Touring an $8,350,000 Modern Farmhouse With a Rooftop Deck

Touring an $8,350,000 Modern Farmhouse With a Rooftop Deck

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- What's up, everybody? It's Enes here. Welcome to another video on the second channel. Today, we are in Pacific Palisades, gonna tour this newly-constructed beautiful modern farmhouse, built by our good friend, Jason Pie.

I'm really excited. Here are the specs, and let's just get started. (upbeat music) All right everyone, here we are at the entry. This house has a warm kind of inviting floor plan, on our left-hand side, we have the formal living room, beautiful hardwood floors. I appreciate the fact that Jason did herringbone pattern here, gives a character.

Seating area, bringing in those modern farmhouse elements. We got these vertical wood panels, stone fireplace cozying up the room, French doors opening up to the side of the property where it leads you to the backyard. It's a nice, comfortable seating area. - [Mikey] It's a comfortable room, and we've got a cool backyard, so.

- We do, we do. Now, entry hallway. Talking about herringbone pattern right here, looking at the ceiling details, pretty nice. Super light and bright.

We have the formal living room area here, kind of facing the front of the home, gorgeous table, some nice built-ins. Of course, let's see. Of course they have the led light built-in. I don't know how they turn on, - [Mikey] Yeah, there's no switch? Jason loves those little led strip lights.

- He does. Look what he did here. Good stuff, dude.

Warming drawer, to serve the- let's see, pantry, wine fridge. This is nice. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I dig it. I dig it, all right, let's go back around the corner. - [Mikey] What was the last Jason property we toured? For everyone out there.

- I think it's the one in Toluca lake, right? - I guess we were at this construction site. That was our last video. - Yeah, that was our last video.

If you haven't already, check that out. I knew we were going to talk to Jason on this video as well but he kind of went into a little bit more details in that other video. So check that out. - [Mikey] If you want to know how he build something like this, check it out.

- Check it out. Family room, right. It's got to open up to the backyard. Nice accordion doors. Again, beautiful built-ins. I like that he has darker fronts with warm wood tones on the inside. That's kind of nice.

- [Mikey] I got to ask. The staging companies never put TVs in here. Is there any reason for that? Is it like TVs are expensive.

They don't want, you know. - Well, you don't want to mount something on someone's property unless they already have the mounting brackets, you know? So nobody wants to take that liability. What if there's some sort of a wire there that staging company hits? Nobody wants that problem, Mikey.

You can easily picture TV there, Mikey. Like you don't have to see it. - [Mikey] I have zero imagination. - I know some people leave us a comment on our videos.

They're like, there's no TVs. - [Mikey] Yeah. There's no TVs, is the outdoor furniture waterproof? Does the girl come with the house? - Oh my God. A lot of people would reach out to me, DM me, email me.

They're like Enes, that house that you toured in Palisades. We loved that house. We loved the design. Can we acquire the plans? Can we get some definitive names of the finishes? Let's assume that you're in Minnesota.

You see one of our tours, what would be the best route these people can take, our viewers, whether it's reaching out to the developer or should they, how can they acquire this information? What is the best way? - Yeah, so I get this a lot as, as you get those messages I get those messages too. I think that the best person to reach out to is either the architect - Okay - at the base level. The architect is the one that really holds the IP.

When there is no architect, like in my homes there is no architect. So you'd probably reach out to the developer or the builder. - And is there a possibility that you would just sell your plans? If someone was like," I want to buy it because I love everything you've done there." - I would, but for the right price. And I don't think that's- - Let's get into it. What is the right price? I swear to God, I don't know like what is the right price? Because I'm really curious.

- Yeah. So- - What would be a project like floor plan for this one. - So if I had to sell the floor plan for this one. I'd probably want to sell for about 25,000.

- Okay. Gotcha. And that's because that floor plan, I mean, you know all the schematics, everything holds a lot of IP. You basically have done a lot of work for the person who's going to take over that and kind of probably optimize it to their coats and go on with it, right? - I mean if you just think about the hours that I spent adjusting one wall knowing like really thinking through this laundry room size and this powder room size and how this lays out and how this functions and how everything kind of pieces together. I mean, you build that up into hours and you're like, you don't think about it because it's one hour here- - Without a doubt, so can I make this summary somewhere around 25 to $50,000? If the person- - (indistinct) architectural in design.

- Yes. If the person is receptive to it you may be able to buy these plans. - For sure. - All right, right behind the family room, we have the kitchen.

