Touring the Egyptian Museum! ☥

Touring the Egyptian Museum! ☥

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I did anyway so this is awesome okay, and. Uh yeah. We're going to Egypt so I guess let's go yeah. What. I'd like to do is wash travel like snacks go okay I'll grab some quest bars and then some macadamia, nuts and usually. I'll figure out those the macros from there. The. Room is 69, games here. Thank. You. It's. Really nice. So. We. Are in. Yeah. Cairo. First. Let's give you a quick update of how we got here so I flew in from Medici, to New York Thursday, night to Friday morning, so I got in at about 6 o'clock this. Guy picked me up from the airport, I had an appointment at 9 o'clock but the passport agency because my passport, has is, filled I have no more space for stamps, so having. A good passport, it's. Got most of the day working on that there's. Also the possibility that we may go to Pakistan. Very this trip he is from Pakistan, and I. Guess. I can say you're opening a hospital. Hospital, over all right yeah so, his family is opening a hospital laboratory, so there's a chance that in one of them and. One of the next episodes you'll see me meeting, the Prime, Minister of Pakistan a small chance but. A chance, so. So. Anyway we we spent the day getting the passports up taken care of we, were somehow able to get a Pakistani, visa, so. I have a six-month visa, so if you are from Pakistan hopefully, if I don't see you in the next week, or so but I get to see you the next six months the. Practice of easy stuff was amazing this guy was able to just apparently. A lot of stuff there is just connections. I guess, this guy has to get, him out you're. Not gonna have Bigfoot yeah. Really amazing, and we were able to get it off ours we, stopped that cat's world famous deli first for the best pastrami in, the world I don't know what episode, we're gonna put that in so we'll just show that to you here real quick so that was Friday. Mentally. Exhausted I don't do well, I'm. Very little sleep Saturday. I just met with family I don't think I've recorded anything I actually had a. Horrible. An. Episode, of anxiety, which led. Me to just write the, entire, day and I wrote a really cool script. Which I'm gonna record soon about a basically. How to use, anxiety. To your advantage, to be able to identify things that you should you, can and should improve. And it just all sorts of you guys will enjoy make sure you watch it if we're done with that video by the time you guys are watching this video we'll have the link in the description, and maybe you're seeing it somewhere on the screen right now oh yeah sunday. Was our flight to Cairo so we had 6:30, p.m. flight from JFK, a, nine, and a half hour flight I don't, do well on airplane, rights my legs, get really inflamed, I don't know what that is but we, had a exit, row seat so I was able to prop my legs up on this thing anyway I didn't suffer as much as I usually did or drop, this legs on the door yeah on the exit door. And that, worked out really well because I usually really really really suffer, that was Saturday so, we got in around. So. We got in yesterday he's, got a friend from New York who has a bunch of family here so we went to go have lunch with them so I recorded the the, restaurant and some of the food but I was with someone else's massive.

Family So I didn't want to have. My camera out recording stuff so I think we're gonna went out with them for lunch we, went out with them for for dinner we went to this amazing restaurant. You Bistro. I would say amazing but really really good I think. Some of the some of the better cuisine. Options, that Egypt has to offer, we, were gonna go out I had my first I had, my third alcoholic. Drink of this year delicious, mccollins whiskey which I think I'm gonna stick to further, from here on out super, smooth I'm, really good. And just, like two old people we went home and sleep, let's sleep, it, is. Again. It's 9:45, a.m., we. Have a pact that we were actually gonna start today at 5:00 a.m. I, don't, know what we were thinking we. Could have done it you, know we, weren't hosts. Of us yeah. There. Was no way. So. Anyway it's 9:45, super. Late then we got a pack today we're, gonna go see the pyramids. I'm really excited as I mentioned in another videos my goal my, goal when I travel, so first of all I'm not a I don't like traveling that much when I first realized with my business that I could travel around, that I could because, I work online, I, started. Traveling and my plan was actually to travel through South, America I actually started a blog. Which was called the traveling suits and the. Idea there was that I was gonna travel, to a different country every month and grow my business and then I went to two countries and what's in Mexico and then I went to Colombia and I realized two things one is I'm, completely, depressed, I'm, extremely, alone, and I, don't want to travel until I have someone to experience, this with so I think I think for the most part like my travels, I'm gonna wait till I have a girlfriend or I. Don't want to I don't want to travel I don't enjoy traveling without someone to experience, things with. You know unfortunately me, he's not a girl but, I'll, have to do now. It's actually really really cool traveling with him and. This. Is kind of his world like this this whole region I would say is a you, know. It's. Kind of his world some kind of it's cool watching him he's able to be extremely productive while he travels, which I have not. Been able to figure out so kind, of observing, him is really fun, for me, and I'm picking up a few few, things here and there yeah I want, to experience that with a cup with a loved one for the most part and I love him so forget. About what I was talking about but the the traveling, suit, idea. Was a was a was. A bad one I'm more of a creature of habit and, routine and. And obviously. If you're traveling all the time it's kind of hard to develop. Consistent. Habits and consistent, routines so I think I'm good I think I'm gonna be able to finish. This trip and, roughly. As good shape as I, am or as I was when I left the, second thing, is work so we're gonna see if I could just manage the whole worker situation, while, I'm traveling I think I can unfortunately. I left my charger at home I left my laptop charger at home I'm actually having it FedEx from New York to Egypt, it's gonna get here on Thursday so I guess, I'll just have to survive without, my computer for a couple days which is probably a good thing for me so anyway, we've talked enough we're. Done, it's time to, time. To get the state started. See, you guys I guess we'll see you guys at the turbine. Record. One yeah. No funeral you guys will see some b-roll but we'll see you as. These. Are actually two masterpieces. This, is the entrance to the to the Museum the Egyptian, Museum. That's, the goddess Isis so you can see that is representative, of day like her eyes are open which is the lotus, flower in her hand and then, that's representative, of night you, can see her eyes her clothes and she has the lotus.

