Top 10 Things to DO in ODAIBA Tokyo | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

Top 10 Things to DO in ODAIBA Tokyo | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

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In this video I'm gonna show you guys I'm by top 10 things to do in Odaiba. Old. Is such a big area and in each little area there's these big moles you can see behind me there's a one after, the others won't, be able to cover it all but I'm gonna show you my, personal favorites, oh and if you like this t-shirt get, my merch alright, let's, go do this cuz I'm super, excited let's. Go. Number. One, unicorn. Gundam, so. The first one was the first condom and it was a blue red, and they're super cool but they just recently changed, it and now it's a unicorn, Gundam. If you come here between eleven, one three and five it will actually. Transform. This, is definitely a photo shoots but if you love Gundam, it's freakin, awesome I can't wait til it comes alive. Look. At that I'm right next to his leg look how big, he is and, there's. A Gundam, trailer, shop you, can buy all sorts of Gundam products, in here it. Has me it has me, and for, those of you who are thirsty there's a gundam, cafe if. You're, into plastic model, kits you're, gonna need to check out the gundam base on the seventh floor of diversity, it's an enormous Gundam, Clamato facility, showcasing. More than two-thousand products and 1500. Fascinating, exhibits, it's a Gundam lovers wet dream. Look. I just got gundam pieces, if you want to go zaha, hadid on your models on the instant, then there's even room for it this is someone, who I feel like there's like every, Gundam, ever in, this room in this place I love, it now. Let's, jump on the monorail and hit up the next spot unique, anime it's like one of the nicer trains because you get to see all, of our diver. Number. Two, oh wait, Oh own sin, if. You come to our diver this is one of the hot spots, literally. Right now it's about 11 o'clock this, is probably one of the best times to come here cuz it's not so busy this place closes between 9:00 and 11:00 in, the morning so, right when it opens it's probably the best time in fact anytime after 3 o'clock is, when the tourist comes anyways, let's, get, our on, set on. My yukata. This. Place, is stunning, there's just so, much to do here, you can spend literally, all day relaxing. Here, right now I'm in a Shi Yu area which means two foot fat once you get out of the changing, area and you'll be in the festival, area and in this festival, area there's just so much to do there's a food court chilled cucumbers. Cotton, candy, old-school souvenirs, summer. Festival, games shaved, ice a small, video arcade, sushi. Shops massage. And, my, favorite, of all beer, can, this place get any better, and there's even a family, room where you can just sit and chill, fact. That this is probably one of the best places to bring your family because, everyone, has something, to do one thing to note though is that they, prohibit, people with tattoos from coming in. Look, at that just, right behind me is a stone, sauna, you could actually get stoned, here, look, they even have premia, and sake here. Look. I just got a sushi, bowl, and I was like oh man to go with the sushi bowl all I want, is a beer, and, I ordered a beer to go damn.

