This Week In Richmond: Hon. Todd Haymore

This Week In Richmond: Hon. Todd Haymore

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This. Week in Richmond, is made possible in. Part by, the. Virginia, Education Association. An. Investment. In teachers today will, pay dividends, tomorrow. Dignity. Memorial the. Dignity, network provides, professional and, compassionate funeral. Memorial. Cremation. And cemetery, services, throughout, the Commonwealth, of Virginia, Virginia, Hospital. And Health Care Association for. Jobs the, economy and, public health. Committed. To advancing health, and economic, opportunity. For all Virginians, Virginia. Tourism corporation, promoting. Why Virginia, is for lovers lovers. Of wine and craft beers, the outdoors, beaches, history, music and more fall, in love with Virginia, at Virginia, org. Additional. Support provided by, these sponsors. I. And by. The members, of Virginia's. Public television, stations. Thank, you. Welcome. To this week in Richmond and a very special welcome, back, here at holiday season. Secretary. Todd Haymore Commerce. Trade, prior. To that the second. Person named, to be secretary of agriculture and forestry and, we've. Had conversations, before and, we're having this one as the, time for your Secretariat. Is winding. Down so. We're interested in, some. Of your reflections about. All. Those trade missions, and, then your your, comments, about what's. What you see lying ahead what's the status. Snapshot. Of how things are going and economic development, down what you see even. As you make your exit, of choice. Yeah of, what really is lying ahead David. Thank you it's always a pleasure to be with you and I appreciate the opportunity particularly. As we're now in the last 30 days of the administration, and all. The successes, that we've had in economic development McAuliffe administration, still. Moving ahead, full I still, have some more of the, 13 exactly the governor always says we can sleep when we're dead and that means getting as many of these deals that we have in the pipeline done, but it's been a it's, been an incredible almost. 11-year, run and state government, working for Governor Kaine Governor, McDonnell and now governor McAuliffe, in a variety, of positions and, all really focusing, on economic. Development job creation global. Commerce and I'm. Proud to have served those three gentlemen and the citizens, of Virginia and I, think, we've made a difference, certainly. Coming in about a decade so. Ago with the beginning of the recession under governor Kaine the issues and battles that we had to go through there with with the budget shortfalls, and then, having the ability to create, some. Programs, and agriculture, and forestry for economic, development building, a global infrastructure, for. Increasing. Amount of exports, of AG and forestry products, and then, serving, building. Out that infrastructure, under. Governor McAuliffe, and then spending basically the last almost two years as. Secretary of Commerce and trade, broadening, the portfolio, and working with a large. Selection, of business and industry recruiting. New business and industry into the state but also working. With existing business. Industry, to, help them expand it has just been an incredible experience and, one that I'll be forever. Grateful, to the three governors who have worked for and the citizens of the Commonwealth for giving me the opportunity you. Know what your comment about helping, existing. Businesses, to, expand, that's. Sometimes. Doesn't, make the same headlines, as, something, new, coming into into, the Commonwealth. But. It's got to be something is very important very important somewhere, between 65, and 70% of all new jobs created, in the Commonwealth, each year are created by existing business and industry expanding, and you're right far. Too often they just don't get the attention. That they deserve it's Comus we're in the Christmas holiday season everybody, wants to show, off the new toy play with the new toy and when you get business and industry, from, in from another state or another country that's, the shiny new toy everybody's, talking about everybody's, looking at but, the the backbone, of the economy those, jobs that just keep being created over and over and over by and larger from existing, business and industry growing, expanding, and reinvesting.