We're in Pacific Palisades. And I know you guys already feel quite a bit of Jason's designs. On this one, he went more of these lighter tones, wood tones, stones are a little bit more on the understated side. I see a lot more woodtones.

Why you went at this direction? Is it the neighborhood? Is it the Vibe of the home? How? - It's a, it's a mix of both. Truthfully, it was a more a vibe of the home thing. I really wanted to bring some light and textures into the thing. And I didn't want to, you know, a lot of my kitchens do have darker elements in them. So we kind of tried to change it up a little bit. We went with the Gunmetal gray like what you saw in that Glen Avon house. Right?

- Yeah, I mentioned that in the tour. Right. So, so we did do that but we really kind of just lightened it up. Also, like a lot of the times we get a lot of feedback about the dark being too much. So we really tried to go super light here, make this really nice and warm.

There's a ton of light that's coming in from the house in this section anyways. So that doubled up on our reasoning for kind of doing that. - And I think this neighborhood kind of calls for it.

That's why he kind of designed it with this kind of pallet, right. Stone countertops, massive window, kind of looking towards the backyard, sinks set up. Let's see, one dishwasher. There you go. - [Mikey] Does that window open? - I don't think it does. I think it's a fixed window.

And in case you're wondering how did I figure out the dishwasher? Generally, it's a single panel where it says I knew these were drawers and dishwashers are always right next to this kitchen sink because they use the plumbing of the sink to drain the dishwasher. - [Mikey] Makes sense, and it's not a- Nope. - I just had a gut feeling that it wasn't a knock. So I was like, yeah. - [Mikey] I had to roll the dice on that one. - Yeah, you had to roll it.

All right. Some open shelving, beautiful stone. This is, I mean for the price point, the fact that he put a 60-inch Wolf Gas stove. What is this? six burners and griddle and you know, grill and all that. This is cool.

We saw this fixture in his Venice house, Gunmetal. This finish. With the texture and everything, it's a little in industrial. - [Mikey] I'm still waiting for the day we get to turn on one of these pot fillers. We've seen hundreds of houses over the last two years but we've never actually turned one on.

- I love your obsession. We toured these multi-million dollar homes. Can we turn this on? - [Mikey] Yeah. - Can we see how this works? - [Mikey] I mean the people want to know what it looks like. - I love it.

All right. More cabinets, island setup, microwave. Let's see, extends out.

We got some, you know, bringing in those traditional elements, these glass inserts, kind of open shelving detail and more pantry. - [Mikey] I guess, what would you display in there, Enes? I got to know. - There's Jason's half Coke here.

Let me hide that. And then subzero, what would I display there? - [Mikey] Yeah. It's like all your wind surfing trophies, right? - This is your wild dream. But I feel like I'm a little bit more cluttered than you are, so mine will be a mess. - [Mikey] Yours are just be like full of like jars- - Documents, Who knows what I would put there? Oh, also seating area, kitchen, little bit of an eating area here.

I like these wall sconces Jason placed on the walls. Let's see. Let's do a quick walk, Mikey. That's the formal dining room opening up that hallway, storage closet, pantry, laundry room on this side right here. And this is, this could serve as a, obviously a bedroom, has a full bathroom and a walk-in closet but this is staged as an office. Let's go check out the backyard.

So we have these accordion doors stacked. Well accordion is stacked on this side , we have another exterior door opening up to the other side. This whole space flows to the outdoors. We got a little trellis design above and patio space on our left-hand side. My left, you guys' right-hand side. We have an outdoor barbecue area.

You got to love these Polish concrete countertops. Jason always does these in his project and they just look good. - [Mikey] Yeah. They definitely do. They look like you're not really afraid to damage them but they're just like,- - They're solid.

- [Mikey] They're solid, yeah. - When I saw Jason today, I was like Jason, "You've got to let us enjoy one of these homes that you built." I mean, we come out here. It's sad, we eat a pizza. We shoot all day, We'd leave, like, it's just not fair.

- [Mikey] Yeah, we're here for like three hours. Like- - If this video gets how many- - Jesus, stop doing this. - How many views do you want? How many views do you want? - Mikey, throw in a number. - How many views do you want? - Look if this video gets quarter million views in the first 30 days, Jason you got to open up the next house you're building. Dude, I want full access. 8:00 AM in, 9:30 PM.

I want Havana music. I want like girls dancing. I want like cocktails being made. Not like a nightclub. - I'm a man of my word, yes? - Yeah.

