This week in Bitcoin- 12-1-2017- Price roller coaster, North Korea, Venezuela, MSM, Andy Hoffman

This week in Bitcoin- 12-1-2017- Price roller coaster, North Korea, Venezuela, MSM, Andy Hoffman

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is. Adam. Meister the, bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt meister. Welcome. To. This week, in, bitcoin. Today. Is. December. 1st. 2017. I, hope. All of you it had a strong, hand this incredible. Roller, coaster, week that we just went through I mean we were at eleven thousand, nine thousand, below nine thousand ten thousand, I know you all had strong hands I know you check out the links section below to get. Discounts, on your trays or get, your t-shirts, crypto, HW wallet calm cryptography. Tea and now, I'm. Gonna introduce the. Three very special guests. You're. Very familiar with two of them because they've been on the panel numerous, times but the first one I want to introduce easy super special awesome dude, coming, straight out of Italy, Federico. Tanga welcome, welcome. To, the solo all, right and then of course we. Have Gabriel, in Venezuela, tell us everything that's going on in Venezuela and we have. The living legend, Andy. Hoffman, coming straight out of the Rocky Mountains. So. Adam. Four, different continents four different continents going on in this call oh my god that's right because I forgot, that it is December. 2nd, here in Busan. South Korea. Where. I am and I. Am going to be on Monday. 1:00. P.m. I, will, be in Seoul at the Bitcoin center that link is below for, the people who want to hangout in Seoul at the Bitcoin Center on Monday, I'm gonna keep on sending you reminders, the next two shows that I do here, but it's important I remind you all now all of these guys important, links are below, also. So, before, we get into all the news about the CME, and the price and you guys know, all about that stuff I want. To get into something that pertains to a little bit too I mean I'm in South Korea right now and everybody's. Wondering what's going on in South Korea but everybody's, really, wondering. What. Is going on in North Korea and federer. Go, you, have you were in North, Korea you all. You. Taught Bitcoin. To. The North Koreans, so. Everyone. Is curious about this tell us what, you saw how'd, you know about the students what you did and just give, us a tell. Us what happened up there. Okay. So. Yeah. Where is maybe. In the objects, at the yes many people back with me so. Whatever, visible is that there, is this university. In, Korea. Attending. Were interested. To give, their students, and exposure, to innovation. In science more, in general, so. Yeah, they. Moved. Into this club. Change stuff, so they were lucky. We. Were. Able to teach, our. Students. Yeah. So. When, I do personally. I. Don't. Care about the government. I just care about educating. Them about the technology. And. Also. I was, but curious to see the country myself so it was. So. I went, there for. Work. And. Why, it is so exciting and I, think, most didn't understand. It they, were interested, because, any, plastic, was quite interesting, to to. Senior. Staff. It. Was not something. With. The organized, by the central, government or, anything so I've seen people on dancing here in North Korea and there are educating. There, because. They want to do this and that it's. Not really like that it was just that the, universe student wanted to to. Give the students, some exposure. To this, kind of innovation and. It. Wasn't that I didn't, I didn't, talk to any government official of stuff like that it was just. Professors. That, wanted to really, care about educating, their students about innovation, maybe they were more interested in some like master, universities, but this is quite interesting. But. Yeah it was a good experience the. Different. Country, has. To draw a different. Kind. Of students, but still there they were what smart they speak very good English, so it wasn't particularly. Difficult. So. Also you might want to talk a little closer to the mic I think people are having a hard time oh. That's. Good, um well, I'm. Like. This was a this is obviously. A peaceful, mission and educational.

