Touring Renovated LOFT House Inspired by Industrial Ottoman Architecture of the 1800s

Touring Renovated LOFT House Inspired by Industrial Ottoman Architecture of the 1800s

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Hello everyone, this is Serif the Broker. Today, we  are in Büyükyalı project in Istanbul, Zeytinburnu and   we will see something so amazing. These are the buildings has been constructed in 1842 as the extension of the cartage factory. These were the houses of the military here...

...and what we are going to see is 422 sqm gross size, 350 sqm net size, four beds two living spaces, six baths and plus maid's room with many facilities. And this house has multiple entrances we will see and a very high ceiling which I love also. Let's get inside and see this amazing house. I love this fresh grass smell... ...that he's cutting the grasses outside. It's an amazing space. Seven meters ceiling.

We see the cedar wooden top and you feel the history when you get in the first minute. We have here this high ceiling also very nice... ...skylight windows and there automatically you can open them and I also see that in front of this... windows, they put some led lightings. So, at night, you can turn on them you see this amazing wooden top here. Everywhere, they put some lightening so we see the natural lighting here.   It welcomes us from the front garden space to this dining area and we have this huge chandelier. This historical building gives the contemporary design. They kept the industrial architecture in this house. We see from the entrance.

We have five meters height of doors and all these high ceiling doors and windows give the daylight directly inside the house. I'm getting into the living space. This is the kind of family room they designed.

These coaches are like L-shaped here looking at the tv setup and we still see the high ceiling feeling here. And there are nice flowers inside the house... and all the left and right-hand sides have the stone finish and this has been constructed more than 150 years ago. For the ones who love the history inside the house, I think they will love this place inside of this amazing big modern complex because when you get out of your house, in a few steps, you are reaching to the nice restaurants. This is priceless! and from the living space, I am passing another living area. There is very a few lots of space in this house.  

Here is the kitchen setup of the house and in front of this kitchen setup, we have a small...   like a TV setup that you can use for the  having your coffee in front of your kitchen   and this kitchen also like a hidden place. In the middle, we right now see the washing machine. They will put it here. Inside, there is one island. This island is designed as like half of it breakfast bar  there and you have the nice top black you see. For the washing dishes.

And all these white goods in this house... Gaggenau, top quality. We have the oven, microwave, this cooker. I don't see the... ...ventilation system but I guess you can settle it here. We have coffee and tea machines. And the backside, we have another garden and this door is looking to the other lofts as well.

So, you have two sides of gardens that you can use this side for the breakfast that side for the dinner. We have here fitted fridge. and from this space, we will pass the powder room and the master bedroom on this floor. If you are elder age or if you have a guest, they can prefer on this floor, this bedroom. Here, we have some cloakroom for the jackets.   Wardrobe here and I feel the recessed air conditioning system on top here and we have a nice powder room over here.

Designed with the combination of natural marble. And the nice warm lights over here. And from this nice powder room, we are passing to the master bedroom on this floor. And what is surprising me here is always we are getting very nice daylight in the whole house because before getting into this house I was not expecting to see this much daylight because this high ceiling and sky windows makes it possible in these spaces and each room is so spacious. I don't know because of the high ceiling or because of space.

These rooms are so spacious and useful. and the other end of this bedroom, it has its own bathroom. Also, this space, this corridor maybe you may use to put your wardrobes. It can be like a walking closet space here and we are getting into... ...en-suite bathroom of this bedroom. Again, we have the wooden floating vanity and marble countertop. and you are asking where is the shower and where is the toilet? They did a good finish.

These two doors, one of them is opening to the toilet  space. I like this finishing so much because, in front of the glass, they made the ice skin here you don't see the toilet from outside. Again... There are some transparency and privacy on this walk-in shower.

We have a nice setup here. Dark colors they chose and all top to down, nice color marble. And from this master bedroom space, I would like to take you to the mezzanine floor.   The real Loft feeling of this house. We are rising up to the mezzanine floor.   From this steel rail...

...stairs and the wooden top, we are reaching to the mezzanine floor. This loft house, the mezzanine floor is designed as a master suite of this loft.   This space as you see, it's kind of 20 sqm. All with this skylight, it's public because from the living space and the kitchen, they can hear you or you can hear them.

So, they designed this space as a resting area or study space with this setup and we see the nice hardwood floorings from here. Also, I love this design. I'm planning to bring my architect also. So, because I'm planning to start a construction recently I want this kind of place in my house as well.

So, this is the master suite. Left-hand side and right-hand side, we have the  walking closet here and here master bathroom and it's getting whole daylight... ...from these sky windows. Let's first see the walking closet. It's a useful space. All three sides have wardrobes.

They use the darker colored woods here. We have the recessed lightning. LED setup inside the wardrobes. And of course, The air conditioning system is even inside the walk-in  closet.

and this side is the master bathroom. From top to down, it's all marble. and here, they use the same floating vanity setup wooden downsides.

And the marble countertop and nice mirror and the lights on both sides. We have the floating vanity, marble countertop, and again nice lighting setup here. With the darker colors and... ...walking closets. I can see slightly the outside because this glass is giving the transparency between the shower and the bedroom's space. Of course, we have the rainfall here So, the mezzanine floor is like this.

