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This or That: Episode 5

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Hey guys what's going on it's Alex from fitment industries, and it's Andrew what's up and we're doing another episode of this or that. Setting. Up the set for this time. And. We got it might be on for Jasper see I'm talking nice and loud so you guys can hear we, took your considerations. Into. Consideration. Yeah we took your questions into consideration, out of this video so we've 12 questions this time and remember if you guys want your question answered you've got to drop it in the comments below and of course don't forget to subscribe and thank you so much for 50,000, subscribers that, happens superfast, it couldn't be more proud of you guys but. Of course let's just get right into it yeah let's get her rockin you guys Rock two really good comments, the last couple of weeks we love doing these these are like a blast so scan to see like what you guys want to talk about and have us blab about it for time I still have no idea what the questions are Jasper, jeffer. Number, one question. One comes from the. Shadow. I. Think. They both yeah I mean like if I was out having fun and I was driving, you know slightly above the speed limit which I never do in Mexico in Mexico I would say a country driving I love swooping, old roads I used to live in a town called oh Claire Wisconsin and, between. Oh Claire and another town called lacrosse is like, an hour and a half of just straight curvy, roads and it's absolutely beautiful it's, probably, one of my favorite drives I've ever done I've. Been to tail the dragon and all that sort of stuff too but I really enjoyed country driving just, not at night because of the deer up here absolutely insane but if, it's a Friday night at like 11 p.m. and I'm looking to like you know do some some. Stuntin, on some like drunk, college students, as they're walking down College. Avenue before, you before he was married they swear I will ya old me ya old Alex, yeah, that's what I would do yeah Phil yeah I. Would I would, agree with that my. Dad has a condo up in Door County it's, like Upper Peninsula here in Wisconsin, and the roads are beautiful, and it's cool but like, I hate, to sound like such like a snob, yeah, I was gonna say a different word hate, to sound like such it but. Like I hate having bugs on my carton and now they get all over my roof box and you got to scrub them all. What. I'm always like doing I like doing photos and like videos, and stuff on the weekend so like city driving like you said man like midnight, one o'clock like, the air is cool you can hear the turbo you're cruising around the city lights or Ganon's it's awesome it's awesome yeah I don't know it's like it's like 50/50 yeah. Speak. Up. They're. Gonna say we still can't hear him you have to run one. Arrow. Air, Ahmad. So, so, ja rule graphics. Paul. Walker neon, I would. Say Paul Walker, neon I would, I would probably. Run, neon over, the, ja ja, rule graphics, and whatever. Graphic, that original, fast and furious like gangster, squad hat it was like the sword yeah it was like the sword dude I always thought it was Metroid, like the video game and then I grew, up and I realized it wasn't that oh, yeah I do neon the under glow I thought that was cool my favorite scene from The Fast and Furious series, is too, fast too furious when.

Ludacris. Calls Paul Walker and he's like you, got foam it's and it was like the whole like opening, shot of the r34, and every are being equivalents, being like that is awesome. And that's, that's all I got under Clough for life, yeah. So I used to have underglow on my Civic and I could drop a photo that it was super obnoxious in extremely, fast and furious looking I was like Jasper's seen it in fact I have actual photos, for those of you kids that are a little bit younger they used to make actual photos, that you would print not. Just didn't ones so, I have a bunch of photos for my car, I like a massive, tear graphic on the side and I had under globe but like, if I was to do something to the Alltrack now I would put glow on it I've actually debated, it maybe just white though I don't want it like a freaking rainbow under it I used, to have that though that was old Nico it was old, question. 3. Gerard. Reve reve, FedEx dark. Windows in earth white women. I. Get. Window 10 so people can't see inside my car I don't. Get tense, window tint is it 10 or tints utila yeah it's definitely windows, we always argue about it got them tints did, do. Gosh. That's true do you have windows or window see, alright anyway I would say dark and yeah, dark, tune like, limiting. Or anywhere, like a couple, percentage above like 15 or limo. Tint ish what's limits, it's like five yeah, so. Black. Car blacked, out windows looks, awesome I also like the look of white cars with blacked out but. On. This, you said yeah, and on your AMG I had I had, light I had cooled, Edward, tent kind of on my AMG I had blue blue. Filter tints on the front for like a tenth of driving, so that it didn't put you to sleep but, then if you're in the back seats it was an orange flare tint and it was like 35. And, so, it was more of like a warming, color so, like the front was more of like a daytime, light, and then the back seats were more of like a sunset, light, if you're if you realized it was light but, my dad sin had 5% tint, and that car was straight white as that always looks so good I could not see ya, when I was going out in that car though any time past 7 o'clock I could not see a damn thing anybody that says they can see oh I see perfectly at nighttime when I'm driving you are full of it man yeah my buddy had like 5% of us crying I looked open you get in it and you see you can't see anything but I have like a mere turn on mine it's sunset infinity, series 35, and it's, almost like the Euro tint so it's like really it, is like a sheen to it kind of a slight mirror and we're not supposed to have reflective, tint, here in Wisconsin, but I if.