Flower On, her chest. Shows. The King on one side, year where the white ground. And. Holding. An enemy from the hair and about with. The mass head on the other hand and. Shown also as a falcon with a human, arm standing, above the papyrus, reeds and, hold. An enemy, from the nose. The emulation position. Shows the. Control of the King on the Northern, Kingdom so, there is symbolist between, the crown of the south and the plant of the nose. The. Bottom is see two enemies. Running in like a panicking, position, is in sir. And behind, him a guy holding, sandals, in one hand and a jar of water in the other this, guy is job is for the sandal, beer his job is to wash the feet of the king after he finishes a religious, act. Like, a personal, bodyguard as, well the king. See. The heads of the Myrmidon ship and sorry. Any business. Belongs. To King Otto. And. His wife Queen T. The statues, originally, we're, in Luxor Temple and, they are made of a single piece of limestone that weights about 80 tons you can also see some of the original Capstone's. Of pyramids, consider, the granite blocks there, that, originally, we're on top of pyramid gilded. So, it will be shiny. This. Is a king, mummified. In the Osiris, position. Guarded, by a goddess, and, then on the bottom and the same piece of stone is the. The, sky goddess you can see our hands and feet. Touching. The earth and then you can see stars all over her body actually, it better this is a mirror. Anyway. Really cool. Popular. War. And, chaos school, assessment. And revenge. She's, considered, the protector, of Egypt, against, the, enemies give, orders, to the sculptures, to make her statue bigger than the king that never happened, here and the position, she had her hand wrapped around. Like. Two of. More. People. Be. Aware. That volume, and. Movies. Of America, cartoon, movie. Make. People, have lots of misconception. About Egyptian. Astir a part. Of it is a slavery, which is a mess of course the other thing is, the, Exodus, when. Moses, lived and, most. Parties, relate, Moses, or movies, Torrance's. But, the people some convents the drum says as the Pharaoh of the Exodus, while, we have the mummy of Ramesses upstairs, in the Royal mummies room 93. Years old guys in bed, not. Sunk. In the red. And, this is Steeler that, made by his son, Miriam behalf and. Known as marimba, task victories, or ezra. El estilo, because. It's the first ancient, Egyptian, document, that has the name of Israel, clear. On, it down there see. The part the people keep touching and we put the glass in order to stop it that has any the people of Israel. We. Never see king and queen shown, is the under the Sun God of course Aten and their. Hands, see, the Rays ending, was hand get them life on Earth first. Time to see a king show himself playing with his daughters she, is giving like a toy to one of the girls can you see yeah and other two girls are sitting on their mom's lap one, of them is touching her channel that's, to show maybe he was more down to earth let. The artist go into the palace while he was sitting with his family, and draw images. Of. Ahead. Of University, Queen Nefertiti the, wife of a Canadian and. Originally. This, and another one, beautifully. Done and colored was a blue crown and, white and, very nicely done and other, artifacts. Like that here see were, all found, in the same vault. Of the artists, house, where. He was making them so. We found them unfinished, 100%. The, Germans, when they saw the beautiful, head with the blue crown they put it in a box and send it to German, before the Egyptian antiquities stuff, saw, it because. The deals back then you, come you do the digging on your own expense and whatever, we discovered, we gonna split half and half. Although. As a kind of dynamic, that when you revolve them it, opens, up and give you more shape. We. Have found an incredible. Collection of, alabaster. Jars, and vases and containers. Of the King's personal, oils. And perfumes, and essential, oils, and body lotions, and creams and, things, like that and, this is maybe the most impressive.

