This is why Black Prides are so important | With UK Black Pride 2018

This is why Black Prides are so important | With UK Black Pride 2018

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Welcome. To gay Star News live -. Paybacks are and I'm your host this show where, we've teamed up with UK black pride to talk about why pride matters, every, day of the year. In. This show we'll, be talking to a number of black LGBTI, activists, about their, personal, and empowering, experiences. But how to get the most out of black pride events not, just on the day of the event but for the rest of the year too we'll, also be enjoying two performances, from artists who are going to be performing, at UK, black pride on Sunday, the 8th of July in box or Pleasure Gardens South, London. People. Will never fight for your freedom if, you have not given evidence that you are prepared to fight for it yourself. When. I dare to be powerful to. Use my strength in the service of my vision. Then. It becomes less important, whether I'm afraid I. Know. All I love you change the ways of the ignorant and. The hearts that have been hardened. Love. Takes, off masks, the fear we cannot live without. Our, crowns have been poor and painful. We. Have to do what we have to do is put them on. UK. Black coat ride. Our. First guest is an ik an intersex. Activist. Anakin. We went to his first pride last year but. What a year is being, so. Hank last, year was your first prize, what. Makes you do it well. I think I'd spent so long hiding, who I was I just didn't feel comfortable being, publicly, out anywhere, and the. Idea of going to any pride wasn't, really something that was on my mind for like, the whole. 21. Years of my life until that point and. Then. What, happened over the past few years was that I'd come out as an intersex person, which. Means that I was born with biological, characteristics, I don't fit the, traditional. Aspect, of what we think, a male or female is so. When I started talking about that experience, I started, feeling a lot more at home in my own body and I realized that I need to find other people who are like me so. I decided that even, if I was going to be on my own I wanted to go to my first pride so I was really excited I had a t-shirt made and I wrote like, intersex, activists, on it and it. Had like, lots of pictures and it was really cool and how. Does it take off from there from this from his first pride was it a good event for you did you enjoy it well. I didn't see anyone else there who was intersex and that's, when things, for me started, to be like oh did.

I Just make a mistake telling people is this not something we talk about so. For me it began. A. Kind, of process to start getting involved in the, LGBTI, community to. Sort of bring the eye more to prominence I want people to know what it means because there are still people out there who think it means invisible, and, whilst. It could also represent invisible. People people who don't feel like they can come out for, me it's, about making sure intersex, people aren't erased, so. On the Saturday I went to my first pride, and then the day afterwards just by chance I happened to go to UK, black pride. And I'd, never heard of the event before but. I got there and immediately, I felt, like this. Is this is the place where I can meet other people who are going to be doing similar stuff to me how. Was it for you what made you identify. That that experience, I, didn't. Expect, to and that was what, really changed, things for me because I stand up thinking, oh it's, just going to be exactly, like it was the day before where, people are just you, know getting. Drunk or no. One's really talking to each other but there's like lots of music I turned. Up and there, were lots of community stalls and there were people talking, to each other and that. Was like as soon as you walk in and it. Was like oh okay. This is different it felt like the, MELAS I grew up in in Leicester so, a few meters yeah the Asian Mela so it felt more like a community event and I. Spoke to loads of different organizations. And charities about, work they do and, what. I realized, is even, these people don't know much about intersex, so what can I do to change that and, the. More I spoke to people the more I realized, that actually this is going to be a great platform for me and for, a lot of other people because, I thought, the. Whole weekend when it was pride I was like do i publicize. That I'm at pride I was like what would people in my family say would they just think, that I'm off getting drunk and being crazy. How. Would it look to other people and then, all of that kind of melted away as soon as I turned, up on day and I was no longer afraid of saying I'm at pride growing, up in an. Asian household, where I felt, like I didn't fit in because I felt like I belonged in the LGBT community and, then, being in the LGBT, community feeling, like I can't be Asian it was like turning. Up to UK black pride felt like there was I could, be birth and, I didn't know I could be both until that point what did you feel you were inspired, to do after. Pride because, one of the things that we want to know is yeah why, pride matters and not, just for that one day does it matter for the rest of the year is, that the journey that you feel you've been on definitely. UK black pride has inspired, me in so many ways I didn't really think young people where, that included. In planning. Prides and things like that but, it turns out that's completely. Wrong because the UK black pride itself has a Youth Forum and what. I found out was there are so many other young people like me who, want to change this for, me. Even younger ones and the older ones so that people feel like actually you, can be a person of color be. Proud of the fact that you're a person of color and also, be proud of the fact that you are in the LGBTI, community so. Anak you, could let pride this year we're going to have a very large number of young people coming, to the event what. Advice would you give those young people these young black and Asian people but, how to get the most just their pride of him well, I spoke to a, really a really. Nice young person called Neil who said that. He. Growing, up never felt that he could attend pride but, he attended pride and went.

