Toronto and East York Community Council - July 4, 2018 - Part 1 of 2

Toronto and East York Community Council - July 4, 2018 - Part 1 of 2

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Oh. They'll. Call us the item will say nine. Are there any speakers, yes and you'll get all that direction so, they're just not quite. Don't. Leave the chair on the bridge, okay. The. Agenda. I'm. Okay but you will, rotate you guys. Okay. Good. Morning everyone. Good. Morning if I can encourage you and invite you to take a seat we're going to begin meeting. Number of 30 for the trial East Shore Community, Council. Thank. You very much we have a very substantial. Agenda. Before us over 205, items so, far and we, anticipate that the agenda will continue, to grow I'd. Like to begin the meeting by acknowledging that. The. Trial East Shore Community Council meets on the traditional territories, of the Mississauga's, of the new credit First Nations the whole ishani the Huron when that and home, to many in diverse, indigenous, peoples. Thank. You very much are. There any declarations. Of interest under the municipal conflict, of interest Act. Seeing. None thank you. If. You, declare you do have to stay for the meeting yeah unless, it's time to vote. The, couple may I have someone to move the confirmation, of the minutes from June the 6th 2018. Councillor fridge' Takas all, those in favor any opposed that carries thank you, for, members of the public who are here to speak to any particular item on the agenda please, let us know the clerk is on the right, hand side of me and he. Will make sure that you your, name is populated, on our speakers list so we don't miss you, thank. You very much. Before, we begin, the formal proceedings, I'd like to acknowledge that this, is the last meeting of Tralee Shore Community, Council, it's, the last meeting for us of this term and during. This particular a period of time we've had the pleasure of serving with many. Distinguished. Members here and, I'd like to acknowledge that we have at least three. Members who, will be serving for the last time this this. Term, councillor, jan, and davis as well, as councillor merrymaking, mcmahon, and councillor, Lucy Troisi, it, has been an absolute, honor to serve with the three of you we, have gone. Through some big adventures, here and I think that this is probably the very finest moment for us as we, sadly. Say goodbye to three depart members especially. With the biggest agenda before, us so far I have, been advised that an agenda, of this size sometimes takes us into midnight I'm going to do the very best that we can that we don't do that I have, an 18 year old dog that needs to be walked and I suspect many of you have other obligations to, get back - are. There any members who would like to offer some remarks. Go. Ahead sir I'd just like to know what time the dinner break is. So. Counselor we have specifically. At this meeting count time items at 5:30, we did talk the clerk's that I did, agree. That we would try to monitor. The movement of the of, the items and we're, going to try to have, a dinner break around 6:30. Okay. Councillor, Davis so I'd like to offer some remarks no, I'm offering, ok. I'm offering. Remarks. All right that was my question and I did want to offer remarks, no I want, to go first. Supposed. To go back how sir Davis did you want to go first all right I think councillor Fletcher. Would like to have the, floor oh she's. Joking, okay good yesterday, I was at. Government. Management where the chair there recognized. The actual stellar work of councillor Davis over many years on that committee someone. Who knows. Every. Report. All, of the functionings, of the city itself and all. Of the divisions and departments and. In. Her remarks councillor Davis talked about the staff and the incredible, knowledge, that they have and the, work that they do and how important. Government management committee is and knowing the inner workings, of the city and being able to keep. An eye on things the accountability, framework but, acknowledging. The hard work of the public service I also, mentioned. That she had chaired. The. CDR. Under. Mayor, Miller for. Three years and then. Also we, should note that councillor, Davis was one of the chairs of Toronto and East York Community, Council can you remember that far back yes. No. No no a great chair and, I. Think, just councillor perks and myself we're, here during. Your tenure as chair, councillor. Davis so we remember the good job that you did you. Are a stellar, councillor, you know your business you, know the files whether.

People Agree with you or don't agree with you they, know that you know what you're talking about and you, bring an enlightenment, to all, the issues that you deal, with and I. Just want to say and we got, elected. Together, we've. Done. Many good things together anyone, who has a swimming pool in a school and their Ward anywhere, in the city has, councillor, Davis to thank for that the. Championship. Of Recreation, and childcare but. In saving, all those pools thank. You very much for every time a child swims. Janet for, that work and for everything else that you've done very popular, in her community. Well-loved. In her community and I wish you well in your. Retirement. Although I do think you'll probably be sitting out there making some deputations, right there, for your five minutes, as. Often. As you are interested. In and you'll be a champion, outside. These walls as you have been inside these walls so thank you for your years of service. Councillor. Leighton you, know we have a big, agenda so I'll be very brief I wanted. To commend councillor Choi see for while we will only work together for a short time I think, that she. Took. Up the position very, quickly and was able to navigate some, with with the support of her. Staff I'm some very complex, files, in. What is a very complicated ward and that, should be commended many of us don't have the level of development. That, that. You inherited. And you've, done quite, a good job in a short period of time I councillor, McMahon, if. If you. Have an issue on your mind there is nothing, that can't stop you from moving it forward. We sometimes disagree it's mainly, been on minor things and it's. Been a pleasure to sit next to you in the back row of council, and serve, with you now as as your. Chair on the parks and Environment Committee I'll have some words, of the parks and Environment, Committee for you, there. And. Councillor Davis I don't know if many know I actually, my first job at City Hall was in councilor Davis's office as an intern the year after she got elected I served. As an. Unpaid intern in her office as a work placement student, from from. The planning. School at the University York, University and it. Was very clear at that earliest, stage just how passionate, councillor. Davis is about her community, and about her work here at City Hall the. Attention, to detail that the, deep institutional. Understanding. That you have councillor, Davis is going, to be sorely missed I know that I'll miss calling. You up and getting the background on, on. Issues, that. It had. She'll, be she'll be hopefully, calling me up and and and and helping me through some of the documents nobody reads more I think, we we, had we, heard jokes when many of us started eight years ago about. Another counselor, that. About, Howard Moscow, that. He had, good attention to detail I think that you've now taken on, that that. That, role and on city council and and for that we should all be very. Very. Account. Ourselves is very fortunate the other point that I'll just make very quickly is I don't think there's been a, strong. Advocate for child care in the City of Toronto and being a parent with with. One child and child care and hopefully, a second I just wanted to thank, you very. Deep down in, my wallet, for. For. All of the all of the hard work that you've done on that file we're. Gonna need to find a new advocate, for. On that file there are many of us that I think would would, have, a have an understanding of it that we'll be calling you up to try to get your support. Navigating, that file, but thank you just from deep. Down from the, beginning of my career to now. Having. Children in a. System that needed, an advocate thank you thank. You thank. You very much counselors there. Will be other opportunities to, speak I would and, because, there are still standing committee, meetings, to conclude as well as an opportunity City Council we have a very large agenda but before, I move. Forward I, wanted to just acknowledge the. Counselors who are departing. Would, you like to say a few words councilor, Davis. Thank, you so much I, do. Particularly. Want to speak at this committee.

