Touring a $37,995,000 BEVERLY HILLS Modern MEGA MANSION!

Touring a $37,995,000 BEVERLY HILLS Modern MEGA MANSION!

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- What's up everybody. It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. This week we're in Beverly Hills, California, and about the tour this stunning, newly constructed modern home.

This home has 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 16,424 square feet of interior space, built on an 18,967 square foot lot. And this property is currently on the market for $37,995,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agents, Sally Forster Jones and Tomer Fridman for allowing us to tour the amazing listing and share it with all of you. And now let's begin our tour.

(upbeat music) You're used to seeing a lot of estates in Beverly Hills, right? Big rolling lawns on the flats. But then you have these types of properties where maybe you don't really have that full lengthy a lot size, but you have so many amenities and everything is so efficiently put together, especially the lower level of this home. It's almost there to serve you. Can you kind of explain to our audience how these modern homes are designed this way and what these buyers are looking for? - Yeah, so, what we have is... This is a home that you really never have to leave because when you come, you arrive, it is a sanctuary and it has everything.

And it's true that most of the homes in the Hills don't have that much outdoor area. This actually has-- - Quite a bit. - Has a lot because aside from the rooftop deck that, you know, that's amazing, you have a huge area that's really outstanding pool and spa and really amazing kitchen and just also some grass and patio area. So you have all that, but when you go down to the lower level for your entertainment there's-- - You truly have it all. - You've really have it all. The spa and wellness is probably the best I've seen anywhere.

And then you have dry sauna, a wet sauna, beautiful, beautiful materials everywhere. You have a, just a plunge pool, you have a massage area. It, I can't even imagine what else you could possibly-- - Need. - Need in any spa. So it is, it's just such a, I mean, really you have everything here. You'd never want to leave. - House is located on a quiet cul de sec here in the Hills of Beverly Hills.

And from the street level, we can see the beautiful, modern architectural lines of this home. Smooth stucco exterior complimented with travertine walls. On the right hand side, we have the driveway going down to the lower level where we have the garage and on the exterior, I really like how they use these polished aluminum slats to create a fence around the property. It's nicely hedged, and as we go this way, we have the walkway here taking us to the entry of this home, marble floors, and we have a two-story glass entry right here where we have the front door, and now let's go inside. All right, everyone, here we are at the entry. We got this massive glass pivot door, right above me, three chandelier's lighting up the spacious entry, and as soon as we walk in, the first thing we see is this amazing great room.

Walls of glass opens up towards the amazing views of the city and the patio space. We have marble floors throughout, beautiful Minotti furniture set up facing the fireplace here and the same travertine detail that we saw on the exterior. They also brought the same elements to the interiors as well. Cladding this fireplace assembly here we have the linear gas fireplace below. TV is mounted on top, first set of sliding glass doors opening up to the patio here.

And as we wrap around, we have the second set of sliding glass doors opening up to the patio on this side, right next to the great room. We have the formal dining room area, beautiful marble table in the center seating 10 people chandelier above. And again, this space is all about sitting down here, enjoying your meal, looking at the views of downtown Los Angeles and the rest of the city.

And the amount of floor to ceiling glass in this room is kind of astonishing. All right, formal dining room area is right next to your kitchen. Now this kitchen is stunning.

I love the two-tone cabinetry and I love how sleek and bespoke this kitchen looks. It looks very clean and simple, but it actually has so many different functionalities to it. That's why we're gonna take our time on this kitchen tour. First off, I'm gonna start with this island.

This is the first island we have stone countertops transition into this wood countertops here for the bar seating, chandelier above. We have the first sink here, and Mikey let's get us a close up. We have a dishwasher here, by the way this is Dada kitchen, all the cabinetry. Can we get a closeup? Look at the reveal detail inside of these cabinet doors. Even they are polished.

It's so sleek and some of you may think that these handles are kind of flat panels and it's kind of hard to grab them. The truth is right underneath them. They actually have small grooves for you to pull them.

So it's very easy to operate. First thing, and right behind me, we have the second island. Well, I guess we start here first. We have the griddle, we have the cooktop, additional mieli induction here.

And I love this open vent design that they have here with the racks. So you can kind of hang your pots here or just leave it sleek as it is. Let's open some of these drawers. I mean, I just wanna take a look, look at some of these accessories that they have.

