Touring Your Incredible Builds in The Sims 4

Touring Your Incredible Builds in The Sims 4

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Today I want to show you some  really cool builds in The Sims 4. So for some context, I did a shell challenge a  couple of weeks ago, and if you're unfamiliar,   a shell challenge is pretty simple. Basically,  I build a box, usually a pretty weird box as you   can see by this one, and I put it on the gallery  and I say okay, go. Turn this box into something.   You've got pretty much free reign as well, you can  rotate the lot, put it on a bigger lot. You know,   add roofs and platforms and foundations and  all of that. The only thing that you can't do   is change the existing walls. So say for  example you didn't like this little bump-out,  

you absolutely could not get rid of it. Cheater.  But what you could do is add, I don't know,   a foundation in this area to make it into a little  patio. Does that make sense? Everything else was   fair game though, you just couldn't adjust any  of these exterior walls. You could add interior   walls to make sure you had a floor plan, you just  couldn't change the outside. The shell had to stay  

the same. And the fun part of shell challenges is  that everyone does so many different things, Like,   I built a haunted house with mine. On the gallery  I saw museums, I saw bars, modern mansions,   we saw little tiny cottages, I mean like, people  did so much with this, and it's just so cool   that it was all the same house, but everyone  did so many cool, different, creative things. I love shell challenges. This is not my first one  and it will not be my last, so I can link some  

of the other shell tours down below too if you  want to watch some, but today I want to show you   some of my favorites that I saw in the gallery.  Starting with, in my opinion, a very special one. Here we have a build by um, Little Smimsie? On  the gallery. This is mine. This is what I did   with the shell, I made this sort of like, tudor  style older house. You can kind of see some of   those original parts, like that pointy bit from  the second floor. Down here in the front was  

that little two by one area, I rotated the lot.  And here was my interior. The interesting part   is that floor plans are always super hard with  shell challenges like this because obviously,   you can't expand the house to make it more  normal. You're kind of stuck with what you have,   so this is what I ended up doing, and I did make  a build video on this, so I'll link that too. But now that you've seen mine, I think it'll  be fun to show you everyone else's because   they are very different. Quick disclaimer: There  were a lot of entries into this shell challenge,  

like more than is physically possible to  look at. I always do my best with this,   but there's just not enough time in the day to  look at them all. And also, the gallery breaks.   I'm sure you've noticed this, but after a certain  point, the gallery just stops loading them. So I   try and do stuff like filter by different lot  sizes, and different lot types, so I can see   more options, but again, after a certain point,  the gallery just doesn't scroll anymore. And then   what do you do? This is a pretty common problem  with the gallery, I can't even see all of my own   builds on my gallery. Like, when I'm trying to  look for my own builds, I can't even find them  

because they just don't appear anymore. So you  can imagine that the shell challenge with like,   thousands of entries on the gallery hashtag  is probably not gonna work so well, but I   really did my best. So I guess what I'm saying is  please don't feel sad if I didn't get to yours,   I swear it wasn't on purpose. And I also did a  long stream where I toured a bunch of people's   shells and we did them randomly, so I did like, a  randomizer to pick people in chat, so if you want   to see that, I can link that too. And like I said,  this is not my last shell challenge, don't worry.

Alright, with that being said, let's  get into it. I'm gonna show you these   in no particular order by the way, they're just  ones that I found and like. There's not like,   a number 1 or a number 10, they're just fun. This one here is the Base Family Modern Home  by Anaire3 on the gallery. So keep in mind,   this one is base game, and you can see already,  this is incredible. It's on a 40 by 30 lot, so I'm  

gonna go pop it in somewhere in Willow Creek and  um, are you seeing this? Are you kidding me? So   when you first walk up to the house there's this  like, amazing rounded driveway and you'll see they   did a lot of terrain manipulation, so we have this  pond. And it looks like it's multiple levels. We   have this like, pathway curving up to the stairs.  The gate and the mailbox, like -- hello? You would   never believe this is the same shell as mine, but  it is. When you look at it from top-down view,   you can see this part right here is that little  two by one that I put. You can see the pointy bit,   no spoilers though for the inside, let's look at  the outside first. Also the roofing they did is so   incredible, it is so hard to do the roofs of shell  challenges because they're not designed to have a   roof. Like usually when you build a house you sort  of build it, or at least I do, kind of imagining  

