Touring The Eden Valley (Cumbria) Full Movie

Touring The Eden Valley (Cumbria) Full Movie

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Starting. This. Adventure a. Bond. Geared house in Apple be. Exceedingly. Motorbike. Friendly. And. I'll just give you the quick look. Where. You can park your bike safely. Look. At that hard standing. Both. Find. Out more about them in. The, guide. Now, bong GERD house itself, is right, on, the, edge of Appleby. So, it's beautifully, located, on. What was once the. Ancient, capital of. Westmoreland. It. Was Westmoreland, and Cumberland, before Cumbria, and. Appleby. Was. The ancient capital. And. We'll have a quick look in because. Also, this. Was famous. Well. It is famous. For. Appleby Horse Fair. Which. Is at the first weekend. In June, generally. Thousands. Of travelers, come from all over Europe. And. Congregate. Here a hundreds. Of years. Old tradition. But. Up up is only a very small town. What. Did you go through. You, go up this little bank and. At the top of it. You've. Got Appleby, castle. When. You arrive at Appleby, Castle you're. Already talking about being part of, history. That goes back hundreds, and hundreds. Of years. There. Was a building here on this site even in Roman times and what. We're looking at now is, the. Part of the property that is still occupied and it is the oldest, occupied, building, in cumbria dating, back to. The 1100. Above. Me now we've, got the Round Tower, this. Was built in the 1200. And it juts out so, that it can protect the gate as, well as look over the Mort, but. One of the areas of particular interest, is right on the top, you've. Got a medieval. Toilet. Half. Of a castle. The. Oldest, occupied, building, in Cumbria. And. They're. Synonymous. With, lady and. When. We're going to be talking more about her as we travel around because she was also, involved. In a number of other castles around the Eden Valley. Eden. Valley itself, is absolutely. And. I. Mean absolutely, steeped. With history. Of castles, and battle, sites and Roman, settlements. When. There's also a building within, the Eden Valley where. The father, of King. Arthur, was supposed, to have resided, and we're going to be seeing that later, on. So. As we've come back over the bridge we're going to turn left and head north. Because, one of the first things that we're going to go and do. Is. Have, a look. From. Over 800 meters. Up. On. The, second-highest. Fell on. The, Pennines. And. That is. What we're going to be riding on the top of. That. As. It is shrouded in law cloud.

That. Should be a bit of a giggle. When. North pennines, the. Spine, of England. Because. You come out of knock, you're. Going to turn right, you'll. See the sign for the Christian, Center. That's. The road to take. And. Things, that you discover as you travel around for. Example the, Christian, Center I. Only. Found out recently there, was a Christian, Center here. And, there it is there. The Nook Christian. Center. But. We're climbing up. Towards. The second highest. Hill. Or mountain. Probably. More than a hill than a mountain, on. The North Penn Islands. When. We can't see it there because of the clouds but right up there. You've. Got the little white golf ball but. You'll see is your travel east or west on the year 66 but. You can also see, it from the middle - Lynne Teasdale, - Alston rod and it's. Up here on done. Felt. More. Known as a weather station but. Believe it or not it. Also helps. Out, for. Air traffic control. It's. Also a radar, station. Luckily. We. Can still see a lot from here all. Of this in front of us now is. The, Eden Valley and that's. What we're going to be riding around, the. Hills in the far distance. They. Other. How Gil fells. We. Can't see it today with this but, the footage I'm going to put in shortly will, show you that, right over there you can see the hills that surround whore's water and all's water, over. There you've got old water. Did. You come along you got Kirby saw, over. That way there you've got Apple be. Further. Down across over that where you've got Kirby Steven, there. The Howell Gill fells as you go around and. As you can see from the yorkshire dales which, is over that way yep, did it did empty though and eventually, you end up horse. Water an old water over. In that direction there. So. Let's go and get dirty. With. Some history. And. Yeah we now head. South towards, Penrith. And it's, where the history. Starts. To kick in. Well. Watch out for this turning, here. We're. Going to turn right here, which Texas. Above. Penrith. And. The reason we come this way is, to see the view or the Penrith. Which, is rather splendid. Now. What you've got here that is Penrith in the foreground there. But. You couldn't see these when were up at done fell earlier. How. Gill fells comes all the way around but. In that direction they're they're the hills that surround all's water in horse water. So. Penrith, really is the gateway of one of the gate where's the other one is Kendal the.