That Looks good but that. Ain't big enough so I got this one instead, this is like a big as beer in the world. Now. That hits, a spot. That's. So cool I love these things they'll just charge it to the wristband, and then use pay at the end it's so useful. That's. What I'm talking about crema if you've seen this I've had it before in the Tokyo Skytree video, it's so, good. Piece. Of heaven we just went into our mouths number. Three shopping. Malls Odaiba. Has several, giant shopping malls all of which are family-friendly. But each of them show out with their own unique attractions. Inside here's a skinny on which one to check out. And this is diversity, ball and what's really nice is that it has like an awesome, mix of foreign, brands and domestic, brands so you can get all of your shopping done here. Out of all the malls in Odaiba diversity. Is the most marketed, towards tourists having Japan branch arms like Hello Kitty and good eco. Ice. Cream vending, machine so, chilled, out and check, out this big food, court, all right, behind me. Yep diverse, cities food court has a beasty food selection and offers, an even larger family, friendly seating area you'll never have trouble finding a table here and on, the seventh floor there's a skate, park it, even has a halfpipe. And some cool stairs, and ramps you can do and look, you can even barbecue, at the top of diverse, city there's just like so much stuff to do and, right behind me is virtual, link they have these cool virtual, pods where you can feel like you're in this surreal, virtual, world and, what, you guys didn't know is that there's a shuttle bus that loops all the way around, Odaiba it comes every 20 minutes so if you don't want to walk to each location you can actually just take the bus and it's so freakin, convenient. Did. I forget to tell you guys it's, free. And you, know I love. Free. Aqua. City. Look. At this uh view. You, can see Rainbow, Bridge you, can see all the boats you, can even see your type of beach from here and at night that you cut the veneer are all floating around it's, just like lighting, of the ocean, like a Christmas, tree, there are fair amount of shops I would say that aqua city's main highlight, is its restaurants. Overlooking. The Tokyo Harbor and you, can talk to Junko. So. She's pretty cool but she, has nothing on Siri and, right behind me is a Disney, Store you can get your Disney on here I'm so surprised, it's this big. Rematch. And, what. A lot of people don't know is that on top of Akko city there's, a shrine, look at that and it's box in there so it's probably an Inari Jinja this is the Sony Explorer, Science Museum and it's in aqua city so if you guys want to do something a little bit different then you can do this in fact, Odaiba has a bunch, of museums, all scattered, throughout the area but if you want to get your science on then come to the Sony Explorer, Museum, so it's pretty neat is you have aqua city right here and right. Next to it you have a joy, Paulus, and Dex. Dex. Dex. Is a cruise ship like themed shopping mall but you won't be able to go hypebeast here unless you're in the beach here this spot is known for its entertainment, facilities, look it's my friend. And. On, the first floor of decks is pretty cool because there's just so, much Oh Miyagi, souvenirs, here that you can bring home and there's even a Lego in here, I'm not too interested in it but you guys might and the wax museum I get in I'm Matt and do it but you guys might be and do it and check it out on the second, floor they, have this a retro, place with all this retro, game they've, got Tokyo, wars side-by-side. Evolution, brain CO they've, even got Gundam, and Street. Fighter 2 and. Whatever these games, are and, you can shoot guns, and win prizes. After. Passing, through the retro games and some shops there's, a takoyaki, Museum. We. Got 5 different, shops, here they have more balls than a tennis, academy I think that's a lot of balls. Venus. For modeled, after a medieval European city this spot is most known for its outline sharks love, the sky ceiling though. Number. 4 ramen. Kaku geeking. There's. Actually, six ramen, shops here from all over Japan, and, they have special, ramen. Bowls just for, this location, let's go. Let's. See how fast I can say it goober rich pork show you ramen Atchinson, chicken bite on ramen at he Musa Kashia from Nagano fish powder scam and pioneer at Kansai next level from Cueto bonito, shoyu ramen at set Takaya from Tokyo pork basic at ramen at Daruma and Hokkaido, mr. Amin with 120, year history the first ball were throwing down on is action send peep, the richness of the soup I. Actually. Chosen, most, extension tonkatsu ball here, even, has a gold, flakes, in it and what's really cool it has two different kinds, of pork, before I even tried to Robin role I just want to have the cha suit because it looks so.

Yeah And look it's like even black, and it's usually like a little, lighter but it feels like dipped in like some dark miso, soup or something I. Just. Melts, feels like it's been flame broiled and treated, with so much love let me see it's a soup look how thick, and creamy that is. Holy. Damn. That is a super. Thick it's almost like as thick, as pepto-bismol. But tastes a million, times better because who wants to have a pepto-bismol, super yeah the noodles just are coated, with this thick creamy. Tonkatsu sauce, I. Really. Like how thin the noodles are she's like the riches, of ramen, ball ever and then I doubled on some coca say ramen, from Chema's Oh Kashia the chicken, collagen, rendered into a creamy chicken soup is next, level look it's also, as creamy but it's not as creamy, as the, previous, soup oh. It's. A really dense, chicken, base it's also creamy. And thick it's, funny because American. Chicken, soup is really like banning clear, as this on is super, thick. The. Noodles, are nice and soft it feels like it just soaks, up all of the ramen, flavor, oh. This, charge is really, dense it's actually a chicken, chashu, which is really rare but freakin awesome, you can see just around it is actually, the skin around the tush you actually don't get a lot of chicken base soups here in Tokyo, so if you want something a little bit different, and try this on. Number-5. Water. Bus this, is the Odaiba sea bus station, you can get on Tokyo cruise from here so Tokyo, cruise has a few, stops that goes throughout Tokyo, but one of the major stops is a success, so maybe as an idea if you guys are done during your sightseeing, in a Sukkah get on from there and then transfer, it here to, Odaiba, such, a fun ride just bring a beer to and just have a drink and it's so nice. This. Is so cool I'm on top of the ship and that's, grateful, prison just behind, me man, just seen Tokyo, from up here is magnificent. And. It's crazy there's actually no windows, here it's just a wide-open. Number. Six amusement. Centers school it has English menus and they take credit card I. Got. The tickets. Joy. Paulus. This. Is, Joey Paulus, it's one of the coolest amusing, sparks in Odaiba, you'll find some cool physical, rides and you'll find a lot of virtual rides, what's nice about this place is you pay for a one cent price and you can ride mostly, all of the ride but if you want to just come inside you can just pay in small admission fee I'm here on a Sunday and the lines are not actually, that long so I did good alternative, to Disneyland, it cool look behind me, they have this awesome Tokyo, 1/2 oh, it's gonna start soon. Look at that they're spinning like crazy right. Bodies. Are in the transformer. Ride that looks so much fun they're just rolling all around. Look. It's out cope your powers, the scenery, they, actually put you in a real live sized car, and it's just love it like it's going, with the screen it looks so much fun. All, right. Continue getting us our workplaces. Oh and. Believe, it or not on that day they had a concert, for virtual, idols, yup, the groupies down there cheering for anime, characters. Trying. To push the points out taking your prizes it's pretty cool and inside, around one there's, a sport yeah it's a sports entertainment. Center with lots of activities, like bowling, tennis bubble ball soccer trampoline, hoverboards. Bull riding and so, much more and the arcade games inside are all included, in the price they. Have over, 50, different sports, you can play. Number. Seven Odaiba, fuji, television and this, above, me is fuji, television it, has one of the best views here, in Odaiba, and the fuji television building.

