Tour of Istanbul (Europe Side)

Tour of Istanbul (Europe Side)

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Good morning, Istanbul. I reckon it's about time that I went out and explored this city a wee bit. I've been here for two weeks already and haven't done too much exploring.

I've kinda been posted up, right here, in this wee studio, this Airbnb studio, where I've been staying. And yeah, if you haven't seen the video on this place, go and check that out, because yeah, the room was in a lot better state then than it is right now. So yeah, this is where I am. This has Galatasaray High School, the dormitory, their football patch.

Down this wee alleyway is the main high street area, and there's a lot of wee back streets and stuff down there. So I reckon I'll take you down there to start off, and eventually let's try and cross the river to that side. I've only been over there once and haven't really explored much.

So yeah, guys, it's a nice cloudy day, a lot of clouds in the sky. Might be a nice opportunity for a white boy like me to do a bit of exploring without getting completely sunburnt here, in the middle of summer, in Istanbul. So yeah, let's go for a wee adventure, guys.

Let's do it. Good morning. Good morning. Oh, aren't you adorable? This cat keeps trying to get into my room. So this is an ancient 15th century hamami. It's like a Turkish baths.

Good morning. Good morning. This ancient Turkish bath right here.

Haven't been in there. Right so, right outside my apartment, it's all these very small back roads, back streets. And these streets are nice to wander around first thing in the morning, before it's busy, before there's traffic, but later on in the day, you can see what it would be like. You can't really use the sidewalk, and you know, you're competing, you know, when things like this come down the road, you're kinda having to squeeze in at the side and stuff like that. It gets a bit chaotic, but right now it's grand. It's grand so it is.

And look at some of the architecture around here. Beautiful, isn't it? Absolutely smashing. And on this street as well. Check them out. Beautiful old buildings, probably hundreds of years old.

It's unfortunate that people graffiti all over them, but they're still very, very nice, aren't they? Anyway, I'm not actually coming down this road, I just came down to show you guys these buildings. I'm actually taking you guys up this way to Taksim Square. Now, Taksim Square is... My friends, again. Taksim Square is a place where there's not much there. Taksim Square is just kind of a big open square where people kind of hang out, but it's kind of a main landmark around these parts, so it's got to be included in an Istanbul tour, doesn't it? So let's head that way.

And this area has kinda these, like, little hip cafes, antique shops and stuff like that. See, selling old paintings and stuff. During the day when these are all open, you'll find it's just very, very small eateries or they're just selling kinda like antiques, secondhand bookshops, stuff like that. You can see here, this guy's got all his stuff... Usually...

Oh, he's taking it all out. Usually during the day, this area is all filled with like secondhand furniture. So it looks like he's just taking the stuff out just now.

I think it's like 8:30 or 8:45 in the morning, so a lot of these businesses don't open until like 9 or 10. So, I'm starting this, I'm starting this vlog off early when the weather's nice and cool and you know, there's less traffic on the roads and stuff. Secondhand book shop. We have English book. They have a English book, I think. So as you can see, well, maybe you can't see you really on the camera, but this is like 45 degree angle and it is that way in Istanbul.

So if you come here and your legs aren't strong, they sure will be by the time you finish your trip. I mean, basically everywhere you go, it's kind of like this, so yeah, good for the calf muscles. So, I'm onto this main street that takes you up to Taksim Square. Big hospital here and these shops that say eczane, eczane, and you have this big E symbol there as well.

Those are pharmacies. So if you need a pharmacy when you're here, that is what to look for. Eczane or eczane. Don't really know how to pronounce it. And so far in the main city, I haven't seen any huge supermarkets. I find these are the best ones.

The ones Carrefour Mini. There's a bunch of them around, so you can see about the size of it. So those are the places I've been getting my groceries from.

And yeah, there's a bunch of typical places like this selling the durum, the doners. Usually like 12 lira for a chicken doner or like 20 for a meat doner. So you're talking, you know, like a buck, couple of bucks for half a meal, basically. These taxis here, the yellow ones, those are the cheapest. Apparently it goes like this, The yellow ones are the cheapest, and then it goes to blue which are a bit more expensive, and then there's black ones that are about twice the price.

So, I think the difference is, I've taken the yellow one, it didn't have AC. I'm assuming it's like yellow one is no AC, blue one is AC, and the black one's like a limo or something like that or what they call a limousine. A limousine taxi. Right, that's Taksim Square, right up there.

And here we are at the Taksim Square, and round here is where I've eaten doner before, doner kebabs. That one there, Taksim Doner. Looks like they're just opening up, I guess, for the day.

And yeah, here it is, Taksim Square. Basically, this is the main high street actually that goes from my apartment. That takes you up there as well. And, yeah, over here is the main square.

And this statue, I can't actually get close to it, for these barriers. There is a sign right there that tells you what it's for. I'm assuming it's probably to do with the the War of Independence or something like that. That's what I would assume.

It looks like that kind of kind of thing, doesn't it? But as you can see, right here, Taksim Square is now occupied by pigeons. In the evening, in the late afternoon it's occupied by people. And basically, every one of these benches, even the steps, you'll see people sitting on it, eating kebabs, eating ice cream, and stuff.

And then over there, there's a wee park as well. More people just sitting around, just hanging out, basically. So, aye, this is a main hangout area and a lot of hotels around here. All the way over there.

Down these streets as well. A lot of nice restaurants and stuff down these streets. I think that's actually pedestrianised as well. Although I see a bus parked in the front of it. But yeah, this is kind of like the more expensive hotels and more expensive restaurants.

And yeah, I mean, there's no real reason to come here as a destination, like Taksim Square. There's nothing really to see. It's just kind of like a landmark, you know. It's kind of, no thanks. It's just one of those landmarks in the city, that you need to know about, because if you get lost, you just find your way to Taksim Square, and then you know the way from Taksim Square back to your accommodation, don't you? It's one of those type of places. Anyway, I'm gonna head back down this way.

I might try and take the tram. There's a tram that starts from right there, like an old style tram, but I want to make my way down towards near where the Galata Tower is. Oh ya... I hate these things. They're flying rats, that's what they are. They're bloody flying rights.

So yeah, this is a kind of terminus the tram. You can see the statue, it kind of circles around it and then goes back down the road. I think it's just a one line, and this is where they have the old style tram, the classic, and on the other main roads, they have the big, brand new fancy ones.

