Top 10 Things to DO in TOKYO | Ultimate RAINY Day Guide

Top 10 Things to DO in TOKYO | Ultimate RAINY Day Guide

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So, in this video I'm, going to show you guys that, top ten things to do in Tokyo, during the rain and not, get wet. I hit. The rail look behind me is just so much braid so, many before their umbrellas, let's go to the train station, and start, this video alright, so we just got in a dry spot we're underneath the station it's up for the rest of this video we're, gonna put away the umbrella and, my, boots and we're gonna take you to all the places in, Tokyo, where you don't, have to use your umbrella and have a good time here. Now. That we got rid of our umbrella let's go check out the first place number, 1 ek buckaroos sunshine, city sunshine. City is a huge, entertainment shopping mall located, in the second-biggest. Anime otaku capital. Of Tokyo ek boo kiddo it's about a ten minute walk from DK book on stations but you're gonna get wet so make sure to use Higashi geeky bucardo which is directly connected. We. Just got to you got she gave a pillow or headed to sunshine, city by, the way I'm gonna show you the path from each station, so you don't get lost when you try this yourself as there, was some trial and error for some of these spots after walking, this super, long tunnel, from the station, you finally, arrive at this huge, indoor, shopping mall. So. On the third floor they have J world now J world stands for jump which is a comic, book they have all these different characters like one p90 throw and Dragon Ball pretty friggin awesome and he can go inside, and you can enjoy the whole world of territories, and. On. The second floor you have it noms it sounded cool, we got two tickets not, that bad if you want to ride the rides 3,500. Or 500 yen like it is so. Nom de town is an indoor, theme park that offers many. Attractions, and a crazy variety, of gyoza if you want to get your gills on in Tokyo this, would be the place to be honest I never was, too interested in nan de town because I found us four kids but I completely underestimated. It's, so big and you can spend the entire day here. So. Nan de town was pretty, fun it's actually one of my favorite places and what's cool about nom de town is that it's right next to, Pokemon. Center, look. At all these people playing Pokemon, so, cool, if. You love Pokemon, this, place is a definite, must you, can buy all sorts of cool Pokemon, related stuff anyways this go take a look inside. What. Can I give all you, get actually, a character inside. Check. That out there's, actually 13, registers. In the Pokemon, store gotta, catch them all. So. If you don't want to wait in line that guy kind of looks like Pikachu. On. The 9th floor you have the aquarium, and you, also have at the planetarium, number. 2 Shinjuku. Underground. Shinjuku. Is one of the largest train stations in Tokyo and has crazy, underground. Tunnel access which leads to a plethora of shopping malls department, stores and restaurants we, just arrived into, this east exit and we're gonna check out lemonade, that's the first stop well, it's, technically, illuminate, s and it's super, easy to get to see. It's. Mainly women's. Fashion, so there's a lot of shoes there's, a lot of girly, domestic, brand not a lot for men let's go check out an upper floors to see what we can find, so they do have men's on the fifth and sixth floor which is nice they also have a lumen a one and two on the south exit side get a little hungry this is actually a good place to go lots of restaurants on 8th and the seventh floor. So. You get a little hungry when you're doing these underground, tours got, a little snack let's, test it out. Top. In the middle and then it has this really hard shell really good.