Is One of the main landmarks. Here you can't miss it because they have the biggest balls in a diver I'm, going, up to the top of Fuji. And what's awesome is you go up this cool escalator, to get the top of Fuji building. It'll. Cost you about five ripple or 550 yen to get up to the sphere of servitor II but dam is a view of a diver worth it. It's. Awesome, being up here you can see all of our, diver you can see the Rainbow Bridge you can see on diver Beach you can just see so much stuff I love being up here and, check it out I'm right next to the Fuji, Paul it's so freakin. Big but I'm so scared because, you're. So high, hello. Welcome, to Paulo from Tokyo's morning TV show that was pretty cool right it feels like I'm in an actual, TV, show right behind me you can actually see, the, fuji, television show. Said, if. You want to save your outgoings you can check out some cool character, shops and TV, show exhibits on the lower levels, check out these ice rolls. The. Shops feature different shows from time to time and, I went Dragonball, in one piece where the shiznit. Kamehameha. Mija I'm. Like Goku. Number. 8 Odaiba, beach park and. This. Is old iva beach there's so many things to do here so, what's nice that people come here and drink all day and they just set up their tents if you won't have to do one thing instead, of going doing all the shopping and all that's up you can come here relax, with some friends, and family people, even have birthday, parties here and over there there's actually a volleyball, tournament going, on right now did you guys know that you can go on Rainbow Bridge and actually, walk it from end to end and, you, can even rent boards, here plus, 2500, yen, for two hours. Number. 9 mega. Web mega, web is a Toyota, car theme park many, people overlook the spot thinking, is just a Toyota car showroom, but it actually has a few surprises you can get sick with it on some virtual racers check, out the latest tech and kids can even get their drive on with some ecards, one thing I love about mega, web is there's so much hands-on. You can actually try, and we're about to go and try, some 3d stuff. That, was so cool. And. For. The kids if they want to drive electric cars they, can come here to practice and, these, cars, are stylin, one for kids under five ones, with two-seaters, and for, all the kid racers they have car rides here and don't worry adults, can test-drive cars here too they, can test rides the latest, Toyota, cars just as long as they have a license, oh and, there's a ferris wheel right next to it.

Number. 10 in, our at Hibiki, if you love Hibiki, whiskey this may be the perfect joint for you Hibiki serves fresh seafood and seasonal, vegetables. So. This is actually one of my recommendations, because the view, is so, good, you can see over the ocean, you can see Rainbow, Bridge and you can just see the night's game all from, the 6th floor of this building what. Better, way to end the. Day so, if not this restaurant, that aqua city has a lot, of restaurants that are facing the, water so, definitely, just try to go on the higher levels, impossible. And, this restaurant serves EPT whiskey which a lot, of you love I'm not much of a whisky fan but, I wanted to show you guys that this is one of the options and since it beaky is made by Suntory I'm gonna have a Suntory, beard it started all off come, by. Nothing. Like having a beer after, a long day. Died. Oven. Baked impression, vegetables. Like. A sour wasabi, sauce this. Is so good alright. So that concludes my top ten in Odaiba if you want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo or in Japan hit that subscribe button and I'll see you guys in the next one.

