Touring a $46,680,000 NYC Apartment with the Best Views of Central Park!

Touring a $46,680,000 NYC Apartment with the Best Views of Central Park!

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(bright upbeat music) - Hi everyone, it's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. Today we're at 53 West 53rd, and about to tour the full floor unit located on the 65th floor of this building. This building is one of the newest developments in the city that really sets itself apart with a striking contemporary architecture. And the unit itself has stunning finishes and get some of the best views of Central Park in the whole city.

Specs on this unit, we've got four bedrooms, four full batHs, one half bath, 6,448 square feet of interior space with an asking price of $46,680,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description. And before we start our tour I wanna thank the developers, Hines and Pontiac Land for allowing us to tour their amazing development. Now let's begin. (bright upbeat music) All right, everyone here we are at the entry gallery.

These are the two elevators that comes up with this full floor unit. And as we go this way this is where we have the freight elevator access. These double doors open up to the primary bedroom suite. We're gonna talk about that later. And Mikey, let's get a close up here. This is where we have the coat closet for the landing.

Another thing let's get a closeup on this door handle. These bronze door handles have the outline of the building which is really unique. Now, as we continue our tour, we have 11 foot height ceilings here, tray ceiling details with cold lighting, beautiful chandeliers above and the double doors in front of me open up to the grand living room. We have the seating area right in front of us, dining table on the right-hand side walls of glass bringing a ton of natural light in, and of course the incredible views of the city and the Central Park.

Right here this is where we have the seating area, beautiful staging, gorgeous table in the center. And I really like how they kind of designed a ceiling here with wall sconces to kind of light up the ceiling. As we continue we get the West views on this side, New Jersey, Hudson River. And as we go this way this is where we have the Central Park views which is amazing. Let's get a close up. What I like about this view is that we're high enough to clear all the buildings around us but yet close enough to see the cars or even people walking into Central Park.

It's not few days ago. So we have this very charming and peaceful view to look at right in front of us we have the Billionaires' Row. And again, amazing, amazing views all the way to Harlem. Now there's two details I wanna talk about here. Number one, in New York city every room needs to have a fresh air supply. And this building is one of the rare buildings that actually has triple glazed windows, which does a great job insulating and soundproofing the space.

But at the same time, these are very heavy glass panels. So in order to solve that problem they came up with this kind of assembly design right here. And once you open it, this is how you get your fresh air. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. And this is around the entire apartment right? - Exactly every single room has this opening design to get fresh air. Second detail I wanna talk about are these digress, concrete columns that we're gonna see throughout the unit.

The way they constructed this building is actually very unique to have a massive concrete core right in the center that runs the length of this building and between the 74th and 76 floors, they have a 650 ton mass damper that helps the building stay straight during high winds and to compensate for the traditional columns, which will take a lot of space on the inside of this unit. They came up with this diagrid design that almost zigzags on the outside of the building that really gives architectural texture and also allows this unit to have less columns, which is amazing. It's one of those cool details. - [Mikey] So on the inside, it's for structural support but on the outside it's kind of just like a design element, right? - Well, this still helps the overall stability and structure of the building itself. - [Mikey] Yeah. - But they came up with the zigzag design.

And I think that allowed them to put less columns and less space, which is amazing. And of course the incredible views. Now let's continue. This is where we have the dining area with two beautiful chandelier's above seating for 12th even from your dining area, you get incredible views. This time we're facing the East, which is amazing. Overall, this is an amazing space.

And I feel like this is the walk factor of this apartment. Now moving on through this hallway this is where we have the Eden kitchen. This has gotta be one of the most sleek, timeless all white kitchens we've ever seen on this channel.

I love the massive Island design upfront. We got a lot of details to talk about in this kitchen. Let's start with the Island. We have a beautiful statuary occur marble with a waterfall edge on this side, bevel details. This is where we have the bar seating. And as we follow this Island we have the same waterfall edge.

Also on this side, Mike I need you to get close here. I wanna show a detail. So I love that this cabinetry has a polished nickel kind of trims and reveals. And right here, this is where the recess in the plug.

So you need detail. - Yeah I really like how shiny that is too. It looks really nice. - I mean, everything in this kitchen is so sleek, right? Let's get a close up. This is where we have the first Miele wine fridge right here, ready? You love this? - [Mikey] Hmm.

- Miele dishwasher, this is the first one. And this is where we have the main sink with polished nickel, Dornbracht fixtures. Check this out. Let's get a close up. Dishwasher number two.