- Yeah, they're not installed exactly or finished yet, I guess, but. - You, can just kind of get the gauge of the cabinetry and like how smooth everything operates and. - So I guess Dada is a cabinet manufacturer. - Correct.

- But also they don't want you to have to like have your cabinets disorganized. So they're gonna give you all the organizational tools also. - Everything you need, right? - Exactly. I love it, all right second island here with the, not a waterfall, technically a waterfall edge, but they do have a nice reveal detail here.

Again, going with the modern lines of this kitchen. In fact, Mikey show the Dada branding here real quick, perfectly integrated, into the countertops and behind us, we actually have this kind of glass wall with led lighting and this crazy open shelving design. Again, it looks like a sculpture and really compliments the modern lines of this kitchen. Now, before we continue on this island, there's another thing I would like to mention.

They really paid attention to their lighting in this house, both artificial lighting and natural light. We have sliding glass doors everywhere, linear windows throughout to bring lot of natural light to the property. But also we have these recessed in lighting sections that we're gonna see throughout the property walls are lit up. They really wanted to just amplify the architecture of this home through lighting. Now, second island is here.

We're on the other side, again, I've mentioned the Dada countertops. We have two sinks here with a center, some sort of like a prep sink for you to put your sponges and all that. Let's see, another dishwasher over here, right behind me, we have the wall cabinets serving as your pantry space and right above that, we have this linear window design, which brings a ton of natural light to this kitchen.

And if they were to put the sink and the dishwashers on this side, they actually wouldn't be able to place these linear windows because you would've had these plumbing vents going through the walls. Again, this shows that this kitchen was really smartly designed and they knew that they were gonna place their wall cabinets here. Now, Mikey, let's get a close up here. Let's go through some of these cabinets. We have a full-sized wine fridge here. It looks really nice.

These we always love. - Oh coffee nook? - Appliance drawers. - Yeah. - Because they have the plugs here, coffee nook, appliance drawer. It's all the same family. - Yeah, you put, you're gonna put your coffee machine in there probably.

- Let's see your main fridge, your mieli built-ins oven, microwave, and all that your freezer and one more detail. I know we're not done yet. So look at this cabinetry and how it's organized with this hardware. You pull one, they all come together and that's actually not it for the kitchen because we have a glass door here opening up to the side of the property for easy access. And this door opens up to the Butler's pantry, where you have cooktop, dishwasher, additional sink, additional fridge and freezer, kind of everything you need.

If you wanna keep this kitchen very clean and minimalist and do the cooking there. Now we have the elevator and the staircase on this side. We're gonna talk about that later, but first I wanna take everybody to this hallway. First door in front of us opens up to a powder room on this level. It's beautifully dialed in.

Seeing marble floors are also here. We have the water closet on my left-hand side and this custom vanity designed here, beautifully recessed into the wall. That looks stunning. - It looks like you would almost fold that into the wall.

- Almost right? - But yeah, that's really, really sleek. - It's beautiful. All right, let's go back to the hallway. This door opens up to the office, super spacious hardwood floors, ton of built-ins. And again, talking about natural light. Look at this window assembly here, which you can push either side and open up the corners and just allow fresh air and a lot of light to come into this space.

We have built in shades throughout the entire property. Every single room, every single bedroom TV is on this side desk setup and Mikey let's go this way. Rimadesio interior doors, all glass with the magnetic latches opens up to your beautiful bathroom, natural stone floors, and they use the same natural stone on the walls as well. vanity set up here, walk-in shower and other glass assembly, beautiful bathroom.

All right, let's go back to the hallway and continue our tour. Another thing I would like to point out on these hallways are these textured walls that we're gonna see throughout. These are corian walls I believe I may be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Led lighting on top to really highlight the texture of these walls. And we're gonna see them throughout. Now, this door opens up to a spacious guest suite on this level.

Again, hardwood floors, king-sized bed set up on this side. Walk-in closet is right there and we have another set of linear glass assembly here bringing a ton of natural light. And what's so cool about these window assemblies.

Mikey, can we show this corner here, each time we're gonna see these details. They actually are not closed off from the exterior wall to the interior wall. They actually slide behind that and open up from the bathroom as well, which is super unique.

- Yeah, I know people in the audience are gonna ask. - Okay. - why don't you open one of those? We'll do it in here. - You have to find this one tight angle, but look how easy this, but Mikey showed this. It is actually tucking into the bedroom side right now.

