Train to Tecate & Verde Crema

Train to Tecate & Verde Crema

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Folks, today on crossing south we take a seasonal. Train ride from Tijuana, to the city of Tecate and try, a restaurant that pays an ode to Tijuana's. Culture, and it's coming to you right now. Baja. California's. Railway, system, is used mostly, for cargo, and shipping, materials. But. Just a few times a year there's. A leisure train, right from Tijuana, to. The city of Takata and back. Well friends, I am standing, right now in front of the trance, odysee go, deep wanna Tecate. You know Mexico's, train system, is not like in other countries where it's, used as a mode of transportation it needs to be used, that way but. The train system is a thing you could say it's in shambles in Mexico it's used mostly for cargo. For. Taking, resources from one place to another but they're. Trying to revive this in Baja and it's a party on wheels they take you to the Pueblo Mexico of Tecate which is a nice, sleepy. Village a nice Colonial. Village that we featured on the show before and, we're. Gonna see how we're gonna check it out folks. I, wouldn't. Say there's world-class, scenery, between these two towns but. It's a lovely day trip. Passenger. Travel, by train is not so common here in Tijuana so it's, a novel, and fun thing to do especially for, locals, it's, literally. A party, on wheels people. Have a really good attitude and don't mind the fact that it's slow AC, is not really, enough to leave the summer heat there but, it's a fun day out a word, from the wise do. This and the cooler side, of the year. The, journey is part, of the experience, but, on this day so. Is the destination, we. Arrived at the Conte and they, had an event to coincide, and welcomed. The leisure ride. Good. Idea, it happened to be a food festival which. Is my kind, of festival. Okay. So as the train stops they. Have this party waiting for everyone basically. Established. Businesses, Restaurant, tours. Souvenir. Shops all these different people they, set up in this swap, meet style, you. Know organization. And, setup where, everyone, has their own stance and they're offering what they have into the establishments, here, concentrated. In one location for, everyone to enjoy, so we're. Gonna go sample some of this stuff so follow us and let's. See what's out there this is what the cut that has to offer so if, you want to know what to got the house this, is gonna be in everything's concentrated, here right now streamlined, for, our consumption stay. With us folks it's crossing sound. All. Right it's hot I'm sweaty I'm tired. Suns, glaring, but, there's. Music and, there's, food so, I can't complain too much. Okay. So they're trying to fan safai the taco, I have friends who are taco purists. And would, be against this but it was pretty good. Chicken. Chipotle panini. This. Is a mica hibiscus. Fry, hibiscus, which is. Banana. Taco. Oh. Wow. Look. It up this Arianna this gotta so she makes it in a mixer. It's. A banana taco folks oh my. Goodness. That. Was a really, good dessert must. Keep it in mind and visit. Their establishment, in the future right, here right, here there's, my spot. Oh. Look. At the density of that. Oh, man. This. Is born. This. Is amazing it's. Amazing I. Don't. Know if you know or not but. Mexican. Priest panics are the ones that discovered the brought.

