Tour a Great RV Bunkhouse for a Family | Grand Design Reflection 312 BHTS | Full time RV Family

Tour a Great RV Bunkhouse for a Family | Grand Design Reflection 312 BHTS | Full time RV Family

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So. So. So. Hey welcome to road adventures my name is corey, this is my wife jody. Along with our two children both six and eight years old and our 11 year old dog bailey. We live in our 2019. Grand design. 312. Bhts. Now you're probably wondering what's bhts. Bunkhouse, triple slide. I always say jody's the queen of my triple slide trailer. She doesn't like it but i'm gonna have a shirt made. Can't fire shirt. But uh, yeah so anyhow we wanted to show you our home we've been living full-time, in it since, uh january of 2020, we've. Owned this rig since july, of 2019. And we absolutely, love it it's a great family rig. And we're going to show you why as we go through this tour, yep. But, anyhow a couple quick facts before we get started. It is roughly 38 feet long i think it's like 37, and some change but i always say 38. Actually i say 40 because we have a rear rack. With the kids bicycles, and stuff so, we're roughly 40 feet long and. It's a bumper pull therefore, uh. Our overall, length between when we're hooked up to the truck in the trailer i think we have a ram, 3500. Uh with mega cab so we're roughly about 60 feet long towing so we're long. But we haven't had any issues getting it like into any spots or anything so. Jody's really good at navigating. Helping me. Yelling at me she's the one yelling at me, saying and then at the end she says she's sorry you know when we get, the campfire, started later that evening but uh, anyhow, let's get going with this tour hope you enjoy it hope you find value out of it and if you do, hit the thumbs up, but let's get started. So to start the tour we'll show you guys the bunk room in my opinion it's the best room in the entire trailer. Um it's the main reason why we decided to go with this model, we wanted to make sure that the kids had a place of their own to kind of just retreat. And just be kids have their own space so. Um when we first purchased, this trailer it had a, couch that would pull out into a, full-size, bed, we didn't need, an extra bed so we decided, just to take the couch out, and put it in storage, and let the kids just bring some of the, toys from home and books and things like that um. I feel like it's just a much better use of space for our kids for our situation. We also have my son's. Bed up here, we decided to hang some curtains here so that when the main lights in here are on it's dark in there so he can keep sleeping, if she wants to stay awake and, things like that so that's worked out really well for us and this is our daughter's bed, it's a little bit wider. On this side than it is in his bunk. She's, older, a little bit bigger so we decided to give her that. This side. We did notice that some of the older models, of. Of this trailer. Instead of the big closet, space here, it actually had some steps. Instead of a ladder. And it didn't again it didn't have the big closet, but we, prefer, this model because. We just like the storage i feel like it's got a really good amount of storage space. For kids so. In the closet here, it's, pretty large. Um, the kids are able to hang up all their dresses, and jackets, and things like that, and then back here, there's, a couple of shelves. And so what we've done is take some cubbies, and we put all their seasonal. Um, clothing. Stuff that's off season we kind of tuck back there and then we just rotate them with the seasons. That way we didn't have to keep stuff in storage and we didn't have to get rid of things we just keep it all with us. So yeah the, great size closet. And then over here we decided just to add a small tv. Entertainment, stuff for the kids. It's got, three, really good sized drawers. We have not, had an issue with space, and the kids clothes, at, all. Thus far. We do keep some board games and some cards and things like that. Um. In there for the kids as well, just kind of keeps things, up off the ground and organized, so yeah. It's got. Are you talking about event. We've got the event for the kids in here. Helps to kind of just keep the room regulated. It's got some, different plug-ins, for the kids so they can charge their tablets, and. Things like that, so, yes we love this room it's um, it's great you can close the door off again they have their own space. So yeah highly recommend, a bunk house if you have kids. Next we'll go into the. Living room, family room. We love this space. Mainly because. We love these.

