Three Isles Tour Scotland - Isle of Mull, Isle of Staffa Fingal's Cave and Iona (English Subtitles)

Three Isles Tour Scotland - Isle of Mull, Isle of Staffa Fingal's Cave and Iona (English Subtitles)

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Welcome Welcome Welcome Today we are in a place called Oban We have booked a tour called the Three Isles Tour We booked online but we need to collect the tickets here from West Coast Tours which is the red building behind us. We have collected the tickets. We are making our way to the ferry terminal now. We will hopping across three islands today. We will be taking the ferry to Isle of Mull which is our first island stop today. This ferry terminal looks and feels very much like an airport terminal.

We are inside the ferry now. Olympics 2020 (2021) playing on the TV here. This ferry is smaller than the ferries that are used across the English Channel but it has all the basic amenities (bar, restaurant etc) that you would expect. The cost of this trip for the whole day £78 per adult and £39 per child. We are just approaching Isle of Mull We will now be boarding a bus which will drive us across the Isle of Mull and take us to Fionnphort from where will take a boat to the Isle of Staffa.

Cars are driving out of the ferry. We are just about board the bus are you going on another boat when  you leave me  how interesting is the  three of you isn't it lovely   We are on the top decker of this double decker bus. Due to Covid social distancing applies on this bus. I really wanted to sit right in front to take in the views. Isle of Mull looks very similar to the Isle of Skye The bus has a pre-recorded voice that tells you interesting information, facts and history as we drive through these places.

ladies and gentlemen we've now arrived at the  next stage of your journey those people are   going on the three isle tour if you make your  way towards the pier which is straight ahead   please wait at the right hand side of the pier  for a much smaller boat than the the ferry you   see before you in fact actually i see glenn's  currently waiting for you on Staffa Tours   so make your way down there as promptly  as possible so you can get your way   off to stafford those people are traveling over to  iona and iona only today the buses back are 3 20   and quarter to 6. thanks very much for travelling  with us enjoy the rest of your day Our little one wanted to use the rest room and as we came out we saw that our boat had already left. Thankfully there is another boat that is due to arrive shortly or else we would have completely missed the Staffa leg of the journey.

if you have any questions post the trip  progresses please don't hesitate to come   and ask my name is Finley and my crew man is Sean we're here to help you in any way you can We just saw a lot of seals, I have never seen this many before. It was really good. We are heading towards the Isle of Staffa, our second island hop today. As you know we missed our first boat, we are on a second boat now. So we may have less time to spend on Staffa island. This island is going to be very different, you will see it when we get there.

then you have the pillars there in the  middle these pillars were formed for   the very slow solidification of the lava and  the cool that crystallized and cracked into   these hexagonal shapes 59 million years  old and that might seem like a long time This place was formed 59 million years ago following volcanic eruptions. The stones look very very different and are hexagonal in shape. We have an hour to spend at this island Like I said this is all volcanic formation from almost 60 million years ago. When Scotland and North America were still part of the same continent. There is a place called Giant's Causeway in Ireland which looks very similar. I only recently came to know that there is a very similar place here in Britain too.

The name of this island is Staffa island or Isle of Staffa. As you head this way there is a cave which is called Fingal's cave. We have to be really carefully walking here, there are hand railings to assist. The formation of the cave at the top also looks very pretty. This is Fingal's cave. It is a little tricky and a little scary to walk in as path is quite narrow and slippery.

It really is worth coming all the way here as this is a really beautiful place. Just the sound of this place and everything else here that is created here by nature, truly wonderful. The water is just so clean and pristine. It is time to board our boat now or else we have end up here for a night like cave men and hunt some fish :-). She wants to stay here, she has had enough of the inhabited world :-).

Usually it is also possible to see a bird called the Puffins here but this is the end of season so not many left. We dont have enough time to walk to that part of this island. But our skipper is going to take us to that place by boat and see if catch any glimpses of the Puffins. you'll see a few of them here will fly away but  some of them will just turn under the water and   dive away and that's what they do when a  predator comes along so when a school or a   seagull comes to say hello and possibly try to  eat them they just double duck under the water   these big birds that can sit on the water  can't dive so even a seagull has the word   sea in it it can't dive under the water stick  his head under back to work on monday i'd be   hugely surprised if i see any puffins at all  but puffin that's born here will return in two   to three years to start the breathing  cycle and the numbers are good to this   let's say we're looking at a very small portion  of the puppets here she's about 600 or so thank you so quarter past five  right now thank you thank you We are sat down to have some tea and scones. We are quite tired. We then plan to walk towards the Iona abbey and do a little bit of exploring before we head back in time for the boat back to Isle of Mull.

It feels so nice to have some tea in a place like this and take in the views. The weather forecast didn't look very good first thing this morning but it has has turned to be very good so far. We have had it quite lucky. This is Iona Abbey and quite popular.

At the moment you can only go in if you have pre-booked guided tour. Unfortunately you cant even have a walk around without a guided tour. We are walking back towards the ferry boarding point. We wanted to walk around a bit more but didnt want risk missing the boat.

We have catch the boat, the bus and then the ferry to go back to Oban, by the time we get back to our hotel it is going to be quite late. The benefit of this tour is that we dont have to do a lot of driving as everything is included as part of the tour. We just have to stick to the timings. The people are quite friendly and forthcoming to give you all the information that you need. The best bit about this tour that we really enjoyed was Fingal's cave. You could book a car transfer from Oban, drive across Isle of Mull and then use Staffa Tours to visit Fingal's Cave.

The jewellery they have here is interesting but on the pricier side. We managed to get some glimpses of Highland Cows. We got some fish and chips, just kids portions but they are quite generous.

It is really tasty. We highly recommend this fish and chip shop. We have come to the end of our trip to the Three Isles as well our 7 day trip to Scotland. We are checking to a hotel for the night and driving back home tomorrow.

Hope you like all our videos from Scotland. thanks for watching take care bye bye

2021-09-03 12:44

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