Tokyo Disneyland Food & Fun Christmas 2018

Tokyo Disneyland Food & Fun Christmas 2018

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Hello. Everybody welcome back to another video at, Tokyo, Disneyland, today. My friends and I I here at Disney magic experience some, of the Christmas, festivities. As much as we can today so. Hope, you guys enjoy this video let's, go inside, the park. Okay. Guys so first things first we're, walking, through. Lazare which is Tokyo, Disneyland's version, of Main Street USA the. Biggest difference is that this Main, Street USA or. Covered with a, roof and the reason why is because it. Rains a lot here in Japan I think I mentioned that before in a previous video anyway. Is beautiful. And today, it is decorated, for the 35th, anniversary of, Tokyo, Disney Resort. And it is beautiful. So. I'm here today with Lawrence. And Jean both of them are from Hong Kong and G we're right into the store as soon as we. Let's go look for her I have no idea what she's buying. So, that's my friend Lawrence, hi Lawrence, hello. Welcome, back to Tokyo Disneyland's, in. My home there, visiting your home, so. Let's. Look for Jean she's. Getting. Something to put on for. Her head okay. So. Um. Let's. See where. Is she, pretty. Jingo, where. Is Jean. You. Know what people couldn't recognize her I think it's this way okay yeah let's, go look for Jean the. Good thing about coming, into the shops, early. Is, that it's less crowded so, this is a pro tip for you guys don't. Wait, to shop until. The end of the day because at the end of the day it's crazy. Crowded here why can't we find Jean I mean, she's. Wearing a pink blouse today, Oh. Jean. There, you are. Oh wow. The hat matches, your blouse oh. That's. Cute that's. Cute that's. Actually a really cute pad so. It's, been one hour since we, entered the parts and already. Lawrence, is shopping, he's. Already looking for stuff to take back home to him 35. Years. Anniversary. Products. Yeah you're gonna do a lot of shopping at me today I, think. You. Think so. But. Like I feel. Like jeans gonna buy a lot of stuff too. You. Started with one. Now. I feel like I have to buy something. I. Mean. You guys know how much I love sweet things and, I really wanted Lawrence to try this out but you guys know he doesn't like fruits this, is a pretty fruity Jota it's a special dota 350. Yet from, one of the Christmas, stands. And it's only available during this season so, I'm really looking forward to trying this out this. Is the way it looks like looks, like little, jewels, on the top I think we these are the dried, fruits. And there's, dried strawberry. As well, definitely. Not from Lawrence he'll probably die, after, this okay. Thank, you mas. Hmm. About, it's. A yeast doughnut, it's. Pretty good but, it's a little bit on the dry side, it's. Not the best doughnut I had but. It does have nice flavor. It's okay it's. Okay. I did. Another fight to see if it's better. Yep, there's. White chocolate on the top that's, kind of nice not. Too sweet which is also nice but. Once again it's, not the best of that I've ever had. Okay, so we are looking for something to eat for lunch, yeah we're hungry yeah, super, hungry that, doughnut was just okay, Lawrence, hasn't had a bite because he's like fruit so. I have, a feeling we're going to eat some Japanese, curry like Lawrence, whatever, he comes to Japan at, least once most, most of the time twice or three times he, has Japanese, curry yes so I'm gonna have it in this bag yeah and you also eat Japanese Korean Hong Kong yes right at home although, it's always instant, what, is delicious. Checking. Online they, said that the. Park is not that crowded but as you can see we are waiting. In line to eat Japanese curry, and. Unfortunately. Florence. And whistle. Florence and Jean are. Having, a conversation yes. Another. Queue of food. No choice I know no choice sorry, you mean the Queen has to queue up you know hurry.

