Touring a $33,333,333 HOLLYWOOD HILLS Cliffside Modern Glass Mansion

Touring a $33,333,333 HOLLYWOOD HILLS Cliffside Modern Glass Mansion

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- What's up, everybody. It's Enes here, and welcome to another episode. This week, we're in the Hollywood Hills and about to tour this newly constructed, stunning, contemporary estate that is facing the breathtaking views of Los Angeles. Now, this contemporary state features five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, approximately 13,000 square feet of interior space built on a 7,837 square foot lot, and this property is currently on the market for $33,333,333.

As always, you can find more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the development team and the listing agent, Ewa Reza, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And now let's begin our tour. (software clicking) (wondrous music) (intense music) (lights click) We're going to start our tour with the exterior of this property. Beautiful modern design.

And if you're looking at the exterior facade, it's clad with this Brazilian ipe hardwood pretty much throughout. It has a darker stain so it gives you that nice rich texture. And following this walkway on the right-hand side, we have the driveway leading to the two-car garage, again, clad with the same material.

And above us, we have the covered entry. And right there, Mikey, we have the Buddha statue on the second floor of this property. And you can actually reach that balcony through two bedrooms on the second floor that we're gonna see in a bit. Now, on top of that, we have these LED channels throughout, so at night, this property, this facade looks incredible. And lastly, we have the front door here. Mikey, follow me. Let's go inside.

As soon as you open the door, you walk straight into your living room area and see the amazing views of the entire city. I mean, the views that this property gets are truly breathtaking. It's incredible.

Now, we have the spacious center here, staircase going up to the second floor, as well as the lower level. And now let's talk about the family room. Beautiful hardwood floors, comfortable seating section.

We have two chairs here. Of course, this whole room is facing the incredible views. We've got a nice open corner there thanks to these setback columns that I'm gonna talk about in a bit. And right here, we have this linear gas fireplace with bookmatched honey onyx slabs. That's also backlit, so I'm sure this looks even better at night. And Mikey, following behind this fireplace assembly, we have a wet bar with this gloss-finished cabinetry, beautiful countertops, open shelving here with LED lighting, and, of course, you have your sink, ice maker, all that good stuff.

Now, continuing here, we have a door opening up to a powder room on this level. Beautiful finishes. Marble on the floors. I love this free-standing pedestal sink with a chrome fixture because it's facing the incredible views that we're gonna talk about all day. We have the frosted half section so you get a little bit of privacy.

Right above, you have that clear vision again for you to enjoy the views. Nice dark finishes, open shelving, beautiful powder room. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the living room area.

Again, this space is all open. And we currently have all the sliding glass doors opening up to the outdoors. And again, thanks to these setback columns like this one and the other one over there, they managed to put all these sliding glass doors as an exterior clad. That way you can achieve this open corner design. I mean, the outdoors are phenomenal. We're gonna talk about them in a bit.

And Mikey, that's your view right there. - [Mikey] Fantastic views of downtown. - Amazing. What a clear day, too. - [Mikey] It's been a while since we've been in the Hollywood Hills. It has been.

- That's also true. - [Mikey] I guess we were in Europe. We've been all over the place.

- We've been traveling a lot. - [Mikey] We're in Florida. Yeah. - That's right. Now, beautiful hardwood floors.

Again, coming back to the entry, we have the staircase. And the next section I wanna talk about is this dining area. It's right next to your kitchen, so it's a very intimate space. And this section also pretty much seamlessly flows to the outdoors where we have the pool.

They hid the frame as much as possible, so even when you have the sliding glass doors closed, you still have that kind of seamless look towards the views. Obviously, when they designed it, they really focused towards this view as much as possible. - [Mikey] So you're saying like full glass walls, basically. - Exactly. Almost. In fact, on the bedrooms, it's a little bit more prominent of what I just said.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - Now let's focus on this incredible kitchen. We have this massive island right in the center that almost has the triangular shape.