To. Get back to the underground tunnels from luminate s you, need to go from b1 and take these little stairs. So. We just need to let lumen a and now we're gonna make our way towards, East it on kind of a luxury department, store along the way as we go on the ground there's actually these cool little stores, here that you know if you want to you can check out while you're you're passing by we just came from the shops over there to my right but to my left right behind me this to the altar we're gonna skip it for this time around because, there's not a lot of stores there and it's kind of dead alright, let's, keep going. So. We just went along that, one path here on sub nowadays it's actually four mountains for sub not though it's a very very long corridor but it's pretty cool, look at all this shopping and we're still underground. No, rain. Keep. Walking long and you'll hit, and. There's. A bee crows. Stay. With me no, soldiers, left behind. Cool. We, made it Lisa time, that was kind of a long walk but we're still not wet this has, luxury items, I actually don't shop here a lot but when I do it's, for a nice gift for a friend this has stuff that's it. So just, right across Easton, is muddy but early in the department, store that has, a lot of brands for younger females, and there's, a lot of domestic brands here's I don't go shopping here at all because obviously, I'm. A man wears actually I'm going to be men's thinking, you can actually get to as well now, let's walk towards Takashimaya, which is on the south exit side of shinjuku station, yeah basically we're heading back to where we started, life is like that sometimes be, ready for a long walk, count, it down three. Two. One. So. We finally made it to the Kashi mile which is a nice departments, or if you want to go souvenir, shopping inside, of it there's a Tokyo hence check, this out it's Takashi Amaya but look right, next to it it's Tokyo, hands awesome. Little, hidden secret that, if you come here on the 12th floor there's an awesome Terrace that you can check out the city it's kind of raining so you can't get like the best few and raining but we've been walking underground. For like a little bit so you might want to come up here get some fresh air and my, favorite, is the basement floor look, at all these delicious, treats if, you're trying to get to just two custom ayah you don't actually need to go through the underground, like we did earlier well you can do is you can go through around at our gate and just go over there and you arrived, number. Three, Akihabara, one, of my first loves in Tokyo. All. Right we. Made it Akihabara. Still, dry and now we're gonna check out some electronics. If. You're a techie, like me you know you're Dabashi Akiba is a place to go and it's, connected, to both jr. and the subway exit freaking, convenient. Doing. Yo-yo paddles. It's freaking awesome. So. We finally made it to Akihabara. At yota bossy camera, it's right next to the station so definitely, not gonna get wet this total, of nine floors, six, of it which is all electronic. Stuff and then the top Lords have like restaurants. And all sorts of other cool stuff personally, I don't shop at Yoda washi camera a lot because I live in Shibuya, and we have in the Ameritech E and big camera, but they also have a pretty cool selection, here and I, actually did buy my drone from here actually well I bought, it online from. University camera because they had the cheapest price at the time let's, go check inside. Doesn't. Even look like an electronic, story in here it feels like it's an airport anyone need a computer bag all this, is computer bag it's freaking crazy.

There's. So many perfumes, and cosmetics here, this is the first time your girlfriend or your wife will, want to go to electronics, store with you. This. Is like one huge toy store kids are gonna love this place and. Surprising, enough there's so much food on the seventh floor there's Korean, the Japanese, there's, Thai food there's soba, there's udon didn't even have steak here it's great everything, you would want on the. Top floor there's a coffee shop -. Hole-in-one. Number. Four lacoya. Lacroix, is known as a spa, but it's actually, almost like a theme park with rides and a huge shopping, mall. All. Right we just made it to Kotaku, and we're trying to get the liquor and the pool is, just right, past over, there and the problem is there's a little cross street that doesn't, have, overhead. Protection so, you're gonna get wet if you don't have an umbrella so, we're gonna have to find a different way damn, sorry, guys I couldn't find a way with a covered path for those who don't mind getting wet for a few meters this, is how to get to Nagoya sad to say but I'm crossing, this one off our top-10 list number. 408. Owens in Odaiba, I hope you liked this alternative, oh wait oh onsen, is an Ito themed spa Oh me is a closest, station but you have to walk in the rain so I'm gonna let you in on a little secret until, your suit we just got through the Association, our journey doesn't end. We have, another form of transportation but, we're not gonna get wet doing, it let me show you how all right, here's, the cool little path I found and it all leads to a dry covered, shuttle bus pickup there are several pickup, locations, in Tokyo, but this is only place he don't need an umbrella it was a bit, sketchy, but we made it and look behind me there's the bus stop and it's gonna take us to, a widow onsen, the unique Mme is another, way to get to this bus stop but right behind me there's, a little gap you might get wet so we're not gonna go that route remember, it's bus number 12. All. Right you finally made it here awesome. We. Just got them away to Anson and that service was fairly, quick there's only a few minutes made 5-10 minutes to get here it's super convenient, and we, didn't get wet you definitely can spend a whole day at, this relaxing, spa they even have a proper ryokan, restaurants, you can even dress up in a yukata take pictures and play a summer, festival like, area I love it summer, all year long, you check that out and right behind me there's an own scent for dogs, unfortunately.

