Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2018 Merchandise Tour | WHAT TO BUY

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2018 Merchandise Tour | WHAT TO BUY

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Hey, phallic spores it's Halloween, and you know what that means a brand new merchandise I built Oakley Disneyland, and Tokyo DisneySea, so let's go check it out first. We're gonna look at the Halloween, sweets, merchandise, that you can get at both Disneyland, and Disney, see this. Section here runs, from 800, yen to. 3900. Yen so, here we have this nice, little hankerchief. I. Love. That design that isn't new are. These. Little. Hair, hair. Bands. Elastic. That. Quickie mini, adorable. Got. Some socks here. Leave. Up to 25 centimeters. A little. Bag here. Button. On it. It's. Adorable. Hey chip hey Dale what's up. Over. Here we got another tote bag that seems to be very popular and. Keep restocking, it. Very. Practical. Oh. Oh Chi banana in the back yeah. Somebody. Should keep a tally of how many times I say cute this video. Look. At that I love. The inside lining that. Is cute. The. Bowtie. Please. Oh some. Funky-looking. Years, with. Ghost cupcakes. Mickey. And Minnie. And. We got some Mickey, ears up here so pumpkin, that's. A little generic but if. You like Nick here is there you go, and. Over, here. It's. Cute. Like. A little ghost, this. For children looks like. We. Got Little, Brown. Mickey goes to you on the hood and. Don't. Worry there's, also an adult version down here. These. Look like they're one size. I. Want. It. See. Cute. Cute, cute cute cute cute, we. Have some more apparel here so then ghost. Ghost. Shirt. This. One's 3,300. Again. Clothes. In the dark. And. Got you, can see the outlines, of the ghost once, I go in the dark on the back there. And. We. Have this shirt, they're coming kid sizes, and up. To three L in adult sizes. That. Is really adorable and, these shirts run from 2300, to, 2900. Down. Here we have a really nice tote, bag. This, one's really popular - it keeps flying. Off the shelves. Cute. Little design here. All Haunted Mansion theme that is fantastic. Oh. Magnum. You said there's not much there's, nothing for a design inside. It's. Not Halloween without, some. Mini. Halloween, ears these, are fabulous. This. Is from the new parade. It. Was really adorable. The. Challenge doing this one-handed and that's, some Mickey Mickey. Ears here, head bends a little worm on the top of this cute good soft and, this. Is a hot seller right now. Yeah. This, is gonna be very popular. It's. A bride in. The Haunted Mansion. That. Is brilliant. I, might. Want one for myself. Eighteen. Hundred yen for this one on says Halloween 2018. On bogging down. Here. Put. Some earrings. Lip. Balm. We, got some socks down here. He's. About the 25 centimeters. Nice. And, we have a bandana. I love. The color of scheme on this one, I love. Bandanas, if you haven't noticed. Over. Here we have the leisure sheet, I. Always. Recommend getting a leisure sheet, you. See the phone behind them right there. Hey. Chapman hey what's up. The drawstring, bag when my favorites. Cute, design thing. At the back here. Love. That. Some glasses. Fashion. Glasses that nobody needs. And, we have a past case here. You. Can put your card inside, right. Here. Inside, and. Little. Plastic holders. That, is absolutely, brilliant. And. Over here we have the flush. Chippendale. Running, their Halloween outfits. Disneyland. Here. We. Have Donald, Duck. And. Her new Halloween outfit. We. Have Mickey, here in his coat. And the. Fun thing about these lugs is. See. If I can do it one-handed here we go actually, transform, so, making mini bears, transforms. That. Is, really cool. How. Does minis transform, oh. There. We go. There. We go. Transformer. Outside. Of. Course we have Daisy over. Here oh. They. All change and. I realize that so. Daisy does as well, let's. Go back to Donald. Yep. Found those two. Yep, I see the. Chippendale. Chippendale. Do not unfortunately. Pluto. Pluto. Doesn't, change if. That wasn't obvious. I'm. Down here I. Got. One of these this is this is brilliant so. There's a keychain but it also clips onto your shoulder or whatever. See. The little cups down here, there's. Something like beans on the bottom here so it kind of sits thoughtfully. Down. Here. Got. A hand puppet. Ghost. Hand puppet. 18. Hundred yen the purse is. A. Ghost. Light you. Can see here lights up. Handle. Here. A past. Case holder, it's rubber you. Can touch your. Sweet. Kind stuff inside.