I Did its, producer on any police watching but yeah it's dope question, 4 comes from our accident, Clarence said Japanese. Marfatia. More trees or, German large body luxury, sedan so like, a Lexus LX or an LS, or, in, a body a. Poofter. Already. Know for sure where, I'm going when you go first. So. I'm a big girl guy I've. Drove the a8 I've drove the s8 once again I worked at a car dealership for a couple years I'll do Volkswagen dealership and when, you get inside an, a8 or an s8 it's like I feel. Like I'm like future like Rick Ross like you're in the space coupe you're creeping and woodgrain. Kick the feet up the, sa it's like what like 600, horsepower yeah it's crazy fast it's like six on our horsepower and it's just it's insane, the first time I got inside one of those I'm like I would spend a hundred, thousand, plus you know whatever the price tag is you're crazy that's, why I everything, but. The. Vip-style. Static. Freaking, crazy. Hella camber gang Oh VIP. Lexus, LS is our super, dope yeah like I would love to go to like we take a trip to like Tokyo, and it's fine like where they're just repin that's right and RAM there's there's so much there's a guy, here even a actually. Out of Minnesota that has a bagged. LS. And it's probably the nicest VIP. Car of every single the black one yeah yeah and it, will tell us about that's a good car but I, do have to say I would. Probably, still choose like Audi or, old-school, euro and. The reason I say that is because. I've. Been into Mercedes, for a long long time eat classes, especially and. When. I had I had an 89, I've had friend I've had a 94, 20 SEL I had a buddy that had like a 99 and, they're. So big and so, comfortable, my friends 98, had power. Windows power seats heated, seats cooled seats adjustable, rear seats it had all like a thousand. Different options, in this car was, almost twenty years old and it was absolutely insane so I probably still. Shoot for old-school euro / old-school, import. For VIP and that's just me being a Mercedes fanboy I just like him a lot I've always liked them question. Five comes, from, Brenden rose classic. Beetle or classic, mini I. Don't. I don't like the old-school mini it makes me think of like mr. bean yeah I think mister being ruined it I think, I like it would be a really cool, iconic, one or was, it mr. bean, involved.

I, Would. Say those, don't do anything for me well that, we've. Talked about this before too like that there's so much culture. In history with the old-school Volkswagen. Bug like, I feel, like I feel like we're VW, fanboys, but it's just yeah I don't know like I think the Mini Cooper is cool. By, all means and when I see an old one that's like still alive and, restored, and stuff coolest, yeah but I've seen so many. Jose. Fuentes, from Milwaukee had. A right, hand drive VW, from a car club here in town and I absolutely adored, that thing I thought it was probably one of my favorite cars that he's ever owned, I loved that thing to death I love old-school VW's. Bugs. Especially I mean they're just I don't, know what it is about them that I like so much but there's so much like heritage in like history. With them okay I just dig them I'm not a huge uh I guess, it's it's a British car right yeah, so I'm not a huge British car guy I guess I just there's not a whole lot out there besides I believe, Aston. Martin is British, right mg, mg. Is rare dish but mg the old-school I don't think that yeah but yeah, there's this not black that comes out of there, I think that I would truly enjoy besides the the am's so. Yeah, me and Jasper just had the opportunity to see some really cool looking bugs, at a Euro, hanger yeah up in Holland and that's yeah every time I see him it I don't think about them until I see when it's super done up on my damn actually, you know and then I go. Yeah, yeah. Good stuff next questions, all day. Question. Six comes, from Albert, OG, Japanese. Muscle, or your cars. Japanese. Muscle, no no Japanese. Or. Hero. Cars. Poofter. It. Is a thing I, mean it's very lesson huh I mean. Thank. You chef, I don't. Know I think, for me subcategories. Yeah there's, so much categories. I know what you're gonna say. Gyro. Fanboy yeah well, duh. But, let me tell you, Japanese. Muscle or gyro so, let me tell you so Jeff, I take a Japanese, drift car yeah, I would take a muscle, car for a drag car and I would take my euro for, a daily driver that's all yeah yeah you've got all three yeah I've, always enjoyed. American. Vehicles. Especially, the older ones for what they were because they were such they're, such a tinkerer plug-and-play, motor. Application. That really dawned a lot of what the, modern motorsport, era is in the United States you, know the that conic 350, that we all kind of rag on is a car that most people, have built and started, to understand, what.