If You want them to go and send they're gonna get wet because there's no covered area but still pretty cool own send for dogs. Number, five mega, web and Venus, port a lot of people think Oh divert is a great place to hang out on a rainy day or divert has some awesome spots, like Fuji TV diver City West promenade, decks and more, but all of these spots I mentioned require, an umbrella get to that's her Venus part megawatt, come in. Just. Got the owl me station, oh it's, been a long day but we've, made it to this section, of the city let's. Get, to being a sport. So. Just right there is being a sport that's the way to go but unfortunately there's no covered area and we're gonna get wet so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take an elevator down to the first floor and then, use the, tunnel under here to get to being a sport. We. Made it to be the sport I'm super, excited for this they got some pretty cool cars, I'm excited, to see that all, right let's go check out what's inside. This. Is the mega web Tokyo city showcase, and, you get to check out all these cool concept, cars look at that it's so cool, it's. More than just an exhibition of the latest cars but there are so many cool hands-on, activities, car simulators, and they even have a ride Seto for kids who want to experience what it's like to drive them this. One was my favorite, wow that was so cool the whole place was just like moving got rally cars, you're, like in the desert you're in snow here in water it was amazing. And you never forget to mention all, of this is free I love Toyota now. Let's, check out the main shopping area. Feel. Like I'm in like some European, contrary. And I love the, sky. Venus, port is a medieval european, themed shopping, mall not just that peril stores but there are some cool animation, shops as well, anime. Puzzles sound be a cool gift you got ninja stars they got size and they even have shredders, quoi check this out they even have a floor for outlet stores. Number. Six tokyo skytree so both Osaka. And Tokyo Skytree, station, will get you Tokyo Skytree people, think that Sky Tree is just about having a panoramic, view of the city from a tower but it's a pretty fun shopping mall and entertainment. Center, so. We just got the Osheaga station, and we're going to Tokyo, Skytree and, guess what we're, still not wet.

Even. Though it's a rainy day and we're gonna see how good the weather is and how good the view is I don't expect it to be that good but I just wanted to show you guys around if you guys don't even want to go all the way to the top there's like plenty, of stuff to do here all day which, I'll show you in just a second all right let's, go. Wow. Amazing we, got. All. Right so we made it to the top and as expected there, is no. Of you this is like all pod so you're looking pretty much as like a frosted, glass. I'm. So scared of heights that wasn't really tough for me to do got freaked out. So. This is sort of machi there's, restaurant, clothing shops and, there's, also souvenir, shops look, you, can even get a mari on crave awesome. And. They got a jump shop - i'm virtual reality park and, if you got kids you can drop the wrasses off here the kid park. And. Then, grab a beer at the world beer museum, this is my favorite place out of all of tokyo skytree just come here relax, and hang out that's, what I do number, seven you doc Joe a lot of people don't know but you rock Joe also, has a giant underground and, my first destination here, is of course yes, what we, just got to you doc show station, it's still dry still. Good this is, big camera and check how close we are it's right. Behind. Me right here let's go inside. Alright. One of my favorite things to do in electronic, storage get a 15, minute massage Oh three, so one thing I've noticed about the adductor big camera is a little bit smaller than, the akihabara yoda basi camera so there's probably a lot less selection, at the same time there's, actually a lot less people so maybe it's worth coming here that it is going to that busier place it's, starting, now time, to get our massage, on. So. That was pretty cool going, to big camera, so this was. A station that we walked into if, you just walk a little bit right here is. A, Tokyo, International Forum. Let's check it out. This. Long and spacious path via Tokyo forum actually, leads all the way to Tokyo Station, isn't. It convenient and, for. Those art lovers there's meat so item, museum all right let's check out the next place and. Look. At this architectural. Masterpiece. I love. It it's not like you can do anything here, but it's just like a free open, public space and you can go to and, sometimes they have like cool events going on here as well so maybe if you come here on that weekend or weekday, you might find something really cool.