You know what I mean? - Yeah. - How cool is that? And they have this detail throughout, which I think is so awesome. And I feel like a lot of people would have missed that, but we are here to show them like.

- And this is LA, so LA is kind of known for its weather. So why wouldn't you have those, you know. - Exactly, exactly bathroom for this guest suite Again, beautiful vanity design here. Same stone is also on the walls, water closet here. We've got a gorgeous shower on this side. Again, nicely dialed in.

Now let's go back to the hallway. We've got couple more rooms to see here. Then I wanna take everybody to the backyard.

We have the second staircase here, going up to the second floor of this home. And this door opens up to a game room. This is another great space. Located on this level, nicely secluded from the great room and the rest of the bedrooms. We have the seating area on our right-hand side, but first I wanna focus on the small bar set up here.

Again, sinks, upper cabinets. Let's see, we even get a ice-maker here. Another wine fridge, your island set up here.

And if we go to the other side, we have a small game table, sliding glass doors opening up to a Juliet balcony seating section, TV, another TV I just realized that one, and this has its own full bathroom, not half, full bathroom. Stone floors, same floors continue into the walk-in shower. We have another linear window design, brush nickel finishes.

Vanity set up, another great bathroom. I feel like there are a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms in this house. Now we're back at the hallway. Same marble floors are also here, Corian wall on our right-hand side. And before we go back into the great room, we have the main staircase here going down to the lower level and they have the same textured wall design also here with led lighting on the threads.

This is incredible. This is the elevator shaft. We have the elevator on this level right now.

This goes all the way to the lower level, as well as the rooftop. So you have four levels on this house, and this is without a doubt. One of the most significant residential elevators I've ever seen in my life. This almost looks like a commercial grade with the whole glass assembly. - Yeah, it's like something you would see in like a large mall. It's like I rode it up to the roof deck earlier, which is really cool.

We'll see that in a minute, but it was nice to kind of get a preview of each room as you were going up, you know each floor. - Good point because it's all glassed, staircase here, again, going up with this awesome railing design that they have on the left-hand side. We're back at the entry. Same travertine is also here before we go outside. By the way we have all the sliding glass doors tucked into the walls, opened up to the outdoors.

We have one more room here, Mikey, stay right there, Rimadesio pocket doors, sealing off this section. And this is where we have the family room. I really, like how they carried out the same palette that we saw in the kitchen. Also in this room with this back wall and the built-ins gives it a nice contrast.

We have some open shelving on the right-hand side that are a little bit separated from the wall to place in that led lighting to create that lighting contrast, TV here, sliding glass doors open up to the patio. We have the seating area here where the chandelier and Mikey look at that linear window design right there. I want you to remember that because this door is gonna take us to the bathroom for this room and also for this level, because we have a massive vanity design here with two sinks, some built-ins on each side, we have a water closet on the right-hand side.

Also, I really like this textured tile design that they have here, but what's so impressive is that they carried out the same window design here. And it goes into the walk in shower. It continues here as a corner glass, which is incredible. And let's go back for a second. It goes all the way behind the water closet. So when you open up the window from the family room, it actually tucks here.

How cool is that, who engineers that? This is amazing. - This is incredible. And this whole house kind of just feels like a resort or retreat like Sally said, she's like, you know, yeah, it has everything. - It has everything. - You never have to leave. - I totally, agree.

And it's so dialed in like every bit of space offers you something. All right, let's go outside. I always love this detail. The stone that we see on the inside of the home goes to the outside to create that seamless transition.

We have a bit of an overhang design here protecting these sliding glass doors. And it opens up to your amazing backyard. Now it's a really bright day here in Los Angeles. So, I'm gonna put my glasses on and continue to tour on the left-hand side, we have this grass section here complimented with the Buddha, giving that peace and tranquility that this backyard already has that good energy.

- That's right. - All right. Now this backyard is so dialed in. It's so amazing.

We have the floors seamlessly transitioning to the outside. We have the pool set up on the right-hand side, but first I wanna start our tour here, which is where we have the outdoor kitchen. The developers spent over $1 million on this outdoor kitchen which is amazing. And calling it an outdoor kitchen, honestly, doesn't do the justice because it feels like a commercial hotel bar kitchen.

It has everything, a six kegerators. You have the bar set up here on one side another bar setup on the other side with the lights, it's open in the center, but it's kind of shaded up on the rest of the areas. You have your sink outdoor TV.