Just let them know in the comments. All right, patio extends out. We have the pool here. Nice simple blue plaster, looks incredibly inviting.

Thus, why I just talked about being invited. - [Mikey] Imagine just like a margarita and a pizza in there and you're good to go. - He's got a pool cover. Nice, quiet pool motors on the left.

By the way, this house is kind of set back on the hillside, super private. You don't see any neighbors. We've got the hillside behind us. - [Mikey] Let's talk about that hillside. Like look at it, just like 150-foot trees rising up around you, it's really nice.

- Yeah, beautiful area. Super, super quiet. And Mikey let's turn around and talk about the house for a second. We mentioned it earlier.

It's a modern farmhouse, beautiful board and batten siding detail. I like the pop of color with these cupper, gutters. And you know, just like downspouts. They just kind of break up that flat color palette that Jason has.

Nice grid windows and we have a rooftop above. - [Mikey] Yeah. Nice little roof deck. you can get views of the ocean from up there, pretty sure.

- And one more thing, we forgot here, Mikey. Fire pit to cozy up the space. Come on.

- [Mikey] Yeah. You got to have it. Is this a controlled by a Crestron or by like a smart system in the house? - I don't know if he has it manual or automatic ignition. - [Mikey] We'll have to ask Jason. - We'll have to ask Jason, exactly. All right.

Let's go down to the basement level. Let's take that up. Now. We're at the basement level and before we start our tour, I want to mention something, we're used to touring these basement levels, which are nice to have but recently we've been looking for a place for ourselves meaning, me and Mikey and for the whole team. And we're realizing. how incredible would it be

to have a basement like this where we can use it as an office. Just kind of focus on work. - [Mikey] We want to separate our work life from our "life" life. - Which doesn't exist. - [Mikey] Like to have multiple spaces where like one, you can watch TV and where everyone else can go work.

And you're not like in the same room is great. - Yeah. - [Mikey] So I guess we should just say, we're looking for a place.

Like if anyone's in LA, if anyone lives in LA that has a rental, anything, let's say over $6,000 under - At least three bedrooms up to five, - [Mikey] We'll say Under 20,000 just to like entertain some ideas, see what's out there. - It's got to be under, let's say $15,000. Let's be realistic. Under $15,000, minimum three bedrooms, quiet neighborhood. - [Mikey] We want peace.

We want like either a pool or a nice backyard or just like some nice trees or something. - Minimum two-car garage. Like we need some space guys. - [Mikey] Send them to Enes or my Instagram. We'll leave that in the description.

So yeah. - Yeah. Reach out to us. - [Mikey] For sure. - All right. Now let's focus on the lower level, elevator access off with the staircase. goes all the way up to the top floor. Let's see, two-car garage right here, mudroom. And I know Jason's going to want me to mention this.

Mikey, can we show that massive picture window bringing ton of natural light to the landing. And I know space kind of flows that direction but there's a door right here opens up to the movie theater. Again, talking about how nice these basement levels are. Mikey, this would be nice to have. - [Mikey] Yeah. You know, back to our rental needs.

Would be nice to have a theater. I don't want to push it, but like, you're like - I don't want to sound like we have to have that. - [Mikey] I don't want to add that to the list of requirements, but hey, it's nice to have.

- Kidding aside. This is really nice carpet on the floors. Nice wood tones, cozy up. I mean, it would be awesome to watch the final edits here.

That'd be dope. - [Mikey] Yeah. It comes with a jar of popcorn too. - Awesome. Awesome. Let's continue our tour.

So off with the landing, we have this entertainment space right here, pool table in the center, ton of built-ins, same wood tones that we saw in the kitchen is also here, built in fridge. - [Mikey] Great workspace for us. - You see what I'm saying? But like, it would be so awesome to have a space like this.

- [Mikey] We have like your office over there. We have, you know, the editing team over here. It's perfect. - It's perfect. Nice little wine wall.

I liked that recessed-in led lighting on the back. It makes it a focal point. This is a cool thing.

So we have these steel doors opening up the gym. Like that horizontal wood paneling on the walls gets a window, nice cozy space. This would be a killer office for you, Mikey. - [Mikey] Or you, you know, either way.

- Either way. - [Mikey] It's a little dark, but you know. - I think our personal needs are taking over this tour right now, Mikey.