Right, let's see how this works. It looks like... It's in Turkish, but it looks like something is 10 and something is 7.

So let's see. I don't know. Maybe somebody can help me out. Can you help me? I want to buy a one ticket for go down. Would do I do? This one? This? 10? Uh-huh 10. 10, ah-ha, it must be children and adult.

Ah, okay. Oh, first I put the money in, and then I click it. Okay.

10. No? Ah, okay, this my ticket? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know, brother. I can only speak English.

I go on the tram and do this? I don't know. Sorry, brother, sorry. Okay, so somehow I've ended up with a card, like this. Yeah, I don't really know what just happened there. The machine, it wouldn't take the 10 lira, for the ticket, and then the guy pulled out some sort of card, and then he was able to do it, and then he gave me this, and then he told me something important. that,

you know, he doesn't speak any English and I don't speak any Turkish, so, I don't know. When the tram comes, I'm going to try and swipe this or touch it or scan it or something, and hopefully I can take my ride on the tram. Okay, I think I just loaded it. I think previously I bought the card, and now I've just loaded 10 lira onto it.

I think that's how it works. I think. Now what do I do? I think that's it, I think that's it. Hi.

Oh, it gave me this back? Yes. Do you know how these machines work? I got this red card. This. Do you know? I want to use the tram like one time.

So what do I need to do? Okay. Okay, so now I have 10. This is enough to use the tram, right? One time? - Yes.

How much does it cost one time? I don't know. You don't know? But it's enough? 10 is enough. - Yes. Okay, thank you, brother, okay. I think we've got it. I think we've solved it.

When the tram comes, I will just touch the card and get my ride. In Kerala? Ah, yeah, good. I've seen your videos.

You're Turkish or Indian? No, I'm from India. Ah, okay. Yeah. Are you here as a tourist, or? No, I'm working here, in some hotel.

Ah, okay, cool. Yow know how to use the tram, right? Yes. All right, so I've got this card, and then I loaded 10 lira, then what happens when the tram comes in? Then what do I do? You just need to punch it. But have you connected it to the HES code? No. I have to connect it to the HES code.

I know what the HES code is. That's to do with the corona, right? Yeah. I need to connect it? - Yes.

How do I do that? You just need to... You know the Metro? Yeah. Go down, there's some help centre. Yeah? Okay, so I need to connect it to my HES code? Go to there, they will take your passport, they will connect this card to your passport. And after, that you can punch it tram.

Okay. Yeah. Okay, thanks. Thanks for letting me know. - Nice to meet you.

Okay, you too, brother, you too. Okay, so... Okay, it's more complicated than I thought. That guy, he recognised me from my videos and just came to talk to me. Yeah, so apparently there's this HES code. I needed it to enter the country.

Basically, like, you fill out some form on a website, and it gives you a code that you need to enter the malls and stuff. It's basically like a tracking thing so that they can, you know, if they have like a corona outbreak or something, they can track all the people who were there on that day at that time or something like that. So, yeah, apparently now I need to go to the Metro and link my HES code. I don't have my passport.

He was talking about passport. I don't have my passport on me. I have to go to the help centre down here.

Hopefully they will help me, the help centre. Hi. I want to link my HES code to my card. Okay, do you have HES code? Yeah, that's my HES code here. Finished? Do you know how much it costs to take the tram? One ride? How many lira for? 4 lira. 4 lira? Okay, thank you.

Thank you. Sorted. All the information, all the things we needed to do, and that is the tram right there. Do I just jump on it? I think I need to go to the stop. But that is the tram. I think I need to go through the stop.

Where am I? Oh darn, it's down this way. Hopefully I'm not going to miss it. All these people, right here, getting a tour. I don't know, guys, would you rather be on the tour with a tour guide, or would you rather be with yer man here in Istanbul, stumbling around, stumbling his way around the city? I forgot they even had a metro. Could maybe be taking that places. I'll find out where it goes, but for now, the two strong legs in action.

You see a lot of these carts. The guys sell chestnuts and corn. They're everywhere. And these ones here, the bread. That seems to be the only three items these carts sell.

You've got the bread things, chestnuts, and then the corn on the cob. Here we go. Classic Istanbul tram from Taksim to Tunel. I could have walked to where I want to go by now, but, you know, when you're in Istanbul, you have to take this at least once, don't you? So it looks like that's where I scan my card, right there, the yellow thing. Right, let's see how this works. This looks like it's closed, so I guess we get on the front.

Good morning. There we go, 3.50. 3.50 it was. Okay. Looks like there's 10 seats and then standing room in this place. Okay.

And ventilation, ventilation from an open window as well. Lovely. Okay, going down the main high street area. It looks like these are the windows like that, and they kind of pull downwards 'cause this one's half down like that. I think that's how it works, for the ventilation. So these guys tried to get on, but they don't have the card.

I guess more tourists. There's not really information. I don't know how you would find out how to use this tram, get the card and everything unless somebody tells you. Right. Door is closed. Looks like we're going to go on our way.

So, this high street area, it's pedestrianised. So the only thing that can really come down it is this tram, and then things like the garbage trucks and stuff. There seems to be a taxi there, though, for some reason. I've never seen that before, but this is the street that at night time...

And police cars. This is the street that at night time becomes very crowded. Very crowded with people.

If you've seen my previous vlogs. Looks like we're on a head to head with the police car right here. Looks like the tram's gonna win. Looks like the tram's gonna win. The police are giving way. I should probably try some of this bread.

It seems to be everywhere. It seems to be popular, so it's probably good. I'll try it at some point today. And this is the mall right here. This is the one I had to use the HES code to get in.

You have to scan to get into the mall right there. And my plan is to take this tram down to the Galata Tower. And normally, I walk down this street. Normally, I just walk down the street, but you know, got to take that tram one time. Why not do it while I'm vlogging? Looks like we've got an obstruction here.

This seems to be... Oh, he's watering the plants right there. That's what he's doing. He's watering the trees. So, yeah, just going to have to wait, I guess. Ice cream men are out already, to play their tricks.

I guess, even at 9 AM people are eating ice cream. And I think this lady just rang a bell. So, it looks like there's no actual stops. I think you just ring the bell and he slows down and you get off. I think that's how it is.

'Cause I don't see anything that designates an actual tram stop. right here. Nothing at all. So, that will be it, when I see this tower that I'm going to when I'm nearby, I'll give the bell a wee ring. Where is it? I don't see any bell.

