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Tourism in Karnataka | Wikipedia audio article

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Karnataka. The eighth largest state, in India has been ranked as the third most popular, state in the country for tourism in 2014. It is, home to 507. Of the 3600. Centrally. Protected, monuments, in India the largest number after Uttar, Pradesh the. State Directorate, of archeology, and museums, protects, an additional. 752. Monuments, and another 25,000. Monuments, are yet to receive protection. Tourism. Centers on the ancient sculptured temples, modern, cities the hill ranges forests. And beaches, broadly. Tourism, in Karnataka, can be divided into four geographical. Regions North Karnataka the hill stations, coastal, Karnataka and, south karnataka. The. Karnataka, government has recently introduced. The Golden Chariot a train which connects popular, tourist destinations. In the state in Goa. Topic. North, karnataka. North, Karnataka, has, monuments, that date back to the fifth century Kumada, empires, that ruled the Deccan had their capitals, here bottom, Isha luca's monuments, are located, at patada Col I hole and bottom II I hole, has been called the cradle of Indian architecture and, has over 125. Temples, and monuments built, between 450. And 1100. BC. Rashtrakuta. Monuments, at low kaepora Bilgi and cookin ER in Kalyani Shah luca's monuments, built in Gothic style of architecture at, la kundi gatok, at oggi in Kabul, district, and the Vijayanagar, Empire temples. At Vijayanagara are, some examples. Campy. And Bellary district, has ruins spread over an area of, 125. Square kilometres with some, 54 world heritage, monuments, and 615. National, monuments, hace an, additional. 300, monuments, await protection, the, Deccan Sultanate, monuments, at Bijapur, and Gulbarga show unique, and discrete Hindu influences. And rival the Muslim monuments, of North India. Archaeologically. Important, locations, like sanity, Koenig Anna Halle in gulbarga district, have thrown more light on buddhist, centers of the 1st century BCE, to 3rd century, ce e the.

First Ever statue of emperor Ashoka with his queens and a Procrit inscription, Ryo Ashoka, aussi has been found. Bottome. Surroundings, important, locations, are kudos and gamma I whole pitaka, Maha khuda and banished shankari. Hampi. Surroundings, region, they can be visited from hampi possa peat or from Hubley there. Are cooking ER at oggi gatok Laocoon d-damn ball Kaveri Kagan, le bank opera. Topic. World heritage, centers. You. Hampi. Bellary district, the site of the capital, of Vijayanagara. 13:36. And formerly, the seat of the Vijayanagar, Empire, foreign. Visitors, in the 15th, and 16th centuries, described. Hampi, as being bigger than Rome the. City was destroyed and, deserted in 1565. By marauding mogul, invaders, in its ruins now lie scattered over a 26, sq, km area south of the river Tungabhadra, the. Rocky area near anna gandhi to the north of the river has been identified as, kishkinta of ramayana times, hampi. Is home to a 29, foot tall eight point eight meters monolithic. Narasimha, which was installed by Krishnadevaraya. In 1529. The. Remains of palaces, and gateways can be seen, group. Of eighth century, CE II monuments, botanical. Located, on the banks of the river malar Prabha patada, col was the second capital of the shall Lucas and contains examples of 7th and 8th century, temple architecture, for. Temples, are in the South Indian Dravidian, style for in the North Indian negara style in the last one the Papa Natha temple, represents a hybrid of the two styles, the. Oldest temples, are the Sangha me shuara Mallikarjuna. And virupaksha, temples. Topic. Historical. Locations. You. Topic. Western. Chalukya, i. Hole. A former, shall luca trading city there, are around 140. Temples, including examples of early shall luca rashtrakuta. And later shall Luca dynasties, from the 6th to 12th centuries, it. Has a Jain in Vedic rock-cut, shrine both of about the 6th century it. Has tear thang era images, and a Durga temple the, Megu T on a hill is a Jain of Basti which has an eye hole inscription, of pala Keshan - and also a Buddhist - storied rock-cut shrine below it all. The other Jain and Buddhist, temples, are built of stone and resemble, Hindu temples, the. Temples, were built during the Middle Ages before, any style was established, and hence there is a mixture of styles bottome, the capital of the early Shalu cos in the 6th century is at the mouth of a ravine between two rocky hills, the. Town is known for its cave temples, all carved out of sandstone, hills bottome. Have four caves the cave temple, dedicated, to Vishnu as the largest in front. Of the cave temple, there is a reservoir, called Agastya tearsa dotted with temples, on its bank among. Them - are dedicated, to Vishnu one to Shiva and the fourth as a jain temple, carvings. In the cave temples, displayed the Hindu gods narashima. And Hari Hara the. Temples also have paintings, on the ceiling and, bracket figures on the piers Basavanna Bhagwati, it is 43, east of Bijapur, in the. 12th century saint, Basava shuara was born here it was in Agra Hara the main temple here is in the Shalu key style and it was called as Sangha Manta in records the. Samadhi zuv sudah ramesh whare in guru buddha shuara of the integer e school of spiritual, pursuit are seen here, Basava. Kalyana Bidar district, former capital of the later Shalu cos it, has an old fort renovated, by the bahamani, containing, an archeological. Museum, fuschia. Lukie or cala tree remains exist, except the Shalu canary on upper temple in the outskirts of the town there. Is a modern, Basava shuara temple prabhu devar aagadu jurist. Of the colony Shalu cos period, vision. And a Suarez cave medieval amake is pond, akka and agamas cave fully renovated siddeshwar, a temple, and a new structure, called a new Bhavan, Thapa the Kaji's mosque and raja bog Sawa dargah Anna Jerry 30 kilometers, from hubli it has an amber temple. Of the time of the Kalani Shah Lucas it, was, the birthplace of great Kannada poet Pampa and there is a Jain besid of partial NASA it. Was once a headquarters, of b e lv ola, 300. It, was the capital of Shalu Kissimmee shuara 4 in addition. To V receive amethyst, there is a ruined Benny shankari, temple, and seven mosques and also an ancient Veerabhadra temple. Bangka. Para 80 kilometres, from darwin under Shalu Kia many temples, were raised in the city including, the Nageshwara. Temple, in the fort and another Shalu kid temple called siddheshwar. Ali. Adil, Shah he destroyed, many temples, in about 1567. There, is a mosque in the fort, damn. Ball 21, kilometres, from gadding it was a buddhist center there. Are two notable Shalu kid temples called da da ba sapa temple and some you shuara temple, da, da ba Sabha as polygonal, star-shaped, temple garbage area and find sculptural, representations. And huge Nandi temple so. Mesh whare could have been an old Basanti, the, temple has a 400.

