TOURING My 2nd & 3rd Grade Art... and REDRAWING It!

TOURING My 2nd & 3rd Grade Art... and REDRAWING It!

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Today I am going to be taking a look at my art from second. Grade, wow, that. Is that. Is, something but. First a word, for the sponsor of this video it taken away he saw Casey, this. Video, is brought to you by Nord, VP, in don't. Want strangers busting. Into your computer, and getting a hold of your old and embarrassing, art well, Nord, VPN, has your back go, to Nord VPN, comm, / KC golden, to get, 75%. Off three-year plan and use, code KC golden, for an extra, free month for. Free what. I'll, be honest I've yet to be hacked myself. Knock, on wood but, that's because I play it safe a nor VPN, definitely. Helps, with that Nord, VPN, offers a 30, day money back guarantee, on their superfast, service, with 24/7. Customer service. Unlimited. Bandwidth and, an automatic. Kill switch wow. So. Thanks. To Nord, VPN, my. Super-embarrassing. Art is protected. But, until then let's expose, my second, grade self with this. Embarrassing. Art well I mean song bear scene it's silly and then we're going to redraw, I think. Three pieces it's gonna be fun, let's, do it. So. Before we get into the art itself, let's just take a look at this portfolio, I mean we. Had my name, KCG. Obviously. Because I am Casey G but we also have was, this a peace sign, for. The yin-yang and. We have Pikachu, saying. Pikachu. And a. Pokeball, going. After it and it says pokeball, go, this. This screams, the, nineties we have peace signs. Eenie Aang's and. In. Pokemon, doesn't. Get any more 90s in this all, right. The first, piece oh boy. Our, first piece we have is this. Carnival. Sort. Of situation. We have a horse. We, have ferris, wheel we. Have. Pencil. Crayons. That's. A Canadian term I call them colored pencils, or are they crayons I have no idea it's laminated, um. It's, beautiful, we have a pink horse with yellow, details, we have a bunny, don't. Know what that it was that a lizard hot. Dogs for a dollar 50 we have cotton candy, stand, honestly. This, screams.

And Ant illustration. To me I don't know if I have time for that for this video but. Honestly I, could. See this being an ant illustration. Because this is just kind of boring as far as art goes, but. There you go next, up and you Wow do I have a story for, this piece oh it's upside down sorry, second, grade self, okay. So in the back we have some literature so, let me just read that star. And stripes, how American, my. Goal for this project was, to make the. Focal point I mean that's the first sentence of this three sentence, statement, my, focal point is the star, in the middle I mean obviously thank, you the. Ribbons, are coming, from the star in the, big star, is glittering. Second-graders. Huh okay. Honestly I do have. A, little story, behind this art, piece. Um. So. My art teacher approached, me I think she actually approached, me for. The horse piece and she was like hey we, want you to be in this like art, gallery. Thing for children, and I was like I want, this piece to be shown because it's a glittery and shiny and. I was second. Grader and I like shiny things and, she was like are, you sure you want this piece you should probably do this other piece I was like no this one's shiny I want it so this piece was in the gallery and it's. So weird that like now. I can see how disappointed, she was and even, then I kind of knew how disappointed. She was but. I wanted this shiny, hillarie piece to be in the gallery and. I saw how simple and, stupid it was amongst, all the other talented, art and I was like, big. Yikes, as a second grader. So. Yeah that's this, piece. Yeah. All, right next up we have this running. Man. Situation. Where it looks like I copied. Or. Did like a crayon. Some. Other sparkles. From the star thing all over my desk I'm going to die, anyways. Here's, the little man we traced over it's like when you get a leaf on a piece of paper and then you're gonna crayon, and you trace over it using, the texture, I'm. Not sure, the. Reason, behind this project, alright. Here's my name I. Was. Self-absorbed then and, I'm so, absorbent. Now don't. Know why there's a sock on the K when everything else is floral, themed I. Have. No idea, next. Up we have this. Very. Tie-dye, looking. Paw. Print, sort of situation, in the, back we have some words so, let's just read that really quick shall we the, title, of my artwork, is paws. On, tie-dye, the. Media, I used, were, acrylic. Paint and oil, pastels. My, goal for this project, is to make. It look good no, matter what, it is oh my god if that isn't a moon one. Discovery, I made was I could, make a picture look, good. Wow, my, confidence, as a second. Grader I wish, I had that dowel so. Yeah that's that's, paws on tie-dye Wow. Next. Up we have nothing. Written about this piece but it looks like a landscape. Of a church, in. A field I'm from Tennessee so, I'm definitely used, to like, churches, and, fields, so, this looks like a pencil portrait we, have. A tree, in the background fence. We. Have a church, the. Field may be like a playground. And, oh. My god the sparkles, from the stars are. Everywhere. Our. Next piece is. A, goosebumps. Fan, art sort, of parody, it, says the Scarecrow, walks at midnight, and. We have like a cornfield, and, tree, we have this scarecrow like peekaboo. But, also the Scarecrow, is busting. Out of this window, via.

This. Ladder. I, don't, know what's happening, but. That's pretty funny I mean if. This art doesn't, age me I don't know what does so, next up we have a comics, page and. It says here, artists, pictures, close. Presents. And getting. Them makes me happy even though we have a picture of the frowning. Octopus. Not. Really sure what's happening here. They're on the back of this picture we have it's. Me. I guess wearing. An old navy, shirt. And, if that doesn't tell you anything about where I shopped as a child, so. Next up we have this, blue. Horse, on, a very, abstract. Background. I wonder, if this was a study, of a previous, artist, because, there's no way in heck I made, this up as a child. So. There you go I love a little white square at the bottom that's like and by, the way this was done by Casey. So. There's that next. Up we have a color wheel. Not. Not much to say about that it's. A color wheel I actually, think, this was the artwork, at our, desk I don't know about you guys but at, our desks, we created, nametags. And then we decorated them how he wanted to so, again, we. Have Ash Ketchum Chet. Yin-yang, peace sign rainbow, pokeballs, smiley, face in Pikachu. If, you, didn't know that is. Pikachu, a very. 90s. So. There. You go, next. Up we have this. Robotic. Mouse, what, is happening, here we have like a light shining, down on this Mouse it, looks very. Robotic. I mean. This is pretty interesting as far as, art. Pieces go for a child I, wonder if I made this up I don't know if I was inspired, by something very. Curious, about this ray, of light coming, oh it's actually a rabbit, I, thought. It was a mouse because the ears were so smoked this is definitely a rabbit, so we have a robotic. Rabbit, in what seems to be a. Snowy. Landscape. With just a little bit of grass and. Sun. Shining, on it so. There's that whatever. That. And. Last but, not least we have a, self-portrait. Alice's. Pokemon, on the shirt I don't, have, a Pokemon, shirt at this point most, really funny is this done unlike, a paper bag I'm. Really not sure what. What. This paper is is it pet oh maybe, I don't have pesto so I can definitely relate this, with watercolor, but this, is terrifying. But. I definitely think we could this, is the paper bag because, look we, have this like. This. This, bent shape, thing, over, here that's really interesting, anyway. Is terrifying. But, interesting, so. There. Is our self-portrait. When I was 9 years old. So. Out of the images, I think it would be fun to recreate, today I think, it would be really fun to do this carnival, scene. Specifically. Because I think it would be really well done as an ant illustration. And I think that really reflects, I don't know what what I am today as compared, to. 20. Years ago oh gosh. Next. Up I do think this, robot. - rabbit, is really fun I think this would be really, interesting to see what I do with today, so I think this would be another fun. Illustration. To recreate. And. Of course the self-portrait, how do I draw myself today 20, years later. Hopefully. Not like this. This. Is terrifying I will, be giving myself a Pokemon shirt so we will see what I do with that but yes I think these three pieces will be really fun to recreate, 20. Years later so let's do it let's, get to drawing. Here. We get the. Carousel. So. Like I mentioned when, I saw this illustration. I just saw how open, it was and how plain and boring, wow. That sounds, really rude I just thought it's, a carousel like, there, it is it's, not doing anything there's. Not anything about it that's very exciting, and, I'll. Be honest maybe I did, use this as an excuse, to make an illustration because, I did, have a carnival, or like a County. Fair as, one, of my to do, and illustrations. So when I saw this carousel, I thought, ant illustrations. So if you, are new to my channel and, you don't know what a ant. Illustration. Is it's, where I draw. I don't know 50, or more, or so, ants. In an illustration, it's kind of like a Where's Waldo. But with bugs, I just, cram as many ants. As I, can into an illustration, and, they're really cute and silly and hectic, and busy and. Just cute, and adorable and. Simple, yet. Complicated. Basically. It's just something I really enjoy drawing and one day it's going to be a book one, day one. Day okay. So now, I have talked about what, is an ant illustration, is and all, of my regular viewers, are bored out of their mind let's talk about this particular, ant. Illustration, so, obviously, I had to take a lot of inspiration, from my, childhood, drawing, of a carousel, and I, don't know if this is hold. On let me Google I don't know a lot of googling, but let me see if, this is, something. We copied, in basically. Okay, so I don't see anything directly. Really.