Building. A car was like my Dodson had a 355, in it that I learned how to build because, the thing could take as many mistakes as I could throw at it with no problem whatsoever I think, that if I had to choose between Japanese. Muscle. Or euro. In terms of only having one I, would. Probably, say, I. Probably. Say Japanese, I like, there's. Something about for me like the old-school Japanese, Datsuns, that I just enjoy the, 2000, GT Toyota's, that I just enjoy, there's. Just so much of an interesting culture, that's not American. That I love and I love euro stuff too but euro, is. It's. Almost like going to a party in a suit like it's always formal, it's always clean it's always nice it's always intricate, and sophisticated, sometimes. You just want something that's like I don't. Know not dependable. Kind. Of weird, the Japanese gives, more off the beat yeah like, off the morality, stuff and I think that their Japanese, car, culture a lot of those old Japanese stuff like that is that is what they do I mean even the drafts and with so many parts of different cars but, that's what made it a Datsun you know so I would say Datsun that's my guess for my my choice. To. Import to, employ this Japanese this, changing the question import oops. Question, comes, from WRX, nation I wonder what your big way what. Was it lip, spoiler lip, spoiler, big wing so. Sorry. Guys so if we're gonna talk about like the massive battle. Aero GT, wings are like 174. Inches I think right is like the common like massive, with I only. Like those on drift cars I mean Jasper would actually just talking about this this morning he's got a buddy like 846. Or whatever massive. Wing but the dude does like track racing when I see people that are actually beating. Their cars it's a real track car it's like it's stripped out it's like got a roll cage like, I would expect you to have a big wing that's cool I just, I'm sick of seeing people like slapping these massive, chassis. Spoilers, on everything, like there's. A couple dudes we know locally just, a nice clean duckbill on like a 370z. Or even like the old school civics I really had started enjoying like duckbills, I did just like a very subtle duck bill on the top of my roof wing so I just.

Go. Clean yeah I will say back in the day fast, and furious again, the APR, to. Sport a classic aluminum, with the black, science not that really tall one there was a smaller one a couple of my actually, one of my buddies had an eclipse and I wanted that wing so freakin bad he. Sold, it to, this dude and he I was supposed to drop it off I put it on the back of my Civic my 2001, Civic and I thought about it for quite, a while I almost did it my dad talked me out of it I end up getting a bow max fiberglass, painted, spoiler I'm so glad I did but, those things were tight when, you say things like that you date yourself so, hard this was like mm, four or five and I was six I'm, a little older than Alex the intern was 6 in case you're Jasper's. A baby, I, would. Go with I. Prefer. The Loki I like the humble mods I would say just like like the the lip the little duct build up small, lip I, always think they look really good on pretty, much anything that has a fat booty like Evo's. I think it looks really great on I think they look great on 370. And 350, so I'd, end. Yeah. I would probably go just a duckbill I'm not a huge fan of huge I like seeing chassis, mount wings on certain, cars like. There are some respect, Porsches that have these massive, wings, I'm talking huge wings and it's, cool to see but it's for function, sure sure it's it's kind of like when you see people that have racing. Harnesses in their car and yet their car is completely stock, it's, like why would you do. That and, it's like well if it's for looks then you, know you got to just say okay I did it for Lux I didn't do I look for action but you got to kind of you, got to kind of take the criticism, with it if you if you drive your car and you need that then. Great. But you also have to understand that there's a difference in function. Between a, lip, and a duckbill, and arrow. And, a spoiler, event a chassis, mount sure like they all serve different functions depending. On what you're looking at you Adam yeah so it takes me eight from. Nathan, and Bromwich, brain much buy a nice racing, simulator, and race on it often, or, race a few times a, year in an actual car. Wow. So. Racing simulator, would you rather live your life in VR or, would you rather hit, the track and hit the trail life or have a bad as VR life that's, pretty much what it's saying. So. We, got. A we, did ride in one of these it was actually pretty nice it wasn't the mill tech booth that's, it yeah yeah yeah and they'll take an Ikea we walk up to the second floor SEMA and I saw that thing and made like a beeline. I'm. Getting this thing. We. Both drove that thing around it was like pretty dope that's the nicest one I've drove in it even. If I had to take a guess that was maybe like what like a five yeah, I promised Ellie another $1,000. Machine yeah they, make like $50,000. Like with the hydraulics, yeah that's hard man and stuff like that's cool I honestly I hate to sound like a video game nerd cuz like I all, I do is play like Mario Kart 64 I'm even not really in a gaming, but but, I would probably take a simulator, man if it's like 50 70 grand like super.

