Tour Of USS Midway Museum: The Longest Serving Aircraft Carrier Of The 20th Century

Tour Of USS Midway Museum: The Longest Serving Aircraft Carrier Of The 20th Century

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Nighty-night. AQL, hospice, where Kingham, and home nwanguma, even. The. Number. Ha ha ha. Now, Monday, knew. What. I. Don't. Yeah. My. Limelight. Collide. In soccer, you can take. Your. Doll. Just. Two weeks. Anything. About fifty years ago there were some headlines and the national newspapers, about, a battle he allows. Hamburger. Hill when. You made Paul, extend. The battle stretching, out over ten days several. Hundred, moons. Casualties. Before. They took, the hill only, to walk, under. The orders a few weeks. Later. Testimony, you do that, well we of that conflict, which, certainly also a testament, to the courage of sacrifice, of those men. A nuclear nations host no, matter what they may send along, those lines we. Want to make sure that we honor those like that always at, the World War two as, you can see behind me back, Thursday of every booth one a couple, of historic aircraft about. At, smj, and t-34. Ladies, and gentlemen the south am i. Thanking. God. The. Midway in 50 years next year you may have to duck but. We have our way you're, gonna have to duck, and. Sometimes when aircraft control, allows them they'll come back and surprise, us with a second ask but, we'll see whether or not that takes place this morning but again. Air group join has been a great partner and supportive way for all 15 years as we've been helping and we think that okay their time their. Gas money, to. Come and join, us for this very important, day. And. Now I'd like to introduce Bruce. One high school Junior ROTC, color. Guard the. Pomeroy Community, Band will perform our national anthem so, if you please rise parade. Our colors. Three, colors. Please, remain standing for invocation it's, my pleasure to welcome up to the stage Pastor, David point he began is a signalmen, in the Navy served. Aboard the USS, Hancock so, it's got flattop flattop. Experience. Became, a chaplain and he, is now very much the USS big leis chaplain. Pastor David Blaine. Doing. Me please in our opening prayer. Eternal. Father we. Come together. Aboard. Midway. This hours, and. Grant us lightly every we pray. Here's, this our prayer Eternal. Father. Amen. Please. Be seated. We. Have a couple people in the audience and I'd like to acknowledge today. Congressman. Mike Levin of the North County's 49th, District, is here, today with his family, congressman would you please stand and be recognized. With. A couple hand ones tugging in his belt, perfect. That's what this event is all about we. Also have retired Marine Corps Brigadier General pump, Paul, Lebanon, heroes. From private, to general in 33, years sir, would you stand to be recognized. But. With all due respect general, I would like every, veteran to please stand and accept our thanks for, your service. We. Under Peepli compel. You to sit down now. While, the veterans are standing what I like what I would, like every. Youngster to please stand alongside. Them, on your feet kids. Want. To thank you for coming and hope, that you are inspired, to you know serve your country and or your community there's so many ways to do it starting with the neighbor, next door of the class. I'm. Glad they did. I.

Didn't. Care he died. I think. She. Went. Down along, yeah and, only take. In. A happy cow I, mean I am a novice out. He. Makes it so me. In, it so. We shall. That's. Seeking. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Wait. Yeah. I. Can't. Make go uh but. How it yeah I know about my one guy. Yeah. Okay. Don't. Laugh. I yeah. Like you can. He. Knows oh ha ha ha, ha. Me Sal so. Um shower. Mmm-hmm. Hey. Don't laugh oh I. Don't good do you think I know that. Gabanna. Okay. Oh. Hey. Hey monkey a la boum is our CS. For the sick. She. Night. You. Know you might get my. Time what you kiddin. Like. A wine. And. Honoring, their lives. Every. Time we hang. Up. Mm. We. Didn't, show. Morning. Yes. And. I. Remember, those nights where. We studied. 1012. Years old and shortly after. A. Night, now. About. That time. Laughs. Do. You. Can. Do. Love, this, country just, like all of those that serve, and. This wasn't, here. In San Diego. Last. Year show, is helping hi my so like last, year, we. Had assisted, over a hundred, and twenty veterans. And their family members on, their pathway to citizenship, and Naturalization. And. We were the first we are the first see. In u.s.. In. Seoul. We. Envision. That began, as generations, of. Family. And friends, these flowers. And. -. You're here. To like jump. Yeah. Like. What dog. Me. Neither, no. Japan. I. Did. You Canada. I gave, you I might even have low cup gold I know. And, a two-seat, bro. And. See, past that before. Big, night and a foul. I. Had. Them now that be marking. I. Think. Entry. Teacher. What God. Now y'all a. Tomcat. Fighter. On. A yogic pneumonia. Yeah. Well I got forgotten. We keep our Jeep out. Your. Life and blue back thank. I yeah. Let. Me tell me he comes back. Tonight. You. Some. Yeah. Laughs. Okay. Screw her. Junior. Kyle make a fountain :. Get old. New, are you I'm with you I knew. Thank. You. Okay. You're. Already. Back. Young. Firefighter. CD / ARB a safe, and secure and it's, a real pleasure to welcome the same thing over control. As. And. All those. Are. Lies. And. I've been a date and all, those who, serve, and sacrifice. I, think. Airport, works and all those groups. Well. I am a padded button around, here. Dr.. Lam Joey. Oh my, golly on black. Now. There isn't one about ya. You go. Thank. You sir. Now, you're the young. All right. I've. Used I've used that my joke for a long long time saying, these. Are the warm seats things like overseas. Unfortunately. Since I'm a in the electric bill for the heaters I have charged or sit, on this side that I do on this side that was my job. Three. Weeks ago man, got up walked over here said I'm not paying for he. And. I said either I don't know how to tell a joke or he doesn't know how to receive it Jimmy wanted it. In hell good, morning to everybody and welcome to the Midway today I had of course welcome to the island tour. Now, couple minutes we're gonna send you up to the top of the ship take, a guided, tour those. Things are going to need you up there take. You round all the spaces and we'll tell you about the space about two people what was going on and. Of course answer, any questions, you might have. I want to do that we have one thing we ask of you and that is please do. Not use your cell phones, for conversation. Or texting. Faces are small the group is large I, guarantee. You will disrupt, the tour for everybody if you talk of taxes, but. Changing. Direction. It happens to be the best one of the best places on ship to take pictures. Take, all the pictures in life. Throughout. Your name visit. With us today feel, free to take pictures, anywhere on the ship it is a museum, now and, it's not an active duty ship so all the classified, stuff have been taken off so. Anytime, anyplace where they feel free that they call the pictures you want, ok. Now, comes the fun part. Please, don't come back to later say it wasn't fun. You've, got to get up there four, or five stairs, to finally, fall ladders have been maybe in there very steep. There's no upbeat spatter hold onto the handrails mean, important, steps and, watch your head at all times going, up if, you've ever tried the stepladder call it's, exactly, the same principle.

