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The. President's, controversial, week and controversy. Is an uncommon, for Donald Trump at this time the backlash, seems to come from all corners including. Supporters, ahead. Of your decisions in the Florida primary, elections, we continue, talking about the issues with candidates, or to hear from Democrats Philip Levine and his race for governor plus, introducing. Baxter, Troutman this is something, that's been in my heart for a very very long time this former state representative leans, into his farming, in business roots his call for your vote as agriculture, commissioner about this week in Jacksonville. Good. Morning thanks for joining us what a week, at national, politics, the chief executive, of the United States followed. Up an historic summit with North Korea's Supreme Leader by meeting with Russia's, President, President Donald Trump may, not have much to show for it though following, a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The president, said Putin denied, any, wrongdoing in, the 2016. Election that's, despite the indictments, of 12 Russians, accused of hacking Democrats. Emails, Governor. Rick Scott in Jacksonville, this week and addressing, comments, made by the President, on US intelligence the, governor Scott tells us that he thinks Putin, isn't telling the whole truth. Clearly. Russia. Tried to meddle. In our in our election. That's, why I've added more counter tourism counselor tourism experts at the Secretary of State it's why I made sure the federal money that came down detective, Jojo supervised elections got out as quickly as we can as. A senator I'm not gonna trust we. Have. News for Jax political analyst Rick Mulaney joining, so Rick the comments, by President Trump, widely. Criticized. Abroad. By allies, here at home by the president's, own political. Party, and people who are supposed. To be on the same side with him what, do you make of it well Kent there was the one-on-one, meeting with Putin at the summit and people are wondering what happened there and then there was the 45-minute press conference, afterwards the joint appearance, in Helsinki, and that, is the one that has drawn bipartisan. Criticism, in particular, for two things in particular one, the president's, failure to stand up for US intelligence agencies.

When It came to meddling in the 2016. Election and the second where the president tended to equate appeared to equate u.s. conduct, and Russian conduct when it came to the deterioration, of the, relationship, with Russia and failed, to confront, Russia at all in any way regarding. Their misconduct, the, part. Of the conversation. Is what, was the president trying to do versus, what he actually accomplished, we're gonna hear from him on his approach, here and just well let me say it's very unclear, I will say this the the criticism, has been bipartisan, Republicans, and Democrats, some, on the Left speculate, it's because Putin has something on mr.. Trump the Wall Street Journal says more charitably, it's because, he's, just insecure about anything that takes away from his election regardless of those causes the objective, performance in the eyes of many was indefensible the, in it, was a refusal, to defend US intelligence agencies, and by the way it's, not just US intelligence agencies. It's also the u.s. intelligence the Senate Senate the Senate Intelligence Committee bipartisan. It's the US Justice Department it, was a performance that has been criticized he's tried, to walk it back saying, he misspoke claiming. He now believes in u.s. intelligence agencies, but a lot of damage was done and he's trying damage, control since that summon and part of what you just mentioned an opponent's, really teed off including, Nancy Pelosi who demands. That President Trump apologize, also, saying that she. Thinks the president is frightened, of mr.. Putin I didn't want to hear from President. Trump area says he has a completely different view of efforts in Helsinki and in the aftermath of that meeting with Putin mr.. Trump says the meeting went great and that the fuss is all a concoction, of the media totally. Disagree I think I did great at the news conference I think it was a strong, news conference, you, have people that said you should have gone up to him you should have walked up and. Started. Screaming in his face we're, living in the real world okay, okay. Sure the best advice when you come back and you.