Year Old vast, tank there, is an old Ganapathy image in old ruin fort and we, can also find a huge Ganapathy image in a small shrine. Kaveri. This town has siddeshwar a temple, that was built in the 12th century, siddheshwar. A temple, situated in, the heart of the city of Haveri inside, the well maintained garden. Gatok. It is a twin city municipality. And it is 55, kilometers, from Hubley dar word it is, a great center, of Kalyani sha Lucas art with the large tree kuta shuara temple, it. Has Shri Lakshmi Venkateshwara. Temple is situated at, venkata porett aaalac near sortir gatok, district. Temple. Was renovated, by brahmananda, swamy a devotee, of gondola liquor maharaja, sage from gandhi veil it. Was later expanded, by Kalyani, Shah luca's into a vast complex the. Complex, has triple shrines once housing, Shiva Brahma and Surya the saraswati. Temple has, the shining decorative, pillars and the saraswati image and it is one of the largest examples of shallow yard, the. Place has samara, and ramesh whare temples, of Shalu kiss style. Has viren Ariana temple, of Shalu ki times laocoon D 10 kilometers, from gatok gatok district, there were 100, temples, in 100, wells but now few can be visited, these. Include, Brahmaji, Malaya cassavas, vez para and Kalani. So. Mesh whare temple, complex, lakshmi schwöre in the Shira hottie taluk, gatok district, north karnataka, the. Temple complex has, the so mesh you are a temple of shiva along with so many shiva temples inside the fort like compound. Galligan. A tagalog eshwara temple, is located in, the Haveri district, the, temple has big open Hall in pyramidal, shaped garbage ad the, temple is situated along, the Tungabhadra, River, Chandi. Adana pura Mukti shuara temple, near random bend or in Haveri district, north karnataka. Mahadeva. Temple at, oggi in the kapil district, north karnataka built, during 1112. C ii this. Temple, is an example of Dravida articulation. With a negara superstructure. This. Temple, is also called, Diwali a gala Chakravarti, in Kannada Emperor among temples. Pan. Chakuda by Saudi Cambodia, Halle and manga district was built in 8th century, this. Temple, is one of the finest examples of South Indian Dravidian architecture. Of the Western Ganga. Shambhu. Linga temple Kangol is about 15, kilometers from Hubley dharwad this, place is famous for Hindustani, music and, huge sham Beulah temple, Huli pancha lingeswara, temple. Lakshmi. Schwöre has so measure a temple complex, jane bositis. Kudos. And gamma has Sangamon not that temple which belongs, to chalukya, it is a karma Bhoomi of Basavanna, who, dodged sin gamma Development. Authority, has developed, this place as one of the international. Tourism plays from. Kudos and gamma Almaty dam is about 12 kilometers, it has got north Karnataka's. Biggest rock garden. Topic. Rashtrakuta. Dynasty. Mount Gulbarga, district, near. Eagle gatok district. Belgaum. Fort. Topic. Kadamba, dynasty. Halla, seethe places, in background, of Western Ghats in lush green atmosphere. It was, the second capital of the kadamba zabava see the, huge Boober ahem aricema temple has tall images, of varaha Narasimha, Narayana, and Surya. Colossi. Has a fort and temples of go Carney swara Kappa Lesh whare sworn, eshwara and hitachi shuara. Hengel. Hennig 'l was the capital, of Hangul Kadamba s' feudatories. Of Kalyani Shah Lukas it. Was mentioned as pen angle in records and identified, by tradition, with Virata negara of Mahabharatha, days it. Is on the left bank of the Dharma River the, tarakeswar a temple, here is a huge structure with series of images and polished, all shallow key pillars the. Other temples, are Veerabhadra, villa shuara and ramalinga etc, there, is a very shiva Kumaraswamy. Matha here, been. Of asia bana Vaci was the capital, of Kadamba s-- the, place is on the bank of the Virata river and it's laterite, fort is surrounded, by the river at its three sides. Ashoka. Is said to have sent his missionaries, to vana Vasa, vanna, vazhi also. Contains Buddhist brick monuments, qu, 2 Prince nagashi rebuilt, a Buddhist Vihara a tank and installed a Naga image at the place according to a Procrit, record at the place there. Is also a monument, at vanna vazhi mud, who Kesh vara Temple and also kadamba Negara Chikara as seen on the garba kriya of this temple records. Here indicate, that buddhism, and jainism were popular. Topic. Deck insulting, its. Bijapur. The former capital of the Adil Shahi Kings 1489. To 1686. GOL. Gumbaz as. The mausoleum, of Mohammed Adil Shah and was built in 1659. It, houses the world's second largest dome, unsupported. By pillars, Maliki. Maidan as a 55, ton cannon perched on a platform the. Head of the cannon is fashioned, into the shape of a lion whose jaws are trying to devour an elephant. Bidar, a center for Boudreau where it, is the location of the tombs of 30 rulers including the Chowk Hyundai of hazrat, khalifa.

And Sultan ahmed shah all Wally bahamani, from the bahamani dynasty. Gulbarga. Raichur. Lakshmi. Swart the Juma Masjid built during the rule of Adil, Shah he has a large crowning, onion dome and Quranic, scripture, written in gold. Topic. Ratas. Son. Dotty the town proper has a Ford on the hill built during the 17th, century by, serie song ji Desai with 8 bastions, it was. The capital of ratas who later shifted, their headquarters, to Belgium, there. Are two temples of in cash whare purity, shuara Mallikarjuna. Venkateshwara. And the Veerabhadra, the. Renew classic er waters touch the outskirts, of San dottie tourist. Attractions, of this region are Huli pancha lingeswara, temple, Renuka yellamma, temple sandy, fort paris cad fort nobility, eartha. Topic. Places. Of worship. Devala, ganda Gomorrah it is the second incarnation of, Lord Dattatreya, away from afzal poor taluk around 25, kilometers, Gulbarga, district, it is 651. Kilometres from Bangalore, Shri. Narsimha, Saraswathi, stayed here for a long time and was granted a jigger by the bomani Sultan, the Sultan, believed. That the saint had cured him of a large boil the. Saint is treated by his followers as an incarnation of Dattatreya the. Saint has cured the Sultan of a serious boil the, saint is treated as an incarnation of Dattatreya and devotees from Maharashtra, and Karnataka, it is. A very holy place. Topic. Jane, bositis. Jainism, has a long history in, Karnataka. Belgaum, district, has the Kamala Barsotti in shall Lucas style in the Belgaum fort the. Ancients, entered a vanity near Nippon II and newly created Center at shed ball where 2040. R thank AR is in white marble have been installed in a cluster, the. Shalu cos of bottom e built cave temples, at bottom e Pat Eagle and I whole Polly. J was a strong center of religious, activities, of the Jain monks during this era. Laocoön. D and gatok district, has a large Brahmaji, malaya of shall Lucas style built by a noble lady Adam, ABI. Navagraha. Jain temple at vara near Hubley as one of the major pilgrimage, the. Temple features a 61. Feet 18, point 6 meters tall monolithic, idol of the shri 1008. Bhagavaan, partial Anitha and the smaller statues, of the other eight jain tirthankar s. Topic. Buddhist, temples. Tara, bhagavati. Temples Bala Gavi Shura kappa, :. Wanda and damn ball gatok district. Sanity. And Koenig Ana Hali gulbarga, district, remains of the raised stupas, and a Buddhist plaques of satavahana, period, were unearthed recently, I whole.