how the roof will look, but the shell challenge is  the opposite, it's just a box, and then you have   to like, figure everything else out from there. So  it's like, backwards way that most of us build, so   it's so cool to see how people see these things.  I mean look at this part right here, hello? Okay, so the back has a really big pool, they've  got like a sunken hot tub as well. I just think   this kind of thing is so clever, the way they have  like used platforms to make all these different   areas. I honestly cannot get over it, Also there's  like, a little playground area over here? I'm -- I   just. Come on. They even made a fake garage. You  know how they did this, they sized that one up,  

so it looks like, normal-sized, but really it's  like, in the ground. I don't know, I'm just really   impressed. So let's go inside the house. You walk  up the pathway and it takes you into this like,   formal entryway where the staircase is. They also  have turned that little two by one into a little   shoe coat closet. There's a side door under one  of the patios, we've got a little half bathroom.   You walk into the back, this is where the living  room is. They have a little office right here,  

the kitchen. You might be noticing Kayla,  how do those cabinets look like that?   What is that? They put a painting in front of the  cabinets to make them look like wood. That is a   painting that your sims have made, off the  gallery, so it's just like, a wood texture.   And they put it in front of the cabinets, so it  looks like, wood. I mean, come on. The detail   on that. This is also a custom-built like shelf  piece and they actually put stuff on it. We have  

a dining room over here. They made like a custom  cabinet hutch by combining some pieces together.   You can just tell this took them so long. They  also made a custom transom above this archway,   which is so smart, I've never thought to do  this, and I really like how that looks because   that's like, the short archway and they put  windows above it to look like transom windows. Also this kind of thing, like the little like,,  butler's pantry almost, is so realistic in like,   fancy houses. All those YouTubers in LA  have this, you know what I mean? Okay,  

upstairs. Floor plan, super well done by the  way. And let's not forget, they have like,   these tiny fake rooms added inside of the like,  roof pieces. So upstairs, we managed to get a   little like, sitting room off of the hallway in  that roof piece. And that actually does function,  

it's not a real room, they didn't add  walls, it's just a roof, but it functions. They have a little toddler's bedroom,  they made like a fake changing table.   Here we have a big bathroom. I love how  built-in the cabinetry looks in here too.   We have this like, maybe teen's bedroom, and  they also have their own balcony and this cool   sunroom spot with the desk. The parents bedroom  has an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet,   they also have access to that balcony too.  And can we just talk about this for a second,   I always complain about how short this door is,  but they put this window on top of it. We used  

to only have three swatches on this window, it  used to only come in these first three swatches,   so I never used it, but now that this window  has all the other swatches, you could like,   combine it to fit these doors in everywhere now.  It's a miracle! I'm not kidding, that has like,   made my day that we can do that now. But anyway,  this house is just so cool. And like I said,   you would never know it's the same shell. This  is the same orientation as my build as well, like  

they rotated it the same direction. I feel like  mine and this one cannot get more farther apart. Next I want to show you the Base Game  Museum of Rock by Player_Hobbit on the   gallery. The description says welcome to the  Museum of Rock, currently showing the new women of   rock and diversity rocks exhibits. Just how clever  is this! So you can see also, this is the same   orientation as my shell as well. It's rotated the  same way, they just made the walls a lot taller,  

which is allowed by the way. So they've placed  this one in San Myshuno. They've got a parking   lot, they have this like, courtyard space out  here. And I love the use of the guitars all   sized up as decorations on the outside. And you  might be wondering like, how on earth did they   do this? This build has no custom content. The  way they do these paintings is they have their   sims do paint by references, these are of like,  sims singing and playing music, to make like,   big custom portraits. And then they size them up,  so this is just a medium painting from reference,  

and then the rest of these are also paint  by reference, but it's paint by reference   of custom content which doesn't count as  CC. So this build has no CC on the gallery,   and look at how cool! Look at how cool this  looks, they made custom signs this way. The detail as well on just like, the city aspect  of this with the landscaping and like, the fire   hydrant and the signs. It just is so realistic.  So when you first walk inside, it's one big   open room, like a lot of museums are. And it is  covered in all those custom paintings again. This   is so interesting because you can just imagine how  long it would have taken to like, dress up all of   these sims and get all the angles right to get all  these paintings because they have them everywhere,   all around the outside, and they're all different  as well. Like this is just such a cool idea for a   museum, and it's functional too because your sims  can come here, they can like, paint, they can use   the bonsai tree, they can play chess. There's  like, a little gift shop sort of area. They  

