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Our. Group rides over but it's not over for us let's go. I'm. Sweating, bookies, I love, Tyler. No. God. Monsoon. Time is, hooking. Me down. For. This adventure I'd head back to Thailand, in Asia to discover more about this wonderful country. My Ride will be on the awesome Ducati Multistrada, 950. And I will join it with the dart Asia adventure, touring company, to explore the gorgeous, northeast region. Data. Is your adventures, is the brainchild of this man kevin, is an avid motorcyclist, from the US who, fell in love with this country I wanted to share it with the world others. On the ride will, be some of his friends and colleagues from the US and Jakarta, Thailand. Personally. I was just excited, to be back in Thailand, I'd had a brief taste of it when I rode the road of a thousand corners it's a magical, place and I was eager to discover more. It's, also a country that just loves motorbikes, the, men we all ride low powered, cheap to remembe I step, through and, sometimes. You, see many family members on just one by it's, just a way of life here and I absolutely love. It. Our. Ride will quickly take us out of the city and into the countryside and, that's, when the magic unfolds. As the, roads get twisty or less traveled, and you get to see the natural beauty, of this country. This. Is incredible. Just it's endless, endless. Valleys. The. Beauty. Here is, outstanding, the. Hillsides, you seems like everybody's. Farming, their land what. Do you think it's pretty damn good. We. Then continued, further up the valley and towards fresh local, food and more, astonishing. Views. So. You just enjoyed the beautiful ones we've just come to this coffee shop, Hugh. Is our standing. Here on, the table these. Little balls of fruit. Come. With quite a hard shell peel, that back okay so this is the limey eye. It's. Got a hard pip in the middle don't either. Commands, the taste he's just like a melon, I can, like. Cantaloupe. So this is summer. This. Is like an orange with no skin, it's. Not oh. My goodness, me that's good oh wow, so I just. Like. Really peel it oh I get it now really. Skinny. Sirte. Wow. This, is unbelievable, this is. Hard. Work to get into worth. All the effort this is stunning. After. A great lunch we then met some locals, and took our time to enjoy the scenery. In. This region the roads are just fantastic. The endless farm valleys, and roads that run through them leave you gobsmacked, around just about every, corner the. Landscape, is incredible, and it's just a joy to ride here. But. We're also here in July in its peak monsoon, season, so a daily downpour, or two is to be expected, and when it rains it really, rains which gives you two options ride, on and get wet or calling, it the nearest coffee shop and, we happily chose the coffee shop option most of the time. So, the heavens have opened but, it's not all bad news it's, still warm and the red is, hot it's kind of like having a shower we're here at the Magic Mountain cafe I've, got myself a coffee, looking, out what a view. Thailand. Is gorgeous, we're, right up here in the east corner. Of Thailand, and everywhere. We stopped is stunning. After. The shower of pass we then headed back towards town to go and visit the first of three temples as, we wanted to get a closer look at these incredible structures. And learn, more about the Thai culture. Just, come into a town called now holding, here a local supermarket, look. At this, this is motorcycle. Parking, at the supermarket. In Europe, in America what would we see cars. Everywhere, and, probably wanted to buy explorable game here, in, Thailand, the parking lot is just full of bikes and there's not many cars I look, Thailand, the brother they ride so provides, is, incredible, everybody, ride. So. Here at work Lankan Thailand's. Most famous, Chapel as you can see is the only one with no color totally. Magnificent. And it looks something out of a fairy tale apparently. This is actually been in construction for over 50, years. Oh. Man. This. Baby well. Oh yes. It was well worth it look at that. After, visiting some, fantastic. Mountain ranges and temples, we then said goodbye to the group as the Thai riders would now head back towards Bangkok, and the Americans, would head home, Kevin, gave me the tips on places to ride and now I would go it alone. So, that's it our group rides over the guys are heading back to the airport now but it's not over for us we've still got a few more days here in Thailand, so we're gonna carry on and explore, Seoul can't.

