Top 10 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent - Training Video 4 2019 Agents

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent - Training Video 4 2019 Agents

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Oh. About it. Larry. Porter here. Me. And you make a business here and tonight. If. You had a couple, of minutes to get on here everybody. Joined hope everybody. Can hear me loud and clear. So. Tonight we're gonna be going over top ten reasons to, become a travel agent, okay I'm not gonna be before you long be. Very very briefing, to the point so. Give. You a couple minutes to get on well we got on here. Who, oh do we get all, here first and foremost can everybody hear me loud and clear. Y'all. Got excuse me I'd be excited, so I'm get out coming miss get to get out, let. Me make sure my sentence. Fittings. Are right. Hey. Can. Y'all hear me and clear. That. These beats, headphones, on. Let's. See what we got in the comment. Hey. Okay. Cool cool cool. Give. It about a cup of Master Chorale. Hey. To Mary Ann, Bianca. Clark. Yes. Alicia Meyer says yes so I guess y'all can hear me loud and clear, oh. Cool. Cool. Lakeisha, said yes loud and clear. I'll. Do having fun y'all so. Cuckoo. Yeah. I am hilarious, I. Try. To be laughs okay, I'm, gonna go ahead into the presentation, why. Everybody gets on. We. Put this up. Had. This. Alright. Every. So. I'm. Larry Porter. And. I got you mica Evans with me. So. We. Just wanna share. Some insight tonight, for. Those in the prospecting. Group. For. Those who. Own, the fence or have some type of interests, of becoming. A travel agent so we want to put. Out some reasons. Why becoming. A travel agent so. You're. Out of treatment means to get out but before we go into the, value. Make. Sure you stay to the end for. Your chance to win okay. We're, giving away five, trips to Las Vegas so. To, qualify all you have to do is stay. To, the end and, your, name will be entered into a drawing, okay. So. Make. Sure I reiterate, stay to. The end, all. Right let's get into it once. Again watch. To the end and have. A chance to, win a trip, to, Las Vegas, okay, so, make sure you stay to the end all, right let's, get into it, so. Here. We go top ten reasons to become a, travel. Agent. Okay. You. Are your own boss, okay. You, have no quotas, you have nobody to answer answer, to you. Run your own schedule. Okay you have flexibility. Okay, you. Are your own boss. That's the top reason number one you are your own boss so you know time, freedom, if. That's something that you're looking to obtain. This. Is an opportunity, for you to obtain, it okay you. Can be your own boss and have that flexibility. Okay. Here's. My favorite you, can work from. Anywhere okay. You, can work from anywhere, so. If you got a Wi-Fi. You, can leave that Wi-Fi, life you can work on your laptop whether, you're on vacation, not on vacation wherever. You want to work you, can work from anywhere you. Our mobile, this is a global. And mobile. Business. Okay. You can work from anywhere. You. Have always wanted. To travel. You. Always wanted. To travel. So who. Don't, like to travel, okay, that's something that I. Want, to say about 99%. Of the population. Loves. To do and desire, to do okay, even, if you haven't went on a vacation in, a Wow. Guess. What you deserve it okay not, only do you deserve it but you deserve to go, on a vacation and. Benefit. From okay, so make. Sure hey. You, get you know get started, and see, the wonderful benefits, okay so. If. You travel the world as a, insider. Okay, there's. A lot of perks and benefits you. Can get inside, of rates. My. Favorite, is the fam trips, okay. Fam trips there, are called familiarization. Trips hope I pronounced, it right I, have. Trouble saying that word. Familiarization. Trips okay so, that's you, can pretty much, go. To certain. Places okay. Vendors were will. Give you huge discounts just to go check out places okay, for. You to go back and, show. Cash to your clients, okay you can have this, is a good opportunity for, you to become knowledgeable, about. Certain, destinations, for example, let's say you've never been to. Dubai. Okay. I. Need. To go I never been I want to go there right away let's say you decide to go to the buy and you decide, to go on a family okay. So. You go on a family. Vendors. Want you to go to that destination to, show what you share with your class okay. So. They will go to the extreme just to get you there so you can go and share it with back with your clients, okay so that's. A huge benefit, so you have insider, access, when. You become a tribe aid so that's a good reason to become one. Receive. Commissions. On your own, personal. Travel. So. You're. Anything like me I love to travel, okay. Not. Only are, you in this business to book. Travel for clients, but guess what make money off your own trapper you're doing it anyway now saying you booking the. Travel, anyway, you. Know you're doing the work anyway. So why not get get some money back okay, when.