So we gotta keep- - [Mikey] We gotta honor Jason Pie with this tour. Well, he's got beautiful bathrooms. I like the cut. This almost has a little bit of a mid-century influence to it with the glaze green and it's like different tons of green, nice bench seating, floor tiles flow into the walk-in shower.

No seams. It's a nice gentle slope. It's really nice. - [Mikey] Some people have big benches, sit there in the corner, real quiet.

- And contemplate all my life. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Yeah. This is really nice, without a doubt.

Super spacious, considering it's also on the lower level. Now let's go right here. Another cozy bedroom, gets a full bathroom, gets a closet. Nice pattern on the ceilings. It's pretty nice and this has the egress access. - [Mikey] Yeah, I guess we have to check on the primary and- - We will take a quick peek on some of the bedrooms and then primary and the rooftop.

Let's go. I wanted to talk to you about your staircase design. I know it looks very understated but you've got a ton of details here. You got beautiful corners, looks seamless, right? You get a nice little light reveal underneath each one of the threads.

Then you've got this railing, kind of has an industrial look and you recessed in your belluses nicely. So tell me a little bit about that. What's happening here? - Well, you basically nailed it.

This is a very, very subtle, a very modern piece in the home. Fun thing about doing a farmhouse is you really can choose which way you want to lean, as long as you feel like you're blending them together. So for me, the blend was really the wood and the black tones, but really going with a radius, radius drilling was just a fun element to it because you don't have a lot of the round elements in the house. - Yeah. - But that gap was like the coolest thing.

And I, and not only that, we mimicked it here on the edges as well. - Oh nice! I kinda didn't see that. - Yeah, so we really had a lot of fun with this element of it. I did kind of, like if you see right here you can see how the woods been routed to give us that look. I was contemplating on whether I should go all the way through, but absolutely love that design.

It really makes us feel like it's floating almost. - Just on a staircase alone. You guys saw how many things he has to decide to make sure he nails his design. And we just walked by and we're like, "Hey this is a nice staircase."

This is why we do the tours the way we're doing . All right everyone, we're at the second floor. We have the first bedroom right here. Pretty spacious. All the three bedrooms besides the primary bedroom are pretty much the same size.

So we're just going to show the last one. We have the second one right here facing the front of the home. Third one is right here. Each one of the bedrooms gets different kinds of ceilings. Bed setup, walk-in closets.

As you guys can see ton of natural light coming in. Beautiful bathrooms and as always, Jason kind of differentiates each one of these bathrooms with different floor tiles, walk-in shower, vanity setup, countertops, looks very warm, inviting. And again, I like the wood tones in this house. - [Mikey] Do you see any signature Jason Pie details in this bedroom? - Yes, A lot.

Wood ceilings, how he does different patterns on each one of 'em. His baseboard details, where he puts the plugs like he always does. - [Mikey] something that we talked about a lot. - Ceiling fan.

- [Mikey] There we go. - Dude, we hang out way too much. We know each other way too well.

We have the ceiling fan cover right there because Jason doesn't want to get a phone call and be like, "Hey, we want to put a ceiling fan on our house." - [Mikey] I guess the way the staging this is backwards. The beds probably gonna be over here because they have this USB, HDMI electrical setup over here.

- [Enes] Who knows Mikey, maybe staging was like I'm feeling a little free-spirited this year, you know like I'm going to change things up. - [Mikey] Let's put the TV behind the bed. - I don't care if the developer put the TVs there.

I'm going to put it this side, you know? Who knows? All right. As expected, double doors open up to the primary bedroom suite. Again, good size.

I like that he positioned the primary on the backside of the property. Gets a little bit more privacy, it's a little bit more quiet on this side. King size bed. Like those wall sconces, has a little bit of that industrial touch. Beautiful built-in setup here.

Stone fireplace. Some built-ins, don't miss the led lighting. Right? And Mikey, you got to pan up to the ceiling. So I appreciate that, not only he did wood clad ceiling, it had hanged bone on the ceiling.

God bless the soul of the person who had the energy and patience to lift each one of these pieces nail it perfectly and get this right. - [Mikey] I think that's a really cool design. would it be conflicting if you also match that on the floor? - Jason, you got some hate during our tour from Mikey.

He was like, like the ceiling here. Why? It's not on the floors? That pattern, yeah. - Okay. Yeah, let him do it. Let's see if he can put it in here and sell the house. It sounds like a really fun design. - You'd get them on the floor, right? - [Jason] Go ahead, Mikey.