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I’m from Amsterdam but it’s nice to know I could get stoned in Odaiba too

Thanks Figgyb! That's what it's all about. Positivity is infectious.

So cool,it is gorgeous,

Thanks adonis abdessemed!

Wow there’s so many places to visit in that area. Last time I only went because of Joypolis, but I didn’t realize there’s so many other activities there! Good video for reference next time!

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Cecilia Li!

I love your videos dude! They make me more anxious to my trip to Tokyo in June! But no Oedo onsen form me whatsoever! :'(

Have an awesome trip in June link054!

I love watching your videos!!

Thanks anisha tanavde! I hope you get to make it out here sooner than later.

Awesome!! お台場の魅力とリアルな姿が伝わる!Subscribers のコメントも、ちょー参考になる〜 I have a plan to show around Tokyo to my friends from overseas.

Thanks Keisuke! I have a bunch of videos on what to do in Tokyo. Hopefully you can use some of them to plan activities for your friends.

Odaiba is such a lovely place and has some epic stuff xD You can be there all day lol awesome vid Paolo love to see more of Odaiba if u can dude

Thanks Prez sama! Yup so much stuff to do here. Could probably do another video in the future.

Great video!

Thanks Study Music!

Like you new episode... I have new info, im lookin to visit Odaiba with my fmily next year... Keep it up"

Thanks for watching Bernard Rosales!

If i win a lottery il pay you $500 a day for touring me around the city. Lol

oh wow! hahahah. Thanks for watching Kim Monzon!

Oh my so there is where those initial D arcade is!!!!! You are awesome Paolo i’ve been crazy to know where that is!!! More power to you and Maiko!!

Paolo fromTOKYO does the arcade come free with the one day pass(400yen)?

nice! glad you were able to find it in my video jason.

Thank you for sharing this video. Always a pleasure to travel with you.

Thanks for watching Laila Nilsson! Glad you could travel with me.

Catch new spot thanks

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Acho Ol!

Top 10 place to get souvenirs?

Thanks for the suggestion Banana Potato! Will add it to my list of videos to make.

Aww..... I guess I can't visit the onsen! Can you do a video on which season best to visit Japan?

Paolo fromTOKYO thanks

each season has it's open appeal. really depends on the person.

my husband really love gunpla. hope we can get there soon.

Thanks for watching Luffa Ai Evra!

Aww man! I can't go to that onsen

I went there a month ago for half a day (cuz I wanted to go to Odaiba Onsen). After watching this wonderful video, I wished I had put more time exploring this place ^^; Also, looks like you'll need 2 days to cover all of it XD

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff to do.

Came to watch a video, walked away with a t-shirt purchase... Been wondering where to get them after seeing them in videos for some time now - just had to get one!

Awesome! Thanks for getting a shirt and helping support my channel TingyouDK!

Always love your channel

Thanks for always watching Amelia Devina!

Paolo, you're the best! Love your videos and your excitement for food and life! Thank you❤

Thanks Moris Gluck! I like to keep it positive. Glad you enjoyed.

Thanks twelveZEROsix! Sorry you didn't get to have the full experience, but there are actually so many cool things to do indoors as seen in the video. Hope you got to do some of that.

hahahaha....glad you picked up on the ripple reference. was wondering if someone would say something.

I'm not sure AHHH I think it is written in the website but I'm not sure I haven't checked yet

Levina Gracia I KNOW! Do you know how long the TouRabu/Oedo collab will be?

AND TOUKEN RANBU IN OEDO!! Before ainana they did Pripara when I visit joypolis! It's so magical

Thanks Yuka! I like to keep the videos positive. If you see me or Maiko walking the streets, definitely say hello!

Thanks Patrick Gan! Let me know how your trip goes!

Thanks for watching Beauty and the beast castle! I always have additional information and useful links in the video description.

Thanks for the kind words Nely Ozaki! Glad I could help with your trip.

Thanks William Lau! That's a mighty statement. Thank you for all of your support.

Helps to reserve in advance to get the best view. Good luck!

Glad you liked the video kogotokLenok. Hope you get to do more of this stuff the next time around.

Thanks Elsa8988!

I think they have all sizes.

