Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 9, Castle Stuart

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 9, Castle Stuart

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Rady. What's the gold in it just stay alive. Yeah. Okay thanks yeah. Right now for sure. All, right so what's the deal what are we doing here hey so, Neil here. You. Guys may recognize me from, season. One in Australia maybe not with, the facial, hair I was rocking on that season, but. If. The guys asked me to maybe say a few words and kind of kick things off from a different perspective for this episode I think it's Castle Stewart wherever that is I was. Unable to attend I still work at Google the house that clicks built uncle. Larry uncle Sergei said, no dice this time around I had, some some. Clients, to drive ro as for which is a return on adspend, but. Regardless, I've been dealing with a lot of chemo. You, may know FOMO fear of missing out well I'm dealing with chemo which is knowing. I missed out and it's, been it's, been a tough eight weeks but. Guys. What is it you guys want me to read something, Castle. Stewart is not a traditional, links course mark. Parson. Minh our Senayan parson then doubled down on the success of king's barn and Fife and employed, Gil Hanse to design the course which. Opened for play in 2009. With. So much classic golf line in the coast of Scotland new, developments, are often maligned by, the locals, this, is not the case with Castle Stewart so listen. We're, gonna go through this, pretty. Much shot by shot at, there's. Probably a lot of information on the golf course that you'd, be looking for especially if you're planning a trip all. Of that is in, the accompanying write-ups, for each episode, there's one for Castle Stewart it's at no lenger calm that's probably the best place to go if you want to learn more about the course the, fact that it's warming is from the airport and all this other great knowledge I don't. Really have any of that because I didn't go on the trip so you probably want to go read, the write-ups if that's what you're looking for let's, go launch. There's. Some berry bag tags walking into the parking lot sweet. Shout. Out BMW. It's. The big guys sleeping. What's. Up man Oh. How. Many holes are you playing it a six. Nobody. Gets this jugular, that's. The big guy very, low-energy ah, castle. Stewart right now in, the car park and, then we're. Going this afternoon to, Aaron, which. Should. Be a awesome, day I just need like we go. How's. The body feeling, uh just. Terrible. So deactivated. Shoulders. Hold not though. What's. Particularly, the activated, just like, my whole like, lower body, legs. Back. And. Everything, it's gone, surpassed. In its your fitness we, don't. Even know where that is honestly probably eight hours, and I feel like that'd be really good that's.

Not An option so we're just gonna. We're. Gonna go on to him. I'm. Gonna I was. Really, really really taken, yesterday. By. A, half. Set, idea. It's. It's, look, if you're, familiar with season one you're familiar with the party panther and it's. Two kinds of errors as he likes to point out decision errors action Ares and I just find myself making far too many decision, there's only go up first I can, limit the. Amount of decisions, I'm aching it's, far the amount of options I have I, feel, like that's going to lead to to, more consistent, play in. Between. Tron and DJ these guys try to break the game down to like a processed based thing and, I'm. Just gonna be honest with you like it, sounds. Good but. I just don't think these guys like have. It dialed like, that, don't Grady. What's the golden, just stay alive I'd. Love to be the one ball tub as. That's. They'll start there everything, else take care of itself so. We're both going on nine clothes today no I'm 108, but. It's. All about doing more with less I think that's that's what no leg up is all about it is, scrapping. It together just just get it done what do you have we're playing a Gil Hanse course yeah, I love good like like gillis courses. Are. Almost. All that awesome look I think if nobody love to give I'm trying to drive ever like, love. Well. I know Gil likes the Grateful, Dead it, also tends to post a lot of pictures on Instagram with Dave Matthews so, I kind of think Gil's cool cuz I like Dave he. Seems to get backstage passes I think he's in deep with Dave well, this was a few you feel like oh that's right. Big. People little world. And. It's great rain gear from Randy store. No letting up calm, we, got some extra inventory or a small shop check us out place looks quite knit quite good alright, this is the start of the Highlands phase the. Highlands hustle the final. What, are we calling this competition, the. Race to. Race. To the - there is behind the, race - Dora the race to Dornoch this. Is as no static presented, by dou by dou, T. Far. Away that's. Me oh yeah. Because. We flip the T. Loves. It this is this is really where traditionally. In their grace - Dornoch though they. Separate the wheat from the chaff like, one thing when they hit the Alps and the Tour de France the climbers.