This. Little shop area is like a blast from the past you feel like you're in the 1980s, or maybe even way. Before that it has a lot of these like old school stores, and it also has the shop called antenna shops these antenna shops sell, goods from these local areas like, behind me Hakata, which is known for men taiko which is super delicious and I just saw the one down there from Toyama so, cool. So, we just left that blast from the past in, the 1980s. And we're heading to Ito show which has a lot of like restaurants. Just right in front of me. Actually. Like this bakery so I'm gonna go break some bread home and me. The. Baton me lay falou. On. The basement floor there's a lot of desserts that worth trying not to come here also, if you want you can bring them home and then serve them up as souvenirs to all your friends and family when you get back but. I got, my own souvenir, and I'm gonna eat it right now cuz I'm super, hungry Oh. Iam feel you, know like mad, sweetness. Like about to hit my mouth I know, it. The. First thing you notice is I cruel a topping, here and then the creamy it's you and then super, good I love, Tokyo, and like all these little places that you can find and we're still not, wet. So. Maruti is another girly shopping building and it's connected to eat osha which has a variety of restaurants. Number. Eight Roppongi, the, city of luxury, Roppongi. Hills has a direct, connection for subway lines so you should definitely consider this place for your rainy day adventure. Alright. We're, a funky station, let's see what's here to get to our punky hills take the Siwon exit from the station the main shopping area west wall is via this cool stairway, to heaven escalator, I love, the design so. We. Just made it to Roppongi. Hills and, we're still, freaking. Drive there's, actually so much to do here I've actually made a top, ten video under funky including. Roppongi, Hills I'll leave that in, the description so, that you guys can check it out but in the meantime let, me just show you a few cool things here IRA buggy else so, besides all the high-end shopping the funky hills is a great place to find great eats you would think that there are only high-end shops here but there are many casual, restaurants, in the north basement, floor. So. This is a putting ramen I've actually never been to this one I've been to the 100 G cool I love this place and you guys if you have a chance to come to Roppongi go, to this place and they, even have this open terrace space and, it's. Free now. Let, me show you how to get to Tokyo Midtown. So. That's for punky hills but we actually want to go to Midtown as well we just went up to exit, or but. The problem, is and you can't actually get to Midtown unless, you go above ground so, we, need to backtrack you need to go through. He'd be aligned station, platform, and get up on the other side because, look at this behind, me. It's. Raining you got to go back. So. We just made it to the other side of our punky station, on the rapun key crossing, gate side now, we get to go to mid time so. From here, walk towards exit, seven and eight just follow the sign and you won't get lost. You. Can either go up from the basement floor here, which is a food floor for those wanting to grab a snack or you can take the escalator to the ground floor so many, options. Yes. We, made it to Tokyo Midtown and, right behind me as a Galleria, which is a department. Store it was quite a walk from Roppongi, station. You see the class above, me it's, freaking beautiful I love the architecture here number. Nine modern, oog buildings modern, OG buildings are connected to Tokyo Station there, are two of them. We. Just got the modern og station and we're gonna go check out my to be do they have a lot of cool shops and some good restaurants, and I'm getting kind of asleep since this area is predominantly. A business, district a lot of the stores here are very. Get, her to the business men and women oops. I said motto beat it but there's actually two, buildings, motto beater and chin might a video this one is Sheen which means new, this, is a, pretty cool lounge area, or maybe I'm just really tired you've been walking around all day but.