Read All these stories and you said you know what the fuss is all about what, do you tell. You I don't, know what the fuss is all about I think we did extremely, well and I, think the, press makes up the fight look it's fake news that people understand, I think the press largely, makes, up a lot, of the fuss about a lot of things that I'm not talking about one of it I'm talking about everything, it's crazy you. Do, something, that's positive and they try and make it as negative as possible. So. The, positive. Is. Supposed to be that the president, the United States is meeting, with the President, of Russia I mean global super powers, the. Leaders of those countries meeting, is supposed to be a positive right well let's take it in two pieces one clearly. If you can as John Huntsman the ambassador, to Russia says if you can lower the tensions, if you, can improve communications. That's a good thing and certainly we prefer diplomacy, and communication. To not especially with the second greatest nuclear, power in the world but there's a second piece the, president's, comments, and I say this respectfully to, the president, States what he just said regarding, the media's accounts, and the criticism of the press conference he's wrong it, was, a performance, that is indefensible by almost anybody's, standards this, wasn't a strong press conference, this was a press conference standing, next to the post to, mr. Putin in which, the prezi used. To support the central the intelligence, agencies, in this country and since, then has said oh yes I do support them and he's tried to walk back his comments, that excerpt. That he gives is an example of the president I think trying to put a good face on something that didn't work there, are many things for which Republicans. Can point to and feel good about they like the Supreme Court they like tax cuts they like deregulation. They like increased military spending but, there aren't too many who liked what happened in Helsinki, that press conference was as bad as claimed, by everybody. Really President Trump says. That the fuss is. Fake. News because he is tough on Russia. He says I'm the toughest, on Russia, but, what he says and you're saying what the actions, are done a lot there really are two separate pieces to this there's an element of truth in terms of the conduct, of the Trump administration versus. The president's, words if you look to the conduct of the Trump administration he, can point to sanctions, he can point to the expulsion of diplomats, he can point to strikes in Syria he can point to the sale of weapons, in the Ukraine arguably. If you're with the Trump administration you, can look to these objective, policy, matters and say look we're tough on Russia separate. From that is the president's, words and separate, from that was his performance in this press conference look, it's not the end, of everything but, we should be honest and objective when we look at this press conference and for a bipartisan, perspective, it wasn't, a good day for the president, it's been roundly criticized, it's time to move on from that and now the president, is inviting, President Putin back for the fall and we'll see how that plays well some. Would say hey maybe here's just a guy trying to develop that relationship and, then be. Hard on him later but clearly. That's, not the take for so many people who saw the series we're gonna wrap up this topic here with what, senator Rubio, said he, spoke out also the president's comments regarding US intelligence, senator, Rubio serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he tells reporters that the president is not, correct, what. The president said today is not accurate, the. Intelligence. Community, has assembled. Probably, an unparalleled, amount of evidence in regards, to the Russian, not just efforts to interfere in 2016, but ongoing efforts, to, interfere in American society, and. As we mentioned during, the the rest of the week President Trump did come back and say he does have confidence, in u.s. intelligence agencies. On a large scale, so Rick don't go anywhere.

We Are however gonna turn the focus to Florida and the primary, just, more than a month away Democrat. Philip Levine next on this week in Jackson. Really. Carol a headband, bowling. Is my game girls hey I am your son Philip is coming up with some pretty cool stuff, yeah like the ESA to protect, our kids at school booth in teacher salaries Medicaid, for nearly a million more Floridians, want, to know the best part he's. Going to pay for it without any new, taxes. Phillip, was always, the smart boy he had a good, teacher. Philip. Levine for, governor. In. Here you see it all we got an opioid crisis, a doctor, shortage seniors. Struggling, to pay for care but, even with all that Rick's. Got vetoed millions, in health care funds and refused, federal funds that would have covered, 750,000. Floridians. Bill. Nelson took on the insurance companies