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This was a project that took a lot of effort and many months and days to complete You may mistake it as a winglet, we received a lot of such comments on our Instagram post A very good morning everyone. Welcome back to my channel Murshid   Bandidos. Hope all you guys are doing really good I have held the go-pro below a light source so that you can see because you won't be able to see me otherwise because the time now is 5:15. We have planned to leave by 5 am. We are off to Athirapilly Falls for V4 product shoot. We are planning to reach the falls just in time for the sunrise I think we can make it even though we are around 15 minutes late. We had loaded the V4 and project V3, yes we are taking it too, yesterday itself.

We are taking the V3 to show some similarities between the two motorcycles So, this will be an exciting video. And not just that On the way, once we are in the car, I have something to discuss with you all There's a big event coming up at Bandidos and I will explain to you what this event is all about Let me introduce the people present with me today Who do we have here? Rashid! Rashid is the one who takes the creatives in the store If you come down to the store, after fitting in items for our customers, he shoots, edits, and posts videos as reels within a short span You have never seen him on my videos before because he never could leave the store as he is in charge of the creatives there it's a daily thing and so he never gets time to join us but today, since it is early morning, he has joined us. Then we have, as usual, Joel Jenson So, without any further delay, let us get going. Once on our way after getting some diesel, I will talk about the event I mentioned earlier.

So, let's go We have two more people joining us. They are drinking tea. Dildas, photography, and Sree Govind Mohan, the host of Bandidos Pitstop Dildas, all set? Yes So we have entered the route to Athriapilly; we are Potta–Moonupeedika road So, from here, we will pick these two up and head to our location as soon as possible On the way, we have much to discuss. I was waiting for there to be more light. Now we have better lighting, so now we will start The first and the most important thing that I need to tell my riders family is about Bandidos Diwali Sale Bandidos usually has two sales. One is the Bandidos Freedom Blast Sale that happens around August 15 That's our flagship sale. The second one is the Diwali sale

Last year, we didn't have a Diwali sale. It didn't seem right to have a sale during the pandemic; so we couldn't conduct it last year But this year, everything has settled down. Riders have started to ride again and everything is full on. So, definitely, everyone will be facing some financial crunch for sure. As a way of alleviating this difficulty, Bandidos has a great discount for you. We have decided to give attractive discounts and even sell items well under their value With upto 70% discount. Some helmets are available with 50% off. I'm talking about branded helmets So, what I am trying to say is that this sale has a very attractive product range and discount for you. It is to be noted by all of you.

The sale with start on 30th October at 12 am The reason I am saying it here specifically is that we all go for rides and may have eyes a few products and plan to fit them on our motorcycles and because of financial difficulties, we may have planned to do it at a later time If you have such plans, you should definitely check out the website on October 30 at midnight. This is a website-only sale You should definitely try to take part in the sale because you will find all the products you need on the sale A noteworthy thing is that Bandidos is able to give such big discounts is because the vendors we are collaborating with are cooperating with us Since they have given us significant discounts on the stocks they have, Bandidos is able to give you great offers. That is why we are able to give you such great deals. There is no other reason So, firstly I would like to thank all the brands for this. It is because of them Bandidos is able to conduct such sales I am also taking this time to mention something related to the sale As part of the sale, Bandidos is also organizing a contest In the upcoming week, that is, the week you will be watching this video, keep checking our Instagram page We have a strong presence on Instagram or rather, we work really hard on that platform Most times, we use Instagram to share all the things we want to share with you all So, the reason I keep asking you to check the Instagram page is that Bandidos will keep updating you all through stories and feed posts While checking our social media feed, keep an eye out for the contest Bandidos is organizing So, when we put up a particular post, the people sharing it and tagging people in it, you will need to tag people I will do a dedicated video on that but let me give you an outline of the process The winners, 20 winners, for sharing the post will prizes. The first 10 will get vouchers worth Rs 2000 vouchers and the next 10 will get vouchers worth Rs 500