I dunno. Maybe you just walk up to the front, that's how you get off? I dunno. So, they keep this street very clean. At all times of the day, afternoon and morning, there's people cleaning, garbage trucks collecting litter and stuff like that, so as you can see, it is kept very clean.

This main, I don't know what it's called, actually. I've been calling it the 'Rona Road, just because it's so crowded. There's so many people packed together, normally. This is the quietest I've ever seen it, actually.

Normally at nighttime, it's like, you can't even move. You can't move at all. Turkish delight shop and then your usual kind of high street shops mixed in.

And then, these are the kinda places that are usually pretty expensive on this street. The things that you're seeing that are advertised at like 50 lira, you'll find them at 20 lira down the back streets. So I guess mainly an area for the tourists. Looks like we're stopping here for some reason. I don't know why that would be.

Somebody's getting off, that's it. Still don't know how to... I still don't know how to tell the guy that you're getting off. I remember I've taken the tram in Kolkata in India, and there was just like a rope that you'd pull. A rope that you'd pull, and it would, ding, ding.

I do hear a ding ding, but I think it's the guy himself who's doing the ding dinging. He's looking for customers. I think this guy was trying to go on the back. This guy on a motorbike. So I don't know why the guys on motorbikes are allowed to...

I don't know if he's just cheekily, illegally kinda like having a wee shortcut down the street or whatever, but like I said, usually it's just the tram that can come down here other than the police and the garbage trucks. Hello, good morning. Good morning. Flower shop and more Turkish delights. Now I believe this tower is, I think it's just round that corner, right there, if I remember.

Looks like, I think this is the end. The end of the line. I don't see the tower. This is it, finished? Finished. - Okay, great, fantastic. Thank you my brother. Okay, now we've got to find the tower.

I guess if it's not here, I think it's down that way somewhere. It was fun though, wasn't it? Get this clown mask off. It was fun, wasn't it? This classic Istanbul tram ride. Don't know if I'll bother taking it again.

It's a bit slow. Probably could have walked faster than that, but like I said, you got to take it once while you're in Istanbul. It'd be a crime not to. Right, let's find the tower. Okay, while we walked down here, let's talk a little bit about the history of this ancient city.

So this city, Istanbul, it used to be called Byzantium back around the seventh century BC. It was King Byzas of the ancient Greeks. He came and he made that colony for the ancient Greeks. Named it after himself, called it Byzantium, and then a century later, the Persians came.

They took over, and they were here for a couple of centuries until the fourth century BC when Alexander the Great came, and he took it back for the Greeks. And then after that, there was a period of peace until around, I think it's like around the second century BC. That's when it became part of the Roman Empire.

And in the fourth century, the man Constantine the Great, the emperor of the Roman Empire, he made it the capital. He made this the capital of the Roman Empire and changed the name to Constantinople after himself. They did that.

A lot of egotism back then. They would just name cities after themselves. They would call themselves "The Great." So Constantine the Great named this city Constantinople, which it remained Constantinople for a long time until, I think it's the 15th century, the Ottoman Turks came.

Before that, there was a lot of stuff went on. There was a lot of besieging by the Arabs, the Christian Crusaders and all that, but it was the 15th century when the Ottoman Turks came, and they made this capital of the Ottoman Empire. And back then, it was informally known us as Islamabol. which kind of changed into Istanbul.

And it was kind of just known as Istanbul, even though the official name was Constantinople, right up until the Ottoman Empire fell, during the First World War. The allied troops took it over, and then there was the War of Independence after of the First World War. Thus became the Republic of Turkey, and I think about seven years after that, 1923, almost a hundred years ago, it became the Republic of Turkey, And seven years after that, this is where I'm going right here, the Galata Tower.

Seven years after that in 1930, they officially changed the name from Constantinople to Istanbul, which it is now. Look at this beautiful tower. So this was built about a hundred years before the Ottomans took over. Yeah, a huge tower, initially built for defence, I believe, and then I think during the Ottoman period, it was used to hold prisoners and stuff. So I've been to Istanbul before on two stopovers actually, and I have actually visited this.

So, yeah, I don't really want to pay to go up there again, but since I'm doing this vlog for you guys, maybe it'd be nice if I just go up there, where that man is right there and get a nice 360 degree panoramic view of the city, just for you guys. Just for you guys, I'll do it. Right, I wonder how much it is now. I think back when I went there in 2015, it was like, I want to say it was like 20 lira or something, but prices have all changed here.

They've had hyperinflation, so yeah, it definitely won't be 20 lira. It will be a lot more. Right. Let's see where I get the ticket. Oh look, the ticket office is one of the old trams. Fantastic.

How much? Muzekart, 60. Something, 125. Oh, it says ticket, 100, and audio guide, 25. You can get them together for 125. There's no discount. I won't bother with audio guide since I'm vlogging, guys.

I'll just buy the ticket and get up there, A hundred is like $11. Hello, can I have one ticket, please? 100 lira. 100 lira, okay. Sir, do you have HES code? HES code, yes, I have it. Okay, show it at entrance, please.

Okay, this my HES code here. Yes, this one. Show it in the entrance. Show it in the entrance? Okay, thank you. Okay, everyday I've come past here there's been a huge long line of people waiting to get in, so this is fantastic.

I'm here first thing in the morning. No queuing it looks like. HES Code. Hello, yes, it's my HES code. Okay, thank you. Okay, he scanned the HES code.

Hello. Hello. That's my ticket. Okay, thank you. This one? Okay. 6th floor? Okay.

Where do the other ones go to? I dunno. Maybe I should try them, maybe I should try them. Ah, this is cool. It's kind of showing you what the view would be if you weren't in an elevator. Panoramic.

Okay. Hello. Upstairs Upstairs? Okay. Old mediaeval boat model. Oh, I guess you take the elevator up and then you take the stairs back down.

I think that's how it works. Get rid of this. Looks like other people aren't wearing it, so neither am I. Okay. So, this, this is the view I've kind of be looking out onto from my balcony, right there and round this way, I think that's the Asian side that's split by the Bosphorus. Today, I'm just going to explore this area, here, where I am, and then over that bridge.

I don't know if you can see it, there's a bridge right there. I've crossed it the only once before, but we'll cross that bridge and have a wee explore around that area. And yeah, I guess the best view is going to be from up here. I don't know if there's point standing here looking out all these view windows, when I seen there's like a huge balcony area up there.