Northern Gateway. To. The Aiden Valley because. As you come off the m6 at Junction 40. Turns. Right or left depending upon which way you're headed and you. Hit, this. Beautiful, area and. This. Is where we're going to be starting, with the history and the heritage and their castles and the stories, and the churches. So. Let's get started, now. As, we. Get into the center this is also where the train station, is. But. Just up there. We've. Got Penrith, castle. And. With castle was built at the end of the 14th century and, played, a key role in the defense of the Scottish border. Contrary. To what many might be expected, the castle was not built at the highest point of the hill that. Lies some, 170. Metres away. Its. Location was, chosen because, it, was probably the site of an old roman fort, the. Banks and ditches of which could become valent Leary used for, their defensive, function. It. Is long been thought that, Penrith castle was built by William Strickland. Later. Bishop, of Carlisle. But. There's no direct evidence for this. And, it's opposite the, translation. And. We're turning. To. Head east and. Eventually. We're going down the old 86. We're. Heading on the older six now, this. Was the route before, the m6, was built. In. Diamond bridge was a tall bridge. And. Just, slightly back there, on the. Right as we come down there's, an old building which is the old tall bridge, building. And. Some of the buildings down here that one there. 1734. Nearly. 300. Years ago. So, they have to pair to cross the river. Now. As we head down here you've got a little roundabout, this. Is where we're going to turn right and. It's, where our history. Lessons start. In, that field there we're going to be exploring, that in a minute. To. Do with King Arthur. Well, just a little bit further Rob we're gonna turn right down to here that's. Where the man get beat get big lynnium, stone is. In. The Millennium, Monument. But, this area is, synonymous. With, the. Romans. And. The first place, that we're going to see is. Mere. Burr henge. So. This henge. We. Reckoned. We. Around about five thousand. Years, old. Five. Thousand, years old. That's. Not just yesterday is it. You. See, we. Had sheep five thousand years ago so. The, edge of the pit or. The, henge. It's. Constructed, from cobbles. And. There's the Neolithic, stone in the center. But. They reckon that. This. Was a meeting place I, guess. For the tribes in the area which they would be wouldn't he then tribes.

So, We turn background and retrace our steps a little bit. Because. The next. Piece. Of history, that were going to visit, is. A hop skip and jump from where we've just been to mirror henshin. And. We're gonna go in. And. Have a look at Arthur's. Round. Table. Despite. Its name this. Is a prehistoric, monument, it probably did from the period 2000, 1000, now. Literally just over there, is. The, mayor bear henge, 3000. 2000 3000 years ago. It's. A wide ditch enclosing. The flat area as you can see. There's. Lost circular, platform. But. Unfortunately, construction, of the modern Lord which. Is literally just there. Has. Destroyed, one of the banks and the ditch to the northwest, together with the second entrance and. This is the northwest this is it here that's the main road that is destroyed, one of the bits. Like. Maybre, earthworks. 400. Meters that way. It. May have been the meeting place for a large prehistoric. Community. So. As we walk just to the side here, you've. Got this flat plain. But. Then you've got the ditch to the side. Around. About. 2,000. Years ago a thousand to 2,000, years bc. People. Were, living and. Constructing. Things a. Spitz, distance, away from. Penrith. Or the Penrith that we know today. Now. In there you've got now the castle, in gardens. Privately. Owned now. A holiday park. But. What we are going to do it's. A little bit higgledy-piggledy. The. History, that we're going to be talking about round here. But. I'll give you an idea of what you can come and see in the area. When, we started, this we, went into Appleby, and, are. Sure kissed you, Appleby. Castle. In, Lady Anne who, had a lot to do with the resurrection of. Some. Of the castles in the area. She's. Connected, to four. She's. Connected with Applebee castle. Brough castle. Broom. Castle, that were going to now. And. Also had a connection with Pendragon. Which, we will see later on. She. Was prolific in wanting to make sure that the properties. Were. Brought back to life before, she took them. Uninhabited. They were ruined, and, she brought them back to life unfortunately, when she died, they. Went back into ruin, again. But. What you're just about to see. Is one, of the most fabulous. Castles. In, the Eden Valley. And. That. Is. Broom castle. Now. As we look over this side and look over there, it. Had to be rebuilt after the storms, of 2015. The. Water was so prolific, and. Violent. It washed, away a part of this bridge that had stood for hundreds, of years. In. The far corner, just over there you can see a little bit that's. Where the stream used to go because it was a mill on that site there over there in that field but. Luckily, early. This year I, was. Allowed access to Broome castle. So. Let's go and have a look. Brew. Castle. Recently. Discovered. That. We would have thought this river is. Doing, the course that it's doing oh. No. It wasn't, that. Is. A man-made set, of bricks or stones. To. Divert the course of the river along, here and, to stop the erosion in the bank because as you can see but.