You can redeem the voucher on the Bandidos website or buy something with the voucher. So, this will be a great opportunity. You don't need to purchase anything here You just have to share the post and tag people to be part of the contest Then, don't forget. I am waiting for this sale to be complete As soon as the sale is done, we will have the 100K subscribers celebrations. Again, I will promise that it will be the best contest. It will be the best contest that one can give for the 100K achievement

Now, we are on our way to Athirapilly, just a few kilometres left to reach. As soon as we reach we will unload Project V3 and V4 and give you the usual overview of the products we have developed along with a few riding shots So, we will see the rest once we reach there. Let's go. Yaay! we had come to this very spot that day to take the shots for Project V3 On this very bridge, we had taken a few shots of changing the gears The best thing is the sunrise. Sunrise is not entirely visible just yet. That day, there wasn't this much water

This time, everything is just splendid es, let's look at the water on this side. It's completely set. This time, it's entirely different. Oh! Look at this! It's flowing! Wow, we have some fog over her and some mist on this side. Splendid Looks good. This shot with Isuzu and the sunrise, Wow!

Wow. Woah! Okay, let us unload quickly and gear up fast Let's start. Fast, fast, Fast! So, we have all geared up and all the padding is done. We will now get to the part of the video covering products we have developed Come on Hey, hey, so, as you know, this is the one we built one year back we started with this v3 building   and customized it to the Yamaha R1M and  now recently Yamaha launched a   similar bike which is inspired from R7  that is Yamaha V4 M edition. You may have seen us taking the delivery of this bike 

and this video is all about the products that we have developed for this V4 motorcycle. When we started this Vlog our first vlog was on building this beautiful machine I had mentioned in the earlier video that this was a project that was close to my heart This was a project that took a lot of hard work and several days and months to finish because the first colour of this bike was yellow. Many had liked the yellow variant of the motorcycle But within 2-3 months, we turned it into this colour, silver colour As you can see, Yamaha introduced V4 in a similar colour combination Anyway, it looks good. You get a brotherly feeling when you look at the two of them In this video, I just wanted to quickly introduce this. The main reason why I came here is During our first video, this is where we had come for the shoot. We had come to Athirapilly for the Project V3 shoot

That's why we came to this location. Now, what I am going to talk about is the products that we have developed. We are about to see the details of the first set of products  we have developed    Let's start So without wasting a lot of time, we are going to look at the first set of accessories that V4 riders have eagerly waited for   We had a lot of experiences in this area; we are very familiar with the Athirapilly area We show this location in many shoots and it is one of our favourite spots So, the first thing that I would like to introduce to you is the mirrors that you can see here Many may not even realize it's a mirror. Some may even mistake it as a winglet We got several comments about the confusion on our Instagram video and in our inbox. That's why I clarified it The super stealth wing fin mirrors are incredible Even with its design, this has an aerodynamic make and is a very premium mirror You will discover the true purpose of this mirror when you twist it like this This is one of the top mirrors. You can adjust it according to your preference and needs As usual, you can find this product on our website if you would like to buy it. Of course, it is to be noted that there is very limited stock

that's why I specifically said it is available on the website. After that, right on top of the mirror is the DB Visor DB visor...we all know the company has developed a very minimal visor, a windshield With this double bubble-shaped visor, the motorcycle already has a very sporty look with significant changes to the fairing So when you add such a double bubble visor, it is an add-on; you will see a cosmetic upgrade. But the double bubble visor is a product that can bring significant change to the front appearance of the bike The next product we have is the lever guard, level protectors Lever protectors...why do we use them? We use them to offer levers protection when our motorcycle falls. When we fall, the first thing to happen is the lever breaking To protect the lever from breakage during a fall, we use these lever protectors The lever guard has a carbon-fibre finish that will give you a complete protection for the levers as well as When riding in a group, it is highly likely to get into accidents by accidentally hitting the co-rider's handles when in speed So this kind of lever guard will protect from the fall as well as when you are on a ride This lever guard comes in carbon finishing and is available in multiple colour variants at Bandidos If you visit the Bandidos website and explore the levers section, you can easily buy a lever of your liking If you come right down; actually, in the stock motorcycle, as I mentioned in the last video, that the front indicator is a very minimal indicator When we changed that indicator, the fairing's side look has changed completely This one is called JDM indicators. It is available in multiple colour variants on Bandidos just like the levers from earlier

