Tourism In Pakistan Is Booming || Travel Pakistan || پاکستان || Pakistan VLOG

Tourism In Pakistan Is Booming || Travel Pakistan || پاکستان || Pakistan VLOG

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Disney. Okey dokey, I'm shocked a a k-pop, star me tourism, promoter virtually if they did salary, to, a race music could, say opti Munakata, possibly, in Co subscriber, net or, shake, a leg suck it suck tourist bucks taller. Don't. Want me to market a problem, in Gujarati, okay the magenta, in nature's phibian subscrible recipe, the family, is here, licking, Internet talented. Not basicially Kesley, Thailand. Mr. Thurlow chipiya, yeah. Mark. Mark. Wiens and i just wrapped up a 16, day food and travel trip but more than a trip it was an experience, and a journey through Pakistan number, one is the welcome, and the hospitality, of people, and we, were filming food videos so we were going from restaurant to restaurant and street food to all the street food stall but there was not one day, that went by during this trip to Pakistan where, we tried to pay for the food and one, of the vendors would not accept, our payment, they said it would dishonor them if we if we if we paid them money for the food if people would come up they would want to shake our hands they're gonna take a photo they. Would just want to welcome us to Pakistan and say thank you for being for, for being here for traveling, to Pakistan, - is the food and of course we traveled to Pakistan for the food the food was unbelievable. From Caracas, to kebabs - Neha Ruiz - piya's and all the street food in between you'll, find food everywhere, in it and it's, so rich. It's so flavorful food. Was incredible finally. Number three is the unbelievable landscapes. And the scenery of Pakistan, especially when you traveled around the gilgit-baltistan region. The mountainous, region the kata-kata mountains, and the Himalayas without, ollie it wouldn't have been possible. When. I arrived in Pakistan, I went to the ATM and, took out 28 thousand, rupees for $200. I'm on day 8 so far and my wallet is still full this. Is not the case by choice the hospitality, in Pakistan, is so amazing. That they won't let me pay for anything, I'm, not only talking about my friends, who have been taking me around the country I'm talking about random street, vendors and people I meet especially.

Here. What. I'm telling you is a hundred percent real I just can't make this stuff up my first taste of this incredible, hospitality was. Actually, a few weeks ago in KL when I ate at a Pakistani, restaurant and the lady wouldn't, take my money. Good, afternoon guys we, are in Karachi, in Pakistan we, with our friend Mars, yo. He's, going to be taking us around down. They. Were playing cricket in the streets at the top. I haven't. Dealt unsafe, once I'm walking around with a really. Expensive camera. It's. Coming for us. Yeah. I'm just chilling because you're. The one that's gonna get bit. It's. General. One meet in. Kaname mitten, or the Fla he bought my career capital in kobani, it was schools in cardioid plum purple area, or Escobar's, do any bottle, to fit a king to get an offer to go to internet YouTube, Malacca travelling Kakashi to Cordia yep, listen Virtua tréminis Cooper Stanley karai - aya incoming, to take there I started. A plumbing apprenticeship, so, I spent four years working, as a plumber from you, know crawling under houses digging, holes I'm blocking drains, and I. Didn't, really think anything of it you know I didn't exactly like, plumbing, but it was just one of those things you know somebody, has to do it right so as, well have been me I quit. My job started. Travelling and since, then I've never looked back. So, I've been invited on the trip to Pakistan so of course I said yes and, so did eight other individuals, to spend ten days exploring Pakistan, to see what the country is really like to see if it's safe for tourists, and to see if what they share on the news is actually, true my name is Ishaan shot I'm Louise Ryan, real Shantou, I'm yes, my name is the mark hi my name is nathan buckin I'm a founding, board member at, CPIC. Global. After. Blog is cooked Ajanta yoga in. Qatar of Germany share are you addicted. So. Today I'm going out to explore a little bit more of Lahore and I. Met, up with these, two German travelers. The. Funny thing is I actually met, them two times on my on this trip already we. Are exploring, the lahore fort which, is like an old fort here and it's, huge and this is like a park, area inside of the fort there. Is this huge bird here and that's. Exactly, sure what it is, yeah. Now we are again, taking. A lot of selfies. Are. You kidding enough so guys how many selfies, can you take in one hour. We. Are getting absolutely stormed. And that Ford was more like a Hollywood. Fame experience, to her than anything. Else. I. Am. Here in, the hoard we're, here at boost Rita we're gonna go try some of the best glory food we can find I'm, gonna take me around he's gonna explain everything about Lahori food to me definitely, it's, gonna be tasty it's, a little bit quiet here at the moment because we're here early it's only 6 p.m. people come here a bit later at night. For, like in 2 a.m. 3 a.m. so, the party never stops. So. We've come into this really kooky, restaurant. Coat Coco's, din, henna. It's, really weird tell, me about this place yeah. Okay. Gentlemen. Backpacker, or in. The town of Germany's, here on the llama Patrick, are you addicted. Yeah. Jessel believe traveller or, in. Tagalog british air irritation. Or a. Year a camera $2 gotcha yeah. Hey. Lot, of people interested and this. Whole area is, echoing. With history what, I'm gonna do is grab. A, tuk-tuk. Start. At one of the most famous places for here cool work. My way through the. Walled city from. That here, we go. Diversity. Okay. In Lahore, yeah. Who. Are you supporting for PSL. Is. Opus, our nonlethal, you're. From Peshawar. Lahore. Would. You look at. The. World's most comprehensive, travel, guidebooks to Pakistan, Pakistan traveler. Is available, now through Amazon, go, to your herb antonio conte, slash pakistan traveler for details. Today. I'm coming to you from Malta in central Pakistan, often, referred to as Pakistan city of Saints. Moulton. Is the city of Saints, a metropolis, of, 1.8. Million citizens, in the south of Pakistani, Punjab, and is, home to hundreds, or even thousands. Of shrines to Sufi Saints I hit. The streets for the friend of mine to discover the hidden corners, of this magical, city we, started at a harem gate before. You leave don't forget to pick up some of the city's specialties, Zohan halwa as a souvenir. Is. Another, 15, in, the dollar dimension. Beside, the brownie Mountain there, was the whole mountain there. Was the village on this mountain, and a, ninth of Jan in 2010, the whole village came down and blocked, the river now, is formed that Abba League is something. Like 23 kilometer, long lake it.