turned that tiny weird bump out into a bathroom,  which makes so much sense. Spot the pride flags   by the way. And then upstairs, they've got another  exhibit. Oh, and it's just so cool. It's just -- I   was obsessed with this one. Major props to the  creator. Another thing is that I hadn't really   considered using platforms to like, separate  exhibits yet in museums. And they did that   so well with like, all the weird little bump-out  pieces in this building, to raise them up and then   rope them off like it's an intentional exhibit.  It looks like they wanted this build to always be   this shape. Like I feel like you wouldn't be able  to tell that they were stuck with my weird shell,  

it looks like it was supposed to look this  way, and I just think that's so cool, so.   Huge fan of this one, and it's also base game,  by the way. They are both base game so far. Next, I want to show you the Autumn Gingerbread  house by aleachii on the gallery, and this is   actually one of my Twitch mods. If you know  PoriumG, my Twitch mod Gabby. They always do this,   they always break out the good ones. I had to show  you though, because they actually made two. They   made a base game version of my shell, and this  gingerbread version. How could I not show this to   you? I mean, look at all their builds -- anyway,  sorry. So here it is, notice the landscaping  

please, for one second. Obviously, the main  building here is the shell. And this one, believe   it or not, is also rotated the same direction  mine is. It's the same front of the house as mine   and the other ones, but you would never be able to  tell. I mean, this looks completely different than   that museum. Same house, same shell. I don't know  where to start with this, okay, so peep the pond  

over here. I was obsessed with this. Some people  are just so much better at manipulating terrain   than I am, and that I think is a key feature of  a lot of these really cool builds is that the   terrain is just so well done. Like, this house is  on layers, with the fencing and the balconies and   stuff, and it just looks so cool. Also like, these  rounded pieces, the way that she makes the round  

fence is by taking one of those round floor pieces  and then putting a couple of them in to like,   have it keep rounding around. And it just looks so  cool! We also have this little parking space for   some fancy cars, we have a greenhouse on the side  of the build. The detail and the placement of each   of these individual debug rocks too, to make this  like, curved path. The double wide picnic table.   Yeah, this house is very autumnal, I iove it.  Also, here we have a fake tree house, like  

playhouse thing for some kids. I mean like, come  on. Come on. That is so cute. The tree disappears   when you get up close, but look at how cute it is  with the towel and everything laid down. The side   yard has some garden planters, there's pumpkins  everywhere. There's just a lot to take in out   here, but when you actually go inside the house,  you first walk into a hallway, which is like,   so cozy. This is my perfect sized hallway entry.  There's a little toilet right off the doorway.   We have another bathroom with a shower and a sink  right here we've got like, some shoes and a shelf   and a coat rack, like classic things you'd have in  an entryway. And then you walk into the kitchen,   which is such an interesting use of my stupid  space, like I made this horrible shape, and this   is a really well laid out kitchen given what you  had to work with. And it just feels so realistic,  

like the pet bowls on the mat, and this  amazing dining room! Come on, with the lights? Off the kitchen there's another bathroom, this  one's a lot bigger. And there's so much detail   in the shelves and stuff. I kind of always forget  this item even exists, with the swabs and cotton   balls, but that's perfect. To the left from the  front door, we have that living room, which is   also very nicely decorated for fall with all the  pumpkins and stuff. We have this little office,  

and d'you know what? I love the wood paneling in  here with like, the paintings and the boat. Like,   it just -- it comes together really well. There  is a bedroom downstairs off that living room,   and then upstairs, we've got another three  bedrooms. So you can see when you first   walk into the hallway, it's like a whole second  sitting room, and look at the fire logs! Like,   ready for the fireplace. And the decorations on  the mantel -- I don't have enough patience to   decorate this well on the mantel, but that looks  so good. There is a really small bathroom upstairs   for everyone to share. I assume this is like,  the parents bedroom because it's the biggest,  