You're Not a travel agent, guess what you don't get a commission okay and somebody. Is gonna get the commission most nine times out of ten who will be the company if you're not a travel agent so make sure you. Don't leave any money on the table make. Money while. You're vacay okay, you have that option you deserve it. Earn. What. You want. There. Is no cat. Earning. Potential guys you come in here you work the business the way you want it okay. You did you can. Determine your income okay. If you've got certain. Income goes this. Is the opportunity, to reach it okay so. Like I said there's no it's, not like corporate America where you have a cap you only get paid so much you only get a raise certain per year no, it doesn't work like that you like I said go, back to spoink number one you are your own boss so you, determine how much you get paid so. That's one of the huge, advantages, that. Most people love about it are what you want and there's, no cutting. Dog there's no limit okay. Your. Job is always. Interesting. Fine, and, ever. Change. Talk, about excitement, so. You know there's, tons of, excitement. Enjoyment. Fulfillment. Think. About it you're, doing something you love everybody. Loves to travel you're doing something love when you think, about the last time you travel how, you. Had no stress maybe you're. Free. You, know your, mind is clear think. About it if that was your job clear. Mind stress, and just. Doing what you want to do anyway doing what you love to do anyway, doing what you're passionate about. So that makes your drive way more fulfilling and light shack. There's. Tons and, I. Do mean tons of free training so. A lot of people ask about, what. Type of training do they have training training, guys, they're tons of trained ok, however. Don't. Get overwhelmed with, all the training, there's tons of training on different vendors, all. Type, of stuff but the. Thing about being a traveler you have the flexibility, to specialize. In a niche ok. You can specialize, in. Cruises, if you're passionate. About cruising, than you are vacation packages. Honey be, a cruise, agent, or a few, more passionate, about Disney. Then. You are cruising. Be a Disney agent, guys that's training on every niche within the travel niche that, you can familiarize, yourself. With or, you can do all be a jack-of-all-trades do, all of it guess. What you're your own boss you make that decision ok but, there's training on everything, that you can possibly learn far. As to get, certified and become, a travel agent and all. That good stuff so, training. Is here and support. Opportunity. To develop great relationship. This. Is a powerful opportunity for. You to develop good. Relationships with. Your clients ok. If you're a social. Person and you love to connect, with people this is a good opportunity to meet new people ok, clients. As well as. Vendor. Management, hotel, managers, so you have, a. Good. Opportunity to. Expand. Your network ok not only expand your network but develop. Good solid, relationships, and, guess what most people you would never meet but you have a strong relationship you. Know that's powerful, ok having a global. Network. And most, of whom you never met so. That's. A good option in there. And. Last. But not least. Everyone. Loves, to. Travel. So everyone, is a potential client okay. Think. About it a lot. Of people are doing this I know a lot of people who are already. Helping their. Friends, and family. Anyway so if you are the go-to person, in. Your family and you. Put in together trips. For. Your family, and you, and your friends. Why. Do I get paid. It. Makes sense you're. Doing the work anyway, okay. You. And your whole family are going. On the trip anyway let me tell you something, most. Of the money's in group cruises, route, cruises, let's say you put together a group cruise I don't know why all over whoever, did it for their family or friends put. Together a group cruise, and. Guess what all y'all, pay trial money but. Guess who's got paid. Carnival, got paid, and. They, kept the Commission, what.