Mission Uh, do. You do. You think this is going to be the first step, toward a, I don't. Know some, sort of economic. Relationship. With the West some economic. Freedom. Some, economic. Interconnectivity. Well. I, don't. Think we. Are already, at the point where, one, can really, do, a different. Thing and this kind of situation I mean I really, love because everything. Is the future is going to change the world right. Now. Is Easter. Bunny, this. Must disturb anyone is the main use case. Could. Be a good medium of the poverties change in the future it's already in the middle of exchange for some in space today but it's not of, course it's not what we used. This. Is, the standard this world. Which, i think is about. Helping. People that, don't. Trust each other to still. Be able to trade, relationships. Identity. In. The judge in the near future we would really, make. A different, thing this. In, geopolitical. And, standards, of the area. But. Maybe. Could, add to. I. Don't even, think that you will endure it will make the country, often actually. Something. I've gone a. Very, close country, to and to. Keep any relationship. With training, or never for, the country without needing. To open. The country much less a you don't need to open banking, relationships. Because. You have this distributed. System, that you need and stuff so. I think actually, it. Could even, maybe, maybe, after the opposite effect to more. In general to. Make. Country. Destroy. The. The. Incentives, for the countries, to open because now, country, open because they want their economy. Because. It will also improve the economy. But. If you delete, them anymore because you can still train with other people would have to building. A lot of political. And, financial objectives. Maybe. You can still be a host country but, still benefit, from the international, trading so. Yeah. It's. Something we, may see in the future but he may go in a different direction. Very. Interesting, so at one, thing so the students, were just eating, this out they they learn very fast they, were they were good students they, seemed to pick it up nicely. Yeah. Because. He. Was compulsory. For them but then of course so not, all of them were many super, interested but, I can, say that most of them day they. They, enjoyed. It and they they also Luna I did. Well. This is I think this is fascinating I, who, knows what seeds you really planted there have, you heard from anybody from, north Korea since then any of the students any of the people. Who invited you have you heard anything back any feedback. Yeah. I'll. Be, talking with some. Of the professor over there, but. Yeah I, think. The other something else I I really, wanted to send them some extra. Didn't. That much that I'm. Still. In touch. Ok, but this is interesting I I I, do, hope, that this. Sparks. Something, up there even, though you might not think it will who knows who. Knows what seeds you planted, for freedom up there we. Shall see I I think education is, a positive, thing and is a very good. Way of creating. Friendly. Relationships. Between. Two. Groups that might not know each other or that well the West and North. Korean so we we, shall see how that develops and II give any any questions from Federico, before we yeah. You know I'd like to know what the policies, is is Bitcoin, illegal. In North, Korea or is it possible. To buy it like how would you buy it if it is legal. They. Didn't. Even, talk. About it because much generally, means some, people learn about it, but. Anything. Official, about that so. All we have is to be merciful, so yeah. I people. Don't, truly tried. It because. Yeah, I think I think Korea, North. Korea is a very interesting situation because clearly. It's. Government controls, almost, everything in the country whether they pro, or, against. Bitcoin, it's the kind of thing we're gonna see on a global, experiment, of how repressed. Countries, react. When they see everyone. Around them including South, Korea and all there are other neighbors, embracing.

It I mean they're going to notice it at some point I'm just curious as a as an. Experiment, in government and. Humanity, how this works. Yeah. I think each other I like any, government, they are looking at it because, it's so big bit cleaner now that everybody, is for community and, let's. Have any government, and nobody, still very sure what, to do with it they. Are probably, studying, it and. Wow. All right well everyone, there's your unique you, got some inside, source. Here for Bitcoin. In North Korea pound that like button people all. Right Gabriel. Tell. Us what's up in Manila, or do you have any quick you know if you have any questions ask him - Gabriel but please start. To tell us what's up in Venezuela. Yeah. First. Of all it for me is a very good finish for an honor to. Be with you guys with Andy with you with Federico, yeah. It's a real honor thanks again for this opportunity, it. Comes, to my attention that. Countries. Such. As North, Korea share. Some. Things with Venezuela. Among. Different things it could be the big, use case for a crypto, okay that's right I think I have to say about North Korea I hope they don't go to war actually, I hope, they're just, you. Know trying. To show it off their guns and I hope they don't finish off our world that's what I have to say about it, now. About Venezuela. Well. There's been a lot going on my friends I will give you the note that the news is probably you already know this, it. Reached, over 1. Billion believer. Is Bitcoin. Can. Reach over 1 billion believers, this. Is Ana. So that you guys have an idea please, the last time I was at your show um Bitcoin. Was at 73. Million believers, ok there, was about two months ago maybe two. And a half months maybe, ok, so now, it went from 73. Million to. 100. Like. 1,000. Million 1000, million 160. Like. You, know I don't know how many times how many eggs is that but it's a lot it's, a lot so, for people who actually bought. Bitcoin like this year and last year, nowadays. They are super. Rich in Venezuela, super. Ultra, rich like you could not believe you cannot spend that much money so that. You guys have an idea okay if you are like a doctor or, like a lawyer and, you make a lot of money in the United States maybe you make let's say five thousand dollars a month right. So. Maybe in, two months of your work you can buy one Bitcoin, okay without spending anything let's. Say you're a regular, guy you make $2,000, a month you don't spend a penny, it takes you six months to buy a Bitcoin, okay. For. A Venezuelan, guy who makes a good living and makes maybe.

