Tourism The Biggest Industry in the World

Tourism   The Biggest Industry in the World

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right now. Ladies and gentlemen, a very good afternoon to all the viewers present here today. I honor your host for this afternoon and speaking live from a shish Kit studio Kolkata. I would like to

welcome all of you on the happy hour session where we will be discussing on a very interesting topic Tourism, the biggest industry in the world. Yes, tourism industry is the biggest industry in the world by employment the tourism industry contributes 10.2% of the world's GDP. It is estimated that a person in the world works directly or indirectly in the tourism industry. It comprises

different attractions, holiday destinations, transportation, accommodation, and ancillary services. Today, the moderator of the show is man who will help in making the program go easy. CE faculty of tourism BB. BMTH. The University of North

Bingo and Pharma University. She holds a degree of MTM and hasn't experience of 10 years in the academic field. She's also a member of board of studies, Department of BBMB University of Not all over to the newspaper. Thank you, mister a Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome all the viewers to the live show. So, as mister said that the today's topic is like tourism. the you

know, world's largest industry and indeed, it is the largest industry but generally, when we speak, when we ask to the common people that what is tourism? So at that time, people say that it is just a traveling from one place to another going to one place to another and it is true but the common people is true and it is true that the tourism means, you know, indulging themselves in certain kind of activities of tourism but for the industry people as we think tourism for us is uh there's like the service provider we give services to the customers, to the guests, to the passengers, to the tourists. It is a service provider and it is the I will say that it is the economic engine for the growth and development of a nation of the country and can say that it is the uh employment generator. Millions of people are associated with the tourism industry and they are earning their livelihood with the industry on the industry and tourism industry itself which is a very big industry. It is the amalgamation of various constituents that we can say the various components as an example. I can say that when a tourist goes to a particular destination now to reach that particular destination, the tourists and access to that particular destination. So, the

access we can take example of the the fastest mode of transportation that is the airlines. So, the tourism industry is associated with it is linked with the aviation industry. Now, when the tourist reaches in that particular destination, they need to accommodate themselves. They need the foods, beverages. So,

it is linked with the hospitality sector, food and private sector and the tourist goes to that particular place for shopping and to exchanges there. So, there it is linked with the retail and so, industry itself is it is very big and the amalgamation of the various components, various sectors makes it much, much bigger and the job opportunities ample of job opportunities are there in this industry. So, I hope that today's session will be very much informative to the young minds. Thank you so much Over to you, mister Amir. Thank you so much, man. We have a

distinguished and an imminent speaker from the tourism industry amongst us today who has an impressive 20 years of experience in multiple renowned companies before moving on to our guests, let's see a glimpse of what a presents. I have a video clip please So, offers industry, government, recognized degree and diploma programs in tourism, aviation, and hospitality. For more information, log on to WWW dot Avalon dot com or you may also call on the headline numbers 956-494-0700 and 956-494-0800. So now, Let me

introduce all to the speaker of the house. Mister Sammy, who has 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. He has started his career with OTC as an intern. He had been

associated with renowned companies like me GE, One and just Click Currently, he's associated with Vicky Tourism Private Limited as India said he completed his graduation in tourism and travel management from college. He did NBA Tourism from university from having high educational qualification. He's also a certificate holder. We extremely happy to have you in our so I on behalf of a family welcome you to our happy happy hour session. what I've got on everyone. Um I'm good afternoon. Good

afternoon. So, today, we need to discuss about lots of things from tourism industry. So, my question for you today, how would you describe your 20 years of journey in the industry? How did you start your career? 20. years of the journey has been great. I liked it but it's worth it from the rain. and uh overall, it has been a good experience. You know, even if

we have to go to a situation but uh you know what? This is And again, we have a when I was born, when I got home after I had a good because if you have a uh company, you get to have, I have in person at think what you know about these people and when I joined, I was the number of the people and the people II. do when I got to the office, uh we are just, they will be given them We have to go the office I love but they don't. Other than that, So, as a sales personnel, can you share the different experience working with B to B and B to C? Actually, it's working with the different different partners in the industry and also experience with working with a customer, clients Uh for both are very important and there is no more distinguish of the pronunciation between AB to B or AB to C is both of them will turn down to a and how you maintain your well as the relationship with your customer and everything will work out. You need to have patience to do that. They got me You should not vote for yourself to be there because it can be You like it? your friend. Are you say your voice is cracking.