Chocolate Into the world look. At this it was like I have a little I set up I, don't. Know if this is like the elixir that, the Aztecs used to drink or not or Maya's or I don't, know who forgive, me for it not know exactly but. It's. Pretty close hello right yeah it's, like please. Have have, my elixir it, would bring life to you, horrible. Accident I don't, know what, else like action I'm doing but. Didn't. Be merry it will, give you life the. Life of the Sun okay, right well. Yeah. Okay. I can, feel it right now. It's good it's cool it just feels cool it feels like I should drink it like this right like, I should just. It's. Not just to drink it's not just a beverage it's, almost like a meal because they. Have ground, porn. In turn I'm. Like Anatoly. With. Chocolate, with with cacao so, the, cocoa bean and. That's the restaurant that's, it right here so just feels like I should drink like this right. And. Passage another tribe member and. It seems to be pretty popular for. A little stand there it's pretty full so. Okuda. If. It good. Episodes. Token, cheesy line, pun. Intended, check. Those. Pick together I don't, have any farmers markets in the US. We. Can have this much variety of. Cuisine. And and, tastes, under. One place it's, pretty good pretty, varied you know there's this this. Makes the trip worthwhile and, I always he let me do this pretty. Hard, but. It's pretty nice experience, overall. This is just I don't. I. Only, spoke, English until. The very end she. Tried. So hard to speak English for everything but this is the moment she realizes I speak Spanish. It's. A showcase. Takata's. Best in one location, and. They're hoping you'll come back and give their actual, restaurants, a try. Zeroed, out you are in Mexico folks. Look. At them all these well-thought-out little, businesses, we, hear that Baja California. Is one of the Mexican, states with. The largest numbers, of new franchises. Started. Every, year by, entrepreneurs. They. Get an idea they, get a product and just go. For gold, perhaps. Baja just has much, less, red tape and, so, young folks can go from idea to market in very, few moves. How. About alas it's time to leave and the. Right back picks up exactly, where we left off. I'm. Telling you for a suffocating, summer ride like this people. Are in very high spirits and, some. Of the scenery is actually quite captivating. We. See some nature as well, as the outskirts, of both cities. But. Alas it is time to disembark this fun ride at the. City of Tijuana we. Found a place that well, represents. What is happening, in this region and why. It has, such renowned. March. You be getting some petrol, concept, no, actually, this is not a gas station, another, petrol station this. Is a restaurant, not just a little, hole in the wall even though it kind of is it. Was really avoided part of the 100. Places or restaurants, you, must visit in Mexico. Only, six places in ba have such, a distinction, and this is one of them it's called Verdi crema and you're gonna get to know it right, now stay with us folks it's crossing south. This. Place is pretty unique and it has a very, interesting history. And the, guy cooking, for, the. Patrons of Verdi Kadima is, this guy right here. Whatever. Cuisine is your specialty I don't, have any type of lighting that, I have my own style, you're like my fellows delicious food it's, not Mexican. Cuisine, it's logic you see right, everything, is local, everything, is fresh. Farm-to-table. Yeah that's, what you call like farm-to-table, it's, kind of like that because we work with small. Producers. And small, cheese, company, and there's. No middleman you're getting its shape yeah why. Is it called barely crema they used to be the old, parking, lot from the very crema bosses, they're around yeah I like the beige green, color. Pattern buses which, was a very. You. Know old route of. Buses in Tijuana, right so. Was it was it was bus route yeah and all those buses had that color part yeah like. You wanna go, somewhere get, the ready grammar yeah right so.

This Was the depot basically yeah this is where the partner they were all part yep close, it up and the, guys like why, don't we I mean my restaurant. Anything. In term about the decor before we talk about the the, food really today almost, everything, is recycled those. Doors, were from another place same with the wood that wood and. You. See that little pointing, right there yeah that's from an old boat oh yeah. Okay. Well I think we've heard enough I think we're ready to go we're ready to see what this place is so famous for so. What are you gonna bring this man so, what I'm gonna do I'm gonna good for you is little samples of all the food that we do here okay so it's. Gonna be like probably, seven different dishes Wow okay hope, you enjoy them well, I hope so too it's crossing South folks don't go anywhere where, they can Emma seems to be pretty popular already from people from the states so let's. See what all the hubbub is about, stay, with us folks this. Is a very, next-generation, restaurant. It's trendy, it's hip it's eco-friendly, it's organic, it. Hits all the markers, that Millennials, are probably looking for but, the grub is. What this place is really known for and, that, just slices, across generations. When. Food is good it. Unites, infusions. Peoples, of all walks of life let. Us see what. Is here, they. Call this a Korean, taco it's guys I'm out of cheddar I'm hanging need some radish, pickled. Onions. Cilantro. Peanuts. Freak, very colorful very creative okay. That. Is really good Wow. Kind. Of Barbie Kiwi little. On the sweet side meat. Is really tender so, I would, I will, recommend that taco I will, go ahead and recommend that tackle, you. Just we, just make sure. Okay. So this soap a it's. Like a gordita, a soap a it. Says. It's, like seafood and some octopus, there thought their mouth which. Is like. Like. Like grill. Charbroiled. Vegetables. And mashed. Together. Peppers. Tomatoes. So. They've got a lot of stuff. So. Let's let's try this thing. It's. Definitely good I. Think. The green dog was is better. But. It has a lot of flavor it's. Very very good. But. So far the. Initial one seems. To be on the leader board let's. See let's see what they got you know, this is a fish out what she lived their version of the egg what she live I'm, not the biggest fan of the end with cheapness, but. Only because I'm not the biggest fan of lime you, know on your food you, know it's very common in Mexican, food I'll eat, it you don't think I'll like was just all lime if ceviche, and I think this kind, what this looks like it looks almost like a ceviche, it's, just drenched, in lemon and super. Spicy peppers, normally so when you're hearing that what chi-lin, that. Means it's a very lemony. Drenched. Dish. Which. Is very, spicy like, what she lives normally very spicy some, serrano, peppers, give. God, which. I guess is cucumber. It's, a raw fish but it's, cured, or cooked in alignment. So let's, try a piece, of tostada, which. Is how this is eaten normally. Hmm. Good good. Look. At that I. Presume. Not as crazy about. Really. Rich lemony food but. Somebody wants a healthy option. To sushi. Someone. Raw but, not really that's. A good option you, want some spice in your life you're. Out what you lives away to go. Okay. So we're really entering into the realm of the kind of dish that I like you know more creamy, it's. Your typical right. Uh you. Know type of gesture you you, would expect when you go to a chill to an international, restaurant, but we're trying to learn here so the.