Ten Million believers okay. How. Many months. Or years, you need to put up with one Bitcoin. It's. Impossible, it's. Impossible you, will not be able to do it never ever again so, for. Venezuelans. There. Once they got Bitcoin like one whole because they, are. Set for good okay and this. That, has happened here in Venezuela with hyperinflation, is the same thing that is happening to, all the countries, the. Only thing is that the velocity is different okay, what is happening the same thing actually I will give you this when. Two. Months ago two months ago believer, versus, dollar was. Around, seven, thousand, six thousand, believers okay that's three months ago only. Now. Is. 105. Thousand. All, yours per one dollar, okay that is a lot so. My point is that, for Venezuelans, it's impossible, to buy Bitcoin anymore like a whole Bitcoin you can only buy Satoshi's. Okay last, time we reach one. Satoshi 1 believer, now is 1 Satoshi, you get 10 believers, so you have, an idea now of things, okay, so. Now. When we go outside to, eat and stuff and we pay the bill we think of Satoshi's what it divided by 10 Bolivar, is divided by 10 Satoshi's, okay. So. It's. It's such um it's mind blowing it's, minor lowing. Let. Me ask you a question about that though, so, you pay. For some things in Satoshi's, so, that means people. Know. That you have not that point okay, no no don't get me don't get me wrong. Wait. A second, Gabriel. Oh man. Did. The. Screen just freeze up on everyone there. Andy. You there yeah. It's just Gabriel, there's game oh man, he's about to hit the important, line oh my. God, yeah Hill Gabriel, will return don't. Worry I think I think the important line was made that that in, hyperinflation. Bitcoin, was the king and then, I'm you know if you look at what the gold price did I'm sure it is up to because the gold price is flat but you know gold. Helped, you Bitcoin. Made you the equivalent of a billionaire yeah, it's, it's unbelievable I'm, just gonna ask like I mean he people people, might know he has Bitcoin I mean I would think that would make him kind. Of stick out should we say but I mean he, was the guys who got who have been on this show from Venezuela, must be doing great I, mean. Just, considering the numbers he just shared well Andy, obviously. People are talking about this CM e cm he made the announcement that the xviii are going live so. The price spiked almost to 11,000, again today tell, us your thoughts tell, us we've, got some links to some articles, of yours below to tell, us what's going on right. Well, it's funny because. Again. In my prior life I, had to look at Zero Hedge every, minute of every day looking. For so. That I wanted them but looking for all the negative articles. And zero. Hedges just turned into a clickbait machine they do have some smart people there but all, their articles, they're always trying, to tribute.

Something, To, every time there's a market, move and they're often very negative. And the way they spin things and I don't even think they're particularly. Like, when Bitcoin, surges. Like today okay they'll say it's up but they're more happy to say that it's crashing, it's almost like a gold, person and when. It says. So it comes out today it says CMEs announces. The launch and. Bitcoin. Surges, and my thought is no way that's not like Bitcoin is up Bitcoin. First of all everyone knows the CME is launching, I had, in my mind December, 10th so now it's December 18th so. That's not a big surprise I think the. Bigger thing is simply a adoption. People are buying it people, are realizing, that this thing is breaking out to huge, numbers that, make it invested by the entire world that's outperforming, every market, it's done with all the fun it's done we are completely done forever with all the internal, politics, it will never be another challenge, from a beat cache or any of these guys and now, we're gonna go into 2018. With the crypto hedge funds coming into being and all the technology. That's gonna be at on with Segway but. The bigger news you. Know I put, out last night I wrote a little article on when, I saw it was tweeted from Max. Keiser who I mean God he is just, a. Receptacle. Of amazing. Things that people send him and I hadn't seen this but apparently one. Of the ECB, governors. His. Name was Eve Murch a French guy he, was at a dinner, and he, told all the people he said I'm telling all the banks that they need to implement. Instant. Payment, systems, for clients, because, they have to compete with Bitcoin, and, he. Of course disparage, Bitcoin while he said it but the fact is he was acknowledging, you. Banks with your stupid wires, expensive. Wires that take all day can't compete with Bitcoin you better do something about it and when I saw that I put out i retweeted. And I said this should be retweeted around the earth this is like the, biggest news. Of the year for Bitcoin and it, comes just a week after the ECB put out a white paper saying that they, think they should get rid of deposit, insurance and, I'm gone well how. Much more do you need if you're like a European to to.

Realize, That you need to get out of your banking system, and into, Bitcoin and, and. You know you put all those factors together and of course the Big Bang Theory, and, and. There, you go tend to let it's probably 11,000 as we speak or very close to it yeah. It's it's good to have a show on an on foot Friday. It. Was they, definitely do when when, that announced, me she'd come out today it did there was a there was a spike, I mean that's just the way the market works sometimes, a. Bunch of people just jump, in like that uh I, mean. That obvious that's not that's. Just a temporary thing though the, reasons you gave are the reasons why bitcoin is going up back you know we had a couple down days there you know people people, gets stuck, in downward, trends, sometimes and they get hyped. Up on the upper trends, too much again, we all have strong, hands here we think long term found. That like button well obviously just. Dad about the price I mean today everyone, got a little excited about what happened, two. Days ago long, time ago but. That you know today's action is far more bullish so it happened two days ago is one of those parabolic. Blow. Offs, like. I mean I don't know if we've had even the one after segue. Cancellation. Pales. In comparison to. The volume, and spike that we saw two days ago and, you know what the crash was pretty. Much nothing it went to nine thousand, one two three times bounced. Off it and came right back and we'll probably be at new highs by the end of the weekend absolutely, incredibly, impressive action yeah. I mean I've warned people about that we're gonna have days where it drops a thousand, two, thousand, which was that was incredible, but again it's like it happened, if you did it if, you didn't pay attention all those days you really wouldn't know Federico. Do you have any comments on the European, aspect, of all this any anything that had Andy brought up Europe there for a second. Well. There. Is like. People. Interested. In to buy a bit current when you put the time you will nurse that like at all kind, of all friends has asked me out to buy Bitcoin out to get into it and. I. Think we. Are really looking perching, abundant everybody. Want to allocate part. Of their work into Bitcoin, it's. They're starting, to realize that, they. They, are going to miss the train didn't, do it, so. I, think this. Is just the beginning because a lot of people really struggle with exchange, to get 35 because there is a lot of new users, people, don't. Really know how to use so, they it's, not, some, time for them to do that self we. Can be a lot still, a lot a lot of people that they don't. Need to invest, in it to become but. Still they didn't, manage to do it because. Basically. We. Are the, the industry, is not ready to do, all. This on so, many you users so, fast, so. I think okay we can we may have some correction, along the way. But. Before. In 2013. And. The. Growth is still kinda, it. Is it's, not a fast compared, to the previous paper so I think, we still have to get into the real bubble. We. May have it may, be after, the the CMA, opens or. Sometime. In the first quarter, of that meeting. But. Well. This, is $10,000. Moment, from I guess last week now that that, really got the mainstream, media into it as predicted, it's. Just playing off of the news is playing off of itself the good news more and more people are finding out about it more, and more people are asking me how, to get it so it, is, exciting, and by the way we're gonna get back to you I want you to tell us about this chain side company.

