Tour of CHAI NAT I'll NEVER Forget What Happened Here! Thailand Motorbike Tour

Tour of CHAI NAT  I'll NEVER Forget What Happened Here! Thailand Motorbike Tour

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hello welcome back i'm in the province of  Chai Nat it's in central Thailand and   in today's video i'm going to be touring all  around this province it is full of surprises   the reason why i'm whispering you'll see at the  end of the video i've just climbed this mountain   and there's a shrine and there's a  monk in there and i'm gonna go meet him   and this is really amazing experience and  this province i thought this province was   gonna be like nebraska in america just flat  and farming and nothing but it's so good you're   gonna really love this video so sit down and  enjoy this tour of chia nat province let's go so good as new the thing that i like to do most when  i get to a new town or a new province   is try to get as high as possible get a  viewpoint get a lay of the land unfortunately   chiangnat just next to the town center is a hill  and it has a temple on top i can see a gold temple   hopefully we don't have to trek all the way up  hopefully we can drive up there because we're   lazy today aren't we dreaming so let's go up  there let's see if it's um a good vantage point   and we'll make a plan to explore this province when am i going to learn that you  can't park a motorbike on a slant there's a crazy amount of butterflies here   beautiful massive wasps and bugs  that was stinging us to death i think we're here this place is completely deserted i've never  actually seen a temple in this sort of disrepair   and it being so new so let me explain so  the one thing that you is kind of a constant   in thailand is when you come to these temples  that are you know relatively new you know this   is definitely less than 50 years old there's  always a few monks some staff people basically   constantly living up here taking care of the  place you always see them brushing the leaves   cleaning and polishing the buddha statues and  maintaining it and there's always donation boxes   and that's how you know the staff are paid  and how the monks are fed basically and um   they maintain a beautiful tranquil spot up here  on the hill and at some point this place must have   been super tranquil and super beautiful you can  see that they've set it up with gongs and bells   for tourists and thai people to come up here and  pray and make a wish and admire the view however   everything is in disrepair including leaves  everywhere and no one's brushing the leaves   there's quite a bit of trash as well eerily  there's lots of raisins raisins ravens that   would be funny eerie raisins eerie ravens flying  around and coring and making it all feel like   resident evil vibe and the viewpoints itself i've  walked around and i've basically figured out that   the two or three parts that they've set up set  up for the view um have overgrown with bushes   trees and things and you can see that they haven't  been maintained or trimmed back for quite a long   time i think this place was abandoned for some  reason maybe covered maybe not even the temple   is closed and the doors are locked and there's  iron gates and things you can't even go in and   people look inside the temple and so that's  the first for me to come to a relatively new   built and newly built temple and to see it  basically forgotten about luckily they didn't lock   it you can still walk up here and drive up here  so i flew the drone i i can get bits and pieces of   the view but not 360 unfortunately and i can see  that there's there's even more temples around and   dotted on little hills there's a lot of rice paddy  feels this is the basin of the chai praeyal river   and so you know this is a really important area  for growing rice sugar cane and many different   crops and you can see it in every direction and  i saw this driving yesterday when i drove all   the way up from the south i just drove through  farmlands and it was beautiful so maybe we'll   go take a closer look at the rice paddies  we'll go look for some more temples we'll   just drive around and then in the evening  the town itself is based on the the river um the river that goes to bangkok i should say  i'm not sure how to pronounce it just yet   and i did see a really big engineering  project in the distance it looks like a   huge dam so let's go check out the dam  let's just explore and have some fun   in this um hopefully not  completely deserted province right at the base of the mountain or the hill i  should say with that temple is another beautiful   buddha statue as you can see here and um it's  funny isn't it because literally this is 500   meters away from the the roads to get up to the  hill temple and um you know there's guys behind   me here working on it there's loads of bricks  and mortar here it looks like they're you know   building a brand new temple structure so i'm not  going to go up there because i think it's a bit   of a building site but the buddha itself i have  to say the buddha is beautiful it's a really nice   image of the buddha really well you structured  and sometimes you see these like stretches of   butter and they're a little bit wonky and the nose  looks a bit weird a bit of a michael jackson vibe   going but this one is perfect i think it looks  very nice and then you've got the seven-headed   serpent on each side of the staircase which is  actually i learned this recently that's a symbol   from hinduism like most of buddhism comes  from hinduism and india obviously but the thai   sect of buddhism adopted it into their own  folk tales and