Traditional way of life in Russia

Traditional way of life in Russia

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Hello, guys. I want to say thank you very much for having all of you 10,000 subscribers with me. And also so I will make some videos about Russian tradition and Russian countryside. But for now, some news. Recently I passed the exam and I got my license. So now I can drive.

And also I'm studying at the University and I should submit a lot of work by the end of July. So now I have a lot of work. And so I took a short both in my videos. But keep watching me and I will pause some new videos soon. Thank you very much. I'm going by hitchhiking.

The name is Malye Korely. This Museum is located in the village 16 kilometers from the city. This is our Russian grandma. Sometimes they work really hard.

The wooden bridge and there is the gate to the Museum of Wooden architecture. So here this is the Museum I'm going to visit. The air is quite big. You can see on this map. Interesting.

So there is the gate and here we can buy the ticket. So nice that they have luggage storage. So I can put my backpack here.

Okay. And you know, it's free. It's really good. Naric will means windmills exhibition. And we can go inside. We're going to see the second floor and even the fourth floor.

And maybe we even can go upper this the well and how we take water from this, how we need it, at least in all times, is the field of weed. A region is a zone of risky farming, but it's South part is quite suitable for growing barley. What? Yeah, this is old. This is barley. This one is flux, like this wooden fence. Look at this.

Very interesting how they made it is the Bell tower of the sixteenth century. It is so tall. Let's go inside. But Unfortunately it's close.

We can go inside so we can just check a little bit way there. Chapel of the eighteenth century is water barrels. Here is to prevent the fires because everything here is wooden. And this is the house for one family in century, the same as this one. This is also the house for one family, but it's a little bit smaller. Wrong. This is two story barn.

The end of the nineteenth century. It is for the family big and nice within house old Queen. And it still works. We can use it.

We talk about names for married women. This is the big nice. Well, we we now the bar in the small one. Let's explore the cargo Polski.

Present house interior. Go up first. I like this kind of stairs. It's quite comfortable. These are different things that were used in bed time.

Explanation for this stuff. This one is loom. It is there. And this one is for Combin flags to make. For example, clause after that, this one is wash up.

This one is slow. This one and this one is stop Super okay, see how it looks in the old times in the house, man, like my grandma's house still looks similar to this. And we still have this kind of carpet.

No, it's on. My parents still use this kind of a barnyard for animals, for example. Yeah, like here, there could be some gold or cows go inside to see this charge. This is how they brought the charge here. So the used helicopter. No, that many of the houses in Georges here were dismantled and brought here from the different villages in the area.

This one is the game. We use it. For fun to use ourselves. So we go somewhere from the distance.

We should show this wooden circle. I will try to do it with the left hand and it's not easier. Yeah. I like this.

Wooden sidewalks everywhere, even in the city. It nice house. Let's go to explore the houses inside.

How people swing in the past. There was no bells before. So if you want to knock the door, knock the door. You like this within reach. Okay. It's a small Chapel.

This is Shanga with potato. And this is different things with cabbage, eggs and Apple. This is called Kalitka. Nice. So I'm going to try something of this.

It looks tasty. Is it? Is it? And this one is with Lingonberry it's like you walking in the forest. That's really good.

Go down there. And after there will be a path to go up again. Yeah. There. We should go up. And here is another house. Let's check.

What is it? It is water meal. Before this. Here was the River and now it's just filled with flowers. That said water meal is closed.

Windmill 17 44 Windmill nineteenth century seeing George Church. And it is possible to go inside. This is how they build it. Amazing. Yeah. See, people go to take water to wash their clothes and to do different things.

So you can see it here and enjoy the nature. That one is quite big. So maybe there was a big family there or even a few families. This big house is joining house in farm farm yard of Chopping. This is Ermolin house.

People slept there because there it was warmer, especially kids and old people. This is what people used to work on the field. A Lockers, it was big and say so no one can break them. And this is a key and you have to take it with you all the time. This K is more is bigger than my hand. This one is really nice when I was a kid.

I also love that. But of course we didn't use it with horses. We from the Hill and it was lots of fun. I still love that. And you know, when I had my dog, she used to take my slate with me on the road. And this house looks so crazy.

There is some of our inside. We use it for they are going to look at the interior of the old believer been here. It's a little bit dark and the sale is low and this we call polite. And usually kids slept there. Here the old deliver praise. Great.

Now we are going to another area. Here is Pinerskaya village of the end of 19th. In the beginning of 20th. This is in a village of the end of century. This house looks exactly like from our Russian fairy tale. It's like a hive on the chicken legs.

And there is Baba. Yaga there inside the bed character. That's scary. Keet this is how we restore this old wooden houses. And that is a boat to swim in River Penega like this village. And I hope I will come here one day again.

And thank you very much for watching this video. Ask me some questions and comments. Soon I will shoot new video answering your questions, and I can answer your question. So right me.

Thank you very much. Bye. And have a good day. This is small and cozy barns. I like them the beginning of 20 century. They're going to move to Mezensky area.

This is the village of northeast of Arkhangelsk area. The end of 19 th. The beginning of 20 th century.

Inhabitants of this village, we're mainly engaged in fishing, kitchen animals, building boats. And also they went to the Saint Petersburg

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