forcing, them to cover people with pre-existing conditions. And he's working to get more people covered that's, the difference, Scott, puts insurance, companies first bill Nelson puts Florida, first SNP, is responsible, for the content facade. Designed. Engineered. Tested. Assembled. And. Powered. In, America. The 2018, Nissan, Titan featuring, a standard, v8. With. Best-in-class. Standard, horsepower and torque all, backed by America's. Best truck warranty, get, 0%, financing for 60 months on 13 models or save up to ninety six sixty two on Titan XD. The. Choice is clear for attorney general conservative. Frank white or liberal, judge Ashley, Moody White has the highest a plus rating from the NRA and is, 100%, pro-life or. A liberal moody who used to be a Democrat and donated. Money to pro-abortion, liberals, white. Who stood with President, Trump and voted, to outlaw sanctuary, cities, or, liberal, Ashley Moody who personally, sued President Trump for fraud helping. Liberals judgment. Matters who, do you trust. This. Is where we proof gentlemen, electric, cars are the best in the world in, 80 cubic 60, this is not German sliding. 2nd row what. Magic. Lifted. Go for the track. This. Is unacceptable. Does. It come in blue. During. The start your own legacy sales, event least the Infiniti qx60, for 409 a month or finance at 1.9%, APR, busier, local Infiniti retailer, you're. Watching this week in Jacksonville. With Kent Justice we're, diving into the home stretch of some important, primary, races this week Bruce Hamilton spoke, with Philip Levine the former Miami Beach mayor Levine, is in a crowded race among Democrats, for the gubernatorial nomination. Mr.. Mayor thanks for being here strong. Support in your political base in South Florida but 25%, of the, voters are undecided right. Now there was a problem with voter turnout in 2016. How do you take that 25%, and bring them over to your base I think it's about enthusiam, about exciting, them by inspiring, them you know we've offered about 14, offices across the state of Florida matter of fact we have a great office right here in Jacksonville for, offices, in northern Florida because, we believe that yes television, is important, and Direct Mail and all these ways to reach voters but, nothing, nothing, is as important, as being there on the ground on the street with the voters and that's what we have done there's some issues that are front and center right now three Florida Supreme Court justices, set, to retire at the end of Governor Rick Scott's term and and, kind of the, battle that's fighting out on the national, stage is fighting out here in Florida, Governor, Rick Scott wants, the right to go ahead and appoint them you and some of the other Democrats, in the field say you know what this has to wait till after the election one, lawsuit knocked, down where do we go from here well I believe if I'm honored to be governor or we're going to actually have our constitutional. Right to appoint that's the three Supreme, Court justices, there. Could be a legal battle and I'm gonna rely on some of the greatest legal minds in Florida to fight that battle for us but you know when you would you elect a governor I believe, that's the governor who will be in charge of appointing, these three judges, how would you like to see the ideological, makeup, of the Supreme Court well, I think what I'd like to make sure is that they all, agree that we should make sure that everyone, in Florida should have their day in justice, that they should be able to appeal.

To Our civil justice system you know what, happens today is that that's the last bastion, of being, able to get some type of resolution to, whatever it may be to, me I want to make sure we have judges that intelligence. And integrity and also, respect, and knowledge of the law but they, will listen to legal precedent, they won't, rehash old decisions. That's. What I believe, want to talk about some of the issues crowded Democratic field there was a debate just the other night and philosophically. There's actually a lot of agreement but I want to ask you about some of the things and and where you stand on your agenda minimum wage sure, well let me answer the question overall I said it's interesting because my background is not politics I started from $500, and don't some great companies the cruise ship industry then I decided after I sold it to run to become mayor and I became a two-term mayor but, I was a mayor that actually gets so many things done including minimum living wage, it's unfortunate, in politics, today it seems to be this one profession, where it's like what you're gonna do in the future but you don't actually tell them what you've actually done and, I think that's a big differentiator, as the mayor I didn't just talk about raising the minimum living wage we raised the minimum living wage we're the only city in Florida to do it unfortunately. This governor is fighting us in the courts