Let's do this. Ah, here we go. This is more like it. This is more like it, isn't it? Oh, nice fresh air. Beautiful.

Oh, check this out, guys. So you can walk through, you can walk around in 360 degrees. So two bridges there. That's not the one I'm going to cross. I think one of is only for trains, and that's the bridge.

That's the bridge right there that I want to cross. Any yeah, this is the view I've been looking out onto, so finally going to explore that today if it doesn't rain. Clouds are looking a wee bit black, but I'm glad for the clouds. As I said, every day, it's been burning hot here. Risking the sunburn by stepping outside, but today it's Scotsman weather, isn't it? It's Scotsman weather.

I like it. And yeah, I think tomorrow I might go onto that side, the Asian side. This city split between two continents, Europe and Asia, over there. Beautiful, isn't it? What'd you reckon though, guys? Is it worth, worth a hundred liras, 11 bucks, this view, or not? It better be worth it. I've paid for it for you guys. This guy here, look, he's got his own wee like a balcony with AstroTurf.

Looks like somebody else is vlogging. If you want to hear... If you want to hear a vlog in I think it's Tagalog, If you want to hear a vlog in Tagalog, subscribe to that guy's channel. But I was saying, this guy here. Look, he's got his wee, AstroTurf, kinda like balcony rooftop area. That's really lovely, isn't it? What he's got, right there. - Excuse me.

Oh, hello. I know your YouTube channel. Really, uh?
- Yeah.

Where are you from? Indonesia. Oh, Indonesia, ah. You go there, Indonesia.

Yeah, I go to Indonesia. Yeah, I see your video. And you do thumbs up, right? Yeah, and subscribe. - Ah, okay, good.

Okay, now you're in my video. Ah. Oh, really? Yeah. Say hello, to everyone. - Hello. So you're visiting, tourists? Ah, yes. You living in Indonesia? Yes.

Ah, okay. So you escaped the lockdown and everything. Yeah. Just now they have big problem, right? Yes. - Ah, so you run away? Yes. - And you come to Europe.

Ah, okay. You go to Indonesia and you overnight in OYO. OYO, yeah, the small hotel. Yeah. - You seen that one? Small hotel with, with big key.

Yeah, yeah, with the wood. Yeah, you've seen this one? Ah, okay. - Fried rice. The nasi goreng. - Yes. Yeah, I love the nasi goreng. Oh, its so nice that you've seen my videos. - Yeah. And so nice that you give me thumbs up.

Okay, we take a selfie? Okay. Mantap. Youtuber. Okay. - Oh, so cute.

Okay. YouTube channel name? Ah, Dale Philip. My father. Ah, your father. Hello. Hello. - He wants to know you. Salamat siang.

I say it correctly, salamat siang? - Oh, yes. A rope that you'd pull, and it would, ding, ding. You speak correctly and so good. This is my product.

Your product? For you. For me? A gift? - For you, propolis. You give me a gift? What is it? Propolis? Propolis. Ah, what is it? - This really good for body health. Ah, okay. - Immunity system.

Oh, this comes from the bees, right? Yeah. - Propolis. It comes from honey, right? - Video, video. Ah, okay. Thank you so much for the gift. Terima kasih.

Sama, sama. Oh, makachiiii. Okay, thank you. Okay.

That was nice. I got a wee gift. Unexpected, but nice. Love Indonesian people. I really do.

So a lot of boats using this. This is the Bosphorus, right here, that splits splits the European and Asian parts and this huge city with 17 million people. Can you imagine, 17 million people in one city? So, my country, Scotland, has about I think 6 million people in the whole country. So this city, Istanbul, has 3 times as many people living in the city as my country has. And, yeah, it's always been a populous city, back when it was the capital of the Ottoman empire, back when it was Constantinople, back in the 15th century, there was half a million people living here, which was a lot. I mean, I think the world population at that time was only like 500 million or something like that, so 1 in 1,000 people in the whole world, were right here in not Istanbul, Constantinople, as it was back then.

But this is nice. The fresh air. This is the freshest I've felt since coming to Istanbul. Every day, Every day it's been sunny, it's been hot, it's been humid and everywhere I've been going I have been going out and about later in the afternoon.

This is early morning but everywhere I've been going, I've been sweating, I've been getting sunburnt. And this is nice. I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good. I'm enjoying this wee exploration of this city.

I got another gift. They gave me spicy macaroni, from Indonesia. You bring this as a snack, right? You bring this as a snack? Oh, okay. - Very good. Right, let's see if I can do a full 360 for you guys.

Dunno if it will be possible or if it's too crowded or not, but we're starting at the bridge, right there, and let's see if we can go, all the way around, 360. Panoramic view of this massive city. Thank you. There we go. There we are, guys.

Almost. Excusez moi. There we are. The full 360. And I think what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna explore some of these backstreets. I'll take a wee wander down here for a wee bit.

after we get lost and have a good wee explore for, I dunno, 10 or 15 minutes, then we'll cross the bridge which is where we're getting back to, right here on our wee 360. We'll cross the bridge and go explore on that side. Like I said, I'm a lot less familiar with that area over there, than I am with this one. Okay, I'm pretty sure that there's That's the elevator, there, but I'm pretty sure there's more stuff if we go down these stairs. Pretty sure there's more to explore.

They're taking you down there with the footsteps. Right here, it says "This way." So let's go down and have a wee look.

It's just more windows and then a kinda museum area. Some old pots. Some old clay pots and stuff like that. Okay, that was nice. More antiques and vintage stuff.

A lot of those type of shops around these backstreets. Looks like an old church in there. First church I've seen. I've seen a ton of mosques. There's mosques everywhere but it looks like this through here, is an old church.

No sign or anything like that. I guess it's active. I guess.

You know, it looks very ol but I guess people do pray there and stuff. Kinda people in this local area, I'm guessing. Because, like I said, no sign, just a number right there.

This is nice. So it's a Sunday, so a lot of these shops are closed. The streets a lot more peaceful than most days. Most days it's kind of a pain. Just now, you know, I can walk down the road like this. But then other days, there will be cars zooming up and down You know, it's not that fun.

This city obviously ancient. Obviously planned way before the age of the automobile. It's not like those cities you get in America. Big, wide open roads, the grind cities and all that, But then, those cities in America, they don't have the character, they don't have the character of somewhere like this, do they? So it's the pros and cons, it's the pros and cons, isn't it? Aye.