If That was you what if you was a travel agent do, you know how much commission, you would give back our group, cruise and. I'm not gonna say that amount but, you, can make. Decent. These cents, commission. Off group cruise it's though become the go-to person in your family you're doing it anyway might. As well. Now. I know, what, you are thinking. Is. It worth it our. Travel, agent, still, relevant, I should. Think there's a while back you know it's, just even worth it you know there's. So many competition. Got online sites a travel, agent still necessary are they still worth it and I'm, gonna share with you why travel. Ages are still, relevant, and will always be relevant, today. So. Here, why travel, agents are still, needed. Travel. Agents have access, to sites and. Suppliers, that consumers. Don't, okay, if, you go through Priceline, Expedia TripAdvisor. Looking. Calm. With. A Priceline. What, else and this. Goes on and on so uh. Yes. You, you would have options. To book, vacation. But your, options are very limited okay. The. Only bills you will get other deals, that they provide, you okay. With. The travel agent a travel. Agent has the flexibility. To, find. The best deal okay. The. Best quality. Deal, okay. You. Might find a cheaper price on, one, of the online sites but. Guess. What you, with, a travel, agent you, have, better, quality, vacation. And guess. What travelers, also have the option to price. Match okay. So, quality. You. Have that asset so you, won't see that on a lot of our online. Sites and I'm gonna go more in depth on that later on okay. Travel. Agents can set up payment plans most. Online consumer. Sites can't do that okay. So. A, lot of them will require you to pay upfront for your. Vacation. So. Think. About it you know you you have a little bit more flick where I can see a little bit a lot more flexibility. With, a travel, agent so you can customize, and tailor your trip better with, a travel agent versus, going. Online because you go online you. Pretty much get what they give you they their control they give you what they want you to have okay, what benefits, them, the most however a travel, agent is concerned. About your. Needs what, benefits, you, the most okay, they're. Not all about making money it's about being a relationship with their clients, okay so, a travel, agent would be more passionate about making your vacation, the best that it can be for, you, and tailored, to your needs, okay online. It's. All about what they give just, being honest, all. Right, some. People don't like the hassle of research so. That's. A lot of people that don't want to look up there on vacation don't, want to do all the research and finding the best deal so yes travel agent or steer needed a lot of people like the outsource dead heavy you. Know outsource. Okay I don't want to look, up these this. Cruise or I may not have time to look, up certain deals okay, guess, what I'm sorted give it to a travel agent not only will you get a best deal but you get a better quality deal. You have a lot of incentives, and perks, attached to that with the agent, okay. But on last sight you don't and, I'm gonna break it down a little bit further okay. Making. That decision alone, and scary. It's. Scary to, put. All this together by yourself so a lot of people are fear. Of doing the work research okay, a lot, of people like you, know the heck with this I, really. Just hire someone to do all this for me and find me the best deal because guess what has it consuming, you are limited, okay.

You're, Only limited to those websites, that you've got you have online a lot. Of sites you won't have access to because you're not a registered agent you. Only have access to. A. Huge. Database, of suppliers, if you have access, to that you know by being a travel agent so guys you're. Very very limited just, by consuming. Online. Sites for your personal travel and, you plus you're not getting paid no way so, it, just makes sense. If. Something, goes wrong the. Agent, can be on call for your needs, not. With Expedia Priceline, long most of online sites if. Something go around the trip you. Can call your agent hey I need, this right quick or something, happen they'd, be right there to assist, you okay, that's what agents are for they, assist you with your needs, okay think, about it it's they concern, about what your. Trip is about concerned, about your needs, okay online. Sites all they want is your money, give, you a trip get, your money however. Travel. Agents are more passionate because not, only you are a client yeah I'm with a relationship. Okay, so their concern about your needs so if something goes wrong if, you have their support okay. For. The site you won't have that support okay. So. Here's, what you get with the travel agent so here's. A trip, I looked up today. Just, a little something to give, you a look the inside about so, here's. A trip coming, from. Atlanta. Going, to Las Vegas, okay. This is June 10th through the 14th. So. As. You're here you get a 4.5. Star hotel. Now. Here's some of the benefits, okay. You. Get quality, okay. Now. On you get a vacation, package. But. You get a quality. Vacation. Package, you. Get extra, incentives. And perks. Okay. Low. Deposit. Payment. Plan, options. My. Favorite, travel, protection so. Guys you. Really want to take your trip series. Okay. You want quality you. Won't extra perks and incentives, yeah. You want a low deposit, to, go ahead and get it and lock it in at that price you, want, to pay the plan you want to be able to pay on it and my. Favorite travel, protection so it's, very very important, to have travel, protection okay. If something goes happens, to you or. Something. Happens to where the destination gets, cancelled due to maybe hurricane, whatever the case may be you want to have child, protection where hey your money is ticked okay, get. Your money back okay you need to have child protection not. Only just for that for other colleges okay you want to be detected in all areas so what a travel agent you have all these extra. Benefits and, perks okay. So this is a flight, this. Is a nonstop flight going, to Las Vegas, coming from ATL. Okay. So. As you said you got all the the benefits, to get them soon if you get the perks you got the. Payment. Plan was gonna show you in the next slide this. Also includes, travel. Protection so. The price here is over eleven hundred dollars, forty. Eight eleven hundred and forty eight dollars and, ninety. Four cent per person you get a lot for that plus, it includes $50. Food and beverage credit. Yeah. That's that's a huge benefit, okay, you, get fifty dollars to eat with and beverage, you get a credit okay, as well. As your travel agent product surprise, you with a bottle of wine or whatever, laying. On your bed when you walk in so travel, easily they can do out is extra, extra stuff that online, site will. Not do for you because, there's, no relationship, it's, all about in, that money okay. So. As you see here this. The same trip, just. What you get with a travel agent okay, so. You got your, deposit. Let's. Say you were this was a day deposit. Do as of today two. Hundred and forty three dollars ninety. Eight cents this, is a nonstop, flight coming. From a chair to Las Vegas this this is an exist, an example, I did the research that I just want to show you guys the. Benefits, okay. And the quality. Versus. You, know just getting just somebody, shoving a trip down your throat like hey go buy this okay.