The, Korean, taco right now seems to be the one leading. Everything, let's, you know what with this how, this goes this is a risotto. Bed with. Multiple, mushrooms, including, huitlacoche which is a very typical Mexican. Fungus. Found in corn, it has shavings. Of parmesan. It. Looks really, good. It. Not only looks good it. Is really good. There's. Chisel the oldest the the risotto is just, keeping. Everything together it. Looks like the intestines. Of a tauntaun in Star, Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Probably. Not the image the restaurant, true wants me to project but, believe me it's, really, good, craft. Beer and artisanal, wines from Baja all available, here - just. Don't be asking for the commercial guys this is a local, finish - call patty cook it is baked, instead of fried and, white, wine and. Olive. Oil. Looks. Interesting it's, got some. Some. Frenchy, seared. Parts which I like and also they have these. Parmesan. Roasted, cherry, tomatoes. Let's. Try it let's try it first just alone before. We mess with it. Mmm. Very good fish. Let's. Try it with the the. Cherry tomatoes and the, sauteed. Lentils. Let's. See what kind of flavor thinking going in there. Make. Sure you like you're in a spa. And. The detoxing. Getting. Away from all the junk food and just, regenerating. With, local produce that's, just how I feel so. No bold, taste no taste that I can say oh my. Goodness guys this is like blowing my mouth away nope. Bri, measured with very delicious and very healthy brain. Ups okay. So this is quail with, some. King. Mushroom, slices. I, guess. Potato. Puree, or, like smashed, potatoes. Some. King. Mushroom. Some. Of that egg sauce right, there. Mmm. Very good. Whale steer. Down one side. Medium-rare. On the other very. Good well done. Okay. This funky logo they, brought me this miss Kyle which. Is like you know any. Tequila it's not made in the state of Jalisco its it's. Just a mezcal. It's an agave liqueur so, you inhale. You. Drink. No, they gave me these morning just seems, simple enough right. But. The funny thing is that instead of you. Know sprinkling them with salt. There's. This cricket, salt soho, powdered, crickets, in. Your, oranges. Nobody. Can tell you we're an exotic. Okay, pork belly yeah, you, just can't go wrong with a pork belly oh oh. Look. At how smooth that is soft. Look. At how, the. Greasy goodness just, comes up it'll. BAM. Like. Your purple tortilla. Let's. Cut a little bit of that pork belly in there.

Okay, You can't say these guys are in original. This. Is a, jello. Like a gelatin. Made. Of natural yogurt it's. Swimming. Literally. On, a. Hibiscus. Sauce looks. Really cool. Whoop. Ding ding we got a winner wow. It's. Really good you. Know I was waiting for that knock your socks off taste, I found, it ok. They. Shouldn't leave save, the. Best for last. But. This dessert is really good in the, Korean taco that's what that would those were my recommendations, to, start with okay. Mmm. Scrumptious. Oh man. It's. What's crossing is how it's all about folks. Okay. So the verdict of the day at least at least in my humble opinion Korean. Taco takes takes. The top. Forgive. The redundancy but this, redundancy, has to be. So, after spending a lovely day in Baja California across. Two cities, we, rode we ate and we wonder what will await us the next time we, cross, south. Like. To know more about the places you've just seen maps videos, podcasts, and, more at crossing, SOUTHCOM. We, also do Facebook Instagram, and YouTube.

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