Because. This is a group of councillors who. Exemplify. Excellence. Hard. Work. Integrity. Who. Are working to build a great city and. I'm. Not sure that I could well let me back up that's, why I want to say it in this bill you, every. Single one of you here, have been, good. Friends. You. Have been, wonderful. Colleagues, and. I. Know, that. This is, the, hardest. Workload. In. This in. This community, Council. And, you do remarkable, work to. Make sure that you represent. Your. Communities, at the same time. Understanding. With, a deep understanding. About. The. Challenges. Of the. Planning framework, we're working in here and you. Have taken the lead so many of you around this table too challenging, the systemic. Problems. With the planning, process. Both. At Council, and Beyond and the different. Changes. As a result of the advocacy, of people around this table. And. I want to thank you for that. We. Will, hopefully, in the future have greater control over planning, and this, Community. Council will have much greater control over the kind of communities, they. Want to see develop. In. The future I also. Wanted. To say, thank. You to all of, the staff, who. Are here. From. Legal, Brian. And. Linda. And all, the others in the planning and legal division. You, are exceptional. Professionals. You. Do amazing. Work every day and we. Appreciate. I appreciate. Your. Skill. Knowledge, and commitment, to your, work into our city I. Also. Want. To thank our clerks. Here's. One. To. Ellen to, the committee administrators. Who also. Do. Miracles every single month to. Make sure that our agendas, are organized, that all the reports are in, that. The bylaws, are accurate. It. Is incredible. Work you do not. Behind the scenes in front here, and we. Recognize. That around this table, so. Thank you for. All that work, that you do and. I. Just. Say. Finally. It's. Been a, difficult. Choice, to. Leave. But. I. Want. To get back some of my personal life and I'm sure every one of you around this table at, some, point are going to feel exactly, the same way. To. Go on to do the things that you don't have time to do now and. I. Look forward to seeing you in. A, different, venue than around this table in a restaurant over a beer. Or. Maybe. Paula on the golf course. You. Have to teach me. So. Thank. You again very much. You are wonderful wonderful. Colleagues, and I've appreciated. Your. Friendship and, support all these years thank you. Councillor. McMahon thank, you very much good morning everyone. Collegial, colleagues as I call you I'm, looking for the champagne but I guess that's coming later. So. Growing. Up in Collingwood. With my dad as a mayor I. Vowed. I'd never go into politics, because I thought they were dumb stupid. Useless boring. Whatever, teenagers. Think and, boy. Was I wrong, and. So. My first. Debut. I guess here was with my kids crawling, under the tables, as I came down to crusade, for the pesticide, bylaw. And, I thought wow these these, guys can do. Good. Work they, have the power to, do great work and so. Slowly, it began to grow um I had the idea to to. Jump. In here and I did but I did I you, know with, my strong belief of term limits if we want to have gender. Equity youth, and more diversity on council, I think we there needs to be something like. Term limits rank ballots whatever it is electoral, reform to allow for that so. I came in and it's. Been a great, ride for, eight years and, I have to say you all, are. Whether. We. Agree. Or disagree and, parking. Pads will be forever my, nightmare. Thank. You mr. perks at all, we. You. Do love. Your city you, work tremendously. Hard and. You. Want to build a better town. And I really, respect that and admire you for all your work and staff. You. Know we put you through the wringer and. You. Work endlessly. For us, you are salt of the earth and. You. Don't get enough respect in this town but I'm happy, to to, build you up with billboards, on the outside, as. To how great you are so thank you very much for the rise. Counselor. Troi see yes. I will say a few words good, morning. You. Know what I why, I'm actually just starting to learn how this really, operates, actually, but. When I first got here it was quite intimidating, even though I had 30 years experience at. City Hall I was, never in this position, and my.

Two Bookends, here really made me feel comfortable in terms of going through the agendas, and making. Sure that I knew when I was to tee off so. Yes. In terms of yes. Paul will be golfing. What. I like best about this. Particular committee, is the fact that the public gets to depute and you, learn all. Sorts of things about the entire city. Former, city of Toronto and East York so. That's been, you. Know I enjoyed this, committee out of all the committee's that I sit on and. I've met, and worked with many of you around here just because the, different elements of this, Ward touched on many, of yours so I thank, you for all that support, and, the. Staff who I've been really. Working. With. For, on. Many of the development, projects, in particular. Constantly. There's at least two or three developments, that come to our attention every, day it seemed so. That took up a lot of our time so, thank you and thank the clerk's as well and. Yeah. So, who, knows maybe I will have a political, future at some point but time. Will tell Thanks thank. You very much councilor thank you. Okay. So, that. Had to be done these are hardworking counselors, that we're saying goodbye to and, in this particular venue we love you very much for all that you've done but. Before you go we're. Going to put you through the wringer and make you do something so do some work we, are beginning our, agenda. On page, number. 144. The, item is te 34. Eight to. Appointments. To business improvement, area boards, of management. Wards. Twenty twenty-one and twenty-two. Yep. Councillor, crusty. So. I'll repeat I'll repeat that again on the golden rod papers, on page, 144. We're starting at te thirty, four point eight -. Okay. That's held by councillor, Fletcher te, thirty four, point eight three proposed, official, naming of a future park at twenty adlai, place wore 20 I'm. Gonna adopt the staff recommendations. I would just note though that the local residents Association, has a proposed, name that they're going to be consulting, on this summer in the public and so, I expect that this will be an interim, name as. We bring forward community. Consensus, early in the new year thank. You very much councillor all those in favor any, opposed Kerry thank you, te. 34.8. For requests, to name the staircase, and green space adjacent to Deer Park junior and senior public school in honor of Geoffrey Eman War 22i. I submitted, a motion and there should be a revised motion. Yes. Motion. Is on the screen all those in favor any, opposed. Item as amended all those in favor any opposed carried thank, you very much councillor te. 34.8. Five requests, to name the playground, in Lionel. Conacher Park in honor of Bill our Davis, 422. I. Move. The recommendation, all. Those in favor any, opposed, carried thank you very much t-34. Eight six official plan amendment, to future, protect, heritage. Views of City Hall old city hall and st. James Cathedral war, 20, 27. And 28. Okay. Counselor, Krissy, okay, I will, move to adopt the staff recommendations. Thank. You very much all those in favor any, opposed Kerry thank you te. 34.8. 4 4, 4444. 450. And 462. Front street west 425. For, thirty nine four four one and four for three Wellington Street West 6-11. Spadina. Avenue and one and nineteen Draper, Street urban, design guidelines, final, report for 20 I'm. Gonna move the staff recommendations, this comes out of the well and it's updated, urban. Design guidelines, for the site plan okay, all, those in favor any, opposed carried thank you. T, thirty four point eight eight University of Toronto st. George campus official. Plan amendment, application status report, war twenty I. Have, two, amendments if they can be put on the screen. And. With, these amendments which is as part of the to. Look at some of the adjacent zoning, as part of the secondary plan review with these amendments I can move it and I'll apologize now, to my colleagues I have fifty three items on today's agenda, so you're gonna hear my voice a lot okay. Thank. You very much a beach Scarborough by myself. Counselor thank you all those in favor of the motion on the screen any. Opposed item, as amended and opposed, carried Thank You T, thirty four point eight nine city, initiative young, st.. Clare's secondary, plan review or twenty two. A. Movie. I moved. The recommendation. All. Those in favor and, opposed, carried, te.