From this floor, we are reaching to basement floor. and we will see the guest rooms there. Let's go to the basement floor. Again, we return to the main floor and we are reaching the basement floor. If you are purchasing this house from the developer, they are going to deliver this floor as shell & core but...  

they again make this sample house a nice finishing. I think if you are going to purchase, you can make  the same finishing as well for this floor.   On this side of this living space, they used as your personal training area. Of course, this complex has an amazing gym many  facilities for yourself but this personal gym also nice looking and useful.

and this cycle, they think very well because you know Zeytinburnu seaside has the longest cycling road in Istanbul. You can enjoy cycling around this project. And all this side has been designed as a mirror. It's widening the look of this space. We are on the basement floor but we have an amazing ceiling. I guess the ceiling height is more than four meters here.   

And this living space has some like... ...the family room set up here. But they designed again a public bathroom on this  side. So, if you have a guest sleeping over here, you have a white floating vanity with again same white marble countertop.   and this was what I was explaining to you.

Two sides are separated as on the ground floor bedroom. This side is the shower, this side is the toilet.   Nice separation because when this door is open, you don't see any toilet from the sitting area.

And from this side, We have again another door. This door is making us reach the garage. So, when you park your car, from the garage, you can directly enter your house from this entrance door. On this side, we have two rooms. One of them is designed as a maid's room.

We have the cooling system, nice bed setup and maid's shower and toilet over here. And on the other side of this maid's setup, we have another room. This room can be used for ironing. So...

In front of the maid's room, it's a nice space here  and there's a nice place over here that you can put some extra stuff of the house for the cleaning needs.     and on this side of the house, we have two guest bedrooms. All bedrooms and rooms have their own management for the cooling system and lighting system here.  

And all the bedrooms... ...even the guest rooms have their own showers and toilets and these are not small bathrooms by the way. As big as the master bedroom.   We have a nice double bedroom setup here.

High ceiling and some extra thing from these sliders. We are on the basement floor but we have our own terrace here. And you get the clean air. Again I take the smell of this fresh grass.

So... From this room, we are passing to the second guest bedroom. This second guest bedroom has an even bigger toilet.

Let's get into this one. Again... With this glass door, you get into... ...shower and we have a pretty much large for the shampoo niche here. And from the top to down, all it's made with nice and soft marble. We have nice vanity setup here.

Mirror, lighting and here we have the... ...bedroom. So, the house is pretty much like this. We will go back to the kitchen space and we will show you the exit from there. If you have comments about this house, you can comment under the video. But my opinion is I guess this is the best house video we made so far.

So, pretty much the house is like this. We are not giving you the price. We want you to guess the price under the comment of this video.   And from this exit, we will go outside and we want  to show you the around and we are planning to have some coffee or eat something if you like.

Also, I would like to show you the seaside of the project. By walking, you can reach the seaside because they  did a very nice bridge over the project. We are just few steps away from our loft house. It is actually the same building here. On my behind, Fişekhane, and here is Pazar Yeri. Bazaar of this project, Büyükyalı.

We will enter from here. I would like to show you the shopping areas here. They have supermarkets, restaurants and some shops. We can say it's kind of organic bazaar here and they have a very nice Carrefour Gourmet Supermarket. There will be some additional shops too   but basically, you can see from the building that it is the further of the loft we came from. Downstairs, there is supermarket and atms. And this Zennup is... ...the most famous Ottoman food restaurant. Fine dining place.

Even it's lunchtime and the weekday, it's full you can see. And in this area, you can enjoy your day just a few steps away from your house. From this point, we will get into Fişekhane.   Rohat are you hungry? Maybe we may have lunch  later on. Let's walk inside Fişekhane. Maybe, we can show just basic walking... just give you the feeling of life here. The rest of the project is residential apartments. So, only in these few places, they get the privilege of  private entrance and loft life.   We have Starbucks, coffee shops, SushiCo is coming soon, Cookshop...

These are the famous chains of Turkey. And many more are coming also. Still, some of the shops are empty, looking for their tenants. We were selling this project when it was off-plan  right now when I come when it is ready to live,   I got the feeling that I am in Dubai JBR The same quality, same lifestyle.   Clean, silent.

Only it is cold. I'd like to end the video at the seaside of this project. It's amazing privilege for the house owners they made a bridge that makes you reach the seaside. Every step we walk we see the cleanness and the sleek of the environment. Right now, we are on the Kennedy Street.

This bridge is making it possible that you can walk until the seaside or you can pass with your bicycle.   We came just maybe few steps away from our loft house and the shopping center of Büyükyalı.   We are on the bridge over Kennedy Street. From this point, you can easily go to Istanbul center, Fatih, Taksim, Beşiktaş wherever you want. On this side, it's taking you to the old Istanbul airport and new Istanbul Airport you can get a connection  here and on our behind there's Bakırköy, Ataköy, these locations and shopping malls.    On my behind, it is the seaside.   

Maybe... around 10 kilometers you have the seaside that you can walk, that you can cycle enjoy all day.   So, I would like to end my video... ...where my behind is all Büyükyalı Project. If you are planning to live in Istanbul, This is Büyükyalı. This is Zeytinburnu.

Today, we had an amazing experience of seeing this 350-meter square net size loft house.  We couldn't give you the price but we would like you to guess the price on the comment under the video.  Please don't forget to subscribe to our channel. The BROKER is OUT.

2021-04-04 22:47

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