Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 8, Cullen Golf Club

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 8, Cullen Golf Club

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Everybody. Take out eight. Accepted. Me I'll take out there yeah. DJs from home 15, clubs attorney that's coffee. That's so scummy, are, you kidding. Kick. Them off the tour. A. Lot. Of people skip past Colin on their way to from. Cruden Bay to castle. Stewart and Aaron and Inverness that area if you're just trying to hit the top you, know ten courses of Scotland or whatever if you're berry bag if you're berry bag tag. You're. Gonna you're gonna go right past but, I would say get, off the beaten path go. You, know go on your own adventure, go to a new place with no expectations. And see, what happens. The. Chandelier. Talk. To me about your expectations. Going into Colin. Zero. Had none, I knew spike forty three hundred yards and I was flying blind, I had no idea what we were getting into even, if we had expectations they, would have been blown out on, the first tee basically. I, think, it was just we, couldn't really even. Prepared, for what it was because it was so different than everything else that we saw I knew Cohen was gonna be different when. Actually. Right when we got there and Randy was climbing up the the damn aqueduct, or whatever it was called our handy seems to be on, the struggle bus a little bit trying to get down this tell. I. Knew. It was different we got there I took the drone out and just kind of did some overall, aerials, of it but I had I couldn't, understand, where. You played to some of these greens I'm like okay well that that that must be like a practice screen because you can't hit over the rocks to get to the green it. Turns out you can hit over the rocks to get to the creek because that's how the course is laid out we did a six Club challenge do. You think that was like in hindsight I think that was perfect, yeah yeah I think I, think six is great I mean honestly it kind of led to Tudor. On and I playing a half set for most, of the rest of the trip it's.

Got. Six clubs it's not a lot of fun you, have to do some pulling and carving. Look. Look, listen. Buying. The minimalism, final. Verdict driver, 300 six. Eight pitching, wedge Clark, we, would 5-iron for, iron 8-iron, 60. And 50 -. What's. Up put me yet gonna take one more out. It's. Been watching who is George man. That's kind of a philosophical question. George. Is whoever you want him to be he's the kind of. The club secretary GM. De facto maintenance, team multi time club, champion, like 25 years apart, but most important that I think George, is just a lover of, Cullen. Yeah he grew up playing there he's played there kind of forever, and. It's. Funny every hole that you get to with him as you're playing with him he's got some story about you. Know when I was 12 this happened, when I was 20 this happened now I made three whole ones here I've done this here and it's, just it's awesome it reminds you a lot of like the course where you grew up and what it, would look like if you could kind, of stay there forever and keep, working there forever it's kind of a cool cool. Vibe. What. He tells one first well. The main thing it was originally, designed by Old Tom Morris which. Is a big attraction is, I looking for the history of the game well, this is where it all started, really we think it's the shortest, through likes golf course in the world. It's. Not short hauls it's, just that there's a lot of par threes so, the holes themselves I'm not sure it's, just a short golf course. Brady. Good life you'll yell play a few plays. Many as you want yeah so, we played with Jorge we had a great round with Jorge he is, a very. Stereotypically. Scottish. You know slow burn. Kind. Of dry well, I think he thought we were making fun of him for a long time I think we kept saying how much we loved the golf course and, I think he kind of kept being like yeah. He's just very modest, like come on no way you guys this, place is not that it's short, and it's weird and we're like no this, is what we like we, love it so the first hole send yeah it's it's kind of a nothing hole like, you see a lot in Scotland, is kind, of almost feels like a warm-up hole a little bit and you. Get to number two and. It's, the first time of many that you're you're, not really sure of which green you're supposed to hit at because. You think there's no way that they're. Actually routing, you directly. Like 50 feet up this hill on this hundred and twelve yard shot or something number two is pretty outrageous. That, hole is, still. Wrapping, my head around that it's, kind of like they just said alright we have to get up this ridge let's just make a golf ball that doesn't make any sense at all point, it straight up this slope and just, hope the people getting hit 115, yards but straight up it straight up in the air par 63, if we get it moving we can, have round in the 60s on this trip are. We in the nest always. Naturally. In the net I'm. Just trying to break 80. So. You can only see the top of the flag it's a completely blind shot it's, like a 15-foot, fly yeah yeah it's a giant oversized, flag and you have zero, idea, what the green does what's beyond it it's. Just it's Looney tune so it's awesome proper, sized flag. It's. Pretty. Pretty, dialed right now. All. Right so we're playing from the 40. Past. On the scenery just. Above. That hill about 130, yard little par 3. So. Holds, 236, you play up on top of the ridge and there's just majestic, views of the ocean and back to town and then, you get to 70 box and it's another hole where it's. Like wait a second, where are we going, and then. You realize and, full George would kind of do this thing where you just kind of like point like yeah that's the green down there you're like. It. Was the 7th, that's. Up in the high point then the coup off there you get the view of the sea and the whole golf course the most dramatic example, of hitting directly. Downhill, that you'll that you'll see and so it's, maybe a 220. 230 hour chop it plays. 195. One, day I need something like that coming down the ridge from the 7th tee you felt like you could hop, on one of those hang gliders it, just it does feel like you're flying when you get that tee shot and just goes off in the air it just feels like it's. Kind of like when they're at the front of the boat and Titanic, it's like I'm flying jack that's how I felt the playground, of Collin kind of opens up to you and you start looking at the only way you can describe it is it almost feels like you're in like the Colorado red.