so he kind of stands guard um   you see it in almost every temple but this one's  particularly beautiful huge like cobra fan coming   out with these seven heads and the kings on king  crowns on top and um you can see the guys working   there doing the welding so i'm not gonna disturb  them but um it's funny that they're building this   when really they should go up there and you  know fix the old one lovely lovely temple or   not quite finished yet but it will be  lovely right then let's go find this damn holy crap sorry for my language this is one of the  coolest things i've ever seen if you know me then   you know i'm absolutely mad for huge engineering  projects anything that is just you know   just on par with nature but man-made i'm in  love with listen to that whoa look at the water that is incredible that is unbelievable so basically what's going  on what i can figure out is   this is thailand's first real dam look at this oh but this is the char payout river guys this  is the river that goes all the way to bangkok and this is unbelievable there are these huge   orange doors underneath the bridge  which are pushing back the water   and holding back all this vegeta vegetation they  even have diggers and machinery in the distance   scooping up all that vegetation all that  plant life that's built up and grown here   maybe during the rainy season and now it's time to  clear it and they're letting the water through in   a way of controlling the supply to the rice fields  and the valleys below and into bangkok down river wow i'm not sure if this is a hydro power or not  i think this might just be a control mechanism to   keep the floodplains from flooding but wow what  an amazing dam what an amazing dam look at it wow i stumbled into a japanese restaurant i was  just driving back from the dam country road   alongside the river nobody around whatsoever  and i just saw like a trendy looking place   on the side so i parked up and when i walked  in there's like 30 women working here in the   kitchen waiting stuff they're having a pre you  know service meeting and then you know the tables   and chairs are outside you have an indoor area as  well but it's right on the river and you can see   all of that vegetation that's blocked  up at the dam drifting down the river   and um i was the only person here but it's  just gone 11 o'clock and there's already six   tables so i think they're about to get slammed  because it's sunday yeah it's sunday isn't it so   busy service and it's really good food  i mean i mean look i've got this um   nice spread here and i've got some what's the  name of this in japanese i can't remember but   it's basically like you know smoked mackerel  um really fishy smoky fish on some rice   and then some salmon sushi rolls and some nice  pickled ginger and some sides this is like proper   fancy but let me try i wasn't expecting this you  know in the middle of the countryside because when   you're driving around in this area you know it's  not like you're driving around a fancy part of   bangkok or chiang mai this is not an iman this is  the countryside they just put some nice tunes on it's fantastic absolutely fantastic and  then i love this in japanese restaurants   the pickled ginger oh my god to die for i've  got a feeling that these central provinces the   the lowlands the valleys with  the rice fields are going to   be full of surprises even though i was  expecting them to be kind of kind of flat welcome to what tamar that's a hard one they need to come up with  some creative names you know like we'll call   this one staircase temple it's late afternoon and  i thought you know let's go get our workout for   the day we're not gonna go for a run we're gonna  walk up 500 steps white steps up a steep incline hmm it's beautiful here right so let's go up  and um get our workout for the day and   hopefully beautiful view at the top now the  only thing i am confused about is do i go   this way where there's nobody or do is do i have  to go to the left maybe we have to go to the left   everything is in thai by the way every single  person i talk to in this province does not speak   a word of english they just talk at me in thai and  i say okay okay it's not that way it's this way so the trick is to not look at  the view save it till the top oh that's what i saw so i saw these like huts   wooden huts they're little rest points so look  there's already a rest after like 50 steps some people are lazy i need a  rest we're talking about nan   i've got 20 more sections to go you  go on without me and carry me with you let's go i just had a look at that  time-lapse shot on the gopro   four minutes and six seconds and i started it  at like the second phase so not far into it   that wasn't that bad 500 steps probably  takes you five minutes if you just go nonstop but that's not the top and we're  now in kind of like a jungle   forest stage nice you know nature trail and  they have all of these um what do you i don't   even know what they're called but i saw these  at moonstone people lay them for good luck   actually i don't know why they lay them is  it just for fun or is it a ghost so anyway quite pleasant and we'll just hope this  doesn't go on for two hours and it's   not too far away actually i don't mind  i'd love a two-hour trek right now   oh my god hey guys welcome to my jungle trek  vlog i'm just in the jungle trekking it's   super wilderness super alone super scary super  mind blowing you know been on the bike all day   and then nipped home for a couple of hours i  never really filmed during the day it's one thing   i learned on the first part of this trip is don't  film all day