Old, old car, right here. Look at the AC on that. It's just a wee fan, right there. It looks like it's active. There's, somebody's mask is in there. Somebody's rona mask is in there, so it looks like it's being used.

In fact, I think it's a police. Istanbul Polisi, right there. Okay, better get away from it. In case they think I'm trying to break in or something like that.

Spend the night in an Istanbul jail. And these, I see these everywhere in Istanbul. And I just see them locked up against random lampposts and stuff And I think it's like...

There's a QR code there. I think it's like, there's some app and you can unlock them and you can just jump on them and take them places. Probably you have to load up some credit on an account or something. I dunno if tourists can use them. I only ever see locals using them.

Or maybe it's like the tram, where it's, you need somebody to kinda tell you how it all works and stuff like that. Ah, that's the bread I keep seeing in those little carts. That's an actual shop, an actual bakery that makes it. Maybe the carts, they all load up from there or something like that. More graffiti. Seems to be a popular thing here, graffitiing.

Another ancient Turkish bath, in there. Haven't been to one yet. I very much doubt they would let you bring a camera in there. So, if I do go, you won't know. You won't see it, anyway. And another calf workout.

up this beautiful street. Up this beautiful hill, right here. and it looks like Oh, it looks like an art area. I was gonna say, it looks more like another antique area. This is about the third or forth kinda area where I see a lot of antiques and stuff like that.

The guys just, I think that's what they do, they put all their goods out onto the street. to attract customers. So, I guess he's just opening up now. Surely by now it's about 10 am and yeah, looks like another area for that kinda stuff. Some kinda art gallery in there.

Aye. More antiques. Buddhas and stuff. Roman statue and all that.

Lovely. Anyway, I'm kind of wandering in the opposite direction of where I want to be. The, the bridge, to get to the other side. Just kinda having a wee wander right now, so... Another hamami. Another Turkish bath, right there.

Eh, aye, let's do a u-turn, get back down to the bridge and cross the, is it a river? The water. The sea. The golden horn. The bit that takes you onto the Bosphorus.

Let's cross that, and get to the other side. A guy selling fresh fruit or maybe it's juice. I hope it's juice, ah, I see a mixer right there.

Hello brother. How are you? Good morning. You're selling juice? - Mm-hmm. Maybe I can get a mix? - Carrots.

Grapefruit. Mix. - Okay, okay. This mix Okay.

Okay. Big. Big please. Big? - Yeah. So it looks like we get carrot, grapefruit and orange, and maybe lemon and apple as well, I don't know.

There we are. So yeah, just carrot, orange and grapefruit. Okay. Keep the change my friend.

Thank you, thank you. Lovely. No problem. No problem.

Cheers. Okay. He was calling me back for the change. Okay. Let's get this drank. Made a mess, the first sip. He filled it right to the top, which is nice, which is generous but. Okay. I'm gonna down it.

Lovely. Whew. Just what I needed. And right there, that's the modern trams.

The modern trams in this city, right there. And that right there is a street dog. They're huge. All of them. All the street dogs in this city are massive.

I think they feed on kebabs. So they do. So, making my way down to the bridge now. Behind me, you can see the Galata Tower that I've just been up. It kinda pokes up above a lot of the old buildings. And again, it's one of those landmarks, you can see it, you can find your way there and then you can find your way back to your accommodation or wherever you're going if you get lost.

There it is. Beautiful. Okay. Let's find the bridge.

Ah, I remember this. So round this corner, on a previous blog, that's where I ate baklava. I think there was the big shoe right there, that's where I ate baklava in a previous vlog. And I haven't eaten Turkish Delight so far on this trip, but I do remember the last time I was in Istanbul, across that bridge, there was the oldest Turkish Delight shop in Istanbul, established in 1777.

And I went there and I bought a few boxes of Turkish Delight. I was actually in Istanbul on a stop over on my way to Ireland, and I bought a few boxes of the Turkish Delight from that old shop. It's a very wee shop, and yeah, I was sharing them with people in Ireland and everybody loved them, they were amazing.

And I thought they were amazing as well, so that reminds me, I should go there. Think it's right on the other side of the bridge. I'll go there and I'll get a box or two Yum yum. Karaköy Pier. So if you don't want to cross the bridge, I think you can take a ferry or maybe not. No, this is a very short stretch of water.

This takes a few minutes to cross it by foot on the bridge. So I think these ferries are actually taking you somewhere else. They're taking you to the Asian side, I guess. That's the bridge, right there. That's what I'm gonna cross.

Or maybe I'll have some of this. I haven't tried it yet. This bread. I think they call it simit.

And you get it with some cheese or something. I should try it, since I haven't tried it yet. Hello brother. Simit, simit. Simit.

Yeah. What do you have? Cheese, Nutella? Butter? Oh, you have Nutella? Okay, one with Nutella please. How much? How much? - Lira? Oh, he does have Nutella, brilliant. Oh, you have a menu? How much lira? Five lira? Six lira? Oh, okay, good. Only 6 lira.

That's like 65 cents or something. So like I said, this bread must be good because these carts are everywhere. Everywhere in the city. So, yeah, has to be good. He's gonna slice it in half and then lather on some Nutella for me. Turkish.

Turkish Nutella? Turkish Nutella. Turkish Nutella, brilliant. Me? From Scotland. Scotland. I think he asked if I was from Russia.

I'll have this Turkish bread with Turkish Nutella. I'll maybe wash it down with a Turkish Coke Zero. There we are. Sandwich. Nutella simit sandwich. Get a wee bag.

Okay, thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Keep the change. Okay. No change. Okay. Thank you.

Brilliant. My first simit. Doing it the traditional Turkish way, with Nutella. I'm pretty sure back in the day that's how they had it. That's how they had their simit, their Turkish bread, with Nutella.

Okay. Fishermen right here. All over the bridge, you'll see these guys, just lining up. So it must be completely legal. In a lot of countries they'd make that illegal. You know, if you were on the bridge fishing, or down by the pier by the boats, but here I think it's just part of their culture, they get to come and... You know, it belongs to the people, it belongs to the Turkish people.

If they want to come and fish, for their dinner, they can do it. Hey man. Hey, how are you? Just about to to try this. Have you tried this before? Have you tried this before, simit? Yes. I watch your videos.