Couches, Here. They're full on recliners. It's got. Lighting. It's got a massage, feature, it's got a heat feature, the heat feature. Hasn't worked from very early on but we're looking to get that fixed, it's got storage, in here. Um, again it does recline, pretty much all the way there's been many nights i've walked in here and corey's been asleep, watching the game. Watching, a fight something like that so, very very comfortable, and another thing that we absolutely, love, about, the layout, of this trailer. Is when you, watch tv, you're looking, straight on. Many of the rigs that we've looked at before deciding to purchase, purchase this one was, you would be sitting, but in order to see the tv you had to crank your neck to the side so after a few minutes you're just. You're just over it so, this was a really cool feature that we, um we really like about this. This living area. Moving on over to this section here, this, is just some, really good storage. Um one thing about this model, is it does it has plenty of storage, and we just we really haven't run into any issues. Um in any of the spaces, throughout, our, our entire trailer so. Down here, we just. Kind of, do some extra, homeschool, supplies. On travel days we stick our coffee maker down here. And then. Here. We keep our vacuum, i highly recommend this dyson, vacuum, here, it comes apart. It's really small really compact, pretty lightweight. And i love that we can just tuck it away and it's, not cluttered or anything like that. And then down here just some extra. Media things that. Corey uses for editing videos. Um. Corey's pretty proud of this section this is his, um i guess we'd call it his charging station. Um for just. Camera batteries. And. Gopros, and i don't know all kinds of his stuff, his world. He's pretty proud of it so. There's that and then up here. Um this is still kind of overflow, media, stuff and just some catch-all. Um. Type of thing, over here is some extra, food. Storage. We've got our plates. Paper plates regular plates and things like that so. Again. We absolutely, love the storage. Capacity. In our trailer. So yeah. We'll just stay with the theme of the living room and we'll take you right over here, um. We've got a pretty. Nice size tv, corey do you have any idea what size this is. No. Okay it's a good size tv, plenty for um, for a trailer. Um the cool thing about this tv is it actually kind of pops out you can swivel it a little bit you can tuck things back there whenever you're set up somewhere if you don't want them in sight. Um it did come with. Um this furion. Stereo, system. Um. Looks like you can play dvds. And, cds, as well although i don't know who, has any cds these days but it does have the capacity, i guess if you're a little old school. And it does play through, the surround. Speakers. It also connects to the outdoor speakers. So you can turn some tunes on and hang out outside, or inside and the nice thing about it is you can actually choose to. Have it on only inside, or only outside, or the both so. Nice or you can forget about it and blast your neighbors. We don't talk about that. Another, great great feature about the living space. I'll introduce you to our beautiful dog bailey. Um. Is this right here this is. I mean who knew that a that an rv can have a fireplace, right but not only is it a fireplace, it's a functioning, heater. So um. You can actually turn up the temperature, all the way up to i think it's 85, degrees, and it acts just like a heater so it kicks off, whenever, you know the. Ambient temperature, gets to, 85, degrees or 70 or whatever it is that you set. You can also leave it on with no heat and it's just. Pretty. So we love this thing we use it all the time it puts out enough heat to actually, warm the entire rig where we don't have to run.