Yeah That's tough I mean parties, so. Then you don't you wanna know what else you have to worry about you, don't worry about the car braking yeah there's no maintenance and less like your memory. Is, yeah, or like a hard drive your, hydro or something I, would. Probably still take a real vehicle. That I would track a few times, mostly. Just because I barely ever draw I've like. Fun cars a lot anyway anymore and I always kind of get made fun of because if I could we. Hosted a road, rally a team, and I just a week ago and they used to make fun of me they said if I could trailer. My car through a road rally I probably would and I'm probably the truth, I just, I would rather drive it a few times and, enjoy, the few times that I drive it and spend the rest of the time fixing, it because I know it's gonna be broken that's, probably what I would do let me ride in a race car yeah well you can come over to my seat yeah. Question. Nine from. James. Giltia. GTI. Or GLI. I probably. Say GTI I, don't. Know why I just. Like them more, cuz it's a hatchback yeah, I mean I had a GOI I could, talk about this for an hour yeah, I know you've got it make a full of you got way more you, got way more history, with the GLI. GTI I think. That I don't know the GTI for me it just is kind of a, it's. An iconic car yeah, it is and and her, whenever. I think of Volkswagen, my first thing I think about is a GTI is just, oh this has been and, they're. Just great cards, you can go out there and buy a base, model, you can buy a Supermodified. One and like the price or the mother. Stable. For what they are it's crazy I think, even ever since the diesel scandal I was actually just looking at new ones just for you know ten girls the other day and, it's. The the prices went down I think since a big diesel gate thing or whatever and you can get in a new jail high for like 25, yes it's insane it's insane the GTI is too I mean I have a friend of mine in, Minneapolis, that just picked one up and he absolutely loves it GTI and he's just he's, floored. With what he got for the dollar amount, and he's just surprised that that, he could get what he got out, of that car Autobahn, Edition you get the the fender audio so I I have a se. Of 2015, reflux silver all done, up you guys are probably seen on the channel from months, back but, I, got a GLI because I like the sedan and I feel like when you go to shows you see a lot more GT is because it's kind of more iconic but, I will say finding if you're if you own, a GLI you're gonna have a lot harder time finding parts for those now if you go out and look at GTI stuff like you go to every single euro apps and it's like boom boom boom boom boom boom like GTI parts all day and there's like the GOI section, as like five things you can buy that's, the only crappy thing is your you're gonna end up with like a lot of the same parts as where, the GTI guys can just have a freaking heyday, oh yeah market, it's cool to see people do stuff with the GL eyes because I have seen some really cool ones and that's, really awesome to see you are never a bit of modifications. When it comes to you guys yeah it's like a Lego, all day it's like the Lego of the car community, you really kind of anything you build that mofo up question. Ten from, Christian. Six. Sound system, mods for sick engine, sound mods but, you can only have one which. I think means, more like a and. Take or something taken like exhaust I have, the heard of diverter valve spacer, right for like TV. Spaces sweet sound system, but you can only have one I'm one of those weird guys I don't even like listen to the radio and mine on cool cars I just like drive. Because it's a function, I would. Just say like, like, a Jegs, yeah engine mod don't take diverter, valve off elf exhaust, I'm, not one of those bumpin, guys I guess I've never really been a big audience member begin with first air I've never had subwoofers, because I've seen all my buddies back in high school whether the, trunks get like you, know pried, open and.