and they have like a little office nook right  off of it. And then we have two more kids rooms,   this one for a little toddler, and then this one  for maybe like, a teen or something, I'm not sure. Oh, I just love this house. There's  so many detailed items placed,   like you can just see it. And all the detail  on the roof pieces all individually placed,  

in the landscaping. Like, can you just imagine  how long some of these builds would have taken? Next I want to show you the Spooky Shell Challenge  by Melanieee_Drake, this one uses just the base   game and Cottage Living. It's a cozy farm for  a small family. So um, take a second, take it   all in. Again, with the level of detail, and also  the terrain manipulation. So this is on multiple  

levels as well. They used a lot of plants to cover  up like, the terrain when they've raised it, which   looks so cool with all the lavender growing out of  it. And we have this river through the whole lot,   and there's like, a little old water mill thing.  We've got this wedding arch area set up with the  

hay bales and a chicken coop. Also, look at this  amazing gazebo, I like -- the amount of detail   here, look at that. Also, over here is where the  cows are. They have like, their own little well   and everything. So when you first walk up, you  have to cross this bridge, which is functional,   by the way, it's a real bridge. You can cross over  it and then it takes you this way up some more  

stairs, we've got some crops growing over here.  And then this is the actual front of the house,   and I just love how weird it is. I mean that as  a compliment, like it feels so appropriate to the   style of the house. This one's actually rotated  differently, you can see. This was my front of   the house, this side. So they've rotated the  lot. And I love the like, thatched roof with the  

green windows -- ugh, it's cute. Okay, so when you  actually walk in, you first enter to like a little   entryway space and the living room. There's a big  staircase, and then we have these red sofas -- aw,   it's just so nice! And then off of that, there's  a little office space that also leads into   a bathroom. And then we also have the kitchen  and dining space, okay, can we just acknowledge   how good all these windows look? Like, the wall  of windows is so cool. The dining space with like,  

the cottage-y stone walls. And the size of this  kitchen with that giant island is like, a dream. Upstairs, we've got a few bedrooms. We have this  big hallway space that you first walk into with   a desk, kind of like an office nook. We have  what I assume is the parents bedroom up here,   and then they also have an ensuite bathroom.  And a huge balcony to come sit on. And then   one of the kids rooms is in this space, they also  have an ensuite bathroom and their own balcony,   so this kid is a winner. But they said in the  description that one of the other kids lives   in this area, so maybe it's like the older kid has  their whole own little space out here! Now that is   cool. I'd be a little bit scared to walk to the  bathroom at night, but it's cool. I just can't  

get over how different all of these lots are,  like you would never know it's the same shell. Now I want to show you Oasis Paradise by  Marleenh20. This one is also base game. I   just thought the style of this house was so cool,  like with the overhanging platforms and stuff   going over the lot. I really like the matching  wood on the bottom and top of that wall, I just   think it looks so cool. So when you first walk up,  it is also on a supersuper high foundation, and   we have like this pond sort of space down by it.  And they've kind of surrounded the lot in rocks,  

which makes it look so good. And then you go into  the back, and as promised, we've got this like,   oasis paradise with all the landscaping and  stuff. This build as well looks like you would   never know that it was a shell challenge, every  single piece of it looks so intentional. Like,  

you would never know that it's my fault they  had to do some of this because of my stupid box.   I love how the balcony looks, like the back just  looks so cool. You can see downstairs in the back,   they've kind of turned that weird bump-out  into space for a bar and a grill, and we   have a dining table, and some music, and there's a  pool with some loungers. We got this sitting area,  

and the front door is actually on the side  of the house. They also did that thing with   the paintings, to make like a fake house number.  Also these two plants together is just so nice.   So when you first walk into the house, they've  got like, a pretty formal entryway. They also,   you'll see, have a lot of custom paintings  in here. Again, it's not custom content,   it's like paintings of custom content. You can  find a lot of things like this, like sets of it,   on the gallery. This one you can see is made by  xXSerena_27Xx, they've got some more in this room  

by fruitloops40. But off the entryway is this  big bathroom, and then you enter into like,   a living room/staircase/office space kind of  great room, almost. They've got a fireplace,   they have a huge TV, and then through this next  archway is the kitchen, and I just loved the like,   placement of the island. It seems like a really  well done use of a sort of oddly shaped space,   you know? They kind of had this weird room  to work with because of my weird shell,   and they made it work really well. And they've  also placed a bunch of these cabinets, but put   them backwards, so they're all wood. This is just  that regular base game cabinet, you can see, but  