Our Furnace, so yeah we use this all the time. Well, i guess since we're done with the living room area we'll just go ahead and move on into the kitchen. We do have some. Good storage, here we i usually keep my canned goods and kind of the heavier. Type of things in here. One thing we've learned is don't keep the heavy stuff up high just in case, cupboard comes open you don't want cans, or, glass or anything like that fall on the ground so we keep the heavy things down below. Um. Up here. We. Have kind of our medicine, cabinet and vitamins, and things like that. Cereal bowls. Lightweight, type stuff up here. As you can see we love hydroflasks. We use them all the time. I don't know who put those there but they look pretty. Good. And we'll move on over here and you can see this is a pretty. Large. Kitchen, cabinet. I keep it a lot in here. I pack it in here actually. All my big bowls that i use for cooking, i keep my big pots and pans, back there. All my strainers. I have some small appliances, back there the toaster so the kids can make frozen waffles in the morning and. Just kind of, i, got to bring a lot of the same stuff that i used in our sticks and bricks. Right into here and i haven't really skipped a beat as far as, the kitchen goes, um. I will point out this really nice coffee maker when we first hit the road, we had just the average. Coffee maker with the big glass, you know container, and, um. It just was real bulky and it was glass and we didn't want to deal with that breaking during travel and whatnot, so, we were on the hunt we found this thing it's really compact, it's lightweight. It doesn't take k-cups, you can actually use the coffee grounds and put in there, um, and then you take this out and you dump them out and the next person can make their own cup cup of coffee so. This thing has been. Awesome we absolutely love this thing, um if you have any questions about it we'll link it down below. But i highly recommend something small compact, lightweight. No k-cups. No glass, if you're gonna have to have a travel trailer. Next i'll show you this right here, this bad boy. Does it all it is a microwave. It is a convection. Oven. Um, so it bakes. Does regular. Microwave, type stuff. We've done biscuits, and gravy in here we've done cinnamon rolls we've done cookies we've done enchiladas. We've done. Just any kind of baking, thing so it's. It's absolutely, amazing. Um, i love this thing. Down here is the actual, oven which i have not used even one time, it's so small that i really don't even think it fits a cookie sheet in there, so i just kind of keep some of our. Pans and things like that in there it's mostly storage. The top here has three burners, which i use this thing, just about every night. I feel like it's a really good size. Stove, top. Not much to it i use it all the time never had any issues i absolutely, love it. Down here. There's a really big drawer. We keep. All of our. Cutting boards, and big. Lids and things like that. Down there just out of the way, organized. So, we love the big drawer. Um over here we have three really good sized drawers. I keep my big cooking utensils, in here just so they're easy to grab. Down here. I keep just, extra. Towels and rags and things like that, i also keep my sharper knives down here kind of away from everything else the kids know not to touch this drawer they never do. Down here i just kind of keep my uh. Like bags, foil. Um, ziploc, bags things like that. Easy to grab when i'm just trying to put things away.

