Tokyo Street Food Asakusa Top 10 Hidden Backstreet Tour | Fluffiest Japanese Pancakes Ever!

Tokyo Street Food Asakusa Top 10 Hidden Backstreet Tour | Fluffiest Japanese Pancakes Ever!

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In this video I'm going to show you guys my top 10 street food in asakusa. So. Right now we're in Essex and right behind me is coming a team on and beyond that is, not camisa which has lots, of street food thing is I've already done a video here of my top 10 things to do which, I'll leave a link in the description below so, we're not gonna cover anything, and nakamise it today but we're gonna go to the back streets and it's another hot, day in Tokyo we just had a typhoon, a few days ago and it's starting to get really really hot again I don't know what you guys are gonna do when you come here for the Olympics but everyone, stay, hydrated and bring, a towel like, me if, you guys like my sushi, girl shirts then definitely, I'll leave a link in description, below and check it out alright let's go do this and let me show you guys the back streets of a success oh and it's so nice because I came here so, early in the morning and there's, no one here, well there's not a lot of people here but, it's just so much better than when there's so many people here and, guess what guys Michael's, helping me out today. So. Nootka me say is as touristy as you can get a nostalgic. Street filled with lots of souvenirs, street, food and people. But, I wanted, to do something a little different, in this one and take, you to some less travelled but amazing, food shops which are hidden in the back streets of a Saxa. All, right let's, get our food on, number. Ten yakitori. From, yasubei, so. If you guys are looking for a little, yakitori spot, that's kind of out of the way then this is your place it's so out of the way there's not a lot of tourists here and all you'll find is locals, and the yakitori, is a pretty, inexpensive miss, taffy are super friendly and even though they might not speak in perfect, English you'll, get along just fine. I. Can. Smell this Jackie do you think I can actually smell the smoke coming, from the shop these are they give you an option of a salt or soy sauce but I got like a garlic, a soy sauce and it smells, so good think, you have some Cassetti, which is the neck meat I believe, this is bone, GD liver. Perhaps, he, maybe this justice energy mo I'm gonna try this SAT because that's my favorite, so I'm actually more of a fan of like putting this red, pepper on it, it's called shichimi have. A bite. Nothing. Pretty good Jackie Dodie I really, like the sauce you can taste the garlic bits, the bisetti in itself is that kind of like a fatty, piece of a chicken. And it's cuz it's like the neck part so a lot of the juices like kind of hold really well this. One is like a little like batter as you can see. Mm-hmm. Mommy. Is intense, in this arm so when you have a bite it's. Still like a little tender and then you get like a little chewy texture. Nice. Girl that gets milk. That. Is good it's nothing beauty, we don't really um taste, so much for the charcoal which is actually really good but a lot of x30 place has like a really strong charcoal, smell, since we're doing a street food today you're like standing up here and getting to show me a cookie, but, you, can actually go inside that, should have like a little plate like, Carnegie veggie. Dishes for like two three hundred which is really, really reasonable, thing. Look. How big this only Kitty is it's as big as my head. Number. Nine think, it's much a gelato from Suzuki in Suzuki. And is an old-school much a store and they've done a collaboration, with Nana Yao and they make the biggest green, tea gelato, in this world at least that's what they say but don't worry they also have level one which is actually one of my favorites let's, go inside and check it out a green, tea branch zucchini and has been in the game since 1848.

