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TOKYO Travel Guide: Harajuku, Tsukiji & Shibuya | Little Grey Box

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Hey, you guys Phoebe, here from little gray box now Matt and I are so, it's so excited and so happy because, we are in our favorite, country of all time, Japan, and today is our first full day right. Here in Tokyo and we thought we would start things up in Harajuku. The. Harajuku, is world-famous, it, is the heart of Japan's awesome, teen culture, where fashion trends, are set, there, are all things bright colorful. Hello Kitty, vibrant. It is just an incredible, place and I am so excited to get in there and check it out starting, with Takeshita, Dori now this is the famous walking, street and a really good place to start your adventure in Harajuku, let's. Go check it out. Saizo. Is a great, place, to start we take a sheet a Dory is a really cheap shop little the stuff you didn't, are you desperately needed they have everything and anything in here and it's really only a couple hundred again. I love, this place my sister buys all of her eyelashes, from here the false ones on areolas. Now. If you're so inclined, you might want to check out one of the precursors. Behind me I'm definitely saying that wrong and, what that is is those photo booths that you see where the girls go in and then you take photos and then you can do things like change the shape of your eyes or, you know make your skin really glowy I think, it's like the sticker, kind, of real life for most versions and facetune, pretty. Interesting, when, I'm gonna do it but you might want to. And. Of course you cannot, come to Japan without eating. Ramen they're, finding vegetarian. Friendly or vegan friendly or any kind of ramen that doesn't contain pork can, be a little bit tricky but lucky, the guys at a furry ramen, have you covered so, I know for, a fact they do an amazing vegan, seasonal. Ramen in there and it, is going to be delicious laughs over here didn't, get to try it this time I'm, all-in. Ordering in Tokyo is a, a bit different so here were the furry for example you have a vending, machine so, you guys sit down and be presented with a menu and have it you know a server come over and take your order, you get to decide what you want please come over here and you are going to need cash your. Cash into the machine and then, you make your selection, you and your ticket to the server and they might ask you a question about what, kind of broth you want for example or what kind of noodles you want and, then they will get your order over to you and don't worry I order um all the times you have anybody to stop it usually able to help this, full, of being in ramen, looks sorry beautiful it is famous we're looking for the ramen, I even had you man not, only that it smells, incredible. They roasted. These little cauliflower florets, the. Noodles, look absolutely amazing look, at all these fresh, greens, it looks insane, I am so excited let's dig in and try this I. Would. Say this wasn't exactly the, cheapest, bowl of ramen it was about fourteen, hundred and eighty yen but I have a feeling it's gonna be worth it. Is incredible. This. Is, cat Street and no not, the kind of cat meow meow it's. Just : chemistry so don't come here this week to see a whole of cats do you be disappointed, that, guy was maybe, so. CAD Street is all about drew takes a really cool trendy, shopping, areas, now trendy. Is the word here, this is what you're gonna find some really cute boutiques, lots, of stores to pick up stuff you just can't find anywhere else but, I have to say I don't think you're gonna find anything too budget-friendly, this, is more your high-end experience there are also some really good, eateries, around here too but it's well worth coming down a cart Street having, a stroll because the streets here are just beautiful. I like it a lot more than takeshiba Dori so I see the Dori is very touristy and in my opinion it's, a little overdone, but cat Street and all the alleyways around here they're so peaceful and beautiful the. Boutiques are so interesting, there's just so much to see and do you know there are plenty of great places to eat around Turkey and some. Of them are bakeries. There's just so much good, pastry. Around, Tokyo, right now, in harajuku, hypervisor. Going places that maybe are a little away from the major touristy, spots with, the Dominique and sell bakery, behind, me the cakes are really really beautiful and I think they're really well priced for what they are and how much work it goes into it Matt and I are basic, so we've gone with. A pen through chocolate, so a chocolate, croissant, I just.

