Touring a $10,995,000 Santa Monica Beach House

Touring a $10,995,000 Santa Monica Beach House

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(gentle instrumental music) - What's up everybody. It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. This week we're here in Santa Monica Beach and about to tour this beautiful estate right behind me. Also, right behind Mikey, we're looking at amazing ocean views.

This is our first property that we've ever toured right on the beach, so we got a really good episode ahead of us. Now, specs on this property. We've got seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, 6,485 square feet of interior space. Built on an 8,392 square foot lot. And this property is currently on the market for $10,995,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description of this video.

And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agents, Yohan Bensimon and Dan Malka, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And now, let's begin our tour. (gentle upbeat music) House is located on the beach here in Santa Monica, California, and from the street level, we have this hallway bringing us to this open courtyard which is super cool. We have a fountain right in the center, cement tiles on the floors, which gives a ton of character and kind of warmth to the space. We can see the Spanish revival architectural details from here with the second floor balcony, all the wood beams. We focus this way, we have the front door right here, finished in capri with all these buttons and details.

And right underneath the staircase, which takes us to the second floor, we have the door right here, opening up the two-car garage. Now, although we have the front door here for Villa Del Sol, which you can see from the floor mats, I'm gonna take everybody through here, which is a French door opening up straight to the kitchen of this home. This kitchen really focuses on the lighter color palette with the white cabinets, white quartz countertops.

But I love how they brought the pop of color with the cement tiles that we saw at the entry. And they use the same tiles, of course, in different color variations as a back splash. And we're gonna see these tile details throughout the property, but it gives, it just makes this space a little bit more young, with built-in appliances here. We have the KitchenAid gas cooktop, big bay window here, dishwasher, your sink and your cabinets. Continue here. Freezer, fridge. Mikey, we got to show this detail.

Super cool. We've got a dumbwaiter here. - [Mikey] I wanted to ask you. This house feels very like classic California and the dumbwaiter, it looks kind of old. How old is this place built? - 1928. - [Mikey] Wow. - It was designed by John Byers and then built by Eric Bartley in 1928 for a silent film star.

How cool is that? - [Mikey] Silent film star. - Right on the sand. Looking at the ocean. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Iconic.

- [Mikey] I'd love to see some photos of what it looked like back then. - I know. Believe it or not. They preserved a lot of the original architectural details. Laundry room, washer, dryer, some built-ins. Quickly, let's check out these rooms. So this is really unique.

We have the first room here. They staged it as like a massage room. It's a small bedroom. Mikey, this is one of those original wall units for air conditioning. - [Mikey] Right. That's a window unit. - Yes. And it's called Whisper Cool.

- [Mikey] Whisper Cool. - It's kind of cool. (laughs) - [Mikey] Yeah. I wonder if it works. - I don't know, but they kept it there and it's a good call, and I just dropped the head of this massage table. All right, let's continue. We got a small office on this side and then a small bedroom right here.

Full bathroom with the tub and the vanity set up. Now, I wanna take everybody, like I said, it was an interesting choice from, by starting from the kitchen because we kind of wanted to work from the backend and take everybody here. Small bar setup on this side. And now we're at the entry of this home. This is the front door. And I love how the copper cladding kind of wraps to the interiors.

Mikey, can we pan up to the ceiling? Look at those clay tiles on the ceilings. Those are all original details. - [Mikey] Really. - I love it. With the woodwork, we have Spanish tiles on the floors, staircase going up to the second floor and they use the same clay style tiles at the bottom threads. Just giving you that character.

- [Mikey] Clay style tile. I like that. - We gotta get a closeup of this. So this door handle, this is how it works. - [Mikey] Oh, really. - Yup. Well, it's up to a powder room on this level. Why I wanted to show this to everyone.

I love these tiles. I think they're just so cool. So different, so rich in character. Nice vintage set up here with the drop-in sink for just powder room. All right, let me take everybody back and continue our tour. I'm gonna go through this opening, which is gonna take us to the formal dining room area. Super beachy with this light color palette, table set up here, these cloth finishes, you know, they're going for that beach wipe.