Close, To what I drew as a child so I don't know if maybe my art teacher supplied. Us with a reference, basically. When it comes to all of the art as a nine-year-old, I, just assumed, that they did not come out of my head and we copied, things because, I don't know about you guys but, I wasn't confident, in coming. Up with my own illustrations. And poses, and all this stuff until I was a lot, older, and I'm talking, like I don't know probably in my very. Late teens, maybe. Mid like, mid to late teens and, speaking. Of can I just say really quick looking, at these drawings that, I did as a nine-year-old, I'm, really impressed with a lot of you guys that send, me your art and you're like hey I'm 10 and I'm like what, you're 10 and you drew that so. Looking. At my nine-year-old drawings. It's almost embarrassing because. You guys are so good, these days like, you guys have so many inspirations. And so many tools and tutorials available. To, you I'm, jealous. Okay. But getting back to the drawing so. Obviously, the main focus, of this illustration, was going to be the carousel, but being, in the aunt illustration, I had to do a whole scene, of a carnival, slash County, Fair and I will say I'm a little regretful, that I didn't, copy the colors my carousel I have blue, and red, for the top of the carousel but I did think yellow, and purple would be a little brighter and pop off of the page a little bit more especially because I was going to be making a dirt brown, ground. I wanted to make sure that everything else was a lot more colorful. So the concession, stands in games I made sure to be white with a little bit of red to make sure it was as bright it's possible, but I didn't want the carousel, to be the exact, same thing because, I did want a variety of colors, and I wanted this to be bright, and fun, to, represent, the vibe of, the County Fair so, I made sure to use a lot of colors, even though like I said the, ground was, this dirt, brown, which, really brought things down a little. I probably, should, have put more balloons, throughout. This illustration, to, be able to put a lot of color in here, something. I kind of regret not doing, in this illustration was. Giving, an ant or two like this really big plushy to walk around with, because it, was a prize, that they wanted a game which, would be the perfect, tie-in because. You, guys today, is the. Last day you can buy an ant plushie, follow, the link in the description, if you want to get an ant plushie today, is the, last day you cannot, get another ant plushie after. Today, it is a limited, release so get yourself, an ant plushie while you can they're, adorable and you will regret it, anyways, while I was coloring this I regretted, not giving, one of the ants a giant, plushie to carry around but. I mean that's like the, smallest detail, overall, I'm really happy with, how this illustration, turned out it really captured, I think a fair, vibe we have the carousel, and the background, we, have our food, in, game. Stands. Including. A six-legged, hot dog I don't know sign, to, represent bug. Life but, also it's, a hot dog oh I didn't, mention instead. Of a petting zoo which you usually find, at a fair, we have like a slime. Area. Because. In this bug world I wasn't really sure what an, animal. Would be and. It felt wrong making any other sort, of bug or just like weird, creature, and, animal, I know slugs, and snails aren't, bugs but they're like in the creepy, crawly category. So, I thought it would be really fun to instead, of having a petting zoo we, had like a slime, area. So, we have ants, touching, their eyes and, like playing in the slime but. Also having conversations. With them and of course our carousel instead, of having horses, we have a variety, of bugs which, is kind of weird but also freaking, adorable and, I don't know, why but my most. Favorite. Part of this illustration, I don't, know why it's, the porta-potties, in the top-left corner, we have our porta-potties. Because when you go to a County, Fair they, aren't going to have toilets, overall. I am super, happy with this ant illustration. And I think as a child I, would absolutely, love. Something, like this so it's almost like going. Back in time and, just creating, something for, my child, self, and honestly, I am I'm a child at heart so, there you go there is our, ant illustration.

The. Rabbit. So. For, this rabbit, illustration. I feel like there was a, lot, to consider looking, at this illustration, from high childhood. It's just, what, a very simple, illustration of. A rabbit, that is a. Robot, but, at the same time as I looked, at this illustration, I, felt, like there was a lot, more. There. Than. There was on the surface so. Sure, we have this robotic, rabbit, and as, a child. As. Someone, who doesn't know how to draw, a robot, there's a lot of exposed. Gears. And mechanics. And other things I mean, that the eyeballs are made out of screws, but they're like popping. Out of his head so, it kind of looks like he's, dying or something like I don't know what's going on this illustration, I can only assume that it's, simply. A robotic, rabbit but as someone who needs, to over. Analyze. Things, I, can't help but think why, are this rabbits gears, exposed. Why, are the screw, eyes popping. Out of its head there, must be more to this story right these, days I love, making, more, of a story of my illustrations than. Just, simply. Drawing a robotic. Rabbit so I really, had to analyze this, and think. What, was going on here so I may, have made a lot of adjustments and, additions, to it as an. Adult, illustrator. So, here. We go so, this is a robotic rabbit, and obviously, I have, most of the gears, and, other things, covered. By, metal, because, robots. I think, it would be foolish to have their insides. Exposed. As a human, having, your insides exposed, isn't, ideal. So. Having. Your, gears, and such exposed, only, needs one thing as a robot, right it means you're probably damaged. And there's probably like. Metal plates, and like your skin, is, missing, so maybe this rabbit, has been a act in some way so I. Don't know why there, would be a robotic. Rabbit, in the world like, what why what's the meaning of this I have no idea so, let's just imagine we live in the future where our animals, are robots for some reason I don't know I think there's a video game about that but I have no idea, so this rabbit, has been attacked probably. By a robotic. Wolf, so, its thighs, exposed. It's missing, a part, of its arm exposing. Some wiring one, of its ears has, been, quite. Destroyed. And, speaking. Of ears I decided, that to, make this animal, more, of an animal, I thought it would be really interesting because as a robot, obviously. A human, has made this robotic, robotic. Animal, so, to make this robotic animal, more animal-like, maybe. The humans, that made it have put. Some. Animal. Flesh on it so the ears, of this robotic, rabbit. Are, either, actual, ears, from a robot or they're just made out of like, the, skin, or Pelt of an actual, rabbit, I thought, that would be really interesting because otherwise, an, animal, would have no, interest, in attacking, this, animal, because it would just be another robot, but if it smelled, like a rabbit. Hence the, rabbit. Pelt or fur, or skin or whatever on the ears then, but, at the same time why would a robotic, wolf even be attacking, a, robot. Rabbit. Look, I'm not here to question, my, 9 year old self in creating, a robotic, rabbit, I'm just here to have, too much fun and redesigning. A robotic, rabbit, and thinking, too, hard on why a robotic. Rabbit, even exists, oh and, one big thing I changed on this illustration, is instead. Of having a ray of light coming. Down from, what I can only assume is, the spring. Light coming, into this forest, II wintry. Scene. I looked, up if winter storms, were a thing because I think I've heard of that so yes. I mean during, a snowstorm is, a very, rare, thing but, it's possible, so I thought it would be really interesting, to include a, thundercloud. Instead, of Sun, coming down because I mean that, ray of light stops, abruptly, so. Who. Are you to say that stop lightning am i right I guess also while, I was creating, this I was thinking that maybe the rabbit was struck, by lightning because it is a metal, beam and, lightning. Would probably, go towards this creature that's made out of metal I think, that was my original idea but, I also got, distracted by the whole flesh, ear thing, and, like a metal, wolf and all this stuff but basically I thought it would be more fun to have a lightning, cloud instead, of this random, ray. Of light that stops, abruptly. Long. Story short I like this metal rabbit. Look. Portrait. So. For this illustration. I had a few, thoughts, pop, into, my head so, at first I thought it would be really interesting. To, recreate. This. Illustration, as an actual, real, like. Lifelike. Portrait. Of myself but, you, guys I'm going to be honest the last time, I, tempted. A realistic. Portrait, of myself, was, the 500, drawing prompts. Video. Which, was what over, a year ago at this point I'm, not really sure I attempted. A realistic. Portrait. Of myself with watercolor, which I've never done it was horrible, and I haven't done it since so obviously.