And Cola, partner, Nana is a matcha sweet factory in she's oka to create the thickest matcha gelato they, use a premium, green tea from North Shizuka, because using low-grade, green tea creates a taste too, bitter and strong. All right guys check it out we have two different flavors just so you have number, one which is like not wrong and this is supposed to be the strongest one which is like level seven, all right so we're gonna start with the lightest, version it looks so good. They can taste some matcha flavor. It's. Actually, not, as strong as just do regular matcha, it's not so strong it's really light and you know I don't really like strong matcha flavors, for me this is kind of like what I prefer as opposed to happening something really really strong and I can't be there much of but let's check, out the strong number, seven look, at the crazy texture, and then it's like they just pack as much. Much, and as they can't in this little gelato look, how, green. That is amazing. That. Is a much, a shot, super. Strong, and bitter. You know like the venue drink the 20, and it's, like the very last drip of tea the, big Peter Peter Peter trip, it's, like this, Oh God, premium. Version of that but. I would definitely just try this one, like when I order, the cup like, you or initially think that is this is like some sort of pottery but, it's actually plastic and, then look around at all of these shops they're all clothes and it's crazy because I didn't realize it's Tuesday, and on Tuesday, this, shoten guy is all closed, well like, not everything is closed but most, of the stores just like look look, at that it's all closed behind me I really, hope the place we're going through is open right now and it's. Open. Number. Eight fruit, parfait, from fruit parlor godo despite, the modern interior of the shop it's been in business since, 1946.

It Started, as a fruit store and the later became a fruit parlor in the 60s you can still purchase fruits here if you want but the main attraction is, a perfectly. Designed parfaits. That are more than instagram-worthy. Check. It out I got the strawberry, parfait, and it even comes with a raspberry on top you, can see the strawberries. Right, they're ice, cream and then it has a strawberry, ice cream and then you have whipped, cream on top with, fresh. Strawberries. Strawberries. Itself, they're from Yamagata brand, is called summer tiara. With. A little bit of whipped cream so. The. Strawberry, itself, is really nice because it's. Sweet, but it also has like this nice tardy appeal wakes up your mouth like right. Here it's really just like a sweet, like the other thing but there's like a hint, of tartness let's, dig into this. I. Just. Love how fresh the fruit is and it goes so, well with the strawberry, and vanilla ice, cream oh, there's. Like the strawberry. Sauce there's jelly on the bottom you see. It's. Not just reach like a perfect, sweetness it's like a sauce that, Massa, strawberry, and like the minuses meekness a little bit but only like has strawberries. Good, taste or, flavor inside. Oh. Yeah. What is that Michael looks, like a hotel. Number. Seven dango. From Momotaro, Momotaro is. An uncie mean dango shop that most hers pass by but, they're simple, but refine menu speaks for itself. I. Know. What. You want Superman. Sure. You ask are we, sending Santa yeah. Look. At that I got ya key down go this shop has actually, been around since. 1871. There's actually, a picture of the shop from 1871. Right, at the front display and you feel like you're having like a bite of history, right now what's really popular just keep it down go and you've probably seen it in my other socks a video but I wanted to show you guys something a little bit different something, savory instead, of sweet you can smell that it's, been grilled. You. Can definitely taste like the barbecue grilled flavor it's, actually, still really, really chewy but the texture itself is very much alike it's very like sticky. Like I feel like I'm just like it's all grabbing to, the inside, of my mouth so it's actually a lot more salty, than I was anticipating. I like a sweeter mochi that just like really really melts and they do have a lot of like sweeter stuff here so definitely worth trying that but if you want to try something different with then try, the Academical. Oh it, smells so good it's like if you guys know what meat that uh she done Lewis it's gonna like the similar smell but like it's like a little try your version right like, mass. Oh. Cool. Bocce oh hey yeah if you really like salty, Sango this is definitely, it's kind of like a chewer, version. Of like show you press, record. Number. Six cut, up from, you Cuddy oh yeah. You. Cuddy is my fried chicken spot, in the socks up it's juicy. It's savory, and you can't get it anywhere else well maybe it's somewhere else but it's just as so good and I wanted to share with you guys and they just introduced, a spicy. Karaage, and it's super. Spicy, and delicious look. I got some hide shake, it I just love fried chicken, sorry I know some of you guys are vegan or don't really like fried chicken but I have to share my top ten and I love fried chicken so this is the juicy, Momo, look, I can just like feel the crunch. I'm. So delicious, the meat juices right, in there look, at how good that looks pan is just so, buttery soft, but still the outer shell, is so super, crunchy, and then. Look. At that you can see like the red chili, bits in there a lot better than normal and you can see the salt crystals that are on it too ready for this.