All Of, this here. All. This, here was. A massive, great pond, or lake. That. Was put together when. People occupied, the castle. But. Castle now belongs to English heritage and we're going to go and see. If. We could have a look inside that. There, was a bridge there. Maybe, Havel times book in, between the a66 you can just see the a66 bridge over there in, between there and this bridge there was a Roman bridge. On. The. Side of that river used. To be Scotland, and Penrith. Well. That was, the. First town in Scotland. Not. That long ago actually. So. Anyhow let's, go and have a look. At. Broome castle. Looking. Totally. And utterly. Splendid. Today. But. Also nearby. There's. A Roman force. Which. I knew nothing about and I'm sure there's quite a lot of other people knew nothing about. But, in 17, early 1700. The guy he warned is who didn't. Really stay here, he. Put the moves off and just, put it into room and emptied all the contents, out and, put it into ruin and over the years of course it's just. Got. Into a dilapidated, state which is now being protected, by English heritage. But. A lot of the scorn used to, build the castle was. Taken by the nearby roman, fort. And, this. Is. A mile away from the, battle at Clifton at 1745. What, a fantastic. Pekes of architecture. And, it's also associated, with brough castle. And. Brough castle is where the bluff castle ice cream places. If, you're not the member everything this heritage I saw. When I was coming in I think it's about six pound, for. Entry. And. They can buy the. Guidebook of it all that cost three quid. Also. A. Woman. By the name of Lady Anne Clifford. Was. Prominent, in this area and she owned four castles, in Westmoreland that. Was the old name for this area at. Appleby, ruff Pendragon. And Broome. Or we've looked at Pendragon, Castle before and. We've done brough castle. We've. Done Appleby castle and now we're doing Broome. Appleby. Was probably the main castle but she moved around and occupy them at different times, this. Illustration, shows. Lady, and Clifford being greeted, by her. Steward, on arrival, at brothel, or broom, on. The. 14th, of October. 1670. And. On, the right there you've got members of a household. But, she left here to return truffle be in 1671, and I will be Castle is very much prominent, with lady unclip, it and it has one of the oldest keeps in. Britain. So, this is the castle of Roger Clifford. Lady. On Clifford Roger Clifford in the, late fall in the century, room. Castle was again an effective, border defense however in August 13, 88, there, was a Scottish invasion of northern England, in. Missile istration we see a group of merchants, who have arrived during the preparations, for the castles defense and, a. Lookout on the top of the Cape. Has. Alerted knight in this courtyard to a possible, attack, by. Scottish, forces. Roger. Clifford was responsible, for much of the building worker broom including, hall kitchen, and Chapel, these. Were all. On. First floor level in a range of buildings which can be seen on the right. He. Died in 1388. In his building work was the last major change to the castle until. The middle of, the. 17th, century. So. There we have bran castle connected, with apple be connected. With. Prof.. And connected, with Pendragon. But. The story of broom it's just tremendous. We're. Heading back towards. The a6 to head south and. We're gonna go to it an area. Whose. Story, is. Disputed. There. Is another part that. Tries. To claim the, story. And. That story is about.