Viharas. Bottom. II Buddhist remains from the bottom e Shalu cos period, were found between caves two and three man. God uh dura kannada tibetan, settlements, with multicolored. Stupas, and painted prayer halls. Gulbarga. Two new viharas. Topic. Shiva, temples. Go, karna is a great All India center, where the atmalinga, mahabaleshwar, of Shiva brought by Ravana is believed to have been installed. Nearby. As Muruga, Schwar where a huge modern shiva temple in Dravidian style has been raised renovating, an ancient shrine both. The places are on the seashore in Uttarakhand, odda at hampi, as the virupaksha, temple venerated. By generations. Of poets scholars, kings and commoners, the. Shiva temple at kudos and gamma in bagel kaat district, is associated. With Saint Vasavi shuara, equally. Remarkable pieces, of art are the virupaksha, and the Mallikarjuna, at patada cool in bagel coat DT the. Veera Shiva's have many venerated, places, either associated. With Basava shuara or his contemporaries. Basavanna. Bagwati was, his place of birth in kuala sangala the place of his spiritual, practices, are in Bijapur and bagged wilcott DTS. The. Latter is at the confluence of the river krishna and the malar Prabha the. Sava call Jana Kalyani, the ancient chalukya, capital, in Bidar district, was the place where he conducted his socio-religious. Movement Lou. La vie in Uttarakhand, nada a quiet place amidst, forests, has the samadhi of jenna Basavanna Basava schwarz nephew. Belga. Me bala Gavi the chalukya, Art Center in Shimoga, DT is identified. As the birthplace of allama Prabhu, and you do toddy near it is the native place of akka Maha Devi, later. Veera Shiva Saints are associated, with many places codec. Olga Barga DT basavanna, temple, conical, Amado village Amata Sharonda, Basava shuara temple, and DA so Hema that Gulbarga are few more places, of worship a Thani. Has the samadhi of the veera shiva saint chiba yogi some, of the outstanding very shiva mathas are seen at nagging or near bail Hangul and kalamata in Belgium, during day shuara Mata a Terabithia in Mohandas wha me matha, at. Mirga dar in belgium dt, Muruga. Mata Dharwad ana Dennis whare Mata Moondoggie, tanto Daria Mata egg a dig and damn ball more severe Amata at Hubley Muruga, Mata and hikari, Mata Kaveri, Terrell a blue mata at Ceres a Muruga, Rajendra, Mata at Chitradurga, panthenol, a shiva yogi Mata at Chadha Chan and Mohan Swami Mata uncle, are equally notable the. Samadhi of Charan Abbas Appa Appa at gulbarga. Topic. Shock dostala'. The, following places are visited by devotees, of Shakti. Chandra. Lamba Sumati gulbarga. Bag. You auntie, Guruji, may. Ava gingely. Yellamma. Son Dottie, vanish. Shankari, bottome, bagel, coat district. Bhuvaneshwari. Hampi. Varada. Halle Sagara Karnataka. Sigan, der Sagara Karnataka. Mara. Combi Sagara Karnataka. Mary. Combi Searcy, Butera Kannada. Durga. Parameshwara. Katiyal Dakshina, Kannada. Mukham, be cackle or Buddha P district. Mysore. Karnataka mysore. District. Topic temple. Tanks. Agastya. Tearsa, bottome. Maha. Kuda group of temples near, bata me banished. Shankari, near bada me la. Kundi near gatok. Hampi. Topic. Coastal. Karnataka. Coastal. Karnataka is, the stronghold, of Hindu and Jain pilgrimage, spots with Udo P and its many temples, being the center of divita philosophy. Go karna is known for vedic studies shrine gary has the first of the Shankar Acharya mathis and is important, for its Advaita philosophy car. Kala and muta bidi are well-known places of Jain worship, and Vaishnava rituals.

Exquisite. Vijayanagar, temples, built in shallow Malabar. Region combinational. Style are seen in bhatt call come to shirali etc, the. Warm beaches of Karnataka, are mostly unspoiled. Gem. Bottie 20, kilometers, southwest of, Belgium, has popular, evergreen hilltop forests. Karnataka. Is blessed with over 300, kilometres of pristine, coastal, stretch, net. R on the island of uttara kannada is, known for coral reefs st.. Mary's Island a few kilometers from o to P has basalt, rock formations. Sunny. Beaches at places, like Mount murder, shuara Mara van Gogh. Karna come to have spectacular mountains. To the east a goomba, kodachadri, hills chemin, gandhi are just a few of many hill stations, that straddle the coast providing, tourist sun and greenery, unlike. Many crowded, hill stations, in south india the hill stations, of karnataka, are still mostly undiscovered. And pristine, go. Karna the coastal, town of go karna as a pilgrimage, center as well as a center of sanskrit, learning 56, kilometres, from Karwar, it, has the Mahabaleshwar, temple, with the atmalinga dedicated. To shiva there. Is an enormous chariot, which is taken out in a procession on Shiva's birthday, in February the. Tamra party tirtha, here is considered, sacred to perform obsequies, of the Dead there. Is a beach called ohm beach. Juda p one of the holy place and it is 58, kilometers, from Mangalore, the. Krishna temple here is founded by acharya mad wah during the 14th, century, he. Founded 8th Malthus to conduct the services, of Lord Krishna, interns par. Yayah festival, is held once in two years in January. The place has KD a leader gay temple amble a potty Shakti temple Raghavendra Mata and the Vanco Tarman swamy temple, malp. Is the port near here it has a beach in the VAT Abunda are a temple of bulla Rama, Tantra. Dee one of the holy place and it is 22, kilometers, from uh tepee the. Bream astana temple, here founded, by Sri Ramana Barry it, was a nasty Banda, Brahma the, main arch akka of this temple is Nagaraj bari, car. Kala fifty kilometers, from Mangalore, and 20 kilometers, from north of muda bidder is car kala an important, center of Jainism, there. Are several temples, in a 17, meters high statue of baahubali, go mehta shuara, situated, on a small hill the. Statue is a naked figure reached by a flight of rock cut steps, some. Of the temples are Chitra mukha Basti 1587. Nummy not the Basti Anantha Padmanabha temple. 1567. Dedicated. To Vishnu and venkata mana temple, padieu Tirupati. Then. Were situated, 50, kilometres nee of Mangalore, has eight vastus, and ruins of a mahadeva, temple the. Largest of them as the 17c. Kali Basti, dedicated, to Chandi Natha there. Is a go meta shuara monolith, 11, meters high dating back to 1604. Inven or, mount. Beach situated. 66, kilometers, of, Mangalore near Manipal it. Has a tourist beach the, uninhibited, st., Mary's Island accessible, by boat has a beach and an impressive, geological. Formation, of basalt rock pillars into the sea. Dharma, stella situated. 75, kilometres, from Mangalore dharma, stella as an attractive, site surrounded, by forested, hills rice fields, and by the river net Revati on all sides the. Mangia not the temple here as a pilgrim, center a monolithic. Statue of baahubali, 14, meters high was erected here in 1973. Visitors. Are provided, with free boarding, and lodging by the temple, or DS there. Is a small museum manjushri, Museum, located opposite. To the temple there. Are two temple chariots, covered in wooden figures, and all types of religious, objects, including, carved and painted panels, bronze sculptures, and bells. Calor. 147. Kilometers, from Mangalore the temple of Goddess Mucca Mucca is located, here on top of kodachadri, hill at the foot of the Western Ghats the.