It Has a nice kick to it I love it it's like someone just turned up the level like turn up the volume and, just Atlantis. Party, and Paulo has a mouth this has so much flavor the, chili pepper is just like kick in and look I'm sorry this wet maybe that's just because it's hot outside but definitely. If you're looking for some spicy, fried chicken this, is a spot, sorry. It's so good I'm just got a second, one. Number. Five onigiri. From yeah dodoka when you go inside it looks so old school and I just love it and the owner is super, friendly and helpful and what's nice about the shop is they actually have seating, inside let's, enjoy some funny kitty in the air-conditioning, did you know the oldest, onigiri shop in Tokyo was hidden just behind Sensoji their onigiri, are made with selected, rice from across Japan best suited for each season wrapped, with Edo my serie famous, for its rich flavor, Wow look. How fresh, that looks, he, could smell the naughty look, how nicely it's been presented, oh my god. Oh. And. The rice is still warm. You can like reveal it I'm like how like that when he get is it's like been naughty. Is still like stinging on just I could not wrap them fully and you could even see inside look, the. Salmon, roe. Hmm. Myself. Fluffy, it's like eating a heaven right now it's like one of the freshest, on you kiddies I've ever had, you can still see the juice is right, there the rice is good and I just love how it's been marinated. This so nicely, and Sun brings out all of the flavors it's, all good, oh and. My co got her shiso pickles damn I still can't get it right and just, around the corner from yo Roku you'll find this cute little pile shop number 410. Entire key from shut up dude. They. Got here before we did. Tenant. Needs natural, yeah, you might be thinking what the hell does that mean, actually, it's just the way Japanese, called this type of taiyaki, made with an individual, cast iron press learn most places these days use large iron griddles, it requires, a skilled, artisan, great tenant, ioki but the results, are a crispy, and addictive, Japanese knack. For. The, winner for, their own odor they, secrete Adame. Check. Out that taiyaki. There's so many different, tie a key places in a sixer but this place has a crispiest. Ones if you ever had a waffle, cone it smells like that. Look. Last, birth and, the outer shell is really. Crispy. The, beans are still like pretty whole which is nice actually prefer, this then like having it like really really mashed up and I enjoy that texture of having like the actual beam itself you know usually like I said you guys are know I'm not a what gushy person, but, this place has, a pretty good tire so, girls are supposed to eat from the down get, in this side. Just. Like super, crispy, on the side like can you see like a little bit burnt I don't, usually like that yeah it was a lot of em were like sloppy and like a bread right, but this is almost like credit they're like a faint crusted.

Waffle, It's so good. I'm. Still getting key. Number. Three menchi-katsu. From a sixer manche. Man, she cut. Fresh. Off, the, fryer no. Michael doesn't like us so much because you think it's too early but I just love coming to this place you, can see, the. Juices, and. Look. How juicy, that is and, it's still hot my hand is almost burning. Fried. To, perfection. It's just so flavorful it's actually, probably just a lot sweeter than you would expect from. A Mitchie katsu, I think the onions will really really bring out the sweetness but man. Look. At just how juicy. This meat is. Number. Two nikka. Money from second in, this. Shop behind me it has one of my favourite nikumans, in all of Tokyo the. Bread, is fantastic. But that meat is even. Juicier I just, love. Like. Coming, behind me. Look, at his knee come on it's so hot actually. Almost burnt my hand when she gave it to me she's like no no don't touch it at the bottom because it's so hot and it was she made me hold it like this because it was so. Hot to touch this finger it's, kind of hot but I'm, excited open anyway. Well. How you can just see, all the meat juices right, there it's so moist, it's just coated the, bread know how that looks so good that's your piece. Like. This has all the meat I gave her like that piece corn I'll. Share it I'll share it's still so hot that the law. Whoa. That's. A good knee c'mon the flavor it just, pops, it's, so juicy and tender the, meat is, just so delicious and moist like it's very savory, but you do get a little bit of sweetness, but. The meat itself, it's on point it's a good combination of savory, and sweet the bun itself it's not too heavy it's quite fluffy but also it's not like two areas so you do feel like you're getting a full meal I really, love this newcomer okay, so I actually have this before and it's really good I wouldn't, know that but. Right. After you take a bite it's already taste good the bread is so fake, you might think it's really heavy but it's actually pretty light it's like one. On one shape. And. Number. One, pancakes. From Bennett, City. So, I just, got our reservation. So this shot behind me makes homemade, pancakes and they're one of a kind of fluffy pancakes, are so, good. So if you want to eat at the spot you actually have to make a reservation they, only take same-day reservations. And the way to do it is you'll have to come here and they'll tell you which is the next available slot in order to make that reservation you're, gonna need to deposit two thousand yen so be prepared all right we'll come back in a few hours and have, some fluffy pancakes.