- [Mikey] Why have one when you could have two? - That's right. And of course, right at the end wine fridge, number two. - [Mikey] I guess that goes for that as well. - There you go also the up that detail as well.

Now let's focus on this side. We have this back painted glass cabinetry that looks super sleek. We have the same reveal details also on this side as well. This is where we have the first section of the built-ins and I love how they went with the wider tones to kind of match the timeless look of this kitchen. We have the espresso maker here, and as we continue this is where we have the cabinetry. There you go.

I love this. - [Mikey] Yeah, we'd love to see those. - And by the way, they're everywhere, it's amazing. So effortless too.

And they use the same Carrara Marble also as a backlight, a backsplash here, which looks gorgeous polished nickel trim over here. This is where we have the outlets. And now I wanna briefly talk about the cabinets in this kitchen, which is amazing done by Molteni and Michael, let's get a close up here.

We have the concealed hinges underneath the drawers. So you don't see anything. It's very sleek. As you pull up the drawers, check this out. It actually lights up. This is the second time I see this detail and look how nicely dressed the cabinets and the drawers are.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I love when things are really well organized and it's very satisfying- - I mean, it's incredible and of course everything's soft close. I can just feel the quality of the hardware, same thing. And also staging in this unit is simply amazing as we continue. This is where we have the Miele gas cooktop vent right above. Of course we have the led lighting underneath the cabinetry as well.

And sorry, I just wanna show like everything and look how nicely dressed these drawers are amazing. Simply amazing. Now we have the oven setup. Built-ins on this side.

Let's get a close up here as well. Sub-Zero fridge. They're all of course, nicely paneled in. Then we have the freezer drawers underneath. We have another set on the other side. There you go.

And lastly, let's not forget the pantry space and also Mikey, look at the doors all day it looks like there's like three tiers actually one panel, nice little detail. And this is where you have your pantry right next to that. And you get a little bit of a desk set up on this side and right in front of the kitchen Island we have this beautiful Eden kitchen area.

And it's nice that the kitchen is little bit secluded from the rest of the living room, but this space on its own feels very spacious. So I can see people hanging out here, enjoying the space while looking at Central Park. Now let's continue our tour. Let's take this hallway, which connects to all the bedrooms. But before we do that, why don't we take a look at this hallway closet which is beautifully staged, well utilized, good-looking closet.

- [Mikey] Yeah, and I think this unit has some of the best stage we've ever seen everything is just so elegant and tasteful. - I totally agree. I really do. Now this first door opens up to the first bedroom suite which is right here, very spacious room. We have the bed situated on this side wallpaper giving a lot of warm to this bedroom. And one of the things that I'm really impressed about this apartment is how spacious each one of the bedrooms feel.

We have a beautiful chandelier bow and Mikey let's get a close up to that creme molding detail right here. So we have creme molding detail throughout, but on this side, it also hides the AC diffusers which is amazing. And of course this bedroom also gets incredible views. And as we continue our tour, this is where we have the full bathroom. We have gorgeous limestone floors, limestone fabricated floating mended design right here led lighting, medicine cabinet, polished nickel hardware.

And as we go this way, this is where we have the walk-in shower. Again, polished nickel hardware, beautiful limestone and Mikey let's get a close up actually here, we even have a glass rack in the shampoo edge. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's really, really nice. - Overall gorgeous bathroom. Now, as we exit right across this is where we have the closet and even the closet so nicely staged. - [Mikey] Yeah again, staging is perfect.

- Already now let's continue our tour back to the hallway. The second door opens up the second bedroom suite. This bedroom is a little bit more spacious. We have the King size bed on this side. I really like these modern wall sconces on each side of the bed.

Beautiful, modern chandelier above. And of course you still get the incredible views from this bedroom as well. Two things I would like to mention. We have automatic solar shades throughout the whole apartment but bedrooms also gets a blackout on top of that. Another detail, the flooring in this apartment. So we have four inches wide American Oak hardwood floors, two layers of subflooring below that sound installation, and underneath that we have 12 inches of structural concrete.

So sound is not transferring from one unit to another. It's a good peace of mind to have. As we go out right here this is where we have the built-in closet. Again, beautifully staged. And right on the other side, we have the full bathroom same limestone floors are also in this bathroom. And I really like how the cloud the face of the tub and the surround with the same limestone as well.

We have a nice soccer tub here, beautiful pictures and Mikey lets panel up to the ceiling for a second. We have a polished nickel, a shower curtain rod and this might be the fanciest curtain rod I've ever seen. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's really nice. And they're also really, really heavy duty. - Everything like the finish out in this apartment is simply amazing.