Hurry. Booting, class now yeah, yeah. Hungry. Hungry yeah. Hungry, Jean. We're. All hungry. Just. A little bit more to go, hello, everybody I'm in. My. Hometown. I'm. Hungry. Rare. Hmm. It. Sounds like you have any sex hmm I. Chose. The mild. One, because I cannot eat too spicy. So. Is that perfect. I got, a lot of food so, this is the one I got this is your Christmas special, and this. Is their, hashed, beef in Japanese, coffee and ice it comes, with a burger, patty scrambled. Eggs some, veggies, here rice of course and, your Japanese. Because Eugene's, again so I'm willing to try. Some of the hash beef on. The rice. Hey. Here. We go. And. That's good, a speed mm, it's a little bit tangy it's like it's, made with Demi gloss sauce it's like gravy. Nothing. Like hurry texture of curry but, none of the curry spices, mr. beef slices there's. Onions and, there's also mushrooms, in here, if. You guys go to Coco curry you, also have the option of choosing this particular sauce, in the set of curry. Hmm. Everything. Looks really good right now because I'm, so hungry. I think we're all feeling very hungry. Wow. The. Chocolate, egg is super fluffy I think is our really nicely. Mild, flavor. Oh this. Is actually quite nice, I. Never had this before I'm always having curry but. Is this is good I think I might have additional hash. Beef again next time I met this restaurant, I canary and this is your Pickers vegetable, I thought screw genes okay in Japan so you always got to have this when you eat curry or. How should be for that matter and its really delicious as a, palate, cleanser it. Cleanses your palate in between bites, series. From broccoli. There's, a piece of cauliflower. There's. A potato there's some red, bell peppers. Other. One pretty good I'm pretty, satisfied with this, this. Is 780. Yen including. The, souvenir plate, whether. That's worth it to you or not I think it depends on how much you love Disney. And. Once, again the good thing about these. Desserts with a souvenir, is. That you can actually take the food out like this and. You have a clean cup and you can take it home with you there's. Jelly there's mousse jelly. Whipped cream and a piece of white chocolate there's, also some silver sprinkles, on the top. Oh. Okay. Lawrence is gonna try the cake okay great I, don't eat I don't eat fruit I fight because at least there's a brownies, under near eyes so I love brownies, so. I. Take. This. It's. Good I. Can. Take the brownie definitely. This, brass plate well. I could yeah. It's not so fruity. Let. Go that white yeah you can have it. They. Are me. Trying, fruit dessert. Honest. Taste. Anyway. For. Lunch so, did you like that much very, much yeah yeah. You can never go wrong with Delia's curry it's so good and the Japanese curry here is not bad either oh we're. Gonna wait for the Christmas parade but a watch a Christmas Marie. What about shows, shows. Oh yeah we've got to get the lottery for the show you. See on, today's, show yes get now popular, yes. That's a pro tip here guys, for some of the shows you actually need to play. The lottery in order to get seats so let's go play the lottery after, you watch the parade.