We have the bar sitting on the other side. You can actually see that they notched that section for seating. And focusing here, flat panel cabinetry. Nice contrast with the countertops. Of course, you have your waterfall edge.

Right In the center, we have a Thermador gas cooktop with a vent tucked right on the ceiling for that contemporary look. And we currently have all the sliding glass doors open in this house. And it's a little windy today.

That's why you guys may hear the wind sound here and there. And we have an additional sliding glass door here opening up to the side patio where we have a bunch of seating areas and the barbecue setup. I'm gonna show that in a bit because I wanna continue our tour with the kitchen.

Now, you have additional cabinetry here and another open shelving with LED lighting, flat panel cabinets. This is where you have your coffee bar. And focusing here, you'll have your built-in Thermador ovens. And here, we have the paneled fridge.

And continuing our tour, we have more of base cabinets, your main sink facing the amazing ocean views, dishwasher, and that door right there takes you to the two-car garage. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the kitchen and go outside. And this is where we have the sight patio.

Nice seating area here facing the views. You have your built-in barbecue on the other side. And as we continue, this wraparound patio brings you to the heart of this amazing backyard. I mean, I can't stop talking about the views. We literally have Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and pretty much the entire city right in front of us.

This might be one of the best view we have ever seen on this channel. - [Mikey] Yeah. I can only imagine laying at the end of that infinity edge pool and just looking out over this at night.

- This is incredible, right? We have this entire backyard or the patio space tiled. We have the infinity edge pool with a light blue, simple plaster, your views. And right above us, Mikey, you can actually see this cantilever design with an open corner, and that's the primary bedroom suite. It's without a doubt one of the coolest primary bedroom suites we have ever seen on this channel.

We're gonna see that in a bit. Now let's continue our tour with the patio space. Of course, we have all these sliding glass doors open. That's your dining area. That's your living room.

And you get additional outdoor seating area here with a concrete fire pit right in the center. This whole space pretty much flows to this incredible backyard. And to kind of elevate the experience here, of course we have glass railing throughout to take nothing away from the views. Now, Mikey, there's actually one more detail I wanna talk about. If you take this walkway here, it takes you all the way around the infinity edge pool. That way, let's say you're throwing a party here, there are 200 people, they can enjoy the backyard, but yet they can also take the catwalk here, have a nice private moment where they can appreciate these views a little bit more.

And it's nice to see the development team design something like this to truly make the best out of this amazing promontory. Now, that wraps our tour on the main floor. Let's go back inside, take the stairs so we can check out the lower level. (relaxing music) Before we go back to Hollywood Hills, I wanna thank for sponsoring this week's video. is one of the leading providers of internet-based posters solutions.

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(relaxing music) All right, everyone. Now we're on the lower level. Before we start our tour, I wanna look at the staircase, beautifully LED lit. And we're gonna see a lot of LED lighting details throughout this property. Now, these double doors on my left-hand side opens up that to the movie theater or the screening room on the lower level. It's a very spacious room.

We have the poker table on our right-hand side, seating area in front of me. And the color here, they call it acai purple, and I'm digging it. It's giving me this energetic and kind of dark and kind of intense vibe. - [Mikey] Yeah. I mean, you gotta love a good purple. - That's right.

And look at these curtain details on the walls, Mikey. You get that nice red velvet which creates a nice contrast. Even the carpet has the purple tones. We have the screen on my right-hand side, comfortable seating here. And the lower part of this home is subterranean, so over here we're facing the hillside, technically. And on the other side, we have the amazing views that we're gonna see in a bit.

But now I wanna take everybody this side. I know the curtain is kind of pulling this way. Alexa, open wine curtain.

There you go. - [Mikey] I love how obedient Alexa is. There's never- - Yeah. It's so polite. - [Mikey] Yeah. I know. - All right, Mikey, let's step inside. We have beautiful floors installed in chevron pattern.

Nice cabinetry here with more open shelving. Essentially, this is your bar area. For your seating section, we've got a small fridge here.

