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Hello everyone, my name is Sebastián Martínez and today we are ready to take a tour of a unique mansion in its category, I am tremendously excited, it is spectacular and I want to start by thanking Alexander Goldstein and Alan Ezkenazi for allowing us the access to this beautiful property. This property has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two floors, elevator, pool, it has a dock for your yacht, cinema and one more thing , it even has access to a private beach. All this for sale for 10.9 million dollars, you have to stay until the end so that you can appreciate this masterpiece. We can start with the exterior and let's talk about the impeccable gardening work, you will see everything is completely natural, you will see that it is green from side to side, small details, each of these palm trees costed 15 thousand dollars, and something that I have not mentioned yet, it has its own indoor garden with irrigation. And if this is your first time on my channel, my name is Sebastián Martínez and I am a real estate agent in South Florida. What do we do here? tour the most spectacular properties on the market and provide you with inspiration so that you can visualize what will be your luxury property of the future. And if this video was suggested to you by the YouTube algorithm it is not a mistake,

it is not a coincidence, these videos only reach future homeowners like these. On the right side you will find the Drive Way of the property, as you can see it is very large, you can park 6 vehicles without any inconvenience, it has concrete plates and natural grass divisions , and there you will find covered garages for three additional vehicles . When you arrive at the house entrance you feel and experience as if you were on a tropical island, besides the palm trees we have the bamboos, it is wonderful how the vegetation has been used in this part of the house.

Sorry, I just said it felt like we were on an island, I correct in fact we are on an island, In the central island of Golden Beach. You know that you are going to enter a very unique mansion in its category when you see this type of door, see the patterns and textures used, it is a pivotal metal door, the cost is more than 50 thousand dollars. Now, join me to see what 10.9 million dollars can buy in this area of ​​Golden Beach. Although the door seems very heavy because in fact it is made of metal, it has a mechanism that makes it very light to open and close, and well the height, this is more than 10 feet. The first thing that receives us are the double height ceilings and the natural stone floors, as you have seen on previous occasions, construction properties or contemporary architecture will always have these beautiful windows, providing us a lot of natural light. I think we can start on the left side, where we could have what would be the guest room and also the social bathroom or what we call the half bathroom.

And I want you to pay attention to the level of detail that has been put into this guest bathroom, we are going to see the marble slab, behind it the indirect lights, the sink cabinet is floating and the sink has a particularity, the faucet is not installed on it, it comes out of the wall in the marble slab. Let's continue to the room that could be the guest room. On the left hand side we will find the bathroom, let's see it. Well here we have the closet, wood finishes and here what would be your guest bathroom, look at the size of the Walk-Ing Shower. The glass divisions, and the porcelain that goes from the floor to the ceiling, we have another floating furniture, the porcelain in the finishes both in the sink and in the toilet, and we have this window that gives us additional light, now let's see the room. More 10-feet windows, there is even a door that can take us to the outside, I think that eventually they will put some access, the led lights on the ceiling and as usual a lot of natural light.

And do you like the bed design or the nightstand? everything is included with the price that I told you at the beginning. This property has a total lot of 16,500 and built of 10,500, that is the reason why you are constantly going to see such wide spaces. Now we are entering a very special place and I am sure you are going to love it if you live here, we are in the property's cinema, of course engineering and acoustic work has been done to make it feel like a theater. And when you go to the cinema, what do you eat? Crispetas? Palomitas? Popcorn? Tell me how do you say it in your country. As soon as we leave the cinema we are going to see the elevator, here we have the door, this is the security fence, I think you have seen other elevators in the previous episodes and we will see the glass on the other side, when you go up and down you have a beautiful view of the indoor garden of your house. And continuing along the corridor we are going to find this other area, which is in fact destined at the moment for what could be an office, it is not modulated, I do not want to give you many details because patterns are really going to be repeated in other spaces that we will see in the future.

Ok, and now I want you to see exactly what you are going to have from your living room , how about this spectacular view? well I have to correct, in fact you can see it from the bar, the living room, the dining room, and from your kitchen too. Let's start on the right side which is where the bar is. I want us to pay attention to the immaculate finishes of the ceiling, where we have the led lights , along with the speakers, because a place like this has surround sound, and what we see here are the linear air conditioning ducts. Now let's move on to the bar island, quartz finishes , one-knob tap, enough storage space, and here we could perhaps install the furniture where the liquors of your bar could be placed, here the chairs for you to receive all those people who you love, your friends and family, and have fun. And next to the bar, we are going to find the living room or the family room, and it is also next to the formal dining room, as you know in contemporary architecture there is always fluidity and communication between the areas, just as it is in here. The selection of chairs, furniture, pieces, accessories, is of an exquisite taste and everything is included with the property. Remember everything is from Addison House.

Now, let's move on to the kitchen. As soon as we enter the kitchen what we are going to find is the refrigerator, freezer and also the wine cellar. Let's really look at the dimensions of what we have here. All this is Wolf Sub-Zero, in here the wine cellar for fans of this drink, and this island that I am not completely sure but is probably one of the largest we have had in the channel, the quartz finishes, what It could be a breakfast table, an auxiliary dining room.

Here we have the entire Wolf line in stainless steel, the microwave, we are going to have the four-place gas stove, here we have the grill, extractor, we have talked on previous occasions about conventional ovens and steam ovens, they provide all the options. As if it weren't enough, we are going to have another stove here, this is the electric one. And why have only one dishwasher if we can have 2? 1 on the island and another here, each one of a single command.

The storage space, you will not have any problem, here it has a soft closed. And next to the kitchen we will have the family area, a much more private area to talk, relax, watch television. And the most important, it has an access to the pool, let's see the exterior that is wonderful. The exterior is very spacious, you could easily place an outside dining room or a room with chairs to relax with your family.

