Top 10 RV Destinations - Powell Point - Yamaha Wolverine X4 Review - Exploring Alaska

Top 10 RV Destinations - Powell Point - Yamaha Wolverine X4 Review - Exploring Alaska

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What are the top 10 RV destinations, in the state of Utah, that well we're finding out today as we ask families willing, to share their secrets join, me in Rio as we travel from one end of the state to the other showing, you not only the famous spots to park your motorhome but, some of the hidden gems as well from there Reece Stein takes us to Alaska, on the ultimate, family reunion. Finally, Zac spends his day moving, trees you'll, definitely want to find out why on ayl starting, now. You. Can't define it in just one thing when you're talking about the RV lifestyle, because in, all reality the, RV lifestyle, has in it convenience. Because all your stuffs with you so you can be well planned or you can be spontaneous your. Vacation, is the trip, and that's why I like motorhomes, personally, because the. Journey is the big part to me I love being, able to go off on a journey. But. First the most important, thing that you need to know about RV, travel is the, destination, and, that's, what we're looking at today the top 10 RV, camping, destinations. Here in this beautiful state of Utah so let's get going. One. Of the top 10 RV camping, spots is definitely, Zion, it's. Just such a beautiful place. Especially. If it rains and you start seeing waterfalls, coming everywhere they. Have full hookup so you can pull in and and, hook, up water and power, and, have. A nice little stay it's. Really cool you can actually volunteer. There and have. Your own RV, and stand. There and enjoy Zion I love. Camping, at miners. Bill reservoir, outside, of Fever everything. That has to do with the lake I'm right there lemon, I mean, I'd love to grill, out sit. By the campfire, just. Brings us close together and give this time to share and have. Bring. A lot of memories together. It's. Called Lily Lake it's a really beautiful lakes, just filled with lilies people, go canoeing on it all the time it's just super pretty so, when I go I go up to the UN ha's so I stay a little bit in the cooler areas, I like snow a lot more in Utah you, can get an RV up there you can get trailers up there it is dirt road Lily do you have yurts up there you're more than welcome transferred, we're going to gear and camp up there it's, really awesome, I do, a lot of Moab, two, times a year we get down into Moab and get down there on the trails and dry camp that's. One I probably my most, favorite place to go you've, got the rock climbing you've got all kinds of back trails going down into Hey Joe and, watching.