Clifton. Clifton. A couple, of miles south of Penrith, the. Last battle, on English, soil in. 1745. And. It's. About the Scots retreating, in English. Piercing, them. Another. Reason for stopping here is he, is a memorial, to. The Battle of Clifton, more. On. The, 18th, of December. 1745. Clifford. Nomura was a battlefield on the 18th, of December. 1745. The. Last time two armies clashed on English soil. It. Was here, that the. Duke of Cumberland army caught up with Bonnie Prince Charlie Highlanders. On their retreat from Derby, of all, places. The. Battle lasted around half an hour. Half. An hour. And. About, a dozen men were killed on each side. The. 45, Jacobite. Ended. With the Battle of Culloden for. Months led to the Battle of Culloden being open, Northumberland. But. So much is made of this battle. Lasting. Half an hour in, December. 1745. Now for. Me December's. Canny. Chili so. Perhaps they didn't have the. Blood coursing, through the veins, for. A good scrap. And. Now what. We're going to do. We discover. One, of the best hidden, stretches, of water. In the whole of the UK in. My. Humble. Opinion. In, the whole of the you. And, this is what we've come to see. This. Is. Hose water, reservoir. And, these were the hills that we could see from right up on the top at Dunn fell. But. Also as we looked over the top of Penrith. And. 2018. Has, been an interesting, year for weather. Close. To drought conditions. So. You can see that the level, is. Significantly. Down. Well. Let's go and explore a bit further. Now. Believe. It or not from, this reservoir. There. Are four hundred, million litres. Every. Day extracted. To. Supply water to the northwest nur is the largest dam in the northwest, and one of the largest in the whole of Britain but. A, fascinating, fact. Is. Even though there's 400, million liters of water every day that leave, whore's. Water reservoir. If. You added up all the water. It. Dispenses, in a year. It. Still, wouldn't add up to the amount of water that goes over Niagara Falls every. 60 seconds. And. You didn't, know that bow did you. Would. You like to go and have a look a bit further up oh yes. Uncle keV come. On oh, let's. Do it. Jaw-dropping. Least. Blended. Situated. 10. Miles from Penrith. Which, is only 10 miles from the m6. Now, this is the far end of, horse. Water. Now. There is another story. You. See the island out there well. Come this, way a bit then, there's a wall parts, of a wall there, well. Before. Horse water. Was. Filled. The. Village of Mar Dale ma, r da, la, Mar, Dale existed. And. Can you just imagine. Living. In this valley. The. Life, must have been. Unbelievably. Good. The. Views. The. Peace the tranquility.

Probably. No good for a mobile phone or TV signal but would you care because you've got your TV screen, right, there. But. The. Residents. Of Mar del be relocated. When. Horse water was. Filled. Now. When it gets down and it doesn't get down I think it was, 4050, years ago the last time it was down as far or further. Actually, than this but. This year 2018. It's gone down quite some distance and people have seen remnants. Of the village. And. It's quite eerie. But. You can just see how far the. Water line is from. Where the water line is now. And I was here early. This year. And. I did some drawn footage. So. Let's have a look. 400. Million, liters every day. Leave. This mess where would you everyday. I've got no perception, how much that is. No. Perception, whatsoever. 400, million bottles. Of water liter, bottles, of what that's. A staggering, amount. I just can't comprehend, that what they say that's what leaves everyday. If, Mar Dale was still a village that was lived in I. Think. It would be the most expensive property, in the world. Because, who wouldn't, want to live in amongst. Us. As, we. Head, off to history. And. A hidden building. That's. Gonna, make your toes curl. So, as we leave whores, water, and. Retrace. Our steps. As. I mentioned before, you've. Got to turn down at the end. Keep. An eye open for this Junction, here. As. It says towards, shop. And. That is. Where you've just come from. Beautiful. In it. Just, you with. Stupid. Now, you can still see in the distance there where we've come from so. That's how close we are how far is it it's. A hop, skip. And jump from, horse water. And. A stone's throw from. Shop. Itself. Concrete. Rod why, is, it a concrete rod. Answers. On a postcard, so having left hose water. We're. Now here at shap, Abbey. Shipoopi. Is located. In a remote valley. Shap. Villages literally just over the little. Rise there. But. It's in the valley it's next to the river louder. But. When the King Henry the earth is suppression, of the abbeys and the. Eviction, of its cannons. It. Was handed, to, the. Governor of Carlisle, in 1540. Even though it was established in 1200, so it survived for over 300, years. Located. Here. But. There's something. That. I want to be able to show you. That. I've never seen anywhere. Else. A, lot. Of the stone from the Abbey was used in the surrounding, buildings but. Some of the monastic buildings. It. Remained. We. Used in the farm. Right. There. But. What I want to be able to show you is something I've never seen. Anywhere. Else. And. I. Find it absolutely fascinating. And, it's on the floor right there. This. Is one of the cloisters, where the cannons used to meet and. What happened was, some. Of them were, interred, within the abbey and this, is one of them it's a stone coffin.