Oh. Right. Everybody. You guys ready to get the lottery play the lottery. All, right we're, gonna play the lottery for celebrate. Okay busy that and one man's dream to the shows. Wish. Us luck okay, so here, are tickets. You, know fortunately this is my favorite that's my keys I got Mickey Lauren's got mini my favorite, there and gene, got her favorite Chippendale. Okay, celebrate, Tokyo Disneyland. There's one. Three. You press ok band. Toto. Ready, start. Okay that's okay we're doing tops being a little duty at the next show for. Mainstream. All, right since we didn't win the lottery we decided to try out Star, Tours the, adventure, continues scary. It's. Not scary I show you oh you'll be totally fine I'm gonna sit down you, know. The problem is will I be sick after that. So. Here we're waiting to board our Starspeeder. And. Lauren's everything's. Quiet all day Larry. Are, you nervous I am, really. No. Don't. Worry don't. Worry. You. Already really. Oh my god so we're all nervous. Here. We go. Well. So. That was a lot of fun what, do you think was it yeah was were you like dizzy a little, bit a little bit, Oh. No. How about you Jean how, was that scary. I'm sorry, I need food to recover did you hear that Jeanne's who to recover which is why we're getting some ice cream we're getting some ice cream in all of a sudden late what is she doing she's gonna want you gonna buy this oh, my, god is that a dog, okay we got ice cream, and. Ice, cream. Ice. Cream sandwich, and, tara. Misu, tiramisu. Ice cream scented that one's a good one I like that one but, I don't drink coffee anymore so, so. Should we go to the parade route and eat yeah. Let's walk over because, we had the Christmas parade guess. What guys so, Lawrence, just asked Jean how much was that Donald, Duck plushie it was five thousand, four hundred yen basically, 50, US dollars expensive. Wow, that's. Like, pricey. I can't, believe she bought it Laurens got the tiramisu. That. Looks nice that's, 300, yen that's. Not bad there's some ice cream in the middle. How, is it. It's. Cold, of course. It's cold oh. That. Looks yummy the, cookie part looks good up there the star will rise mmm that's, good yeah that's Mickey yeah to myself down you. Know you needed that after that last ride yes, here's. My Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich this, is 300, yen it's, all about price and it, looks pretty tasty. That's. Not bad but, anything Mickey shape is usually really. Nice you, know the good thing about Tokyo, Disneyland. Nowadays I see what Disneyland, is that, even, if you don't win the lottery for the - you, know - of some, of the major shows we have a lot of major shows here we, can catch the parade you can catch the Christmas parade you, can catch the electrical, parade at night and the.

Fireworks, So there are a lot of shows they can see without winning. The lottery so. Basically. You can spend the entire day without riding. On a single, attraction, and, still have a really full day and a, good time. Jean, has found something else here. In Korea country Jean. Ting can you turn this way, wow. You're like pink, from head to toe. Wow. Oh. There's. Ears in the back oh, that. Is cute. Wow. Now she has like four years, everything, was terrific. We had such a good time and now we are starving, we're here at the Queen of Hearts banquet, hall one, of my favorite restaurants, Toronto businessman, because the, place is so full, of atmosphere and, it's, being. So. This is what we got today so I got, the flank steak this. Is the flank steak it's like, 1,450. Yen so, it is one of the priciest. Entrees. And the, entrees don't come with rice or bread you have to get those separately, and this is the minestrone, soup it's. An upside down part. Strawberry. Mousse. Dessert. I think this. Is the seafood you see a shrimp, and. Shape. I think this is a croquette. But okay, right as a fish in there chocolate. Cake. So something that's cheesiness. It's, like this. Jean is, having, the hamburger, patty, with. Heart-shaped cheese, and, a heart shape cracker. Vegetables. And some potatoes. Salad. Of some sort so. You drank your Super User ain't you're super ready how was your suit that's good whose goodness yes. I finished it I was so hungry yeah. There were high chef masters, in them very. Tasty. Right. In the middle. The beef patty is. Juicy. Without being too dry the sauce is a little bit sweet it goes down very well. I'm, pretty sure this is like a Japanese, sauce it's usually Japanese, sauce in Japan Japanese sauce yeah that's, sweet soy sauce sauce, really, yeah, a roast, beef, we. Got it and. Check this out guys there's like heart-shaped, macaroni, oh it's on shaped pasta oh let's, go look as. Such, a nice flavor. A really, good dessert it's, fruity, so Lawrence is definitely gonna hate this but. So, nice it, tastes like strawberry raspberry, like. Like a whole bunch of berries put together it is fantastic. What, to do now. That's right Oh shopping. Now it's time for shopping. We're. Going to look for some stuff to buy let's see how many things people buy here oh that's. So cute you're you're like, you have a pink theme going on today huh. Halloween. Disneyland. Oh we, found something better look. It's, a hamburger it's. A Mickey hamburger. Lettuce. And cheese, wow, this. Is the mug cup that I want, I want. To buy this mug. To. Take back home I'm. Gonna get this one for. A Satoshi, so. Far I'm getting them up okay, Christmas one yeah that's a good one you see. The. Mickey inside, yeah the, plate the plate that's, curious you think about it that's nice, what would you use it for I'm. No idea yeah, Oh looks good right. Yeah looks really good, look. At that yeah definitely get, in. I like. It I like, it that, one's nice too that's nice like if you're going to the beach or something when. You just put like a little towel, and you're like skimpy bathing suit. Ready. For the summer ready for the summer, you really are like going for the whole, like coordinated, look aren't you that's. So cute though. Okay. You. Found something, oh. Okay. I'm, gonna show everybody what's so special about this. Yeah. Mickey ears, spongy. Spongy. Oh yeah. It is spongy, I keep, getting a bag okay. Now, Lawrence, whenever he comes to. Tokyo. Disney always buy underwear oh. Yeah. Did you like it yeah you. Can see the detail oh yeah. Meaning. And they, have its, time that's. Nice too. Oh. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I like, how subtle, of these are you can't really tell that they're you know from Disneyland and, they looking at a classy, like that suited, for business, so. You're getting the same one that you got the last time but it's nice. Okay. Right. So these are Disney. Tokyo. Disneyland underwear, that, Lawrence. Recommends. Wholeheartedly. How. Much are they. 1,300. 1,300. Yen okay okay, so that's like 10 US dollar not bad 11 US dollar yeah. And there's a big selection like all this is underwear here Donald.