And That's been something, that I've really wanted to focus in on because I know from my time in the private sector, when, I was with Universal, leaf tobacco and, diamond. Most. Of the things, that we did were expansions. Of existing operations. Not only here in America but in some places around the world so, having that personal experience in. The private sector and then coming into state government and recognizing. That you know really 65, 70 percent of the jobs being created or, from the existing, business and industry, I knew we needed to pay more attention and, and put a bigger spotlight, on it I know governor McAuliffe has felt the same way and really over the last two plus years we've, really increased the focus there and I think that the next governor, governor, like Northam and his, secretary of commerce and trade his secretary of agriculture and forestry should do the exact same thing you know, it's more than just a rumor in fact I think someone could find archived, one of our previous shows that. When. You. Were meeting with Governor. McDonnell, mm-hmm, that. You had a you had a list of things that should happen and the next person, who would be succeeding, here and. Then. The governor said if he lucked the list and he wanted you to do it. Know, that you've made your decision that. You're not going to be staying, home. And. Then though you had conversation. With the governor who liked us so. I'm not asking for any primary. Information, right but what. What would be on. Your, list of recommendations. For. Not. Simply say for your successor. But, for the Commonwealth, what. What. Is it that you would say now keep on doing this and keep on doing this and here's something else that you should be doing so well and and I have really been talking about that and privately, with the governor-elect, and some of his teammates then, transition, and incoming, people and I was publicly the Virginia Chamber of Commerce annual. Meeting a few weeks ago last week with the Virginia Economic Developers, Association I've. Really been focusing in on that you. Know the biggest thing that we're talking about for the future is workforce, development workforce. Development is our greatest asset but it's also one of our greatest challenges we have got to be working with the private sector better, than we're doing today on helping. To create, having, to students the human talent that are going going. Ready into the workforce, for these 21st, century, jobs. Whether they're in bio advanced, manufacturing. Cybersecurity. The, list goes on and on we have to do a better job and we are there been some major reforms, and more force development, bipartisan. Reforms, working governor McAuliffe working with people like Frank ruff and kathy byron the General Assembly some. Major major reforms, going through but we got to continue and as, I said earlier.

It's. Our greatest asset. It's also our greatest challenge the best thing that we have going for us is that it's basically a challenge, for all of the other 49, other states I also think, that site readiness, we don't have enough, business. Ready sites in Virginia, for big projects, we've lost more. Than 50 projects, over the last decade. Totaling, coming, in somewhere between six and seven billion, dollars in capital investment lost, it's. Because we didn't, have the sites that were ready to move in. Tandem, with them with business we always talked about. Moving. At the speed of business that Virginia does a great job of that unfortunately. When it comes to site readiness, that's a major, major challenge for us because we know the, numbers and the projects speak for themselves that we've lost and. With all those investments, in those projects, or lost job opportunities, for our, citizens so I would, also mention go Virginia, the. Concept, of regional collaboration. Counties. Cities across, a broad spectrum working, together to. Create new opportunities for, good-paying, jobs I, grew, up in Danville Pennsylvania County, during a time when the localities. Were fighting, with each other about annexation. They fought so much that they didn't see the collapse of the tobacco industry, the furniture understood the textile industry and even, when it was collapsing, they. Were too busy arguing about what taken place in the past to really look forward now, they worked together very very well in fact when I go to Danville for economic development meetings, Pennsylvania, County officials are in the room and when I go to Chatham for meetings Danville, officials. Are in the room so, we need to do more regional cooperation and, I think go Virginia's one of the the catalyst, for that I could go on but those are the site. Readiness, workforce, development regional. Collaborations. Are better regional collaborations. Across a greater spectrum. Of the state are three things I think that we really really do need to focus on you could talk about regulatory, reform you could talk about tax reform you, could talk about a myriad of other issues I think lower all the lists yeah there's more but those top those are three really really big pressing issues for us so let's go back to Workforce Development, you've been in the private sector. That's. Yes you'll be back in the private sector in some way we'll be funding how about that in the future, what.