Anyways As for you guys hope, you're liking this let's. Keep going. So. We just made it to the 35th, floor of my new building this is one of my favorite, spot you actually get a really, really great view here unfortunately it's raining so you can't really see a lot but at night you get enough, of you where the lights are shining in all the buildings that it's still pretty cool, and this, is an older building it. Looks a little older but to me it still looks pretty new what. Do you think. This. Place I really, really, love it's called vo this area is a business district like I said before and, so you get a lot of salary man come here for lunch for. Dinner the prices are very important. Is that shit mother and mother building you know like one of the things I love the most is, when you find restaurants. That are really, affordable but also a, SRIA, ly good number. 10 Shibuya. My, home station, so. There are several places you can get to without getting away let, me show you the best parts and. This. Is Shibuya there's just so much cool stuff here to do you, can go every, which way and you can go to so many cool places right, next to the station is @oq department. Store and right, at the basement floor is that. Tokyo, Food Show I mean. Look at all these goodies, YUM. And. Look. There's, an eating space just right here it's awesome. Now. Let, me take you to mark city there are several ways to get there but I like this way because you can pass the crossing viewpoint and this giant mural by taro Okamoto. Mark. City has, a few stores but they actually have a lot, of restaurants, here not my favorite place but, another, option if you get sick of all the other places. So. You might have seen in my other videos, how, I love, katsu. Mediodía sushi, and Seibu department, store this place is actually the main one here in shibuya check out all of these people in line behind me it's. Crazy and mark city is connected to the excel hotel, so, convenient, for the people staying here they won't get wet all day every. Day. If. You get out at exit 3 you can go directly to 109 without, getting wet and you, can make it to 109 which, is just got, an otter fashion, store. Right. Behind me there's just Village, Vanguard that has all this cool Japanese, stuff like Japanese t-shirts, and memorabilia, and just like very very Japanese. Stuff let's go check it out I love. Village, Vanguard I mean look at all these weird and funny Japanese, stuff, look it's biking, cool. This. Is pretty cool they have like all these Japanese stickers, that you can put on your computer if you are. Next. I'm taking either, Acharya which is a new shopping mall in the Shibuya it's connected, directly to, the station, via this second, floor walkway which, I'm walking through now if you're taking a train line other than jr kayo or Ginza use exit 15. We. Finally made, it back, to Shibuya time to change shoes and time to go home that. Was. A freaking. Journey, we went to ten different places plus one and finally, got here we're still dry shoes. I'm, still dry anyway. Excuse. My, kiss video hit that like button it, really helps me out if you guys have any comments, or questions on. Any where we went or you. Know just anything. Leave, a comment in the comment section below let me know which was your favorite place in this whole video leave, that also in the comment section below then. Like always you want to see more adventures, of myself in Tokyo or in Japan hit that subscribe button alright see, you guys in the next one.

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THanks Derek. Don't worry too much if you get lost. People are nice and half of the fun is getting lost in a new place. enjoy your travels.

You really a patient guy bro. Thumbs up to you!

Thanks Kim!

Unfortunately the onsen theme park doesn’t allow people with tattoos :( I really wanted to go but that’s ok bc there is so much other stuff to do in Japan idk how I’m going to fit it all in. Thanks for another great video!!

Yeah, that's one downside to onsens in Japan. Glad you found some other places to go.

Such a great Video. Much information! Tokyo is so interesting and I will see it soon with my own eyes :-) . Thank you so much!

Thanks Jule

Where you get those boots? Link or store name

Here you go.

are pokemon still a thing??

fyi, umbrellas cost 300 yen

I've seen them for 100 yen...

7-11 or Family Mart-- i think it was 500 yen

Going japan soon. Very useful info. Can you do something like where tourist can get a SIM cards or pocket wifi on the first day suggestions? If possible? Thank you

You can get them at the airport before you leave. Its impossible to miss. And if you somehow do, if you ask anyone at an information desk they will direct you to one (yes, they speak English). In case anyone is interested, the same goes for ATM machines and money exchange shops too.

Wow! I'm blown away by all the organized information presented in such a relatable way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm definitely going to visit a few of these places when I visit Tokyo.

Glad I could help with your plans Angel. I have a few other videos on Tokyo if you have not seen already.

Which area do you recommend to stay at if I'm visiting Tokyo for 4 days only? Is Shibuya a good spot? :) Thank you for your awesome videos!

Shibuya is great spot. Trans access to everywhere and tons of shops and restaurants. Check out my Shibuya video and let me know what you think.

Really love all the places you passed. Everythings so interesting! Cool video again!

Thanks Jigs. Good to talk to you again.


Thanks Adam. You can always visit as well.