And of course we have the floating vanity design fabricated limestone, vanity led lighting, medicine cabinet. You got it all. Now let's continue our tour. Right here we have a hallway that houses the laundry room and actually connects the primary bedroom suite to this hallway.

We're gonna talk more about that later. As we continue this store actually opens up to one of the primary bedroom closets. We're gonna talk about that later as well. And this door opens up to the third bedroom. This bedroom is currently staged as a seating area.

We have an L-shaped couch here, modern light fixture above. And of course this room also gets incredible views and we have the same solar shades and blackout curtains also in this room. Now, as we go back, actually, Mikey, let's go inside here. So really cool. So this one has a walk-in closet, right? Instead of doing a closet, they kind of made it into this little office area, which looks very charming.

We have a little wall shelf on this side this set up right here. And I mean the views you can see all the way to Freedom Tower from here. It's amazing. Now, lastly, of course, this bedroom comes with a full bathroom, which is right here.

They have the same limestone floors, also in this bathroom just like the other bathrooms, floating vanity design, Polish nickel hardware, medicine cabinets. This one also gets a tough setup and you have your beautiful fixtures overall, another great bathroom. Now, like I mentioned, this opens up to the primary bedroom closet.

I'm gonna show that door to you guys in a bit. Let's take this hallway like I mentioned earlier. Here's another detail I would like to talk about.

So some of these interior doors have these exposed hinge designs. I wanna show that how that looks on the inside. Mikey, can you wrap around? So we have another beautifully staged closet here, as you guys can see that's how they accomplish that look, with these really unique hinge design. - [Mikey] Yeah, I know you love hinges in general so I'm sure you freaked out when you saw these. - Just like a little hardware, but it gives that timeless look and it adds a little bit of character to the space.

Also nicely closed off. This is where we have the washer and dryer a little bit of storage. Now let's continue our tour. We still have a lot to see.

This door opens up to the other hallway. And just like we mentioned at the beginning of the video that's where we have the entry gallery. These are the double doors that opens up to the primary suite.

Also, as soon as you land, it's an easy convenience. This is where we have the powder room and just like the other bathrooms, beautiful limestone floors it's carved vanity set up right here. It looks gorgeous. Even gets an incredible view. And there's solar shade. - [Mikey] Yeah and you get a little outline of the shape of the exterior too.

I like that. - Exactly, now let's go toward the primary bedroom suite, which starts right here. We have the bathroom on this side look at this linen lined walnut door with the glass insert.

And of course it's staged beautifully as well. And let's check out that bedroom. - [Mikey] Ene, just before you move on, I think you missed something.

- What did I miss? - [Mikey] You don't usually miss things, but not only is this lined with linen, but on the inside, it's a mirror. - Oh, I did miss that. I certainly did miss that.

That's a cool detail. I like it. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I certainly did miss that. (laughing) I mean, there are so many things to talk about, but this is where we have the primary bedroom. Very spacious bedroom that gets a ton of natural light.

And I love how uncompromised this bedroom is. And what I mean by that is a lot of these high-priced point apartments can have smaller bedrooms, but in this case, we have this spacious primary bedroom suite and the space feels very inviting and warm. And I think it has to do with the textured wallpapers, all these structural columns that we see in this space. And of course we have the king size bed on this side same crumbling detail with the hidden AC diffusers, beautiful light fixture above. And just like we mentioned earlier we have solar shades blackouts also throughout this bedroom as well.

Another detail that makes this bedroom so special, well, it's the views. On this side we have the third exposure all the way to the Freedom Tower, which is amazing. Right in front of the bed, we can see the West exposure, New Jersey, Hudson River. And lastly, the most special view that this apartment gets Central Park, right on this side. Overall amazing bedroom suite that really justifies the price point of this apartment.

Now let's continue. This door opens up to the primary bathroom suite. On the left we have a water closet with a day. And as we take this opening this is where we have the primary bathroom suite. This bathroom is stunning.

There are so many details I would like to cover here. I guess we start with a walk-in shower. We have a scene we're on, dark marble here that continues the length of this wall. That looks stunning. Same limestone floors that are also here but as big slab as this time.

We have a little bit of a bench design here and I love how they kind of put this glass insert right here. So you can see the other vanity on the other side, this wall, this is travertine. And I look all the intricacies and the depth of the travertine they used, same polished nickel hardware is also here. We have the body sprays, steam shower and let's not forget our favorite right above us recess led head a serious led head serious one, right? Overall gorgeous walk in shower.