Oh really? Where are you from? I'm from the UK. From the UK? Okay, cool. I'm from Oxford man. Oxford? You're Scottish right? Yeah man, I'm Scottish, yeah. - Nice to see you. Are you living here or are you on holiday? No, I live in Oxford, I just came for a vacation. Ah, okay. Me too.

Trying all the local stuff. I like the simit itself, but I don't like the chocolate in it. Ah, okay.

I thought this was the traditional way, with Nutella. That's the new way actually. - The new way? Okay, I'm gonna try it with Nutella. It's good though, right? Yeah. Okay. What's your name? Memes.

Memes? Okay. Pleased to meet you, brother. - Nice to meet you. So how long are you here for? I'm here for another few days. Yeah. I've been here a while. I just haven't done much. So today, I'm just exploring and taking my camera and going across the bridge, just now.

There are many places to visit, so... Yeah. I think you came here before, didn't you? Yeah, I was here a long time ago. Like six years ago or something. But this is the first time I'm doing the vlogs here. Cool, well nice to see you anyway.

Yeah, okay. Yeah, when you see the vlog, give a thumbs up, okay? Yes, I'll do that. Look after yourself, yeah? Yeah, see you brother. Okay. Let's give this a go. This traditional Turkish bread with the traditional Nutella. It's very crusty. It's very crusty.

I think I'm gonna... I was gonna say, I think I need two hands for this. It's not gonna break apart.

It's like very, very crusty bread. The kind you'd want if you had a bowl of soup or something like that that you'd want to dip it in. And although, it looks like a pretzel it's not salty, it's not salty like a pretzel. It's just...

It just tastes like bread. Very, very crunchy, sorta crusty on the outside and then the inside part's actually kinda chewy soft. It's actually chewy, the middle bit, and then with the Nutella, it's actually kinda nice. Mmm Mmm I think it kinda needs the Nutella. If I was eating this plain, I think it'd be kinda boring.

I mean, it's just bread, isn't it? So yeah. It needs something. But here, way more fishermen, right here, on the river. Dunno if they've caught any, I don't see any fish.

I don't see any fish in their bins. Oh yeah, he has caught a few. Good.

You're doing good, you're doing good. - Okay. I think, he's the only one who's caught stuff. I don't see anybody else. Okay. Get this demolished. This simit. But yeah, if you just had this plain, without the Nutella, it would be perfect for soup.

It'd be perfect for you know, just a hearty vegetable soup, Dip in this crusty bread and it would be delicious. There's actually two levels to this bridge. There's an underground as well that has a loads of cafes and stuff. So this is getting very sunny. I might actually try and escape the sun and find the way down there. I think there's stairs here.

Ah, here we go. Aye, so as you can see, I've came over the top there, and over here it's all these wee cafes and stuff that kinda line, line this bridge. Oh in fact, this is taking me back the way I just came. I got confused with the stairs.

I don't remember how many U-turns I did. I actually wanna be going this way, across this way. Ah, it looks like I can't do it. In the middle there's no kinda underground. It's only these parts there's the underground with the cafe's.

At this part, you actually have to cross the bridge. Okay, I've done it the wrong way. I should have take this way and then cross the bridge.

I did it opposite. Never mind. Here we go, back in the sun. Lovely. I would definitely eat that again. Some good carbs.

Some good carbs for exploring. And here you see, that's the other underground part, there. Just more cafes, the whole way. Probably pricey, I would imagine. I would imagine they're double or triple the price of other eateries in the city. Oh, what's this guy got? More fruit juice? Is that...?

No, it's corn on the cob. Oh, I thought it was like lemon juice or something like that. I've built up a bit of a thirst after eating that Nutella simit. Let's see, maybe we can get a Turkish Coke Zero. Can we? Oh yes we can. Right here.

Hi brother. One Turkish Coke Zero. Thank you brother, thank you. Cheers. Lovely. Feeling nice and refreshed now.

Right, let's see if we can find that Turkish Delight shop. I'm pretty sure it's down one of the back streets around this kinda area. So there's this Koska. I believe this is like a chain. I've heard that one's good as well for baklava and Turkish Delight. But yeah, I want to find this original.

The 1777 one. Hey. Where's the bazaar? You're Scotland? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I see you on YouTube. Really, ah? Okay. - Yeah.

In Zanzibar. In Zanzibar? Zanzibar. Ride the bike. - Ah, okay. Yeah, riding the bike. You got me, you got me. You see that one? Yeah. - What did you think of my bike? Oh, perfect.

Okay, good. The bazaar? I think it's in this general direction. But I don't know. I'm also a tourist, so I can't help you. We all.

Okay. Okay, see you my friend. - Nice to meet you. Okay. Burundi! Burundi, yeah.

Burundi! Oh, man. This is the place right here. This is Ali Muhiddin something, 1777. This is the one, but it seems to be closed, I guess maybe because it's Sunday. Hopefully it's not shut down for good.

This is apparently the original, but okay. We're gonna need a plan B for Turkish Delight, I guess. Maybe back to that place that I seen down there. Okay. Here it is, the Koska. 1907.

Not as ancient as the 1777, but it's a plan B, isn't it? It's a plan B. Hello brother. How are you? Thank you. I want to buy some of the lokum. Lokum? Yes. It's only lokum.

That's all lokum? Even this, this is lokum? Many different varieties. Is it possible to get a mix? A mix of many different kinds? No problem. No problem? Okay, good. What do you recommend, what are the best ones? The favourites? This with pistachio? This one, is best. All this is the best row, this one here? This pomegranate pistachio.

You say again? Pomegranate pistachio. Pomegranate. - Pomegranate, oh yeah, good. This honey pistachio. Honey pistachio? Oh, yeah, it looks nice.

This rose pistachio. Rose? Ah, okay. The traditional flavour is the rose, right? Yes, flower. This is saffron.

Oh saffron as well? Oh wow. There's many different kinds. Yeah. I'd like a variety of all these. Mixed please. Yes.

Ah, okay. Special. Ah, so can I have, like ... Hmm What size are the... Oh, so the chunks are like this.

So this size chunk, can I have two of each Of each of these ones. There's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Oh, he's giving me a taste. Okay.

Take the clown mask off. This one is the hazelnut, right? Yes, hazelnut, this walnut. Oh, it looks like there's... Oh, this walnut? This walnut. Ah, okay.