In A secondly, but, Gabriel. You, were in the middle you were going to tell us about that the government, has done has become from. What's. What's going on yeah, you. Know my god I'm sorry I went off on the middle of the rent like. Sometimes, this happens quick. Internet, loss but I'm back so. As, I was resuming, what I was saying. Sharing. With you guys as we hit this all-time, highs unbelievable. Heights, we've. Come to a point in Venezuela, where you. Know the people has got the attention on to Bitcoin and earthquakes, not only Bitcoin and, you. For. Us it's really a matter of life or death it's a matter of, losing. Everything you have or trying to keep, or. Us. If. You already have me going you're well off if you have. You, can start building, your Bitcoin, you know your stat you can start building your stash even if you don't win much, money because. Eventually, as we have seen 10. Fall times for Bitcoin now it's nothing okay we, were at 1,000 last year at the beginning of the year now we're 10,000, I believe, by the next month we will be such huge, increases, will, be seen that. People are going to go really, really really crazy okay so I think for, the next future, these next six months I would probably hit, more than $50,000. Easily. Gabriel. No problem. I have. A question for us if, you. Don't. Want to spend your Bitcoin and you want to spend the believers. But. How do you live there when when, you you're too scared, hey you don't want to spend the Bitcoin it be you're probably too scared you don't anyone to know you have it like, how do you monetize, your Bitcoin, and how do you live a life where you really can't touch it you just know you're getting wealthier, but you can't really touch it. Well. I will tell you Andy and luckily. For Venezuelans. This, year at least last year and this, anjaan, we. Launched monkey coin okay monkey coin is the only. Regulated. Exchange with oversight, from the Venezuelan government. Mostly. With authorities, you, know explain. In them how, this works and explaining. You know why, people need it and explaining, and how they cannot, stop, it not even if they want okay, so, when. These people which are very clever they're not dumb. Or stupid as some people may think people. On the government are very clever and they know that, this can be a great option for Venezuelans. Not only the, people but also the, enterprises. And the government, itself. Okay. So by, the moment, they are, experiencing. The learning curve they are still on the learning curve they're. Learning a lot they're open, to create so as. A matter of fact there is a Fair on Sunday, I will be attending on the poly era in Caracas. Yeah. And there's, going to be all that crypto sphere oh sorry, all the cryptid sphere from Venezuela and be there and as. For tomorrow, for, instance as to give you an example I am doing the. First, competition, ever. To. Be paid prices, in in, crypto, okay. We're. Gonna be hosting some era of launching, the, the exchange and getting people to know it because although. Many people do know about crypto not everybody, does so, we care for the young and the ones that don't have anything so. We are gonna give away a, lot of crypto to everyone, who participates, into this competition it's very easy it's not very fancy, it's, a skateboard, competition, ok. But, the Young's, needed. This, because, it's a way to help them I will. Tell you I will charge the people twenty thousand believers which is 0.2, dollars and I. Will too to, enter the competition ok but I will give them I, like. 7. Times that worth, of crypto, for. Them only for, participating, and at the same time they will learn because for many of them they would be the first time ever you. Know they, they. Get in touch with crypto, so they're gonna learn like, right. Now they're gonna learn tomorrow there's gonna be a lot of people learning and they're gonna spread the word and also what's, gonna happen I'm going to give prizes.