Isn't Underwear, last. Time okay, so it's very good quality very, comfortable, the basket is filling up pretty cute right oh my god Judy he looks so good on you that, looks so, good with your outfit right now you. Look like a fashion model like a high-end. Fashion, model. You. Do yeah, lawrence, approves. Approved. All right so we were in line for the cashier, but. Lauren. Saw something, that he liked so we're back here. That's. Nice that's. A really nice shirt I, love it, it's, it's like a casual. Shirt. But you know kind of dressy. But. A lot of fun. Lawrence, is done. Shopping I think but, we do have one more store to go and. You still have to buy your beanie right your card oh my, god. We're. Going to grand Emporium, this. Is a store that sells. Everything. So, we're gonna go in here the. Only thing is it's super crowded at, closing time and we're here at closing time jean. Is already inside and. Lawrence. Is going to follow. Only. One bag that's not too bad so our mission now is to look for a beanie for Lawrence he's, seen someone, with a beanie that he likes so that's what we're doing right now just while, we're in the furnace, store we're, in another store guys and Lawrence. Found more underwear that he likes. Surprise. Surprise I forgot. There was one more thing I wanted. Wanted the 35th, anniversary. Like. Chocolate. Set or something, okay, I'm gonna look for that right now okay. As you can see it's like super oh I found it I found it the assorted chocolate I'm, gonna get the SRD chocolate, come quick it's right in front of me thank you. I need, to get that I need to get this people. Move out of my way please I'm, gonna get this. Yes. Thank, you this, is mine this is mine. So. Guys we left, the park and there's another store I finished, my shopping yeah, no, you know. We're, not yet over so he's gonna buy all of this here we're at a store called balayage, is located outside the, parks I love, ramen so, that's. Why it's. Nice though I really like it you got calendar, mm I can calendar, oh. That's. Nice. Yay. That. Was a fun, day we, had such, a blast. We saw shows we, rode attractions. We, ate a lot of food we, did a lot of shopping but, well they did a lot shopping I really had a good time so it was a good, day out what there was nice it wasn't too cold and I, found someone I like. Hope. You guys enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed. Making this video if you enjoy, a video give us a like until, next time bye.

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@smurfette Kanya The live streams are depending on your location, Sunday Japan time. It's Saturday evening for me, pst. Click the notification button and you tube will inform you of when a TabiEats video is live. Also Shinichi has another channel you can check out that he also does livestreams on, called Shinichi'sWorld. Hope to see you there!

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