I don't even know some of these amenities, honestly, so let's figure it out. We got a big stove here. Let's see, I hope that wasn't too loud. - A little bit loud. - Outdoor grill, look at all these fridges and ice makers and all these details that they have.

You have another cooktop here. Pizza oven, the real deal one. You can actually, it's a wood-burning one. I mean, the fact that this is your outdoor kitchen, you can probably cook here all the time no problem. - Six kegs, Pizza oven, barbecue pit, warming drawers, ice machines.

Like we need to get one of these. - I know, and then these are views you'll look at as you're cooking there, which is awesome. Right above us, we have a retractable canopy design. These are super nice to have because you want to benefit from LA sunlight. But at the same time, a day like today can get quite harsh because it's so nice and bright outside. You can easily close this off, make this a covered section, by the way, this is not some sort of a cheap canopy design.

The whole thing is steel. I'm sure they spent a significant amount of money just here alone. Also underneath this canopy design, we have the outdoor dining area with this beautiful table. And right next to that, we have this outdoor seating area with a massive fire pit. It is 2:00 PM right now. And you can literally see how high these flames go up.

And I can only imagine how amazing this is going to look at night. - Yeah, not to mention it's summertime. It's kind of a warm day today. - Yes. - But in the Winter time, well it gets kind of chilly some days. - It's perfect.

And you have the TV on the other side, built in speakers, all the good stuff, glass railing throughout and Mikey, I need you to come here. When you have a backyard like this, you need a bathroom for the convenience. And, of course you have it here with a walk-in shower, floating vanity design, water closet over here, nicely dialed in. - For sure. - Now let's go back to the outdoors and check out that pool setup, which is amazing. As you're spending your time on this backyard, you're constantly seeing these amazing views.

You have the canyons on the left-hand side, Beverly Hills, downtown Los Angeles. The whole city is in front of you. Century, City Wilshire corridor.

And on a little bit more clear day, you actually see all the way to the ocean, which is phenomenal. And to take the backyard experience to the next level, they designed this awesome pool. I say awesome, because it has two massive baja shelves. We have the spa on this side, slightly elevated from the rest of the pool.

You have your zero edge here, infinity on the other side, and to take it to another level, they actually have a glass front on the side where the pool is facing the view. This is incredible. - And the span on that glass is of much larger scale than we usually see. Usually when they have like the glass-- - You have like 5-6 feet, - when they have a glass edge, it'll be like half that length at best. - I agree.

- But that's probably what? 30 feet, 25 feet. - Easily, probably 30 feet or more and amazing while you're swimming in the pool. You can actually still see the view, which is crazy to think.

- Yeah. - Now while we're on this angle, Mikey lets face towards the house real quick. It's a beautiful modern architecture. We are on the main floor right now on top of the main floor. We have the primary bedroom suite.

Again, opening up to the amazing views, same travertine that we saw in the interiors, it's also here on the backside of the property as well. Smooth stucco, glass railing throughout and Mikey right there on the rooftop. I hope you can see that pool with a glass front because this house actually has two pools. - We can see just a sliver of it, but we're trying to save that.

- Amazing, we'll see that in a bit. All right, everyone, that's it for the main floor. Now let's go back inside, take the stairs and go check out all the amenities on the lower level. All right everyone, here we are at the lower level. Now the lower level of this home is outstanding.

There are so many different rooms and amenities that we're gonna see throughout. And it starts right here where we have the landing on my right-hand side, we have the elevator access and we can actually see all the way to the top floor from here, which is an awesome view to look at staircase right behind me. And I really like how they lit each thread with led lighting as well. Now, first hallway we're gonna take is right here, by the way, you have a pocket door here to seal off this section. As we continue, we have the back access of the elevator over here.

And this first door opens up to the garage of this home. Now, calling this room a garage, doesn't do the justice. It's a car gallery because this space is really designed for you to showcase your cars. We have four turntables built into the floors and right above them we have four round lighting systems that matches the size of these turntables. This place looks stunning.

We have stone floors. We have built-in TV on one side with cabinetry. We have the second set of cabinetry here. Again, if you're a car guy, you can store your tools here, or you can just make this a man-cave or area to hangout because this garage is also air conditioned.

Now, right around the corner, we have a half bathroom. So you even have your bathroom here, but more impressively. We have this garage door assembly here. Now, this is not your everyday garage door, because when you click it actually pulls to the side and tucks to the side of the garage. The reason being is if they would have to place this garage door on the ceiling, it would actually cover some of these lighting and it will actually break the illumination of the room. And that's why they came up with this design where it actually wraps around and it still keeps the gallery nice and open.