Rocks Or something except there's an ocean right there as well it's just it's it's, like a dr., Seuss book or. Something it's it's insane. Geologically. It's probably what happened but it almost seems like the, lower part of the land just broke off into the ocean and you have just these two completely different, landscapes. And some, of the rock formations, are left right in the middle and I I just I give a shout out to the creativity of how you design golf holes around that thing it's not how anyone, would have pictured doing it but, the use of these I don't, want to say use of the land but the use of these rock formations is what I probably remember the most from it there's. A birdie for Sally. Yep, it is. Oh. No. Fish. Out there George. 3:11, burn in the front George you recommend going for this one yeah you've gotta go over it's a long enough hit us to throw you all. Right no. Hang out. Like, I got bullied in a hidden driver but it's. All about knowing you're, running no, you're running. Oh just. A little wrong wrong, flag birdie for Sally. Wrap. The deck. Road. Off. The. Rock. Oh. Gosh. Oh my god. Good. Shot. Been playing here for fifty five years how many aces, like. Four races in this course okay, five, in total. Which. Holds did us out here, second. Fourth. Sixth. And thank. You surf team thumb do you thought that an ace at the blind hole but in fact the, ball was picked up and put in the hole by somebody. And. I would watch, my own who is. We. Also got to mention the cave on on 11 which I was right behind the green apparently we asked what was in there I think maybe maybe, the teenagers use it for some for some sketches for some nefarious activities. I was hoping that's where the bogeyman live. You. Describe till about 13 back to back par threes and you just hit over these like big. Rocks and, crags and through these crevasses. I kind of thought George is just messing with us on some of these shots like yeah hit it the pin is probably over that little stick that you see over that rock it just it didn't make any sense that you would just have back-to-back blind. Par threes you're playing over, the greens that you just played and, some. Of the videos I look back at Tron getting ready to tee off and I'm afraid he's gonna like hit the flag from the previous hole. What. Where is it can you just point to it. There's. A flog over there okay. I thought it was on top of this thing. Yeah. Truly. A blind like yeah like you just have no idea what's up their constant, surprises. We. Go straight, at the top of the hook straight at the top of the hotel, totally fine how long. 1:52. Is. Not this big. Now. There's look cool. That. Time. To eat dinner, so. Now. Where the hell are we going on this one yeah, just, see the flaw they're just, peeking, around the corner they're. Trolling, are tied you, guys are tied I'm at three over net. Here. Why. Get. Up. And, a birdie for the big guy. All. Right he's whipping his chicken down this, break. 80. Johnny. You've been in this situation many times what is going through, DJ's. Mind oh. Me. Oh. Yeah. Now he's. Thinking. About all the ways it can go wrong mine. Turning very quickly I. Think. What he's really parking. Back to her horrible. Missed, putts short, in the ducts and. Wondering. How. Nancy. Has not evacuated, himself just yet. Here. Solder here at the 18th he. Knows he he really has to make a birdie dear. It's. Up oh. I. Was. Going in. Putting. For, the wind. It. Surprisingly, small crowd for this moment. Good. Putt, you'll. Put a coin on that like a tour. Sauce coin. You. Know I really, my pants down the stretch, straight. Up I'm, not you know not pleased with it. Gave. It a great run yeah yeah. He wasn't playing for a second oh. Yeah. If, we run one hole. Yeah. All right gonna, put the first you want a plate of that green. All. Right well good we'll get out of the gate yeah yep, - you know. Let's go the first alright, cuz I like that went beyond that hole well no you're gonna drive that green and I'm not that's. All. Right here we go first Platteville we're, stuck with our cameras make it look. Swing-through. Fight house key it's hard not to be intimidated with what he just saw. Is. Finn this way right but. There's a ton of fairway over there ice actually hit it the hole he didn't want to play. DJ. Here was his second playing from the wrong hole. It's. A little deep in left I. Was. Best. It's. Gonna be a tough up and down from there folks. That's. Something for a chance to win. He's. Done it oh he hasn't done it, Wow. I'll. Take a look at that one.