Um, So yeah. Down here another, very, large cabinet, i'm not gonna open it because i'm a little bit embarrassed with how messy it is, but i keep my instant pot down there, i'm cleaning supplies. Just extra kind of bulk type stuff. But this i again i can't stress enough how much storage there really is in this rv. Um. Moving on, this thing, has, just been, amazing for us it's a great place for. Us to prepare, food, hang out, um. Do dishes, i mean the whole shebang. Just the size of it, i feel like um. Gives us a little bit of home you know when we when i before we, sold the house we had a really nice big island so, it was nice to be able to come, and uh. Still have all the amenities, that i had in my my big kitchen. One nice thing about this, island is it has a whoa. I guess we have some wine. Um. We do have. A really big sink in here. The cool thing about it is you can take both off, i like to keep a dish pan in there. Over there just so i don't have to use as much water and when we're boondocking, i just take the pan and i just toss it outside so that we're not putting water down our drain. And into our tanks, so, yeah little hacks, it's, the small things. Over here is our, 12 cubic foot refrigerator. This is another. Big feature that actually was a selling point for us we looked at several rigs, um. When we were. Trailer hunting. And uh there was a couple other models that we really liked but the deciding, factor was they had small eight cubic foot fridges which is basically just one side. So. We're a family of four we like to eat we wanted to make sure that we had plenty of. Storage, for food and things like that so, we didn't want to go cheap, on. On the refrigerator. So we made sure that we had, had what we needed. Here. Don't judge it is a bit messy. The cool thing about this freezer, is it is. Pass-through. So it doesn't have a wall where, it just kind of makes it. Hard to use it's very very easy to use. So we really really love our fridge. Um. Moving on. This. Is our food pantry, up here. We. Keep basically our dry goods and things like that but i mean it has more than enough space. For the things that that we need that we carry. Um. Accessible, for the kids one of the hacks that i like to do is when we bring, boxed, snacks home like wheat thins and cheez-its, and things like that is i actually take them out of the package out of the boxes and i put them in their own little, ziploc, baggies so when the kids want a snack they can just reach up here and grab a snack size. It also cuts down on, just having bulky boxes, up in your cupboard, save space so again it's the small things. Down here we have two, um, very, large drawers, i will not open those either this one has kind of become a junk drawer which, we all have one let's face it um. Another, good feature about this section is it's got plenty of lights here. There's lots of outlets there's lots of usb. Um plugins, for. Charging, phones, and. Whatever else you have. It's got a max air fan, which is pretty nice. You can hit the fan it'll open it up when it rains it automatically, closes so you don't even have to worry about it if you're out and you guys are, you know cruising down or whatever, you may be it starts raining you don't even have to worry about it it automatically, closes, so. Super cool, um. Got our berkey here, if you don't know what a berkey is it's, a really nice water filtration, system. We looked at some other options some ro systems and things like that, we ultimately, decided, on a water filter something that we can kind of take with us if we do decide to change rigs down the road. Um. Not necessarily, in the works right now but, again we really like the, functionality. Of having something like this, the kids can come over here, get what they need when they want it, and it's pretty hassle-free. So. We do have, um this down here this is our. Dehumidifier. It's not on right now because it makes a little bit of noise so we didn't want to, bother with that but um, when you're full timing the. One of the things you really want to watch out for is mold. You don't want to have condensation, build up inside. Of your rig so, we opted to go big on our dehumidifier.

Just To play it safe, um. We've loved it so far we've had it for a few months and. I highly suggest if you're going to be anywhere, humid, to really. Invest, into a dehumidifier. One more thing about the kitchen that i love is this up here it's a skylight. When it's sunny out it's right now it's rainy and whatnot but we love the natural light that it lets in. You know oftentimes, we don't have to run the lights during the day we just open up all the shades. And this right here lets a lot of light in so that's one thing that i love i love big windows. Love lots of light so. Um yeah that's that. Take you over here to our dinette, slash, kitchen table. Under here, there's, storage. We keep like extra paper towels, and. Like dog bags, and things like that just down here. When we first purchased the rig it had, one of these. Benches. Right here and we opted to take it out because when all four of us sat here it kind of just. Tended to feel a little bit claustrophobic. So we wanted to open it up a bit. And. We decided to pull. The bench out on this side, and we purchased, this. Um. The really cool thing about this is you know it may look like just an ordinary, bench but it opens up, and we keep all of the kids homeschool, stuff down here it's easy access. Keeps things, you know clutter free. And they can just get it whenever they need it if they want color, if they want to draw. Just, all their stuff is down here so. We really really like this thing. Again it just opened it up and made it feel so much, bigger, in such a small space. So yeah. This is our living area. We'll go oh. Over here i'll show you the i guess we call it command, central. Corey can probably, explain that a little bit better than i will so i'm gonna hold the camera and let him, explain. So. This is uh. Pretty much. Well there we go lights. We have our awning lights step light water pump when we're uh dry camping, uh. Meaning we don't have like a, fresh water hookup, like water hose hookups so we can fill our tank and we can. Still shower, still. Wash our hands and all that. The. Water heater is both, gas and electric. We normally leave it on just the electric on when we're. Hooked up in a park but if we're like. If you want fast recovery, we can turn gas on as well.