So Benny Sid who just opened last year but they've quickly made a name for themselves this, shop used to be called Flamingo but the former, owners children created, this new shop Benny, to do which means of red creme you see the connection, a lot, of the time seats are filled from the morning reservation, so. I order, the bacon and eggs pancake, look, how precisely, the chef's tax each feathery, pancake one by one like a true artist, and to, top it off with a creamy, homemade. Hollandaise, like sauce. Look. At this masterpiece. Look, at the egg on top the two pieces of bacon it's a sandwich, with all of this love and there's another egg inside. That's. Truly amazing the. Person you taste is the creamy hollandaise. Sauce you, can definitely taste it's homemade, and then you get like that crunch, of the bacon. Innocent. Just cook, perfectly. And. Then. You get to, the pancake, which is so, airy and fluffy it, just melts a psycho marshmallow. But, it's so much better, than that this is quite possibly the best pancakes I've ever had in my life I can take like the biggest bites but it's not heavy at all I. Don't. Care if, you happen to make a reservation this place definitely. Worth the way and, Michael. Order their most basic pancake. Unless. The saltiness, of the butter and, the honey it's, not too. Heavy just look at this a nice touch even after you pour a lot, it's. I. Wish. This, place will get so populous I didn't come back. Definitely. After eating here you'll understand, why they have a reservation, process because. Each pancake takes a finite amount of time to make and so you can't have too many customers, coming in you have to like make sure that you know you have you can make the pancakes and serve them properly on time and fresh to each customer definitely, worth the wait. Alright. So that concludes my, top ten street food at a sucks up if you guys found this video helpful, help me out and hit that like button also, tell me which area you guys want me to do my next street this video because I'm always looking for new places to go finally. If you want to see more of my adventures in Tokyo or in Japan hit, that subscribe button and also get that Bell button and I'll see you guys in the next one.

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I like this video because I feel like you didnt overhyped. So thank you for that.. cause it seems fake when you're just overreacting with everything

Can you do a comparison from the pancake shop you introduced in this video to gram cafe and pancake in harajuku?

HAY!, Can you Please Go to Some Bonsai Tree Nurseries! Please!!!!!...

Who on earth would dislike this video ?!

Thanks for the kind words Alpha 88!

Great Viedo! Do you or Meiko do private food tours? If so, I would love to sign up!!!

stop making me hungry

Though I love your smile Paolo & knowing this is your channel, I cannot stop but wondering Maiko is always having your leftovers? Especially when you passed her that tiny piece of nikuman withoight much meat in it

I love that you kept the interactions between you and the shopkeepers.

Great video once again Paolo! I think my favourite one is the super fresh onigiri. Will definitely hit it up when I'm in Asakusa. It'll be interesting to see how they compare to the good old konbini onigiris.

yeah, let me know.



Thanks for watching Mika A! I appreciate the suggestion.

Thanks Isadora Félix!

I have an Akihabara Top 10 things to do, just not a street food video...yet.

Thanks for watching Faiz M!

Thanks for watching †TKJDS †!

Thanks for watching vondora jordan!

OMG 99,500+.....ALMOST THERE!!!!!

Paolo fromTOKYO Thank you for your reply! I definitely will go eat! (*´ч`*) In the movie, it is interesting to introduce a lot of things that Japanese people do not even know!

Thanks なみちゃん! It was pretty good.