Live For a good. Croissant, filled with chocolate they warmed this up it was 380. M2. Mouth ordering and how to eat this now. I. Checked. Out this place online and really want to come and check it out it's I'm gonna send it's like a. Máquina. I think, that's how they say it. And just the coffee was really nice it was like a really cool place it's away from the main road and they do soy milk so I thought it would be a really good option the, coffee isn't exactly cheap this soy latte was around five hundred yen. Which is pretty steep but, treat, yourself. So. We are at the meiji jingu shrine. Here. In harajuku, and it is absolutely. Beautiful it, is of course a tribute, to the emperor meiji and the Empress and it's just a really beautiful place to come to escape the madness of the harajuku, streets, one, thing you can't really sit around in here so it's more of a walk around kind, of experience, I would recommend coming in the afternoon when the light is all beautiful, like it is now it's, a totally, free thing, to do and you. Just have to be prepared to walk in a little bit and walk out a little bit because it's not just like a dip into that kind of situation it, will take you a minute to get in here but once you're in it's, incredible. We. Are in your yoga, park now I have, to be honest and say today. Is Monday and it is not as good on a Monday the day you really want to come here is on the Sunday, that's, a we visited, last time we were here that was incredible. The park fills up with people and they're all doing whatever the heck they want you've got breezes, out front dancing, you've, got groups of wrens practicing, their monologue, people rehearsing dances, if I were here I would be getting myself a picnic, and I would be coming here to enjoy the sunshine and, just soak it all in it was one of my favorite, Tokyo experiences, last time we visited like, I said today's Monday so. It's just us and personally, five million, crows. But. We are gonna go and do something that I really love which is to check out the dog paw cuz dogs in Japan a searcher. Now, you guys, know by now pretty much the only reason I travel is to make cute dogs I'm, seriously, reconsidering, my job title to, name. It travel dog. There, is one thing I love it is gyoza, I live the dumplings, and, one of the best places get them in her sugar is here, at her as you're good go salud so we're gonna go inside now and get some tea cuz I am starving. Okay that. Was a massive fail we. Went in there the food all looked like it was going to be great but everything, was pork which is fine I know, cherries are traditionally, pork so that's my. Era I should have researched that better instead. Now we're going for veggie burgers, and fries, so, we are at the great oh. My. Gosh you guys have no idea, how much I want this burger so. We just found this place we're walking along and. Stumping a nibble to go. This. Is going to go everywhere.

If. You had never the innocent Harajuku, is pretty, much a destination. For food we have just been eating all, day, and. What better way to finish things off that without credit, now, there are lots of crap places along, the streets yeah yes I'm saying CREP no crepe you. Know the people in London say crap but I just think it's encircled to it so I'm saying it plenty of places to choose from if, Marian, crepes is like the number one that's the famous one right, in the middle of Turkey sheet of Dori but there is always a bit of a lineup which kind of puts me up and I like to try something different now. I, cannot. Eat what matters or did there is a piece of cake in there that you cannot see he's, going charlet cake with chocolate ice cream chocolate sauce and cream I'm. Just gonna move another inch my quick, so. Let's give it a go. That's. Really good not too intense. Really. In Japan if you've been before you'll know that the rooms here are typically pretty small, and a lot of the places we looked at were too, expensive for us too. Small for us and they, just looked a bit rundown and, then we found this place which is called the Domo, hotel, and it is in Shinjuku, it's, right next to a train station so it's really really convenient there's lots of food nearby I'm gonna show you around quickly, because we really love this place and. I say me to show you around quickly because, this is gonna take two seconds it's tiny it's like 16, meters squared so, let's stop behind, you here we've got a nice, clothes, hanging space that's really good because you can get your clothes up and hung we've, got a little fridge down here we've got two places to put our luggage over, here. We've. Got this little hidey-hole here. We've. Got a big mirror which is a really nice addition a lot of these small rooms don't have a mirror and we need to be able to make sure we look okay and also I need someone to sit and do my makeup now, through the whole way. We've. Got a window, and let me tell you don't take Windows for granted in these small hotel, hotel rooms because we know makes all the. Difference. Down. Here we've got our bathroom. Sorry this is a bit messy because we stayed in here one night so that is really tiny but this made really good use of the space and everything in there is modern, and works very very, well that's, all you need honestly, through, here is the bedroom and this is it this is the main space. Area, so as you can see is very small twin. Beds are just the thing in Japan so if you are travelling as a couple I would recommend. You go with twin beds we've had to stay in a room with a double bed before and it, was so small that, we had to take turns sleeping on our back like one was on the back one was on the side and then we have to rotate like that throughout the night it was hell, overall, I think Domo is really good for the price I think it's a decent size given. We're in Japan I think it's a great location and. It's really modern so if you are looking for somewhere budget-friendly. Ish, I think it's been about, 600. Australian, dollars, ish for five nights here can't. Complain. So. We are starting, up a second, day with a guy, the two of the Tsukiji and poyo soup fish markets with the guys at ninja, food, to us now what's really cool about this is that things have changed a lot you guys when, we were here last it was just this a good to eat fish market you could wander in you can do you stop now, it's a little more confusing so having the guys from ninja show us around it's just really, make it a world of difference we're getting a whole lot of context, and it's. More like we know risco and what to see so, the Tsukiji fish market, as we know it if you've ever been here before if you've seen photos of what it used to be is no, more, you're, gonna find all of those kind. Of fish dealers, who deal to restaurants. And places, like that over to your suit here, we're at the Alta market, and this is where you know people like us can come and take more photos and have more of that interactive, experience, that you really want as a tourist, that is the biggest waster I have a machine in my life I don't, have dainty little hands either, if you've ever eaten wasabi did, you know where that looks like before, it becomes that ground-up green paste like. This, 300. Yen for one individually. Wrapped white. Strawberry. Dividers. They spend to be delicious. I'm. So nervous I mean a girl. Oh. It's. Almost not real it's our sweet. If, you ever eat something like takoyaki and, you see those two the octopus pose and you see like the flakes over your top those, actually, flakes from dried fish, we, actually get to touch the fish early. Up that, was dried and it was rock-hard. So. In order to get those flakes off they kind of shave it here. You can dry it. Very, very distinct machine.