I'm so excited watching your videos of Japan! I'm going to Tokyo in January but I'm kind of afraid of all the metro lines! Hope I don't get confused.

Thanks bluepink19. It will help to have a map or the name of the place where you are going. People should be able to point you in the right direction.

Great video

Another Great Video!! Thanks for working so hard to make it! I would like to suggest that maybe one day you do a top 10 best conbini food video. Show people who haven't been to Japan/Tokyo what Famichiki all about!!!

Thanks Brian. That is a Great Idea! I will do it. Much appreciated.

Best Japan videos. Thanks so much, really appreciate your hard work

Thanks hannah! Glad you appreciate all the effort that goes into the videos. Catch you in the next video.

I know most places u went but to me they have there all great little cool spots around all them areas!!!!! Too many cool places to see and eat!!!! Never boring!!!!

Fantastic work Paolo. I will be there tomorrow, so this is really informative! Thank you Sir!

Let me know if you make anywhere in the video. good luck

Been loving your videos Paolo! We’re headed back to Japan next month so you’ve been super helpful & definitely heading to a few places you’ve showed in your videos

That's awesome to hear Kelly. Hope you have a great trip.

Another awesome video!!! We booked the Gate hotel on your recommendation. We’ll be in Tokyo Dec 17th can’t wait . What type of camera do you use , the clarity is amazing!

Awesome! Check out the description, it has link to all my gear.

This must have been hard to do! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to provide us with great videos about Japan. I feel like I'm there with you and I miss Japan so much!!! P.S. Love how you ended with Shibuya. You just went home after haha :D

Thanks Chenie! It's always nice to make it back home.

I've been watching a lot of Japan vloggers but I've latched onto your videos the most. It really feels like I'm there, walking right at the street level, seeing what the regular people see. That's my kind of travel lifestyle and you've captured it perfectly. I have a feeling you're going to be really big someday so kudos to your video presence, editing, and great production quality! I'd love to see more videos of secret side street stores and restaurants you like, like hidden ramen carts or super stylish tiny fashion boutiques that not many people know about but a local who knows his streets would. Those would be super interesting! Anyway, great work, looking forward to the next videos!

Thanks KatipunanCowboy! I appreciate the kind words. The secret side streets and shops are in the works. You'll see more of these in the future. Just need to get a few more videos like this one, upload since I've already planned them.

Question: what editing software do use?

Answer: Final Cut Pro

Be going there next year for work

A question: what camera are you using? Thanks.

It's all in the description of the video.

Looks really great, how hard is it if one does not speak Japanese?

U should buy a tripod for your phone so u dont need to squat when u take a video xd

Super helpful! Love your hand drawn maps !

Thanks Michelle!

love your video , but at car session or game , u should play around a little more look more fun.. than then just show the place.

I was thinking about it, but the video is so long already. So much I had to edit out.

It rains more than Seattle.

Thanks tokyo life!

Sadly, we can’t drop off our kids at a kids cafe here in America. Can’t wait to visit again!

Very well done. You put a smile on my face

Glad to hear that!

Paolo is the kind of guy that accumulates tons of saliva in his glands and can't control when he spits a lot talking.

Thanks Paolo

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Grt job! Hats off!❤

Why is the G-damn place so clean. ugh. I love it. I feel like I am in Japan. Thank you Paolo.

Yeah, so clean. Glad you liked it triniman020!

Glad you liked Anna!

In Japan it is.

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Awesome!!! Going to japan with the family soon!!! Your videos are very well described and easy to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks co co!

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Thanks Me Me! Glad my Tokyo videos can help you and your family with your trip.

Thanks Super Girl!

19.17 fanservice

Awesome work with this video!

you are so cute and nice that I want't to hug you.

The way you film your video and talk to the camera squatting down looks like casey neistat,haha but nonetheless it is still a good video but i prefer you doing more food videos and talk to the locals which will be more interesting and shows the japanese vibe through your video

Thanks MageThief!

Thanks Haruto!

This was great! Very informative, and nicely done too!! Perfect for when I go!