Does The private sector, need. To be doing on a workforce, development that. Or. What's, its challenges. And and what, working. With government, I mean government can't do it all right right no I agree and, then private sector has a major, major role to play working, closer with the state working closer with our schools whether it's k12 with. Our colleges, and universities particularly. Our community colleges, there's, a study that the governor talks about a great deal there says over the course of the next decade of the, 1.5. Million. Jobs, that Virginians, will need through new, additions and retirements, more than 60% of, those will, not need a four-year, college degree so you're talking about a great. Great opportunity, for our community colleges, to step up and that's. Where you can really see a lot more partnerships. With business. And industry working. Directly, with community, colleges to create a. Pipeline, of, human, talent the cognitive, business saying these are the jobs that we need for. The 21st century these are the jobs that we need for to fulfill, demand of what we believe we see not only today tomorrow, but into the well into the future and I, think that we're doing a better job of that the governor is very proud of talking about how. Cyber. Issues, are now being discussed, it's, kindergarten. And getting, kids to think about those types of opportunities stem. H obviously, is a big big piece of going forward so I, think there's business, and industry can step up further and work with work. With government, but we have to create the platform's we have to make it be a business friendly for the government, to and that in the business sector to work together to help create those jobs and again, we're, blessed I felt like I'm talking about a, bad situation it's not bad, it can be better because when you're at 3.6 unemployment. Like we are the second lowest unemployment rate, of any major state in America we're doing really well but can we do better yes and in workforce I think we can that is a collaborative effort with government, and the private sector what. Do you see in the workforce that would be of, retooling. Retraining. Or. Second. Or third or fourth careers, for. For people because, not. That everything you were saying fit in the MOU of ones coming out of high school right, but, there's a significant. Part of the workforce that fortunately, may be employed, right now, right yeah, there's opportunities, there I mean, to think about you know retraining. And, getting, credentials, having, more opportunities for apprenticeships. Those are the type of things I'm talking about where you, probably don't, need if you're changing careers in your mid 50s or earlier, you, don't need to go back and do a four-year, and maybe not even do a two-year, local. You know Community College degree that's maybe, six months to a year or less, that you can work on those opportunities, and I think it's just with, the k-12 reforms, that we've had you know really can start there because. I remember growing up in Danville Pennsylvania County. In the discussions, I had with Gaudens counselors, it was never about thinking, about the jobs or opportunities, of when, I graduate, in 1987. I don't ever remember anybody, talking to me about, the jobs of the 1990s. Or beyond it was always about what. Do you want where do you want to go to school and what do you want to major in that. Needs, to change and I think it has changed I hear stories all the time about you. Know the discussions, that are going on in, some cases starting, at kindergarten with with children, but, as they get older I mean really by in grade school thinking, about the new opportunities.

That Are five 10 20 years out and we can't predict the future but certainly, with all the opportunities. That are out there and health bio cyber. IT advanced, manufacturing those, those things are going to continue to evolve and be opportunities. For the state so I think it's, a combination of a lot of things going on there but certainly, retraining. As you're changing careers, they don't you don't need to have you, know a two-year. Or four-year degree. To be retrained it can be a lot smart, a lot shorter time period and again, that's where business, working with local governments. And community colleges can really make a difference I had. A conversation just, recently. With. One, of my daughters, whose. Teachers, at VCU and, the teacher education program. And, I'm. Sure on governor. McAuliffe, and governor-elect Northam. List it's a number of retirements, that are going to come in among, teachers and and. The vacancies, I mean, there are school divisions. Right. Now we're having a conversation in, December, that have a tremendous. Number of still vacancies. Where they're using substitute, right and I think that, certainly. Working with the in the workforce that's out there there's. Certainly a need for making sure that probably second, career or third career people are. Taking. Their time in the classroom as a teacher exactly what the governor's announcing, some budget. Initiatives, today as. We speak as a matter of fact on filling. Those gaps and, teacher shortages, around the state and you're right. You know maybe working with with, teachers, who've retired to get them back in where they can keep their full state benefits, without forfeiting any retirements, like, you said also maybe people that are you. Know have the opportunity with a little bit of extra. Studies. Or credentialing, come, in right we do need it I mean teachers, are. I think, back on my time is in growing up in Danville in Pennsylvania County the teachers I had the teachers that professors I had at the University of Richmond the business school professors, I had it BCU, getting in the NBA they, made fundamental differences. In my life and to think about school systems, around the state I was very fortunate again, blessed to have the upbringing that I've had and the education, that I've had but, you recognize there are a lot of places in the state that, could use assistance, in those teacher shortages, in some cases or in affluent areas, like central Virginia they're great so.