And, It just takes from your propane, tanks. Or if we're dry camping. We'll just have gas on and kill the electric, so then it runs off your propane, and your batteries. So, here's your awning extension. Um. This does have two gray tanks in it it's a gray one, is the bathroom. Your, sink and your shower. And. Now it's empty, gray two is empty as well gray two is just the kitchen, that's a huge feature that i didn't realize, that i liked about it um. Was that i have two separate tanks, because. On other models some some manufacturers. We've when we're looking, at uh we're looking at some toy haulers and stuff they'll take the rear black tank, and whatever. Half that capacity, is they'll use it for the gray. As their overall, gray. Um therefore when people are finding out when they're taking showers that, you know after a couple showers their tanks full. So just, something to keep in mind, uh we have our two slides, right uh. I think it's slide three is the kids slide. And slide, one is this slide, with the, refrigerator, and that whole wall. And then over here. Is the slide, for uh, the, dinette, and. The uh. Theater seating there we go, so yeah so this is it i mean you got your battery monitor, you got your fresh water tank, your uh black tank. You probably need to, we're already full again cool. Um this is a project up here that i'm working on i'm gonna be moving my battery monitor right here that's why there's a cutout. And then i have my surge guard my our surge protector, i can see how many amps, amperes we're pulling in and uh. Volts and all that stuff, and then this right here is for our wine guard togo. Internet if you haven't already seen our video on that go check that out our whole internet setup. But um. You know what i'm going to take you on down the hallway here. So. This is the hallway, it's a pretty good size. We hang our keys and right now our masks, and stuff on there. And normally the dog leashes right here, so we just grab that and then you also have to have a fly slaughter because you always have to apply water. Um. Normally this board our planting board will be up here it fell off the other night so. You have some hooks right here some uh, coat hooks we added two up here, and then judy added this decoration. Um, i will say. The only. Thing that i can, about this floor plan that i don't care for, is that you have the door right here and your bathroom doors right here, so if you're hanging out with with a group of people outside the front door and you need to use the restroom it's kind of uh. Awkward. So, that's the only thing, but, normally we, hang out towards the back by the outdoor kitchen. So. Let's go in the bathroom, oh also. It does have a sensor light right here. There we go i keep it off, um. Mainly because when our dog, gets up at night she likes to pace sometimes, and then this light comes on and we always, have our door open anyways, so. Uh i get woken up multiple times so i turn that one off but, i step in here.

So The bathroom also has a motion sensor light which i leave that one on, and therefore the kids can come in here at night and give them a couple seconds to hit the light switch. I just replaced this toilet. With a dometic, i think it's a 310. It's a. Reason why. It's residential. Style. We love this thing. Yeah, it's it's it's just. Game changer, i think it sits a little higher it's porcelain. It was real easy it was two bolts in a water line. And then we carry our we carry this uh, pool noodle, and we'll put it in the track. For travel days just in case, the, door pops off. So. Um. Yeah so this is the bathroom, plenty of room one of the nice things i. Like. I'm 511. And there is plenty of room for me in here so, a lot of rvs, are kind of like squished, and, i don't like that so. Um, i want to come around here. This is like our medicine cabinet, it holds a lot i'm not going to open it because, we. Didn't want to waste a bunch of stuff that we had on our house. But uh it's it's full, like it's full, so. But it you know it holds a lot i am going to eventually put some shelves i think over here that's the goal, and then we have some towel hooks, in different spots, it's a laundry day so. Um the sink a lot of people replace the sink, with something but that comes out a little further, we may in the future but right now this is working huh. So. Uh, plenty counter space jody comes in here and does her, her thing. Um. And, we have three drawers. One two three. And then under storage. Plenty. So much room. So much room and then behind, here. We have this is normally where we we hold our towels we got uh our happy camper actually i just picked up like the mega happy camper down there we love happy camper. Um, toilet paper towels, but there's storage in here you know we could probably organize this even more if we wanted to, the shower. So. Here's the shower, i'll step in hopefully it's not wet i just. Go ahead, here's the shower plenty of room nice skylight, right here. On a nice sunny day it brings in great lighting. You kind of feel like you're outdoors, naked, showering, i'm totally kidding. But it does have a event for your ac right here so if it's a hot day and you're taking a shower you can have it vented down to you, and then also, ow. Dang it, oh. That happens sometimes, too. Oh. I did replace this fan you don't want to zoom in on that it's dirty right now because of. The fires we had, but uh, i replaced, it.