Start. Bucking their heads Oh. Randy. Randy. I. Would. Disagree with John there I say the big guys more likely on you Rick he. Peddles a gear up why used to be a gear down I'm, not really a cyclist, forget. I said that I've been on the chicken today with. Second. Home no, tree would. Concrete, eagle at the second. Birdie. It to. Here's. What I don't understand all these courses, look. Like, crap. Firm. And fast you know what I like dream courses, okay kind of be honest about something there's like I love it when it's just really green. Like. Soggy, overwash. I, think. The conditions look appalling, personally. This. A bit I, don't. Know yeah uh the. Viewers allowed to decide when it sucks that. Was. With the drone too. I. Do. Like when the bunkers had like the sod levels that's, very very appealing to the eyes and. I. Would get absolutely ejected, with some of these runoff. Areas around the green there's no doubt about it. All. The castle in the background is, that any good. See. I am a big medieval, guy so I. Think. Kids like grow, up and they're either like they're into like dinosaurs. They're, like cars and trucks I was a big night sandcastle, guy loved. Moats and I love draw bridges. Yeah. A little bit I think yeah I'm a feudal I'm very futile so. I don't know if this, castle had if the castle Stewart has moats and drawbridges if it does and you guys didn't show it that's. A disgrace. I'd. Also like to take this opportunity to call out Randy. He loves do you like long sleeve. Over/under. Short sleeve look you know like a class acreage circa. 2005. Ng, shoot 9th grade like heading to the party pegs dropping, me off in the Tahoe. It's. It's, kind, of a timeless look I don't know if it's a good look but, so. They call that out oh. Just. A spot where normally you hit 3-wood. SiC. Go, in Oh. Shucks. Yeah. We. Trying to do it this month 93. Yards this is about a. Maybe. Eight percent 56-degree.

Little Dead arm. Very. Good I think, that, was like 97%, thank, you. I'm. Glad this is so illicit, Oh your speech I know I know I know listen listen, listen here's my thing I'm. Left to mine too I, totally. Love what, it's all about, but. Like. If you just carry the full set just, in case you. Got. All the clubs available see I disagree like you're so I'm so worried, yeah, that I didn't choose the correct club but I'm between there's so much indecision, involved, just, strip away all that indecision, and there's, no choice, it's. Like Soviet Russia man like you, have one option and you have no choice but to like it, Soviet. Russia didn't work though Soviet. Russia the club chooses you the. Thing is if, you always, have a backup. You. Never, are committed and you're always second guess you're always second-guessing especially, when you stink yeah which. All of us do right oh sure you, guys may have talked me into the, afternoon around think about how much more energy I have. So, late. I have eight I have, eight but look, it's a personal preference you do whatever you feel like we're. Not trying to win oh, my god, nothing, would make me Mandy we're just trying to make the tent bigger man yeah and ten and taller too you know we're gonna need to make some modifications. It's. Like a Billy Graham tent after a while it's gonna be like a revival, in it, well. You guys dunk me in the water. We. Got that chip in. If cage were you between a three iron and the three iron. He, loves it. Come, on use. It come on come. On, come. On. Great. Shot, Solly. Notice, we'll be silent about the dog bag did, you play it. It's. Gonna be a note for him to offer did you so. In decisions not an issue for you. But. You'd rather have 14 clubs no no yeah, I'm capable of making the right decision because so, little. DJ. What do you save yourself yeah. So that's the whole point of course. Oh. Look. It he's more freed up already, yeah. I love the big guys move it's. Like a it's, like a Gumby, Furyk. Wait. Just drops it in the slot and you really don't know he's playing roulette up there like he doesn't really know where it's gonna go but it's it's nothing. If, not athletic, I'll say that there's no big problems with the half set and I, don't. Know where this kind of falls but I am a disgraceful. Iron, player. So. It makes me a little nervous are you gonna be a disgraceful iron player either way either way. Yeah. You're right you're right you're right right. We. Got loves air travel. Talk. Me through this a little bit. Here. We go DJ's gonna work the ball. I'm. Digging between, I'm the pole butter cut here and we can fall to the ground burger hopefully to, the safe part of the game I do. Like you walking us through the shot though. So. Guess what I'm gonna keep talking over it like I'm Peter Jacobsen, just so nobody, can hear what's going on, here. For right you've got. The. Classic DJ Matt with, the pole that was a that. Angle play you made back there. That's. Right well chip in a putt. A bit, of a long putt no thanks happy. 4th of July thanks guys trying, to get the red white and blue on explain, that the truth is USA. Balls I don't. Know how much they're gonna like you over here nothing says America, like college Japan. Shucks. Oh. I. Just. Have you any good he's, also. Other is there anybody else playing these courses. It. Shouldn't be like the high season. Shot. Camera, crews have arrived now that Randy's making his move. I've. Already missed it was a gift our would, explain the mental miss. Anything. Inside five feet you try to mentally, this. Is as sweet as possible like picturing, it so. Then like my picture, paint the picture so that when I do stand over it I feel. Much more at ease and it kind gets her that yes I've already missed it on. Sometimes. It goes in. Haven. Hate scene. It's. Like a snuff film or something, what I see in it I even. Get really, D celli he. D, sets like he's hitting the brakes doesn't. See the ball, he would fly right by you know. Oh. Got. It yep. There's. Solid cleaning up for a bit of a Betty. Yeah. No there's another one. Here's. The big guy for a jumbo, a net jumbo bird another. Birdie God he just keeps flagging. It. And. There it is he's, done, it. That's. Two birdies, out of three holes to start the back nine for big Randal. Solley, wearing blue, what. A surprise, I. Think. The visual like I'm. Like matrix. Like plugged in things. Visualize, how this figure how is it gonna go you're gonna call your shot but, I'm gonna leave a 3-iron short left of that bonus they're gonna have a mega, angle.