film in the morning when it's not hot   come back during the hottest part of the day  chill out and then go back out in the afternoon   saves me from like burning out oh my gosh guys  welcome to the jungle i'm just doing a jungle   trek it's so green af spiritual af i'm just having  the best time you should totally follow me anyway let's just enjoy this okay i'm just whispering  because i made it to the top and basically i thought that'd be like you know a  temple but there is but it's more like a shrine   anyway it's made of bricks it's tiny it looks  like um looks like a shed somebody's garden shed but there's a monk inside and he's chanting and  he's facing the statue and he's on the ground   you probably can't hear him because  there's loads of noisy birds up here   like parrots and things like that i don't  know like white heads and blue bodies anyway   i think he lives up here because like  that's his bed and he's got solar panels so maybe he has electricity and you know i don't know the significance  maybe you go in and you ask him for a number   and you pray and he'll give you a lucky number  and then you go downstairs i don't know um what   do i do because he's chanting i don't want to go  in and disturb him i'm just going to wait a little   bit and see what happens i'm going to put my face  mask on in case he's worried that i've got covered and then i don't know this is a  unique experience it's just in there super cool just leaving now i actually had about  a five minute chat with him he was really nice   i could see that he wanted to get on with his  chanting and praying but um he was really polite   he speaks really good english and so he told  me that that temple was built 1400 years ago   and he doesn't live up here i  asked him if he lives up here   he says he goes down every night and he comes  up every morning and that area that we saw is   where he sleeps in sort of like december january  time when there's no rain and it's nice and cool   and it's better than having uh aircon  apparently and um so he sleeps up here and um   takes care of the place and uh yeah so that  you don't get a lucky number from him he says   that's to do with downstairs so i don't know  anything about that so i thought i thought it'd   be really cool if he gave me a number like your  lucky number is four and i'd be like oh but no   um i did start to get eaten alive by mosquitoes  so we had a quick chat and then he was like   i'm gonna get back to my thing and i was like i'm  gonna get back to my thing see you later and he   was really nice because i said i'm sorry i don't  have trousers on because you're supposed to be   covered up when you go inside a temple um i wasn't  going to go into the temple if there was a temple   up here but he he wanted me to take a look he's  like come in have a look and i said are you sure   he was fine about it and i was okay fine if the  monk tells you it's fine it's gotta be fine right   um what an amazing experience to have a chat with  a monk in a shrine on top of a mountain in the   middle of central thailand he spoke english and  um he asked me about my camera he said do you do   youtube and i said yes and he said um you know is  that your job and i said yes and he said splendid.   so it was very funny word to choose splendid so uh  yeah i'm just gonna enjoy the sunset here i'm just   at one of those uh rest spots with the bell on the  way down but it's quite so high up it's incredible   view and there's no point me rushing back to town  i might as well just stay up here feel the breeze   watch this incredible sunset i'll leave you with a  beautiful time lapse i'm just filming it here with   my little gopro and um in the distance in the very  very far distance this is how good the visibility   this time of year is i've just used my phone and  you know that blue thingy that comes up and biting   me oh that one stings after okay so that was  probably poison great brilliant um you know when   you use the phone and you see which direction  your phone's facing so i faced it towards   those mountains and those are the mountains of  utaitani and that is tomorrow's province i will   be waking up early and we'll be going there so  the next video is that province and um it's all   the way over there it's going to take a couple  of hours it's 130 kilometers to those mountains   and yet they just look down the road because  the visibility and this light is just so perfect   this time of year what is it september it's coming  towards the end of the rains um all of the fields   are lush green and the rice and the sugarcane  are growing in this luscious sunlight as well   but soon come november it will be dry won't  rain and they'll harvest in november december   and then january february it starts to get  a little bit smoky and really really hot   so this is the perfect time of year to be  in central thailand so there's no need to   rush through and get to chiang mai let's take our  time i've decided just to slow things down there   is 11 provinces between here and chiang mai and  i haven't had the email or the text message yet   because i need to go to chiang mai for a vaccine  but i'm still sort of not really it's not my time   yet but i'm hoping it will be soon so instead  of just going all the way to chiang mai quickly   and then realizing i have to wait a  couple of weeks let's just do these   problems is now we're in the area we're in  central thailand there's 11 provinces to do   so let's do them if they're as good as chiangnat  then we're in for a great great great time thanks for watching see you in the next adventure you

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