To The people who post, stuff. About crypto, and, I. Will see their post and I will send them more crypto, ok, so, a surprise they will make more money promoting. Crypto, in Venezuela, than, they would make working. On a regular job for instance I could give them let's. Say. Which. Will be worth like. 600,000. Believers which will be 200,000. More than with 12 do we get on a regular. Job so. The. Crypto, currency has so much power for. Venezuelans, it's. Really, really really gonna gonna be great so monkey, coin is a team ok, we're scatter around the world based in Venezuela, and we are, working to make progress, Louis. With the government, we're working to make the, institution's. Understand. There's, nothing to be afraid there's, a lot to gain, we're. Letting. People know how, to use crypto. Okay. And what happens, if you, let me go, a little bit further what, happens is that with Bitcoin. Sir. I'm sorry pleased to say this I hope nobody takes hit like hey don't hate me because I'm gonna studies. And. And pay. Your, stuff with crypto, and you're a regular, guy in Venezuela. 3000. Satoshis for a transfer you will die if, you pay. 200,000. Satoshi for a transfer like we had two weeks ago. 20,000. Satoshi is a lot, of money for normally so, you will not give one, month's salary to, pay something. So. What's going, on here in Venezuela people are very aware of all the other kryptos okay, about a theory about litecoin. About. Many, many many others so what, we're doing in, monkey going to, help people, to. Get in touch with this and like have an opportunity, to really use, it among their peers is we. Are launching this new crypto, called smart cash on monkey coins very new but, it's very cheap, okay, it's very cheap to send okay and it's very cheap to acquire you can you can get a whole smart for, six thousand believers which is not too much but you need to pay 1, billion for a bit good so two people, to get to know into crypto, is easily, easier, for them to buy a cheaper, one than. To buy you know the number one King Bitcoin. Don't. Hate me for this but it's. A case of story because, even if we we, can love we can love Bitcoin, okay we can be sure that it's a store of value I will never deny that to anyone, I will. Hit 1 million dollars by 2019, I'm, super. Sure about it. Here. It is it's dumb it will be dumb to use beat going to paste first, off because. You, will have to pay so, much in fees which, of course for you guys maybe pay $1 $3, $5, 10. Consumption. Is okay it's no problem but, here if you, will have to pay your whole, month worth. Of salary to make one transaction, would you use it to pay stuff. It's. Impossible, you'll never use it so, what's, going on here in Venezuela people, are getting in to bleed coin cash okay, a lot people. Are getting into al coins, people. Are trying, to find, a way to use Bitcoin as a store of value but. Use. Another, coin as a means of exchange for, goods and you. Know peer-to-peer, transactions. Because. Simply. Because it's cheaper, to use another, coin. Let's. See in the future is. Growing. Of the. Other cryptos which are less, expensive. To make a transfer. For, instance, in monkey coin I've been getting so many requests, for, instance to to. Put. On available. The market for Bitcoin cash, okay. I've, been asked, many many many, many many times that, actually there's, people here. And. They're, not well aware but they, don't know you know the history but. For. Many people the real bitcoin, is beacon cash it's not even Bitcoin, well. We know because. That's. And. They use it for peer-to-peer instruction, it's, super. Cheap it's like point. Fifteen, dollars or something so, it's that's what you win a normal, guy wins that in one day so maybe you can spend your one day salary for making, a transfer. Yes you can do it if. You. Like. Work and make good money here - oh there's a lot of people who do of course you wouldn't mind paying, your fees for vehicle but, I tell, you lots of people are asking me for Bitcoin cash into monkey coin like they were having me crazy, okay. Maybe I'm gonna have to have it because, you know I'm, setting, a market place and I have, to give. The people what they want they. Will bid Kanye they have because they wanna like when they have got like they want the Syrians they have with you now they wanted an alkyne, very cheap and super fast and socials they have smartest, okay.

In The future we might add so more other, as a matter of fact today we launched at our noon and inside. Always. The big party, for monkey coin in Venezuela, you, know in the competition, first ever in the world to, host a competition paid, with crypto okay. Well. III, think, this, is just a reminder that, bitcoin. Is the gold, and hold. No. Matter where you go in the world it is the world reserve, yeah what. The currency but then you've. Got some issues where people, are they. Need for, daily transactions. They're going to use other things other. Other means and well. They that you do not deliver what the people want if they want the be cash that they want the etherium, if they want the lake home you're a businessman, you gotta, do what you gotta lose, this. Is, very. Very, interesting one, one. Final thing real quick um when. At this competition which, what's cryptocurrency, are you giving away which cryptocurrency, are you giving away I'm. Giving out waste I'm giving away smarts, and for number one price I'm giving away Bitcoin. Right. There all. Right. Let's. Move on real, quick and, we'll, get we'll get back to you I was. There anything when. We get back to you I want to hear if there's anything more that the government, has done but. Andy uh we. Had the we. Hit the big flyer, announcement. Right. Now you, can sign up for bid flyer in the United States I, believe. I, have. You have you messed around with that yet at all I haven't had time to see if you can actually start, trading in the United States on bit flyer yet and. What, what. The full deal is my, point of bringing this up is that the, more competition. The better in the United States and that, that's progress right there here at the end of 2017 who knows what. 2018. Will bring in terms of new, new. Exchange, new ways to use your dollars to turn them into awesome, bitcoins, so take it away in yes. Let. Me get the bid flyer last because I do have some comments, but it was just interesting listening, you. Know I think, everyone, kind of thinks at anytime as a country in turmoil, that the government says no Bitcoin, no cryptocurrency, I think that's the. Impression we've heard about Zimbabwe but, then you had heard that it not really the case so there's. A lot of propaganda. Out there there's a lot of misinformation and. Boy. When it comes down to what Gabriel is saying is look the. Government, has. To be smart they have to realize that the the, more people that succeed, the better chance that the country will turn around and so.