The River rafters, and have. The whole area just kind of to yourself it's, really a, kind. Of a serene feeling out there especially the, night sky is all the stars it's. It's. A nice feeling out there our. Favorite place is plain. Deal Stefan Andersson scope we, go up to, Anderson's Cove and go boudin and we just started doing it since we've moved back, to, Utah and we've. Lived in California, for the last. 15. Years we've. Been back in Utah for three, making. Memories with our family just, not. Being tied down d connecting, from the world and just. Get. Out we have four kids and so just make memories with our with, our kids. And appropriately. Enough we, are here, at Anderson's, flats and, this actually, really. Reasonably here is one of my favorite spots I just bring my kids up here we, come up we bring the RV we go over to Huntsville, and spend, the 4th of July at their 4th of July celebration, we would bring our boat because, this campground, has its own private launch ramp right in the campground, we're gonna continue with our top RV, camping, destinations. Later on in the show but right now we're gonna go to our travel adventure, hey. Guys zach seprieono here with your travel adventure, today we, are with the folks in rubies in we're gonna be 80 being up pals point we're, going to answer ourselves a question if. The tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it am, i strong enough to break in an afternoon. And travel, a little bit north from rubies and we hit a dirt, road that heads to Pine Lake which is a popular. Fishing hole for, the locals here and then. We head up the mountain which is can. Be a little treacherous, at, some points you got to be careful and it's. A pretty. Steep pretty. Pretty, high incline, where. We're standing is, ten. Thousand one hundred and fifteen feet, above sea level and. Then we had to go some through some pretty thick trees that's. A that's a pretty old old forest, I don't know if you notice there's some, Bristlecone. Pine up here which they say are over 2000 years old it's. Just a great place to go is very peaceful, and fun, to get here the trail up to pal point is just outside of bryce canyon city off of highway 12 which is known for its fascinating, landscapes, and towering, rock formations, i've probably bought a couple dozen people. Up here especially the, new employees, from other countries, and whatnot, i've, brought quite a few of them up, because. They've all asked, me Oh we'd love to go up there and I said, well pack. Your stuff we're going up there be ready for an adventure speaking. Of being ready for an adventure, let's talk preparation, no no I'm not gonna harp on Utah weather again middle, of summer snow, a little bit beautiful. Thing cuz I was ready for it this time but, here's, what I wasn't quite ready for it looks like somebody, decided, to take a little nap in the middle of the trail it's, a good thing we were on an ATV tour with rubies in because, they brought something along that I don't typically, pack for outing such as these. Pretty. Strong having moved a tree. Where. It was. I've. Always, wanted to Gail this. I'm, gonna make a wreath out of this. Just. Book pictures of chat in it it's gonna be nice. Seven. Did, you know that thousands, of trees fall down in forests every year and no one's around to hear them, call. The number at the bottom of your screen to donate now if, you try to come up here by yourself I definitely, recommend a chainsaw, definitely, brings food water, and wait. Till summer months, if you try to come up here too early the. Snow does not melt very fast up here you, can easily get. Stuck up here as Mike. Found out last year. About. To begin the hiking portion, our adventure. How's. My hair John Wesley Powell came up here in the late 1800s. To, adapt. To draw maps of most of southern Utah he was able to draw a pretty accurate maps you, know so pioneers, back in the late 18-hundreds, could find their way around here and as you can see he. You, can see everything about from, up here you, can actually, see. The Monte lacell mountains. Which. Are in Colorado, down. Behind me down here is Lake Powell. Navajo. Mountain over, here which, is in Arizona, and to, the west. Of us you're probably seeing some of the mountains over in Nevada, we're on the top of the world here you, know I'd have a house here if I could.

More. Night releaser, after, the break. Dominate. Every, trail, conquer. Any task, you, need a machine that does it all, introducing. Polaris, general the general is the most powerful req utility, side-by-side, ever made the, industry's, deepest, cargo box lets you haul and up up to 600, pounds and the revolutionary, cockpit, totally refines comfort, and protection, Polaris. General ultimate. Versatility, to admit every battle. Built. For sunsets, and, stargazing. Built, for little fish and big. Fish built, for families, built. For friends, built, for you as the. Number one brand on the water we, build boats that are Yamaha, from, stem, to stern. For every, kind of customer so however, you like to play on the water we're, built, for that Yamaha. 2000. Fenceposts. 900. Acres, 48. Bales, all before lunch which. We caught last Saturday we. Earn our scars, we. Wear our work ethic, we. Work until the works done. The. Km ready to ride sales event is on now visit, your local dealer for details. Welcome. Back everybody to at your leisure I'm Rick Peterson and, today I get to go for a ride in the brand-new Wolverine, x4, from Yamaha, love, this machine, it's a four-seater, in a footprint just barely bigger than a two-seater, that means it's super agile and, a lot of fun I'm gonna take it for a ride. We're. Really excited, about the new Wolverine. X4, because, it's a brand new engine it's a brand new model in, Utah, we like force eaters. The Wolverine is becoming, one of my favorite machines if I want to go out with my family or just with three of my buddies it's a great four seater with plenty, of power with the brand-new engine but the comfort on that thing and especially the. Noise level, almost no noise it is so quiet never, experienced, that before on, a UTV. Wow. This machine's a lot of fun to ride in it's also very, comfortable, and when it comes to keeping your family safe and secure, they've thought of everything the, high back bolstered, seats are, super, comfortable, secure, doors and side panels to hold you in you know and one of the coolest features in the back of this machine is the ability to fold up and move forward, the rear seats to create a tremendous, amount of cargo space one. Of the really unique features, of the Wolverine x4, is, this automated, load leveling, suspension. Which, means when somebody gets in the back of your machine and fills up those back two seats it's going to adjust for that extra weight and of course when they get out it goes right back to the Comfort ride for two one. Thing you're really going to notice on this machine is how quiet, it is it's, like one of those new electric, cars you can't hear it coming, part, of that is from this amazing muffler, system but, throughout the machine they've done things to reduce the noise this is so quiet and so comfortable.