Goddess Takes the form of a jyothirlinga, incorporating. Aspects, of shiva and shakhty, it is. A pilgrimage, center attracting, a lot of devotees. Mu. To be dry situated, 35, kilometres from Mangalore mood abadeer has Jain temples known as bass T's there. Are 18 Bastas, the oldest and the largest as, the chandra Natha Basti 1429, with its 1000, pillared Hall the. Jain Mata near the entrance has an important, collection of manuscripts, other. Shrines, worthy, of mention our shanty Natha cetera, doramas, Sethi Basti guru Basti coat and vikrama Sethi Basti, Bhat, call located. 135. Kilometres, from car war was the main port of Vijayanagar. Empire in, the 16th century. The. Ancient, town has temples, of Vijayanagar, style and many Jain monuments, the. 17th, century Hindu, temple here in Vijayanagar. Style has animal carvings. Sixteen. Kilometers away, is the shore temple of shri mer - waar the, temple, attracts a lot of devotees, and tourists. Hana. VAR situated, 90 kilometres from Karwar, has a portuguese, fort there. Is also a fort in Basava raja durga island amidst the sea which can be reached by a sail upstream, on river Sharma thei, ankle. Ax located, 37, kilometres, south of Karwar is a small, town with 15th, century ruined walls of King SARP a malika's fort in the ancient sri, venkataramana, temple, near. The temple there are two giant wooden chariots, carved with scenes from the Ramayana. Muruga. Schwar the Meru - warred temple, in Uttarakhand, odda district, of Karnataka, now possesses, at 249. Feet raja gopura, the. Meru - war temple, complex, is renowned for the tallest idol of Lord Shiva in the world which is 123. Feet the. Latest addition, to the temp, thanks to mr. RN Shetty an entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Is the raja gopuram, which was opened on the 12th of april 2008. And is. It the tallest hindu tempel gap Orem in the world if Kapur, Amica n-- sidered as a unique ornate structure, associated with Hindu temples, then the gap aura of Muruga Schwar temple, in karnataka, should be the tallest in the world the raja gopuram, of Meru - war temple has 21, floors including the ground floor the.

Base Measures, 105. Feet in length and 51, feet breadth the. Gap aura also, possess a lift and visitors can go to the top and have an aerial view of the Arabian, Sea and the statue of Lord Shiva, another. Highlight, is the life-size statues, of two elephants, at the base of the gap aura world's, tallest Shiva Idol the highlights, of Muruga Schwar, lie beyond its Beach and rural Flair on a little. Green Hill a 37. Meters or 123. Feet Lord Shiva Idol sits enthroned surrounded, by smaller statues, illustrating, moments of the Hindu mythology. Topic. Beaches. Car, wash an umber of beaches like Blue Lagoon Beach ladies, Beach around it and rabindranath, tagore described. His experiences. At car watch in his poetry ohm. Beach murder shuara or other beaches of uttara kannada dist, the nether on the island near murder shuara Basava. Raja durga near hana VAR as an island fort raised by the Khiladi rulers, during 16th, and 17th, centuries, it. Is surrounded, by a strong fortification, raised. By gigantic, laterite, blocks in, the hill has a flat top devi. God in kromagg guitar two islands near Karwar, near. Vana beach at kajal village of come to is a five kilometers, long beach in one stretch with white sand and transparent, water in the month of December till March the. Entire Beach coastline, is covered by kazarina, and coconut, trees unparalleled. To any beach of India and has the big potential, to develop beach, tourism like the Baga calendar candle and Beach of Goa, government. Of Karnataka, and tourism, department, has failed in tapping this potential, whereas Goa has left Karnataka. Much behind in beach tourism there. Is an urgent need to do something, in this direction to allow beach tourism on the same model of Goa in the months of September, to May. Topic. Planetarium. Swami. Vivekananda. Planetarium. Situated, at película in Mangalore it is the first 3d planetarium. In india. Topic. South, karnataka. South. Karnataka is a unique, combination of, spectacular, vests our style Hoysala architecture. Colossal, jain monuments, colonial, buildings, and palaces, of the kingdom of mysore impregnable. For dat Chitradurga, and densely forested wildlife. Sanctuaries. That offer some of the best ecotourism. Available. In the country, baler. Hail Badou in hassan district, somnathpura, in, mysore district, belle Avadi kalasa, and 'martha pura in cheek magolor, district, Baliga, V in Shimoga, district, offers some of the best of hoysala architecture, dating from the 11th to 13th centuries. While shravanabelagola in. Hassan district, and cambodia heli in man dia district, have well known 10th century, jain monuments. Scenic. Forests, in the high density of wild animals of this region are a popular, attraction for those interested, in the wilder side of life, bandipur. National Park negara hole by Lee Arirang in Hills Bhadra, wildlife, sanctuary, and bannerghatta, national. Parks are a few popular, places for jungle, safaris. The. River Kaveri flows East from Kota GU district, and along its way one finds important, tourist destinations. Like Savannah Samudra, and nearby silvassa mudram falls, sri.