Thanks ツトム for all the kind words!


just come back from Japan and I am so thankful because of your informative videos I enjoy the trip so much. Then you post this video, make me want to go back to Japan really soon. Please make video during winter, we'll waiting.. :) oh ya, I love Maiko, she is so kawai especially when she talk in japanese. greeting from Indonesia...

Paolo you've done so well to get to nearly 100K subscribers! You definitely know your stuff. I might bump into you around Tokyo at some point :-)

blackberry on top.

Maiko is so cutee I love her

Oh my God, I’m drooling

Thanks Lifes_ A_Game!

Hey Paulo! Loved the video Meiko is super cute! Are there good places to eat around Shimbashi station area?

Maiko screaming when the taiyaki guy kept putting the mould near his face was literally me too.

are you filipino or indonesian?

OK brother! make ur next videos with out beard...If possible.

how much was the ticket to tokyo? and hotels?

I show your videos at the boys and girls clubs and the kids LOVE you!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!

Fried chicken for the win!!

Hello from Sweden Paolo! I really like your channel firstly and i would appreciate if you want to show us what you can do with a hundred dollar there in Japan!

Hi, I do craft videos, have a look, you may find something of interest to you, and please subscribe

Too cool! We wonder those same streets but sadly didn’t try any of the places you mentioned in this video. There were SO many options we didn’t know how to choose. Next time Ill have to definitely visit that parfait shop! And many Thanks to your other videos we were able to munch on delicious food for 3 weeks!

Wowieee congrats on the 100k! Lovin the guide as always and omg nice hair maiko blonde suits you well

I love Japan

I think you should both say "Mmmm" at the same time and let's hear how it sounds. Thanks for the video!

Watching this in the middle of night, and i couldn't stop it while hating that I can't have any of these food, SADDDDDD

I'm traveling to Japan in 2 months, and your videos have me so excited to eat there! So informative!

how can one eat so many non organic meats in one day lol

Omg that food. I'm dead. I want it all

Are you filipino?

Hey guys! I love your channel, and I love Maiko (sorry if I spell your name wrong) i'm coming to Tokyo in a few weeks and I want to say what Maiko says before she eats something! it sounds like she is saying cheers to the food, do you know what I mean? Can you write the words for me?

great video friend!!!

Pablo..great vid bro

Visiting tokyo on december 14-20!! I’m using all your vlogs as guide!!! Thank youuu!!

I really want to taste those pancakes!! And congratulations for 100k+ subscriber, paolo!

I watch videos everyday while getting ready - so that's a lot. Your videos are the best. Very upbeat and a lot of shots of your surroundings. Thank you.

Benitsuru.....Homemade Pancakes is one of the most memorable meals ever. Basic rules. 1. Get there around 8.30am to 9.00am. Line up for reservations. The earlier you get there the more chances you will get in for a booking. 2. Reservations are taken at 10.00am. They will give you a time and ask you for the number of pancakes you will order. They will book out within 30 minutes 3. There are 4 menu items. Honey butter, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana and Eggs Benedict. Plus 2 specials. 4. He only serves 6-8 people at a sitting. If you want the best possible pancakes you have ever had.... this is the place. Easily!!! This is on another level to the other pancake places in Tokyo like Gram.

Can youtransfertransplantyourgoateeelsewhere

Cool! Thanks for the suggestion Karthik!

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Gabrielle Francisco!

Paolo fromTOKYO no problem!

Thanks hey it's me! I appreciate all your support.

Love Japan

Get urself high cholesterol, raised uric acid & upscale sugar levels jus from 10 of my best

thank you so much for showing the shop location in Google Maps. That's very helpful and convenient for non-Japanese first-time traveler like me!!!

I love the way maiko expression after tasted the food, so natural and cuttiee

She is so cute ..yall make an awesome couple....i still wanna know what she says before she eats

Omg paolo i love when you say ummmm after each bite...

Maiko is so cute when she speaks Japanese and English together lol

Yummy yummy yummy lol. I always get hungry so very much.

I have been watching your videos to prep for our trip in November, but I am REALLY confused about something. HOW ARE YOU NOT FAT!??!?!

Wonderful! Thanks for the insight!