they put two facing each other so it looks like  a solid wood piece. They sort of snuck the fridge   into that nook, this is that two by one weird nook  I was talking about. They put it for the fridge,   and that looks so intentional. And then through  this hallway leads you into the dining room,   which is also very fancy, I love all the  windows in here. That's like, my favorite part. Upstairs, we managed to get three bedrooms, so  they have this big hallway and then through that   takes you into the parents room, and they've  kind of got these built-in like, cabinetry   to make nightstands all along the sides. Similar  thing in this kid's room with the built-ins. This  

whole house looks very custom because of that,  like a lot of houses in real life that are of   this style might have that sort of like, custom  built-in cabinetry and I like that they tried   to mimic that in The Sims, it's kinda cool. So we  have this awesome like, long bathroom, which is so   nice. They made this like, fancy fake cabinet  too. Another bathroom up here, and then we also   have that huge balcony from earlier. I just --  I am obsessed with the exterior of this house,   I think the front of this place looks so cool.  Just like, look at that for a second, isn't that  

amazing? I love the roof, the roof is like, by far  my favorite part. I need to learn how to do that. Now I want to show you Scandinavian Base Game Home  by LinnBeatrice. A lot of these are base game, I   didn't even do that on purpose, but like, look at  how good this is! So here we have it, you can see   they've also done a ton of terrain manipulation,  but look at this. There's like, a huge driveway   that leads up into a garage in the middle of the  house, and the garage is made with little window   pieces and curtains! Curtains to mimic the metal  part.That's so smart, I've never seen that and it   looks so good. All around the house, there's a lot  of river, this is like kind of a theme of these,   a lot of people put a lot of like, rivers and  waters and ponds on their builds. They kind of  

have this like, dock, in the back with a lot of  seating.There's lots of decks and patio space,   you can see they have this one on the table and  a grill. We've got this pool over here. This is   a fun work around the shell challenge because  this is just a foundation piece and a pool,   but it looks like a whole separate building, you  know, so they've kind of like, added some visual   interest to that side of the area without cheating  on the shell challenge. So when you first walk up,   you can see that you go off part of the driveway  and then you go into this room with the sliding   glass door over here on this patio space. And  you enter straight into the kitchen hallway area,   and I love the use of like, all the black and the  like, tannish wood color. There's a bathroom right   off the front door, look at these mirrors combined  to make this. This is actually a framed photo  

and they put that on top of the mirror so  it looks like a framed mirror, a custom one,   but it's just those big glass-paneled mirrors  and the photo. The kitchen is a great shape,   I just, I loved this. They made like a  custom door as well, putting a window   there into this dining/living/great room.  The garage, fully furnished and functional,   aside from the fact that the cars are fake, but  it looks so cool! I mean, that is a tight squeeze,   good luck getting into this car, you know what  I mean. Like, uh, not my problem though. Because   you can't drive cars in The Sims, these are just  for show. They're collector's items, you know?

And then upstairs, we managed to get a few  bedrooms in here, there's actually three bedrooms   upstairs. This floor plan is so hard to figure out  because I have this weird pointy room that you can   see. That is fully my fault, but they managed  to make this work really well, and they made the   hallway kind of useful by putting in like, some  gym equipment. But there's like, a teen's room,   I assume the parents room because they have  a balcony. We've got two bathrooms up here,   one really fancy one with like, a jacuzzi tub. A  shared kid's room, I mean just all in all, super  

nice space. I loved the garage though, that is  my favorite part. Like, that garage is so clever. Now I want to show you the Simsie Shell Spa,  going back to another community lot. This one's   by SJJM_88, and they built this huge spa for  Windenburg. Okay, and just look at this for a   second, I love this one. I'm just obsessed  with how they've laid out the side of this   building to make this amazing outdoor space for  the spa. So let's talk about it for a second,  

they used these concrete mats to make like,  a fancy walkway, we've got this amazing   sign by the fountain. The use of this, the  pebble flooring, in the fountain is so good.   We've got a pool, we've got the loungers,  we have the chairs, we've got a yoga class   with some music. This sitting area in this  like, custom gazebo -- I'm gonna steal this   idea with the glass roof and these panels, like  that just looks so cool. Also, these guys sized   up off the side, I've never used that item in  my life, but that looks so cool. And again,   this by the way, is the same orientation  as the first few builds including mine,   this is the same front that I had with that weird  two by one piece, and it's completely different.