Chip. A little wedge or or seven or eight up there. Lot. Of room left. Is. That how you've envisioned this playing out yeah that's a bit left my intended target bit. The. Guys it looks like you guys are leaking. A little bit of oil on. This. Round. Like. Time to give you a little loosey-goosey you. Know like maybe not as focused as you need to be I mean. We've all been there. No, was it good it was a really good plan it's just a bit of an execution area. That. Effective the second shot. See. Look at Ron's head he looks up it's crazy, god I. Mean. It's, great contact, and it's right right in the slot I just it's, all it's amazing that he's able to do that yeah. We got a. Bet open, down at the 17th I feel like we just both hit the same shot I don't really know where it ended up and. There, we go there we have it. Technically. I think I'll be giving trouble that, was scummy backstopping, there for both you. Ready. Great play. Trip. Net. Ace. Nice. Putt. Good. Stroke bill really, good, hold. On mister Phil, my. Best minds ever would. You fire 36. Come on this, and I miss Stephen. I guess I was wrong about these guys loosen energy. TC. For back-to-back birds, to. Back to that birds, Tommy Manske. Annie's. On tilt it querido tremendous, poon impressive. Right. Hey. All right guys. Hey. Can we get rid of mind, about me saying that these guys are losing energy yeah. That's, a bad take. You. Get some good shots on the strong man great plan Randy good plan. I. Think the best I've ever seen you play that was ejected playing great play. I. Think so. We're. Wrapping up here at, Castle, Stewart. Brandi. But. Some, people were calling that performance. The. Best they've seen in years listen. We're over here in the United Kingdom I, just. Wanted to pay homage to, Charles. Dickens I'm a tale of two nines. 47:36. First I would certainly wanted to forget but yeah back side you know got on the chicken let it out of its coop, he was really riding it around there free-range, style. And. Then with a 36, you got to understand 36, is you, know among the best 9 is my life and I don't get to say this often but I legitimately. Left, about a 34, out there mister. Just. Like a two footer for birdie on 11, and, 3, putted from about 40. Feet on 15. I believe what a story, arc there we run Randy like. An epically. Gebbie in the car to letting, the chicken out of the coop I mean, that's, that's.

Transcendent. Stuff really but yeah. I'm happy ready, to go have a proper pint jeez. Cheers. Also, the way you guys are packing. These cars is an absolute, disgrace it's. Disgusting, it really is it's like how, about you you know take a minute, to organize things, so. Just stopping. It in willy-nilly, how. Many clubs gonna. Hey. Look. Look. Would we have gone lower than 76, we said. I don't think, that'd. Be 676, proof. Was in the pudding was, ordered order, now order, now heard to get your a club set for me in trauma, one. Stage it in 1876. Yeah. We had 70 seconds a 76, 36 76. One more time would you guys shoot. Talk. To me about in there Narnia. It's a growler yeah we'll go with that. They're. Playing just bit firm oh. I. Want to join the club. Groove I am a disgrace. You. Stink. Well. It's for understanding, on the 13th tee ie gold, the, 15th, hole and I shot -. Yeah. Hey I'm happy to be here alright thank you thank. You and they thank you guys - uh-huh, you, know you're putting a place home to play us out play, with that place. Up what does that what. I don't know.

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