Pretty awesome. - Yeah, it's really cool. You said four car turntables, but it looks like we have three car turntables and one for a motorcycle over here.

- Yes, my bad you're correct. That is for a motorcycle. That's a junior turntable. - Either that or like a golf cart. I don't know.

- Regardless, pretty impressive space. - Yeah - All right. Mikey, let's go back to the hallway. Let's continue our tour.

We've got couple more rooms to see on this level. We have the laundry room on our right-hand side, ton of base cabinets, a lot of uppers, lighter tones, and we have two washers, two dryers here, and a sink and continuing this hallway. Door on our right hand side side, opens up to the garage as well. And this door opens up to a small I don't wanna say chef's kitchen, but probably Butler's pantry because we don't have cooktops here.

It's a small kitchen Kitchen because you have your sink design here. You have your paneled in fridge, ton of base cabinets, upper cabinets, because let's say you're catering food upstairs. You can prep it here. You can have your chef on this side, to serve on this level. Now, let's take everybody back to the main hallway, continue our tour, we've got a couple more rooms on this wing. And the last room here is the office, I say office, but this room can easily qualify as one of the bedrooms on the lower level, sliding glass doors.

Open up to the side of the property where we have a nice water feature, desk setup, TV here. We've got some built-in closets here with a pocket door and around the corner, we've got a gorgeous shower, marble floors and they use the same style marble on the walls, installed it vertically and a gorgeous walk-in shower. Great bathroom. Now, we're back at the landing of the lower level.

Mikey, you ready to see this? This is major. - You know, I love a good wine cellar, but this one is especially good. - Is, this a wine cellar or a wine room? - A little bit of both. That's stone kind of makes it a place that I would like to hang out in more. - Agate, it's a really unique stone and obviously can be back lit.

It looks gorgeous. And we have these wall to floor mount rack systems that they installed throughout. You even have a little table set up in the center for you to sit down, enjoy a glass of wine. Amazing, back to the main hallway. We have the wellness center at the end, but first we're gonna go through here to check out a really special room. Come on in.

We have the movie theater here. Now, this room is very special, a lot of unique architectural details. So let's cover them real quick.

We have the three tier seating here. Nice sofa set up. So it's super comfortable, screen on this side, right above us, we have the ceiling lighting detail as well as the fiber optic lighting. So you feel like you're looking at the stars at night when you're watching movie. I guess you can watch a movie during the day as well.

It's so dark, you know, blacked out here so. - Yeah, and I gotta say something real quick. I don't know if you've noticed this.

Me and Jason were filming B roll in here earlier. So this is a fiber optic ceiling, but they did something to it and they connected it with fiber optic cable. So you get these like star trails. - Trails, and almost like lightnings, right? - Yeah, like I, it freaked me out. I thought there was something wrong with it.

And then I looked up and I saw, it looked like the lightning bolts. - I actually saw it when I was touring by myself. I was like, - It's like every minute or so you see one and it's really cool. - It's a nice detail, I guess. - Yeah.

- It keeps you entertained. Mikey, let's point to this side for a second. This is a cool detail. So they have this awesome lighting design right behind the movie theater that actually serves as like a hallway lighting. But it actually makes the hallway feel a little bit more spacious and bright and it serves as a feature lighting here. So that was a very clever design.

I wanted to mention that. - And that's from the wine cellar, no from the hallway. - From, the hallway that we just came by, yea. Also, your movie theater has a small kitchenette. I mean, you have your icemaker, wine fridge, pendant lights, seating, popcorn, upper cabinets, kind of everything you need.

Little candy station around the corner. It's a good size movie theater. - Yeah. - Now what's so impressive about this movie theater.

It's actually not just the movie theater itself and it's the bathroom that comes with it. You get two bathrooms here, okay? You have two urinals, two pedestal sinks, which is awesome. And I really, really appreciate how these pedestals sinks have these back walls out of stone. Because a lot of times you install these and you have dry wall on the back. As you wash and use these sinks people splash water, and you eventually start deteriorating the walls behind these sinks.

- Are these floated with a drywall what's behind them there? - That's your mud. And that's what glues it to the wall. - Okay. - So that's kind of like the backing that you use to stick it to the wall.