With, Zero. Practice. Of realistic. Portraits, with watercolor, I am, going to be no, better than, I was a year ago so, I thought, you, know if this is a representation, of, the, way I draw, now compared. To the way I drew, 20 years ago it would be stupid to do, something, that I don't normally do, so what was the point other, than to challenge myself to do realism, which honestly would, be a whole, video on, its own so I will embarrass myself another. Time for, now this. Is the way I do portraits, I do a. Illustrative. Cartoony. Sort, of style. That's my, style, of drawing now, so. That's what I did and of course originally, I was, going to do a, normal. Bust. Drawing, that I did 20. Years ago but, then I got really distracted and. Just got really carried away I think with drawing myself like. Thigh up, I just think that busts. Are fine, and they're really fun if you can make them really fun but I didn't think that would be fun for this drawing. Video. Thing. I thought it would be really interesting, to include the, paper bag in some way because I wasn't drawing, on a paper back in the original illustration. Was done on a paper bag I thought it would be really cute if I was holding a paper bag full, of groceries and, I. Just I think a bust is fine and all if you have a very interesting. Illustrative. Style but, I thought it would be really boring if I just drew myself as a bust so I did, a circle. Sort. Of cropped. Situation. And had, myself holding. This paper bag of groceries and. Then. I ended, up doing a gold. Watercolour. Fine, tech circle. Around myself and, overall I think it's a really fun and cute, simple. But interesting, if you look at, where I got my inspiration, from. Illustration. Now, I did. Say, I was going to include a Pokemon, shirt but the more I thought about it the more I thought well I. Wouldn't, wear a pokemon, shirt today but, if I were to wear something like a reference. To pop culture, it would be a very subtle, thing and, I like stripes, so, I gave myself a, striped shirt and put some Pikachu, heads in between it but honestly. Those, heads, look like they could be hatch, for, ants or, Pikachu. So, at, this point it's, whatever you want it to be not, to mention I must have really liked the color purple, because my shirt was purple, which you, know I don't like purple so I wasn't about to do and my. Art, portfolio, had. My name in purple, there was a lot of purple, in these arts, which, today, no, I couldn't. Do because I do not like that color of purple so, although this portrait, is very different, than what I drew 20 years ago I think it is a very accurate representation of how I draw today and, I really like it so, there you go. And, there, is my 20 year old redraws, of my nine year old selfs, drawings, I think this was actually my favorite but, that's probably just because I am partial. To my aunt drawings, I think my self-portrait redraw. Was probably the most interesting, just, because it's, really different but also it's the same it's still a self-portrait, and. Once again thank you so much to the sponsor of this video at Nord VPN make sure you click the link in the description, if you want to be all safe, and secure thank, you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye.

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I have a LOT of them, probs more then 200.

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I know you already have a lot of replies and this one won't stand out, but I have a drawing from the first grade that was supposed to be my self-portait. I redrew it, and omg i look so different now XD


When i was 5. i drew triangle people.

"My dad is 52 ft. Tall" is what my oldest thing ive said

Kasey Golden The oldest piece I have is from when I was 3 or 4 and it had three girls flying kites :)

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I own a sketchbook that’s really old and has art from when I was 7-8. It’s so bad haha

When i was like 2

When I was 3

Kindergarten (5 yrs old)

Since I was born my face

mine was from 1st grade. Self portrait of me with neon pink lipstick and creepy teeth!

I have a finger painting from when I was three that looks like a demon

When I was 10 months


I’m still a child XD

My oldest piece of art is from when I was 8

when i was 3....

first grade

Kasey Golden kindergarten. Because every morning we would have to draw a word or sentence...WAIT IS THAT WHY I LOVE DRAWING?!?

as i remembered correctly i think 5 or 6... Im not that good in drawing then but has a potential in terms of coloring XD..

When I was around 3

A valentine's day note to my brother saying: you like cheese you like mice watch out! the mice might steal your cheese and nobody likes mouse droppings!

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my mom throws my my old art out so about 1 year old

One from about a year ago

Hehehe, I was probably around 3 when I painted my dog on a canvas, and the background was like a scribble mush of purple, green, and yellow, that turned some parts into brown. The weird thing is I drew paws and hands as circles, and 4 to 8 lines coming out of them. Heh

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Kasey Golden Please share and subscribe to the support channel for my 2 children. Thanks very much

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I have an idea

Your art is so good for a 2 grader to be honest

... Are you from Tennessee, because you are the only ten I see. I scrolled through comments and did not see this anywhere, I could not help it.

I don’t know why you’re acting like you’re Second grade drawings are horrible because if they’re not they want their way better than what I could do in second grade so you should be proud of them

6:05 I’m from Tennessee too

Use me as your like button to say she is so pretty and has the best energy ♡♡♡

Hey..i think ive seen you irl.i live in canada.idk you look familiar

My sister studied "blue horse" when she was about 11 and painted it on a huge board and we still have it at the top of our stairs 14 years later

KASEY! You gotta make an actual ant farm with aphids! Certain ants really do keep them as livestock and "milk" them!

The kid really likes watching your videos :)

How the heck was your writing so neat in second grade. My writing was trash. You were so good at drawing too . All I probably could draw would be like an ugly stick person

Wow! I can’t even draw that good, and I’m in 6th grade!

I did that named tage thingy before

Dang your art was better than mine in 2nd grade haha

Ngl she was really good at drawing back then

Now we know that u are 29 years old .............. Nice

You are so pretty! I cant even

Капец ты уродливая

14:36 find waldo

You should release that shirt design on your self portrait with ants on it as mech, it's so cute!

22:51 when you said flesh eater my mind immediately went to xenoblade 2 what’s wrong with me

In your self where wearing *PURPLE GASP*

2:02 duude that so good compared to how I drew in 2nd grade. I mean could barely draw a stick figure.

I’m from Tennessee too and live in it rn

I only draw humen

I'm in second grade ;-;

She draws better than me now in 2nd and 3rd grade


Kasey: shows everyone a landscape Kasey: *pencil portrait*

I'm 8 in the 4th grade

Are you sure that's a rabbit robot? It could be a ant... I mean, they look so much alike *sarcasm* rofl

Cause sock starts with K

That is not 2nd grade

Your Green eyes are beautiful! I have green eyes too!!

when kasey's 2nd grade art still looks better than my art now

The fact that your art from second grade is better than my art now makes me sad

Oh my god Kasey are you sure this was from second grade because these look so good also your handwriting is amazing wow

YOU NO LIKE PURPLE?! (btw I sub and liked)

That's pretty good for 2nd and 3rd grade

* I really like how you explained the whole thing* I also post art related content

Those ants.... Are.. THICCC I’m sorry I’ll go

Kasey! Where's your belly button?!

i never used any tutorials they show you how not why

That horse has seen things

The church and the field is the one from The Little House on the prairie... Didn't you notice? Walnut Grove is the town where the guys lived... So funny!


Im on 3rd grade go to my Amino account: Moonlight Magic

50?! I reckon there’s about 150 ants in that illustration xD

A six leg Ed

What’s an ant peace?

her 2nd grade handwriting is better than my handwriting now and i’m 13

15:41 *They’re adorable, and you will regret it* Don’t you mean and you WONT regret it?

You say you don’t want to do to many ant illustrations but I love them

She was 9years old 20 years shes 29. That's it.

6:09 Man thats awesome for 2nd/3rd grader. When I was in 2nd grade I was drawing potatoe people *(Basically a potatoe for the torso and for the arms and legs they were just sticks.)*



wow your handwriting was much better than mine than when I was in 2nd grade oml

May i use the rabbit as inspiration

Nooooooooo I was late

I absolutely *LOVE* the way you shade things! It so cool!!!

it's a frankenrabbit of course!!