but I like this particular model, so I have fit this one here The next thing I am going to introduce is the underbelly. The underbelly is a must-have accessory because This is already a sporty bike and this product completes that sporty look You can see here, we have been able to cover the engine completely similar to a super bike. Moreover, when we fit it in a silver colour, we have been able to make it look like a super packed motorcycle The next product is for the riders who ride solo Riding on your own, when you don't have anyone to ride with you, a must-have product is this seat cowl. The seat cowl, as you can see after being fitted, has a sharp and elegant design The handrail side is already very sharp. You may have seen it in Project V3. V4 has the exact same, ditto, design Since it has a very broad frame, we have developed a suitable seat cowl for it Now, suppose a situation arises where you need to let someone sit here immediately. At such times, it is noteworthy that you can easily remove the cowl The next one is Tail Tidy The tail tidy, as I mentioned while taking the delivery of V4 that the back doesn't have the same level of aggressiveness that the front side displayed The main reason was that the mud flap that came at the back felt a little too much to me That feature just destroyed the sporty look We were able to show you this aggressive look because we removed it first So, this is Revz Tail Tidy which is available in multiple designs If you check the Bandidos websites, you will find several models of it.

A noteworthy feature of the Revz Tail Tidy is that you can easily fit your stock or after-market indicators along with the number plate. Sometimes, number plates come with LED lights directed at the number plate. The tail tidy has enough space to fit the light as well The last and final, and one of my favourite products is the LED-integrated tail light I have now added a blue colour LED integrated tail light. The reason is that the motorcycle has a silver and blue combination so I added a blue tail light. The tail light comes in multiple colour options. So, if your bike is red in colour, you can get red-coloured tail lights

But when you apply the brake, the blue colour becomes a red colours as usual The most noteworthy feature is that the indicators are integrated into this one. This means you don't need a separate indicator This doesn't mean you don't need an indicator. The tail light comes with an outstanding indicator but you can always fit an additional one Whichever is suitable for you and feels better to you can be fitted to this We have other LED indicators, so you can check them out and buy them So, as you know, it hasn't been very long since we got the delivery of this bike, and the accessories that you just saw were developed within these numbered days. That means that these are the first set of accessories that we have developed for V4 at Bandidos There are many more accessories that the R&D team are yet to develop for the V4 If you own a V4 or have loved ones that own and use a V4, definitely share this video with them because I think within such a short period, the only team to bring forth so many accessories for V4 is Bandidos I hope this video can help them in knowing that they have so many products that they can buy So, the next week's video is going to be on Bandidos Diwali Sale I will do a walkaround in the showroom and introduce all the products that are available for the sale I guarantee that you will find any accessories for any motorcycle at great discounts. That is what we will be covering in the next week's video. We have several videos waiting for you. The Bangalore shoot is still in pending

because after this sale, the next video would be on the contest As I promised earlier, the contest is going to be great So the first thing that I am going to focus on is the Diwali sale Usually, we upload our videos on Sunday at 9 am but this week, the upcoming week, we will upload on Saturday You will find more details on this on our Instagram page The sale starts on Saturday midnight I felt that watching the video could be helpful for you. That's why we are uploading on a Saturday So I am ending this video here. This channel has more such motorcycle content this channel has more such adventure content If any of you haven't yet subscribed, definitely subscribe right away because you don;t want to miss any motorcycle adventure content you don't want to miss any product-related  content and don't forget to press the bell   icon. This is Murshid Bandidos signing off from Athirapilly. Thank you so much; see you on the next video

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