Ranga Putana and mel code etc. Mysuru. The cultural, capital, of the state is home to palaces, colonial, buildings, and cultural, activities, including, Carnatic, music theatre. Bengaluru. The capital, is a cosmopolitan, city, with parks, pubs restaurants shopping. And fast-paced technology. Rich lifestyle. Bengaluru. The capital, of Karnataka has, many tourist attractions. Manga, is a city sugar factories, contribute, majorly to the economy, of the city the. Mandir of shri shirdi sai baba, popular, amongst local side devotees, as man dia de Sri Sri Sai, Baba Mandir is situated, at big outage air gajala cher village amidst picturesque, natural surrounding. In manga district of Karnataka, the Mandir. Is situated, at a distance of about nine point three kilometers. From mater town and about 12 kilometres from manda town on Bangalore, Mysore State Highway all. The buses playing on Bangalore, Mysore route, stops at B gotta share Sai Baba Mandir entrance situated, on the highway. The, temple is situated at, a distance of, just one kilometer, from the main road the. Mandir is lovingly addressed, by everyone, s namet. At Athan domain our grandfather's. Home. Baelor, home to the hoysala temple, complex, the chennakeshava. Temple, here was completed, in 1116. By Hoysala vishnu vardhan a-- the. Image is three point seven meters tall and the temple standing on the platform has, exquisite, plastic, artwork on its outer walls and bracket figures of dancing, girls in various, poses in perfect proportion, there. Are shrines of CAP Jenica ándale Sam Allen iake, etc, the temple here is a classic, example of, hoysala art and Baylor was one of the hoysala capitals. Hale. Badu it is 27. Kilometers, from Hassan was capital, of Hoysala and it was formerly called as dwara Samudra it. Has one of the finest, Hoysala temples, said to have been started by Kadam Allah a commander, of vishnu vardhan ax in 1121. The. Twin shiva temples, Hoysala soir a temple, in ki tarah shuara temple, with a common, platform in, two garbhagriha one, houses, for vishnu vardhan ahoy salah shuara Linga and the other for Chantilly shuara Linga in, front, of hoysala shuara as the Nandi man tapa and behind that a shrine of Surya with a two metre tall image outer. Walls have rows of intricate, figures narrating, episodes, from epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and, bhagavata there. Are also three, jain besaid, is equally rich in architecture, the, temples are proposed to be listed under, UNESCO, World Heritage Sites. Era. Secured a it is 41, kilometres, from Hassan, and, 176. Kilometres, from Bangalore, it. Has coconut gardens, there, is a cat amesh hua rat temple here which is also called chandramouli. Shuara and referred to as cal mesh whare in the records it is, a fine Hoysala monument, with a rare polygonal, frontal man tapa with special, design there. Is a fine hooloovoo kali temple and also a Sahasra, kuda gina liya molec old Tirupathi near arizuka ray has a venkata mana temple, visited, by many devotees, aro, lagu, there is a callus whare temple, in the ganga new Lamba style of the ninth century its.

Ceiling, Has a dancing, shiva sculpture, with musical, accompaniment, dick, polish surround with all their paraphernalia. There. Is a chennakeshava, temple, of the hoysala style an image, of vishnu lies in the garb agrea there, are four Ganga temples, madhugiri, it is 43, kilometres, from Tumkur and has a large hill fort the. Ancient name of the place is Matta Gary it, has the temples of venkata mana and malleshwari, built by Vijayanagara, feudatories, there. Is also a Malin at the basada the, fort has gateways, called entrada, Bigelow did Abigail ooh Mysore gate etc. 19. Kilometers from here is another hill fort called Mitigation, Madikeri. Armour cara known as scotland of india Makara known for its climate, it. Has many places of attractions, such as Tala Kaveri, negara whole National Park Abbey waterfalls, st. Mark's Church bog a mandala covering, the sirga Dhamma Valley Giri Hills daddy and immorally cont Agatha temple, earu Phu Falls in coffee and tea estates, sri. Ranga putana it is 14, kilometres, from Mysore, and it is an island in between two branches of the Kaveri it. Was also the capital of the Mysore rulers, there, is a Ranganath, temple here the, fort here was built in 1450. For the, Mysore rules made it their capital, in 1610. In the days of raja wadiyar who, took it from the Vijayanagara, governor, the. Ranganatha temple, is called adi raangi Gangemi. Has daria Daulat palace of Tipu and Gumbo's the mausoleum, of hater and tipple both. Are impressive, structures, of indo-saracenic style, the. Palace has paintings, fine woodwork, and it houses a museum, Mela. Coat it is a religious, center which attracts, lakhs of people during, its annual feast viral mooney the. Temple was reconstructed. In the Hoysala style by vishnu vardhan ax with the guidance of ramanujacharya. A visist ad vedas in the 11th century there. Are chelev, and Ariana's swami temple, Kalyani Hill shrine of Lord Narasimha, Ta'ala, Madhu Dhanush, Cote Academy, of Sanskrit, research and many more to visit the. Nearest tourist places are thunder nor sri ranga Padma Kara gada Naga Mangala etc, Mahadeshwara, beta, it is 220. Kilometers, from Bangalore, and 142. Kilometers, from Mysore, it is. Very close to eastern Ghats. It is said that a saint called Mahadeshwara, who could ride a tiger lived and had his gage here, during the 14th, and 15th centuries. The. Hill is full of thick forests, and thousands, of pilgrims visit, the place, Teleca, do a holy place on the banks of the Kaveri it, is full of sands carried by the wind from the dried bed of the river, it was, the second capital of the Ganges they, built the paddle a shuara and the marula shuara temples, here hoist, ala vishnu, vardhan a built Kirti narayana temple, bowed, Revathi it is an industrial town in Shimoga, district, 256. Kilometers, away from bangalore which was earlier known as banco para there. Is a 13th, century lakshmi. Narayan temple, in Hoysala style an iron, and steel works a cement factory and, a paper factory are located, on the banks of Bhadra River a Carrie. It was a capital town of the Khiladi Nayak, is from 1512. And a place is 2 kilometers from Sagara City the. Agora shuara temple, is a 16th, century monument. Of great attraction, there, is also a pair of at the temple nearby Khiladi. Is another place nearby the original, capital it, has the ramesh whare and Veerabhadra, temples there, is also a museum. Servando. Bell gala it has a statue of Lord Bahubali, the, place is an important, Jain pilgrimage, center and has a long history the. 17, meter high statue of baahubali, is said to be the tallest monolithic. Structure, in the world it. Overlooks, the small town of Shravan bell Gola from the top of the rocky hill known as Indra Giri one. Can reach this hill after ascending, 614. Rock-cut steps. Somnathpura. It, is the home to one of the best examples, of Hoysala temple, architecture the. Kesava temple. Jog. Falls the highest waterfalls, in India is located about 30 kilometers, from Sagara City Karnataka. The, Shah Revati river drops, 253. Meters in four separate, Falls known as Ronde the rocket and Raja the roar the. Highest is the Raja with the fall of 253. Meters in a pool below 40 meters deep the. Best time to visit is late November, to early January. The, 50 kilometers, long higher Bhaskar reservoir, and the Ling Ganim Kadam regulates, the flow of the show avanti river to generate the hydroelectricity. Mehcad, oh it is a picnic, spot by the river Cauvery, it, tumbles down through, a deep ravine on top of which is a chasm around five metres wide, Mehcad. Otto is on Kanaka pure road, he. Serra gotta he Sarah gotta has an artificial lake a dairy in a horticultural, farm boating. And windsurfing, are the other attractions, also. Here is the N radiographer, where young dancers, are trained in all disciplines of traditional, dance. Shiva. Gang a hill with four faces rising, to a height of four thousand, five hundred ninety nine feet, looks like a Nandi from the east ganesh from the West a Linga, from the South and Cobra with it had spread from the north side it is.