Ur 2nd grade art was actually really good what the fuck Kasey

kasey love yourself

When I saw that drawing of the robotic bunny/mouse I thought to myself “REDRAW THAT ONE!”

omg you're 2nd grade self write way better than my 22 year old me

You were 9 in grade 2!? I was 9 in the summer of grade 3

When I was 1.. it was a potato with hair.

Chain chomp

When I drew with blood in my mom's tummy

well under 6 years

Baby flowers, mother flower protects them from the rain with umbrellas. And tinkerbell OCs. I suppose they are tinkerbell OCs, but they could also be Barbie fairies OCs.

5 and 6

A week ago

the oldest drawing i have is from when i was like 4 or 3 sooo long ago

2 years old. Tree people

The horse ( 7:47 ) I did the same thing in second grade when we where learning about Picasso

Who's "Waldo". My country calls him Wally, if it's the same thing. ヾ(´・・`。)ノ

Your 2nd grader self is a talented artist.

Anybody else get calmed down when listening to Kasey’s voice?

sorry, is that a fly at 15:50

My oldest drawing I can think of was when I drew my (at the time) Minecraft house. Not gonna lie it was kinda good.

how is her art SOOOO good???!!!!

i couldn’t even draw a straight line in 2nd grade

Can someone explain to me why she doesn’t like purple? Like i know she hates purple but i never knew why.

*I like the sock puppet it makes me chuckle*

21:04 "Actual ears from a robot"

I watch her videos mostly for the cute background music and voiceover

Of course we have inspiration,we have you

You sure that is 2nd grade art? It looks better than my face.

How long should u wait for ur line art to dry before going in with color. Please let me know because every time my line art just smudges also what line art pens should I use

Guess what I live in Tennessee :p

I started drawing EYEBROWS when I was like 13 because I thought giving happy characters eyebrows made them look angry.

Is it just me or did everyone who had fair skin always color their skin much darker than it actually was when they were young and doing a self-portrait and had no light peachy colors?

Or is it just me?

But the people...

I drew good

Shes about 29-30 right now because pokemon first aired in the fall of 1998 and she was 9 in the fall of her second grade year

how was she already this good in second grade

Is No one going to talk about that Church scene made in 2nd / 3rd grade it's so freaking good I can't even draw that and I'm in 5th grade

You are better than me in 2nd and 3rd grade wow you are good

2nd grade hold up what? When I was in second grade all I did was draw square houses with a triangle roof and a rectangle door annd square windows with a +.

That is good for a second grader!

Wait this is from second grade?? It’s better then what I can draw and I’m a fresh man

why is kasey in 2nd grade better at drawing than me

Kasey Golden 2nd grade art lol

Prep art!

Kasey Golden when I was in kindergarten I drew a photo of me and my mom and a bunch of mother animals with their babies, i did okay with the coloring uwu

My self portrait from kindergarten

3rd grade art

1 years old or 6 months?

6:29 Omg tHe spaRkleS frOm the sTarS arE everY whErE

When kasey was talking about tutorials I’m 11 ok I’m pretty decent at art, I never use tutorials I actually don’t really like them because a main part of art is having your own art style, I’d recommend referencing others styles or heavily referencing and changing it your own way! My style for example started off heavily referenced and now it’s very much my own!

Kasey Golden: *_E X P O S E D_*

when one of your friends asks if u r high 4:28 the friend: 9:15

I really like how she has a back story for her art.

Your art from second and third grade is better than my art now and I'm going into sixth grade... halp

Kasey:Were going to redraw three pieces *holds up six fingers* Me:So six pieces? Or three?

I like that you drew bees into your ant illustration! I’m also one of those ten year old drawers.. don’t worry, your still a better artist than me! I only learned how to draw realistic from a book

Kat W still 3 year apart fam

Children are 7-8 in second grade, but people who have a birthday after the cut-off date will be about a year older than their peers

From 4th and i threw it out recently lol

She literally was so much better at me at art in every grade lol my art sucks

We use our fairgrounds for everything dances, 4-H, School events, Field Day, gathering, BBQ (My friends school had a BBQ for the end of the year at the fairgrounds ;’3

The ants are riding other insects so would that be like humans riding other humans or apes?!?!

When you find out your viewers are 10 year olds

Second grade and her handwriting is still better than mine

Go to 23:46 ,why are you making ur butt big if its a cartoony look

Okay, but that "Paws on Tie-dye" is giving me Twilight Zone vibes.

When i clicked to see how much the ant plushie it didnt tell meh how much money it was so plez tell me


When you showed your "terrifying" portrait an Annabel trailer popped up

It's sad that her 2nd grade work is still better than mine and I'm in middle school

Cazy Cat Lol. Good luck don't die it's going to be a weird year

When I was one

I have many drawings from when I was 3, I did lots of them for my mom. She kept all of them. But I think I started collecting my art since I was 9/10, because it was the moment I kinda realized I was good at drawing and I was pretty proud of them.

I think the light thing from the rabbit one is kale or a leak or any other vegetable?? :00

I never knew you were from Tennessee!! I'm from the Oak Ridge area!!

Why is second grade you better at drawing horses than me... ouch lmao

Who else just draw while watching kasey Just me ok how bout I like my own comment while I’m at it

You were a really amazing artist when you were in second grade! I was nowhere near as good. My only problem is the snow doesn't look like snow in your redraw. It looks like white dirt.

Can we get a full bee illustration?

the carousel horse drawing is an exercise from "Drawing With Children" by Mona Brookes

Thats wayy too many ads man

Probably when I was 3. It was litterally a circle, two un-even dots, a line for the mouth and 4 other lines connected to the circle... I was pretty proud of it when I was 3. :)

My favorite one so far is the robotic rabbit

Your artwork reminds me of stuff I drew as a kid. Im a 90s kid, too. What part of TN are you from? I'm still living here near Cookeville. :)

what watercolors do you useeeee

21:51, If that Robotic Rabbit is that bit Imagine how big the Robotic Wolf is?!

god has looked upon robotic mouse

Is it just me or are there barely any left handed artist By the way I'm left handed

For the slime area you should’ve added mealy bugs because ants kinda milk them

When I was 3! It's been printed on a trivet...

The running man project was most likely to teach you guys about the art movement of Futurism. Your art teacher sounds pretty awesome to let you but the art piece of your choice in the show.

I was guessing the artwork Kasey was going to recreate and I guessed it all right

My friend trinity is only 10 same age as me and she can draw as well as someone in art school

Kasey you should’ve added alates flying in the ant illustration

Kasey if we're too young for social media is there s email where we can send you art?

So cute. Your ant art reminds me alot of Baylee Jae's bun bun drawings

I wish I still had my art from elementary, the oldest I have is from 6th grade ...I'm 27 now and I still have most everything I drew from middle school - college

tbh, I thought the rabbit was gonna be a post-apocalyptic war machine.

Honestly if you made the robot bunny a book I would buy it

When I was 3 or 2

That church made me cry I’m giving up on art I could never draw that and people call me a “good artist”

Honestly better then I can do and I’m in 6th grade lmao

spoiler alert: the rabbit is from a mecha anime

I like to think in the last drawing the carrots represent the robo-rabbit, the little hidden jar is cotton candy for the fair and the pikachu's show her lil desk thing. And I know it's overanalyzed but heck! I like my thoughts!

I have a drawing of a giant deformed cat saying moo from when I was like 5

i thought she said for the sponsor embarrassing old nudes

When I was 4 years old, although it wouldn’t call it art...


When I was younger, humans where circle stacks

A really bad drawing of a bird with hair and serial killer eyes that I made when I was 3 or 4 lol

I actually have the opposite problem with coming up with things from my own head. When I started drawing at like 6 or 7 I drew pretty much EVERYTHING out of my head, but now I really struggle with it! Ironically I lost a lot of confidence over the years, though it's starting to come back. :') put so much time into your art and I really appreaciate that!! Awesome art!!!

Her art when she is in 2nd grade is better than my art now

YOU WERE 9 WHEN YOU WERE IN 2nd GRADE!??!?! I was 6.

