Tourtour 〜Les plus beaux villages de France〜 / Var / Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur / Vacance /

Tourtour  〜Les plus beaux villages de France〜 /  Var / Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur /  Vacance /

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Today, where are we? I don't know how to say it? "Tourtour" This pronunciation is so hard for the Japanese! It is a hilltop village. We visit that kind of village as usual, non? We're going to go to city centre. I think the farmer's market is probably still taking place. Let's go! This church looks very old. We'll go after. The farmer's market is still taking place! I think so ! It's bigger than I imagined. Yes, it is not too small. We still have three apricots. I want to bake an apricot pie.

Hello ! Can I get the rest of the apricots, please! Do you want something else ? No, that's all! 4 euros. Thanks a lot. Good day ! Bye ! Let's go! Look ! There are syrups! Pear ginger, candy apple, salted butter caramel ... They are interesting! Hello. Do you want to taste? Non thanks! Merci. The jam looks good too. Look, Sayaka. They have a yuzu apricot jam!

A lot of Salts ! Are they just salts? I also found paprika powder. Are there any herbs for the spaghetti? Which sauce? Bolognese? Carbonara? This shop is the kind you like ... It's very cute. ※ I regretted that i did not get anything when I got home ... This dog is very cute. They are friends ? I don't know if they're friends or not ... I want something with a cicada produit ...

It's very cute, isn't it? Yes, this cicada is very cute. It's awesome. How can we use it? It's to knock on the door, I think. This little bell is very pretty.

This cat .... Have we seen it somewhere? In Bormes-les-Mimosas! It looks nice ! I like the owl too. We wondered, what is the cicada on the right for? It's decoration! Is it a pot mat? No, we have the pot mat here. OK! This is so cute ! This is very cute ! It's very cute too! I prefer the cicada. This one is funny! Can I get this ? We're gonna take that one. Thanks a lot.

Excuse me ? Can I pay by card? Normally, we take it from 15 euros. Oh, Sorry about that. No.that's fine. Ah, that's donkey milk soap. It's popular. Yes recently. These are hand creams. If you want, we have testers. It is made in Ayguemorte in Provence. There are others here, there are lavender, monoi, cotton ... It's shea butter, and you can use it as a foot cream too. These are 10 €, and on the other side there are the small tubes of donkey milk hand creams.

The one with Lavender Fig interests me a lot. You can buy it! Yes I buy it! Do you have contactless? Yes! Ah, that doesn't work. Just a moment. It's gone to eat. It is time for lunch break. It's perfect. For me it's OK, but do you want a receipt? No thanks.

Thanks a lot. Have a nice day. Bye. He is lost ? Where are his parents? He is looking for his father. Where is he ? Ah! His father has arrived! He is reassured to have found his father.

He wanted water for the watering can. There are a lot of people in the village. We're going for a walk until lunch. It's raining ! These ladies share one umbrella with two people! That's so cute ♡  We arrived at the restaurant we had reserved! We have reserved a table for two people. A table for two ...

This is the small table just to the left. OK ! If possible, is it still available on the terrace on the other side? At the bottom (with the panoramic view), it's full. Please have a seat! Which seat do you want to take? I'll do it after.

It was a small thunderstorm just before. Yes, we saw it. We ordered a 1 liter bottle of sparkling water. Cheers ! Our lunch has arrived. Matthieu, what did you order? I ordered a duck breast with a white peach sauce What's under the duck? Is it potato? Yes. I ordered.... It's a burger and fries. With beef? Yes ! Enjoy your lunch ! Matthieu ordered a dessert. It's a chocolate hazelnut tiramisu.

Is it a coffee?No, It's an espresso! After lunch, we started walking again. I am happy that the weather is nice finally! This shop is closed now. Is it lunch break? I am happy that the weather is nice! "Salon Adam et Ève" is a hairdresser. It's cute. The village has a fountain that you can drink. It is quite rare. Can we drink it too? (It is not marked.)

The atmosphere is very nice! If we go up that staircase, can we go city centre? I do not know. It is probably a place for concerts and shows here. The name is written on a sign: le théâtre de verdurer. Did you notice that a name is written under the sign? Carole Maulir? I do not know his name. She probably drew all the street signs! Here is the rue de Moulin. There is an Olive Mill near here. And now it is still working. There are a lot of fountains in this village! It smells very good! We are not sure that we can Can go through .... We will discover it.

We found a place like this when we went to Gassin too. We can turn left ! It's like a secret garden. This castle which is called Vieux Chateau and was built in the 12th century, and it is an art gallery now. Tourtour has two castles and the other is the town hall now (I'm sorry for not posting a video of the whole chateau) Can we go after? Are we going up and down again? We are lost ? This neighborhood is beautiful too! Here it is the street of the old castlel "la rue du vieux château" We saw this castle before in the video. We arrived at an ice cream.

Did you decided ? They have a little different taste from other ice cream parlors. I found lemon ginger and apricot lavender. Matthieu ordered a grilled pistachio scoop, and a passion fruit scoop with Sichuan pepper… I chose a grapefruit. We have found a good place for eating ice cream .... We are going towards église Saint-Denis.. This church was built between the end of the 10th century and the beginning of the 11th century and is Romanesque in style. It has had twice restorations so that it is still very good condition.

We're going home. I'm glad I came! The view is magnificent from here. This village is located high up so we can see "sainte victoire" which is near Aix-en-Provence! Which one do you think it is? Thanks for watching my video. I will talk about another more beautiful village next time too! ^^

2021-08-14 09:06

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