It's. Only two strides long but look at the width. They. Didn't have fast filled back in those days did they. The. Building at the end, was. Built in 1500. So, only forty years before, Henry the eighth battalion, he. Was going to destroy them. And. I'm sure you've heard the legend about he, destroyed, them because. The. Head of the church. Wouldn't. Let him have a divorce. But. Why Abbey's, in valleys and his. Castles, on hills a. Lot. Of the Abbey's run. On. A built not run. Built. Next, to rivers and. Right, on the edge here. That's. The river now there now. We. Know we used to turn water into wine but. Also, sanitation. Purposes and perhaps some of this water was blessed to become. Holy water. But. It's not just here rivo, across, it Helmsley. That. Is also built. Next to a river. But. Castles, aren't, however. Broome Castle is. Interesting. Just. Look at that view. You. And. We had now to the village of shadow. Upon. Done self I mentioned. That. This area is synonymous, with with, limestone. Well. This for quarries. Within. I would guess a. Six. Mile distance. You've. Got shot quarry up, the top. Within. Shop itself. You've got tata steel. Then. You've got civics. And, then, there's another one further down I don't know the name of. But, that's. 3/4. Quarries, or. Within, six miles. All. On. The. A6. So. As we go through shop, it. Really is a one road town but. Just up there you've. Got an open-air, heated, swimming pool. So. This is the road you would take to the m6. You'll. See the brown signs, in, autumn, village. And. That's the one we're going to take. How, about that four of you, welcome. To, the how Gill cells. And. As, we go just a little bit further, we. Can then say welcome. To. The Westmoreland, Dales. This. Is all still, within the, Eden Valley this is Marlys the southern boundary of the Hidden Valley and, the how Gill cells. But. More or less, steeped. In history. And. There's the side West. Mullan Dale's. The. Corner, Yorkshire Dales National Park. Now believe it or not. Which. Is good absolutely, in my opinion, no. To. Do with the Yorkshire Dales at all. Just. To the south side of Orton, and. Just before you see the signs in front. We're. Going to turn left. And. We're going to disappear, off into. The. Countryside. Now, just down here on the right is a very, small. Building I think. It's got to be the cutest building. In. The world. And. That's raised back old, school. That. Was. A schoolhouse. So. A little. While ago all. The children from around the local farms. Used. To come here to go to school. And. It's. Raised Beck Dame school. It's. Not very big is it. Let. Me stand in the corner. There. Is another level. And. There you go. So. That was react, school or, is mayor's Beck school not was well, I guess it was a school it isn't now. And. Then we take this left fork. Towards. Us bein su will be. We're. Going to turn right. Down. Here. That's. The way that we're going to go. Now. What you can see in front of us here is. Orton's. Car and it's. All limestone, rock. And. Legend has it that all around, here. Was. The floor of a tropical sea, or a tropical ocean. And. I've got a question. The. Ocean, must have been like pea soup. Because. All. I'm. Stone they, say is formed. From the shells of crustaceans. From. Millennia, ago and then, it was compacted through the force nor the rest of the stuff. But. This whole area, is littered. With. Limestone. Rock as well as the four quarries just over there that. Dig. Out the, limestone. So. The ocean, must. Have. Been thick. With. Crustaceans. Now. As we trundle, its. Words the base of the how Gill fells. We're, going to go through the little village of reverence Tyndale isn't that a fabulous, name for the village. Reverence. Tyndale ah. Too. Powerful, them is that raven Sterndale where do you live I live in reverence Tyndale her. Now. Having come through reverence, Tyndale. Go. To the fat lamp turned. Left and then turned right just after they the. Cattle grid, we're. Now heading down towards, mother Stang but I've stopped to you for a reason that is the view. Across. Part of our reading valley right. The way up there right, in. The far distance, that's. Done fell where we were.