You. Get quality I want to show that so okay. So, so. You got a low deposit, and you, can pay on this fool, payment due by April 26, so you got a little time you can pay on it okay flexibility. Say. For two people y'all spit it up pay on it and you're, good to go okay. So. Here. Is what you get with Priceline. Same. Trip, fan. Research, same trip we. Staying at the MGM Grand, Hotel Casino, same. Trip okay. Got. You on the strip you going, to Atlanta, I'm. Sorry, coming. Back to 11. Okay. Non-stop, fly everything the same nothing, change now. Here's. Where most people, get. Get, bait it in there okay, just. Being real with you okay. Even. Though, this. Trip, is will buy what was that 15, about. 15 dollars cheaper. Look. Is here, this. Is what you gotta pay today. You. Ain't got to April I'm just being real. You. Have to pay this look, at this little pin green I did, this well not too long ago a little bit green do today. I'm. Fine I'm sorry. So. Let's. Let me show you what you don't get with. Price line. This. Price. No. Trial protection they don't even offer I try I didn't I couldn't find it I'm just being really sure I don't know if I did so wrong but I couldn't find no tribal protection, I couldn't. Include it in that, same trip okay, in that, same trip I couldn't find no trouble protection at all okay. No. Extra, sentence. There's. Not there's not gonna be anybody. Purchasing. A bottle of wine and leaving on your bedroom. When. You and your spouse volcano whatever the case may be travel. Agent can only do that okay there's no relationship, there's no rapport, that's not in there it's just you, booked the trip and, that's. It and they want your money that's it and, go have fun whatever, the case may be so. No. Little deposit, guys, you gotta take this upfront, there's. No time, you need to have the money today, if, you find that deal be. Ready to pay for it right then and there okay. Like. I said no payment plan okay, so look at this same trip. You. Got a total car, even. Though it looks like I'm saving, $15. Guess what she's not you know. Travel detection, no. Extra, incentives, there's no, $50. Food-and-beverage. Credit, none of that all. You, get is a trip. If. Something happens where, you can't make your trip or. The. Tribute counselor due to weather the, case maybe yes what you have no shopping protection, so.