And. When you get inside you, really notice the value of all the effort they put in to make this a quiet, machine you can actually have a conversation while. You're going down the road all your controls are within reach from the steering wheel you've, got your little bit of differential, four-wheel drive or your full locking, differential, your lights your tilt steering wheel. Multifunction. LED, display, and actually a hand parking, brake which as you need love, the interior of this machine and finally. There's a couple of other really great features, underneath, the hood easy, to get to, air. Cleaners, right on top easy accessibility. Heavy-duty. Battery toolkit. And this, might be my favorite accessory, of all the, speed management. System, turn, the key pull it out let, your kid Drive and he can't go over 25 miles an hour so. There you have it the brand-new, Wolverine. X4. So, get out and see the guys at Steadman's and let them help you and your family get into one of these Wolverine X fours for your next family ride I'm, Rick Peterson and, we'll be right back with more at your leisure. Meet. The new leader in, off-road utility. The completely. It's got the most power the, largest towing capacity, the highest, ground clearance and the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger. Ever built. It's. Called City of Rocks it's one of the premier rock climbing rappelling, and bouldering places in the entire world, and. The problem is when you get here the campgrounds, don't. Have a lot of amenities so when you are hot and when, you are dusty, and when, you are hungry you don't have a way to solve, that problem easily, race, city RV can solve that problem for you come back to a nice warm shower and, a home-cooked meal in a race City RV from race City ray, city RV serving. Utah since. 1946. The, Utah Farm Bureau began as a collection of farmer supporting, each other to raise the food we enjoy today, Farm, Bureau membership, encompasses, everyone, whether ranchers, growers, or just, everyday, folks like you and me members. Enjoy discounts, on items like vehicles, and ATVs, or, insurance, that's very affordable, you don't have to be a farmer, to join and dues are small but together we make a big difference in keeping our food supply local, and abundant. Join. Utah, Farm Bureau. Welcome. Back to at your leisure as, we are making our way down the canyon, road of, top, 10 RV, destination, we. Found some pretty interesting ones so far I hope you got your pencil, because the, next five are right up and around the next bend fact there's the first one right there. RV. Camping at Bear Lake is awesome, but this beautiful turquoise, lake I've. Spent so, many summers up, there with my family ever since I moved here to Utah we, usually stay at the KOA up there we have, gone horseback, riding or visit with the local caves there, it's, a great place to go okay. So without the RV I'm not much of a camper at. All, I'm not a sleeping. On the ground rolling, in the dirt kind of person I make. A lamb park I like, to go camping down to Fairview Canyon, just because it's open and we can take the razor and there's lots of trails down there to pick our razor down there so it's. Cooler it'll, be a little bit cooler when you're up in the mountains it's not bad and I mean there's a lot of people, that live around there that like to go camping there but they're all super friendly and I used, to go to school down there so I know them all and so it's it's fun I love. The big rock candy mountains, it's one wonderful, place to camp Mary, smells wonderful. Lots, of trails fun, things to do that, people, would at the restaurants. Are really nice to visit with and, they. Have a really neat, camp, spot if you don't have a trailer, just, the scenery is amazing. The people are friendly a lot of stuff to do down there mountain biking sightseeing. And a bunch of razor, riding up through the mountains a lot of trails to, connect, and. You go as far as you as you want to go. State. Park here and starvation, we've got two. Full campsites. With hookups we've, got one semi, primitive, site, a campground, and then also, three permit. If campgrounds just first camping, we, offer boating, activities, OHV activities, definitely. Make some reservations if you're planning on coming out on the weekend because we're real whole one. Of the funnest places for my family was a dinosaur national monument where. You get it go and you get to see all these dinosaur, bones and, when, your kids are young they just got this imagination. With Dinosaurs it really, makes things come alive simple.