Kind of everything you need. - [Mikey] Yeah. And for all those fans of purple out there, this is a better room to get a look at the color of the walls. - Especially this side because we have this illuminated glass back wall where you have your wine racks because this room is a temperature-controlled wine cellar. Again, everything you need.

Now let's take everybody back outside. I want to take everybody back to the landing of the lower floor because we have another door leading us to a really special area of this property. And it's the door right here. We walk straight into the gym.

Hardwood floors, nice open space. We have the built-in closets on this side, mirrored wall with TV, and two Pelotons looking at the outdoors, facing the amazing views that we're gonna check out in a bit. Now, Mikey, I wanna take everybody here. Double doors open up to the spa. Now, when you have a home at this level, you expect all the amenities. And this home certainly delivers it right at the entry, or in the center of the spa, we have a jacuzzi with 23 jets.

So you get that full experience, which is really nice. Another detail I really like, how they clad the jacuzzi and the floors here with ipe decking that we're gonna see pretty much throughout the property. And right on top, to go with the symmetrical lines, that oval shape to have it on the ceiling here with some LED lighting. It just kind of sets the mood. - [Mikey] Yeah, and I'm sure underneath those wood slats they probably have drains, so when you get out, you don't drip onto your stone. You just drip onto the wood and then it drains out.

- You stay nice and dry. Absolutely. Even on the floors, Mikey, look at the LED channels. They have it all. We've got a really cool feature wall here with a seating area, but I wanna show where that door leads in the bit. Overall great space. Sliding glass doors open up.

You got your massage table. And next to that, we have all this cabinetry, open shelving, LED lighting. And following the hallway here, the door on my left, this glass door opens up to a dry and infrared heat sauna, which is super cool.

Again, talking about amenities. This door leads us to a half bathroom with a floating vanity and your water closet. And this right here, Mikey, I'm gonna step inside, is a massive steam shower with this mosaic clad throughout. And even here, LED lighting behind the seating area.

On the ceiling, speakers, recessed lights, rain head on that corner. I mean, everything you need. And these are your steam outlets. So that wraps our tour for the amenities. - [Mikey] Yeah.

It'd be nice just to come in here, steam out, and just listen to a podcast or something, you know? - Enjoy the lifestyle here, Mikey, you know? You're in Hollywood Hills; you don't have to leave your home. Now, I wanna take everybody outdoors on the lower level. Again, sliding glass doors open up. It's a pretty spacious outdoor deck here. We have AstroTurf on the floors, some yoga mats because why wouldn't you do yoga looking at these views? You're working out here.

And the room next to the gym, I actually wanna take everybody from outdoors. We have sliding glass doors again open up. This room is currently staged as an office and it's built to be an office. That's why it's really spacious. We have two L-shaped desk setups on each corner, another table set up right in the center.

I mean, this is where you conduct business. You know, when you live in a house like this and stay in that amazing primary bedroom that we're gonna see in a bit, you may work out of your home, and you got the space for it. And even here, you don't compromise the views. - [Mikey] Yeah. It's a good spot for it.

And Enes and I talked about this earlier, but this whole wall right here is actually painted with that a whiteboard paint so you can use like an EXPO marker on it. Write out all your thoughts, you know, game plan, write out ideas. We need to get one of these. - I know. I mean, it really compliments this office space and this would be a great spot to write, like, video ideas, all these suggestions we're getting from our viewers, you know? So we can just shoot those videos.

- [Mikey] I guess we have to find a new spot first, so. - That's right. If you know any, let us know in the comments section. All right, we have more built-ins here, uppers, and around the corner, we have a bathroom for this office. Now I wanna take everybody back to the landing on the lower level.

By the way, this room also comes with a walk-in closet in case you wanna turn it into a bedroom. Now coming back here, Mikey, this door opens up to a bedroom setup. We have a king-size bed set up here. Nice tucked up window, TV on the corner, built-in closets, same hardwood floors. And honestly, this bedroom would be great for serving as a maid's quarters, if needed.

