Touring a $52,000,000 Mediterranean Mega Estate With 3 Homes in Saint Tropez, France

Touring a $52,000,000 Mediterranean Mega Estate With 3 Homes in Saint Tropez, France

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(wind blowing) (insightful music) - What's up everybody. It's Enes here and welcome to another episode. This week we're in Saint-Tropez, France, and about to tour this incredible Mediterranean estate, right behind me.

Situated on 2.5 hectors of land. This property consists of three homes, amazing grounds, vineyards, horse stables, and many more amenities that we're gonna see in today's tour. Now in total, we're looking at around 12 bedrooms and approximately 800 square meters of interior space.

And the current market value of this property is somewhere around €45 million. Now this property is actually not available for sale, but it is available for short-term rentals, starting from €150,000 per week. And as always, you can find more information about this property down in the description of this video. Lastly, before we start our tour, I wanna thank the owners for getting us in here, allowing us to tour their amazing property and share it with all of you. And now let's begin our tour.

(insightful upbeat music) Here we are at the motor court. We have the main house right behind me, beautiful long private driveway brings you up right here, but before I covered this side, I actually wanna turn everybody here. So this is the front side of this property.

We have 160 square meter caretaker's home off of the entry, but when you rent this home, you also get an access to that part as well. It has three bedrooms, nice seating area with the kitchen and the attached to that guest home. We have an awesome spa with hot tub, steam shower and a gym, and it all opens up to these amazing outdoors that we're looking at right now, grass everywhere, beautiful trees, amazing scenery. I mean, I'm truly in love with this property. It's so peaceful and tranquil up here, it's little windy today. I'm sure you guys picked that up from my mic as well.

We were trying to control our audio settings. And before we leave this area, I also wanna mention around the corner, we have a full size tennis court for this property. Now focusing over here to the main house, we've got a beautiful Mediterranean estate, tile roof, stucco exterior clad beautiful landscaping throughout. And on the left-hand side, we actually have the driveway connecting to the detached garage as well. Overall, beautiful property and focusing right here, we have a covered entry and a glass front door, and now let's go inside. All right, everyone here we are at the entry.

On my right-hand side, we have some built-in closets, beautiful hardwood floors throughout, and we have all these French doors facing the amazing backyard that we're gonna see in a bit. Now on my left hand side, we have the formal dining room area and the kitchen. We're gonna check this section out in a bit, but first I wanna continue right here. We have a desk set up here and this hallway, takes us straight to the backyard or the side of the property, where you have a nice covered seating area. And this door opens up to the first guest suite on this level with its own bathroom. Now coming back to the entry on my right-hand side, we have the formal living room area.

Very spacious room. I love this industrial chandelier right in the center. We have the fireplace on the other side, complemented with the built-ins here and the wood paneling, vaulted ceiling detail with the led lighting. And we have all these French doors again, opening up to the amazing grounds that we're gonna see in a bit, very cozy room. And I have to mention throughout the property furnishings, accessories and details of this home, stunning, I haven't stopped talking about this house since we came in here this morning. I love this house.

I love this property. - [Mike] I was literally just about to say, I love the way this house is decorated. - So warm and cozy, right? It's very modern, but yet so warm. Now focusing on this side, we have a wet bar, natural stone countertops, sink design, open shelving.

And I have to point this out as well throughout the property, they have espresso machines everywhere. We have another one here since it's a luxury short-term rental. They just wanna make sure you're having a good time. You have your espresso whenever you need. - [Mike] I had one earlier.

- I had one earlier, too. It was great. - [Mike] It was good. - All right, we have the family room here. Again, beautiful hardwood floors.

I love this massive L-shaped couch set up here. You have your TV on the other side with a surround sound. Drum set here, interesting touch, looks certainly fun. I wish I knew how to play it, but I don't. - [Mike] Well, that's someone else's.

I wouldn't make you sit down and play it. - Yeah, Mikey, you tried but it didn't work. All right, we have all these French doors, again, opening up to a patio space off of this side of the property and going this way, we have another hallway that opens up to the back patio space that we talked about earlier. Staircase going up to the primary bedroom that we're gonna check out in a bit.

Powder room for convenience. And this door on my right-hand side opens up to the second guest suite on this level. It's facing the side of the property has its own private patio.

King-sized bed set up. Again, a lot of warm tones with the hardwood floors built in cabinetry. I love these wall sconces on each side and going this way, we have the full bathroom for this room. Natural stone floors, freestanding tub with Chrome fixtures, heated towel racks.