Thanks Tiffany! Check out my other Tokyo videos if you need more tips.

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HOT. Be prepared.

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This is sooo good - did not realize I was watching this for almost half an hour! great work xx

Subbed. You cover things about Japan that I haven't seen from then other channels and you keep theme. Keep up the great work

You went to an onsen and your not wet? Damn

Your joy is so infectious!! I love it!

I have so much stuff on my list for each part of Japan already and you and other people make it even longer for me how sas lol lol lol lol

Thanks dolette!

Thanks SoldatCrinale!

Paolo fromTOKYO I really have 8 kids bro. Look at my channel.

hahahah. glad you got the joke.

Thanks took a few rain days to film this one but it was super fun trying to find the routes.

You're great! But that deffintly wasn't a hole in 1 now was it???

ooo I was in Sunshine city! My kids love the pokemon mega center hahaha... you requested -

Great video, too bad i had a rainy day in tokyo last summer. spent time in Akhihabara and a museum.

Hi Paolo, great video as always!! Did you ever think about the mega cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc. in China? Maybe you can start a new series for those cities?

So much to do in Tokyo even though it is raining. Thanks for watching Evert!

Are you an Illustrator? so talented.

I subscribed to your chanel and japan is awsome country .

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Great video! It was fun to see you stick so faithfully to your plan of not getting wet!

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Great video! Reminds me a lot of how you can stay dry in Yokohama at the Landmark Tower and the connected shopping as well as being connected to the trains that run to and from the Yokohama station and all of it's underground shopping too. Love Japan!

Great video! I've been there last December and i want to go back there again, i didn't enjoy much but still inlove with Tokyo. Your videos had been a great help to me as a new first timer to go to Tokyo. Hope to meet you when I go back there and have my vacation again!

Thanks Becca! If you see me on the streets, definitely say hello!

Paolo fromTOKYO i will

Appreciate you watching Wabbit!

Thanks Shiba!

Thanks Shomi!

Thanks for watching my videos Guido!

Thanks Shenice!

At least if it rains, you've got something to do :-)

Thanks Dan!

Thanks for subscribing vladislav tertychenko

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Amazing work! I love your enthusiasm -

Thanks Gurinder!

yeah, this video took some time and also had to wait for the rain days. But super fun to film and work things out.

i love all your vidz about Tokyo. going on Apr 18 and your info helps

I Love this Sunshine City aspecially the Pokemon center❤️❤️❤️sooooo cute

Can you fit luggage in those lockers?

The lockers are not that big.

Hope you have an awesome trip in April!

I admire you dedication to include all the details, drawing each map, thinking and organizing your videos in such a neat way. Excellent job

thank you Paolo! you the best!

I wanna talk with you bro

16:11 -"Why am I doing this" BTW nice vid, tons of recommendations. Thanks ;)

An underground city plus a lot of places ! Great video !

Thanks 1d!

Glad you like my recommendations!

thanks. Took a lot of time to make this video.

Wow great job man, haven't seen many videos on YouTube work so hard for one video

Thanks Hedi. This video did take a lot of time to plan, film and edit, but I'm glad that I could share this info with you guys.

More Tokyo Tips on my site

thanks a lot! these tips and informations helps a lot for me when I travel to Tokyo soon.

Map is downloadable from my site

Thank you for another great video! I hope you’ll do one that can give tips for family’s things to do in Tokyo, (Meaning kids and toddler activities shopping and restaurants) There are some tourist family vlogs, but I find your editing and pov more to my liking .

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Thanks rhetoricru!

My dude.. thank you soo much for this video in my travels there it was RAINING and saw this video and went to sunshine city for the day. It made my vlog better if not I would have stayed in my hotel the whole day and it would have been a boring vlog lol thumps up for sure thank you again for making this!!

For sure Fabian. Exactly why I made this video. Enjoy your trip!

Venus Fort reminds me of Las Vegas lol "And if you got kids you can drop their asses off here the kid park" that was random and priceless xD

hahahah, glad that part made you laugh.

top10 curry shops! top10 ramen shops! top10 theme restaurants!