Now, bedroom of course connects to full bathroom. Mikey, let's check it out. We have tile floors here that goes all the way into the walk-in shower, chrome fixtures, rain head, we have open shelving here, and your floating vanity setup. That wraps our tour on the lower level. Now let's go back to the staircase so we can check out the second floor.

(relaxing music) (birds chirping) Now we're on the second floor landing. Across from me we have the primary bedroom suite that we're gonna see in a bit, but first I wanna start our tour with this door that leads us to the first bedroom on this level. It's a good-size room with the same hardwood floors. We have the king-size bed here. And right across from that, we have this piece of art. Well, it looks like a piece of art, but it's actually a TV, so I had to point that out.

And every single one of these bedrooms that we're gonna see on the second floor, they have different wall paint so they have their own individuality. And I wanna take everybody here. This door opens up to full bathroom. Mikey, let's check out some of the details here. We have tile floors that goes all the way into a walk-in shower with a stacked pattern, chrome fixtures, rain head above, and just like the sliding glass doors throughout the property, we have floor-to ceiling glass enclosure here for the walk-in shower.

That door right there opens up to your walk-in closet. Good-size bathroom, and of course you have your double vanity here with LED-lit mirror. Now we're gonna take a really interesting route. We're gonna actually go out to the small balcony off of the entry on the second floor where we have the Buddha. And right above us, Mikey, we have a stunning rooftop that we're gonna see in a bit. The rooftop of this property is without a doubt one of the best ones we have ever seen.

Now, flowing here we have another sliding glass door, taking us to the second bedroom on this level. This is one of the three bedrooms that are facing the amazing views that we've been seeing throughout the day. I mean, you have the Sunset Boulevard right in front of you. Hollywood is right there. Downtown Los Angeles. This is great. This is literally where you sleep. And you wake up to this view every single day.

And again, talking about the frame here. The ceiling is pretty much hiding the upper side of these glass panels. And on top, floors are a little bit floated.

That way you feel like all you have is this glass pane facing the views. And, of course, you have your automatic shades. You have the built-in closets on this side with a TV right in the center. Great bedroom. I can't imagine just waking up to this view every single day. - [Mikey] Yeah.

And it's a straight shot down Sunset Boulevard right here. I can see all the way to Silver Lake. It's really clear day today.

- It is. - [Mikey] So we caught it on a good day. - That's right. Now, Mikey, let's go check out the bathroom for this bedroom.

We have the floating vanity on the left-hand side, LED-lit mirror, open shelving design. That's your water closet. Well, what's so impressive is that even your walk-in shower takes advantage of the amazing views.

We have the frosted glass on the bottom, clear on top, rain head above. Great walk-in shower, incredible views. I told you guys we were gonna keep saying views throughout the day. - [Mikey] It was kinda hard to see on my camera right there 'cause it is so bright outside right now, but I'm sure we got B-roll for that. - That's right. Now, Mikey, let's take everybody back to the other side of the landing.

By the way, staircase here going up to the rooftop that we're gonna see in a bit. This door opens up the third bedroom suite on the second floor. And just like the other bedrooms, again, very spacious.

This time we have the bed setup right in the center of the room, and it's all facing towards these amazing views. It's breathtaking. You have the city literally right there. And again, these massive glass panels, they're really elevating the experience of the views. Now, Mikey, going here we have built-in wardrobes and, of course, full-size bathroom, floating vanity, another walk-in shower where you're facing the views as well.

Great bedroom. Now let's take everybody back to the landing to check out the primary bedroom suite. Again, we have the staircase here going up. And we're back at the landing of the staircase. Now, going through here, this is where your primary bedroom starts.

You have this long hallway. On my right-hand side, casement window. And this is where we have the primary bedroom.

Now, I wanna take a moment here to appreciate this room. It's super spacious and you have walls of glass facing the entire city. This is stunning. And I warned everybody.