Right. At the beginning of this adventure. But. This gives you another perspective that. Is the north pennines, route. Down in the bottom there it's. Curvy Steven but. This area is littered with. Lime. Kilns, where. They produce the lime to, scatter on the fields, and, I've. Got a friend of mine Teasdale's. Literally just over the hill as. A campsite, there he got a couple of fields and. They. Just looked drab. Just gus was just there. And. He got some lime and he spread it on his fields, of grass. I've. Never. Seen grass so green after. A couple of weeks, the. Ground soaked, up the nutrients, and the grass became, lush. That. Is. Why farmers spread. Lime on their fields, the. Crops go. Berserk. For it. But. This little area here is littered, with history, and heritage and that's. Where we're going to go down, to the side here and. We're. Going to see. Well. The. Most romantic castle. In. Yep. In, the, world. But. If you think that was a view they're, just. Where do we get over here. Look. At that yeah blighter. When now. Dropping. Down into malice tank isn't mother Stanger Gretna there's some great, names on this area. Reverenced. Until her. Mother. Stanger. Strong. Names, for areas. But, if you haven't explored. The. Eden Valley however. And get. A grip, you're. Going to see this scenery. You're. Going to discover and explore the history, and the heritage, that. Is steeped, in the area. What, would you rather be looking at. Seeing. Me like this. Or. The car park of ambleside and Windermere it takes no beating although. In. One of the other adventures, there's another area in, fact there's two areas that I absolutely love. This is most certainly one of them. Malice, tang. No. Just off to our right. Just. Over there you've got wild, boar fell. Reputedly. Where the last wild boar in England. Was killed. Some. Hundreds of years ago. Just. Over there. Because. This. Area was littered, with. The. Armies. If. Gentry. Living. In the castles, of Appleby, and brough and broom. But. None, of them kite has the legend, that. You're, just about to discover. Isn't. It just fabulous, come on. And. This is just off the a66, TransPennine, route. So. Accessible. It's got a sign on it saying. Come. On we. Welcome, you with open arms. Now. In this area here somewhere, and I haven't yet been able to find it. There. Is a. A45, house or a mini castle, called. The Lara side. I'll. Do a little bit of a write-up in the guide in. The book. But. Here we are. But. I class. Is. The, most romantic castle. In. Britain, if not the world. He. We have Pendragon. Legend. Has it the. Father of. King. Arthur lived. Here. And. Stories, abound within the book let. Me introduce you. To. Pendragon. Castle a ruin. That was built in the 12th century and in. Fact one of the owners Lord. Of Westmoreland, was involved, in 1170. In, the. Murder of Thomas Becket, so. It's good a lot of history, and heritage this, building, it's. Down in malice. Tang region let me just show you that behind me here the. Beautiful, malice. Tang area and also the. Location, of wild boar fell where. The last wild boar, reputedly. Was, killed in England. Let. Me just show you around. The. Ruins of the castle. The. Nearby high, point. Over. There on malice. Tang edge is in. Fact named after, Lord. Westmoreland, known as huge seat because he was Sir Hugh de, Merville. Another. Owner. Spent. Much of her remaining, years in the castle until, her death in. 1334. And. A. Lady I do know the. Name of the person, it's. Also responsible for building Church. Of st. Mary in the nearby hamlet, of Alf Gil but. Just look at, the, thickness of those balls. Still. Standing, after. 900. Years this, was also, built. Long before. Henry. The eighth, that. Nasty, tyrant. Would. You look through there look. Windows. And. Doubt. This area here a. Door. Leading, in, let's. Go in. The. Castle itself was actually attacked by the Scot twice in the, 1300s. And in the last time in. 1542. Where. It became a ruin and it. Became a ruin, until, the 1600. When Lady Anne Clifford. Took. Control of it and she was prolific, in the area not only was she involved in here she, was also involved in upper B Castle brough.

Castle And broom, Castle nearer to Penrith she. Had a passion, for me and turning the castles and making them habitable, again. But. Over the years. There. Was a second, story put on but as you can see that's now long gone and it. Became rubble the rubble was eventually cleaned, up but. Why don't. We have a look come, on. And. There we have. Pendragon. Castle. Linked. With Appleby roof. And. A broom. But. The father of King Arthur. Repeatedly. Lived there. But. Other people were poisoned. You.

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