Goes. Into the dark too. IPhone. Case for iPhone 6 6. S 7 & 8. We. Have some cute rings up here. I love. All the Haunted Mansion stuff, that is fantastic. We. Have Nikki here. Each. A. Stationary. Again. All the characters, here. Involved. Points, and. Some, more pens very colorful. Lots, of different families. Some postcards these are the hologram, postcards. I. Remember. You can send these from the resort here. We. Get a special stamp that is cool okay see the outfits, changed. Memo. Pad. My own pads I should say. A. Magnet. Some, memos. Roll, out. Roll. Amendments, hey yeah. We have a bartender. Halloween. That's nice I like that put. Your PIN collectors, out there. And. It changes too you can kind of see it there. Down. Here we, have some clear holders, so. Plastic. To hold your papers. Huge. Design, I, like. This one. Cookie, busy and I will shoot you up and down the top. And. There are a couple inside of here. Loving. Haunted Mansion cameras. I. Love. These because they're cheap souvenirs. And. Useful, other things are useful and. Over here, kind. Of fell over but it's a train. Tomica. Top. On your gun. Who. Doesn't want a nice washcloth. Buuuut. We. Have a long towel here I. Said. This in the meantime but I love the Haunted, Mansion theme this year was. Brilliant. And. We have a big bath so I will see, the design here. And over here I am. Loving. Of this pillow I think, I might have to buy it. That. Is just too perfect, that's just too perfect. It's. Actually kind of heavy too sturdy. Over. Here. A ghost, monger. Welcome. To spooky, land. Mug. Another, mug like. This one better actually that one's cute. Ah. Cute. Cute. Tumblr. Water, tumbler I love that water, bottle whatever you want to call it. And. Over here to a, metal. Photo. Friend that's, cool it's quite hefty. We. Have some more. Halloween. Sweets this. Again this is that bulb Disneyland and Disney see the Haunted Mansion stuff it's only a disney round so. This is a tray it's plastic, quite. Hefty. Mugs, set here. Oh. Hold. I. Wanted. Just for the coaster. There's. No other word to describe it, cute not. A water bottle I. Got. Nick and Judy on their nice. Surprise. Down. Here. Put. Some washcloths. For. A nice cheap souvenir. Chopsticks. As well Louie's, are nice I. Do. Need some new chopsticks, oh hey, maybe. These would be them. Everybody. Needs cushions. Kelvin sweets very soft and, two, designs. One. On one side one on the other there you go, purple. Gray. Orangish. Whatever, and it's cute and, soft. Tissue. Box cover. That. Is so extra nobody needs this what. I wanted. Just. Be mindful these probably won't fit, tissue box covers, outside of Japan so just keep, that in mind there. Specifically, for Japan size tissues. Plastic. Cups, down, here. That. Is cute. And some. Plastic weights as well. Set. Of four, cute. Mini, towels. You see what the design is there on the back I. Love. When they did a little mini Telus shaped or something these are cupcakes cupcakes. And. We got some mini towels a set of three. Halloween. Sweets, oh. Oh. Oh what is that funny look what does this miss. Please. Yes. They're. Keychains and their squishiest I can. Do this all day I'm. Gonna make a 30 minute video of me to doing this. There's. Also Minnie, Mouse one. Misstep. On. Those. Little coin purses. This. Is so soft it's poo. Well. There's a Minnie, Mouse one, - this. Is so adorable I, come. In liquid old I almost, look like little bread pouches. We. Have a smartphone case, just. A universal one. It. Depends on the size here your phone assist, iPhone 10, on it. Cute. Little design. Keychains. Here we got a Mickey Mickey. Minnie Chip and Dale I love the chicken now that. Is that is fantastic. We. Have a little. Light. Up keychain again. And. We have what are these. Pins, the pins. Like. That, simple. Well. This. Goes on the Mickey. Memory. Maker thingamajigger. That. Talks with, all the 35th anniversary. Statues. This is one of the little accessories. You put on it. But. I broke it. Statue. Cupcake. Sanction. Doesn't. Say whatever that's cute. Got. Some fabric. Looks, like candies you. Can't. Have Halloween stuff without stationary. Cute. Stationary, so that a multicolored pan. Some. More cans. I like. Cute. Beard in a pen case pencil. Case oh. Look. At this at this shoot. That. Is adorable, more. Pens. All. Pens. These. Are the friction, pens, I love. Friction pen seriously, if you're gonna get pens you get friction pens do not get any other pens get, the friction ones because you can erase them they're. Legit. Legit. I didn't gonna get these ones cuz they're legit. Hi, they recommend them please. Buy them maybe, not the memos. More. Memos, and. They got some stickers you, love stickers so scrapbook, game putting. Them on your wall. On. Your tables, you. Know, when you're kids you put two stickers everywhere there, you go.