Thanks MageThief! Yeah, you can chill there all day with some friends and it's free!

Have an awesome trip later this year Perdomot!

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I love all the jokes and puns too! You are too much Paolo! LOL

Awesome! Glad you liked the video HyattRegencyOC. Pretty cool that you got to test drive a car as well.

For sure!!!!!! Thanks for watching Alberto Lopez!

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hahahha....will have to think about my catch phrases.

Awesome! Glad you liked the video Toast0r85.

Paolo fromTOKYO Thanks Pablo. Ill use google maps

Try to download the map so you don't get lost.

congrats on finishing your finals!

Hello from Tokyo!

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful BeautyNailFashionist!

yeah, so much stuff to do here with friends.

Aww boo, I didn't know she died until now :-( She was only 65. I always wanted one of her Liquid glass water tables but I couldn't afford them at $375,000!

It's awesome that you picked up on it!

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Awesome! Glad you liked the video bawana fox.

Omg 71k now! Im excited for 100k

You can get stoned here LMAOOOOO

Btw guys theres a top floor in divercity mall full of restaurant they have buffet etc. i personally loved the sushi belt and sushi train ahaha! Its near BnR

Thanks pao! I needed to know about the free shuttle hehe i only went to divercity last time coz i had no time. Did u do all of this on the same day? Btw i love the arcade in divercity i won big plushies. That arcade is huge! Like dayumn!

Whaaaat?? So sad, I went to the takoyaki museum but I didn't knew anything about the ramen place... I want ramen. But there is no ramen in France... Will have to wait until next time or learn how to cook ramen from scratch :)

Awesome episode! I've been to Odaiba but didn't get to look around (too bad ;( ) Thanks for this guide! Looking forward to visiting the city again! ^^

Thanks Celesty Lim!

Going to Japan for the eighth time in June. And this actually had stuff i haven’t done! Awesome!!! Showing people around and it’s their first time. Now I get to see new things too •-• yaaaay. And the Shinjuku vid was the best too. I’ve got so much new stuff to do!!

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Annie W!

thumbs up for balls :D


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Nice video thank you for introducing japan

Paolo fromTOKYO are you Pinoy?

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No city like Tokyo period!

Thanks Kinanti Alfisyahri!

Thanks Kristine Aguilar!

I think you covered just about everything...

Omg I keep changing my honeymoon itinerary after watching your video

Excellent tour! Thank you fir the insight.

How did you learned japanese? I'm having a hard time learnin haha


Arigato Guzaymashta for work for make video for us Thanks Free Lover dude

Odaiba is Love take me there

I had no idea about that onsen was in odaiba! I wish that they would change the tattoo rule for foreigners , some places seem to be slowly more accepting to tattooed foreigners , even though I only have a small tat my husband has a few bigger ones on his arms..

Yeah, the tattoo thing is a bit weird. Here's a link to some tattoo friendly onsens in Tokyo. . Thanks for watching Sonja Martinez!

Numer 11: see sunset on Tokyo's skyline *-*

Love it

Yeah, the tattoo thing is a bit weird. Here's a link to some tattoo friendly onsens in Tokyo. . Thanks for watching q u i e t l y!

HI dude i love youre Cools Videos pls make video About Tokyo Tower becuse Onepiece shop its in tokyo tower

日本語字幕、方言みたいで面白い! 素敵なビデオありがとうございます

this guy on crack? its illegal in japan m8

Yes my favorite place

Dude why you sound like someone punched your balls

amazing! so helpful for our trip to tokyo. can't thank you enough for the great videos, we'd be completely lost without you!

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Meghan Ceribo!

Whoa~ i'm planning to take my family to Oedo Onsen, thanks for the visiting time suggestion :DD May i know if you need to clean n bath before getting inside the area?

Check out my Onsen video. I walk you through how to bath in an onsen.

Thanks tamiya frog!

Awesome! Glad you liked the video Yori Lamaz.

Thanks Zara Ates! Working hard everyday to get to 1M

Paolo fromTOKYO so exciting! My friend also shes 50k now and lives in Japan! Im sure next months u both get 100k

Thanks. me too!


It took 3 days to film.

Great job,congratulations!

I will be to this area this Thursday and am excited I watched this because I didn't have Oedo Onsen or Megaweb on my list yet! Excited! Is the emerging science museum good?