- Yeah. - Led lighting everywhere. We have more textures here. We have a water closet on this side, by the way, these glass doors, even the handles have the same glass, beautifully recessed in, magnetic, quiet. Let's go to the other side. This is where we have the second bathroom for the movie theater.

More pedestal sinks. These are little bit more modern and futuristic. And this time they use the glass back wall. Again, really appreciate that detail led lighting, more led lighting here, two water closets. Mikey, check this out. Each one of these bathrooms have TVs.

So let's say you're watching a movie with your friends there you need to take a break, but you don't wanna miss out on the movie. These TVs will be playing the same movie that you're watching in the movie theater. So you don't have to miss out on it.

- Yeah, it's really cool and these bathrooms, it's kind of like a men's room and women's room. - Yes. - It feels like you're at a high-end boutique movie theater or something, you know. - Without a doubt. Look how nice these bathrooms are.

This is insane. - It's the most high end movie theater yeah. - Without a doubt.

Especially considering that this is a residential home. Pretty impressive. All right, let's go back to the hallway where we have the landing. We have the wine room in front of us.

And as we continue, same textured walls that we've been seeing throughout they also have it here. And this section is where we have the wellness center. This part of the home is all about taking care of yourself and pampering yourself within your own home. We have the lounging area in front of us, but first I wanna go this way. We have these beautiful sliding glass doors with the wood threads opening up to your impressive gym. I say impressive, because this room is super spacious.

You have pretty much everything you need here. Three TVs, you've gotta appreciate this vertical lighting that they did on the walls here. That continues all the way to the ceilings that gives that nice modern element. Overall, it's a great space, but what's so impressive about this side of the home is right here. Your spa Mikey let's start with this room.

We have the bathroom here. Good size vanity with two sinks, more led lighting. You have two water closets here, but can we take a moment and appreciate this beautiful stone that has been book matched pretty much in every corner. - Yeah, it's really, really nice. There's some really interesting stones in this house, but especially on this level.

- I love the intensity of it. Like with the veins and everything, - Especially what we're gonna see right after this room. - Let's go take that out. Let's show people what this section is all about. Now, this is your... I'm gonna call it a steam sauna because you have the same stone pretty much throughout even the ceiling, everything has been book matched.

So it looks stunning. And this is where you lay down because you have all these jets spraying water on you, or steam on you. And in case you were wondering, Enes, let's say I'm naked. I'm laying down here.

You could get really cold. Stone is always cold. They have infrared heating underneath the stone. So it's always warm nice and ready for you. - Yeah, well, thanks for putting that image in everyone's head. - I don't know, what my intentions were, but like I think I at least did a good job explaining what this room is all about.

All right, this is why we have the dry sauna. Again, smells beautiful. They always do because it's brand new, overall it's just amazing to think that this is within your home. You know, all these amenities. It's so amazing. All right, let's come back to the entrance of the wellness center.

Again, we have a seating area on our right-hand side. This is your juice bar. It's all about the healthy living Mikey.

It's all about taking care of yourself and why not have some uppers, lowers, sink set up, a couple of fridges. You have a full-size fridge here. I just realized you got a full-size sub-Zero here. - I just realized like a juice bar.

That's what's missing in my life, you know? - I know you're like I could do so much better if I had a juice bar. - I need to build one in my 1200 square foot apartment. - We have the TV set up here, storage closet. It opens up to this section.

It's like an additional seating area. Again, same Rimadesio. Beautiful glass doors, that pockets into the walls, opens up to this section.

You know what? This is gonna sound almost weird, but at, a home this size, I appreciate having these small seating areas where they're kind of away from the majority of the home. I mean, I could totally see myself here grabbing a book, sitting down after, you know, being in spa or your sauna opening these glass doors. It's kind of at the bottom floor.

You get amazing views. You have this grass. It's just a nice place to just zone out for a little bit. - You get a workout, you hit the juice bar and you come in here and you get to, you read a book for a little while.

- That sounds really good. - Yeah. - That sounds really good. All right, let's continue. We got more to see, this door opens up to another room where we have the indoor spa hot tub.

This is, I mean, mind boggling. This even has a cover on its own, nicely dialed in with the mosaic tiles. And we have blue agate on the walls with back lighting.

- Is this natural stone or is this-- - It is a natural stone. - Really? - Yeah. - Wow, it looks like a like fossils almost, you know. - It does, right? The intensity with all the details of the stone and look at that frame for a second. It's perfectly framed picture window looking at the views and the side of your property.