Aaron. As a. Deserving. Champion. His. First victory here in this continent, let's. Go let's go to for just a minute was it what does it mean here uh. You. Know it's my first. It's. Been. Such a long battle. I've. Got so many people I need to fake, I can't. Even even, come up with words right now oh wow, there you have it guys what. A victory that was, fun listen, many people are. Gonna say that I choked it down the stretch there I would like to say I shouldn't have even been in that position in the first place I was. Playing way way, above, outside. Of my standard deviation it was a statistical, outlier to begin with hike regress, to the mean yeah, I think that's fair I think Solly came in gradually yeah for sure which we knew that was gonna happen for us okay I was. More or less still recovering, from you. Haven't caught me at, Cretan Bay those same footsteps that you heard a Cruden Bay DJ heard down the stretch at Collin just. You. Know I come before it's human nature so anyway after there now we all go in and have a couple beers in the quaint, little Clubhouse there and George's. Wife and joins us we're. Just sitting around the table you know making polite small talk and, I, forget who asked it but you. Know we asked and ate it so Andy you play golf at all and she, goes yeah I used to play a little bit but I don't play anymore let's count how many times she's. Up here on the board, oh. Right. Yes she, won three before oh there, you go alright so. Says. She, wins a couple then she marries Georgia. And. Then really takes him in she really takes off and. Clark just. Bringing. Home Championships. 1990. Do you remember that one. Well. So you would have won how, many in a row well, four. So. 86, so Finley was Yellin wanna beat you between. 1982. And, 1998. He's only a person, in it. You. Lost one person the. Whole time do, you remember either of those years that. Yeah, was. It closed coming down the stretch. No. Because it was, it wasn't, much play Oh stroke, or ancestral, and. But. By 1990. I was Maddie's Cubs living in Aberdeen so I wasn't playing nearly so much golf so. Okay. Hey. Thank you for having us today okay thanks any more thanks so much. Then. 11 out of 12 and the children, came along yeah. When. We were leaving we had what. We affectionately refer to as the beg alight I've. Never seen you so giddy guys I gotta go grab my camera I gotta go. I'm gonna and then he runs, out past the clubhouse meet shooting these shooting. The rock formations, off and. It. Was such a fun way to kind of cap the day and, it just meant you're already running so high, on this golf course that you've never a golf. Experience like unlike, anything you've ever seen and then it, just gets draped in this crazy. Good, light. That it's just it's it's, really really really hard to be does. Not feel like any course I've played in my entire life, it's. Almost like it's. Almost sounds, like I'm saying something bad about it when I say it's not golf but it's not golf in the way you would picture golf being at least the way that I picture golf you, have to get, rid of that your preconceived, notion of what golf is and go out and just like give. It a whack around this field and, enjoy the hell out of it and that's what we did suspended. Disbelief yeah you're not going here because the conditioning, is great you're not going here because of you, know some spectacular, routing. You're going there because you want to have as much. Fun as you possibly can playing. Golf and I think that was kind of our take away yeah, like you said that the, the. Red Rocks the ocean, the small little fishing village back. Behind. You it just. Yeah. I've never felt that anywhere else it's, just a weird mixture. Of all these elements that was extremely. Cool I think I can be a bit of a bag tag Barry too, often it for my own admission, but. What makes Scotland, so great is there's just so many top courses that you, don't have to ping-pong around from different parts of the country you can focus on certain regions, and it's, important to play the best courses in those areas but also get a at a mix out of a variety of courses that is, more like a typical Scottish course and again, it's easy to look at those top 20 lists and want to play them all and we all want to but experiences. Like Colin are vital. To, experiencing. What golf and Scotland's really likes you can kind of throw a stone and hit an interesting, golf course up, in that neck of the woods that's, a little bit underappreciated, so, get out there and explore, crack.

On I hate cheese mousse that was a hell, maybe. The best, when. It's on beat I really, didn't think it was could, get better than Ely and then. We met George and then we met George my, life change. Where. We play Castle, Stewart right now in, the car park, well this was few feeling oh that's right big people little world. First. And I would certainly wanted to forget but yeah backside you know got on the chicken let it out of its coop he's really riding it around there free-range, style.

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