Wait Let's, go. It, was now time to enjoy these brilliant biking, roads and right towards our first scenic stop. First. Off a beautiful waterfall. And it, didn't take long before some, other local bikers came over to look at the mighty Ducati, and they, just loved this adventure, machine. Further. Down the road and we pass by one of the many paddy fields, are here in Thailand, it's, amazing, to actually see how they farm the field and produce, the rice. When. I stumbled, on a local outdoor food market, I just had to stop let's, go and see what they sell in and try some of these local, delicacies. They. Really, do eat just about every, part of the animal here in Thailand, very, little seems to go to waste, oh. Look. At these insects, well. I guess, I should try some, Bon. Appetit. Stop. That BAP think, I'll have another. Different. Quite. Tasty. That. Book wasn't too bad job as I tell the others. Home, just popped in my mouth for like as it is. Not. Good. As I. Wrote past the local village it was a great time to slow right down check. Out a neighborhood, and see what's around. Roadside. Snack we have deep fried banana, greasy. Fried. Crunchy. Polly, just take a really, healthy fruit to make you unhealthy delightful. Pick, me off coffee she, didn't even ask me if I wanted sugar but I definitely got a ton, of that. Well. That puts Starbucks, to shame that is amazing. Sweet strong. After, a little pit stop I then continue through this national park area and just enjoyed, the roads. In. Each in every village there's at least one, motorcycle repair shop as they have to keep all of the bikes running in town so, I coordinate one for a quick look around. Just. At the local garage look. At them for brake pads no. Meat on those at all they definitely got the bull is worth these. Bikes they're everywhere, it seems that a lot of parts are interchangeable. Amazing. To see so many motorbikes and. Look. At it spare parts everywhere. Turning, roads in scenery link all of these small villages, haha. What, fun. Riding. Out of town and once again I wrote past loads of paddy fields, but this time the workers were on their lunch break so, I thought it was a great time to stop see, if I could somehow communicate, and see more of this line of work and how they do it. It's. Sweltering, hot super. Humid these. People have just given us a banana and. Some gorgeous through here fantastic. Lunch time on the paddy field. They. Just start back at work and they're planting, the rice check. This out. No. Job. Thank. You, I. Was. Now getting close to the Laos Thailand, border and about as far north as I could go now. We would head south and right towards more hidden treasures. So. In the northern part of Thailand, the with the Lao border. That water border, control, look how cool that looks we're, not going to be going any further we're going to be seeing in beautiful, Thailand, the countryside, in this northern, sector is, dramatic. It's just absolutely, beautiful to, ride around here non-stop. Beautiful. Scenery. So. One thinking that you're not short of in Thailand, is temples, but this one seems to be quite quirky some, Bartha large statues. And some interesting artwork let's, go take a look around. There's. Beautiful. Carvings, everywhere we've, got a local guy here who's just chipping away making, the stuff and he sells as this is what he's made earlier, look. At the attention to detail in this an amazing. Amazing, just, creativity. Here people just working away with their hands it's, beautiful, to see. We, found more statues, by the side of the road as the end of the day Aeneid and, he had been a wonderful day great. Roads and scenery, and the experiences. In the market and the paddy fields was just unforgettable. I can't, wait for tomorrow. Rural. Village life welcome, to the next morning, and, once again I got back into discovery, more as we now made our way south then back to was Chiang Mai oh. It. Was a humid, day which, of course meant win at some point but, right now let's, enjoy these gorgeous, roads. I'm. Sweaty book it's humid, it's sticky, at times but. There's loads of places just like this where, you can get awesome, food, awesome, drinks, and stay, hydrated so, we're just going to pop in get a feed definitely.

Get A drink, I don't. Smell too good either but hey whatever smelly, bike. Literally. Cooked on the side of the road beautiful. Food and a spicy, start to the day I cannot, get sick of Thai food delicious. Got. Some ice, that's. Like condensed milk super, sweet beautiful, cost. Ice-cold. Yummy. Orange, definitely. Get what I need. While great roads after the refreshments, and fun on the road but, when I saw this fruit stand as we rolled into a village, I just, had to stop. There's. Loads of gorgeous, fresh fruit and the owner was super friendly and of course he, loved, the Multistrada. Now. Let's get back on the road and go and visit some animals, that will just love these bananas. So. We're here at the elephant, century, got. My bananas. Let's give them a feed. And some. Sugarcane Oh. Mr.. Sugarcane. No, more bananas, wow. What, a great experience, but, now it was time to get back on the road to search for more delights. As, I wrote through this dense tree-lined, area, I saw something from the roadside so. Let's go take this trail and see where it leads. So. From the roadside deep in the jungle, we saw as tiny, little spike sticking, out and, we followed this path for a few miles deeper. And deeper into the jungle and look at what we found we're, here, nobody. Else is quite, surreal, Thailand. Is full, of surprises. So, one thing you definitely gonna get in Thailand if monsoon, season, is, we. Get it dearly he talks a lot again. Humility, is gone this. Felt dry again we're, running into some weather right now you definitely, need, this, reaches. Of rain jacket, and rain pants because when it dumps, it dumps, big jacket. On let's go for a ride, also, the roads here, in Thailand, when, it's wet are really, really greasy, so. You could pay attention. Take, care and definitely, stay, off the pier. Bong-soon. Time, it, is bucketing. Down some. Of the worst weather I've ever ridden in so we just pulled off the road taking shelter we're. Hanging out here with some locals, this. Might have been an unscheduled pit stop but, it was also a great opportunity to once again meet some locals, and this, guy was also wearing in England Beckham soccer sure so, what's in yours English I was soon in the gang. Or. The real lasted a good hour but as the monsoon winds passed and it began to lighten up a bit motorbikes. Once again hit the road and we were soon on our way. Now. I would write open into the clouds. For. The first time we've come across a cold, spot, in Thailand, and it's because it's the highest point we're, here in the clouds. Spectacular. The really beautiful. On. The way back down it soon warmed up and began to clear so I according to see another waterfall. What. It. Lila. Further. Down the mountain and I were then right towards a very unique place now. Just one hour away from Chiang Mai they, call this the village, of handicraft. So. We're here in the village of banter why now this place specialize in handcraft goods everything. Unique, is here some really interesting things so let's check out some of these stores and see what we can find. Look, at this cool little thing is like a mini cafe racer, superb. Now, as I knee at the end of my Thailand, adventure, this was for sure a great time to reflect on many brilliant moments, as over. The last week I've made new friends wrote. Through endless natural, beauty and tasted, some magnificent. Foods Thailand. Is a wonderful, country with many hidden gems and, riding. Through it on the Ducati, Multistrada, 950. Have been a true, delight. Thanks. Daria for, a brilliant adventure, I will, be back. You. Just see how much I'm swaying here yeah I'm definitely sweaty.

2019-03-16 15:58

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