Its just so good my favorite video so far

As a kid we had to draw what the art teacher was drawing which I hated and I couldn't buy a sketchbook so I had to use the side or back of the work book is in the trash

I love your videos and not being mean just saying before you said that those little creatures on your newest version was picachu I thought it was a bunny

Also your art is amazing and how was that from 2nd grade I definitely couldn't draw like that in 2nd grade

Maybe that girl from the 500 drawing prompts who made the robot horse made this rabbit, and maybe it was her first one so there was something wrong with the programming. Then, the rabbit might have jumped off a cliff or something by accident and that’s why its life is... SCREWED up!

How the heck did she draw all of that in 2nd grade?!?!? I’m shook

the church said Walnut Grove it was a little house on the prairie fanart


from when I was 4/5 I believe

i have my first selfportrait and my first animal from when i was 3. i have a few things from every age i guess. but i somehow lost all my drawings from art class in highschool.

my first lines i drew when i was around one.

2011, where I drew a bear and a bee. Note that the bear looks like an accident at the skittle factory and the bee looks like it ate the wrong kind of pollen.

Im scared now... 19:28 :D Wait, thats not a scared face

"and i think we're going to be drawing three pieces..." *holds up six fingers*

Collaboration: Kasey Golden and AntsCanada

Lol i reconize that church scene! It's from little house on the prairie! Walnut Grove is where the main family lives. And I believe that is the school that Mary teaches at!

I know I shouldn't be so excited that you're from the same state as me but aaaaaaahhhhh

From when I was 0

I'm a Noob to this channel, what is a bust?

Clown ant is my new favorite ant

YES! I was hoping she would do robo bunny!

Yellow and PURPLLE!!!

You know what would've been really cool for the petting zoo? Aphids. Some ants take care of aphids because they produce a sweet nectar as a food source. Keep that in mind maybe for your next illustration??

YOU WERE 9 WHEN YOU WERE IN 2nd GRADE!??!?! I was frigging 6. I don't frigging understand.

Kasey Golden , When I was 6. It is a very very bad farm piece and it has a pre-made frame from the paper around it.

Ray of light: *moves towards metal rabbit* Ray of light: hang on I have to check my phone *stops*


I made my name tag for my desk reversible for the seasons

11:56 the brits are QUACKING!!!

a portrait from the shoulders up :)

When I was 2... don’t ask how bad it was.

When I was like 2 I scribbled little stickmen

when I was 4 we were asked to draw ourselves. It looked like a potato.

Cool style

This is probably better than what I could do now... in high school

“I’m from Tennessee” *Perks up* Me too C= Also Kasey, I have a rabbit with very short ears. They don’t really have long ears, that’s more along the lines of hares.

I think my oldest was 2 years old I’m 9 now

A scribble

Your ant art is so adorable.

maybe a lonely kid wanted a pet but their parent were allergic or where they lived didn't except, him being so smart went around for about a year trying to find bolts, screws and anything to make himself a pet. then you know the kids mom finally dies from drug overdose and he ends up in an orphanage where he feels the need to hide his rabbit from awful bullies who eventual take it and slightly destroy it, the bullies afraid of the consequences take it some where and dump it. the rabbit looks for their maker and the maker looks for it. the child never makes another companion in hope that they will find their rabbit. or something along those lines who knows? that's just what kinda went through my head, it would be cool if she made an image of a little kid trying to fix his robotic pet after finding it a couple years later.

Omg I love the goosebumps piece

When I was 5months

I was 3

I'm unsure of the age but a very badly drawn picture of spyro the dragon

Damn grade 2 kasey draws better than me now grade 9

Young Kasey: “Maybe someday I’ll draw monumental things, maybe I’ll create illusions to the eye” Kasey now: *ants*

I got a ad of drew Gooden!!!

you know i could have been stepping on ant infested carnivals all the time and i didn't know it

The rabbit works for the bousousie!

Young Kasey: Makes cute rabbit that has nothing wrong with it Older Kasey: *turns it into a morbid drawing* I JuST ImaGinED iT HAd a deeper mEaNINg

Am I the only one that's amazed by a paper bag with a handle??

wants a ant plushie checks date *crys*

"You guys are so good these days" Not meeeeeeeeeee.

kasey you should draw characters inspired by your favorite songs

Kasey golden when I was 2years old

WAIT IM A 9 YEAR OLD AND I DRAW GOOD and man my little baby brother destroyed a lot of my art (I have two brothers) only one is saved by my mom well I got interested quick in Art and that makes me happy I draw a lot *because it's fun DUH*

I’m new so now I can’t get an ant

I love the elderly ant near the entrance between the hot dogs and cotton candy

They say she still finds glitter on her desk to this day

so we just not gonna talk about how incredibly thicc kasey drew herself lol

When i was 4 or 5 ..... I dont wanna talk about it

I throw away my old art

9:42 “This is terrifying” Me looking at my art that i made literally 5 minutes before


You were nine in second grade I was nine in fourth grade in second grade I was seven

I got an ad of drew Gooden!!!

A blocky ballerina from when I was like 6 or 5

Maybe age... 9? It’s not great

So I watch a lot of artists on YouTube because I can’t draw/don’t have the time and resources to really get into practicing while still balancing my work and other hobbies (poetry, ukulele) I admit I’ve never really purchased any YouTube artist’s work or merchandise, despite loving their work. Anyway, the point I’m getting at, is I will pay WHATEVER I have to for your book of Waldo-esque ant illustrations. I’m honestly obsessed!

Oh, thought of one more: Antsy-matter!

Also, here’s an idea or two for the book’s name, if you haven’t decided: “Decant the Ants!” (like to pour ants out, onto the page so-to-speak) “AbundANTS!”

*wait that’s your art in year 2 WHAATTATATATATTAATA how???*

I keep getting that ad too and I'm always like "wait who's channel am I watching again?"

I dont know kasey

Wait I thought you were nine in like third grade?....

Stanford Thomas usual 25 year olds use periods at the ends of sentences....

Before preschool dogs (blobs)

When i was 2

Non anything i have from old art i cringe from so none its all gone

“hey what’s your favorite thing to draw? I like to draw dogs!” *”A N T S”* “Pardon?” “I said *A N T S* “ *walks off

The oldest art i own is something me mums drew me when i was 6 going to 7 grade

the horse looks like its screaming for help.. O^O (in the first one)

Sksksksks you look like my French teacher

I remember my kindergarten teacher coming up to me on the last day of school, and she gave me my first day of school drawing from when I was like, 6. She was a good teacher

I have lost all my old childhood art :( but yours is so good for 2nd grade!

I'm 9 and i draw nicely! Family members say i was born with my sisters art hand!

You don't have bugs in the petting zoo cuz people wouldnt have other people in the petting zoo but you have bugs on the carousel? People don't ride other people on carousels

I didn't like drawing as a child but now its all I do. I have been drawing for about two years now and I still hate myself till this day becouse i didnt draw when i was little

Wow!!! Your three drawings were all amazing!!!!!! Thank you for such an incredible and fun video!! Love your art style!!!

"don't know why there's a sock on the K when everything else is floral themed" You must have had a sock Kasey premonition!

your eyes look high half of the time

When I was 3, lol I learned how to draw a star, don’t make fun of me, geez

5:05 the sock on the k is for *sock* kasey

I couldn't even draw a stickman in second grade

*when a 2nd grader draws WAY BETTER then you*

Wait. Do Americans not call them pencil crayons?

I think you way over thought the robotic rabbit

Robotic Rabbit... in 'english' we would draw like Angry Alligator-- or Chill Chimp- I remember getting stuck with animals I didn't like, and watching with Envy at the kids with Wonderful wolf-- or Dreaming Deer XD Meanwhile I was stuck with like 'Awesome Armadillo' or something

Road to 1 million! OOOOO

You used “focal point” in 2nd grade!!!?

2nd grade you has better handwriting then me in 2nd grade

The first ever drawing I did and was proud of was a drawing of a whale That I won in a contest in kindergarten I don’t know where it is because it’s been a really long long time

Wait you don’t like purple? Suddenly I’m very sad...☹️

You could have used aphids in the petting zoo! Real life ants protect and farm aphids and pet them so they can excrete honeydew for the ants to drink.

Is anyone going to talk about her handwritting in 2nd grade!? no?.. alright..

This carnival set up kinda reminds me of the carnival layout in the new Toy Story, love your videos!!!