Maybe it's some. It's okay. Please. Uh become friends and it's a village and to Yes. Yes. Yes, sir. Okay. It's

not like a business relationship. You get some personal relationship and friendly relationship that you build. Vote for B to B also because in sales, you know, relationship matters apart from your knowledge of the product of the things that you are selling and become very but the relationship with one major factor of the in your state Yes, sir. sir. How has been different from earlier times to recent times? We are working for 20 years. So, the

paperwork, You know the thing. Yes, sir. It's a lot, man. There are a lot of different that are used to be a lot of paperwork and fights. That means to do in the in the days to you. you have so many options, options, you just say it over there. over there and

your work is done. Thus you or if you have to send a meal for your mail. now, it is So, I'll just give you that. We are going to make it.

You want to go to uh so today, I'm offering this that you will get more information. We have at this time but nowadays, They got me looking at it. I want Okay, sir. Okay, sir.

next. As you all know, COVID-19 has affected the tourism industry globally. Kindly tell us how tourism pattern has changed now, Yeah. Very sad. that my husband but you know, with this, uh there are very good things that have come and we all will get out of the family of people now, we know that This is very good. and we hope to Okay. Uh yes. Yes, it is. Yeah. In this pandemic, what is what we have learned is there are more increase in domestic and we tour. Yes, sir. And what we

can say is the destinations which were nearby your house that was fifty kilometers per 100 kilometers. They have been in popularity because we all are tied up and we cannot move outside of the country and our state You don't need to. you. the weekend. Yes, sir. I just want to ask

that you know, we have certain que like people always say that. What is the benefit in working in the tourism industry? So, this question I want to ask to mister Day that what are the benefits in working in the tourism industry? which I know you don't come to school will love that exactly I feel that if you love traveling and if love to enjoy You want to work? This is the best place to work. Because you have the opportunity to roam around the world. you are in distribution and we will be to move around the world This is the number of people and you can be a better person. allows you to be there. No. here. you can grow yourself

as much as you want. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I'm right now just uh your voice is a little low so we just come forward to the mic. So, you know, we wait Yeah. So what I need to do, I have to learn to get some of this kind Yes. So, if you are

people give their heart and they don't break. and there are opportunities that this is a which is the largest one as we have already said Yes. So, every country has a has a currency Come here. You can know the

world. is if I have it. in 20 years. I have around the country. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. I want to. I want to add on it And during my working days while sitting in the office, I issued a TV tickets from Milan to Paris super fast. He should travel passes, made room reservations in the world class hotels like Marina Bay and Singapore. You know, one Sangria Singapore, Singapore, then even fasting Malaysia which is the is world's largest hotels in number of rooms like more than 7000 rooms are there even booking bus tickets like from Singapore, Malaysia, and other different different like for patrons? Universal Studios, Singapore. So sad. These

bookings booked bookings enhanced my knowledge about these places and help me to make better two packages for my clients. So, this This industry helped me a lot. I I've gained a lot of experience from this industry. So, this is a very beneficial things is Yeah. I may not be able that I'm aware of the other three. This is one place

where you live. You get to know the world. You change your world. This is the best place

to work for Yes. So, during your tenure, you got many international exposures. So, please share a few memories with us. Uh uh. I had a business. like I went to New Zealand and everyone is very good. uh we enjoyed it as well.

I love you guys. so you can understand why. So, what will happen to you to make it you. get to open up right here out Yes, sir.