Thirty Four point nine zero st.. James town connects. Framework, st. James town public, room and open space plan final. Report war twenty eight. Move. Staff recommendations. Thank you all. Those in favor any. Opposed, carried. T. 34.9. One Main Street planning, study update. Report, Ward 31, 32 aye. Harris. Because I've. Just been informed that there is so, I, was, just wondering if we could see that. Do. That with the, Dan port planning study which is te thirty four point nine one and, do them together unfortunately. Councillor we're not going to be able to very view the the order of the paper simply, because the new proceeding and rules but. Noted. That there is a speaker this item will be held down for the speaker when it comes up so sorry, about that okay. Te. These are items deferred, from June the sixth, 2018. Te. 34.9. - assumption. Of services, Bridgepoint, health of subdivision, register plan 66, m - 2468. 430. All. Those in favor any, opposed. All. Those in favor any opposed carry thank. You te. 34, point nine three repeal. Of part lock control exemptions, bylaw war 2028. I'm, gonna move the staff recommendations, in the supplementary, report. All. Those in favor. Any. Opposed carry. Te. 34.9. For. The, Wellington destructor. 67. 677. Wellington, Street West city initiated zoning, amendment preliminary, report, ward 19, yes. Thank you very much. I've got I'd like to adopt, the staff recommendations. And just very quickly say there's an exciting project revitalizing. An old municipal, incinerator in Ward, 19 for a community economic development purpose. This. Will probably be the first of many motions to come in the future I welcome. Their next term along. The development of this site but it's an exciting first step. Thank. You councillor all those in favor any opposed, carried. T34. 0.95, 300. Bloor Street West and 7 and, 478. Huron Street zoning, amendment, preliminary, report wore 20. I'm gonna have to hold that down for a moment as I'm working through an amendment. Thank. You counselor, teehee. Thirty four point nine six fifty. Five sixty, one Charles Street is owning, bylaw amendment, and rental housing demolition application.

Preliminary, Report war, to twenty seven I would, move the staff recommendations. In the report all those in favor any opposed. Carrie. Teehee. Thirty four point nine seven. Two. Thirty eight to eighty Wellesley, Street East and six fifty Parliament, Street official, plan amendment, zoning amendment and rental housing demolition application. Preliminary. Report, 428. Thank. You madam. Chair I'll move staff recommendations. Okay. All those in favor any opposed, carried. T. Thirty four point nine eight. Eleven. Fifty one Queen Street East owning amendment application preliminary. Report, Ward thirty. Recommendations. Of course having, a consultation. Meeting, in July, is, not optimum. And. Note this is one of the 7-elevens that's close down the eyeball close down across the city, one. Of those sites and. Also to note that there is only one convenience, store left in the whole of Leslie ville many, have been closed down for. Rent. Searching. Thank. You counselor counselor can you just move the microphone closer to your mouth in it and that delight me to say it all over again. All. Those in favor, any. Opposed, Gary, T. Thirty four point nine nine construction. Staging, area two fifty Davenport, road and 181. Bedford, Road non delegated, war twenty I have. An amendment if it can be put on the screen which. Is for, the hoarding art to be done in partnership with the local community run local art this is a TCH see revite and, can I just say a huge thank you to transportation services, because this construction, the bike lane sidewalk, aunty TTC, bus lanes, are all being protected. Throughout it. Okay, thank. You very much counselor all those in favor of the. Motion on the screen any. Opposed, item as amended any opposed Kerry thank you t-34. 100. Construction, staging area time makes an extension. 49, to 51 Camden, Street wore 20, I'll, move the staff recommendations. And with, thanks to the residents, Association, for informing, and improvement, on Grand Street with us all. Those in favor any, opposed, Carrie T 34-point, 101, construction, staging area Paris Avenue 250, Davenport road and 181, Bedford, Road delegated. I'm. Gonna move an amendment and this is again for public. Art in partnership with the local community into, all the Harding and with that amendment I can move the staff recommendation okay, all those favor of the motion any. Opposed item as amended and opposed, carried. Te. 34-point. 102 construction. Staging area time extension Blue, Jays Way and Mercer Street 355. King Street West wore 20 I'm, gonna move the staff recommendations, on this one all, those in favor any, opposed carried. T34. Point 103, construction, staging area Blue Jays weighed 357. King Street West. Or. 20, I. Have, an amendment which, is on this one to. Work, with steps, and. You, don't have that yet I'm gonna hold this down then sorry for one set this is 103, yeah. Yeah so I'm gonna hold this down for one second to prepare that amendment my apologies. Now. We're heading to still. Deferred items from June 6, 2018. Construction, staging, area 15. - 35, Mercer Street item. Title is te 34, point 104. 420. My. Apologies. I need to continue to hold this down as I resolve it as well ok, that's held for you counselor, thank you. T. 34 point 105, construction, staging area, Forest. Hill Road 200. St. Clair Avenue West 422. Counselor, Melo I. Begrudging. Lee approved, the recommendation okay. All, those in favor any opposed. Carried, thank you t-34. Point, 106, installation, and removal Bond Street accessible, parking spaces June, 2018. Delegated. Counsel, rehearse I move approval, all, those in favor any opposed, oh. I. Apologize, there might be an amendment. Counselor. Counselor Fletcher, has an amendment. She's. Right there. Okay. Counselor Fletcher, would you like to move your Amendment. Okay. Thank. You amendment, is on the screen, all. Those in favor any opposed. Carried item is amended all those in favor any. Opposed Kerry thank you very much, so, consider. That moved by Councillor Fletcher I think okay. T34. Point 107. Installation, and removal of on street accessible, parking spaces Jun non, delegated. Award 14, council. Perks. Item. Number 107. Okay. All those in favor any. Opposed, Carrie thank you t-34, 108, installation. Of parking machines, and loading zones Nelson, Street War 20, I'll. Move the staff recommendation thank. You all those in favor. Any opposed, carry thank you t-34.