As we continue right here. This is where we have the first vanity set up. I'm gonna take my time on this one. This one is really unique. First off, it kind of has a floating vanity look, but it's actually not but I like the recess lighting on the bottom.

And I really like how they clad the front of the drawers with the same limestone as well. It really blends into design, right here we have this opening where the actually tucked into the plug as well. And these are the same limestone that fabricated this counter top and the kind of carved in the sink section right here all the way to your like, place for you to put your soap. Isn't that amazing? - [Mikey] Yeah, that's really, really cool. - This is one of the most unique vanity setups that we've ever seen on this channel.

Now the second unique detail is this vanity mirror. So it's again, polished nickel. You have the medicine cabinet on the inside with a plug, right? And we have the led lighting around it. They call these lollipop mirrors and check this out.

In case you're not satisfied with the height you can raise it or you can simply lower it. Talking about attention to detail. Isn't that amazing. - [Mikey] Everything thought out.

- Everything is so well thought out. Now as we go and continue our tour this is where we have the porcelain glaze cast, iron tub. It's certainly a good size tub. We have the same polished nickel fixtures also here and they carried out that travertine wall. On the other side, we had to walk in shower all the way here and overall it looks stunning and all the surroundings also cloud with the limestone.

Also just because we're in a primary bathroom that doesn't mean we can't get amazing views. We have the South exposure here. And again, from your bathroom you can see all the way to the Freedom Tower.

Amazing Now let's continue. We have the secondary vanity set up on this side. Pretty much the same finishes recessed and handles right here.

And obviously you can raise this mirror set up also as well. And just like I mentioned, they cared about this same Lauren marble all the way to this wall. Now we have a pocket door right here that seals off this section and this door opens up to the first closet.

We have the built-ins tracks, a hangar space all that on this side. And Mikey let's get a closeup on this side. So we have the built in closet also here, some extra storage. I wanna get a up of this. Who would think of a detail like this? - [Mikey] I am sure you loved that the moment you saw it. - I love it.

I love details like this. So this is the first closet. By the way, this door opens up to the main hallway for the primary bedroom. As we continue, this is where we have the secondary closet dressing area. This is lightly staged, but obviously you have the space to dress this space, however you like whatever you wanna do with it.

But most importantly, even the closet gets phenomenal views. Overall beautiful primary bedroom suite. I'm in the bathroom, finishes size of the room. You got it all. Now, like I mentioned earlier, we're back at the hallway where we toured all the bedrooms.

My overall thoughts, the space is amazing. I love how spacious each one of the bedrooms are. We have this stunning kitchen right here. And of course the wild moment of this apartment is this incredible living and dining area focused toward the incredible views of Central Park and the whole city. Overall the phenomenal apartment but just as impressive as the interiors, is the exterior and the architecture of the building.

(upbeat music) Look at it in the heart of Manhattan steps away from Central Park, 53 West 53rd is an architectural masterpiece decorating the city's iconic skyline. With a striking facade in contemporary architecture, this 82 story structure is one of the news additions to the New York skyline. Designed by world renowned architect, Jean Nouvel, this project was created with the (mumbles) to capture the character of the neighborhood and the views of the city.

This architectural approach combined with cutting-edge technology, materials and other innovative design practices yielded a truly distinctive design. The innovative digress exoskeleton of 53 West 53rd is one of the building's most striking visual exterior features. And with a structural support system is a testament to the engineering caliber of this building. Situated on top of the Museum of Modern Art, this building is a work of art in its own right. As a resident of 53 West 53rd, you also get access to 30,000 square feet of amenities, including EDD membership to MoMA, 24 hour doorman and concierge, wine tasting room, a wellness center and a 65 foot lap pool. Spending a whole day in the unit experiencing these breathtaking views, taking the time to explore all the exquisite details of the unit and see how special this building is from the lobby, all the way to the top floor makes us appreciate and understand what makes this building such an iconic part of the New York City skyline.

All right everyone, that's it for the tour. We had a lot of fun touring this home and sharing it with all of you for that I wanna thank and congratulate the developers, Hines and Pontiac Land for allowing us to tour their amazing development. They did a phenomenal job. With that I hope everybody enjoyed the video.

If you did make sure to give us a like if you have any questions or input as always leave us a comment down below, if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our channel, even hit the notification bell. Lastly, I wanna thank every single one of you for watching this video and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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