If It will help to encourage you, I can. Say what I was young beautiful and, slim I ran up and down these islands, now I'm just beautiful, i huffed and puffed and happened to walk up and down i get everybody else and. I get just this out of breath as you're gonna get. And, healthy, be careful, going out watch your head as I said it shouldn't have any properties. Now. Any. Questions up to this point. Coffee, has a kid. Understand. If it's, always because I have a question, for you, four. Flights up how many flights down. Oh, thank. You. Because I was going to have a deja, vu moment there. I have, a real fun day nobody said work. Top. Low. Yang. No. My. Search thank you. And, I didn't. Like, you know. Well, I check, with those other guys too because they. Don't lie as much as I do. Why. Now. And. Again. And. Really going I am I'm lying. Wow. You. Can take the ferry. Engagement. And of course that there's, a storm was the the operation, to. Get this out of Hussein. Enjoy, your tour everyone thank you thank you sir. Who wants to be the boss here I want you to be the head, if you sit here I want you to be the mini-boss you sit here, okay. Wow. Like. You. Maybe, our. Yes. Speak for. Manga. Day my day. And. You. Sent me. Kampai. Okay. Welcome to the Chart, House. This. Is anybody, behind you are you done. This. Is. Where. The navigator, the ship's navigator, and, his team of quartermasters, and, the Navy, quartermasters. Are not. This. Is called vultures row and. They call it that because young. Suitors would come up here on. Their initial cruise and observe. The, recovery. I see the a4 they're here, on the skid we took them both to, see the a6 and the f4, the. Protostar backup. So. I come up here and look, at watch all this and they would put their arms moving like this, so. You. Look. Okay. Okay. Okay. Because. Remember sorry. By. The officer, of the taxi or boutique he's. Got an engine order Telegraph that. Provide. Signals to, meanings and control all printers and women all for 12 blows okay, that tells you I want to go this kind of speed they, will get up the steam to, give him that kind of steepness as Pete right, behind me is a blue structure head this. One is the original. Pilot. House with the ship was commissioned, in 1945. Ow. Let. The bear. And. I got my own blood. All, my. It's. Cool huh. Haha. Booty. Ball. And, now. Lari, my god. Wait. On the right. No. Doubt. Your. Luck factor hunting, down their finger, than.

Get. Our bodies, out of. I know. That I come do either. No. My no. So, we got. $3. To pick up. Big. Daddy, hey. Boss. Hey. I'm, a. Father. To, a continued. Pick, up ha. What. Tonight that mean they die. English. Meta-god. I. Growing up when I'm young. Oh like. My, hang there. But. It wasn't like that no. But it works. Officer. Dylan. I. Get Charlie and I. Yeah. Like. Yeah. Away. Anytime. You. Get them down. Well I'm it now. I'm, coming aback. Oh cack Paul, Anka. I'll be. Angry. Yeah. Jackoff. Okay. Let muna. And, I move my star. He better. Welcome. Yeah. A complaining. I will. Know. What the, white chocolate. Don't leave. Volunteer, come back and I am. Now, if, our young, man young lady. Our. Boy. Wait. Well, I am and do you stay on any. New y'all. Knocking. I let. Me do Kanaya. Come, on I'm a big goodnight. Then. You don't know. Yeah, young MIT. That because you. Think. And, a yarmulke. I. Believe. I am it can I. Come on man. No no. And, it called warehouse. From, my mom and the total, faith metal. Roubaix. Therefore. My Nan's in from. Using, a. Compatible. Oh. Someday. And open field. How do I. Your. Head. Decommission. The ship they did take out some. Lemon. I. Thank. You. Nevermind. Remember. Allah we never had said, all right. Patel, you guys outside. Well dinner. Come. Grab it. That's. All candy name. Mm-hmm. Boy, you are a. Young. Neither. Yeah. You. Know. Why.

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