“ I think we’re gonna recreate **three** pieces “ **holds up 6 fingers**

My mum has actually kept the first ever art piece that I made I must’ve been like 1 (by art piece I mean a scribbles on a piece of paper that represented a cartoon character, how do I know? My mum wrote it down on the back of the page) :)

Burnt ash

The oldest piece of art I made was me and my family and my now dead cat with a big fat rainbow.

I’m allergic to ants....

Why are u jealous if you are one of that inspirations :D 13:53

The robotic rabbit reminded me of the game Poptropica. If I remember correctly there was an island that had something to do with carrots and bunnies and the bunnies were all metal and it was kinda creepy but also cool? Idk

That kasey G name art could be cooler in posca pensss

ok but where is the robber ant.

My oldest is my pre-k book for mom on Mother’s Day

The one you put in the gallery kinda looks like the Philippine Flag...

Woow.... ●•● You wrote your name in purple! I love purple!

You drew a better horse than I can in 2nd grade TwT

Aww! I REALLY wanted to see Walnut Grove drawn again. A note about the rabbit. In the future, almost all animals are extinct. Regretting the damage humanity has done to the earth, they replace lost animals with robots that replicate their behaviors, including their ability to self replicate. That's why a robotic wolf (that'd be cool to see drawn, btw!) would attack a robotic rabbit.

Haille Guinta when i was like 3 or 4 watched a horror movie with my parents and i drew the monster

Wow! The horse at the start is very good!

Her second grade handwriting is better than my 6th grade handwriting....

Your second grade art is better than my 5th Grade Art Lol

Thank you for sharing the art and stories. =) I enjoyed it. =) You had great concepts. =) And I love your recreations, too. =) Your ants are adorable. (I hate real life ants, but yours are adorable). (And thank you for the explanation, I AM new to your channel, I found you yesterday, and haven’t been able to stop watching your videos .... =)

2:13 pause

second graders are similar to crows because they screech at everything and like shiny things.

What’s 2nd Grade and 3rd grade?

It is from when she was 7 and 8 years old

You draw better than I in 2 and 3rd grade

I thought the rabbit was a mouse and the ray of light was cheese

The first one is so adorable! It’s awesome

Daanng that striped shirt you drew on yourself is pretty cute my dude! If you ever were to make some I'd buy em!

I have one drawing from 2nd grade and it’s an owl.... it looks like a peanut

17:20 "ANT I think as a child"

Nord vpn you can play star stable on any country server

what? how so? is it that if they bite you you will die? im really curious lol

Kasey Golden 4 years old me

At 2nd grade I was drawing stick figures

You in 2nd grade = me now (I'm 12)

I don't even know tbh

i read that as kenny g

I’m so confused I was 9 in 4th grade and 7 in 2nd grade different country?!?!?

Why do I like the second peice if the star so much

Your childhood carousel horse is really creepy to me... No offense btw

DO MORE ANT DRAWINGS thats what drew me to ur channel lol l love the ants. so much detail love them!!!

The portrait is my favorite!! The gold makes it so pretty

The robotic rabbit reminds me of Theodor the bunny from FNaF. Im reading the silver eyes right now so... I have nothing better to do

*when a 2nd grader's art is better than a 7th grader (me)...*

you shoulkd have made like a dog leg and all the ants are peting it

Your second grade drawings are better then mine now 0.0

Reply to Kasey’s comment, the oldest drawing i own was when i was 3-4. its a picture of my grandpa holding a suit case, me wearing a green and blue dress, my grandma, my mom, and idk if i have my brothers in it.

Uhh I’m going to 4th grade now and I couldn’t even draw like that when I was in 3rd


Before I started school


when i was a foetus i made art

I've been watching a bunch of your videos and I just can't get enough of them... I just love your style and the way you draw and colour, it's just so adorable and beautiful and unique and I was wondering how did you find your own style?

When i was little i drew stampy fan art XD its kinda cute

these are amazing works

How did you have such good handwriting in 2nd grade?! And this drawings are way better than what I can do

Ur almost got 1million keep goin

1:18 “Its gonna be fun!” Her face:



Starts at 1:23

your butifel


In the carasoul piece, Kasey drew it with, insted of horses, different bugs.. But there's ants walking around this carnival.. That's the ecuivilant of a carasol with humans instead of horses. Huh..

9:04 Its one of the dot to dot pages

6 ads in a 28 minute video? Damn

When I was in 2nd grade I made this creature drawing of a furry trilobite named Ticko

Wtf is that hairline

I’m 99% sure that the original carousel drawing stemmed off of a coloring page. I mean, that horse DEFINITELY looks like it was drawn by someone else

You might be right! Maybe the art teacher drew it and then copied it for the class to color?


16:00 find the robber

I love the sock puppet soooo much it’s so cute

My oldest drawing is a green circle that's supposedly a 'moon' according to wht my mom told me lol

why is the ant illustration a dance gavin dance album cover

The Rabbit looked like a dot-2-dot illustration...

My oldest artwork: probably scribbles of crayon and stuff

I just wanna say I love your eyes never seen that eye color before also your art is amazing! Keep it up :]

2nd grade kaseys hand righting is really good

U created that in 2nd or 3rd!?????!!!!??!!!!!!

"Today is the last day you can get an ant plushie!" Too bad I'm poor

Your good at drawing ^^ idk do you like my art? It my pfp dur

i thought the ray of light on the bunny one was referring to being solar powered but i really like what you did with it!!

Oh my god... your art teacher approached you about an art gallery too??? That’s insane! Mine did too! I don’t know what grade I was in, possibly fifth. But we were all doing like space drawings with like this... clay chalk like material? Not sure what it was. I recall all the others looking at my piece with these sort of... blown away faces. Then when I went to turn it in my teacher told me I could submit it. I said yes but I wanted to improve it. I improved it by adding stars and faces and all sorts of kiddy shit. Her face looked so... stunned and strange when I showed it to her. At the gallery, i saw how brilliant and detailed and beautiful all the other art was, especially compared to mine. I realized she had been making that face because she wanted to submit it as the well shaded piece it had been, not because I was “so creative” or something. I felt like I had ruined my piece by adding all the dumb little details in an attempt to make it more creative or something. I recall sitting against the wall and burying my face into my sleeves due to the shame. I still regret ruining it. I do have it hanging on my wall though.


I think the cotton candy should be an insect but that drawing was amazing!!

Honestly the rabbit gave me a depressing vibe, like he was sad and alone and broken and he was looking at the light in hopes that he could maybe find his family or be repaired or something...idk he makes me sad and I want to take him home and make him my pet

Awww I missed the ant plush

I have a piece of cardboard that has I picture on it of my step dad and me. I drew it when I was I think 5. It was funny lol.

This ant illustration is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. somehow this is very inspiring to me.

Your name is kasey!


For me, I didn't really search up tutorials, I got reference from my friend and then I slowly made my own style

ah second me was cringy

Do a voice reveal This is a joke don’t become crazy.

you look like a brunette Lily rabe

Kasey, if you like cute things, i recommend installing cookie run for your phone or tablet! Not sponsored, its just a gram I think you will enjoy playing!!

Mk so maybe the rabbit was made because of the worlds pollution, so many animals had gone extinct, so to help themselves the humans thought that they would re-make these animals as robots, except fully made out of animal flesh that they had kept from the old ones. Sadly it didn’t work and the humans started dying off after using more and more resources. The machines that were programmed to make these robot animals did not die off though (of course) and still had been running off of the worlds power supply that had been gathered, of course there was a lot since it was the future. All of the machines were programmed to program animals just as they were making each and every one have the same instincts as their extinct ancestors. This robot was a programmed rabbit, after getting attacked by some robot predator of some kind it still was alive (not really ALIVE but you know what I mean, still working) so then this is a piece of what society could come to once all humans died off... maybe that was some type of assignment when you were in second or third grade ?? I dunno just a guess (; - ;)

I got in a art gallery thing too this year! Only two people in my class got and my friend.

8:10 Yeah I drew on my name tag though, they didn’t assign me to

Random kid: omg I drew a horse!! Kasey: hold my glitter star

Kasey, you literally made me cry when you started talking about how amazing you think we (kids) are. I really needed that. Sometimes I look at art from older people and feel bad about mine so thanks.