Super private, obviously. going in here, we have another bathroom, walk-in shower. You have your water closet here. And the walls are all mosaic tiles, vanity design. Phenomenal, and the last room here is your massage room. You know, they think about their details.

When you realize the developer's already placed in your, I couldn't open it. Towel heater. - Oh yeah. - This is your massage room. You have your back lit wall here. It's all about the ambience. Your vanity setup.

Mikey let's continue. - It just keeps going down there. - It just keeps going, it just keeps giving. Wall closet there.

Let me take you outside. We have this door opening up. So the door on our right-hand side is a small kitchenette.

That's where we have the office, water feature, staircase coming down from the main level to this side. And you get this outdoor space. Your property line is nicely hedged.

You have this staircase here. It's just another peaceful moment in this house. And look at these views. We can't hear anybody.

We don't hear any traffic. And we're like seven to eight minutes away from Beverly Hills. I mean, this is great. And the last part of this level, if you follow the staircase, we have an additional door there.

Opening up to a secondary movie theater slash screening room. Now they haven't really finished that room yet, but it's another great bonus space that you can do, kind of whatever you like. And that's pretty much it for the lower level. Now let's go back inside, go up to the second floor and check out all the bedrooms.

I had a chance to briefly tour the property before we started our tour and the primary bedroom and its rooftop is out of this world. Can you tell us a little bit about that? - So, there's so many features here that are these wow, wow special features and the primary bedroom is one because not only is it just a beautiful bedroom and just great ambiance and someplace that you'd love to wake up to, but then the surprise, the real surprise is there are separate stairs, just going from your bedroom, going up to a rooftop deck. And the rooftop deck has a, you know, you never want to leave it. It has 360 degree views.

It has its own pool and you have a lounging area and you have a fire pit and you have a, just a bar, you know, beverage type of center there too. Really-- - It's incredible. - Really, really unique and special feature. - All right, everyone here we are at the second floor landing on our left hand side, we have the primary bedroom, which we're gonna check out in a bit, elevator access for this level. But first let's take this hallway and check out a few of the bedrooms on this wing.

First door is right here. And as soon as we walk in, we see this spacious guest suite here, king sized bed. A lot of these built ins, sliding glass doors facing the front of the home. And as we go in, this door opens up to the bathroom for the suite marble floors, marble on the walls. And again, I really appreciate this vertical install with an offset pattern, skylight above walk-in shower, look how specious this bathroom is, - Yeah. - And you know what I recognized this recently out of after every bathroom we tour, I'm like, it's a really nice bathroom because I kind of don't know what else to say.

We've been touring really nice homes lately. I'm like, it's like, it's hard for me to not recognize. I'm like, that's really nice. - All the bathrooms these days are pretty nice. - They are, and that's why I say why I say or what I say. Second staircase here, coming up to the second floor.

We have a beautiful skylight above bringing again, ton of natural light. This door opens up to the second guest suite on this level, super spacious another king sized bed talking about these linear windows. So look at this one right here, obviously custom window for this bedroom, bringing a ton of natural light. It even has the automatic shades.

Mikey let's show this side. We have a sliding glass door opening up to a balcony, amazing views again, another good size, by the way, throughout the house, we have shallow molding design and this reveal detail on the ceilings. There are so many details in this house that I'm forgetting one or two. So as I remember, I wanna mention. - You have a lot to talk about.

- That's right, a lot of these built-ins, Mikey, can we quickly show, look how dialed in these are like, you have these beautiful reveal details, led lighting as they open up. So they sit, nice and flush. Look at this massive window assembly here that Mikey was afraid for a second thinking that this was open. No, Mikey, this is a beautiful picture window where you can appreciate your staircase or look at the views.

- Literally thought I was just about to fall from the side. - I know it's so seamless. It is floor to ceiling, and right behind Mikey, we have an awesome bathroom. Again, marble floors, stacked marble on the walls. Super spacious, great bathroom for this guest suite.

All right, let's go back to the hallway. We covered two bedrooms. Now let's go check out the primary bedroom, which is amazing. But overall, I mentioned it earlier.

The attention to detail to lighting in this house is definitely outstanding. I mean, look at all these ceiling lighting details that we have, ton of natural light coming in and off of the second floor landing, we have these sliding glass doors open up to wrap around balcony with a staircase going up to the rooftop, which we're gonna check out on a bit. But first we gotta check out the primary bedroom. This is how you seal this room off with this pocket door.

