This Should be THE TOP TOURIST DESTINATION S02 EP. 24 | Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

This Should be THE TOP TOURIST DESTINATION S02 EP. 24  | Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

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You need to get down from this side. It will take us to the main road? Yes. Okay. Thank you very much. Assalam Alekum and Good Morning Everyone from Gilgit. After exploring Kashmir, Hunza and Skardu, I'm leaving for Chitral today.

I haven't been there before so I'm pretty excited. There's a valley called Ghizar valley that lies on the way from Gilgit to Chitral. I've been told very highly about the valley as it's something not to be missed. So today we are gonna explore Ghizar valley. I'll try to reach a village called Phander in that area. And that's about 180 km away.

It's an asphalt road on the route but I don't know about its condition. We'll get to know about it along the way. Depending upon the condition of the road, I'll try to reach before evening. And in that case, we'll look for a nice spot for camping. Otherwise we'll find ourselves a hotel.

I've taken care of my food stock here as my noodles had finished. So, I really want to do camping today. There's a village called Kargah that's 10 km from Gilgit. There are Buddhist carvings there so I'm gonna do a short stop there. And then I'll continue going towards Phander. The luggage has been set, breakfast has been done and I'm ready to leave.

So lets start our day. Bismillah... In the name of Allah. *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a safe and worth remembering day for us.

No one coming from left side and one car coming from right. First of all I need to make a short stop for ATM. I'm a little short on cash so better get some now.

Ever since the rainy season is gone, the weather is quite amazing. It gets quite sunny now. Although it causes some issues during filming.

But the constant danger of landslide and road blockage is now much lesser. Landslides have been affecting our trip. Now I can keep going on the roads for as long as 1o hours or so... O what's that... The cigarette pack thrown carelessly on the road. Sitting in such a big car and throwing the pack outside. Sick.

What on earth can one do to out some sense in these guys. Shigar -1 ... That's a non custom paid vehicle I think. So I was saying the road blockage due to landslides is not a problem now.

Thankfully all the road are open now. Previously when I had to leave for Ghizar, all the roads were closed. There were a couple of landslides and the bridges were closed too. And I think one of the bridges was broken. Things are open now, so we can go smoothly.

So we have the money now and we are on the road again. It's gonna be half an hour before I reach Kargah. The route from Kargah on wards is a similar and easy one.

So we won't have to take any detours. I did think about seeing Buddha carvings when I was sitll in Gilgit. But since they are on the Chitral side, towards Ghizar valley, so...

I though to do it with Ghizar valley. Google suggested me another road but there wasn't any. That's why I'm facing a little difficulty in finding it. Hopefully I will find some road ahead. There are people standing here.

Assalam Alekum After some effort, I have eventually reached Buddha carvings. Google has made me roam the whole village before letting me get here. Gilgit had been the center of Buddhism from 3rd to 11th century. These carvings are made on cliff top at a height of 400 m. Such a wonderful location with a river flowing down there.

The carvings date back to the 7th century and discovered in 1938. Along with many other Buddhist carvings and statues in this region. Lets take some drone shots because camera recording is very difficult. And then we will get going. Okay. Allah Hafiz. Gimme a fist bump. Assalam Alekum. Which way to Shandur?

Yeah, towards Phander and Shandur. You need to go down this way. It will get us to the main road. Yes. Thanks very much. Finally I've found the way to Phander.

And I don't have to go all the way back through the whole village. All because Google was missing a road. I may have saved 15 - 20 minutes. I have got to this road after asking for directions from locals.

The condition of the road seems fine and I hope it's gonna stay this way. So that we may have an easy ride. I don't get why they have blocked the road. They had blocked almost half the road.

I have entered the valley as soon as I crossed the Kargah road. It's too windy to control the motorcycle properly. I hope that the situation will improve when we enter the next valley. Riding in such conditions puts you in the way of so much pressure.

That it becomes really difficult to control the motorcycle. The helmet itself is quite heavy and this wind is adding to the pressure. It makes the neck get tired.

I can already feel that in my neck after a mere 15 minute ride. That means I'll have to take a 5 minute break every half hour. Just to take care of my neck. Don't want the next days of my trip to suffer in any way. I have entered Ghizar.

And have got myself registered at the check post. The weather has worsened here and we have a light drizzle now. Especially the area on my right side is getting a heavy rain. So we need to follow this valley and go on towards the left side.