0.109. Accessible. Loading zone Church Street war, 28 thanks. Madam chair I'll move staff. Recommendations, all, those in favor any opposed. Carried, t-34. Point. 110, accessible. Loading zone Henry, Lane Terrace war 28. Again. I'll move staff recommendations. Thank you help all those in favor any, opposed, carry. T-34. Point 1 1 1 Road alterations. Merton, Street war 22. All. Those in favor any, opposed, carry. T-34. Point, 1 1 2 student, pickup drop-off area Madison, Avenue or 20, I have. An amendment if. That can be put on the screen and, with that I can move it and it's just so people know this is a new school pick up and drop off area we're amending it slightly so, that it can comply with a construction, site that's going to come next year so we want to make sure we're planning ahead on that. So. With that amendment I can move it. To, replace the recommendations, with, these. Amendments. Thank. You very much, councillor, the reason I'm pausing is because my screen keeps jumping so the text pops on and off if I can just ask a bee to come and take a look at my screen, that's. Fine but the the motion is on the back screen before you all those in favor any opposed. Carried. Item, as amended any opposed. Carried, thank you, teehee. 34.1. 1/3 realignment. Of permit parking area, 3G to exclude the development, located, at. 10:25. DuPont Street Ward, 18. Okay. So that's me this morning I'm Anna, I won't. Do as good of a job but I would like to move staff recommendations. Please that, was very well done councillor thank you all those in favor any opposed. Carried, thank you, te. 34.1. 1 for introduction. Of overnight, on street permit parking Lankin. Boulevard, war 29. Move. The recommendations, in the report all. Those in favor any. Opposed, carry. T34. Point, one five payment, in lieu of parking, 399, Dundas Street West Ward, 20. I'm. Gonna move the staff recommendation thank, you all, those in favor any opposed. Carried t thirty four point one one six short term parking Dalhousie. Street war twenty seven I. Would. Move the recommendations. In, the staff. Report I. Thought. I had an amendment on this. Okay. So just moving the recommendations, in the staff report and to thank staff for coming out to do the site visits, Dalhousie. Has been largely. Rendered, unsafe, because of now what, will be the to book and construction, sites and we're hoping to remedy that with, some changes to the two, other parking regulations, all those in favor any. Opposed, carried. T. Thirty four point one one seven notice, amendments, curb Lane vending locations, delegated, notice. The pending work on there was a notice of pending report which is now before us war, 2028. All right at the request of staff this is being withdrawn it's all moved to withdraw the item at. The request of staff. All, those in favor. Sorry. What. Okay. Thank you very much motion, to withdraw from, the agenda before us all those in favor any opposed. Carried, thank you. He. Thirty four point one one eight parking, amendments various, code chapters, curb Lane vending. Locations. Non delegated, Ward's twenty twenty seven twenty eight I'd, like to take that. Approval. Stop recommendations, thank you all, those in favor any, opposed, carried t-34. 0.119. Traffic. And parking amendments, st. helens Avenue and which talk Avenue, Ward, eighteen and, I'm, going to move staff recommendations. Please all. Those in favor any, opposed, carry. T34. Point one twenty, traffic, and parking amendments, Baldwin Street between Spadina, Avenue and Augusta Avenue war, 20 I'm. Going to move the staff recommendations, thank you all. Those in favor any, opposed, carried. Okay. So we have now come, I. Think. We've now concluded, the deferred items that's, a good thing te, 34.12. One and parking amendments over Park Road or, 21. Okay. So. I'm doubling. As Joma havoc okay. Council, does I, am. I'm. Honored. Approve. Staff, recommendations. All. Those in favor any. Opposed, carried t thirty four point one to two parking, amendments row Hampton Avenue or, 22. Councillor. Mellow, report. All. Those in favor adopting, the recommendations, any, opposed, carried, thank you t, 34 point, one two three parking amendment Spadina Road war 22, I support. The report, I move, it. Moving. The recommendations, in the report all those in favor any, opposed. Carrie thank you. T, 34.12. For parking, amendments Hazleton Avenue word. 227. I'm. Sorry. Moving the recommendations, in the staff report, all. Those in favor any opposed, carry. Teeth. Te. 34, point one to five parking amendments, Jarvis Street War 27. I will, be moving the to adopt the staff recommendations, all, those in favor any opposed. Carried. T34. 0.126. Parking, amendments don lens Avenue 429. Thank.

You Very much this is that council. Adopt the recommendations, in the report, okay. All those in favor any, opposed, carried. T34. 0.127. Parking. Amendments arendale Avenue war 29. I'm. Gonna hold this item because this item is actually part, of item, 149. And I'm gonna hold that one as well. Just. Getting, a revised staff, report so I've been asked by staff first that's other provisions, to be, and. You're also holding 149, yes okay. T34. 0.128. Parking, amendments, Austin Avenue Ward, 30. Councillor. Fletcher. I'm. Sorry counselor I can't hear you sorry. Didn't have that on move. The recommendations. Thank you okay, all those in favor any, opposed. That. Is carried thank you. T34. 0.129 parking, amendments Logan Avenue were, 30, move, the recommendations. Right all those in favor any opposed. Carry the. T34. Point one three zero parking, amendments Wagstaff, Drive war 30 move, that's I need ID please. All. Those in favor any. Opposed four, indefinitely. You. Want. Not a non-latin, okay no one Latin I love Latin okay. Motion. To differ indefinitely, and, all those in favor any, opposed. Carrie T, thirty four point one three one parking, amendments, Main Street and Hampstead, Avenue. Ward, 31, move. Adoption of the staff recommendations. All those in favor any, opposed. Carry t. Thirty four point one three. Two parking, amendments, would buy an avenue Ward thirty-one thirty-two I'll. Move adoption of the staff recommendations. It. Has to do with parking oh there's. Some, on your side too yes, okay, we'll. Move it together. This. Is what we call teamwork okay. Motion. Before us all those last meeting, let's not recommendations. How. Would you like to do this we're. We're, we're getting ready to vote it's okay I just. Wanted to thank staff, oh please do if I could this. These. Are changes that, were, made in, response, to, the implementation, as, the woodbine bike lanes and. Demonstrates. How. They. Have been able to accommodate. And make. Adjustments to. Make, sure that, we. Are. Making. Enter, entrances. And exits out. Of driveways, safer. And. Making. The bike lane in, overall. Safer. For pedestrians and. Cyclists. So, thank, you to the transportation. Staff. Great. Thank, you very much councillor, councilman. Mag did you also want to speak no. We're. Ready to vote okay all those in favor any. Opposed. Carry. T34. Point one three three parking, amendments, would mount Avenue Ward 31, I'll, move adoption of the staff recommendations. All, those in favor any, opposed, carry I. Was. Wrong we have a deferred item from June this six, T, thirty four point one three four traffic, safety Sudan, Avenue, or 22. Prove the staff report okay, all those in favor any, opposed. Carry. He's. Thirty four point one three four twelve, fourteen, and sixteen York, Street underground pedestrian path tunneled, Ward. 20, I. I'm. Gonna move staff recommendations, thank you all those in favor, any. Opposed. Carried. T. 30 points T, thirty four point one three eight encroachment. Of offense 31 Maple. Avenue. 136. Yeah, I'm 31 Maple Avenue were. 27. Yes, sir speaker on this, yes. There are speakers on this we're, gonna hold this item there are three speakers. Okay. Thank. You t-34. 0.137. Pedestrian. Tunnel connecting. 587. 599. Yonge Street to Wellesley subway, station or. 27. I. Will. Move to adopt the staff recommendations. And. To. Thank them for their work we're, getting further. Connected, with our developments, to the to, the to. The subway stations and that's exactly how we should be doing it all, those in favor any opposed carried, t. Thirty four point one three eight Rivertown, proposed, road safety improvements. Ward 30 just. Gonna hold that to talk to staff before. Okay. Okay. Sorry that's a whole thank you yep. T-34. 0.139. Temporary. Adjustments, to parking regulations, for 218, Canadian. National Exhibition delegated. Ward 14, I'm. Going to remove, approval and remind everyone that when you go to the acts take transit. Very. Good suggestion, all. Those in, favor any opposed. Carried. T, 34 point, 1 4 0 temporary. Adjustments, to the traffic and parking regulations. For - as. 2018. Canadian, now exhibition, non delegated, war 14, and if, you can't take transit take, a bike. I'll. Move approval, okay all those in favor staff, recommendations. Any opposed, carried, thank you t-34, point, one for one traffic regulations.