Man I just visited Asasuka for a WHOLE day and i didnt know about ANY of these places. I'm really upset I didn't go to any of these places listed, its probably because you uploaded this too late! All good, will keep note of it for next time.

Maiko looks like a doll with blonde hair

I just love your videos and your winning personality. I'm sure you get asked this question a lot but, how are you not 600 pounds and, how do you put that amount of food in your stomach without feeling like you want to explode??? Those pancakes would have been enough to do me in for the day yet, they were at the end of your Food Tour. Wow! I have to say, those pancakes were definitely a work of art and delicious looking. Keep up the great work.

Oh my god i love it when you bite into the crunchy fried chicken like "NOOOM NOM NOM OMFG i ruv chickeeeen" hahaha

shortyjdm ... Thank you!

She says Itadakimasu, which means (roughly) "thank you for the food". You're supposed to say this before you eat.

She says Itadakimasu. E-tah-da-ki-mahs. Thank you for the food, like blessing your food kind of...

I didn't see it, but the Nazi's actually took the symbol and put it on an angle. The manji (not on an angle) is a Buddhist symbol for peace. The Nazi's took it and turned it on an angle.

Hey Paolo! Love your videos! Is the 2000¥ deposit at the pancake place deducted from your bill at the end of the meal?

Going for my second trip to Japan in October and this is helping me to go to all the spots I missed out the first time round. I love this street food series and I get so hungry after watching every time, even if I have a full stomach!! :< Btw, are you considering doing the same for Kyoto by any chance? ^^;

Hello maiko

93 is not hot lol i live in arizona and it gets 113 or more here



Thank you Paolo!

This is such a wonderful video. Thank you so much for taking us on a tour of the back streets of Asakusa. The food looks divine and it makes me long to come to Japan. I want to come to Japan anyway but the food is an added bonus.

Thank you for this mouthwatering video. Your face said it all when you ate those fluffy pancakes.

Hey, I watched a few of your videos and just wanted to say... Thank you for providing some valuable information, especially to those who want or will be travelling to Japan. I'm heading there at the end of the month and I think these sorts of videos are really helpful. Keep up the great work!

Okay I'm subscribing you did a great job going to make some cold udon noodles tomorrow I already have everything I need I haven't gotten around to it but you're definitely going to make me do it you make it look so good thanks

Those pancakes gave me goosebumps. Definitely stopping there when I visit Tokyo.

I will run out of money eating those pancakes day by day hahahaha! You're one amazing YouTuber! :)

You are making me imagine the taste and texture

why don't they use gloves when handling food? that pancake joint would be in violation of health and safety codes in my country.

I wish i could visit japan and see all of these food spot with you guys ! Omg it looks all so yummyyyy

m e a t j u i c e s

Hi Paolo. Could you make a video introducing a 'local day' on how a foreign student from a Japanese university, transition to 'remain to stay' to work in Japan ? It'll be interesting and helpful. #haha.

Oooo a nice tarty appeal you say?

Men nice videos i like all your videos. I will be in tokyo in Oct hope to bump with you

I am SO GODDAM HUNGRY Right now!!!

Im going to Japan for the first time next month. I'm binge watching your amazing videos. I will visit the shops you've recommended. Thanks!

Your expression when you eat that onigiri so cute .. maiko also cute when she get full

I love fried chicken...yummmm!!!

i love fried chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am staying in Asakusa this Wednesday and Thursday ! So thanks for this video ! Super helpful.

Have you already go to hakone?

that pancake restaurant looks amazing.that,s going on my list

Fried chicken

You have brilliant food reactions and such positive charisma. Consider me a subscriber!

you are truly an asian guy ... you sweat while eating

I felt i am watching a food review by Mark Wiens.

Wow - thanks for this wonderful list. Love the variety. I can't wait to try out some of these foods when I'm in Tokyo next. I was curious about the Benitsuru booking system and checked their facebook. It looks like the deposit is actually 1000 yen per person, and you can book for up to 4 people per person.

You’re Filipino right?

hello paolo have you try Micasadeco&Cafe pancake? which one is fluffier compare to benitsuru?