ありがとうございます。wonderful.amazing.Even we can not come those places.We’ve feeled ilke tripping with you. Take care

Amazing video! Thank you so much for taking the time to making it. I’m gonna share it with my friends! I can’t wait for my next trip to Japan and try out all these spots! Thanks Paolo!

japan looks so cool

Paolo Thank you very much

where else to eat for a view in odaiba?

This is a well curated video. Great job!

cloverful18 i think it is his personal style. I was a bit annoyed too on the first fee videos but now it grew on me.

Gotta loot a bank cause i wanna visit japan

Such a lovable guy, very well constructed and presented, amazing content. Keep up the awesome stuff man!

Thanks Tasho Castro!

Thanks for watching and sharing selina lau!

This dude look funny

My boyfriend and I visited Odaiba on our first day to Japan! The day before you posted this video! Odaiba is enormous and busy. It was amazing to see how it wasn’t crowded everywhere in your shots!

I wish I can book my flight right now!!

Go for it bro

Paolo fromTOKYO Thank you Paolo!! Love your videos, keep them coming!!

Dude love your energy.....keep posting cool videos

Lmao, did I hear a ripple shill @16:00 ?! Nice job dude

Thanks Chris Mejia!


Just out of curiosity ...can you explain the aversion to Tattoos ? is it a cultural, religious or social thing?Just curious i have none myself but found it interesting that some businesses wont allow tats

Yeah, the tattoo thing is a bit weird. Here's a link to why it is what it is in Japan and some friendly onsens in Tokyo. . Thanks for watching headrushindi!

you remind me of a 5 year old who has had far too many sugar cookies...but I love it ..the videos are immensley informative and entertaining ..Love them !

I love u Paolo but why so extra lol


you’re soo funny

Hey Paolo, I have a question regarding how you film with your camera. I noticed on a previous video you have what looks like a mount for a bag strap that the camera slots into, where is this from??!! I am visiting Tokyo in September and I feel it would make my life so much easier if I didn’t have to physically hold the camera all the time. Thank you in advance and I love the videos!!!!

5:06 Did anyone notice that guy fell in a hilarious way

"I'm so surprised it's this big" Thats wut she said!

Thanks DIKO MURAT! Glad I can help make you laugh.

This guy is killing me with his enthusiasm !! LOL. Def will have to go see Odaiba after wtaching this vid....:)

you are amazing man

Odaiba reminds me of the anime Magnitude 8.0

Hello!!! Your channel is really informative :D helped me alot for my planning to Tokyo! just wondering, how much did you pay for the water bus? :O did you take it from Odaiba to Asakusa?

thanks for doing this kind of videos.. i was able to explore Japan easily

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Geelyn Fermin!

Thanks Clarissa Pigato!

I’m going to japan in October and I wasn’t sure if it was worth going to Odaiba. But after watching this, I’m definitely going to spend a day in odaiba! Too bad I can’t enter Oedo onsen... Paolo fromTOKYO how about a video on onsens in tokyo that people with tattoos can go to?

Do one about guitar street in Tokyo please !

I came in my pants at the RX7 drifting

I wanna t shirt like that..

I’m not sure if I love or hate this guy. He’s annoying, yet also charismatic and the video is well made and entertaining

lol "That's how Tokyo powers a city!" Thanks for this list! I'm actually thinking of visiting Odaiba and checking out Joypolis. Kinda wanted to go to the onsen but I have a tattoo so... do they allow covered up tattoo? I'm not a fan of ramen but the way you eat and present the ramen makes me want to try it! Anyway, I love your video and your enthusiasm in each of them. Especially with the whole "I'm not into it but maybe you are!" lol Oh, and I know that I can probably search for it, but do you think you can put some of the ticket prices / entrance for all of the places you introduce/stop by. I know you did it for some but not all of them yet. But I still appreciate you introducing them anyway.

Probably the best japan info channel I've seen so far. It's so thorough.....I'm really excited to go now.

How much time would you recommend for Odaiba? And how weird would a pair of friends look in Oedo Onsen?

Enjoying every second of your video and reminiscing about Odaiba! Will go there soon for sure! And your charisma is contagious!

Thanks Jake Yue!


My fav place was future museum cause when we went to our outdoor studying we went to Odaiba and there was the future museum conan event

Holy shitake mister. You can eat.

wil be in tokyo by august for our honeymoon, would gladly appreciate it if you would join us for even a drink or something.. cheers!

i never knew odaiba has so much to offer! you really helped me with my itinerary

Thanks for watching Jeffrey Alvin! Check out my other Tokyo guides on my channel for more places to go.