People Yank them out and, like the end people were jack and subs back in the day that's because they used to be super expensive yeah how they're just like, nothing question. 11, from Charles. G Laos, straight, pipe exhaust or, subtle, Performance, Exhaust. Depends. On the car, agreed. I've had Bella I have, both on the same car I had, a Datsun. With the 355, supercharged, v8 and then, it, had it was like six and a half pounds of boost and. Then when I first bought it we, ended up doing a dual, side pipe. Exit. Side exits right car and so, it just kind of dumped out the sides right underneath the doors and it was loud it, was obnoxious it, sounded like a Harley is what it sounded like and, it. Was kind of cool because, of side exhaust and you could say it was side exhaust. But. It was obnoxious then we had a friend, of mine made its, own custom, single, exit, exhaust it was like a three inch it was awesome, it's very well done because getting, aftermarket, that's an exhaust that looks at work was really tough, and, he, did an amazing job yeah and I love the sound of it it was super just, it had great tone it was nice I'll some people didn't like it because it was a single exhaust on a 355, but, it worked, and I'd say clean I just like clean and quiet, performance. Exhaust so. I'm running a awwe. Tuning catback. The touring Edition and it's just that it's very subtle it's very performance, II it, just has a nice subtle, rasp to it but when you when you hammer on it whereas dsgs, if you hammer it in sport mode it just sounds, clean and there's a heard, there's one more question guys, one, more question yeah. For, someone thank, you whoever run this question Jasper please, tell us. Sorry. Mario. Reads so much better than Jasper, yeah shouldn't well comes. From cathegory in turn this or that Mario, or Casper my, first Mario, or Jasper you go very well first we'll give our answers and then. Here's. Home homie my Jasper go ahead and get in here. So. What. Mario is my guy me. And Mario go way back since we first started favorite industries it was literally, just us two out in the field making videos and stuff so I wouldn't look feel yep, out. The field making. Moves but, Jasper's, a good dudes great photographer, is a cool on me we just got a weekend, hang out with the car show together after Euro hanger so I. Love. Them equally 5050, they're both my boys sit. Down fellas. Wow. Wait a way, to be. So. Alright, so let's see. Mario. Actually, isn't even an intern. No. Intervene, but Marc. Jasper, was just in the shot is awesome, and, so. There's a couple of things that they both could work on Mario doesn't know English he. Doesn't know big boy words like chicken pot pie and, pot. Roast beef. Roast we're teaching you. Rotisserie. Was a big one for us. But. He does a good job he makes a list especially with histories and stuff Jasper. On the other hand he just makes a lot of grunting noises most, of the time doesn't really know what's going on and. He drives a slanty wheels car so yep you can kind of take that one as it is he cuts and makes his own shorts which is short. So Jasper, get in there which was uncomfortable. Jesse was trying to act like he's not gonna get in the shot. They're. Both all right Mario's Mario's Mars my homie cuz he helps with a lot of the editing Jasper's. Good stuff because he's funny so it. Just works out well skill set well, Mario. Knows, it when he, gets his, words. Right he doesn't mess up any we don't have to micromanage Mario, Jasper, you know he's a little questionable, but that's. Why that's why he turn, no they're both good, door jorts. So that is the what that's, it thanks for watching number five guys so we'll see you later don't forget to subscribe and drop a comment on what you'd like to see next and we'll see you later. You.

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Dude, in real life Mr. Bean drives McLaren F1, Aston Martin V8 Vantage Zagato, Acura NSX, Aston Martin DB2.........

Should I build a lancer or an a4?

Roll some dice on it

Hard top, targa top or convertible?

Audi A2 or VW Lupo.

E46 for performance, E36 for price

Tbh. I wish you were nicer to Jasper. Maybe I am just perceiving some friends joke around as being mean to the younger guy. Jasper is a cool dude.

Alex just spaced on the model..we both were on the same page with the black lexus from MN we both knew lol -Andrew

I was thinking the same thing

M45 or ls430

Xxr or esr wheels

I love "this or that" keep me thinking all the time

isell theboots e46

"1 MPG LOL" Best plate ever. A buddy with a E31 and I were comparing gas mileage while at our weekly meet trying to see who can get the least while driving like normal people. He got 8mpg while I'm at 12. I daily a 1968 Cougar with a 302.

E36 looks way more Retro than an E46, i love both tbh

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