And it opens up straight to your primary bedroom, hardwood floors, king sized bed. I love the feature wall that they have behind the bed set up another recessed in cove lighting detail. And we have walls of glass.

Currently all opened up to your patio area. So you get that seamless transition. And these are the views you'll look at as you go to your bed phenomenal, and something about having this wrap around balcony kicking outside towards the views and your backyard gives a ton of privacy to this primary bedroom, allows it to enjoy this outdoor space. Also, at the end of this walkway, we have a small powder room with two water closets and vanity set up serving as a bathroom for the rooftop. And I mean, when you have views like this, you just wanna get to the edge of your balcony look at Downtown Los Angeles and the whole city below you.

It's so quiet. It's so peaceful up here. You know, this is what these modern hillside homes are all about.

You look down on your pool area, this is amazing. Again, we have this column here set forward a little bit so they can come up with this corner glass detail. Again, everything is nicely tucked in. Right now, and as we focused towards the bedroom a little bit more, we have a linear guest fireplace here, TV mounted on top, same travertine that we've been seeing throughout. You get a small cabinet, a fridge set up on the right-hand side of the fireplace. And this opening here, goes straight into your primary bathroom.

Now this bathroom, they definitely didn't skip their details with this stonework. We have book matched marble on the walls. Book match marble on the ceilings which is incredible. Built-in speakers, your vanity set up. I love how the frame of this vanity is a little bit different color. So you get that nice, subtle contrast, fabricated countertops through the hidden drain and another set of these linear window designs, bringing a ton of natural light.

And we've gotta focus on this side, right? Mikey, let's step inside. It is so nice. This is your walk-in shower and tub set up. Tub has built in jets, tub filler on the outside again, marble everywhere. And you have your body sprays, handheld, your shower head, and this massive built-in rain head right above you. - These things get bigger and bigger.

- I know again, we've been touring a lot of good homes. - Every time, we're like, that's the biggest one I've seen. - That's the biggest we've ever seen. - And that's now the biggest rain that we've ever seen. - I agree.

We even have also steam here by the way. So you can steam this whole section and your shower is looking towards these incredible views. And you even have a shutter detail here. If you wanna keep it private, well around the corner, we also have the water closet nice and open marble throughout.

More built-ins here, overall great bathroom. And as we go here, we have this section opening up to the primary bedroom closet, just like the rest of the home and the rest of the cabinetry we've been seeing in this house. Everything is nicely dialed in beautifully paneled in led lighting and I really appreciate these subtle lights that they have on these open shelves, hangers, floating shelves, pretty straightforward, really nicely decked out and right on the other side, this is interesting. I know people are gonna like room - Literal safe room. - Literally, but check this out.

You have a phone line here, oxygen tank. So let's say something happens and you need to protect yourself. You can close this off, seal it off and you'll be safe here.

- Yeah, that's awesome. - Super nice, right? Now, the last and the best part of this primary bedroom. We have this pocket door here opening up to an interior staircase where it takes you to the rooftop. So we have one staircase on the outside one staircase straight from your primary bedroom.

And I'll see you guys up there. This rooftop deck it's very special because not only you get all this amazing outdoor space, you have a pool on your rooftop deck, which is hard to think, but we're gonna see that in a minute. So off of the landing, we have the staircase landing here, exterior door, opening up this space. This is the outdoor staircase that I mentioned earlier. And you have a lounging area on my right-hand side with seating, fire pit, right in the center.

And here you have another outdoor kitchenette. You have your kegerator, sink, fridge, barbecue set up. I mean, this is amazing. And, views are phenomenal and we're gonna see them in a bit, but I wanna take everybody this side. You have a pool on the Fourth level of this home, and it's pretty much framed with glass.

So you get this amazing view. It's all clad with mosaic on the bottom. And let's say that you have friends over or people are using your main pool and you wanna have a private moment for your primary bedroom. You can do that here. And Mikey, let's wrap around, check out these views on this rooftop deck.

Phenomenal, I mean, we're so elevated. We get the 360 degree views. Fresh air, California, sunshine. I don't know if it gets better than this. All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoy this video.

Big, thanks to the listing agents, Sally and Tomer for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And as always, we will leave more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like, if you have any questions or input as always.

Leave us a comment down below, and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to our channel, even hit the notification bell. So you don't miss out our videos and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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