That They're probably looking at it like you, know this actually works, the. Currency clearly doesn't work that we issue and, you know and they may wind up embracing, it I think a, hyperinflation. And situations. Far less dire than hyperinflation. Are going to draw, government's. Toward cryptocurrency, it's that simple and I, thought the the other thing that's extremely extremely. Interesting, what he's talking about that. The transaction, fees are so high in Bitcoin, but not necessarily. Others, because. In this country, it. Really doesn't, matter I don't see the difference I certainly don't consider what I pay for a fee even, worth, considering, but obviously, it is down there the, thing is that I've always thought there's gonna be many many, currency, many Kryptos that that do day-to-day, transactions. I mean, be cash may be one of many it could be 50, or 100 could be hundreds, of them, the. Thing is it's so funny is that if, any of them get any kind of usage they're gonna have the same scaling issues as Bitcoin so. Just let wait. And see what happens if people actually try to use be cash a lot and all of a sudden they, have to deal with bit with with bitcoins, issues, and then everyone, will be laughing at their scaling, and then they'll be mill at tens and hundreds, of other cryptos they'll, have solutions, to compete the whole thing is the, only thing the, only crypto, that actually has a use, case that's unchallengeable. Is bitcoins. Digital, gold everything else is on the table no one else will be digital gold but, they can all fight, for the scraps of day-to-day, transactions. Which are not as valuable. You. Know for the token as the digital gold that cannot be replaced by any crypto and as, for bit flyer yes, they, that's the for, everyone who doesn't know bit flyer is the biggest Japanese exchange, they, huge, and they, now have this bit flour USA, so I went in to sign, up I created. The account but you know what it's a disaster, their website, you, uh it, says what's your your password and I'm like well I didn't give a password so it's I asked you, it says it'll send you a text it doesn't send you a text you say it boys, it doesn't call you so, there's a lot of issues it's not ready yet but if they do get it up and running in a, fashion, such as the other major, exchanges in the u.s. that'll be fantastic especially.

If They're offering, Fiat. For cat Fiat, for crept up Wow. I'm glad, you tried that out I know you gave us that insight, there it's it's unfortunate it's not working, right, just yet let's let's. Hope it does work, right pound, that like button everyone I forgot to say that remember check out the links below all these guys links, are below remember, to subscribe to the channel definitely. We're. Here every Friday with this weekend big one and I do a new show every day. People so you, get the unique information here, Federigo. Tell. Us about. Coins. I touch, inside, your company there tell us about that okay, so. Yeah just what is a company to try to from the last. Year and. Our. Dependent. Position is about. Make. This, simple. For enterprises. To try a Bitcoin, why. Because, there is some kind of demonstrate. Of. People, are interested to do something, with Bitcoin, because of VIP most. Of them they are not really sure what. But. They want to do something, and who's. Gonna tend, to be quite, complicated. And, if you are even for a big company you're not just going to educate. So. You, want to outsource, or profit, so. We, provide services, and products. To to, make the iteration the Bitcoin blockchain easier. So. Most. People are. Looking. For. That's, for service that, there should be online the. Beginning. Of CR. And. The. Idea is yeah okay, Bitcoin, she's are quite high enough so, you we say between. Pregnancies not, really a great business right now but. First if for okay, you want your company you want to do something with Bitcoin days if you do is doctor because it's but see when you do it and you, feel like you're in here you you're doing something, then. For, a, value. Product. And services. The. Fee is not, too much issue you're, paying something, that is worthless a, thousand. You or something, you even. Pay you. A fee is not. That is pretty, much. With. A credit, card some, time and. Yeah. Okay. We're focusing, on a Bitcoin you rather than outcome, because. For us this is a long-term. Project, so. We make are now offering may have an advantage and, they are cheaper but. The parties, under the very same sky with problems, of bitcoins, but. They are less people working, on scalability solution. So. If. There is one lucky. And at which scale it, will be Bitcoin, for any with us then.