I Don't, know Tay it's, being real and. No. Low deposit so you need to have everything lined. Up. So. Well. We got the comments, let me see. If we got the. Jumper. Is. Something, let. Me make so. Cool. Cool cool cool. The. Dominie, I signed up tonight know what I'm talking about, action. Taker, it. Just makes sense right so, are y'all guys, everybody. Receiving value everything, loud and clear everything crispy, I see been receiving, value. Let. Me know something to comment. Awesome. Cool, just. Want to make sure we're delivering you guys value, hope, we make enough give you guys some clarity. Awesome. Awesome yeah, I'll just give me a sec I'm just I'm just checking the comments on my phone. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. All. Right all. Right. Let's go let's go deeper. Alright. We're. Gonna talk about booking. Your own travel. Your. Travel agent versus non travel agent I'm. Gonna just go and look depth on there so look. Everybody. That in the comers I'm seeing it's a it's a it's make sense but I wanna, I want you to I wanted to go even more in deeper for those who may not still make sense to it may not register yet, it. Just makes sense so let's. Let's um, break. This down so, book. Of your own travel, travel, agent versus no travel agent the. Same amount of work goes into booking, a trip for yourself, whether you are a travel agent or not so. Wouldn't it make sense to reward, yourself financially. I earn. Commissions, on your own, trips. And, write them off okay, say this for example. Let's. Say that, you. Are you. Going. On a seven-day Caribbean, cruise okay. So here's the price of the trip right here. $2,900. $2,900. Okay almost. $3,000. Okay, so. Your. Non travel agent. Okay. You. Don't go your cruise you're gonna pay that go in trip on your cruise okay so let's. See total, the trip thirty six hundred fourteen. Dollars and sixty two cents now. Here's. Where it gets interesting. This. Is included in the price anyway. Okay. I'm. Just, being being honest this is included, in the price any way, whether your travel. Agent or a non travel agent it don't matter it's included in the price anyway, so if. You're a non travel agent. Look. How much money you earn from your own trip. Look. At it nothing I. Mean. True enough you're gonna go on a seven-day Carribean cruise you don't have a file you're not even gonna think about me, I just you, know I had a good time but guess what you. Know if, you were an agent. Look. At this. You'll. Get, four hundred and forty two dollars and, twenty cents back. Okay. You. Paying at 36, anyway, it. Wouldn't be nice, to. Get almost 500, of that back just because, hey, I'm a agent that's it I signed, up that's. It that's simple and the good thing about partnering. With a host agent agency, what. We are affiliated with guys you become certified. Immediately, you don't have to wait you, become you share that whole certification. Tonight, okay. So if you join tonight. You. Can book, travel in our commission tonight okay. True. Enough, we have training, I'm, going, to running you but you can earn while you learn so guys start, tonight book travel tonight okay. You certified, tonight so. I hope I make that clear okay. So. Guys do yourself a favor get started today so I, know some of y'all be thinking prodding or why don't I listen sooner, it. Just makes sense I just want to go in-depth and break, that down okay. Now. I know what, you are thinking how. Will, I get, leads and clients. Most. People ask that question well I don't know I'm kind. Of scared to get started because I don't know about who. I'm going to talk to I don't have a lot of family friends I'm a half a lot support I don't. Either but. Guess, what guys we live in an age now, where social, media is. Boom. It's ridiculous. You. Ain't got no nobody you can stay in the town by yourself, and be, booming, so. I'm just, wanting to put some on don't let fear of not have, enough people hold you back okay. Whether. You know. It's. You if, you have any constant doubt, about you, know, talking. To people or, don't have the people to talk to. Stay. Tuned let me show you something. So. Make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow's, life and. We're gonna show you how we do it so we have training, center where guys. We show you how to generate, leads. Online, okay. So even. If you don't have nobody to talk to make. Sure you stay tuned to tomorrow's. Life we'll. Be doing this again we'll, be showing you how to generate, leads a, little sneak peek inside, of our, community.

Here Show you what we're doing different. And. Show, you how you can generate leads even if you don't have a clue of how to do it that's what we, have training so that's tomorrow night at 7. P.m.. Central. Time okay so, for those that stay on done. On. This video till the end. Let's. See everybody, him--as good. All. Right let's. See what we got, I love. The engagement, y'all guys see a little engagement. She. Said cool air you better say that. Sign. Up for both side. Yeah. Sign up for both sighing give a yeah, yep. Yep. Yeah. Make sure y'all tune in tomorrow we're gonna be showing you how to generate. Leads, so. Don't be on the fence, scared. Like what I'm gonna talk to a lot, of people talk to forget, that you know you can do this and then we're gonna show you how the. Only the only thing is you have to apply. It what you learn here okay. Make, sure you apply what you learn will. Be here tomorrow same, time. Okay. So. Hello, for. Everybody who's still armed they're gonna be taking all y'all names. Everybody. Who's still on here, they've, got invited by. Someone for those who are interested. In signing up tonight make sure you get back with the person who. Invited. Shoot and, in. Row tonight, this, is life-changing life, will never be the same so make sure do that so all the names. We're. Beginning and, put, into a drawing, okay, so appreciate. Your patience, and appreciate. Y'all staying till the end. Alright and. I guess I'm signing out, gotta, read me to go oh. Yeah. Be coachable. You're. Welcome, yes. Say thank you for the information it's. So welcome make sure y'all beyond tomorrow tonight we're, gonna go deeper. Alright, we signing off once again thanks everybody to stay tuned in and for those who got, invited who stayed to the end your night will be answered to a drawing we're gonna be giving away out the trip those trips to Vegas, okay, so. If. There's nothing else. For. Me. I'm. Sanna go all right see y'all tomorrow night same. Time alright have. A blessed night and happy traveling.

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