I love how the screen became green after you tasted the level 7 matcha ice cream!

The lady in charge speaks English. The menu is simple and you wont have any problems. I hunted food for my entire holiday in Japan, watched all of Paolo's videos and found my own favourites. This place is on my number 1 favourites. Im a chef at trade and this place blew me away

I cannot speak japanese, would it be hard for me to go there and make a reservation?

着眼点が面白いね! ガンバレ \(^o^)/

I wanna get high with him and eat all this food

Can't wait to see Tokyo, Love your vlogs, after watching your vlogs, now I'm very excited, 10 more days! Hope I can bump on you when I'll be there❤

Is there any filipino food shops in japan? :D

Robert Crawford i guess becoz ppl in japan walk a lot

Paolo, hope you can see my msg! Is meal sharing allowed in Benitsuru? The portion is HUGE!

Man you are great..we are coming back to Tokyo...need to try all your recommendations...we love your videos

I loooooove karage! There’s a Japanese restaurant I go to every time in the northside of Chicago and order it!

We just had the most amazing pancake at Benitsuru, thank you for the tip. But I guess they saw your video as well, they have already raised the prices

I had the pancake. It was meh...

10:32 That one are very very juicy

浅草で産まれて30年住んでたけど、知らない店がたくさん紹介されていたので、とても楽しい動画でした。ありがとう! 今は、別の場所に住んでいるけど、また浅草に行ってみようと思いました。

Paolo were going to Tokyo tomorrow!

Have an awesome trip oliver Bellen!

​+Jel Gaerlan The line starts at 8.30am and that is just to wait for a reservation. We got there at 9.00am and we were 20th in line already! (This was in mid April) They open at 10.00am but basically someone comes out at about this time and starts booking everyone in for the day's reservations. By the time this happened, there were about 30 people behind us. Once we secured our booking (11.30am for 4 of us) we walked around and explored Asakusa! It was definitely worth the wait.

Will they only start taking orders when they open at 10 or can you get there around 8:30 to secure a booking before they open and walk around asukusa whilst you wait for your time?

+Paolo fromTOKYO we missed the pancake place because they were closed.

Wats ur background

Thanks for watching my videos Thorriddh Loeung! Here's a link to more information about me

Not sure how you are able to eat all of that food in what appeared to be one day of filming - amazing video though! Thank you!!

Hehe green teeth lmao

I feel like i need a three trips to japan so i can say im satisfied with my experience of my visit there The first would be to exprience the culture The next would be for the food And the last one would just be for good measure XD

Hey Paolo I tried to do this top 10 and only manage to do the pancake and matcha ice cream! Both really good! Only wish I know the walking distance in ur map between the two



shops are majority closed during tuesday?

I just went to benitsuru 2 weeks ago. The pancake is crazy oishiiii!!! Thanks, Paolo for making this video!!!

+gaspode7 Actually, the required deposit is a thousand yen per person and it will be credited to your bill. If you don't appear at the reserved time, the thousand yen will be forfeited. I was lucky I saw this video while I was in Tokyo. Out of the 10, I hit 3. I ordered the bacon and egg and was it ever delicious. I would order extra bacon as it was so good. Don't know if they will do it with extra money. Would have loved to go back for another 3 tier but I was short of time.

Hi Paolo, just returned from Japan 2 days ago. I really wanted to try out the onigiri place but unlucky for me, he was close on my last 2 days in Tokyo. So will have to make another trip to Japan next year. I hope you'd mark off a map where each of these places is located so we won't waste time looking around for them. Yes, please shoot a video on the street foods of Kyoto too. Thanks Paolo.