BD Avenue. And Dowling, Avenue, Ward 14. So. I'm, gonna move approval and note that it's. Way easier to get the bike plan implemented, here than it is at City Council. All. Those in favor of, that, motion and, the speech any. Opposed, carried. T, thirty four point one four to stop, control Indian, Trail and Indian Grove Ward fourteen. I'm. Going to move approval, all, those in favor and you put posed carried. T. Thirty four point one four three pedestrian. Crossover, Wellington, Street West at Stanley, Terrace Ward nineteen move, the staff recommendations, all those in favor any opposed, carried, T, thirty four point one four four traffic control signal Spadina Avenue and driveway of 371. Floor Street West War twenty. I'm. Gonna move staff, recommendations, to install this and with huge thanks, to transportation. Services. I'm. I'd apologize, councillor there, is a speaker, on this item. Okay. So we will hold that for the speaker if, I could just ask if, it may speed things up if the speaker could identify themselves. To me at some point I'm happy to have a conversation. T, 34 point one four five traffic, control signals, Queen Street West and McColl Street war twenty I'm. Going to move the staff recommendations. With tremendous. Thanks, to transportation services, for this long needed and much much. Appreciated by OCAD traffic Lee okay. All those in favor any opposed. Carried. T. Thirty four point one four six traffic. Control signals, Bathurst, Street and Mel gun Road war twenty one. Councillor. Fragile, Decca's. It's. A 146. And. It, says here, to move. Staff. Recommendations. Okay. Thank, you very much counselor all those in favor any, opposed. Carried. T34. 0.147. To stop control, signe Sydney, Street at Cottington, ham Cottingham. Street war 22. Okay. We're gonna have to hold that down sorry. T. Thirty four point one for a traffic, management plan Glenn, rolled Ward 27, I. Would. Move the staff recommendations. And thank staff for their hard work by. The time we finished reconstructing Glen. Road we will probably have the city's first, fully, redesigned fully. Reconstructed. Vision, zero Street, all, those in favor any. Opposed. That. Carries thank you very much. Te. 34, point one four nine traffic. Management plan player estates community. 429. Councillor fresh not giving that voting that thank you yep. Te, 34, point 152. Way operation, Pearl Street war, 28. Thank. You moving approval. Of staff recommendations, all. Those in favor any. Opposed, carry, t, 34 point one five one turn. Prohibitions. Gledhill, Avenue, and Oak Park Avenue, Ward 31. Councillor. Davis. Is. Not here we're gonna hope oh she here councillor, Davis we're on item number 151. Adopt. The staff recommendation. All those in favor any, opposed carried. T34. Point one five to traffic, calming speed, hums Brunswick, Avenue war 20 I'm, gonna move the alternate recommendations, to install them. All. Those in favor any. Opposed. Item as amended, any. Opposed, carried. T. Thirty four point one five three traffic, calming speed hums Imperial. Street Ward fourteen in fact it's worth twenty two. Or. Twenty, two, that I concur. Okay. Yes. Encroaching. Counselor mellow well we are empirically we are Imperial, we're. I'm. Going to move the. Went. On for a moment the alternates, recommendations, to perceive with the polling. All. Those. Okay. We're, just gonna change the name of the counselor who's moving it's gonna do all, those in. Is. That the right street. That's, the, next one I don't think that's the right Street. So. The, next item is in my ward is well so hang, on tight counselor we just want to make sure we get the right language I'll meet you. He. Wants to move, the alternative, recommendations. Okay. Counselor mellow I apologize, we're not quite ready to move your motion we don't have that yet they draft it up get the radio to your necks okay with the right name with the counselor with the right street address so we're gonna hold that down for you would that pertain to the next item as well not. Sure so te 34 point one five four traffic, calming speed, hums Walton, Boulevard Ward. 32. And in fact it's in Ward, 22. Like. The. Breaking Matt lives word up I. Haven't. Checked the new word boundaries in that much detail but I don't think they've changed that much. Counselor, how would you like to proceed with the one. You. Know I, know. I'm gonna move the alternate. Recommendation. To to proceed with the polling. Do. You need time to deal. With these. So. Why don't we hold the the two of them down for the moment, and then take your time get them right in the moon thank, you very much counselor, we're holding, down 153. 154. Everything.

Will Be sorted out soon, te, 34.1. 55 traffic, calming speed hums Metcalf, Street War 28, thank. You I'll move alternative. Recommendations, to approve the speed humps all, those in favor any opposed. That. Carries thank, you te, 34, point one five six traffic, calming speed hums neville park boulevard Ward. 32, and, I'm with the alternate, recommendations. As well to install the speed humps. Motion. Is on the screen right counselor name, right address, we're. In good shape Thanks all those in favor of the motion on the screen. Any. Opposed, item as amended any, opposed. Carried thank, you te, 34 point one five seven speed hums poll results, of an oli street war 20. I'll move the alternate, recommendations, to install. Motions. On the screen all those in favor any, opposed. Item as amended, any opposed carry. T34. Point one five eight speed, hums poll results Hanson, Street Ward 32, and. I'll move the alternate recommendations, on these ones as well. Although. No, that it was fine all, those in favor motions, on the screen. Item. So2 I have to say no poll now, for the its with the new policy, am I saying no poll on both of those on, all them so. If, I could say no poll on one. 58, and 156. One. That would be great. Antonin, never gonna have to hold that down for you I believe because we now need to amend that motion okay can, i point, of order speaker. Chair. I just want to be clear on those because the motion that passed it counsel allows. A counselor, to remove, the speed humps, from, the polling, and. Petition. Requirements. So. My, understanding is, if you don't remove those requirements, then it will proceed as it always did, and the, clerk is nodding, her head so even. Though that was excluded, it allows the discretion, to take, those, speed humps out of the normal process that's, why I mentioned. That to you counselor McMahon, I appreciate, that so what I need, to reopen. T, one one. Five one five six. Because. We already passed that no hang. On let me just have a side conversation here, thank you I just. Want to clarify that so we don't say that yep.