How old are you suppose to be when your in grade 2 in there?? Because were divided in years like year 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and goes on.

Okay but why does 9 year old Kasey's handwriting look like mine now?

5:05 Its how Sock Kasey came to be!

It’s where’s wally as ants

Friend: are you on something? Me: 4:28 Friend: 9:16

Omg im from Tenessee too!

Maybe you were inspired by a Steampunk something with the bunny.

Im in 8th grade and love to draw but that art from 3rd grade is better then mine

the robo rabbits right leg.... i cant be the only one who sees it

Does anyone think she sounds like cypher den?

I have nice art and I'm 9years old I make digital art and in real life and it's really good it looks like an 16-18 years old or 15-17 person made it. Mostly anime-like but nice. Oh and I think I'm pretty late. Ty if anyone read this.

Now I know... Don’t let teachers pick the art subject.

your 2nd grade art is better than my art now :/

06:28 (つ•̀ᴥ•́)つ*:・゚✧

Who else thinks she sounds like cyber den small youtuber

This reminds me of Hollow Knight.

Im jelly too because im 11. And I don’t have any tools to draw.

Omg you're from TN?? Hello from Memphis!! ♡

I was watching lavendertowne and I saw your comment

I like the blue horse, i hope You do it later

I have an idea for the robotic rabbit It could have been a toy that has been damaged by children playing with it and they left it outside Or going with the wolf idea, maybe the wolf wanted to attack ths rabbit because of the smell of the rabbits oil??? Maybe different animals had different smelling and tasting oils

6:07 omg! Im in Tennessee meeting family right now!

idk why the obese ant in the carousel drawing is literally me!!

my mum said I'm really good she said i was born with it i remember the time when i drew and painted a nice landscape of the road and trees and a sunset my mums friend was teaching me one point perspective im better at characters though(im ! 0)

Your horse anatomy is great for a 2nd grader, cool

when i was in kindergarten and i made this picture of a standing bear and a big bee (im 11 and i still own it)

It's a robit

22:39 *"Because it's a metal bean"*

My boyfriend walked past me and he said “oh god are you watching the ant lady again?”

Yes yes, a paper art thing is protected by a thing online, yes yes yes

Kasey: idk why there is a sock

I have a question for you what the heck is hatch

My oldest piece of art was when I was a baby, I drew my dad...........................horribly

How are u so good with watercolor when i try it it turns out bad.. And sad.. :(

I had a nordvpn as an ad before this video started


*you know you’re a good YouTuber when I don’t skip the sponsorships*

HOW!? I'm doubting my art xD

Since I was 3 it's an ant!


Maybe the metal wolf had a real wolf nose c o u g h help what are these thoughts

Missed opportunity to say RABBOT!

I’m 11 and I know you said we have so many tutorials available for us but I have never watched a single tutorial video and I have taught myself... it’s taken around a year for me to be comfortable with saying that... My art is... decent

The oldest art piece I have is the art I drew when I was 6 MONTS old.Yes you heard me correct

Meh oldest drawing was when I was in kindergarten. My mom put it in da frame and we still hv it in our living room :) it's 2 horses with strings on them. Kinda like reindeers with star and a moon in da sky

No offense but your old self portrait reveal made me laugh so hard that I cried. I don't know why, something about her looking so surprised and uncomfortable to be there really really got me.

Kasey: what's the oldest piece of childhood art you own? Me: * cough * *FRICKEN KINDER*

5:46 you can see an elderly ant, and I love him so much he has my heart



Another story for the robotic rabbit: He was in the middle of being built, but before the maker could finish it, he accidentally turned him on. The maker didn't code the rabbit to obey him, so the bunny ran away.

I had my art hung in my highschool's front office and I gotta say...very surreal feeling.

@Atomic Puppet i still can't see it sorry

@Fraime near the left middle area he has a cane

Each time I watch kasey's vids I feel for putting hot water in ant hills for a hobby

Kasey: i think we’re going to draw... 3 pieces??? Also Kasey: *holds up 6 fingers*

Did anyone notice the ant stealing the cotton candy at 16:23 No. Just me okay

My oldest peace of art is from when I was 4

You're right, I do regret not getting an ant plushie.

I have one from when I was 4 and it's a boy jumproping. I might redraw it on my channel soon

omg that rabbit one totally reminds me of peter cottontail

High key kinda good for a 2nd grader

what watrcolr you use

Dude when I was in 2nd grade I could still barely get my hand writing down?..

Pls draw a restroom

Wait is your last name golden because your pictures said "Kasey G. So that's what I thought pls tell me

I read that as red rawing Not re drawing lol

Rabbit story: Year 2074 Entry #1 2074, August 17th Humans have evolved, over time, we have begun creating robotic animals. It began with rats. We plan to make the earth's once peaceful animals into killing machines. We made four rats, the first was a fail. It shut down after only hours of operation. The second lasted a week. Now we have created two more. They have lasted weeks and we have nicknames for them. The one with more activity is Neptune and the other one is Saturn. Neptune shows more potential. Entry #2 2074, September 5th We created rabbits. We've programmed them to act like real ones. We put one in a closed in environment with a live wolf. The wolf chased it around and eventually got bored and stopped. We need to find out how to make the rabbit be a useful resource for other animals. Entry #3 2074, September 18th It begins getting chilly outside. We figured out how to make the rabbits more.. vulnerable you could say. Instead of creating them from scratch, we took an already dead rabbit and replaced many of its limbs with the robotical parts we had. It has soft, tearable, rabbit-like skin in some of the main points a predator would attack. It has raw meat inside it as well. We figured the meat would rot so we installed ventilation. It's like a freezer inside the body of the rabbit. Entry #4 2074, September 23rd It worked! We had to make a few modifications but we got the wolf to successfully attack and retrieve the meat from inside the robotic rabbit. The good thing about these rabbits are that we can replaced the damaged, tore up parts of the artificial skin. Entry #5 2074, October 1st We created a wolf prototype. We did similar things as we did with the rabbit. It is also programmed to recognize certain animals as prey and so on. The project has gone far. Entry #6 October 24th We released some of the animals into a caged in area. All hell has broken loose. The *animals* broke loose. We found out some other lab found the computer chips within the wolf and rabbit we had created. They are now taking *our* data and making more. Entry #7 2074, December 4th Everything went wrong so fast. The person had sold copies of our animals to people. He had taken their code, modified it, and created even more species... now our animals are killing people and running loose in the wild. Entry #@£&%€₩ 2075, April 16th I am not the person from the earlier entries. Everyone in that lab has died. The world is in mass destruction. Nukes have eliminated quite a few small countries now. The animals have mutated to be larger, stronger, and faster. Humans can't fight them off much longer. How did we let simple experiments go this far? Entry #●¡\}=*@ 2076, July 4th Today is supposed to be a special day in America. Sadly, there has been war since the last entry. America has somehow split in half. Global warming is becoming less of a problem since machines other than the rabid animals aren't being used anymore. The world is getting cold. Entry #=*^% 2076, December 8th The world is a cold wasteland. I haven't spoken to anyone or seen any sign of real life for months. Food store shelves are emptying. I've been going on food runs by myself and yet I'm emptying the shelves. The world has gone to those robots. Entry #×*%: 2076, December 21st I ran into one of those robotic wolves. I got attacked. I don't know how long I'm going to last now. Entry #÷£^? 2076, December 28th The wound has a massive infection that I don't have the supplies to treat. This is my last entry. Good luck to anyone that reads this.

;-; woaaaahhhhh

Those are in perfect condition...I think mine are probably thrown away or something.

These are older than me!

Why are ou so good at art

the neck shading on the portrait is pretty good and realistic

You said this was 2nd grade??!!! Why u so talented ☺️☺️

I pretty good rn. Will I get better

Holy moly I love the ant illustration!

ur gonna make a book with all ur ant illustrations???? I WANT TO BYE IT. NOW

**Catilystiastayialsticzeyet just joined chat**

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Bro, at 9 years old I was drawing trash anime, I’m 11, still drawing anime That’s still trash.