You got to love this vanity set up here. I don't know what kind of wood this is, but it looks stunning. I love the countertops. Again, fabricated sink. We have a walk-in shower here with a rain head above.

Now let's go back to the entry so we can check out that formal dining room area. (insightful music) It's a beautiful space that gets a ton of natural light. I love the chandelier detail here that looks like candles, coat ceiling light detail above and below that we got the stunning marble table that sits 10 people, just looks gorgeous. We have all these French doors opening up to the backyard and right behind me, you have all these built-ins complimenting the space and the art pieces accessories in this house works so well. And it feels like each room kind of has its own theme, which is super cool. We have these industrial barn doors here, sealing of the dining room area from this section, Mikey, I guess we have a wet bar here with two wine fridges, open shelving, more espresso machines.

And going through this door, we have the kitchen. Lighter tone cabinets complimented beautifully with these marble countertops throughout also uses as a backsplash. I wanna bring everybody's focus here. This door opens up to a walk-in fridge. I wanted to point this out and we have some built-ins here.

Your microwave, oven set up, all that good stuff. You kind of have like an extension of an island here on the centerpiece. They use more of a wood countertop that matches the cabinet fronts. Nice light fixture above and focusing here, you have two griddles, your induction cooktop.

Again, beautiful marble countertop and some uppers, and I say some because they kind of left most of the uppers all open to give this a kitchen, a free feel. First sink, we have the second one here, first dishwasher, second one and more open shelving another espresso machine I had to point that out and what's so cool, this door opens up to a covered gazebo space that has a barbecue setup, another sink. It's just a nice outer space off of your kitchen.

Now I wanna take everybody back. That's pretty much it for the kitchen. And coming back to this hallway and going to the other side, we have an additional kind of seating area or your informal dining area.

I love the built-in seating setup here, dining table, chandelier above, and again, a ton of these French doors opening up to the backyard. Now that's pretty much it for the left wing. Overall first floor of this property is super inviting. I love the color palette and all these French doors, Again, opening up to the backyard.

Now I wanted to bring everybody back to the entry because we have a door here that opens up to a hallway. This door opens up to a really nice powder room for the first floor. And we have the staircase going up to the second floor where we have the two bedrooms. Let's check it out.

And the landing of the second floor starts right here. Right in front of me, we have the first bedroom facing the side of the property. Queen-size bed, nice and spacious, same hardwood floors.

You have your walk-in closet on the right-hand side and going through here, we've got a beautiful full bathroom. Walk in shower. Rain head, Chrome fixtures and you have a floating vanity design here with a towel rack on the bottom and your water closet. Great bedroom. Now coming back to the landing and going through this door, we have a second bedroom. This one is a little bit bigger has built-in closets on the left, separate water closet off of the entry and going into the room.

We got another queen bed. This one gets a little bit more light because it has French doors opening up to a private balcony for this room and going through this door right here, we walk straight into the full bathroom. You have your vintage design, again, natural stone countertops and natural stone walls.

It goes all the way to the walk-in shower, Chrome fixture, nice bathroom for this room. Now I have to take everybody to the outside because this balcony is amazing. You get to see your incredible grounds. Scenery here is stunning.

You're looking at your vineyards, stables, your first pool. We have another one on the other side and look at the surroundings here. The trees, the landscaping.

I mean, it's truly stunning. I'm loving this place. - [Mike] Yeah, it's incredible. And outside of these trees, outside of this little sheltered area, we're in Saint-Tropez, which is one of the most beautiful spots. I think on the Mediterranean. It's kind of renowned for its water, boating culture.

- Beautiful beaches. - [Mike] Beautiful beaches. I keep talking to my friends in Los Angeles and I'm like, I wish you could see this. This is something else. - We are truly loving our time here.

And Mikey, can we point to this side? That's where we have the primary bedroom balcony because primary bedroom is located on the second floor, but on the right wing, in fact, let's go check that up. (upbeat music) So the first staircase that we saw on the main floor, brings you up here and this door opens up to the primary bedroom suite. This room is extremely spacious.

Again, walls of glass, looking towards your backyard. We have the king size bed here. I personally love this bed frame, goes really well with the design of the home. You have two pendant lights on each side of your bed, vaulted ceiling details, another chandelier right in the center.

And focusing here, you get a bit of a seating area, desk set up and behind that you have all your built-in closet. Now focusing here, before we go into the bathroom, I actually wanna show something here. Mike let's get a close up. I love these outlet switches.

I've never seen a style like this before, but. 'Cause you're so go pressing on it. - [Mike] I'm actually gonna show you something now. Check out the thermostat for the AC also.