Counselor. McMahon, please, move to reopen one two five six and then we're going to hold it okay while this works. Very much and sorry to cause commotion, already, at this early hour cuz they'll be lots later so, I moved to reopen one. Five six traffic, calming on Napa Park and we'll all, those in favor to reopen thank. You very much anyway. And now we're holding one five six as well as one five eight for councillor McMahon. Everyone's. Doing great this. Is a big agenda lots of complications, and changes. In, policy. Te, 34. Point one five nine proposed. Installation of speed bumps, burst, east-west, public, Lane north of Danforth Avenue between thyra Avenue, and Victoria, Park Avenue, Ward. 31. I'd like to defer, that indefinitely. There's some construction, about, to take place and some. Property, acquisition. That is underway so they'll. Have to be brought back once. We acquire the piece, of property necessary. Okay, thank you very much counselor all those in favor the, frill motion, any opposed. Carried. Te, thirty four point one six zero conduct. A poll for calming, measures on Montrose, Avenue, between College Street and Dundas Street West Ward. Nineteen yes. Thank you very much I would like to just hold this item down and the next item one one, six one I have a small, amendment, that my staff will be sending to the clerk okay thank you very much councillor Lane over holding down 160. And 161. I'm just gonna read into the public record the, title, of 161, it's calming, measures on Wroxton road between Bloor. Street West Sand Harbor Street both, items held moving. Along te, 34, point one six two extending. Shoppers, Drug Mart female, hygiene. Pilot, project 427, we're gonna hold that down we have a speaker, on the item we're. Moving on to te 34, point one six three nominations. Four appointments to the board of management, of the Ralph Lauren community, center Ward, 30. Like. Move to approve all. Those in favor move to approve any opposed. Carry. T34, point 164, endorsement, of events for liquor licensing. Purposes, I will hold that down in case there are amendments and last-minute additions. T, thirty four point one sixty five parking, amendments, Sunnyside, Avenue, Ward 14. Oh. To introduce items, 165. Through 207. That is correct counselor, motion. Before us to expand, the is the agenda those, in favor any. Opposed. I know, you really want to opposed okay it passes thank you, then, we're moving on to t-34, point 165. Parking, amendments Sunnyside, Avenue Ward 14 I will, move the recommendations. In my letter all. Those in favor any. Opposed. Carried, t34. Point one six six parking amendment, for Bartlett Avenue north of Bloor, Street West, Ward, 18.

Who. I believe his counselor McMahon. And. I was at ago we were an item number one six six so we would just adopt us, to. Adopt direct his staff recommendations. Thanks okay all those in favor, it's. The recommendations, in the letter any. Opposed, carry the e 34 point 167, alcohol, and Gaming Commission of Ontario liquor, license, application. 1576. Dundas. Street West sac. A bar Ward, 18 and I'll, move the, recommendations. Of the letter please all, those in favor any, opposed, carried, t 34 point one six eight installation, of an always stop control, on Franklin, Avenue in antler Street Ward, 18 I. Will. Move the vaccinations, in the letter all, those in favor any. Opposed carries, T thirty four point one six nine, parking. Amendments, on Salem, Avenue between Hallam, Street and Hallum, Street. And. That would be ditto. Okay. Well the recommendations, in the letter. Okay. Is. That is the title correct. Salem. Avenue between Holland street in Holland Street yep, oh. Yeah. Yeah. Fernbank. It has in the revised yes, there is sorry councilors there is a revised, letter. From councilor by Lao. And I think there's a revision, and the content, of the body as well as the title so it's between Hallam, Street and fern Bank Street all, those in favor any opposed, that, carries, thank, you. Tea. Thirty four point one seven zero Macaulay Avenue, installation, of speed hums Ward eighteen, and I may recommendations. To the letter please, revised. Letter. Okay. All. Those in favor, any. Opposed carried, T thirty four point one seven one Park amendments, Liberty, Street Ward nineteen. Councillor. Layton. Yes. I'd like to adopt, the recommendation in the letter all. Those in favor any. Opposed carried, T thirty four point one seven two sixty. One to sixty nine Niagara, Street heritage, designation Ward, nineteen, yes. I'd like to adopt that the recommendations, in the letter to examine. Some properties for heritage consideration, all, those in favor opposed. Carried, T, thirty four point one seven three always stop, control at the intersection, of Richmond Street West and Walnut Avenue Ward, 19, and. I would like to adopt, the recommendations, in the letter, for an always stop control at Richmond and walnut, all, those in favor any. Opposed, carried t, 34 point, 174. School bus loading zone on the south side of Richmond Street West west, of Bathurst, reward, nineteen yes. After I'm actually the, school, studies, that the Catholic schools have been doing around school protection, zones this was identified, as being one. Of the things that we could do to help the flow of traffic around the school happens, a little bit more, safely and so I'm happy to put this forward all. Those in favor any, opposed. That carries thank you t, 34 point, 175. Barton Avenue no entry, restriction. War 20, I'm. Gonna move the recommendations, in my letter. With. Apologies to Brian from, city legal behind me who drives this route daily he told me this morning. All. Those in favor of changing, brianstravels. Patterns. All. Those in favour of the recommendations. In the letter any, opposed, Kerry thank you t. 34.1. 76. Traffic, in parking amendments Brant Street war 20, I'm. Gonna move the recommendations. In my letter all, those in favor any opposed. Carried, T 34.1. 77. Grange. Green plan war 20, I. So. I'm gonna move the recommendations, in my letter and if I could just say. 20, seconds, here over, the last year, and a half the, neighborhood, in the Grange so through the Grange Community Association working, with our office have created, a 26, page document, looking throughout the entire Grange neighbourhood at all the spaces to improve greening, flanca, CH corners, alleyways. New. Park Head opportunities, we, did this in Harvard village the local community, has now initiated, this in the Grange and this is going to be part of our process of greening, neighborhoods, rather, than alongside. Trying, to build new parks and neighborhoods and so, with thanks to the Grange I'm. Happy to move the recommendations in my letter all, those in favor any, opposed, carried. Te, 34, point one seven eight this is a reopening, of item te, 33.8. Seven speed. Bump a speed hump sorry Nassau, Street War 20 yeah, I have, a reopening from last night to exclude the poll from, last month excuse me so I'll make the recommendations, in my letter.