Has Been gone now the, casualties, of 40 people how deep is the line it's, a 350. Feet deep. Is. Karen. I'm ecology, or income. Basically a tsunami an exactor or Yale America, way that's all sit on Newkirk there are you didn't, in. This quad are going to be meeting some of the most famous youtubers, and haggis and I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna do a rickshaw trip, and then, I'm gonna tell you guys how you guys can meet me I'm. Gonna travel from Karachi all the way to the north in. A rickshaw, solo. For. Six months, to be the most famous youtuber, Magnusson we hope I'm, here with art by wasps if you. Like, what makes you so Vegas Joe, carry the cake may. Or do, sir logo kiss at college, higher though. Abby Johan. Egbert, AC policy, political a, pariah. Or. Orange. Idea yes all career annually, or King every Satur only is. This. Is how to ride a bike in Pakistan. So. First need. To find a friend from Pakistan, who owns a bike. This. Is the real Pakistani, way. So. We're here in this village. It's. Our last day shooting. Diligence. Yeah. It wasn't Beckett in co2 of Jhansi okay or VJ. British with Parliament without fault is it or nudies. Missus is not a buxom angle shown up Milly I lifted my, name. Is ava, and I, am a travel vlogger, over. The last year, I traveled. Pakistan, far and wide, I believe. That, Pakistan can. Be the world's number one tourism. Destination. Starting. With the mountains of Pakistan, one. Of the greatest assets, that Nature has bestowed on this country. Beyond. The current results. Of malim Java and Noah why can't ski resorts, dot the, peaks of these mountains, the eight out of the world's 20 tallest, mountains, this, should. Be the epicenter, of the, world's trekking, adventure, and mountain, tourism this, is Hangul National, Park in Balochistan. How. Can we forget about the beaches the. Entire coast of the Arabian, Sea with the right attitude and, vision could, become one, of the world's prime Beach, destinations. For all season, history, why. Don't more people around, the world know that Pakistan. Is where, the world's, oldest, civilization. The Indus Valley Civilisation. Well. This really nice is Sofia for outside of my children. Has. A lot references, to the park China friendship, so I just saw a three-pack, China friend it's a tunnel is called pact China friendship. Tunnel number one. Or. Denim. Banco subsidy, other yoga, mat and a pakistani with, it by shadows by the guava, is. Danica. Sergio Morrison for sure ooh podemos. I gotta name. Boss sugar like a hot cup chef key to.