The one you've given me is hazelnut? Looks like there's pistachios in there as well. Hazelnut and pistachio. Mmm.

It's good, mmm. Nutty and sweet and chewy and delicious. Oh yeah. Yeah, so, like this size, could I have, like, two pieces of this.

But like... Small? Oh yeah... Ah, in fact, Okay? The size that you gave to me is like half of this, right? This? Yeah. Ah, okay, like this. Yeah, okay. Can you give me like this? Four pieces like this off each of these. So there's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, No, there's 8.

So 8 times 4. 4 pieces, 4 pieces? - Yeah. 4 pieces, 4 pieces, 4 pieces times 8 equals 32 pieces, I'm getting. Lovely. And this Koska it's like a chain, right? There's more than one shop. Koska?

Yes. Number one. How many shops? Koska have, how many shops? 25 Oh, 25 shops in Istanbul. 45 Oh, 45? - Yes. In Istanbul or all in Turkey? - Istanbul.

Istanbul. Only Istanbul? Ah okay. So, you have to come to Istanbul for this. And it gets sold by the kilo. So that's per kilo, right? 160 per kilogram? Kilogram. - Ah, okay.

This pomegranate and pistachio. Oh, that looks so nice. Look at this. Pomegranate and pistachio.

Oh! Oh, wow. It's nice! Mmm Sweet pomegranate and then the nuttiness from the pistachios and the chewy texture, but the crunchiness from the pistachios as well. Mmm That's good. That's good, that is so good. That's it, there.

Where are you from? I'm from Scotland. So that is half a kilo, right? Yes. I think he's given me like half a kilo. Okay? - Oh, beautiful. What a treat.

What a Turkish Delight. Awesome. Oh, I'm getting some, is this baklava? Okay, pistachio baklava? Yes. Okay, this is only pistachio? This is absolutely packed.

Absolutely jam packed with pistachio. Look how dense it is. Mmm Mmm Super sweet and super nutty. Mmm Delicious.

Okay. It's okay? Yeah, it's okay. It's very nice. Pay cashier.

Pay over here? Okay. Thank you so much, my brother. Thank you. What is your name? Ibrahim. Ibrahim? Thank you, Ibrahim, my brother. Okay. Let's see how much this is.

I think it was like a half a kilo, so it's probably gonna be about 80, about $9 bucks. How much was that? So it's 104? Okay. There we are. Okay, thank you so much, my sister.

Thank you. Okay. Let's give this the taste test. The ones that I didn't try.

I tried the pistachio one and I tried the hazelnut one. I'll try and find somewhere where I can sit down and we'll give this a taste test. Lovely. Right, I've actually just parked myself up right outside their shop, the Koska shop, right there. Behind me, this seems to be a bank or something like that, That seems to be shut because it's Sunday. So it's now my seat and my leg is now my table, as I open this box of Turkish Delight.

They call it lokum. The locals, they call it lokum. Oh, look at that.

Isn't that Turkish Delightful? Right there. Oh, what should I try? So I've already tried the pomegranate. That's the favourite. For sure, that's the favourite.

That's one of the most delicious confectioneries I've ever tasted in my whole life. So, yeah. We're gonna go for this, the saffron one, next I think.

Oh, it's kind of sticky. Let's see if I can get this out. Okay. Finally got it. So this one, it's saffron on the outside. I don't know if that's real saffron.

I mean, it's absolutely covered in it, and saffron's a very expensive ingredient. So, yeah, I don't know about that. And in the middle, it looks like it's almonds.

It looks like it's almonds in the middle. So, taste test. It's nice that one, it's not very sweet.

Just a little bit of sweetness in there. And it's more the nutty flavour, with a bit of saffron taste. I don't think it's real saffron though, it can't possibly be. Okay. Let's see what's next? I think I tried this one also, it's the one with pistachio and hazelnuts, right? I think that's the other one that I tried.

Yea, so this one I've tried already. So I've done these one, two, three. Five to go.

Let's go for this one next. Let's do them in order, like this. See which one is next? Oh, this one looks very, very white. Very white.

I don't know what's making the whiteness. So yeah. I don't know what makes it white, this one. And again, this is almonds. I think it's a almonds anyway.

It could be hazelnut. I don't know but this one here is definitely hazelnut. right? That's definitely a hazelnut right there. But that, it could be hazelnut or almond.

It looks like almond, though. Right, okay, taste test. Aye, this one, it's a very nutty, creamy taste.

Maybe there's cream in there or something. Maybe there's cream that's giving it that white colour. I don't know, but it's just a mostly a nutty flavour and then a bit creamy, as well. Okay, so we've got another purple one. That was the pomegranate.

Oh yeah, rose. He says this one's made with rose. Okay.

Pull this one out. So this is a traditional flavour for Turkish Delight, is rose. They're very sticky, as you can see.

Very, very sticky. Get off. Okay.

And again, this one... Actually, no, this one looks like it's pistachios, Very wee pistachios in there. So rose and pistachio lokum, taste test. Mmm And that is the traditional Turkish Delight flavour, right there.

That tastes like a Turkish Delight. And even if you've never had real Turkish Delight, maybe if you're from the UK, you've had a Cadbury's Turkish Delight. You know, it's like one of those rose flavoured, chewy sweets that are covered in chocolate, I think. I think they're cover it in chocolate. Yeah. It tastes like that.

Maybe you've had them in a box of chocolates or something and it's called Turkish Delight. It tastes like rose. That is the traditional taste. right there, but so much better with the pistachios. Oh, lovely. All of them have nuts in them.

All of them have this nutty flavour. And this one looks just the same as this one. Maybe it's like that one's cream with almonds and this one's cream with hazelnuts. Yeah. You can see the difference. This is definitely hazelnuts in this one.

Okay. Let's try the hazelnutty. I'm glad they got them to give me half the size of portion that I was asking for originally, because a big square like that'd be too much. It's very difficult to, to chew, you know? They're very chewy. Again, not very sweet. Just, they're very nutty. The sweetest one so far has been the the pomegranate one.

That was sweet and delicious. It's still my favourite actually. It's still my favourite with two left to go.

Got another one covered in pistachios, and then this one. I think it's covered in coconut. And the one that's covered in pistachios... Oh my God. It's so sticky guys. It's so sticky.

This also looks like the pomegranate one. I don't know if I can one handed, do this while balancing the box on my leg. Am I gonna have a Dale Disaster, where I spill it all over the floor? Hopefully not.