Erasers. Another. Tomica, done here. Resort. Cruiser. Adorable. What, is this Oh Clips. Paper. Clips see if this ghost. Of. Everything is here so think of everything as more of plastic, holders. With, a little zip zip, up ones look. At he would do it Louie. Nick. And Judy and Pluto. Only known as a good Pluto look. At Pluto, it's. Not a strawberry for his tongue. As. A strawberry for his tongue, I'm Chippendale and and and the. Baymax. Don't. Add, notebook. Oh that's. Cute little plastic mickey over here, here. We have some macaron shaped. Hand creams. Cute. Little designs and the, hand creams they. Are. Apple. Strawberry. Apple. Strawberry oh we're going to have a damn for. And. Toothbrushes. Why. Not and you. Can see it's kind of prefer a 'td so, you can tear, it off and give it away as, presents, and, you can be that person that give these away on, Halloween you can be that person that gives way to thrush sometimes we I've. Always want to be that guy maybe I will be this year, now. For the Halloween item you, never knew you needed we. Need the Pooh dressed. As a black, cat. Food. Things of these things whoever. Does I love you because this is brilliant. There's. A big version of em - there's. A big version okay. This. Is too much. Not. Only is their Halloween merchandise, there's also this. Really cute, Chippendale, popcorn bucket if you listen to our podcast I talked about if there was ever a Chippendale popcorn bucket I was gonna buy it immediately well. My. Dream came true Chip. And Dale Bob broom bucket look look how, cute that is Chip. And Dale and there's. Some acorns, on the top, cute. Little strap this is 2,300 yen so about 21 dollars, on. The inside. This. Is this. Is the popcorn bucket I don't. Care what anyone else says this is the popcorn bucket to rule all popcorn, buckets, don't. Tell me otherwise. Now. We're over here at Tokyo DisneySea, Road they have the, villains, merchandise. You hairbow. Like. An apple in there got, some fashion glasses. Or. So. Earrings. You. Know parts. It's nice, down. Here we have a hoodie. Giving, villains and, it goes from small to LL so. Make sure you try it on first make, sure it fits. He. Always wanted to up one more size than you normally are so, if you're medium you want to go large, it's. Pretty thick actually, nice. Villains. World t-shirt. And it actually changes, with the heat it says I'm here so. These run from small, to three, L's of. Extra. Extra extra large. Don't, be so extra. We. Have some brand new ears so there's inverse lightyears these are fantastic. That. Is nicely this is Halloween. On the back 2018. That's. Some Maleficent. Ears too. You're. Knocking it out of the park. We've, had these for a few years plastic. On the top. Clean. Up artists. That's. Why oh that, is cool, I like. That. Poison. Apple that lights up. That's. Pretty cool oh. There's. A ring on so you can pull them oh. That's. Clever I like that. Some. Lipgloss here. In. The air hands. Mirror. A, little. Pouch here sprint, fins feeling. Actually oh. It's. A newspaper that's why oh that's clever. Least. I think it's a newspaper.