They also did some layering of windows, they put  these tiny windows on top of some bigger ones   to make like, some custom-looking pieces. Also  let's not forget this fountain area over here,   I -- this part was really weird, this like little  area that kind of overhang off the side, but they   managed to make it look so intentional. I don't  know, I just -- I'm obsessed with this one. Okay,   so when you first walk in, you walk straight  into a fountain that you would then walk around.  

And they did a lot with like, this zen garden  space inside and the bar, we have this like,   kind of private massage area in the back.  When you come over to the left over here,   they've got like a little sitting area with some  magazines, like kind of a waiting area, I assume.   We also have the bathroom, which has some  like, kind of sneaky showers and some toilets,   and this is a really nicely laid out space, in  my opinion, it's very realistic. Also, the sauna  

is off the bathroom, which makes so much sense I  feel like in real life. I always have a hard time   placing my saunas in The Sims, but this one, this  one makes sense. Okay, and then you go upstairs,   and up here we have a lot more like, massage  chair and table type things. So there's like,   another sitting area, plus some of these massage  chairs to get your nails done or your, you know,   your feet rubbed or whatever. And I just think  this gravel with the rocks and the cactus plants  

looks so cool. I don't know, I was really  pleased with how this was laid out. I just   thought this one was so like, 1) functional,  but also realistic. I just, I loved this. Next, I want to show you Cabin in the Desert by  trixi506. I just loved this. Like, the rocks on   the front blend in so well with the rocks behind  it. Like, the gallery image of this one is so  

good. It looks so natural. Unfortunately for the  roomies household, uh, they're gonna have to die.   Oh, I might have to get rid of them. Goodbye my  friends. Okay, so just take a second to take that   one in. I feel like I might need to bring a sim  here to get the full effect because you'll see,   they also put in all of these ponds, the spawners.  So there's like, fish in this pond, you can fish   in the pond. There's ducks in this  one. We got dragonflies by this one,  

tadpoles over here. Like, they've really made this  look so lively, and I just am obsessed with it. I   can't believe what I'm looking at, you know? And  the water goes all the way around. In the back,   there's a bunch of balconies and an outdoor space  to sit in which is nice because I guess, you know,   most of the lot is taken up by rocks and  water, so you don't have much of a yard,   but you've got some beautiful balconies. Also  this glass roof and all the glass windows, I just  

thought that was so cool. I feel like I daydream  of coming to visit a place like this, you know? Anyway, notice again the water and like,  the multiple levels that they've done.   I don't know how to do this, but it always look  so cool. I need to like, take notes on this,   so that I can pull it off next. But you walk  up this kind of winding staircase, you know,   and then when you come into the house, you walk  into this big sort of entrance hall with some nice   stairs, there's a little balcony right off the  entry which is super nice. And then to the right  

is the like, kitchen and dining area, and can I  just say, I always forget about these little guys,   but that is so cute. This was part of like,  a collectible event that they did a while   ago with Jasmine Holiday, so these are in  debug. But they've got a bunch of them,   and look at the little decorations  they put up! Because it was like,   a Halloween sort of themed shell. Obviously  like, all the shells aren't Halloween-themed,   but that is why I did the shell challenge. So it's  fun to see like, the little touches of decor in  

some of these places. There's a bathroom in the  hall, they also use this swatch of that like,   plant wallpaper. And I've never used the gray one,  but it looks really good. Do you know what I mean? We've got a couple living spaces too, one like  more formal one in this sitting area by the   windows, so you can, you know, look at the rocks.  And then we also have this TV area. This thing,   this is a cat from debug, so they put like a  fake cat sitting on the chair. And then upstairs,   we've got a couple of rooms. We have this nice  hallway, I think this upstairs layout is really   well done. I had a hard time with mine, but  I've shown you a lot of really good ones today,  