And on top of that, I love the contrast between the light wall colors and these kind of not darker, but the wood tones beams on the ceiling, just super inviting. We got a nice fireplace design here and- - [Mikey] Is that original, as well. - I don't know. But I asked the listing agent,

I was like, what does this mean? He goes, it's in Latin. And he doesn't, he didn't know the exact transition, but it's something like I chose love, and I let people take the beach, something like that. - [Mikey] You know, I took six years of Latin. I went to a classical school.

- This is where you shine, Mikey, shows us. - [Mikey] The only word I recognize is AMA which is love. - Love. Well, there you go. I hope we justified that explanation there. Nice arch opening here from the formal dining room area, leads us to the seating section here. And I love all these curved French doors opening up to the backyard.

And the backyard of this property is so iconic. We're gonna see that in a bit. But before we go out there, I wanna take everybody here. So we have, I guess the formal seating area, formal living room here, super cozy, and then the fireplace, plaster walls, ceiling details with all these woods paneling. We have another opening from that side, as well.

Super cozy, hardwood floors. And Mikey, there's a detail here. I want you to point out at this painting right here or that's what I thought. So I thought this was a painting, right? Turns up. Let's see if I can even turn it on. It's a TV. - [Mikey] Well, the remote control might've ruined the surprise.

I think we need to change the batteries. - Yes. I am trying to figure it out. Oh. (gentle upbeat music) - [Mikey] Let me try. I'm good with technology.

Well, there we go. - There you go. It's a TV. How cool is that?

Did you know like these exists? It's called Frame by Samsung. - [Mikey] If I rented this house, I would have stayed in here for like a month and I would never notice that. - Never know. I have my sunglasses here because I knew after this room, we would tour the backyard. So let's go out there, check it out.

It's a beautiful sunny day here in California. Talking about the cement tiles. They have it throughout the entire patio, which is awesome. So much character.

You have your 40-foot pool here. I mean, this is so inviting. They spent a lot of money, time and effort to really amplify this backyard and get the best experience out of it. And look at all this grass, obviously it leads us straight to the beach, but it's so cool, so inviting, so iconic. - [Mikey] Yeah. This is like when people imagine beach homes

in California, this is what they imagined. - Exactly. I mean, the fact that you walk straight into the sand, I don't think we've ever toured a home where you get this kind of experience. Right? - [Mikey] This is our first, we've had some beach front homes, but they're always on cliffs.

This is our first true beach front home. - This is the real deal. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right. Backyard continues. It's crazy to think that you have a 45-feet wide lot, which gives you a lot of usable area.

It's about 2,800 square feet on the backyard space, which is amazing, again, right on the sand. And we have this patio space here with an outdoor dining area, barbecue set up, fire pit, seating area, again, beautiful landscaping. I mean, just imagine having the fire pit on, looking at this amazing home. It's just a really romantic setup. - [Mikey] Yeah. And I got to say, guys, we are right on the beach.

So if you hear any wind noise, I got to apologize. - It's all windy today. - [Mikey] It's a little windy, but this house is kind of in line with the wind. So the cool thing about it, as you open up the doors and you open up the gate, the whole thing becomes a wind tunnel.

- And ocean breeze just kind of comes through it. So awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah. Yeah. - You don't even need gates to be on, honestly. - [Mikey] Exactly. And if these gates closed, it kind of stops the wind also.

- Exactly. But we came all the way out here to show this. This is literally the sand. People are on that walkway, biking, walking enjoying the setup.

And if you walk another, like probably a hundred feet, you're right on the ocean and this is your backyard. - [Mikey] Hundred yards maybe, but yeah, that's kind of the iconic Santa Monica boardwalk right there. - Yeah. I mean a lot of people love LA, appreciate the setup it has, but this home really takes it to a next level. The fact that you can just walk to the beach, straight from your private backyard, you can't really beat that for sure. And that's it for the first floor.

Now let's go back inside and check out the second floor. (gentle upbeat music) - All right, everyone here we are at the second floor. I got to show this real quick, we have this door opening up to the second floor access point or the balcony. And we have two ocean-facing primary bedrooms here. I say two, because they're almost the same size. I'm gonna call this one, the junior primary bedroom, because it's maybe tiny bit smaller.

Light hardwood floors complimented with these plaster walls that are in white finish, which makes this room so inviting. So light and fresh. And on top of that, we have the vaulted ceilings here with the beam details, light fixture right in the center. And each one of these primary bedrooms have a seating area, TV on this side with the Sonos, of course. And what's so awesome about this house is this, you open up these French doors and you let the ocean breeze come in.