To UK black pride in particular and made. So many friends and felt like those. Were the people he could connect with and also go, back to his own community and know. That he's not on his own he's not the only person. Who. Looks like him or who grew up in the same area who. Can identify, that, way and be who they are and. That was wonderful thank you so much for your time and I look forward to seeing you and you get back by this weekend, and. Now it's, time for our first performer, who will be this. Weekend. Don't. You, dare you, once. Again. Even. Me. To, the dock, harakiri. You. Down smooth. Me. Laughs. It. Burns. Oh. Dang. When. You shame hold. My, breath, please. Leave it was all, I deserved. I am, i. Screaming. In. There, are. Your. Doubts, why. Does it have to be, so, hard, for you. The. I. Am. Uh there. In. The hollow of your, moons. Pinging. You, softly. To. Let me. Uh, could. Be very. And. Open. Your eyes joy rising stars. That. You have too long King, know the magic. Yet it was there with your, ball, this, time I. Could. Be okay. If. You made, me. The. Dream, we. Gobo, hope along. The, journey, with. All the tears that. You've. Hidden for. Far. Too long. In. The end. Reflection. With. Our next guests Pauline and Quinn, we'd. Like to talk about prides. Can. They be more international and should, they be more political at heart so. Quinn let's let's begin with you you, come from Bermuda, Bermuda. In 2017. Enacted, a marriage equality Act but. In the same year it reverts it now. It's gone through the courts and there's, a legal challenge being posed to the government, what. Happened, in the Musa. Wellactually was really quite upsetting so the, legislation, that was brought in was brought in through case law and. The government decided that what it would do is it would have a referendum, and put the vote to the people. And. The, people use their vote and they use their voice and that, was to repeal equal, marriage. Which. Is obviously discriminatory. So. A second case has gone forward and the, courts have again ruled that, it should be reinstated. And. It was heartbreaking to come from a country that made that decision and took that choice it, literally. Tore families apart. The. Issue was so divisive. That, some families and family members aren't talking to each other anymore, and. As, an LGBT person that comes from that country it's, a clear symbol, and, signal to me that they are not ready for. Me to come home that they don't want me to come home and. They aren't ready for true, LGBT, equality what, and so, what applies like in, your. Home, country, there. Are no prides and bringing it a the. First pride that I attended. Was in. England in Manchester. And. It was beautiful and a great experience. Because for once I was able to be my true and authentic self. And it was only a week, later on retrospect. That I realized how. Profound. That experience, was and I realized how. Living Bermuda, had made me watch my back and made me edit who I was everywhere. I went. And. That I couldn't go back to doing that anymore and, how's. That self. Editing. Ended. Or. Has. That changed now that the pride season, in, a year, on from the last pride.