And. Really nice this, is televi Aki, Japanese. Egg. Delicious. They recommend, eating a little busted, oh. My. God. Mustard. Was hot. That. Is good keeper. Those set. Me up Oh the, egg is good, it's lovely, and sweet. Really, really nice and it was a hundred yen. You. Cannot, come, to the fish market and not have a tuna rice ball if. You haven't guessed already I have anything strip vegetarian, quite some time now guys I'm back on the pescetarian, wagon this. Looks like heaven to me now I am gonna put a little bit of, the. Top I. Mean. This. Is my first time experiencing. Matches, subserve, I've never tried it I don't know why I. Mean, it looks amazing I love the color don't. We go well together. And. This is a japanesse. It's a combination of. Coffee. And matcha just two of the best things in the world. That's. Surprisingly. Good yeah, really. Good. That. Was fantastic. They. Took us to all the best food spots, we got to try amazing, food you know they do all the ordering for you so you don't mess it up and I mean most importantly, we got to try things we would never try otherwise, so really push this outside, our comfort zone and, we've done some new foods we absolutely love. Now. That we're done we're about to head over to Shibuya, and get out Shibuya aw yeah. We're. The ship crossing. The finish area scrambled. And it is the hot of the air you can see everybody, is where the ground behind me we're actually stopped at Angelo the road this, area is famous for shopping bird and all things, I. Don't. Know where both came for some fears and some karaoke, that's. Been dying to sing original, sinful, ways. Karaoke. In Japan is so much fun in a little room like this I'm an, hour with, 720. Yen per person oh you. Can drink that. Hot. Dog, you. Would be amazed how much you could drink in an hour and a half and all you can drink karaoke. Joint that. Was. Fantastic, oh my gosh, I don't. Care if you're an introvert if you're embarrassed to sing in front of people whatever that. Carrier of experience, is amazing, I, mean oh it's just you if you wanted to apply yourself we saw some people in this solar, friends. If you wanna do it for any friends either way it is so much, fun we, could have easily stayed in there all night you. Guys didn't know this value but I lose my voice really, really easily sir it is gonna be gone by the end of tonight. Time, to eat let's go eat. Looks great Bob okay sir we are going to one of my favorite sushi places you are they it's. Not my favorite because it's the best sushi because it's not the best sushi but it's like a hundred the end of plate it, shoots, sushi sushi just kind of comes, out in this cool convey about okay go do this it was amazing, oh, you. Guys something smells like garlic out here we're, gonna keep walking you i, bay is cheap, it's, fast, it's, delicious. Sorry, my voice it's. Just great stupid, time for everyone and best of all is the ultimate, introvert dining experience, so let's idiot here to use grandpa. All, right yes the way this works you come in you sit down you're facing this conveyor belt there, are three levels and here's. Where your food is going to come out it is incredible. And why are you better than sushi train because it just feels in, the futuristic, and fresh so I've added like you just use navigate, around, it's a journey of a price the prices seem to be up here it's about hundred, yen, yeah. Hundred yen something, like that I'm really really cheap all this latest dominance, you add stuff and then you just yeah. Boom, you're over and it just shows that. There, is so many things I love about Tokyo, just feels like it's okay, to be you and it's okay to express, yourself, whether, that's through the way you dress whether.

It's How, the way you act whether it's how, you, spend your evenings. It's, whatever. You wanted to whatever you want to be it, will just start seem too mundane I've seen people wearing all kinds, of weird. And, beautiful and bright and colorful, things and honestly that's the way it should be you know at first sometimes. I feel like there's a Murphy dress differently or you a little bits of bread you, were going to look at you sideways if, you like to funny by here that that's not a thing, people, barely look at you you know you can wear what you want you can be yourself and that's totally fine you know you, can go and eat by yourself you can go to karaoke by yourself, you can do whatever you, want you can just up is like a manga. Character you can be anything, anybody. Just, express. Yourself and that, is not only accepted, it's a welcomed, here in Tokyo and that's just one of the reasons I love this city so very, much now look if you'd aren't already. Be, sure to subscribe and, say, hello in the comments, below, have a great weekend and I will see you next. Week love, you.

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Thank you so much for watching, have a great day - Phoebe x

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この動画はこれから日本へ旅行に来る外国人にとっては凄く参考になるね。Very useful !! 東京には"穴場"がまだたくさんあるから、どんどん紹介してね。

Hello! Thanks so much for watching, we really appreciate it. Have a great day - Phoebe x

Love phoebe ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from Pakistan

Thank you! Hopefully we get to visit one day soon!

R u have any boyfriend Married or available"????????

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