I'm sure leaving these doors open and sleeping here at night must be an experience. All right, room has a fireplace, which is right here. And they did this kind of, not a chimney design, but this clad design here, which again, kind of adds up to the character. Some built-in shelving, obviously your best setup is over here and let's go here, Mikey. Small walk-in closet, we have the built-ins on this side and going through here, we have the bathroom. This is some sort of a sandstone or limestone finish that we have on the walls, which are these big slabs that makes this bathroom feel really beachy.

And this like goes with that ocean vibe. A water closet here, a walk-in shower, Mikey, we got to show this. - [Mikey] Same tile? - Same tile. - [Mikey] Same tile, I love that. Is that new or old?

I got to know. - I mean, this one I believe is probably, like five to 10 years old, but it just, it has such a young energy to it. You know, it's kind of timeless. Vanity design. Gorgeous. So beachy. It almost feels like were in Malibu, which are practically the same thing as Malibu's down the road.

But it certainly feels that way. - [Mikey] For sure. - All right. Let me take everybody back to the landing and going through here, we have the second primary bedroom. This is, in my opinion, the main primary bedroom. In this room, we have darker hardwood floors, king size bed, a lot of these wood paneling details and plaster details.

And my favorite are these curved ceilings where the walls joined the ceilings. So it kind of smooths out the room and just adds a lot of texture to it. We've got a gorgeous medallion right in the center.

And again, going with that beachy theme, two French doors opening up to the ocean views. You see people walking by, you see waves rolling, and this bedroom has a little bit bigger balcony space with the saltire tiles. This is awesome. - [Mikey] Do these tiles remind you of your home in Texas? - Yes. That's right. It's a very Texas or south kind of finish. - [Mikey] Yeah, for sure.

- Overall, great size room with dark hardwood floors, white walls and of course, to cozy up the room, you have a fireplace design here, clad beautifully with marble. - [Mikey] I gotta say, I'm kind of surprised by the design of this bedroom. It seems way more classical than the rest of the house. The rest of the house feels very Spanish and Mediterranean, but this feels classical and I can't say why. Enlighten me.

- A little bit. Well, you see these iron details. You see these layers of molding, the other ones were like just white plaster walls, little bit curvier edges. This one has the curves too, but all those lines and molding details is kind of where it's confusing you.

A lot of these wall's consoles also are adding up. It's like those details that you can't really point out, but you know, you feel some type of way or certain way. - [Mikey] Yeah. Exactly.

- This one also has a little bit bigger of a walk-in closet. Again, nicely paneled in, we got a mirror set up here and going through this door, we have the primary bathroom, clad with marble, on the floors, on the walls. We got the vintages set up here with this really unique linear sink design.

Again, wood tones, toilets set up right there. Mikey, we gotta change spots, copper freestanding tub. This is certainly not cheap. - [Mikey] It's pretty cool. And it's super deep. - Super deep. And it's nicely aged.

So it's like it has this patina and scratches and it has a character. - [Mikey] Yeah, for sure. - All right. Lastly, let me go outside, Mikey. - [Mikey] Someday, I promise I'm gonna flip one of these on, just for the audience. - This is where we have the walk-in shower.

Again, clad with marble, same cement tiles on the floors. Now, that's it for the primary wings on this floor. Now, I'm gonna take everybody back to the landing. There are two more rooms that we're gonna see on this level, by the way, seeing the details already.

Look at these door hinges, come outside, Mikey, so you can show it to our audience. It's kind of cool. - [Mikey] Yeah. - We're not used to seeing that. - [Mikey] I'm not sure that's on focus, but I hope it is.

- There you go. - [Mikey] I've had some problems with that in the past. - Dumbwaiter. - [Mikey] That's cool. And it's rope pull, right? - Yep. - [Mikey] Yeah. - So you just pull up.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I like that old school vibe. - Old school vibe. Mike, you're gonna love this. So this house was built 1928, right? This is a photo they took in 1927, right before they built this house.

Raymond Griffith, first person on the left from the Griffith Observatory. - [Mikey] Really? - And there are some couple other, Windsor, Howard Hughes, the finance. - [Mikey] No. Howard Hughes. He's kind of known as being like one of the fathers of aviation, like- - Okay. - [Mikey] He was kind of a big tycoon. He started an airline. He went crazy.