Sun lounger, well there's plenty space. The gardening or the work they have done with the plants gives us to some privacy with the neighbors and something more important , in this area is where you will be able to dock your yacht, you can put one of up to 100 feet, just as it is doing who would be your next neighbor, now let's see the pool. One of the great privileges of living in a property like this is that it is located in front of the Intracoastal, you will not only be a couple of minutes from the beach walking but also a couple of minutes from the ocean when you leave on your yacht, or boat. Something that is also important to say, on the right side if you want to put your speed boat or well a boat, as they did in here, you will have additional space. As you can see there is an elevator.

And if you don't feel like going out to the beach on that particular day, you don't want to ride your boat, you can just enjoy of your beautiful infinity pool. Keep in mind, this is a smart house, it is a house that you are able to control with your phone or with the multiple screens distributed in it, so simple things like the fountain, the air conditioning, the music and the lights, everything easily controllable from your devices. We are back inside the property, please let me know what do you think so far, do you like it? Do you think you could make it your future home? If you are not sure, subscribe to the channel, like the video and leave in the comments all the questions you have, I always answer them. On the left side we will find the cleaning area, we will find high efficiency machines, front loading and the laundry rooms.

Here we will find one of the complete bathrooms on the first floor, a sink and toilet with porcelain finishes, glass partitions in the Walk-Ing Shower. And this would be perfect for a service room. And when we go out, at the end of the corridor we will have the doors that connect us with the 3 parking lots that we saw at the beginning of the tour. And we are going to enter what would be one of my favorite areas of this beautiful mansion, and it is the natural garden that they have right in the middle, how about this? It has irrigation systems, they also have underground drainage, there are many details that I love like these lights, at night they have to look amazing. Next to it we have the elevator, to the left side the beautiful floating stairs in natural wood , 32 foot high ceilings and those skylights that you see there are in polycarbonate.

And one of the things that fascinates me the most about this mansion is, when you cross the garden, how the rest of the property opens up and the spaces are amplified . Now, let's continue to what is the second floor of this home. The stairs have metal and glass railings, once again, the led lights have to look spectacular at night. If we continue here we find one of the first rooms on the second floor, here we find the Walking Closet, here we have the full bathroom, we have the finishes in glass, porcelain, floating furniture and the Hand Shower. And it is not possible to ignore this wonderful view, this is what you will have every day in the morning, in addition to that, it has a terrace that communicates with the other room.

And here we make the transition from wooden floors to natural stones, once again the beautiful view of the Intracoastal, we find a similar room, same bathroom, same Walking Closet. And on the left we will find another terrace, this with an outside view. This terrace has synthetic grass, it would be the perfect space to place some furniture, create an outdoor room, a reading or perhaps a relaxation place. Consider that, its

space is so wide that it goes from the part where we entered to the front of the property, giving you access to the last room that is the one with exterior views. And you may wonder why there are so many empty rooms, and the reason is that this property has not been inhabited, all the time we are one of the first people to have access to it. All this furniture? unused, if you buy it you will be the first to use them. And this is the room I was talking about, the exterior, the terrace with the synthetic grass and you can go to it through the sliding doors. Something very important, all the windows and sliding doors in this property are impact and hurricane resistant.

Even outside, if there is too much noise when boats pass by and that sort of thing, you won't even notice it. It has also its Walking Closet and full bathroom. And do you think you have already seen everything in this beautiful mansion? Well, you have not, in this wing of the property we are going to see the last room that has the same characteristics but, in addition to that, they created an additional space for their gym, and that is what is in here. We are going to have a terrace with similar characteristics in this part of the house.

And here is the entrance of the elevator that we saw on the first floor, it will also take us directly to the main room, which I'm sure most of you will love, so let's see it. And before entering the master room, we are going to find this space that has been designed as a beverage station, we have the same patterns, porcelain, quartz, your refrigerator, and cabinets for you to put some food. That way you don't have to go to the main kitchen in case you are hungry or want a drink, maybe at midnight. It is evident that one of the architect's priorities when creating this piece of art was to give priority to the exterior, that constantly through the sliding doors and the windows we can take advantage of that exterior, look at the pool, where the yacht is, the boat and to have some fresh air.

One of the virtues of the design of this property is that we can use the door through which we have just left or this one to enter the terrace, and we even have this other that leads us to the main bathroom. Upon entering this side, what we find is the floating sink cabinet, very warm white colors give a lot of lighting to this area, we have the taps that two of them are in fact cascading , natural stones, porcelain both here and here . And behind the mirror, the indirect lights. I want you to appreciate each

of the walls that we have in this bathroom for a second , everything is made with natural stones. And one of the protagonists in the middle is the tub, for all these people who enjoy those baths. On many occasions they tell me "but Sebastián, how am I going to take a shower in front of the neighbors?" You have to consider that this termination that we see in the upper part of the ceiling is to place your electric blinds. And here is the Walking Shower, with the glass partitions that go from floor to ceiling, and why is that? because we have a steam shower, also a hand shower and a rain shower, not to mention that we also have hydromassages. And when we continue here we will find the two toilets, on the right side and on the left side. And through this door the terrace that we mentioned above, even through this door you can also access from the space that has been created for the gym.

And when we leave the bathroom we will find what will be the space of your Walking Closet, wood finishes throughout the area. Did you enjoy the tour to this beautiful mansion? Like the video and please subscribe to the channel. Leave all the questions and comments you have, and if you liked this or any of the other properties that I have shown you before, in the description is all my information. Thank you for making it to the end, see you on the next Tour.

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