Accessible, By Road, Shiva. Nasim you drama the waterfalls, the gang Kentucky, and the barra chucky cascade, down 90 meters these. Falls are the source of Asia's first hydroelectric, power, statin, called shem saw the. Falls are in full splendor during july august the. Falls are 22, kilometers, from the bangalore. Hagen. Akal falls these are also known as that smoking rocks because, of the mist at the. Bottom of the 90 feet waterfalls, one can ride in a coracle. Dever. Ienaga. This is a hill station of Tumkur road perched at a height of three thousand nine hundred forty feet a few. Kilometers, from foot of the hills as a natural, spring called numata chillin. Topic. Palaces. Bangalore. Palace, mysore. Palace, also, known as Amba Vilas Palace. Now. Ned palace. Rajendra. Vilas. Jagan, Moines Palace. Jaya. Laxmi, vilas mansion. Lalitha. Mahal. Rajendra. Vilas. Chelev. Amba mansion Mysore. Siobhan, Ayaka, palace. Darya. Daulat bog. Topic. Forts. In Karnataka. There are thousands, of forts in Kannada called his coat or Gadar Durga, the forts, in Karnataka, are belongs to various dynasties, some of them are more than thousand, years old. Malee Abad fort. Jalaja. Bahadur. Bundi fort, Tata. Guerra fort. Bidar. Fort, basa. Vaca Leon a fort. Baki. Fort, manga. Had a fort. Couture. Fort, Paris. Cad fort, Belgaum. Fort, son. Dotty fort. Ramberg. Fort, bale. Hangul fort, coolie, fort, kocak. Fort. Shirasagi. Fort. Bijapur. Fort. Bludgeoned. Raigad fort. Karla Holly fort. Hamaji. Fort, keema. Goethe fort, Moondoggie. Fort. Singular. Fort. To. Pop or a fort. Noggin. Fort, magadi, fort. Jamala. Bed fort, barker. Fort. Daria. Baja target fort, kapu. Fort, heaven. Or fort, merjan, fort. Sadashiv. God fort as, naughty. Sandara. Fort. Bellary. Fort a donee. Fort. Koppel, fort and a. Gundy fort, Camp. Lee fort, Eirik. Algata. Gulbarga. Fort. Cedam. Fort shop. Or fort i whole. Fort. Bottome. Forcht bank app. Or a fort. Savannah. Or fort. Chitradurga. Fort, davana. Holly fort, vana. Dergah fort, Chan, Aguirre fort. Cavil. Dergah fort. Basavaraj. Durga, fort you. Change it erga fort. Butter coat, Ford. And Geneva. Guru. Bandhu, waging. Era fort. Bangalore. Fort, bim, god fort. Committed, orga pava. Gotta. Madikeri. For, Savin. Durga Macaulay. Durga, vana. Durga, san. Moody Gary. Vishal get, negara, fort, Basava. Raja fort, raider. Hut. Reader got, ambassador. Gun, men. Jarra bod fort. Scanned. Aguirre, Xhosa. Durga, negara, fort. Satya. Mangalam fort. Tecala. Coat fort, through. The Holly fort. Raichur. Fort. Topic. Botanical. And rock gardens. L'abbé. Brindavan. Gardens. Cubbon. Park the. Botanical, Garden University. Of Agricultural, Sciences. Karnataka. University botany, garden Karnataka, University. Pampa, vana garden, Munir Abed. University. Of Mysore Botanic Garden University, of Mysore, kurzon. Park Mysore. NESHAP. BA Mysore. Forest. Research Centre, Botanic, Garden. Utsav. Rock, garden, chigan, sculptural. Garden located near NH for Pune, Bangalore Road. Go to Gaudi village, chigan taluk every, district, Karnataka. Utsav. Rock garden, as a sculptural, garden representing, Contemporary, Art and rural culture a typical. Village is created, where men and women are involved in their daily household, activities a, unique picnic, spot which delights common, people educated. In intellectuals, there. Are more than 1000, sculptures, in the garden of different sizes it is. An anthropological, Museum, it. Represents, traditional, farming, crafts, folklore, cattle, herding and sheep rearing. Topic. Hill stations.