I said we're gonna talk about the views a lot because how can you not? - [Mikey] Yeah, they're really insane. This is panoramic views of the entire city. And it's remarkably similar to another bedroom we've seen on this channel, which I won't say- - I wonder where your head is at. - [Mikey] I won't say what it is, but if y'all can guess it in the comment section, we'll give you a heart. But little hint, it had steel lures on the outside.

- That's right. I know which house you're talking about, and this one has a similar setup. You're essentially in a glass box floating above the city. This is a really interesting way to put out or talk about this view, but it feels like a control center for the entire city because from the ocean to Central City, Wilshire Corridor, Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Silver lake, you see it all from here. It's a beautiful clear day.

And you're not even that far away from Sunset Boulevard. So you're kind of relatively close to the city. You're kind of right in the center of the mountain pretty much, or the hillside. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- So you're in an amazing location. This is where you have your king-size bed. And thanks to these setback steel columns that I've been talking about, it allows this bedroom to have open corners.

That way the views are a little bit more accentuated, and I'm sure we have some incredible drone shots of this bedroom as well. Again, beautiful views, hardwood floors, nice warm space. And looking back to the king-size bed here, we have two onyx slabs on the walls. Really nice primary bedroom suite.

And it continues because it flows straight into your primary bathroom. We have marble on the floors that goes all the way into the walk-in shower. And again, glass enclosed. You have your rain head above. Dual sinks here with a floating vanity, round mirrors. I like the light fixtures that we have above.

And focusing here, Mikey, of course no proper modern home in Hollywood Hills is complete without a freestanding tub with a floor mount tub filler that faces these breathtaking views. Now, bathroom continues here, water closet, and we have this door here going into a walk-in closet dedicated for the primary bedroom suite. And that's pretty much it for the second floor. And now let's go back to the staircase so we can check out the rooftop deck. (relaxing music) Now let's check out this rooftop deck. As you guys know, house is located in the Hollywood Hills.

And Mikey, can we turn around for a second? Look at these views. We're technically on the third floor of this property. And because we're a little bit more elevated, the views are that much more clear. I mean, you can literally see almost the entire city from here. That's the Pacific Ocean.

Wilshire Corridor is right there. Central City. And you have the whole city here, Downtown Los Angeles. This is phenomenal. Can you imagine coming here at 7:00, 8:00 PM at night, the whole city of lit up, and enjoying your drink here, your company? Amazing.

- [Mikey] I won't have to imagine it here in a little bit. Neither will the audience, - I guess we're gonna show this property at night. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Fair enough. Now let's talk about this rooftop deck. One thing that I'm really impressed about is how spacious it is.

They almost utilize the entire roof as rooftop deck. Of course you have glass railing throughout to really maximize the views here. We have the first outdoor seating area there. Secondary outdoor lounging area here. And to bring some life to this rooftop deck, we have planters pretty much throughout. That's your outdoor dining area here.

And the floors here are the same Brazilian ipe hardwood that we've been seeing on exterior clad. But in here, for the floor application, they use a little bit thinner planks. And they haven't finished this part, Mikey, yet, but this is your outdoor kitchen where you would have your future outdoor barbecue.

That way you get the full experience on this rooftop. Now, that wraps our tour for the third floor or the rooftop of this property, but of course, we're gonna do what we always do. Spend a few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down, so we can see this place at dusk. (upbeat electronic music) (upbeat electronic music continues) All right, everyone. And that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video.

I wanted to bring everybody here one more time to the amazing rooftop deck because views are phenomenal. We have the whole city lit up. And throughout the day, we had a chance to see the architectural lines and the details of this property.

As always, you can find more information about the home and the listing linked down in the description of this video. And I wanna congratulate the development team for doing a phenomenal job with this build. And I wanna thank the listing agent, Ewa Reza, for giving us the honor to tour an amazing listing and share it with all of you. Lastly, if you enjoyed this tour, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat electronic music)

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