I think that people did well with the floor plans  in this house. There's a lot of decoration in the   hallways, like a lot of clutter and stuff.  To the left we've got a little bathroom,   also with lots of clutter with like, all of the  nail polish, and the hair tools, and we've got the   toddler potty next to the big potty. This first  kid's room is very yellow, also very cluttered,   like lots of detail in the decorations.  You can tell it looks really lived in,   and like people enjoy this space and actually  play in it. I love the shelf next to the bed,  

same thing with that kind of like, built-in vibe  they've gone for. And also the curtains by the   bed is pretty cool, it kind of gets that like,  four-poster, but maybe a bit more simple kind of   idea. Then we have the parents bedroom. A lot of  people had the like, main bedroom in this like,   weird pointy room that I made. I've noticed a lot  of people did that in like, all of the shells. The  

parents have an ensuite which is huge, and  their own private balcony. And then this is   the youngest kid's room, the description said  that it looks like a unicorn threw up in there,   and you know what? I appreciate and  support that choice. This is real nice. Anyway, I just -- I was obsessed with this build,   I thought it was amazing with all the detail  on the outside, so I wanted to show you.

We've got another farm this one, is by  RetroSimsYT, it's also just called Spooky   Shell Challenge because that's what my shell was  called, but they did a speed build on YouTube,   so I'm gonna link that down below if you want  to watch it. Oh, I just, I just love a good   farmhouse. So. You can see the whole lot is  like, very detailed. Also, all of these fence   pieces are from debug, so they've made like, a  completely custom fence. So we have this like,   huge entryway to the lot, which I never use this  item, I feel like I should try. But you walk in,   they've got like this truck with the hay and  stuff in the back, they use a lot of the debug   mushrooms and landscaping from Cottage Living.  I loved how this farm area looks, how they've  

layered the plants together with like, them kind  of crisscrossed. I thought that was super clever.   Also all the terrain paint is so well done. We  have, of course, a pond. With loads of life in it,   when we're in game, you would see all these  ducks and the fireflies and the dragonflies   and the fish and everything. Over here to the  left, they've actually made a garage which is   very realistic for a farm like this. And they  put these huge doors, these ones are actually   from Snowy Escape, and they work super well as  garage doors. I've seen a lot of people do that. Going further along, we've got some more plants,  this time are some trees. And they made this  

greenhouse with these windows, and they put like  fake doors. This is just a wall like this, with   some windows on it, and they just left it open so  it looks like open doors. I just thought this was   awesome. These are also room dividers, but with  the TOOL mod to, you know, do this with them. Over here is a fake rabbit hutch! Look at that.  Look at that. Isn't that so fun? We've got some   cows over here. Back this way some more  tractor pieces, some more crops. I mean,   the detail on the outside of this lot alone is  just amazing. So when you actually walk up, it's  

got pink. And I love the pink shutters. And it's  just like the right amount of weird, and I mean   that in a very nice way. Like this kind of house  is kind of whimsical looking, and I love it. Okay,   so this is the same front as mine by the way, you  can see they've got that same two by one piece   right there. And there's a big sort of wrap-around  porch area, but when you actually walk up,  

you come into this entryway. They have a little  side door, and the staircase in here. To the left   is a huge kitchen with so much clutter and detail.  We've got this little dining room, sort of, right   here. This is kind of similar to the layout that  I did in my house, but just like, a completely   different style. I also had the kitchen over  here, mine had like a big hallway in this space.  

I had an office down here. This was my dining  room, like it's just so funny to see how people   split theirs up. We've got a bathroom down here,  the detail and like the radiators and the clutter,   like they stacked the basket on top of the towels.  This kind of thing just excites me. And then in   here, we've got a big fireplace again with some  seating next to it, we've got the little TV area. Upstairs, they managed to fit in like, two  bedrooms and an office. So they have like,  

twin toddlers living here, the toddlers have a  balcony off their room, but the parents also have   access to the balcony from their room. Parents  have an ensuite, and there's like a little office   upstairs too. I just -- I think this house  is great. I can't get over the lot, I want to   play in this lot, you know, I want to like, come  play with a farm family and live here. Alright,   and the last one I want to show you today is the  Autumn Leaves shell by SBartlett87. SBartlett   always knocks it out of the park with the shell  challenges. They do one like every time. And I   actually toured this one randomly on my stream. So  I mentioned that I was doing random shell tours on  