It's. Something that I know that governor. McAuliffe I'm sure governor-elect northern, the general assembly secretary. Trent right now in education whoever. The next Secretary of, Education, may. Be secretary, train or someone else I know it's gonna be a very very top priority for them and, I will of our viewers know that we're. Having the conversation on, December, 11th, and so. As they're watching it perhaps on Christmas. Eve or sometime during the week and other markets. If. They, probably will have heard about these announcements, that you said that the governor would be making okay let's go to the second one you said sight-read, readiness because, one of the things I hear. Particularly. From jurisdictions. That, maybe you don't have Mecca. Sights is, there. Is. There a site readiness, part. That that fits for smaller. Numbers, of. For. Someone who would come in with a small number of employees. And. Because. I think that I got a hunch that the mecca sites people, know about there's that major yeah, we have a program that's run out of Virginia Economic Development Partnership that's, the Virginia, business ready sites program, and its state money that works with localities, to help, build, out the infrastructure, to, have. Business. Ready sites and last, year the Virginia economic, developers, Association. The Chamber and few others work, with the General Assembly in the McAuliffe administration, to lower the acreage, so. It didn't, have to be these huge mega, parts that they can be smaller ones where a hundred acres might suffice versus, five hundred or a thousand, acres or something again, you and I would rori consider mecca but, yeah there's the type programs, I think you're gonna I hope that in the governor's outgoing, budget you'll see some new money going into the. To that program but also recognizing. The localities, will.

Have To step up and do more because all the dollars are not going to come out of state and I think there's another opportunity for go Virginia and these regional, collaborations. Again, you know who's to say that again. Go back to where I'm from where Danville Pennsylvania County, couldn't work closely with. Martinsville. And Henry County or Halifax, County. And South Boston, on shared. Locations. And you could go around the state were regional, collaboration, Richmond and Chesterfield richmond henrico, the. The possibilities. Are limitless but. Those are the things they're going to have to happen because if we pride ourselves on, moving, at the speed of business and we, know that. We're not moving at the speed of business when it comes to site readiness, that, should be right at the top of the list as far as what economic, development, needs to be doing local, economic, developers working with regional economic developers, and the state with the EDP so import. An issue one. That there's there's some sites that are coming online there's a site just outside of Danville the Berryhill site there's one, of the largest on the entire East Coast Chesterfields. Working on a site just, south of here that, will be hopefully ready in a few years that again you could go around the state and mention many others but. They're not there, yet and that's calls us we had a we had a large company large corporation, International Corporation tell us a few weeks ago that, Virginia had been eliminated they were looking at three large, sites and they. Eliminated, Virginia, from contention because the sites weren't, ready we were not able to move at the same speed as that that business lost. Capital lost tax dollars lost jobs so, we know that people were paying attention and hopefully gonna do more in the future all, right moving, in speed of business I was, at the Chamber event heard you speak and others speak and I, heard, a, business, owner from Newport News, talked. About the. Time that it took to open a new facility. In, Newport, News and his company, they do business, in other states and. My. Recollection, was it took two or three times as long to, go, through some regulatory, hoops, while that's while that was lower didn't make the top three on your list. What. Are you seeing that the Commonwealth needs to be do, and maybe localities. In addition to the Commonwealth, with. Regards, to I mean regulations, are important, reckon argue, that second course absolutely, but if they move so slowly. Then. I mean, his his business started in ubirr news a well-known. Name in Newport News he's continuing. There so he he, he took the time but. Someone who didn't have to stay in the Commonwealth, I decided, I'll. Go somewhere else right yeah and then after that roundtable, was over with I had another businessman, come up to me talking about a similar instance in the. Virginia Beach area of where his was, trying to do an expansion I think. On the whole David, Virginia, does a really good job there's always. Examples. Where things, get slowed down and when you start talking about multiple, years, it really frustrates, me I know it frustrates governor McAuliffe I know it frustrates local economic, developers those, are outliers on the whole the, state working, in tandem with our localities, with our region's do a really, good job of moving the process along I hate, to say it but sometimes the federal government plays a role in fact, I'm working with Secretary, Natural. Resources Molly Ward now on an, issue, nearby. Here that's held up by a, little, bit of slowness from the federal government, so, again. On the whole we, do a good job can we do better yes and then sometimes, the, slowdown is beyond our control and that's where it's important, for us to have good, relationships. With, the federal government to help you know facilitate, the movement of the process but, I would say you know, again the examples, that were given that day and in. Williamsburg, for the Chamber event are the. Exceptions. Not the rules but, at the same time as someone who's worked on business expansion, in the private sector and the public sector I know, how frustrating, it can be and that's, where you know it's it's very very important, for those business and industry who are growing expanding, to, work as closely as they can with their local regional, and state government, partners to move the process along, before.