Maybe, The others will follow. Copy, that. But. Then, it is okay if you. Want. Chip transaction. Just because. Just. Because nobody's, using it yeah. I'm not God doing anything you're, not changing the world okay, I never. Be. Cash injection are virtually because the body is using it. It's. Nothing, special what people start using it today with that progress and, same. With like ones in all the others so. And. Also, to, achieve cheap transaction, if you if you keep like, a in cuisine to, gain, a chain you. Transaction, but you. Can't ship. The. Decentralisation. Sober. Good, which. Is what. The very, reason why we are doing all, of this Emmy about this very complicated technology, so. You're. Really missing, the point and at some point people who realize that you, don't need a plug-in clever very, cheap transaction. So. If you're using Bitcoin is this, is because. You wanted you. Want some kind of privacy censorship, resistant, you are in. Control of your money and of your transaction. Today, is either Bitcoin, was even. Scary and. Everybody. Will use Bitcoin, for. Forever. Second. Option become, will be used on for any transaction, and. So yeah, these, very rich people that make. A lot of money of what, would become adapted. So. They, may want to spend this Bitcoin at some point. Because. We're expecting the price to go to the moon but eventually. We, will have to do it because, we, will run out the viewers, so. Will. Happen and at that point we prefer, to spend at the corner, instead. Of exchanging, them, for tourism. First. It. Is easier, you don't have to change. Video. Westar. And second. Also for privacy. Because the exchange at your. Ready car knows everything about you. The merchants the maybe, it, probably. Most of the time and doesn't know anything about you so you make. You are able to spend your Bitcoin. Still. Keeping most, of your privacy for. Sure you're cheap much better private, spending between there so. In. The future I'm. Setting. Be. A big either with scalability, of shape or cheap payment, or maybe, for just for big. Expensive. Stuff. Even. If that means okay, we very. Still a lot of the 92. To. Use this technology because it is even, just a store of anything he's a big if space so. And, also you have the new translation, lipsticks that they smell. Scandal, so, you can, that easily inference that on the blockchain and, it's. Something it's very useful, too for, security. Reasons, so you. Have these two use cases that they were star, value and definitely. Inertia, and. It's already enough for, other purposes, but something. To for. Serviced, propose to enterprise. Would. Be and if. The finance, if. The minimum of strange thing goes because well which is. Something. That I expect on, this it. May take some time because it's very complex, but we, are. There's not people working on which. Constitute. That and, in. The case we have three. Big lose cases and, a lot. Of people that want to traffic Bitcoin and nobody really understand, it so. As, a company I work on your position is to try.

To Make. It easy for everyone to use it to. Track, the complexity, since. That though okay you delegate. Some of the trust class because. But. Most, enterprises, are used to do that it's not like. When. You're talking with companies, it you can control, relationships. You. Can track. It is less, an issue the, main, thing, is to make to achieve your goal it, is which. Is providing. Different services to. Your customer, at. The lowest, possible cost. And. They're right now anyway, we. Are in. Company. With. 3,500. Is. Already accepting, Bitcoin, using. Our platform so if you come from you, can pay a tax you can book a taxi ride with business are ready to get all, right rocks, are wrong taxis, yes you're it's a class okay, it's this is it's. Very interesting to see that different what's, going on in cryptocurrency, in South America, and Europe and in North it's very different stuff here is palnet like button people all right we're gonna we're gonna wrap things up here now we're, going to Gabriel. Gabriel give any closing, thoughts you wanted to add anything about the, government, is making is, more friendly towards Bitcoin now I know we were talking about that before the show any anything you wanted to add. Yes, sure Adam the thing is I have. Been asked, as a CEO. Of monkey coin by. The government. I've been called upon. To, help, to redact, the law for. The Venezuelan people towards. Cryptocurrency, this. Means that they are asking, the input of. Not. Only me but many other persons, involved, in the crypto sphere in Venezuela, they. Are asking, us to help redact, the law to make it beneficial. For. The. People the first place second. Place beneficial. For the companies that are working with kryptos and furthermore. Ok. Because. The Venezuelan, government is, really, really really in a bad situation now. Financial. Wise because. There have been some sanctions. Applied. By the banks. Of the West worm world okay, are they frozen many, accounts, and the Venezuelan government is, in. Some. Kind of trouble to pay their bills because simply, the banksters from the United States and all over the world they just won't let them use their money the. Mess now and I. Think. Personally the crypto, can be one of the best choices for, them. To to. Get out of that hole where they cannot use their fear, okay. They've been imposed not to use it and I. Am very happy to share with this with you guys that, there, is a big movement going, on and the. Government is open, to. Crypto, and open to learn and to help, this, grow, okay, they're not chasing. On people they're not putting people in jail anymore, unless of course you're, doing things in a bad way they will put you in jail if you do things, right way they want. Okay. So, that's one of my final thoughts if. I, can be allowed to say something, else I would, like to share on. Why. Why. Are we including, this new coin into monkey coin it's only it's. Only five months old, okay why I chose it because it had a voting, system, it. Has a voting system that seemed, very very new very nice to me and people. Have the ability to vote, and decide. How. Is this community, of smartcash, gonna go going. To adapt and so. If you want to make, a proposal, to. Help, this community in, particular you. Can join the community and, you. Can make your proposal and, you can get spark cash for. Making, your proposal. Go. To life okay, and, also. We are working very hard on mass adoption in Venezuela, okay, we're we're we're, working with people that have stores and have places and they buy and sell things physically. And. We go to their stores and we explain, them so, every, day every day more and more people are getting into, crypto in Venezuela, I think in the next few, six months one year we're, gonna be an amazing. We're. Gonna have an amazing growth, of cryptocurrency. Usage. Learning. And understanding of. All, of this in Venezuela. And I, must say since, we are the the worst country, feared, wise, and. We're. Having the biggest hyperinflation, in the world for the moment I think what, happens here in Venezuela is it's, Ensign, and an advice of what's going to happen in the rest of the world because.