but we believe we're gonna be successful so what you're saying is history is a predictor of the future absolutely, 100 percent all right I know one thing in business we don't hire people or based on what the tell us they're gonna do we hire them based on what they've actually done all right how about when it comes to improving education in the healthcare system here well I think education is a priority number one because think about our teachers make $10,000 less than national average how do we become a 21st, century economy if we don't have a great education I come from a state called Massachusetts, every great company in the world is going there every high-tech, biotech company, and it's because they have the best education, system we need to invest in education and I believe we, need to stop investing, in someone else's business called charter schools take that money and put it into our schools public, schools gun control well, listen the bottom line is this is that we've seen tragedy, after tragedy from. Pulse nightclub, to, a Marjory. Stoneman Douglas, it's. My belief that we need to ban assault rifles, well you'd have better background checks we need to make sure that if you have mental illness in Florida you can't buy weapons listen. It's, the right thing to do how much longer can this go on I mean can you imagine you're, a great company, like it's, a Amazon, and you want to come to Florida maybe you want to invest five billion dollars, in an employ 50,000, people when, you see that we have the weakest gun laws in the nation you know what people like at Amazon Jeff Bezos says, here's, one word he, says next and he looks at another state because he doesn't want to take his employees to a state like Florida so the question is do you want to be a 21st century economy or do you want to be a state of Walmart's McDonald's, and Applebee's one, of the issues were not ever he's on board is the issue of marijuana people, say that this state is behind what comes with the idea of medicinal, marijuana and, the big issue of recreational. Marijuana is, very, divisive, well. Once again I always say it's not about what you say you're gonna do is what you've done as the former mayor of Miami Beach we decriminalized. Marijuana money, of each and the reason we did it we don't want to ruin people's lives this, one's going to the Armed Services this. Person's going to college, this person has a great career opportunity, they, get caught with a possession why, do we want to ruin their lives this is not we want to do to understand these kind of people to prison so we decriminalized, it if I'm honored to be governor number one we're gonna listen to the people of Florida they said they want medicinal marijuana my god get it to the why they draggin their feets and as, recreational. Marijuana it's, my belief that we need to control it we need to regulate it we need to tax it and if you're over 21 we.

Should Make sure that recreational. Marijuana is, available, and legal talk, about tourism making a big part of your background and and, how you built your empire, for lack of a better word a big, fight over visit, Florida and how much money it should get you want to rebuild visit Florida and and, increase its import absolutely. You know it's, very easy for someone to say well they're, a Republican I'm a Democrat so that has to be all wrong I think, we're tired of that kind of thinking there, are certain things that were done right I think visit Florida is a great organization now, maybe I would make it different but I believe we need to improve it because by the way I think we all agree we want people to visit Florida and that's one of our core competencies, is tourism but I would take it one step further I would bring back the film and television and production, industry back, to Florida, because not only is it a billion two billion half dollar industry, but, at the same time what, a great place bill to showcase, our state on images, whether it's in video or print or television, it's, a very inexpensive way to get our image around the world one of the barriers Florida, has not elected a Democratic governor two decades 20 years how do you change the culture well, I think it has to do with the person you know I'm kind of unique character an individual, and in the candidate I started. From nothing I lived the American dream and, with $500, I built some great companies then I became there I think, what people are looking for is not folks that only have government, in their background they're looking for folks who have done something else outside of government and by the way they don't care if you were a bartender or, a busboy or you, were managing. A restaurant or, you're a teacher they. Want folks, who have done something else and I think what I bring to the table is not, only the best of the private sector but, being a successful, two-term, mayor and, as I tell everyone I'm not right I'm not left on forward I'm