Accommodations. Or you're pulling your trailers and hook them up and and a. Lot of the campgrounds, you know there are, four families, there's areas. With, play sets and playgrounds. And and all. Facilities for the bathroom and everything so yeah just really. Easy what, I enjoy, about taking, my family on an RV vacation. Is just, the great experiences, they have if. You have an RV you're gonna use it and you're gonna have a lot of fun, and. That's. Our top 10 RV, camping, destinations. And for all you folks at home that you know we didn't mention the ones that you like let, us know we'd love to hear about them on Facebook, or any of our social media that's true we don't claim to have all the secret answers to be the total experts you might have one that we've missed we've, got one that you've missed that we're going to tell you about a little bit later in the show right, but right now we're gonna go to our trailhead. Irie. Stein at your leisure in America's. Last frontier Alaska, a. Land, of infinite beauty, and contrast, a. Really. Big glacier, near the Alaska capital of Juneau is just, one of the spectacular, vistas on our cruise up the Inside, Passage the. Mendenhall Glacier spills. Off one of the largest, ice fields, in North America. Which. Is like 99. Mile Oh, my. Granddaughter, penny is just one of 23, family, members helping Mary Ann and me celebrate, our 50th, wedding anniversary this, year on this six-day cruise the. Inside Passage trip. Is popular, with Utah's and a great introduction, to Alaska's, varied, experiences. Our challenge, was keeping 23, family members ranging from age 4 to 74, happy, we had to find everything something, for everybody to do and, fortunately. On the boat it. Was easy to do that since there was activities, for the kids and then of course for the grown-ups there was all kinds of things to do all day we never had a boring time on the boat it was packed.

All The time and I wish I had done more our. Crews made three stops in Canada, including Juneau. And the Mendenhall Glacier. Of. Our bunch then boarded the 49, passenger, specially-designed both the Chilkat, for, a 2-hour whale watching adventure we. Got a rare treat a humpback, whale coming. Clear out of the water. The. Las Vegas grandsons, were even impressed it, was pretty fun. We. Saw more than a dozen surfaces, many too quick for me to get pictures at. Ketchikan. We hit the trail the, two-mile long Rainbird. Trail through towering Western, hemlock and ancient. Sitka, spruce reaching, to over 200, feet. At. 17, million acres the Tongass, is America's, largest National. Forest part of the coastal, temperate, rainforest, with a lush, thick undergrowth the brush and ferns. It's. Cool, the. Trees are amazing, they were huge, here. Greeted along the way by a pair of unique, to Alaska. Sitka, deer, a black tailed relative, of Utah's mule deer, and the. Grand finale a guided, tour of the gold rush city of Skagway, and on, up the Klondike, highway parallel. In the historic, right past railroad, past, plunging, waterfalls, into. The dramatic lake. Field country, of Canada's, Yukon Territory. In. The middle of all this green a geologic. Oddity. Well. Too wet to be a true desert this one square mile of sand dunes left over from ice age lakes make, a great, playground, for the younger kids to blow off steam build, up in the bus you're. In the end of our tour the icing, on the cake an Alaska. Brown bear grazing, on the lush vegetation right. Along the highway our, guide Dori Madsen is a former, salt lake fitness instructor, who has found new life in Alaska. And the. Vastness of this area are, just one. Of the best, things that I could do in my life is to share, that joy with people the, entire trip couldn't have gone any better and it gave our family, spread literally, from the four corners of the country a rare, chance to reunite and, bond. Everywhere. You look there's. There's a view that you believe. Can't be beat and and, to be here, with, 23. People who I know and love with a tour guide who knows what the heck she's telling, is, just. Reach, time at your leisure in Alaska. There's. A little place on, a. Utah, man. Where ours raised, where. My heart's, at, where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high. The, stars come out. Oh. I've been raised in the basement of the ute reservation, skin, starvation. That. Do same County line. It's. Time to experience the world from a new angle that's a Paiute ATV, Jamboree in mary zell utah August 8th through the 11th at over 2,000, miles long you can write the most extensive, off-road trail on earth with, some of the best guides anywhere register, now and join us for the rides a poker run our opening, ceremony the Butch Cassidy cabin, live entertainment and delicious, Western cuisine that will make your mouth water, August 8th through the 11th in Marysville Utah, join us for the Paiute ATV Jamboree register. Now at pie you Jam calm. In. A place that is beyond words there. Is nothing to be said. Except. Take. Your tongue in Bryce, Canyon country. Too. Often we find ourselves in shoes like these or. These, wouldn't. It be nice to change into something more like this or this, how. About these put. On whatever shoes you prefer, and come, to Beaver County we, have exactly the adventure you need to put under them so, the, next time you want to change out of these come. To Beaver County where you could jump into a pair of these. Beaver. County Utah lace-up, through it been sir. Welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, well, we've been talking today about our top 10 RV camping, destinations, here in Utah and, actually, we're, going to give you two extra ones today cuz Chad and I are gonna talk about the ones that we love so much yeah, we do have our personal, favorites as well so, what's your favorite, it's.