- Oh. - [Mike] In every room. - So cool, so industrial. - [Mike] Yeah. - Super cool.

Another espresso machine, list goes on. All right, let's open these sliding pocketing doors to check out the primary bathroom. It starts here. We have natural stone floors throughout, freestanding tub right in the center that looks stunning. You have an open shelving behind that. And on each side, we've got these gorgeous vanities with a steel frame and a fabricated countertops and sink just looks great, water closet here and going around, you have your heated towel rake here and a walk in shower, rain head above, and I'm loving these drains.

You know how we have the drains on the floors? They actually have it on the walls. I guess it's kind of a cool European detail. - [Mike] Yeah, that's interesting. Can you feel the slope while you're standing there? - Absolutely, they're gentle. Now let's take everybody back into the bedroom, Mikey, because we got to open up these French doors and talk about the incredible views of the backyard.

It's so nice out here. Let's step outside and this bedroom gets a very generous balcony. You have all these outdoor seating areas, lounge set up, natural stone floors. And again, it's facing that incredible backyard.

Look at the views here, we are truly in heaven. I'm loving this place. In fact, let's go down there and check out the backyard. (insightful music) Now this is a really interesting place to start our backyard tour. We're off of the kitchen here and we got beautiful gardens, raised planters with tomatoes, eggplants, lemon, bell pepper, you name it.

They have it here. They even have strawberries on the back. This is awesome. - [Mike] Yeah, I was told this is called a Roman garden because of the elevation of the planters and the fact that it's situated around a water feature here. I don't know if that's true or if that's. - Kind of sounds about right.

- [Mike] Sounds cool, I like Rome. So I'm gonna go with that. - I like that, I like that. And we have to show these strawberries Mikey, I mean look at this.

People are living the life over here. This is amazing. And this is just your side yard. In fact, let's continue this way Mikey. We got an outdoor seating area off of the dining room right next to your kitchen.

And within the same space. If you look up front, you have an outdoor dining area, complimenting the space, two chandelier's above and it all flows to your backyard. Now I wanna step on to this grass section, by the way, 2.5 hectors, which is around 6.4 acres.

So you get a lot of land here, but more impressively. It's all private. You don't see any neighbors. It's so tranquil up here. You have olive trees. You have vineyards, you have all kinds of landscaping here.

Isn't this amazing. - [Mike] It's amazing, and I gotta say on this trip, we've been on a lot of boats and boats have a lot of people on them. So now we come here and it's just seems so quiet, you know? - It's silent and I love it. I love it.

Mikey, should we check out the pool set up? - [Mike] Let's do it. - Now, this area looks stunning. We have natural stone floors throughout. Your pool setup, your lounging areas. I mean, does it get much better? Isn't this amazing.

Am I the only one who's loving this property so much. - [Mike] No, this is one of my favorite properties I think we've ever toured. - Absolutely.

- [Mike] We've been to vineyards before, but for some reason, this one feels different. - I don't know if it's because I'm originally from Turkey, I'm missing home for some reason. This is my vibe. I'm loving this place. - [Mike] And you said this region looks a lot like Bodrum, right? - Yes, Bodrum in Turkey.

It really does. It resonates with that. So we also have this elevated deck space here. Two more umbrellas, more outdoor seating, just a great spot for you to sit down and relax and enjoy this amazing property.

Now I told Mikey, I was like Mikey, we have to walk these grounds because they're so special. So beautiful and I want everybody to see everything. You get so much land in this property. Why don't we squeeze through this staircase here. I'm gonna be careful. And coming back to the house level, we have those French doors opening up from the entry and this outer space lead view into your formal living room area.

Again, all the French doors, beautiful trees. And we have a gazebo set up here off of the family room that we showed earlier. Now this is kind of like your second part of the backyard. Look at this. This is amazing. You have so much privacy.

So peaceful, vineyards on the left that we're gonna talk about in a bit, olive trees and over there, we have a guest house. Let's check it up. (insightful music) So we have the front door here, opens up to a spacious landing and this guest home is 180 square meters, has four bedrooms and a living room area. We're gonna see that in a bit. I'm gonna start our tour here with the first door. You get a powder room here with a beautiful sink design and going through this door, we have the bedroom itself.

It's facing the backyard. Another set of French doors opening up. You have your king size bed here and around the corner, another stunning bathroom. We have natural stone floors, free standing tub, vanity, walk-in shower, good size room in your guest home. Now going back out, we got three more bedrooms that I wanna show it to everyone real quick.