Pro people I'm pro-business I'm running as a Democrat, and I'm honored to be a Democrat but before I'm a Democrat I'm an American and I'm, running out of time but I've got to ask you one, question a little bit of levity here your, mom yea answered in your commercials, when she sits back and she says boy chick this is what you gotta do what's, the answer I got to tell you something my mom has become like a cult hero in the state of Florida people love her who would have known you're not most concerned about god, forbid she'd run against me, mayor. Thanks for being here thank you so much. So. Jacksonville, University news for Jax we're partnering to bring you some unprecedented, coverage. Of election 2018. And you're gonna hill from here from Philip Levine and many others coming, up here in August, we bring you the Republican, candidates, for governor in a head-to-head debate that's August 8th the, following, night August 9th we host the Democratic, candidates for a forum both events at J you both, will be televised on channel 4 and Rick. We are partnering again this is really an important couple of days for all of, those candidates, in this race in the primary for governor it's, an important day in the eyes of the state of Florida we'll be on North Florida and the eyes of the state of Florida will be on Kent, Justice and Channel four soul. Moderator, in these debates and also looking at Jack at Jacksonville University remember, on that Wednesday night this is the week before early. Voting begins on that Wednesday night in the Republican, primary debate Adam, Putnam Ron DeSantis the only the second televised debate and the last televised, debate so this will be an opportunity for viewers, to see them before they cast their vote the very next night a forum, with all five candidates, for governor, on the Democratic, side this, is a very, competitive. Governor's. Race whoever, emerges, from the Democratic, side whoever. Emerges from the Republican, side it's, going to be a competitive race I'd, encourage people to watch yeah, well and and as you and I are talking through this and what we're looking forward to you just heard from Philip Levine at, one point he seemed like a favorite, among Democrats. Recent. Polling says that he might even be third, because there's a new guy in the race when Graham has, built. Her, reputation anyway, there are five Democrats. Are gonna be on stage with us were to interview them during that forum, you don't want to miss that and of course the Republican, debate thank you Rick I appreciate, it thank you Ken all right so stay with us Republicans, they've got a few candidates to choose from when it comes to the office of Agriculture.

Commissioner You've met some of them here on our show Baxter. Troutman's, a visit, with me is ahead on this week in Jackson. As. A family farmer and rancher Baxter. Troutman is the conservative, leader we need as Commissioner, of Agriculture the. Christian man Baxter. Troutman was raised as a steward of the land a fair-minded, businessman. And devoted. Husband and father and as commissioner of agriculture, Baxter. Troutman will promote the Trump agenda, protect. Our Second Amendment rights and ensure, Florida remains the leader in conserving, our precious, resources. Baxter. Troutman for commissioner, of agriculture. When. You've been in an accident there's, a lot to deal with when you make one call to heroin Harrell we'll take it from there one. Call to help with your car your, job your, injuries whatever, it is to. Help you put the pieces back together two. Five one one, one one one the, one call that you can make any time so you can focus on getting better and we'll take care of the rest, call. Harold, Harold two, five one one. One one one don't. Settle for less than you deserve in the race for governor Chris. King has some bold ideas, we, asked his daughter Mary grace to break them down for us, Chris. King is the only one calling for attacks on bullets, to fund school security, he'll keep passing, he'll expand, Medicaid, to cover the uninsured he'll. Keep us healthy and Chris King won't take a dime from big sugar corporations. To. Keep our environment clean so. We can seal up cookies yes, Mary, grace, risking. Summer. Is here and so is Subaru of Jacksonville's, your choice model, year-end sales event we offer lots of choices with hundreds of in stock new Subarus starting, at just 18 549. And 0%, financing available. Drive a new 18, Outback or forester for only 189, a month your choice plus, receive a complimentary, lifetime, warranty or complimentary. Two years maintenance with EV new Subaru purchase, your choice only, from Subaru of Jacksonville, where the customers, get to choose what is best for them drive a Subaru you'll. Buy a Subaru. Hi I'm, Lenny curry it's important, that we have genuine conservatives, we, can trust to, fight for our shared values and combat. Violent, crime in our city, that's why I support principled.