Okay. Here is the pistachio one, and this looks very similar to the pomegranate. So, I'm hoping it's pomegranate. I'm hoping it's pomegranate. No, this is the pomegranate.

This is the pomegranate. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the one he gave me. He gave me pomegranate and it had pistachio over it, didn't he? So I haven't tried one, then.

It's this one I haven't tried. Maybe that is something else. Maybe that one's cranberry or something else. But yeah, this is the one I've already tried.

The pomegranate one. Absolutely sweet and delicious. Mmm And this one, I can't remember. It looks like it has desiccated coconut on the outside. And I think it's maybe made with honey as well, judging by the colour of it, it's that kind of golden colour and inside is some kind of nut. Again, it could be hazelnut or almond.

I don't know. Mmm Yeah, but that one, it's more of the coconut taste that you're getting. It's a very coconutty taste with that one.

Okay. So this one, I still have to try then. I wonder if this is a different flavour. I wonder if this is cranberry or something like that? Or maybe it is just pomegranate without the pistachios on top.

It looks like... That does look like crushed little cranberries, doesn't it? Right there, look. Yeah, so these are like little cranberries. This must be a cranberry one.

Oh, looking forward to this. So, just now, the clear winner is this one, the pomegranate. But, could this one beat it? Could the cranberry beat it? I do love the taste of cranberry.

Mmm Mmm Guys. I think it's a draw. I think it's a draw, actually, between the, the pomegranate and the cranberry. They're both obviously the sweetest ones. Yer man's got a sweet tooth. Obviously the sweetest ones were my favourite.

Okay guys. Obviously I'm not going to finish this box right here, right now. I'm going to package this up and save it for later, guys.

Ohhhhhh. Sweet treats in Istanbul. Okay guys. Full of energy for more exploring. Where should we go now? Maybe we should go to the Grand Bazaar. That place where the gentleman, who mistook me for a progressive Norseman was going.

I told him it was kind of up this way, in some kind of general direction. So, I should follow my own advice. Try to find it. So... Hi brother, hi.

So this whole area outside the Grand Bazaar seems to also be a kind of market area. And the last time I was here, I took a little food tour with a local lady and she told me absolutely zero locals shop in the Grand Bazaar. It's now... Back in the past, it would have been a place where locals shop for their goods or whatever, but nowadays it's a 100% for the tourists and it will be the same around about here as well, on the outside of it.

Try and find my way in. Maybe this way? Or maybe this way. I don't know. All the designer gear.

Totally legit, I'm sure. So there you are. You can see some of the fixed prices there.

Nike T-shirts for 40. Tommy Hilfiger 20. So you're talking like four or five bucks, two bucks for the Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts. Not too expensive, not too expensive. Peace.

So it's always good to get an idea of prices. Like, just say you were gonna buy a fake Nike T-shirt or something like that, you'd want to some of the ones that have the fixed price. You know that some guys are selling it fixed place for 40, so when another guy is trying to charge you 100 or something like that, you know he's a chancer and you can bargain back down to 30 or 40 or whatever, especially in areas like this, where everybody's selling the same kind of stuff.

Customer is king. You can shop around and get the best price. Ah, this is the entrance to the grand bazaar, here, and it looks like it's closed.

Closed, closed. Closed? Grand bazaar closed? Bazaar closed? For corona? No. - For Sunday? Tomorrow open. Ah, closed for Sunday? Ah, okay. Okay, so I've walked all the way up here for nothing.

I guess everybody's doing that. These look like tourists as well. So this is the entrance, here. 1461, it says there. That's how old it is. So, yeah.

Okay. Seems that a lot of stuff are closed on a Sunday. The original Turkish Delight shop, the Grand Bazar closed.

Nevermind. Okay, I don't even know what I'm doing now. Maybe I should go and see the Blue Mosque? That's another big landmark in this city, the Blue Mosque, but yer man's wearing shorts, he won't get in, he won't get in showing his bare knees, so maybe, we can just walk to it and have a look from the outside.

So, there seems to be a long stream of people coming up here, but like I said... - Hello! Hey, bro, how are you? Goo. There's a long stream of people going up to the grand bazaar but, it's a dead end mate, it's a dead end. You do those YouTube videos, right? Yeah, yeah. How are you? Good, how are you? - Good thank you. Where are you from? Canada.

Okay, good. Nice to meet you man. Okay, this Blue Mosque, how far away are we? 1 kilometer. It says 13 minutes by walking. Maybe 5 minutes for yer man. Blu Mosque, that side.

In this one, walking? Okay, thank you brother, thank you. - Sultanahmet. Ah, yeah, yeah, Sultanahmet. Walking this way? Okay, thank you brother, thank you. Okay. This Burger King, right here, with the sign all in gold. I think maybe they're forced to do that.

Maybe they're forced to kinda blend in. with the old architecture and everything like that. It's all old buildings. Maybe they're forced to kinda make a more classy, a classy sign.

Well, here we are. It seems to be covered in tarpaulin and scaffolding. unfortunately, so we can't even get a good view from the outside.

The good news is entrance is free. The bad news is yer man and his bare legs ain't getting in, unfortunately. Okay, let's have a wander around the outskirts, I guess. I guess, we'll just go up to the door, I guess.

It's all we can really do, wearing these. Everyone else has come prepared, wearing their trousers. I'm the only man here, wearing shorts.

Hi guy, it's closed now for prayer time. Oh, it's prayer time, 'cause it's closed? - Yeah. It's okay, I'm wearing shorts anyway. I can't get in.

Are you a YouTuber? - Yeah. Oh. - Okay. Are you famous? No, not that famous. Just beginner. - If you want, I can follow you. Oh, you can follow me? Give me an extra subscriber. Dale Philip.

Dale Philip. You can write? What are you doing here? You a guide or something? No. You a tourist? I'm like you. You're like me? Ah, a tourist. From where, from where? Turkey? - I'm Turkey, but ...

Subscribe. Okay. Thank you bro. Right now in the video or not? Yeah, I'm recording.

You want to be in my video? If you want to be in my video, you will be in my video. What is your name? Yusuf, Yosef. Yusuf? Ah, okay, Say hello to everyone. Hello brother.

Okay, good. So I won't get in wearing shorts anyway, right? Yeah. - You have to wear trousers? After prayer time they give you something for... Oh, they actually give me something?

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