Yes, I had the same problem. I went all over the place, starting behind the Sensoji Temple, walking how many blocks then entered a store to get the info. It looks like Benitsura is only well known to tourists and not locally. He apologized at first cause he hasn't heard of it so I begged him to google it on his cell phone and pointed out which direction I should go but that was also very vague except for the main street. Later on still not seeing the place, I went inside a hotel and asked info from them. They had to google the name Benitsura before finding the place and gave me a map and indicated where the restaurant is. I found the place, made my reservation and I got one at 3:25 quite a late lunch. But didn't have any choice so I went to the arcade to kill time and bought the steamed bun with ground pork. However, I wasn't as impressed as Paolo. Then went back to the restaurant at the designated time. Before I left the Asakusa area, I managed to find the Yukari place which was close by to the steamed bun shop. I just found it by accident. I was too full so I did a take out on the deep fried chicken after tasting one piece.

When did you take the video? I was in Asakusa at the end of July.

That's not a raspberry. Might be a boysenberry or blackberry. Or tapioca balls. Not sure.

I'm with your girl, though. Butter and honey for the pancakes. Simple and delicious. :D No maple syrup thank god!

Definitely got to make a reservation for those lovely pancakes when I get there. Awesome video, as always.

Meat juiciness all around town

Paolo fromTOKYO If I take your advice for every single food hints you throw at me I’m gonna come back from Japan looking like a sumo fighter hahahha. I’m from Brazil and taking a vacation trip there next May2109. I can hardly wait for it.

If I take your advice for every single food hints you throw at me I’m gonna come back from Japan looking like a sumo fighter hahahha. I’m from Brazil and taking a vacation trip there next May2109. I can hardly wait for it.

実家、台東区だけど1位知らなかった (๑´ω`ノノ゙✧今度行ってみる♡ ありがとう(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ

Helloo! Would like to ask for the pancake shop, the 2000 YEN deposit is it refundable after the meal? Because I saw a review saying it’s non refundable :)) cheers! Merry Christmas in advance!! :)

The way your eyes open when engaging with the food makes me want to visit Japan more than ever!!! Arigatou

May this be a happy and fruitful year

Love your maps/drawings! They really help me out, since I'm directionally challenged.

Asakusa menchi is overrated, its greasy and rather small. That pancake shop is legit though

I was in Japan in May and Asakusa was by far my least favorite place of the whole month long trip. but you and Maiko make it seem like i missed some of the good stuff

14:29 girls in japan must sucks the fish and shutup?

None can withstand the cronch of the karaage


+sunshine and rain I actually didnt put a deposit. My guess would be at the reservation time. Then it would be taken off on what you order. The average spend there would be 1500 yen and a drink at 500 yen. So it makes sense. Im sure a lot of people line up in the morning, then don't turn up to the reservation in 3 hours time.

Do you apply the deposit towards the meal, or is that in addition to the meal

Those pancakes look amazing! Is it rude if two people go and only share one order of pancakes?

Making me hungry at 930pm for some fluffy pancakes!

This made me laugh so hard


All the food looks delicious. I had an amazing time in Tokyo December 20 to 23, 2018. My first time and it was awesome. ♡♡♡

Went to Benitzuru last month. Definitely a must visit if you’re in Tokyo. Best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. Get there early to get your time reserved though.


are many stores closed around asakusa on tuesdays? i'd like to know because we are in tokyo on a monday and tuesday, so if so, i'll go on monday to asakusa. Thanks for all the tips and useful videos. awesome to watch too as it's edited well and you are a great guide

Expensive tho... hahah I am on a budgetttttt lels

It s open 24/7???

Greetings from New York!!! It's late Sunday afternoon just relaxing watching some YouTube channels!(^^) I think you & Maiko did an excellent job of "SHOKU REPO"! (^^)(^^) Everything looked delicious but that Pancake place was so unique! No wonder the reservation is required! They're smart by asking for the deposit, so that would prevent from dealing with "NO SHOW" customers! I also love to try the "MENCHI KATSU" "MATCHA ice cream" "ONIGIRI" !! Your video really made me wish I lived in Japan!(^^) Hopefully, I can visit those places on my next trip to Japan! Oh, it would be nice if you could list up the name of the places, so I don't have to remind the video...

fyi, bonjiri is a butt of a chicken

Just discovered your channel and I love it! Everything looked so good, I'm going to hit up every single spot

Please make a video for simple foods for kids, just chicken, fish, beef fried or grilled please please, pleaseeeee!

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