Rastamouse, Out throughout, ex security, guard Allah Mariama jutte who, taro parce que la rioja de Pury, traffic, control caracas night villanelles co can, make a kid thick higher scale of the search is an atheist pattaya a condom. Yeah. I'm. Nervous coupon to kiss a very kawaii or finally, Perham robber, for paunchy beside. The NDMS, root canal junga que, Bahawalpur. Key, is at bajjali cookie security is the adorning give aegis a home cafe, restricted, with Hagen yah yah yah. Ha Jana Jana, Jana. So. Danna how was your visit in trauma. 4. What. You like the most thought in. Jesus. He just offered, her audience. Partner. Gabriella. Or in. Tagalog Canada say are you back there, it, is Christmas. Morning here. In love or Pakistan. I've got a very special surprise. He. Basically did you or you, miss Malika or income. Basically tarrlok, you crazy I elected. Guys. This look how. Beautiful. Is. This, hotter inside. At. Least here, I can feel. Christmas. Mood and this so cool. Even. Don't. Know about us we just saw or, even here for, in this field and that yeah. That's, why they made picture with us yeah because we are foreigners yeah. Do. You remember from my recent book I said. First, of my servants, the. Work you've done the, force of the bikes. Come. On you, get are. You there. So. I, visited Pakistan twice. I. Got. To know the culture I got, to know the place cuz I was there for quite a few months. I. Visited. Lahore. Islamabad. Mari. Borbon. Gujarat. Casue. That's, a village called because I went to the border, between India. And Pakistan the walk the border, mmm. I think that's pretty much it I. Had. A, very nice experience. Mr.. Khurana, dad here in bow or in, the car look you Casilla are you dick there. Check. The roots. So. This is the room where they sleep, one. Two three four five six, beds and there, are some couples. Yeah. What one dead or in, cozy Arthur. Let. Me start off from the city I have landed in Islamabad. Is the capital of Pakistan but, many are unaware that, Islamabad. Is also the second, most beautiful capital. In the world. When. People think of Islamabad, they think poverty broken, down roads unsafe conditions. However, when, we walked around the city of Islamabad, we saw a place, full of malls roads, parks. And we felt very very safe. Device. Me, who's, known on social media always, thought I should feel more, unsafe, walking, the streets of Pakistan I was, completely wrong I was welcomed, by the people with, smiles, hospitality. And lots and lots of hugs comes down to one simple thing, a country. That is build around hospitality. Rich, culture, and beauty, will, always be neglected, in media because, it's better for them to choose certain things and build, a bad image of an entire country because.

At The end of the day negativity. Will solve more than the positive. Yeah. Fellows are abusing, it can be today yup, day Pakistan. Appear, no conscious Korean culture, finger tacky, culture. Finger parts time every day or, gym. To go shopping candy potato, couch, surfing you have said would you like a couch surfing key author but. Sam I was in a twist.

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Dear Brother DIL DIL PAKISTAN JAAN JAAN PAKISTAN SE COMMENT SHRO KARTA HU. Our Founder of Pakistan Quaid -e- Azam three words Unity, Faith and Discipline. Agar inn 3 words pir saray Pakistani You Tubers Kaqeen kare tu bhut agaye na sirf You Tube pir balkey hir field mei agay jaa saktey hi.

Bohat he pyara mesage dia aapnay bhai, isi liey pin kar raha keh sab loog dekhain itnay pyaray paighaam ko . JazakAllaah

Great words shared Asim Bhai. Thanks a lot for giving such a peaceful advice

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Kya baat hai . good job

Thank u aunty

Thanks a lot, since i study in school therefore i mostly see comants on weekends

Thanks a lot, since i study in school so i mostly see comants on weekends

sahe kaha aap nay bhaai

Thanks a lot Bhai, since i study in school therefore i mostly see comants on weekends

Beautiful country ...

Thanks a lot. We will surely love your cooking

I am new bro plz bc thanku


Tell your dad to stop censoring all the women's faces.


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great video dil dil pak amazing

الله يعطيك الصحة

Nice video, my friend. Let's stay connected. Interesting channel.

wow nice

dil dil pakistan

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nice video

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@ADVENTURES OF HAMMAD ASIF nhai bhai ap k views zeada aa rahay han Videos k aur Subsss bhi zeada han muj say subsss kasay ley han ap nay zeada maray to bhot he kam han koi khaas trick ha to mujay batain

Yes chotu done all.


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