Thanks for the suggestions. I've actually done a bunch of top 10s. Check out my channel. Here is the 1st part of the top 10 ramen.

We're planning our FIRST Tokyo trip and your videos make it so much easier to do. Plus i've compared other "Tokyo Tours Videos" to yours, but you are much more likeable. Big Love from The Netherlands

I just discovered your channel. Your enthusiastic tours make for fun watching!

Awesome! Glad you liked the video E Q.

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Maybe you can help me suggest which is the cheapest way to go to mount fuji fr narita airport , because i wanna stay in fuji for a day and go back to tokyo for surrounding Paolo fromTOKYO .. thank you for ur help ^^

Awesome! Glad you liked the video nurria apriyanti.

Thank you very much Paolo we love your videos

Thanks Marcos Britto!

how do people move to Japan without knowing Japanese language? I'm just curious how do the foreigners work and live there. Do they expect you to know the national language?

Love it! I will never be able to visit but I really love it! The theme park?


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Your Videos are GREAT! Thank you.

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I really like your presentation

Please can I make sure if the 35 Floor is in Shin Marounchi Building?

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This was such a great video! You put so much work into it and did so much in such a short period of time. Your channel is a huge help w/ planning my first trip to Japan. Thanks Paolo!

I have no idea how you were able to go to those 10 places in a single day... Plus you filmed it when it was raining so you couldn't go first thing in the morning...

This is the most useful info for everyone that facing rainy day in Tokyo! Thanks for your hardwork to make this video !

Thank you for your video, it will be very helpful in my next visit to Tokyo.

can you make video about best thrift shop in tokyo? I'll be thanksfull.

great. can't wait for it.

Thanks for the suggestion Fredy Kenshusei! Will add it to my list of videos to make.

I remember walking around in the underground shopping streets beneath Shinjuku station, however i never realised how massive the Tokyo underground walkway network is. It's almost like another city beneath the streets! I do feel you need to know your way around (and being able to read the Kanji on the signs will make that easier too) since you're kinda without marking point to get your bearings...

good job, thank you for the tips))

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Carolinesakura!

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Luis Funes!

Very cool video and very informative!!

Hey PJ do you live near that area. Cousin Alan

Hope u do an amazing video about things to do in tokyo in the summer or atleast,summer essentials what to bring and what to wear haha love you paulo!!!!!

Thanks Inikah Selosa! In the summer, you've got to dress light. I did this video in the summer and you can see how hot it is

You are a very warm person who puts so much effort in his videos. I admire that! I am going to Tokyo for 6 months in september, for an exchange. I will go to university in Ikebukuro. Do you think we could meet?

watching you walk makes me feel tired

Super Helpful as we'll be going during rainy season!

You can really see, how much effort you put in your videos, keep up the great work!

Awesome! Glad you liked the video Niemand Namenlos.

If you see me walking around, definitely say Hello!

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Thanks Andro Wijaya!

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Awesome! Glad you found the info useful Puspa A.!

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just watching this makes me want to go back to Tokyo pretty baldy :)

Very helpful indeed. My family and I are going there in Dec but only for 3 days. Would you recommend paying for tour guide? We are staying in Shibuya.

0:06 there's one fine thing to do behind you

Thanks dude

I'm just curious is there no like burger or European food restaurants in Japan ? I'm planning a trip because I love the culture and obliviously I wanna see where Manga all began and I've a strict medical diet where I can't eat raw foods like sushi and I'm not aloud rare cooked meats

I'll get so lost

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Keep it up bro!

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Paolo fromTOKYO thank you

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Hello Paolo! Thank you so much for your videos. We really like it!we went to Tokyo and I fall in love with you city! I didn't say goodbye till next time! We stay in odaiba in Hilton hotel awesome view from the hotel to rainbow !I fall in love with you people Can you please make video about the trains when they close the doors I almost have an accident . When the door closed. .and my arm got trap I almost lost my life. ,..those doors dooond have sensor like here in u.s..I mean in the elevator! The train have music .and I didn't know! Was so scary! My husband action save my life! I still thinking going back one day

I want to see a Japanese school system

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