The, Hill stations, in Karnataka, are generally, unexplored, and more pristine, than better known ones in South India a. Goon. Bay Shimoga. District. Kodachadri. Shimoga. District. Biliary. Rangga hills Gemara, jhana Guard district. Baba. Booting giri Chickamauga, luru district. Hemming. Mundi Chickamauga, LaRue district, coud, remic chicka mag Uluru district, Mali. Onigiri. Pushpa. Giri or kumara, Parvathi. Nandi. Hills Chicka, Bolivar, district, can. Doddery, Taddy. And Amal. Toluca, very, male. Mahadeshwara, Hills. Pamela. Gopalaswamy. Betta am. Barracuda. Again, jh7. Durga, carrenza. Yeti, Kumari. Siderov. Betta. Benanti. Mari betta. Skanda, Guri dev, Ryan a Durga, Madhu. Giri hill-station, Malayan augury highest, peak. Topic. National Parks and Wildlife Karnataka, in all has 21, wildlife, sanctuaries. In five national, parks, well-known. Among them are bandipur, National, Park in Gemara jhana gara district, bender got a National Park in Bangalore district, the GAR whole National Park in Mysore district, in Kota ger district, coud remic National, Park in Dakshina, Kannada and, chick magolor district, Dandeli, an anchee National Park in Uttarakhand, odda district, goon AVI and manda got bird sanctuaries. And char avati wls, in cigar italic Shimoga, district, by Lee Arirang in Hills wls. In Chamorro John agar district, ranganathittu, bird sanctuary in. Manga district, brahma giri wildlife, sanctuary. And Pushpa, Giri Wildlife, Sanctuary in, kodagu district. Interior. Dry areas, have their own unique wildlife there. Are 21 wildlife. Sanctuaries. And five national, parks and all, recently. The government of India has proposed, to the UNESCO, to include important, ecosystems. In the Western Ghats as a World Heritage Site, -, sub clusters of natural, areas occurring, in the list are entirely in the Karnataka, region covering several wildlife, sanctuaries. And some reserve forests. Fragile. And exotic, ecosystems. Like coud Remmick NP, r amagiri, WL s Pushpa Giri WLS, a gambe Tala Kaveri WL, s Somesh, vara WL, s figure in this list as. Such the Western Ghats that run south north through the Karnataka, is considered, as one among, the 25, biodiversity. Hotspots, of the world the. Nilgiri, biosphere reserve. Also a designated, UNESCO biosphere, reserve. Is located at, the junction of Karnataka. Tamil Nadu and Kerala negara, whole national, park WL s and bandipur National Park and nugu WL, s in Karnataka, are included, in this biosphere, reserve the. State is home to the largest concentration, of, Asian elephants, along Kabini river in Nagre whole and bandipur parks. These, two parks also hold among the most viable population. Of the highly endangered Indian, tiger Rena, been or blackbuck sanctuary, in Haveri district, is home to one of the largest populations. Of black buck anywhere in India the. Doraji, wildlife sanctuary, in areas in Karnataka, like Bellary district, Chitra Durga are strongholds, of the sloth bear. Karnataka. Is home to more than 500. Species of birds. Topic. Wildlife. Sanctuaries. Dandeli. Wildlife Sanctuary near, to Hubley Darwin 70, kilometers booter a Kannada spread, over eight hundred thirty four point one six square kilometers, it is the second largest Wildlife. Sanctuary in, Karnataka. And is contiguous with the Maha veer sanctuary, in Goa, got. A problem - arey small bird sanctuary, incorporating. The wetland along the river it. Was established in, 1974. And encompasses an area of 29, square kilometers. Da, rocha bear sanctuary 15. Kilometers, from hampi. Peacock. Sanctuary, in Bangka pora chigan, taluk bank por fort as the second sanctuary, in India exclusively. Engaged in the conservation. And breeding of peacocks, it is. Also home to a variety of other birds. Randleman, or black buck sanctuary, have redistricting. A wildlife, sanctuary on. The 17th, of June 1974. With a core area of fourteen, point eight seven kilometers, and a buffer zone of, 104.1. Three, kilometers for tourists, it is. Divided, into three blocks, namely, hula the-- pune ckt and Alighieri for administrative, purposes the. Vegetation. Comprises, mainly scrub, forests, and eucalyptus, plantations. Other, resident, fonda include wild pigs foxes. Jackals, and wolves. Deva. Raya wildlife, sanctuary, near hampi, Bellary district, a privately, owned sanctuary. Named after kings of the Vijayanagar, Empire at. A very bird sanctuary, near to Hubley dharwad Udrih Kannada district, spread over an area of about 2.2, 3 square kilometres the sanctuary, is located in and around the at a very reservoir, an Chi. National Park Butera Kannada a habitat, for tigers, leopards and elephants, about 340.

Square Kilometers, in size adjoins. The Dandeli, wildlife sanctuary. Magadi, bird sanctuary, Shira hotty taluk gatok district. Bhima. Got a sanctuary, Belgaum, district. Chanting, Geary Wildlife, Sanctuary. Arab, ëthey to Wildlife Sanctuary. By. Lee Arirang a swami temple wildlife. Sanctuary. Bhadra. Wildlife sanctuary. Rama, giri wildlife sanctuary. Cover, e wildlife, sanctuary. Mela, code temple wildlife, sanctuary, this is located in Mandya district, mu, kombucha wildlife sanctuary. Nugu, wildlife, sanctuary. Pushpa. Giri wildlife, sanctuary. Sharp, at the valley Wildlife, Sanctuary in, Sagara taluk, Shetty. Heli Wildlife Sanctuary. So. Mesh whare wildlife, sanctuary. This is located in una P district. Teleca, very wildlife sanctuary, this is located in kodagu district. Gaddafi. Bird sanctuary, this is located in Shimoga, district, and has spread over, 0.73. Square kilometres the tree. Species that dominate, this sanctuary, are vitex, Lukic salon in philanthropy phyllis. 191. Species, of birds are recorded, here including, white ibis, pheasant, tail Jacana purple, morhen and little grieve. Manda. Gad bird sanctuary. Candelato. Hairy, this is located, in Tumkur district, and is one of the largest painted, stork sanctuary. In south india some. Of the birds that nest here are painted storks grey herons, pelicans, black stilts, and ducks. Hair Beller bang. Kapur a peacock, sanctuary. This is located in have redistricting. Spread over an area of 130. 9.10. Acres. 0.5. 6 to 9 square, kilometers, this. Sanctuary, was created, mainly for the conservation. Of peacocks. Monel. Bird sanctuary, this is located about 10 kilometers, from shore per city and jäger district. Topic, dams, and reservoir. And Karnataka. You. Topic. Caves. You. Some, well-known caves in Karnataka, are yannick caves and Kavala caves and Cynthia rocks in Uttarakhand, not a district sugriva's, cave in hampi holds similarity, to the descriptions, of Kishkindha in the epic ramayana hundreds, of caves in Basava kalyana in Bidar district, i. Whole. Bottom. Ii cave temples. Gavi. Gangadhar, eshwara temple. Nella. Tirtha cave temple, cool. Amaavas shiva, cave temple. Pandava. Caves Mangalore, Civ. And erga, Kavala. Caves. Anther. Ganj. Topic. Waterfalls. Karnataka. Has a number of waterfalls, jog. Falls of Sagara taluk is one of the highest waterfalls. In Asia some. Well-known waterfalls, are very poha Falls m'god, Falls long gully Falls Sidoti Falls, Anjali Falls Lushington, Falls Shiva, Ganga Falls Lou la vie Falls earu Phu Falls, Tsubasa Mew drom falls near Shiva no Samudra ball Mori Falls go CAC Falls, Abby Falls a chalk Anya Falls chunge anacott falls head, Falls calathea Giri Falls Sogo Falls go to China milky Falls etc. Go. CAC Falls got a proper near, go CAC belgaum district, it drops from 52, meters over a sandstone, cliff in a gorge it is. Known locally as mini. Niagara. Hydroelectric. Power has been harnessed at the Falls since 1887. To run a cotton mill, temples. Near the Falls date from bottom II shall Lucas to later shall look at times and Vijayanagara periods. A suspension. Bridge crosses. The river, go. To China milky Falls, Markandeya, River near go to China milky belgaum district. Lushington. Falls a Ghana sheeny River said a per taluk 116. Meters in height and named after a district, collector who discovered, them in 1845. M'god. Falls Ganga, Verde River, 125.