Before we check out the seating area, back to the landing, we have the second door right here. All these bedrooms are extremely spacious. All have French doors opening up to the backyard. You can actually see the tennis court from here, which is super cool. And also the way they are positioned, each one of the bedroom kind of gets it's own private backyard area. Going through this store, we have the full bathroom here.

Pretty much the same finishes, floating vanity design and a walk-in shower. Now getting back out, two more bedrooms another one right next door, going in, same finishes, all warm tones. This one has a wardrobe set up with a built-in desk, right in the center, another king size bed. And getting back out, this bathroom has a double vanity set up, natural stone throughout, walk-in shower another great room.

Now we have the last one right here, opening up to the side of the property. King-size bed around the corner. We have a full bathroom with freestanding tub and a walk-in shower. Now, Mikey, let's go back to the living room area, which great. - [Mike] They fit a lot of bedrooms into this place. - Four bedrooms in total.

And we haven't even mentioned the fourth property they have within this land. And I guess we're gonna see that in a bit. But amazing, I mean, this is a great short-term rental spot. You get the whole estate, you get three homes.

Amazing. - [Mike] I can't really decide which one's my favorite. It might be the one we haven't seen yet on the opposite side of the property. - Really? - [Mike] Yeah, it's just a different kind of vibe back there. - I feel like you can't really beat the main home with the pool area.

It's just something about it, it's so iconic. - [Mike] Yeah, that's right. - But I get your point.

These are a little bit more cozier, a little bit on the smaller side. Now this guest home has a nice seating area, chandelier above. We have the TV here and this is an interesting place to point this detail out. But these recess in lights with the curved Placid detail, how cool is that? - [Mike] Yeah, is that difficult to do? 'Cause like, it kind of gives a light, like a totally different character and I'm sure at night it looks way different. - I'm really sure.

I don't think I've ever seen this finish before in US. So it might be kind of a European thing. - [Mike] Yeah, maybe we should just shop finishes over here bringing it to the US and then just like show people how it's done. - You are like this is how it's done.

All right, this side, we have the kitchenette. I say kitchenette, but I mean, you have a lot of base cabinets, marble countertop, marble backsplash, your induction oven, sink, dishwasher here, kind of everything you need for this guest home. Now, Mikey, let's go outside. More outdoor space. We walk out to this covered patio section here, again, facing the amazing views, but what's even better, is that your guest home has its own pool, kind of a smaller scale of your main pool.

You have natural stone through out, lounging areas, super private. It's a really nice pool setup. Now let's continue our tour this way. We have the vineyards, they utilized 500 square meters of the land for these grapes.

Now, Mikey was asking me, have you tried one of those grapes? I was like, I don't know, that's a good question. - [Mike] Yeah, I just wanted to show the people that these are actually producing. - I don't know if I'm supposed to eat this, but. - [Mike] How's it? - That is really good.

Try it. - [Mike] Really good? I've never eaten a grape off the vine before. - Super sweet. - [Mike] That's really sweet. - I mean, they produce their own wine here. Look at this.

Isn't this incredible. - [Mike] Yeah, this is really cool. - Now, since this property is 2.5 hectors,

which is a lot of lands, they have all these walkways and driveways to take you around the property. In fact, I'm gonna hop on this golf cart and continue our tour. We have all these horse pens throughout the property because right at the end of this driveway, we have stables for the horses another house over there, more gardens on the side.

And I mean, look at the scenery again, trees, landscaping, and you just get a chance to cruise around in your golf cart and enjoy the vibes here, you know. - [Mike] Yeah, it's all about the vibes. - By the way, you can see the entire property on our left-hand side, that's the main house, guest house's on the left. And right here, let's quickly show this Mikey.

On our left hand side, we have the stables, continuing our tour. We have more horse pens here. I guess when you rent this property out, you can actually bring your own horses and just cruise around and hang out.

And that's the backside of the stables right there and arriving to the end of this driveway, we have the fourth house located on this property. This house is an additional €10,000 per week, and it has his own private backyard, pool area, few bedrooms, car port over there. I mean kind of everything you need.

And you may ask Enes, you have all those three homes upfront. Why would we need this? Well, if you bring your entire family here or your colleagues or your company employees, you can rent this home as well. That way you get more additional bedrooms, your security, your staff can stay here. Even this house has its own pool. I don't know if it gets better than this. Again, you're in Saint-Tropez, and I'm truly loving this property.

(upbeat music) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you'll enjoy this video.

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful properties we've ever seen on this channel. And like I mentioned at the beginning of this video, this home is available for short-term rentals, starting from €150,000 per week. And as always, you can find more information about the property down in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed this video, just make sure to give us a like, and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week.

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