Lets see how the weather behaves over there. If the rain gets heavier then I'll stop somewhere to change my outfit. So that both my stuff and myself are protected. Getting wet in the rain in such cold conditions can make you sick. It's a little odd things that I just said.. more like 'Rain brings water'...

Isn't it obvious that you'll catch cold if you get wet in cold. Lets ride some more to see what the weather has in store for us. At times, the weather is only fooling around. Once you have all the protection on, the rain simply stops. Assalam Alekum Can I get some grapes? Do you wanna eat them now or take them along? I'll carry them along. It's grapes season here, guys, and these grapes are amazing.

So I simply stop to get some grapes whenever I get a chance. I only get them in small quantity as there's a vendor every few kilometers. Just got some from here. Ate some of them and kept the rest with me. By now I have covered almost 50 km. Another 130 km till Phander.

So I'll try to get some momentum now. Well, if only I don't take so many breaks... I've been taking relatively long breaks. Don't want to reach Phander too late. So far this valley seems really beautiful. It's definitely gonna get more awesome as we get close to Phander.

No doubt these are beautiful... But it's only gonna get better. That's what I have been told.

Because after all I'm going there for the first time. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my ride. I have reached Gahkuch, which is in the middle of Gilgit and Phander.

Phander is 95 km from here. It's such a wonderful place. There's this amazing view point just by the road side. And you can even have picnic if you have something to eat. Since I have grapes, so I'm having a grapes picnic.

But it's an out of the world place. The road goes just by the river side. And there are small marsh like islands in the river. And some agricultural fields of locals as well. I have just crossed Gahkuch and it's a relatively bigger town.

There are many bank ATMs and petrol stations here; some of them really big. And then there are super markets. You are sure to get anything you need along the way. I didn't need much because I had already taken care of my supplies in Giglit.

I also have 275 km worth of fuel. So I just did a small stop back there. Fuel I can get from many places along the way. It's 3:30 pm and I am aiming to reach Phander by 5.

The road condition so far has been exceptionally well. And if it stays like that, then we can easily reach by or around 5 pm. Even we take some breaks, we can still get in time. I have just refueled my motorcycle.

Although I could have reached Phander easily. But riding with half tank or even less may damage the fuel pump. The impurities in the fuel may block the fuel pump. So it was only wise to get the tank filled. And we 'll refuel again whenever needed. The more the better.

This bridge goes towards the Yasin valley. I did consider visiting but the landscape would be similar. It's quite similar to some of the valleys that I have already done. We could do it in the next trip if we get a chance.

I feel that visiting this place in autumn will be truly amazing. I wonder the beauty of colors of these trees in fall. So.. an autumn trip to this valley is a must.

I have reached Khalti lake after Gupis. There's a great view point on this road, at the top, from where.. you can see Khalti lake on one side and the Gupis valley on the other. It's an remarkably beautiful place. And there's a PTDC motel on top as well. I really felt like staying the night here.

But unfortunately the PTDC motel is closed for the season due to Covid. A local from here just suggested me to see Phander as it's more beautiful. My expectation from Phander are much higher now. I have been traveling northern Pakistan for a month now. But this valley is like no other. Unbelievably so. Therefore, I'm gonna keep going towards Phander.

Just 48 km from here. Hopefully I'll be there in an hour or so. It will get dark but no worries.

Finally we are in Phander, guys. I have spotted a hotel. So lets go and ask them. Assalam Alekum Do you have rooms? Yes. Good. So where should I park the motorcycle. You can park it in the front over there. Parking it right here...

The trout was very delicious. I order 500 g and I was so hungry that I finished all of it. I didn't eat much today so I was very hungry. I was as busy as I was happy today. It's easily one of the most beautiful days of my tour.

Lets finish this vlog here. We'll explore the Phander valley tomorrow. Everyone told me that there's no place in Ghizer is better than Phander. I haven't seen it even now as it was already dark when I got here. But hopefully we will explore it tomorrow. And I'm gonna share all of that with you in the next vlog.

I hope you guys would have loved this vlog. If you did, please don't forget to hit the LIKE button. Please SUBSCRIBE if you are not a subscriber already.

Thank you so much for watching. See you in the next one. Allah Hafiz

2021-06-01 11:09

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