Kilometers, From Karwar, 183. Metres 600. Feet in height consists, of a series of cascades, over cliffs. Vera. Poha Falls mahidol River in the jam Botti forest. Topic. Ecotourism the, districts, of the Western Ghats in the southern districts, have popular, ecotourism, locations. Some. Of the popular, locations, include cooed remic Madikeri, and AG in bay Karnataka. Boasts of the highest elephant, gallery bison, and tiger population, greater than six thousand, eight thousand, and four hundred respectively. In India its. Forests, holds some of the largest remaining populations. Of the endangered, Tiger and leopard. Ecotourism. Is a very popular, activity in the state, karnataka. Leads other states in ecotourism. Jungle. Lodges, and resorts, a state-run, organization. Has camping, and safari facilities, in several wildlife, sanctuaries. Private. Safari provide. Have sprung up in several places along, the western ghats Nirvana. Beach is one of the finest beaches near Compton and has a 5 kilometres coastline, with white sand and palm trees covering, the entire coast could be developed, for eco beach tourism, on the adjoining land falling in cr-z, to category, falling, within 200, meters from htl, farmers. And fishermen were allowed to run beach cottages, and beach shacks by govt, T of Goa tourism, department, to attract tourists, from around the world as well as domestic, tourists, in the months of September, till May every season, several. NGOs, youth, groups are actively involved in birding, and other conservation, activities. Topic. Adventure, and outdoor activities adventure. Tourism has been growing at a pace of around 24%, in Karnataka, the presence. Of mill gurus' western ghats rocky, regions waterfalls. And lots of lakes and rivers make, it an attractive destination. Certain. Activities, at some regions namely rock climbing, at hampi and Ramnagar mountain, biking at nilgiris rafting, at honmaru do in Sagara Beamish Woori Dandeli, in korg are famous, besides. This Sawan durga mansion, ballet fever pitch Basecamp Beamish wari and thier gang are also famous for repelling, River Crossing caving and kayaking there. Have been more than 100, places for trekking in Karnataka, and many of them are organized, by government, of Karnataka, or government approved local, vendors. Seasonal. Surfing, is available, in go karna and cop fever, pitch base camp has been developed, by tourism, industry, professionals, which is located 40, kilometers from Bangalore, near magadi, vile. Got witches stretch of Western Ghats from Kerala to Gujarat is also famous for trekking and adventurous, activities farmers. Sun adventurous, sports camp near pelea town on the way to sack less for bile got is also a must place to be visited by any foreign tourists, farmers, Sun paintball, arena and, other ATV, and dirtbike sports are some of the interesting things to do at Hasan.

Karnataka. Tourism, started promoting motorcycle, tourism, and tied up with wicked ride at Bengaluru, based motorcycle. Rental company, to promote adventure, and motorcycle, tourism, as a policy, they are working to set up camping, sites across the state to provide safe and clean camping, sites for Packers, and motorcyclists, to explore, the state rock. Climbers, visit several areas, in Karnataka, Yana uh dura kannada roman agora 50, kilometers, from bangalore. Shiva. Gang bangalore, district, Tekel kohler district, torah holly forest, hampi Cundy betta anther ganj kohler scanned aguirre bangalore, Davari on Durga, Tumkur cara de gata maggoty, trekking in karnataka, some. Of the most popular, trek sur, Dandeli. Teddy, and Amal trek Korg. Kodachadri. Trek, Beamish. Wari trek, coud. Remic trek, chuckle. Export trek Debbie. Falls Segarra car. Wash trek. Madhugiri. Fort, trek so. Wander go trek a, gambe. Rainforest. Trek, ma. Kali Durga trek. Kumara. Parvata, trek Pushpa Gary, green. Route. Topic. Healthcare. Tourism. In the, last couple of years Karnataka. Has emerged as a hotspot for healthcare tourism, in India attracting, health tourists, from all over the world. Karnataka. Has highest number of approved health systems, and alternative, therapies along. With some ISO certified, government-owned. Hospitals, private institutions. Which provide international. Quality services, have caused healthcare industry, to grow up to 30 percent during 2004. Oh five hospitals. In Karnataka, treat around 8000 and more health tourists, every year. Topic. The golden chariot. The, Golden Chariot as a luxury, tourist, train of Karnataka, operated, by Indian Railways, and, KS. TDC, Karnataka. State Tourism Development Corporation. Initially. Train was introduced, exclusively. For Karnataka, but recently it is expanded, to whole South India the train. Travels to the Karnataka's, tourist destinations.

Like Bangalore Kabini Mysore, Balu Roo Hale Badu shravanabelagola. Hampi. Bottome, patada coal i whole in Goa, train. Coaches are named after the Karnataka, dynasties like kadamba Hoysala rashtrakuta. Ganga. Chalukya. Bahamani, adil shah he sang Gama satavahana. Yada Kula and Vijayanagar. Topic. Administration. Carnatic, that tourism as the popular, name of the department of tourism government. Of karnataka website, karnataka, tourism, org, karnataka. Tourism, is responsible. For the sustainable, development of tourism in karnataka, along with marketing, of the destination, worldwide. Karnataka's. Destination, branding, and marketing, is done by india's leading tourism, marketing, organization. Starck communications. Stark. Is part of the stark group under whose umbrella, are companies, such as stark, communications. Stark, Expo Starck, world publishing stark, Expo Stark, web works stark tourism, forum. Karnataka. Tourism, develops, hospitality. Infrastructure. Through to government-owned, companies, jungle, lodges, and resorts, and Karnataka, State Tourism Development, Corporation. Topic. See also. Tourism. In India.

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