Our Time's up say a bit more about go Virginia, because hopefully. Our viewers know about go Virginia, but there may be some that are saying of what what, is this, and if, they're involved with it they certainly know right well go Virginia was created in the last General Assembly session where, it's it's a it so it's a instead. Of having a carrot and a stick it's really a lot of carrots to try to facilitate. Localities. To work together for more regional. Collaboration, and again. There's no stick involved, it's only carrot so if the. Regions and the localities when those regions, come up with, plans to. Figure out ways to build. Out a better infrastructure, to, create to draw new business and industry and to create those higher paying jobs that we want all across the Commonwealth whether, it's here in Richmond area Southwest. Virginia the Eastern Shore Northern Virginia Shenandoah Valley South Side wherever, we, all want that so it's, just getting off, the. Platform as they say it's a great idea great concept, getting to reality, takes time in fact, there's a vote tomorrow by the go Virginia the statewide board on signing. Off on some of the projects, where you'll start see this the the false, that the Capitol is coming. In so by the time the show airs we, will know of some of the projects that have been signed off on but, really what it does it comes down to trying. To facilitate. Localities. To work together more, often, in. The sake of building, out a better infrastructure. For the, recruitment of new business and industry helping existing, business and industry expand for. Higher paying good, jobs all across the state and it's a very good partner I think to what the, Virginia, Economic Development Partnership is doing they're out recruiting, new business and industry from around the world around, the country. Helping existing, business and industry so go Virginia, and that platform working. Very closely with VDP, I think. It's, gonna have really, some great opportunities for the state going forward, but we're in that process now, we're just like any other startup operation, whether it's private sector Republic, it, takes time and hopefully, tomorrow with the sign-off on some of the projects, we'll start seeing the the resources, flow and some of these conceptual. Projects, starting, to become a reality the. Position, you're in, ends. The. 13th. Of January. Any. Announcements, yet about where. Are you gonna make me know I'm headed back to the private sector. Govenor, northern. Discussed. The opportunity, of staying on he's such a great guy great friend but I just, felt like it was time after, almost 11, years in state government, something that when, governor Kaine asked me to leave the private sector I thought was going to be a three-year, detour, and here we are almost, 11 years later I've had an incredible. Time it, is such an honor to work for governor, Kaine Governor McDonnell. And now governor McAuliffe, from. The Department, of Agriculture Commissioner role Secretary. Of Agriculture, and Forestry under both McDonald, and McAuliffe and then now the incredible. Opportunity, that governor McAuliffe has given me to be his secretary. Of commerce and trade while we're on a glide path to having, over 20 billion, dollars, in capital investment in the state about, 1,100, economic development, projects, and, it's just been an honor and a privilege to serve those three gentlemen and this and the citizens of the Commonwealth, but. At the same time you sort of feel like it's time to, move, move, out and let somebody else have to have the office, I do wish, Governor, Elect northern, all the best I told him that I was going to be his. Greatest champion, in the private sector all gonna be working very diligently to, bring new business, opportunities. To, the Commonwealth, hopefully help companies move more product in the global marketplace working. With the General Assembly members as well interrupt, you you got about 20 more seconds, look into the camera and tell your your, children that you're, coming home I've. Hoped to be home a little bit more kate liza and lily and my, wife margaret who have put up with a lot over the last almost 11, years traveling.

All Around the world and and being at the service of the gut the three governors i've worked for so thanks. For bearing with me over the last almost, 11. Years and looking forward to all the new opportunities, in the future thank you very much David thank you I appreciate as, always thank you. In. Richmond, is made possible in, part by, the. Virginia, Education Association. An. Investment. In teachers today will, pay dividends, tomorrow. Dignity. Memorial the. Dignity, network provides, professional, and compassionate funeral. Memorial. Cremation. And Cemetery, services, throughout, the Commonwealth, of Virginia Virginia. Hospital. And Health Care Association for, jobs the, economy and, public health. Virginia tourism. Corporation, promoting. Why Virginia, is for lovers lovers. Of wine and craft beers, the outdoors, beaches, history, music and more fall, in love with Virginia, at Virginia, org. Additional. Support provided by, these sponsors. And by. The members, of Virginia's. Public television, stations. Thank, you. You.

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