Leonardo DiCaprio played him in a movie. - Well, there you go. A lot of important people here. Obviously, Mike's historical context is a little bit- - [Mikey] Oh wow. Look at that. You know who that is? Tony Moreno. - Oh, wow.

- [Mikey] That's the Paramour Estate Yeah. So we toured the Paramour Estate. - It says third row. I would assume- - [Mikey] Look, look.

Antonio Moreno. Miss Antonio Moreno, also. - I think that's him. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Third row, first person. - [Mikey] Yeah. Maybe we'll get a photo of this. So y'all know what we're talking about when we're telling her. - Yeah. We recently toured the phenomenal iconic estate in Hollywood Hills in Los Feliz, it's called Paramour Estate.

And then, Tony Moreno had a lot to do with that. - [Mikey] Yeah. Yeah. For sure. - There you go. A little bit of a history lesson, right there. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Awesome. - [Mikey] It's like we have connections to the past now just because of this YouTube channel.

- There you go. Well, Antonio Moreno, hey. - Third room. This is back facing. Nice and quiet, hardwood floors, bed set up, pretty straightforward, has a Jack and Jill bathroom.

Let's quickly show that, Mikey, which starts right here. Again, going with that sand and beach theme, we have the vintage design here. Nice soaking tub. And we have the walk-in shower on this side.

Now, joining to the other side, we have the second bedroom on the backside of the property. Same finishes, pretty much the same size, hardwood floors, king size bed, TV's mounted on this side and that's pretty much it for the second floor. Now I wanna take everybody back to the landing of the second floor to check out the third floor.

(gentle upbeat music) - Top of the staircase, we have this awesome landing area that gets a ton of natural light, beam ceiling details, chandelier right in the center, some built-ins. And I love all these carving details that they have throughout and check this out. They have these little storage spaces or little areas for you to hide your alcohol prohibition days.

- [Mikey] Oh really? - Yep. - [Mikey] Well. - It's a little obvious. - [Mikey] It's a little, I think maybe because of that latch. - Maybe, you blend in the latch or you just leave it alone. - [Mikey] Yeah. If I were a- - Investigator - [Mikey] and cop back then, a J. Edgar,

I definitely would have found one of those. - They have these awesome windows, as well, looking at the courtyard that we saw earlier. This door opens up to the bedroom on this level. This room is super cool. - [Mikey] Oh yeah.

- It's the elevation difference, it's the beam ceiling details. You know, these grid windows and you literally see ocean on one side. And again, at this level, you don't even need to have like curtains, literally, no neighbors looking into you. You have a seating area. I don't know, if I stayed in this house somehow, like I would end up here. - [Mikey] Yeah.

I really don't need air conditioning. Is this house air conditioned? - Yes, it is. But for the most part, if you leave the windows open, honestly, you would never need it. For people out there, a little context, Santa Monica Beach side has a nice cold breeze, even during summer. So, 365 days out of the year, you can probably leave your windows open and get away with it. - [Mikey] Yeah. Even like days with the heat wave, it'll be a hundred degrees during the day.

But at night it'll be like 65. - Yeah. And on the beach, you always have breeze here in California. So mainly, the design team finishes marble countertop. They did the hexagon mosaic tiles here. Mikey, let's quickly show the walk-in shower, the last one.

And the room next door, you can connect it, either from this bathroom or obviously from the hallway that we saw earlier. Let's tour a little bar section here, - [Mikey] Oh, yeah. - with the stainless finish, some built-in racks. And this is a 650-square foot media room.

- [Mikey] This is huge. - This is huge. - [Mikey] I didn't expect this. - It's a bonus space, backside of the property, not the ocean-facing.

And we have beam ceiling details here, Sonos audio system throughout, 85-inch TV, super cozy media room. Come down here, watch a movie. You name it. Options are endless. It could be someone's cool office, as well, if you wanna work at the beach. - [Mikey] Yeah. - But overall, great home, beautiful finishes and something about it's age and being on the beach.

I just feel like this property is so special. (gentle upbeat music) - All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video.

Big thanks to the listing agents, Yohan Bensimon and Dan Malka, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you and as always, you can find more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (gentle upbeat music ends)

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