And Beautiful one, of them that, should be a bottle, of perfume and the medal by, the way most of the perfume, bottles, and containers were, emptied. Shortly, after, burial, maybe before sealing the tomb because, back then it was one of the most important. Items, in ancient Egypt, the. Perfumes. This. Box will go inside this box when Carter was cataloging. The collection, he described, this box as the wonderful box, and. It does not work. Gold. Jewelry, and crowns, and bracelets, all this in this valvetrain, was found in this little jar. Squashed. Inside it, who took it out it was all crushed. They know and we, restored, it and bring it back like that. The. Most another one which is the one you see in the room that was. 110. Kilos, of solid, gold. The. Smallest one it, was in sat inside the second one now the third, one the bigger one and the mummy and the sir coffee are in the tomb in the Valley of the Kings, okay. The Mummy has, the. Golden mask. You. See there. 11. Kilos of solid, gold above. The head and the chest of the King jr.. On it underneath it between the rats of the mummy all, the rats continue, golden, leaves and, amulets, and, jewelry. And grains though, when Carter. Discovered, the. Tomb of Tutankhamun they, set, up like Russian dolls she had this. Was the biggest pot and then. This box was inside there and they were sort of forth there were four boxes. Every time he opened up a new box, they. Found a new. Really. Incredible. And. The, fourth, one is behind this, was. Where he recorded a. Child. Mommy that his parents covered his body was golden leaves all. Over it we found it under the wrapping, like that those. Those, mummies was, very interesting. The faces we. Call them portrays, mummies, that has a facial portray. On top of their mummies you see like the two brothers there for example, beautifully. Done has. A bit of Roman am fluent they. Are about 2,000, years old only and. Most. Probably made, by Italian, artists, on Italian wood and italian material, by the way but made 2,000, years ago. This. Year is a bit of mystery with, this guy as in him to influence or it was in the roman originally. In the Roman.

Famous. Beautiful singer. Cher. What. Are the most famous song. And. Original. Ostrich, feather fan some. Of the feathers still, their original. 3400. Years old, almost with. A fantastic. Design, the, feather fed, to the base made of ivory on, a handle, made of ivory and the connection, between them as a screwdriver, so, when you move it with, your thumb you can revolve, it as well so. Give, you more fresh air or you can just hold it like that and hit it with your thumb like that it, revolves, if, you want to use it like that you can if you want to make it rotate 360. Degrees it does pieces, decorated, to a scroll the wing at some desk at the back of the King was, a symbol, of protection of Egypt, you found it above doors of temples, and entrances, of temples, here, it's behind the king guarding. Air while, the chair itself has a lovely design, that will let the air go through it and has a footstool. When, you look at it has figures, of enemies, where they're both tied. In front of them and when the King sits down will put his feet on his, enemies. We, have found many, objects, and items inside. Boxes, and sometimes, we found the boxes empty and. Some. Of the boxes itself, were masterpieces, like the one we're looking at here look, at the amount of details, down there in the in the battle the King is attacking, on his chariot can you see him shooting, Aras is already behind them and part of the army is already inside, the battle when, you look at the details inside the battle you can see the difference, between the Egyptians, and the enemies, can, you see the enemies are the ones with the long beards and, thick. Hair while, the Egyptians are, shaved can, you see that. Look, under the chariot, you can see two of the Kings Saluki, dogs that. Attacking, the enemies, can. You see them when. You look up on the lid you can find the hunting, scene but. This time the king is shooting arrows on many gazelles, and ostriches, in hand antelopes. And hyenas, and stuff like that after, under. Sorry that the horses you can still, see the dogs attacking, the enemies the animals, that has been shoot already, the. Other side, besides. Here has the King shown as his Fink's can. You see him the king is like a sphinx stepping, above enemies and there. Is a battle. This. Box is one of my favourite action is a battle shows the king not, to his Asians, like the other one but with Africans. You, can see black people in, the middle of the battle when, you can differentiate them from the, ancient Egyptians, lighter in, color and the, top also is hunting scene but, instead, of the ostriches, and the gazelles on the other side this, one has lines and wine cells there, used to be lines in Egypt but extinct, now. It. Should have four fires but all the papyrus was missing. Somebody's. Calling as well because it was one of the most expensive items. The. Two life-size, wood and gilded statues, that, were guarding the burial chamber they, are painted black as imitation, of god Osiris, the chief got in the afterlife shown, black the, king feature is not a black man we. Found in between them a pile of weapons, bows and arrows and shield. We. Found some of his chariots, dismantled, in pieces you can see it in the corner there his, funeral, furniture, beds and couches and chairs very. Obvious, that there was someone. Looking, for something, or there is a mess inside we. Found many of those boxes, and. Jars. That contains, the oils and the perfume empty. So it seems someone went and shortly, after burial or before. Sealing the tomb and stole those. Items, and never make it to the burial chamber behind, the water. This, is the one of the first ever mannequins. This. Is a made, just for the just to try on that Kings clothing, and then, this is a pair of sandals where you can see a lot of the stuff that were near, the feet of and this is a I guess a pair of the King sandals where you can see visual.

