Touring a Famous Shopping Centre in London! Harrods! #travelvlog #london Prt 1

Touring a Famous Shopping Centre in London! Harrods! #travelvlog  #london Prt 1

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[Music] [Music] it's a luxury shopping center in knightsbridge london [Music] paris lights up at night and it looks very beautiful [Music] [Music] hey what is this this is a restaurant it's directly in front of harrods so here they have all the floors and what like what departments you can find so as soon as we have more people we can definitely guess 1 525 pounds yeah yeah we've been calling so yeah this is from manga hello oh he's not been going you know [Music] mini super brands how much is the price yeah [Music] hey thank you for joining me today so today we're going to harrods it's a luxury shopping center in knightsbridge london [Music] [Music] styling yeah you have rotating clothes we're going to be touring around the famous harrods it's one of the most popular tourist destination in london and it's a famous shopping center in london this is a restaurant it's directly in front of harrods so you have many places to eat out in front of the harrods and also within the harris as well can i buy it i'm not going to see oh what is this a design [Music] women's clothing department [Music] oh that's the entrance to harrods do you want to go inside yeah oh this tour outside hi let's go [Music] [Music] so here they have all the floors and what like what departments can find event service christmas world america [Music] but i want to go so this is the jewelry watch and food haul these are women's wear luxury jewellery as well i don't know manswer and these are like yeah like bath bed homeware basically and these are toys and women's department as well toy hair and beauty and salon at the top yeah let's go to the first floor so we have to go that way that way yeah so you have more fashion accessories here paris is huge so we can't really tour everything in one day [Music] so [Music] [Music] okay [Music] i [Music] jackets um more [Music] foreign yeah i like these clothes but i think they're going to be too expensive yeah it looks victorian i like that these are jewelry it says 285 pounds this is 449 pounds hi um okay yeah one thousand five hundred and twenty five pounds yeah it's a because it's high fashion yeah something like nice not expensive go to the fourth floor yeah there's another department so dresses and stuff we're like there are not between a hundred to like 500 maps because here's like luxury passion fashions yeah you want something nice go to the fourth floor you get something yeah that's impressed but nice as well this is the bangladesh yeah so yeah this is from manga this is okay yeah thank you nice to meet you yeah very unexpected but lovely to meet you yeah have a nice day yeah that's closer there okay yeah it's easy to get lost here don't worry also help anytime okay thank you have a nice day oh it's slightly dark but these architects like architectural designs are very nice i think for each shopping we can come here more but for the fourth floor yeah this is the second floor so we have to go up it is man's wear and accessories and here we go again the designs are very beautiful here i know it's designed but because of low light i don't know if you can see the beautiful designs on the wall it's very victorian i would say very old oh designs but these are very nice why not let's see very beautiful yeah home and furniture is the perfect perfect department for my mom oh this is beautiful [Music] oh it's 1854 pounds wait is this what is this this porcelain item has been entirely manufactured in italy by our artist monster nice [Music] 54 nice design [Music] i think wow look at this peacock [Music] oh it luxury is and toilets no these are heavy cannot [Music] oh okay this is versace hi how are you yeah i'm good i'm just looking around okay thank you yeah very unique these look as if it's made out of gold oh gold plated it's very nice this is versace it's a luxury brand company accompanied oh this is beautiful i think this is my favorite piece for decoration for the house [Music] hey [Music] thank you [Music] first look at the plate and then we can see the price um we have to see the price i think the price is either behind it or we have to ask so let's see like this one on the desktop no no no we've decorated this table in a very beautiful way i like the lighting here as well actually it brings everything to life okay [Music] mini super brands mini support [Music] hi [Music] [Music] oh i found it here yeah okay all right thank you is it uh is it 260 oh 260. one [Music] a lot of jeans blue [Music] oh this is bright over there oh 195 and also oh [Music] that's cool yeah it's nice it's like my one and i like that it's just like this one yeah oh okay without the print yeah cool um let's go today [Music] um i like this what body fittings 219 pounds okay foreign um [Music] free charging station so you can charge your phone here here you have dresses for special occasions [Music] [Music] [Music] to kind of drop the spices [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] hair on beaches alone i cannot hear okay [Music] [Music] the shoe section oh evening i think we came here long time ago dinner lunch dinner [Music] okay hi [Music] huh [Music] sure yeah i think we have to ask if we want to know the price yeah hey [Music]

2021-10-23 07:36

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