Kind Of sad weird I think I think I'm gonna pick man Oh white man. Always a place I went with the kids a lot they. Have an RV park there I don't know who owns it now but. It was kind of old it's it's, overgrown. And shady and, it's got really soft grass, full hookups, and, you walk out the back gate and across the dirt road and you can go fishing in, man away reservoir, Wow and there's a launch ramp if you're gonna take your boat out there too well you need to take me there cuz we haven't been there yet I haven't been there that's true that's true well, I'd like to say Kodachrome, because it's so absolutely. Gorgeous. And the. You know just being amongst the rocks and there's full hookups, the campground, is just beautiful, and so, mine is Kodachrome, it's lovely and Chad's is man away and if you have your own go to social media and tell, us what you think that's, true because, you know we're looking for a new place to explore too so it. May not be that much of a secret if you tell us but please do yeah, well, right now we've been keeping this a secret from you for this whole half-hour because we, know what's, gonna be on next week's naturally, there, what. Do monkeys, fish, and pioneers have in common no they're all getting highlighted, next week on a while join me Steven Heumann along with Corinne smart as we explore the surprises, outside beaver Utah stumble. On some interesting, spots then. We'll preview one two Willa event that will take you back in time last, but not least how has ax thrown become more than just a lumberjack, event. Super. Show next week, Super. Show room were in right now we, want to stop and thank race city RV for, actually letting us take something out of the showroom it was brand spankin, new to drive all over to show you all of its great RV destinations, this week it was a great rig but we're not quite done grab your RVs because you've got a whole bunch of fun events coming up that you're gonna want to go to I guess maybe we should say toy haulers Yeah right the ATVs, exactly, alright so coming up August 8th through the 11th is the paiute trail Jamboree, if you want to check out that wonderful.

Super-fun, Time we always go it's so fun go to Paiute, Jam com. Following. At Brice rally. Org, you, can find out about the Dreyse ATV. Jamboree, which, goes on the 21st, through the 25th so you may as well just take, your unit down there go, ride the Paiute, jam and then just drive another 20 miles down the road and go right all that beautiful Bryce Canyon, for reals it's just, endless beauty, and so much fun well we've run out of time but as we've, proven today there's adventure, around every bit just got to get out there and create your own adventure, that's, your leisure okay, honey Oh what can, we look at this I like that one okay maybe it's time for us to upgrade what do you think we're gonna continue with our kit gee, willikers, top ten RV, campground. We're. Gonna go to our Travel hair.

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