Representations. Of the enemies, which, I'm noticing in a lot of the artwork. And design of, things like. Standing, over enemies, enemies always positioned like. Below the king in, front of us one of the monster pieces of the collection the throne of the King the one he actually used during his lifetime made. The food covered, with, gold, layer, his, to Linus heads for protection, as the, king and the Queen underneath. The protection, of the Sun God and between, them that, has reyes ending, with hands, the, king is sitting, down and the queen is massaging, his shoulder, with some oils, in her other hand you see one, hand has, the jar the other hand is touching his shoulder, their. Bodies, are made of bottle rockets. The. Hair wigs, are made of lettuce lettuce, their dresses are super all, the color pets and pieces you see all around our, precious, and semi-precious stones. In, lathe, in. The gold background just, imagine how much work it has as, a beautiful footstool, again with, figures of enemies, when the kingship will put his feet on them has, the, lines legs, of. The throne and, the, sides has. To, wing get cobras, you. See the wing get Cobra there is wearing, the double crown of Egypt on top of its head and it's guarding, the name of the king and the cartouche, between, the two ways that. His name has his, birth. Name called. Heaven, Evora, while. The other side has stood and amon, there, is a Cobra, here, where, the, red crown of Lower Egypt and four, cobras at the back, guarding. The back of the king with the Sun disc above their heads and scenes of the marshes of the Delta, in the background, and. The other side, there has another Cobra, where's the white crown, only, while, the winget Cobras, are wearing, the double crown and. That's tooth and aiming, his name as the. Famous king. Or the, Golden, Boy Faro as we're going and now after we see all this gold you see why they call it the Golden Boy Farah this is, a condition, of the tube type of discovery by Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings in, 1922. Was, found was more than two thousand different items. Anything. The King used in his life and he may need in the afterlife, they, put with him inside, the tomb, so, it's a rock-cut tool that has eighteen. Steps to, go to a passage, leads. To an antechamber. So. It's pictured, there Robert. A room called the Alex that's. Full of jars and vases and funerary furniture, and drinks and food and even seeds, of the crops they put will the true and that, is a room called the Treasury, that's, where we found the.

Canopic Box we saw earlier the jackal the models of boats those where we found the, wooden gilded statues we saw over there represent, gods and goddesses, and here is that lag gilded. The statues, we showed you just so one of them here, as the barrier here, is the burial chamber that, has the four wood and gilded boxes, inside each other around, the, sarcophagi. That contain. Three. Layers of coffins. And the mummy inside. So, the outer two, layers were made of of the coffins, were made of wool and gilded. While, the most inner one is the one that has 110. Kilos, of solid, gold and the, mask was 11, minutes of solid, form, beside. All the jewelry we found and that's why we call him the golden boy Pharaoh ascends. The throne 9 or 10 died, maximum, 19, or 20. Okay. So just just finished, up with the Egyptian Museum which, was amazing, now you guys decide tons of video of that now. We're at an on the run or, you're gonna see people are actually smoking inside we're grab me some snacks I'm not grabbing anything, but. We're getting some snacks and then we're gonna hit the hit, the pyramids so see. In the next foot. Hey. Guys so you just said is watching the first episode of the two episodes we have planned for my trip to Egypt if, you enjoyed the episode and, you're not already subscribed, please subscribe and don't just subscribe, make sure you hit the the. Little bell icon to make sure that you receive notifications. And, probably seen many times throughout this episode that you can check me out on instagram at nelson quest thank. You guys as always if you have any questions comments, please leave them in the comments below and we'll. See you guys in the next episode of, egypt where i think i'm going to the pyramids, enjoy.

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