Have, You changed the way you live, yourself your true self as you described it I, have. Changed, I don't edit as much but, I think we have to be clear that the UK is not. Fantastic. Or at. The best point that it can be for LGBT, equality I have, still have to edit myself when I'm in public spaces. There, are social situations, where I feel I have to edit or tone down Who I am. So. Social. Acceptance is not there we have a lot to do and there's still, a political, fight that we have to take. Forward I want to turn to you Pauline you. Come from France, what. Is the experience like to you what did. You when did you go to your first pride and it was it like I went, to my first pride in Paris it was in 2008. So I was a 22. And. I. Was. A I. Wasn't. Expecting, something but, I did not find. A. Place. Where I could belong, so. How does that make you feel not, seeing people like yourself represented. But I didn't, attend to the next, to. The next Friday after world until. 2016. When I I met. The, founders of Paris, Black Friday so, you waited 10 years before you went to another pride exactly. Well. How. Did that experience make you feel thinking, back to 2006. In Paris pride the first time he went to a party to a pride events as a 22, year old woman I feel, like I've. Been. I've. Been, not. Finding. A place where I could, I. Could. Be. Represented. Before. For, 10 years until, there, were my first, Paris Black Friday. Coming. Up and, where. I am I was invited, to portrait. James. Baldwin. Paris. Black fraud was paying tribute, to Josephine. Baker and, James. Baldwin so, I, decided. To paint just, Baldwin's, a black. American, alternative, it. Is to who. Spend time. In Paris and was a gay. Rights. Activist, and. Engaged. Against racism. In the u.s.. So. You found, an inspirational, figure he. Was being, represented in popular culture in, France and you. Drew. Inspiration from that, what. Did it mean to you to paint. And, James. Baldwin's, picture what does that do I do all, portraits, and I decided to paint James, Baldwin in. Black, and white for, the for. The face and. With. At. The background, I, represented. Black. Rainbow, flag and. Black. Rainbow flag black rainbow flag what's a black rainbow side it's. It's. Basically, the rainbow flag with. We, just with a black straight on, it to. To. Embodies. To. Embody my, twinned. Identities. So. The since its intersectional. Experience. On, campus on all in the painting exactly, of being black in Korean, and, where have you taken your artistic. Work, has it been influenced, by any of your experiences. When. Rich parish, pride you take that Bridal or Paris, black Idol or others yes I. Think Paris.

Black Pride gave me the self-confidence. I. Needed. To. Put, in my work. That. Visibility, I lacked before and the, representation. I lagged before. Through. Through. My art and my, in, my paintings, because with, the true the portrait, I. I. Created, that representation. Actually. So. Before. We finish for the day with another performance, let's. Have one more opportunity to, meet with our guests anak what. One piece of advice would you give to, somebody to make the most of their pride well. A pride isn't just something that happens once a year it isn't just something that's a month-long, celebration it's. Something that happens all year round and we should be proud of ourselves every. Day so, my one piece of advice is, to meet your family meet your other people who are in this community and let's work together very good, thank you very much and pulling. What. One thing would you like to see change over, the course of the next year. Over. The course of the next year I wish, there, would be more spaces. For. Black. Queer. Artists, and. Like. A, big show that would gather, every. Artist from different disciplines, and, could. Be, in a parallel, of of, a pride for instance, Thank. You Polly and quick for. People watching at home what. One thing do you hope that they will take away from the show that they've had today I really. Like them to think at the end of pride that, we need to redress, the balance between, celebration. And political. Protest and come more, to at least a place, where we realize there's a lot more to do to get, full equality, and that they have a job to, do to get that work. Needs to be thank. You very much watching based on you slide with UK black pride now, let's go to watch our final performance of evening. I have. No. Idea. Where. I am, going, but. I'm, happy. To be, gone. Happy. To be. Gone. When. I left. I. Didn't. Realize. How. Much, I care. How. Much I, like to, be with you. Alone. Real. Nice. To sugar. Love, the, sky, so, bright I'm getting. Old. Feels. Like, I, have lived my life in vain. So. My. Triggers. So. My. Triggers. So. My. Triggers. So. My. Triggers. I. Have. No. Idea. Where. I'm, going, but. I'm happy. To. Be, gone. Happy. To. Be, gone. When. I left, I. Didn't. Realize. How. Much, I, care. And. I like to. Be review. I'm not alone. Real. Nice. To, sugar. Love, the, sky, so, bright, I'm. Getting. Old it feels like I, have. Lived my, life in vain. No. More, regrets. My. God. I. Have. No. Idea. Where. I am going, and. I. Don't know, when, I'm, coming.

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Good video, it's hard to participate in pride when you don't feel welcome, when you go to the gay bars I've noticed there's not a lot of race mixing, people tend to hang out with their own ethnic groups, sure we laugh and talk with everyone but at the end of the day it's best not to try and find romance outside of your own race, that's why I don't go to pride at all, I hangout with friends not a pride parade

I think Black pride is very important because lgbt people of color are basically ignored and over looked when everything is no blacks and no asians. so you have black pride to celebrate ourselves we have to

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Time for a white pride event.

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yeah and straight pride too right

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