Conservative Wyman duggan a leader we can trust, wimon duggan stands with President Trump and is endorsed by the NRA, Duggan. Will work to ban sanctuary, cities and keep our communities, safe from, criminals, conservative. Businessman, veteran. Community. Leader Wyman, Duggan for Jacksonville. You. Know you paid. Too much for your glasses who. You. They. Charged it too much who, practically. Anyone who isn't america's best we're two pairs and a free exam were just 69.95. Oh, that, is low yep, you save on contacts, there too I've got to see this, you, know you charge. Too much for cable it's not my department dude seriously. America's. Best celebrating. 40 years of providing affordable I care. Max, for Troutman's a fourth generation Florida. Farmer with a lifetime of experience working, in citrus and Cattle he's also been chief executive, officer of labor solutions, of personnel services, company with five locations, in Central Florida, Troutman is a Republican, running for Commissioner, of Agriculture. Well. I'm I'm running for Commissioner of Agriculture because I have a servant's, heart and I think it's important, to the state of Florida that whoever holds this seat truly. Understands, the plight of the farmer, because. They've lived it their entire life you can't read a book or watch a video and understand, what. These men and women go through every, day to produce food and fiber for for, us you, know there's, you. Were just give me some of the stats, there there's a disconnect, for the large, population. Whether it's in Florida or across our country to, really understand, the impact of Agriculture, on, our everyday lives well sure I mean our, most. People in society today are two generations, away from having grown, I've been on a farm, and. In, Florida just. Less than 3% of our state's population. Is. Involved in agriculture, so it's. A big big, important, job and a role to. To feed. Everyone. And. It's, incumbent upon us to do what's right for our for, our constituents, for our consumers, so, help everybody understand, then then what is the role of someone who's going to be this. Commissioner, of Agriculture is it to protect farmers, or is it to regulate. How farming, is done and obviously there's some things beyond, just the scope of Agriculture, well sure it's it is a large huge. Department, Oh second. Largest only to the governor's divisions. There's. Some 3,700. Employees, that fall under the purview of the Commissioner of Agriculture and the other half of that is in consumer, services so, yes, all your agriculture. All your farming, your regulations. Your oversight, as it, pertains to environmental, natural, resource on the AG side but.

Also On the consumer services, side there, are multiple, divisions involved. In that to, include. Security. Guards to include, concealed. Carry permits, to include. Auto. Repair. Shops. They're all regulated, by, the Department of Agriculture, another. Big one too is the, entire school nutritional, lunch program, is all, regulated. By the. Department of Agriculture yeah you and I chatting before interview, you said two. Really important jobs and one. Of those is in education so. As a member, of the cabinet, if you're elected you'd, have some influence there on issues. That are broader than just Commissioner. Of Agriculture absolutely. Sure so that, that's probably the in, my view of the world that's probably the biggest component. Of the job is that as a as a. Cabinet. Member only. For yeah as, a cabinet, member there's, only four, you. Are essentially. On, the board, of directors, for all of the state's business. There's, issues. That come before the cabinet, that pertain to, clemency. That pertain to bond finance, that pertain to. Conservation. Land purchases. I mean the list could go on and on and on, but. You, know for from, the way I view it the. The Attorney General the the. AG commissioner and the CFO, they're, the three board members and of course the governor is essentially, the chairman of the board or the CEO and we, we take care of all the state's business you, know what. In your experience, because. You've done some elected. Office stuff as a member of the House as, clearly, you've got experience in, the, farming side of things what. Are those elements that mean. You would be a great choice, for somebody who's going to vote here in a few months on aggregate, I think it's three things it's all about experience, a public. Policy experience, having served eight years in the legislature, but. I serve for eight years and I've been out for eight years I'm not a career politician. Secondly. Production. Agriculture, experience, there's. No no, one else in this race that has the, family. Background and the personal background, in production, agriculture and then, finally, the, private business sector 21 years ago I started, a business. To find jobs for people and. Without embellishment we, have placed over fifty, thousand people in jobs across the state of Florida so those. Three, legs, I think qualified. Me and set me apart from my competition. Troutman. So it doesn't have to have the job done half to run but he says he loves to serve people and that he's wanted this job for a very long time well. This week in Jacksonville airs each Sunday morning at this time and we're working to speak with a new leader of Jacksonville's, tourism, group visit Jacksonville, we're to find out why the former, tax collector, for the county changed jobs I get justice thanks for watching on air on channel 4, and online. At news for Jack Swann. More. People in Northeast, Florida and, South Georgia get. Their news from news for Jax than anywhere, else.

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