I just love you energy! And your city guides are super helpful. Can’t wait for our visit in just 3 months.

the onsen is parted in gender isn't it? is it fun to go there as a couple anyway? if you can't bathe together

Hey i love your videos , especially the way you sketch out the map as you explore, but done down the excitement a bit dude geez lol . If everythings that exciting nothing is right

I have been two times in Odaiba before and enjoyed the beach but thought there is not so much to do. Thanks for your video! Today I have been in the Hibiki restaurant because I really like Whisky :D

Thanks for watching Hapablap! Glad you got to make it to hibiki. Hope you got a great view!

Scott Gamer12 wtf? Your spelling for Japanese words is atrocious

i didnt know about the free shuttle bus.

Wow... I want to go there!

The fake enthusiasm is very wearing. I couldn’t watch the whole video because of it. Too bad because the production is well done. I just want an honest reaction.

These videos are great! Love how enthused you are about everything

i want to travel with you :)

Hi Paolo & Maiko! My husband and I love watching your videos and we must've watched all of them once we booked our vacation to Japan & Philippines! We will be in the Tokyo area August 27 - Sept 4th and we can't wait to see and eat everything! We want to try and hit the places from all your videos. Is there any chance we can do a quick meet up just to say hello and thank you in person for all the helpful videos you've created? Don't worry, we are not creepy people. Haha! This is our 1st time in Japan and we are just soooooooo excited! Thanks! Joni & Chris from SF Bay Area!

Thanks Daniel Richmond!

dude can u stop using so much pressure on ur voice? hurts my ears man...try speaking normally ur vids r some of the best here.

Ramen Kokugikan is great, but gets super busy. I also had the gold flake ramen special at Shinsen, it was pretty good! I need to check out some of these spots next time im in JP!

I live in odaiba! :D

Nice! You've probably done all the things in the video.

welp if i start a family we gonna live in Odaiba hahaha

he looks very excited about everything, i like this video. seems this place is more for boys, cannot bring girl to go. she would get bored. good video, like it

I have never seen a gundam series But I will still go there

dude you are sooooo greedy! lol

For all the muslims out there, the chhicken ramen place he is referring to still has pork inside it. THANKS PAOLO we were very dissapointed.

Oedo Onsen is not allowed for tattooted people! Grrrhhhhhhhhhhh....

I only have one small tattoo on my chest, roughly the size of a quarter dollar. Could I still get in or should I hide it, mine is tiny enough where I think I can cover it with a large band aid and say it's an injury, but it's easy to see I am not Jap mafia with what I have, it's from Full Metal Alchemist anyway. XD

I´m so glad I saw this video, Odaiba is amazing!

I love your videos and what you do but I kinda feel exhausted with your level of excitement. Lol maybe tone it down a little?

I would like Pepto Bismol soup.

talking about a regular beer glass...

hello kitty butttttts!!!

Man, this guy is hyped in every videos xD so excited xD

Best video on the internet about Odaiba. Period

Why are you speaking like that??

I don't want to sound racist but are you Filipino in some way?

Going there today. Thank you for your video man!

Best vid ever

Awesome videos! good hints and tips for a future tourist like me. Wish I could visit Japan soon enough. Just curious though, are you half filipino?

That was awesome thanks for the insight

wife and i have a tiny tattoo, does that mean we can't get in?? i mean we're talking about a really tiny tattoo here.

Hi Paolo. Does Japanese onsen welcome people in wheelchair? Can they go in with the wheelchair or will that be rude? Anyone knows?

I wish u would add prices. I know it varies when other people might go but Lisa give me a starting point

Do you wear your underwear underneath the Yukata at the onsen or do everyone go naked?

You forget the Science Museum Miraikan and the Teamlab!

crazy enough this video came out when i arrived at Odaiba and covered almost everything i did,amazing! You earned my sub.

I’m so glad I subbed to your channel, such a fun & awesome guy

Don’t like gundam, but dam... shut up and take my money!

Paolo we went here based on this we're going again Monday to see uni gundam 5pm show and dragon ball love from my family

Hi how do I go to unicorn gundam from Oedo Onsen Monogatari pls.  Onsen will be my first stop :)

Oedo Onsen...tattoos not allowed, forget it.

wait isn't cameras banned from onsen? How"D you record in there?!?!

I love your excitement and your smiley face when you talk :D

The people around him are just so confused

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