Hyperinflation. Fiat went kaput, here so, we're gonna try to fix this with cryptocurrency. Helping. Everyone I'm I'm. Gonna be here supporting all, the crypto people in Venezuela and this community is only gonna grow bigger, stronger, and better than ever all. Right all, right that's a positive note, right there and we wish you luck in path hopefully, some of us will make it down there someday, soon, Andy. Your your mahjong yes I will, one day one when it's, when I'm 70, and Andy, - yeah, and Federico I, would. Love to come down all. Right and you're closing your thoughts closing. Remarks anything you want to add okay. Yeah I'm gonna that, was positive, I never take it up a notch okay. People. Need to realize what. Is what has just happened here, what has happened in the past month, is. Is. Unprecedented, in. Monetary. History I mean we are we have experienced, the changeover. From. This new technology, that people, in our community hoped could make a dramatic, change in the world to, the point where it's about to do it and it's, no longer gonna be this is the future the future is now. 2018. You know it's like everyone, on this call of us talking, here and the people listening, are in. Our little Bitcoin, cryptocurrency. Bubble, we spend a lot of time focusing, on it and we've. Had the trials and tribulations, this, year it's been a lot more. Positive. Than negative but. We don't realize that the whole world has no idea what Bitcoin is they, are just starting to see and not just the price they. Are starting to understand, they're starting to think about it and they're. Starting to realize that this is a big game changer for the world so. I think that, what, we're experiencing, in our little bubble world over here the, people watch these kind of shows the whole world is going to start to experience, next year and this. Is if I mean I think if this was parabolic, it's gonna be nothing because by the end of 2018, we won't even remember the. End of 2017. Is because it is because there'll be so, much, interest. In this so much realization. That, cryptocurrency. Not. Only is the greatest investment ever but. It can actually save the world I mean I have been negative for so many years I've never been more positive about the world because. Of this and. You. Know 2018. Is gonna start big I'll just end with a tweet. That I put out today that'll just summarize how I feel, it's, gotten a lot of likes, hopefully it gets a lot more but in this weekend and it's. It, basically, is this the, old men, that, have run the world for centuries with. Fiat currency, want power the. Young men and women, that. Will take over the world with Bitcoin. Just, want freedom and that's, exactly what, they'll get. Beautiful. Beautiful. Positively, we're, taking it to a positive level it is not it's the opposite, of fun Friday. Right. On, all right fit Federico, I'm gonna you are a very special guest, first. Time you. Want. To add or, we sign, off here. Yeah. But it's something like I would like to say, about this. One thing that people say about the the. International, trip between the government, and big car so the, people he has to last me about maybe. The government with Barney. To. What. I think is a companies, quite, the opposite I mean the. Government, as an institution. Many. Other interest to try to fight. Bitcoin. Because. It takes away some power, from the government, but. If you think about it the people, working in a government and, people work in the garment, the. Army was the mean it became Austin then everyone has more than a statue because they, are demanded, a. Squatch. Money because they they, easily get corrupted they easily, get. More money than the shoe so they, are the one that needs the, financial. Privacy more, than anymore so, when. They are less that they they. Will probably try, to love. They. Will not support any government. Attempt to try, to find it go so I can. See even as an issue I mean I'm not worried in general because everything is you, can do much anymore even as a government to stop it going you cannot did you it will be like very bad, for a few years if you do like a very well, you, will survive but.

I Think that right now that people, in the gone will start to realize that it's. Quite good to, have something under there on the, personal level so. Probably. I'm not expecting. Like any. Major government, to try to really. Stop anything, we say but they will not truly act because. People, in the government in Department, they. The world as it is. Very. Very good. All. Right I agree, I think they're I think they're big talkers, I think they talk a big game but. The. Action, even. If they tried to act they could not act I don't think they're gonna act I will. See you know it'll vary from in oh very from country to country but right now I doubt, many of them understand, it and they're just talking a big game we'll. See what happens, all right, everyone well we have reached the, end of, the show, I, thank. You guests, from. Coming from all over the world we were representing, four continents, today that's that's. A record I think so. Everyone again, we're on every Friday here, Andy. And I are on the world crypto Network also you can catch our podcast, there I'm going to have a show on their Channel real soon I got to talk to vortex, about that this weekend, there's, a little sneak peak for all you people so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister, the, disrupt meister. Remember. To subscribe this channel like, this video show you do check out the new section below thank, you again my, guest your awesome town that like button viewers everyone. Have a great weekend, bye bye.

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