Okay. All those in favor to reopen any. Opposed, and then. Item, sorry. Recommendations. From the letter, all. Those in favor any opposed carry, t34. 0.179. Reopening. Item. Te, 33.8. Eight-speed hums robert street war 20 this, is the same reopening, and i'll move the recommendations. In my letter all, those in favour to reopen any opposed, recommendations. In the letter, any. Opposed, carried thank you councillor. We. Now know why you have so many items. Ten. New business I okay te 34 point one two eight. Zero Spadina. Crescent ands Russell, Street traffic, control, signal war 20 I. Staff have asked me to bring this forward and so I'm happy to move the recommendations in, my letter to install this new crossing all, those in favor any opposed. Carried t-34. 0.181. Traffic. Regulations, and speed bumps Sussex, Muse what when T again. I'm going to move the recommendation, in my letter for new speed bumps all. Those in favor any, opposed, that carries T thirty four point one eight to, exclusion. Of the development, located. At three, eight eight sorry excuse me eight thirty four to eight forty st. Clair Avenue West from permit parking area, 13 G war twenty-one move, the, recommendations. In the letter all, those in favor any, opposed to carry T thirty four point one eight three vision. Zero recommendations. War 21. Okay. I'll move the recommendations, in the letter all. Those in favor any. Opposed carry te, thirty four point one eight four claritin, Road parking, amendments, war twenty-two, sorry, madam to my speaker what happened to, 1996. To 2000, Bathurst I. Don't. Have it on the agenda before. Me oh. Okay. Sorry then thank you very much let's, just move along T. Thirty four point one a for clarity, and Road parking, amendments war twenty-two I, moved. The recommendations, in my letter all, those in favor any opposed, carries. T. Thirty four point one eight five Fox, bar Road parking, amendments war twenty-two I move. The recommendations, my letter all. Those in favor any, opposed carry T, thirty four point one, eight six, alterations. To a heritage, property, an amendment of a heritage easement, agreement 51. Bond Street Ward. 28. But, it's actually war twenty-seven, correct. Thank. You very much I will be moving can. You put the motion on the screen please moving a motion on those. Two this item we forward to City Council without recommendation. All. Those in favor any. Opposed, carry t34. 0.187. Inclusion, of the city's Heritage. Register 37. 39 41, and 43 Mutual Street and intention, to designee under part 4 section, 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act 37. Mutual street war 27. Okay. Putting, the motion on the screen we're moving this forward to City Council without recommendation, all. Those in favor any. Opposed carried. T-34, 0.188, and parking amendments, George Street, 428. Thank, you I'll be approving the recommendations, all. Those in favor. Any. Opposed Carrie, t34. Point one eight nine standing, prohibition, on Chester Hill west of thorn Cliff Avenue, war twenty-nine very. Much I'll move the recommendations, in my letter all, those in favor any opposed. Carrie, t34, point one nine zero, installing. Speed humps on gleep home boulevard between Greenwood. And Costco avenues, war. Twenty-nine move, the recommendations, in the letter. All. Those in favor any. Opposed, carried te thirty four point one nine one reducing. A speed limit from 40 km/h. 230. Km/h or in Greenwood Avenue between O'Connor, Drive and Mortimer Avenue or 29th, yes thank you I just want 20 seconds to think I'm gonna move the recommendations, in the letter and I want to actually thank staff in transportation. After. Many years that this road was reclassified earlier. This year this is actually, basically. An exit from the Don Valley Parkway and, as people come right off the Don Valley Parkway they come speeding, down Greenwood, Avenue so I appreciate. The reclassification of. The road and so do the constituents. That live on Greenwood, you. All. Those in favor, any. Opposed. Kerry thank. You, te. Thirty four point one ninety two installing. Speed humps on Langford, Avenue between Danforth. And Aldwych, avenues, war twenty nine move. The recommendations, in the letter all, those in favor any, opposed carried, t thirty four point one nine three Heritage. Listing for. 28-30. Langley, Avenue, war thirty, Thank. You this is a, former. Nurse's residence, to the cholera hospital, which predated, Riverdale, Hospital it's also a licensed. Rooming. House with twenty four people living in it that is currently, being gentrified, and it's a beautiful building it needs to be listed we're also working with the, tenants around this, all. Those in favor any. Opposed carried, t, thirty four point one nine for, Cherry Street parking, war thirty this, is a request from staff a technical, amendment don't, move it all, those in favor any, opposed, carry t. Thirty four point one nine five, in, Empire, Avenue technical. Amendment Ward thirty request.

From Staff to, align, the signs and the bylaw, all. Those in favor any. Opposed carried, T, thirty four point one nine six, Paisley, Avenue parking changes war thirty changed. The hour, to, one hour parking, on Paisley. Move. That all, those in favor any, opposed, carried teen, thirty four point one nine seven pedestrian. Safety around hideaway, Park Ward 30 I'll, move the recommendations. In the letter but that is from a site, visit that we did with the staff to come up with, some. Ways to make all the lanes safer, that surround this small hidden, park therefore, it's called hideaway partner. All. Those in favor any, opposed, carried, T thirty four point one nine eight OD Shore Village hydro, pole relocation. Status report war thirty one. Okay. Counselor. Here, Davis. We're. Gonna hold that oh that's. The hydro pole famous, one T, thirty four point one nine nine speed. Hum installation, on salmon, Avenue between, whoa Avenue and Woodbine Avenue. 31, we're. Holding this. T-34. Point 200, front yard parking appeal 42, Belhaven, road Ward 32. What. Number was that we're. At item, 200. 200. It's your parking pad on Belle Haven. Okay. A. Parking. Pad can I stand that down, Thanks. Councillor. McMahon you could also move to adopt the recommendations, in the. Stand. It down okay. We're. Holding that. Te. 34.2. 201. Parking, amendments, Beach Avenue were 32. Still. With you. This. Could be the recommendations, in your letter that you might want to move and. I'll move that was thank you hey all those in favor any opposed, carried. T. 34 point 202, always, stop control, Beach Avenue and Cedar Avenue Ward, 32, and, I'll move those, recommendations as, well thank, you all those in favor any. Opposed carried. T34. Point 203, always stop control, column by an Avenue and Brooke Mount Road were 32, and, keeping. Pedestrians. And everyone safe on our roads I'm moving those recommendations. All. Those in favor. Anyone. Opposed that, carries thank you t, 34 point 204, speed, humps in second. East/west lane way south of Queen Street east and east of broad walk. Drive. Port boardwalk, Drive sorry Ward 32 and this is the fastest, speed hump in the history. History. In, the history of TYC see yes I'll move that, recommendations. Thank, you all those in, favor and he opposed carries, a teen he. Thirty four point two or five parking amendments, each would Road. Between Belle Haven Road and would buy an Avenue Ward 32 and I'm giving the recommendations, in the letter thank you all. Those in favor any. Opposed Carrie. Can I move on to 206, and 207, yeah. There okay so we are now at t-34. Point 206. Amendments. To pick up and drop off area, for, the Alexander, Park daycare, war 20 to, move the recommendations in my letter thank you all those in favor any opposed, carried, te 34, point two seven, zero. Wilkinson. Jr. public school war twenty-nine. Oh. Yes. I'll be moving the recommendations, in my letter to make. Sure that we are have, our kids safe all. Those in favor any opposed, carried thank you very much okay. So please, prepare your motions in advance we're heading back to the front of the agenda. And. For the members of the public who. Are here to speak to a particular, item if, you are interested, in speaking please, let us know we're gonna register you, and make sure your name is on the speakers list so you will not be missed we, are now proceeding to, te. 34.1. Naming. Of a public Lane located, west of Lansdowne Avenue, extending. Northern Lee from wit talk Avenue Ward 18, any, members. Of the public here to speak to this matter, seeing. None. Members. With questions of staff seeing. None counselors. To speak elsewhere, McMahon. So. This is my. Sorry. I thought think we had laneways ahead of me. But. Lane is this sorry sorry we're on item number one. Public. Lane aiming west of Lansdowne. These. Aren't my lane ways, okay. I'm Anna's hat and I'm adopting, staff recommendations. Chaotic. Over here being to people Thank, You counselor all those in favor thank you any opposed, carried. T. 34.2, naming, of a public Lane in block bounded, by Harvard, Street Markham, Street ulcer street and Palmerston, Boulevard, Ward, 19. There. Is a registered. Speaker. Would like to call Enya, Donald, Greenland. Are. You here welcome, very. Nice to see you thank you very much for your patience, the, clock is on your left hand side you'll have five minutes when you're ready. I'm. A resident, of Ward. 19, on. March. The 31st I. Applied. To. Kerry Ferguson, at. Engineering. And construction services. To name a, laneway. After. Dr. Lucy touch who is a trailblazing. Was. A trailblazing. Young. Woman dentist, who. Died. Sadly, 10 years ago. On. April. The 4th my letter was received by. Kerry Ferguson, and exactly, three months to the day after that. I am, now before Toronto a short Community, Council, this. Is a city of 2.9. Million people the, last time I checked and, the, only way that something like, this could, get here so fast is, because.