Kind. Of feels like it. Down. Here. Pencil. Case or makeup case whatever. You want to use it for and. Bay. Purple. And black. Nice. Open. It up any thoughts is the, newspaper patterns. Like. That little, charm. Asshole. Their case, welcome. To the villains world. Put. Your cards in here fast classes there I see Carly for sweet. Feelings. Rise again I like. Smartphone. Case. I, love. That, if, you see the icons are the different rail lines on it and, say Universal case, I think it'll make me on the bottom. It. Says iPhone, Vic's use it for the iPhone X. This. Does not belong. Hi. Boo. Muggins, tag. Villanies. World, face. Towel to, the long towel and, you see the design up here. Washed. And. Mickey dressed. As Captain Hook. And. Down here. It. All bath towel. Big. Ol back. Annabella. Wien without, some plush. Keychain, so we got goofy here. Donald. Dude. I. Mean. House. I'm. Like Disneyland these do not change. Mickey. Oh I, like it was a block I. Don't. Know if these were black last year chained, up here but usually silver Pam, got Daisy. For. Them fabulous. Mugs. Is. A ceramic mug looks like a poison apple, classic. Out, of a mug here. And. When you put hot liquid, in it it's gonna change color, you. Know it says over here. I've got a tummy car. Button. Japanese. They call us a can badge. Pin. For. You pin collectors. Here. Like. He's a super here's a small, light they, work. Postcard. Unlike. This man this is not. Holographic. Keep. Design in the back remember, you can send, this on the roads or and they'll get a special, stamp. On. It so make. You send something from the resort here and you can buy staff some. Pins. Everybody. Knows and. Clear, files. Love. That. Memos. I'm. Really loving this whole newspaper. Aesthetic. That they were going for this year clever. Also. At Disney see there is 17th, anniversary merchandise. That just came out. Oh this. Is awesome it's a t-shirt. This, is what the gondoliers, we're in the gondolas. I had, on the back that, is clever and there's a sticker on it for your nametag, you're. Right on that. Sizes. Range from kids to free. L, so. Triple XL. Tissue. Box cover that looks like a gondola. 17th. Anniversary. Oh, that's. Brilliant. And. We have, ceramic. Bowl, with a spoon. I guess, maybe for curry I'm. Not sure but, it's a gondola and you can kind of see Mickey Minnie there, 17th. Anniversary a. Glass. 17th, anniversary cup. Glass. Not. Plastic. Here. We. Have face. Towel, washcloth. 70th. Anniversary, I'm loving. The Mediterranean, are birth themed nation. Theme is clever. We have a handkerchief, down here take. Your trip hand down huh whatever. Full design down here. Love, it. File. Folder that looks like a piano. Why, not. I love. That logo incented anniversary. Here. We have the notebook, piano. Notebook. Hmm. Kind, of like that let me get those down. Here I love. And, we have a sticker here 10th, anniversary, sticker. More, postcards this is really nice. Let's. Make a fantastic souvenir. Really easy to I. Know. I say fantastic a lot. Some tape, who, doesn't he take. Everyone. Needs tape oh my, favorite. Drawstring. Bags. Love. That. Symptom. Anniversary, September 4th 2008, Tokyo, DisneySea. More. Plush keychains, 17th, anniversary, goofy. These. Outfits are adorable, loving. This. Daisy. What's up. Love, your outfit. Hey. Miki. 17th. Anniversary oh yeah as a bouquet. And. Mini. Yes. Royalty. And. Donald. That. Is that is too much bad just too much I love that. Keychains. That's. Really nice there's a music note there. Cute, if, you want to spend some money, you. Got this watch eighty, three hundred yen so, it's like send me some dollars. I'm. Not really a watch person but I can appreciate, people. Who are, sentient. Anniversary, you see Mickey on there. I. Think. It's a bell on that honey wasn't sure what this is. Somebody. Out there knows let me know I don't. Send. You the anniversary pin and it goes. Back and forth you. I might have to get this one like that. Magnet. Classic. Can, badge or a button. Got. Here. 70th, anniversary. Last. But not least smartphone. Case. Are you got making mini on their 10th, anniversary. This, whole line just screams DisneySea, I love, it. Hella, merchandise, is available, until, October, 31st, and the. Tokyo. DisneySea 70th, anniversary not. Too sure how long it'll be around but I'm sure it'll be around so at least the. End of Halloween. Alright, sparse thank you so much for joining me as I showed you the brand new merchandise here I Tokyo Disneyland and a Tokyo DisneySea, if, you're buying a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort make sure you check out our two hundred page ebook you.

Can Get yours at TDR explore calm / ebook, shows, you how to plan the perfect trip to Tokyo Disney, Resort all, right me. And Basel here are gonna go do some more shopping.

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