The New Zealand very well. that to protect. sir. You got It's So, you just let it come closer to the mic. Are you able to hear? Yes. Yes. Okay. So, when we went to China, uh believe me, it was a culinary experience for us. It

was a variety of Chinese food that had uh the Indian that we think of but it was uh the authentic Chinese food that we had over there and when went to Abu Dhabi, we had a treatment in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi. So, It's quite beautiful. part of the world. is. I know that you have

visited Philippines also, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, many places. Yes. Yes. yes. Philippines. Uh the beaches were great. uh and uh the the country is excellent. Is it so naturally beautiful? The islands of Cebu Uh they were very very beautiful and the hotels that were excellent. Dubai you can say is the engineering marvels when you here. it. all okay. Okay. So,

how was your experience of in China? Uh uh. You know, you won't feel this unless You see this screen which shows this Okay, sir. Okay. So, what is the what is the maximum speed on the time? Uh I think it was around 4.5 kilometers per hour.

425 but we don't feel anything. It was so smooth. I mean, sitting inside, you can just keep your glass of water on the tray shake. nothing. Yes, you

can see outside. that's fast. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. Okay. Okay. You ready to see this thing? Okay. What is this mean that it is going on? Okay.

It's because of the beautiful infrastructure. The lines are so good that we don't even feel the different different things. Yes. Yes.

So, are there any challenges? while working in this industry? I don't feel so. yes, you can see the challenges are the different like we are facing now with COVID. Otherwise, We will uh get up to the situation is just a matter of another 6 months or more already. The world is opening up to up the year So, It's time is it? So, I want to, I want to add something just like this is a very hardcore service industry. So, we need to give

our services 100% accuracy but some kids don't want any delay or waste of time. So, sometimes these demands are very unique and it is not possible for us to provide it every time. Nevertheless, we try to give our level best to satisfy them. I remember one I made a booking for a senior citizen couple in Singapore. So, during the trip there son called me at 9 PM and requested me to and for the parents, So, in India is on the tenth Singapore time is 1130.

Okay? So, there's an ask me, requested me to arrange those things. Don't believe it Within 30 minutes, we arrange the cake, the cake. So, the thing is sometimes we did for our customers and the thing is in operations, there is no fix working hours. So, sometimes we receive calls at night for our agents that guests are waiting at the airport and we have to those transfers. So, these are little bit challenges but overall, it's a very unique, very unique experience to work with this industry Yes. And

also, I'm telling you, this is the best You know, if you are a lover, then this is the best industry to work with. He has definitely So, as that this is a live session. So, there are some questions from our viewers too.

So, sir. Yes, sir. So, what inspired you to join Uh actually. I love to you know how you know, that Your voice is Are you know that to me again, your voice is cracking on the head. Okay. So, after completing my, well, I thought that I won't go for any regular people like to be doing the honors anything from that you're thinking about something different, something related to travel is something related to then I saw that Are you able to hear me now? Now but little Just come on. For just, you just, you just come closer to the mic that will be in okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. What is something which

has brought me into this profession or doing the courses of travel and tours of because I was not expecting to do something like a regular science or art courses because I never liked all these things that I was looking for something different and when I heard of and Five, four. Okay. Okay. So, So, according to you, what are the key points? One need to follow to become a tourism professional? the keys to become a tourism. successful professional. First of all, his knowledge about the world of the world is very much important. for the moment of the of the That's uh another I think we are in the four management skills are so we do web skills and most important is the patient knowledge of the local Yes, sir. I agree. I

agree with you, sir. The knowledge is very much important. So, well, thank you mister Day for sparing your valuable time and sharing your journey with our viewers today and share your inputs will be a great help for the future experience and also our existing students On behalf of and team, I take the opportunity to thank you once again and we really appreciate your presence on our live show. Thank you and best of luck for a and have a great future for everyone, for the students. and to help you with and help you get that. me. So,

I will like to help you all out to you all. the best of luck to you. you. you. monitoring the show. Thank you.

all the viewers. Stay tuned for our next live session where we'll be back with another new topic in the happy hour session with experts from the industry. Until then, stay safe, keep well, and take care all of you. Thank you. Goodbye and Nomas

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