Super Easy mod we'll have a video on that later, um. And then it's, pocket door. Every once in a while i need to put a lock on here because every once in a while the kids will open it, you know, normally we'll keep it like this, to let people you know let people know. That no one's in there but. It happens, it happens. So this is the. Room. What's going on in here, we're, still, in here. So let's do the bedroom now, uh this is our bedroom, it's uh, as you can see i can stand up, plenty of room, right here that was a big selling point for the bedroom. I like also that it's opposite, of the kids, so there's plenty of space in between. Um, come on in. With it but it, you know as you can see it's got a good sized bed, it does have storage underneath here, this is where we store our shoes. Boom plenty of storage. We have a lot in there. And then. Plenty of overhead, storage. One of the things that we love about this particular. Rig is we have two acs. And, they're they run on a uh, racetrack, system. And so i could turn this one on and it'll cool, the back of the rig off or i could turn the one in the main, uh, living room area on and they'll cool this off or i could turn them both on and cool the whole rig down real quick, and it has its own uh thermostat, in here too so. We love that it cools the rig down, pretty quickly i'd say we've we haven't really had to push it too hard, but um. You know it's awesome, i did install a tv. Right here. And. That's more. Jody likes to, come in here and watch tv in the evening that's like her spot i sit on the couch, kids are in their bunk we all go to our corners. So uh, you know i installed the tv. In here, um you wanna. It does have two. Two closets. And they're pretty deep we have a lot a lot of stuff in there. Over here. It is plum for a washer, dryer, combo, we do not have one in there right now. The upper, is mainly like our coats and stuff. And then the bottom, is our dirty clothes. That's what we have it uh. So i'm not gonna open that. We have two drawers. Right here. And then it also has a heating vent down here let's talk about the heating vent real quick. This grand design does not have, floor vents which we absolutely, love because, i didn't want the kids dropping crayons, and stuff down in there or dog hair, so, we like we love this style, of. Vent. And back behind, here behind these drawers, is our water heater access. That's another thing you probably want to know if you're interested, in this model, is, you know you're going to want to check back there every once in a while make sure nothing's leaking we did find a leak on ours. But uh we'll talk about that in another video. The uh, like i said the overhead, storage is great. Plenty of storage you have a little um. Here i'll get up here. So you have a little. Table here, um, i actually. Mounted. This. Magnetic, uh. Phone holder right here, a little sticky, and then i just plug my phone in at night because i don't have a shelf i didn't want a side shelf. Um, this probably looks a horrible view of me. Then the kids knocked off this this is our temperature. Sensors throughout the rig so i got to get that back up, our inverter. That uh. I just moved this switch, the other day. I could turn my inverter on right here i got my battery monitor, right here as well. Because our bay is right down below here, so. We do have two windows. And, it's awesome in the morning we'll hang out and we'll flip these up if we're somewhere cool look out, you know and play on our phones like every other american right so.

That One's the emergency, window. This one will become the emergency window too if i got to get out of here, so that's our inside tour, we will do another tour on the outside so make sure you hit the subscribe. Button if you found any value out of this video give us a thumbs up we appreciate, it and if you want to follow along on our journeys, uh you know make sure to subscribe as well, but you know this is a great, family. Rv huh yeah definitely. The three zones really make it the free zones opposing, slides, you know we we love it um. We've looked at fifth wheels we just haven't found anything that beats this floor plan. So. Yeah if you guys have any suggestions, on where we can put things or if you have questions about how we organize, things, um anything that we might be able to do better we'd love to answer any questions and take any advice you guys have. So anyhow, we'll get going, and we'll see you next. Video. You.

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