- Yeah. Tell us why wouldn't you copy your ceiling details on the floors. - Personally. I think that that's just a bit too messy. You know, I talk about- - You mean like too much texture? - Like you're focusing too much on everything.

Like there are some designers, all about lines and shapes and how things happen. So when you want to focus on something it draws you one way. You don't want to be drawn both ways. - Gotcha. - Right? You want to be focusing on something when- - You want to break that kind of, - Exactly.

So when you come in and you see that on the first floor. So like, if you've seen some of my houses where I'll have linear lines going from the floor all the way up along the wall, all the way over, that's not too much 'cause it's that same line that's taking you through everything. So it's not so messy. You're hearing bone detail a bit too cluttered. - Gotcha. All right. - Sorry, Mikey.

- There you go. - [Mikey] I'm still here. - Of course we have the cover plate right in the center as well, built-in speakers, all the good stuff. And let's go this way. So, okay, this is interesting.

We're going to have to figure this out. Oh, that's a lock for the barn door and an exposed check and going in, we have the bathroom. Well, I like these sinks a lot. I think they're concrete sinks. That looks really cool. It gives it a nice texture, darker tones, mirror setup.

This is a nice design element. They kind of have this like extended up cabinetry between the vanity setup here and right behind me water closet, freestanding tub, looking over the backyard. Walk-in shower. Double of everything. Rain head right in the center and it's a good size, man. This is a nice home.

I'm kind of getting jealous here. - [Mikey] Yeah. It's a, it's perfect. It's exactly what we need is a, I don't know if we provide enough value to Jason. I think we need to provide even more. - Yeah. Like now I'm like instead of a weekend, I want to ask for a week.

We have a balcony right here facing the back of the property and let's see, we have two walk-in closets. Let's check that out. We have the first one right here, nicely built-in.

He did a little coast ceiling detail, nicely paneled-in. We have the second closet here. Let me guess.

Nice little hamper too, for your laundry. And that's pretty much it. - [Mikey] Roof deck? - Roof deck. Let's go check that out.

These are nice to have. I say this because when you live in a peaceful neighborhood like this, you just enjoy the outdoors a little bit more and something about being a little bit more elevated. You feel good about it? You know? It just, I don't know how to kind of explain that more in depth.

- [Mikey] Yeah. So I'm curious, what do they have to do to convert this to a roof deck? Is this planned or can you just throw this thing on? - Oh, it's engineered, planned. It's a nightmare to put a rooftop, to get a, number one, you have to reinforce your flooring and your ceiling joist to make sure it can accommodate having you know, 30, 40 people, 50 people here. You know that's a lot of- - [Mikey] Not leaking too.

You gotta have drains. You've got to make sure it doesn't sag or anything - You waterproof this really well, then you gotta add railing. You have more surface area. You want to make sure this thing is safe.

- [Mikey] I assume this whole thing is slightly sloped down to these drains, right? - Exactly, its frame, probably flat. But when they put this waterproofing material and this finished product on, they probably, not probably, they have light slope on each side to make sure the water goes away from the rooftop immediately. But then Mikey, keep in mind. Then you're got to put railing, right? Every time you add railing, you're creating more points for this roof to leak. - [Mikey] and you got to drill into the structure. - Exactly. Then you got a waterproof all that.

And you want to make sure it's functional, right? You put some built-in seating, you know, just like you want to be able to get close to a railing but you don't want it to look architecturally. You want it to architecturally match the house. And then you want to bring up your elevator here. That's a whole different story. So there's a lot happening on this rooftop. Although it looks quite conservative and you look over your backyard, it's pretty nice.

And that's it for the tour, guys. Hope you all enjoyed it. And I know Mikey is probably not expecting this but a lot of you have been saying that you guys like these laid back tours a little bit more and we have a purpose for doing these laid back tours because Enes plus audiences are more intimate audience. I know you guys are our fans. You guys follow us on the main channel, most likely and on our second channel, we really appreciate you guys.

And we're putting this extra effort honestly to create basically two videos a week. - [Mikey] Twice the amount of time, twice the amount of work. - Exactly. I mean, me, Mikey, the whole team is working a lot and we're not complaining about it. We enjoyed, we appreciate it but we are really doing this for you guys and we know you guys appreciate it as well. So hope you guys enjoyed this video as well.

And if you did make sure to give us a like. If you have any questions or input, as always, leave us a comment down below and we'll see you guys next week.

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