu. And there is another one. Right there. How's the water. Uh it's perfect. It's so good, it's very clear because it's uh. Right in front of the pass. So tomorrow. I can see some decent snorkeling, around. Look what we found, here, in hayate. In a small island in french polynesia. This is acai, this is a fruit from brazil, and we found the poop the frozen, poop that's what uh. How they sell in brazil, also. And this is really delicious. We mix it with some bananas. And it's kind of a smoothie, but. It's between a smoothie, and an ice cream, i cannot explain but it's just so delicious, and then we eat with granola. And other fruits on top some peanut butter. Delicious, delicious. Let's do it. For you guys that don't know it, it's like this, purple. Yes. Oh. Is. We woke up really early for that. If we knew we would be sleeping, but that's okay, there's a bit of hope, there. So. Maybe. People doesn't watch us to see us get wet in the rain and, sailing on the rain learn to see sunny skies, and. Tropical, weather. Different kind yeah, part of the preparations, for sailing. Uh, i like to do a floating, plan. So. We know where we're starting, and where we're going and we share this with some some people. And, in this case i share with our, group of patrons, and apoyadores. So, 150. People. Know. What time approximately. We're going to live, and, expect the time of arrival. This is our route from. To tahiti. Approximately. 150. Miles. It doesn't mean that i have to follow. That straight, line. But that indicates. The shortest, route. I may talk here and there. Take advantage. From the wind, our patrons, can send us messages. And, when our long crossings. We chat, and it's it's really nice yeah we have this. It's the garmin, in reach. We can receive, and send messages. So we are in touch with our patrons, and they can follow us on real time, and, many of them really like it they just like uh, update, every hour or so they know. How we're doing, speed, talk. It's, quite, yeah. The rain stopped guys and it's time to have some. Fun. So. What did we learn. From, this. Desert, island. Well. You said last time, always, bring repellent. But. You did not bring red. Yes. I made it again guys, i i cannot. I don't know i always forget the repellent, but it's because we don't use it much so. Yeah mosquitoes, again. But they're not that bad this time. And this is not so desert, island this has like uh.

Nobody Lives here i think but there are a few. Houses, and old, public toilets, i think so. Yeah. And it's very well gardened, so probably people come here all the time, here in hyatt they don't have beaches on the island so people go, chill, and enjoy in the motus. So this is a public motu. And it's, very well taken care of, it's really nice there's some toilets that. Has had seen better days it's kind of broken down. But. Yeah it's a nice place to chew and, it's saturday, it's too early in the morning there's nobody here a good tip also would, would be to bring, some shoes because the floor is quite. Which is another thing we always forget. Yes. Okay, you see we are not very prepared, for this kind of situations. But. That's how it is. It's it's it's been it's not. We're still adapting, has been only five years guys so, please give us, give us some. Slack. Before someone's suggesting, no we're not gonna kill and eat the chicken leave it. Alone. I'm saying, to you. Cause i'm looking, in your eyes. You're looking, past, mine. But i'm just. Trying. I'll try to score a coconut for the trip what do you think wow that would be great let's try. So guys, this time do you think the captain can open the coconut. You know he. Can. Too much pressure. Be careful so you don't fall babe. Ha. Ha. So easy. That's quite that's, uh nearly, cheating, because it was really easy. Okay go for it bye. Wow you made a huge hole in the coconut. Yeah. Well everything, we're always complaining. About how everything is expensive, here in polynesia, but coconuts, are for. Free. Cause i'm just trying. To, break. This. All right. Time to go back to the boat. Time for the camera to go into the dry bag. Can you believe, this. This is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Our powder just broke. Sucks. And we even, use it, very much, look at this. Here is the other piece. It just. Broke. Check it out guys that's ridiculous. Look what just happened. So now, we cannot, paddle. The two of us. No i can't believe it. The middle of the canal. Now diego is paddling by himself. And then, if you get tired we can change babe. So we won't drag to the ocean. In this tiny, tiny thing. How hot guys we are without an engine and we break. One of the oars. At least there's another boat there maybe if we need he can rescue us but we're nearly there you're doing good babe. Keep. Going. So. That was fun, yeah, beautiful. Beautiful, the water is so clear. Really enjoy it. Uh so good. I feel ready to go to tahiti now where you're gonna spend a few weeks. Uh, not, going to the ocean every day. I want to stay here. And uh so as long as you can paddle forever, not buy a new outboard, you can stay what do you think. We just only have we have only one or now that's. Another one broke so okay another reason. Ah yeah let's face it. Shower, organize, stuff and let's go. Beautiful day guys really excited, so, if you're interested about how this sailing is going to be have a look in the next week, we'll film it all and we're going to show you hopefully, it will be wonderful.

But. Maybe not, who knows. See you next week bye bye. Thanks so much for watching guys i hope you enjoyed this video, remember, to subscribe to our channel if you haven't done yet, and now it's time for some messages. And today we have the message, from akarioto. He's sending. A message to, to the group, world cup artemis. It's a what's up group and he's just. Letting everybody know that he missed them. And that he is the president. All right president, here's your message deliver. If anybody, else wants us to share. Your messages, with your beloved, ones we'll be really really happy to read it here so just send to our email. And, also, i would like to give a shout out to some of our patrons, and a fellaiodories. Bruno pereira. Diego jimenez's. Thank you so so much guys and thank you to all our, patrons, and our federalist, crew you make these videos possible. And if you want to join the team, you can just you find the links on the description, below, and you get a lot of rewards, as to be the first one to know about crew opportunities. With us, you also be the first one to know about our sailing plans and everything that's going on here at unforgettable. We have, a. Whatsapp. Group only for patrons and peodories, and we share a lot of things daily updates, there. And our experience. So i'm really, really glad for this group i really enjoy. Talking to all of you guys, and a lot of other rewards, you can check. In the description, guys, thanks, so much once again, and see you, next. Thursday. You.

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