BOLD of you to think that there would be green plants in the future xD :((( (Your 2nd grade art has got my 2nd grade self SQUEAKINNNN)

Ant Clown

I also did the blue horse!! The teacher was like you can look at this picture for 1min and then you have to recreate it and I remember being very proud of my drawing I think it was the best one

Art teacher: what is this 2019 Kacey: LOOK AT ME KNOW! >:3

16:03 I’m in love with that chubby ant. So cute! ❤️

Do you draw for kids books?

...I want a plushie of that robotic rabbit (rabbot?


I don't know why,but when I was 6 or 7,whenever I drew pictures that looked low to my expectations,I would call myself sloppy joe

Not exactly sure why you still have your 2nd grade art port folio? How old are you? Lol. You're good though

I can not even scribble

I have art from summer of going to 1st its horrible and all fnaf

I am in 3rd and I draw like a 2yr old

Ok I've ever seen you before and omg you are so cute Also, I love your art ❤️

I'm in 5th grade and I can't draw some of this

*When her 2nd and 3rd grade art is better than your 13 yr old art*

wouldnt you be in 4th grade if you're nine? im ten and i am in grade 5

People can be 9 in 2grade I was only 6 in the 2grade

Usually I hate ants but the ant illustration you made was kinda adorable

What part if tennessee



Wow what good hand writing for a 2nd grader and you love to say 2nd grade and throw it out there a lot

It's better than my art

I love your eyes, they're so pretty.

Nobody: Me in 2nd grade: drawing a nun character and hiding it from my Christian dad

My favorite one was the carousel/carnival piece

Wow! I'm from Tennessee as well

September 2019 Kasey needs 500 SUBS to reach 1Mill And has 999K subs

Bru I’m in 4th grad and I still draw like a 4 year old

"Snails are in the creepy crawly category," Okay then, but I don't think they have many legs, "Crawl."

I’m in 7th grade and your second grade hand writing is better then mine...

I'm late, but the carousel picture looks like something put of a Where's Waldo book, right?

woah! 998k subs? keep up the good work and see you at 1mil

I loved the bunny robot.

I'm a

My kinda thing is dogs so when l watching your ant vids I draw giant drawings with tons of little dogs I really love ur vids also I'm 10 .your vids have helped so much with my skills

...I started drawing when i was 2 ;-; im 10 now and i still draw-

I’m in 3rd grade!

“ *I am not here to question why my nine-year old self made a robotic rabbit I am here to question why a robotic rabbit exists-* “ - Kasey Golden

I couldn’t draw that first one today


So was I

Same sis

I’m 12 but like SAME

Boi dat is 2 grade BOIIIIIIIII (I can’t even do that now and I’m inn 6th grade)

*_P E E C H O O_*

You 9 years old in 4th grade not 2nt

Welp people, I guess we can all agree that Kasey was destined to be an artist in her 2nd grade.......except this artist makes ants :3

Young Kasey: **draws** Other people: *teach me your ways master*

Your so pretty

im 10 im the best arteeest in my school

Yay I was not the only nerd that drew good in 2nd and 3rd grade

A 9 year old would be in FOURTH grade

Omg youre 27 thats so old compared to me

I may or may not be younger then youtube but not younger then minecraft

I’ve been inspired by your ants, and want to have my own little dudes to draw around. Any ideas?

Her second grade handwriting is 100 times better than my handwriting today

the metal rabbit could be a spy and so whoever it was spying on could have attacked it

I’m 12 and I haven’t drawn since I was like 10 and I want to get back to it.. but I think it may be too late for me to get back into being good at drawing again. ☹️

Hmm, maybe uhm- ducks or birds???

So for my school you had to sign up if you wanted to have your art shown BUT my teacher put most of my art in the thing and I never wanted any of my art in the thing. Everyone else signed up but i didnt...

My oldest art piece is when I was three. I drew blobs with faces and sticks for legs and called them ‘animals’.

It’s over a year since u have drew a realistic portrait? Omg, I’m have been here since that video I think...

By the way he's 9 years old

I thought my drawings were good but then the new kid came and he drew and animatronic perfectly I'm so jealous

Ok birds yes pigeons!! One of my characters actually has a load of pigeons, so that is probably a good idea

The church thing, I can't even draw like that and I'm in 7th grade and your writing was better than mine now :0

You had that talent in second grade?! My drawings were all real bad. They're not that good even now...



I have like....maybe 2 week old art

You:you guys have so many inspirations Me: Gurl YOU ARE my main inspiration

1:08 is when it starts ig?

This makes me sad to this day I couldn’t draw a lot of these and I really want to be an artist

Who else watched Kelsey before she reached 1Mil

Wow, an original idea thank god

I'm copying a work of Franz Marc for school too! We need to study how you can make different kind of colourse with yellow, red and blue acrylic paint xD

Derpy pikachus is my oldest piece

5:08 the first sock Kasey

On the rabbit art piece she was thinking that there is a video of animals being robots, there actually a series Sixty-eight. It’s not done yet though.

*Lets sit and admire her handwriting.*

This does not look like a second grader drew it

My teacher made me do that damn colour wheel this year and I’m in 7th grade fml

Yup we have a whole lot of churches and grassy plains here in the country of Tennessee

wow i think you where better then

The rabbit is my favorite

Can u do some more tips on drawing and painting

a stickman from nursery

Kasey I actually wrote a poem about a robotic or automaton rabbit about 9 years ago. So yep makes perfect sense.


The plushies sold out!

I mean 'the campaign finished'

Also I'm 11 now.

I'm pretty sure that 'mouse' is a rabbit lol

I'm 12 and I already found my art style, I'm trying to learn some anatomy. I improved very much!

Im 8 in a half and i make good art

the first redraw reminds me a bit of wheres Waldo but with ants

My mind while you were doing the ant drawing: Wow that must be tiring drawing all of those ants! *lines them* Wow that must be tiring lining those ants! *paints them* Wow that must be tiring coloring those ants! lol

Me sees the church on the field drawing

Wait you’re from Tennessee I’ve lived in Tennessee my whole like what part of Tennessee are u from??

When I was younger my friend threw my best art (as i thought...) in a puddle during recess. I cried. A lot. It was a bunny on a cloud with rainbows...I'm disappointed.

Well I’m 11 now and I love drawing I’ve been drawing since I could some of my old drawing are just HORRIBLE but at least I was having fun and even then and now I stil love drawing with my own stile and ideas and even know I do watch a lot of art YouTubers that’s what has helped me develop my own style

When I was a kid I always draw a hand ಠ_ಠ I don't know what happened she I was a kid (._.)(‘_’)

Hi anyone knows what she uses to animate the text?

You were a much better artist in 2nd and 3rd grade than I was. BTW you have the prettiest eyes!

Wow good for year two

Yknow i interpret the rabbit painting is like the ending of your imagination I know it sounds pretty dramatic but that’s what I see

You where a great artist as a kid

Heyy I'm new here

I'm a second grader

18:54 mooooood

I be drawing stik men in 6th grade and u be drawing horses in 2nd grade

beez's and aunt's bug carnaval

Being nine would make you in fourth grade, this video is second and third. OwO

When her second grade art is better than your art. ._.

Hi I love your channel and how old are you am only 8 years old

Wow u were nine in second grade and I’m in fourth grade and I just turned nine

Aiden was here

the ants

Kasey: Sock on the K, don’t really know what that’s about... Me: R U KIDDING ME! It was for Sock Kasey!

You did all this in second grade?!? I was scribbling at that age

Im 12 and i can draw cats and human ish animals aperently im one of the good artists in clas

I I’m in 4th grade and drawing for like 6 years and can nearly draw a wolf ( I have drawn those for ever and still looks really bad)

how do you send art????? i've wanted to but i dont know how

Your great don't be embarrassed we probably whatch tutorials your great


Also my hand writing was horible yours was so good and its second Grade!

Are you sure that that was in second grade I could never draw that good at that age

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................... *god has left the chat*

Thanks whoever liked my comment

I always thought her name was pernounced cas-e but its pernounced k-c

Kaseys grade 2 self is better at drawing then me. *I N H A L E S*

Lol u drew better than me when I was in second grade lmao

You were good at drawing in second grade. I drew blobs qwq

wait you're from TN IM SHOOKETH hi,, I also live in Tennessee and want to pursue an art career, it's super cool to see that someone in the community also came from my area! big wow!

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