stream, like randomizing people's names like  out of a hat to tour their shells on stream,   and this is one of the ones I pulled up randomly.  I feel like this autumn build is perfect for the   last one of this autumn shell tours, you know?  So take a second, take it all in. Same thing   with the river around the side, so many people do  that and it looks so good. They've got some like,   custom bridges going on. Your sims can actually  walk across that. Over here, I love this little   garden area kind of like snuck off in the corner.  This seems like something that I could implement  

in my builds too, which I try to like, take note  of things that I think are interesting ideas   and like, remember, hm, maybe I should try that,  and I like this. I might not be able to pull off   the river, but I can pull off a little sneaky  garden corner, you know? All the pumpkins too,   you can just imagine how long it took to place  all these things. So on the outside, over here   we've got like, a little patio space. It's got a  table, and a grill, and a flower arranging table,  

and some dog toys, like everything. Around  the side, we've got some more patio space,   this one's got like a chess table, and a rocking  chair, and an easel. Back here we've got a barn,   we've got some more trees to plant. A swing set,  some more farm area over here. These are like,   fake, right? But you could obviously, you know,  grow real plants there if you wanted to. We've   got like, a two-story balcony thing going on.  I mean, I just -- come on. Also, this is a fake   barn. So they also tried to make the house look  like, a bit bigger by adding in that fake barn  

because obviously, you can't add rooms to a shell  challenge, so that was kind of smart I thought. Alright, inside though. Oh my goodness. So when  you first walk in, straight into an entryway   with the staircase. We also have the laundry  right here, which I thought was super clever.   You almost like, don't even realize it's there,  and then it's like this super functional area.   Down the side, we've also got a lot of  platforms in here. They've got these   beautiful doors, which take you into like, an  office/bedroom sort of combo, and this bathroom,   which is just so nicely decorated, I love the  color scheme. This one I couldn't get over,  

I just -- I love how they tried to split the space  because you kind of have this oddly shaped room,   like how are you going to furnish it? And they use  these windows from Snowy Escape to make these fake   dividers to kind of get two separate spaces.  Also, lots of custom paintings in this house,   you'll see, that's kind of a trend around a lot of  these shell builds. When you go off to the side,   we have this open floor plan kitchen/living/dining  area. The living room is so cozy looking, the   kitchen is incredible, I love the shape of it, the  island is huge. Like, this is just so nice. Also,   please note, double ovens. We have the round  dining table. All these paintings are so nice,  

they managed to sneak the door to the outside  into that weird little two by one space that I   put in the shell. Also, I never use this huge  window, that looks so good there. Upstairs,   we've got three bedrooms. I thought the layout of  their bathrooms was notable because they managed   to sneak two bedrooms into this really weird like,  S-shape they had left over, and I thought that was   super smart, like it's so hard to fit rooms into  these tiny tight corners in a shell challenge, but   they managed to make two bathrooms there. And we  have like, three sort of small bedrooms upstairs.  

We got this one kid's bedroom right here, very  cluttered, full of toys to play with. We got   a big parents bedroom. Another like, parents or  teens room, maybe this is the parents room because   it's got an ensuite. I don't know! We got three  bedrooms upstairs, another one downstairs. I just,  

I'm obsessed with this house. I love the solar  panels too. There's a lot of personality in these. Now I could just go on and on about shell builds  forever, but I won't keep you for too long,   I showed you 10. I will have all the names from  the gallery of the users and the lots that I just   showed off listed down below in order, so you can  find them if you want. And again, if I didn't show   off yours in this video, please don't feel bad.  It's just not possible to show them all. And also   don't feel bad about how your build looks based  on these because listen, I literally build in The   Sims for a living and I feel like a loser when I  look at my houses compared to these. Some people   are just on another level, you know? And that's  okay. But let me know, should I do another shell  

challenge soon? Because I had a lot of fun with  this, I think I might do one in like, December.   Maybe early December. And I'll also have some past  shell challenges linked down below too if you like   to watch shell tour videos, I've got loads of  them. It's just fun to look at pretty builds. And with that being said, I will  catch you all tomorrow. Bye everybody.  

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry this video took so  long to get out. I had to record it twice because   I lost the footage the first time. Isn't that  lovely? Don't you just love when that happens? [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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