Of, People like Angela Sergey and counselor, Mike Layton, and. Because. Of Anna Miculek, and, Gerard. Smith at engineering. And construction services. The. Board, members at para that Palmerston, area residents, Association. Particularly. Paul MacLean, who. Allowed me to. Push. Through with. My. Application, to name Elaine after, a really. Remarkable, woman. To. Dr. Alice Kaz Moravsky, the sister. And next of kin of dr., Lucy touch for whom I wish the lane to be named. All. Of you people are absolutely stellar. In this amazing, city I can be here that fast, do. Whatever you want with my application I, will not object I just want to say that I think that you are all absolutely, stellar, thank you. Thank. You very much for your kind kind, remarks. That's. What all the deputations, are gonna sound like. Thank. You very much. Is there any other member of the public here to speak to this particular item seeing. None any, members. Within. Community council here to ask questions no members. Of speak hell sir lady yes thank you very much I'm, pleased, to adopt the staff recommendations. In the, report and, thank, the, community miss Greenland and and and others. I've. Actually run into we, will be seeing more of Miss Greenland as as more, of these applications, for renaming come. In she is on a mission to, recognize. The, important, women of Toronto, and and, of ward 19, for their their, contributions. To our community, and I. Run. Into her on the doorstep on, more than one occasion where. She's out collecting, signatures of, adjacent properties, so I I do, believe we'll see her more. In the future and thank her very much for her efforts thank. You very much all. Those in favor of the recommendations. In the report. We. Have quorum if I can get the members to take a seat, we're. Just voting. Okay. Thank. You very much members, all. Those, if. I can just ask the staff to just. Stay out of the horseshoe for now thank you all those in favor thank you any. Opposed Carrie I'm, going to remind members that we need to, contain. Quorum, quorum is held at 7:00 we've got two members who are, unavailable. To join us day that's counselor by Lao councillor mackovic which means that we're gonna have to coordinate our washroom, breaks even, so please just be. Patient we've got a very large agenda thank you and thank you to the deputy and for her remarks te, 34.3. Naming of a public Lane located, in the block bounded, by Maplewood, Avenue Vaughan, Road Louise, Avenue and Kenwood Avenue, were 21, any, members of the public here to speak to this item okay.

Seeing. None, members with questions of staff, don't. See any members, to speak councillor fragile. Decca's so. My instructions, are to defer. This indefinitely, okay. Do. The clerk's have the motion. Yes. That's, so item three there is a motion, to defer this, item indefinitely, all those in group actually you know what why don't we just doubled I will double-check with councilor my havoc staff just because you don't have the motion so I'm just wondering if something was missing why don't we hold that down for you counselor and we'll come back to it item number three is now held down, moving. Along, teehee. 34.4. Naming of a public Lane located, south of Carlton Street extending. Westerly, from Parliament, Street then southerly to dr. Elaine Ward. 28, are. There members of the public here to speak to this matter okay. Seeing, none members. With questions. To staff seeing. None members to speak counselor troi see thank. You madam chair this is a very, very tiny lane way in cabbage, town and there's a lovely report. From Mike Reid's brother. In. Our, information, packages, so I'd like to move the recommendation, in the report to, name this small lane to Mike Reed he, was a long-standing and, popular community member, in cabbage town thank you, thank. You very much councilor all those in favor any opposed. That carries thank you our. Next. Item is tea, 34.5. Naming. The public Lane north of Danforth Avenue extending, between Logan Avenue and Ferrier Avenue, or, 29. So. I mean there are no members, of the public here to speak yes, I so I'm going to take 20, seconds I'm going to move to. Adopt the recommendations, in the report and. For. Any of you that have been to, the Danforth and have ever eaten at Christina's, Antonio's, member caucus used to be the owner of Christina's. Restaurant, who was a long-standing. Member of the board of management, of the Greek town on the Danforth BIA, who, was who. Passed a waist after, an illness and this, is on, behalf of the Greek town on the Danforth BIA board, for. His contributions. To the community. And to honor him in this small way okay, thank you very much counselor all those in favor any. Opposed. That carries thank you t, 34.6.

Naming, Of for public lanes in Ward 32, are there members of the public here to speak to this matter, seeing. None are there members with questions of staff seeing. None members, to speak councillor, McMahon thank, you very much and this is one of the the. Most. Exciting, parts of our jobs lien naming. Laneways, and although, my goal was to name every, lane way and wonderful, Ward 32 before I left that. Wasn't possible unfortunately, but staff, have worked I just want to give a shout out to staff for all their great work we have eight Lane ways were, naming this morning and I'll just go through quickly with a one-liner, about each one one. Is Luxur a loop which. Is. Over in Danforth Village, area and, mr.. Luttrell worked for the Grand Trunk Railway and he started, the, town of east Toronto back in the day and, as a start of the laneway revitalization, we're doing with laneway project, in. That area and then, there's ice masters lane and the ice masters, have been running, their outdoor skating rink at Fairmount Park, for. 60 years and they're. Phenomenal group of people it's not the same people, there are next generations, of people and they. Do amazing work there and they also mentor, other people to build. Skating. Rinks in their, parks, then. We have Suzanne beard Lane and Suzanne beard was a lovely. He. Beecher, who volunteered, everywhere. Was on the BIA and just. Was. Phenomenal, with the Girl Guides and brownies, and unfortunately. She passed away suddenly. In. This, spring and. The last one I'm just going to put a picture up but, Lou Lou Chia perello is Italian. Minute. Sorry. Lutea, perello is a hundred. And four year old woman, in our neighborhood, who, is still. Makes pizza for. Our street, parties in the neighborhood and she's a real icon and this, idea was brought to me by this chap, 11, year old Remy Schmidt. Chin who had the idea that he wanted the laneway named after the, Chia and I just think that's a beautiful story with. Intergenerational. Fun. And. Compassion. In our neighborhood, so. With that I would move staff recommendations, and like your support please okay, thank you very much councillor all, those in favor any, opposed, carried thank you T, 34.7. Naming of four-lane south of Queen Street East, extending, between Lutie, Avenue, and Glen Manor Drive or 32, and this was brought to us by Rory. O'Shea, you. Know him to be a big media presence. And. Irish. Icon, in in, the city he ha

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