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Transportation around Walt Disney World

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I'm. Just gonna get into this the, good the, bad and. Hopefully, not, the ugly but just in case the ugly, Disney's. Transportation. While, you're down. Hey. Guys welcome, back to coral joy travel I'm so glad you're, here, today, I'm going to be doing a video about, Walt, Disney World transportations. And I'm, particularly. Speaking. About, the. Transportation. To. The. Theme parks, from. Your. Home, Resort, if you're staying on a Walt Disney World, Disney, property, hotel. So. There's. Pros there's. Cons there's. Good there's, bad and, maybe, there's a little ugly mixed, in but mostly. It's good, and I really just want to talk to you about the, diverse, amount, of transportation. Options that Disney. Provides, its guests, if, this is your first time to my channel, welcome so, glad you are here we do lots of Disney tips and tricks and some. Unboxings. On our channel so if you like those sorts of things and you want to learn about Walt, Disney World and Disneyland and, Disney Cruise Line stick. Around. Hit. The subscribe button and. Join. This, community we have a lot of great friends we take the time to get to know each other in the comments, we, ask questions we answer, questions it's. It's. A very active, group more. Active now that my kids are back in high school and I can focus but. We do have a lot of fun here and I do hope that you join, the, just. Join us and and talk to us and get to know us because we have a lot of fun here, this. Video, is. Going. To. Probably. Help, those of you who already, have. A Disney. Vacation coming, up or maybe this is your first Walt, Disney World vacation coming, up or you're thinking about taking a Walt. Disney World, ocation this, sort of information today, will be helpful for you I am NOT going to be talking about magical. Express in this video however I have, a separate, video that is going to be coming up in the next week or, sooner. Specifically. On magical. Express. And that's something that walt disney world offers, its guests, staying, at a Disney Resort, Hotel, today. We're just going to be talking about the different modes of transportation. That. You. Have access, to as a, Disney. Guest down, in Walt Disney World so. If you're staying in a Disney World Resort, Hotel there's value, moderate. And deluxe and monorail. Deluxe, resorts, there's all different resorts. If you are staying at any of these you. All have, access to bus. Transportation. And these. Buses, these Disney buses, will go. To each, of your resorts, and pick. You up in, either one, location, or there, could be multiple, locations. For pickups, and drop-offs at your resort it just depends, on your particular, resort. You can find that out by. When. You check in you can ask the front desk where, is the, pickup for the bus or. Where is the closest pickup for the bus if there are multiple I, will say this that value, resorts have buses that, pick you up in one location. Moderates. Can. Have more than one location and. Deluxe's. Typically, have one, location, for, bus pickup so just ask if you are not sure just ask at, the front desk they will have a map they can, give you to, let you know where the bus picks, ups are buses.

Start, Running, about one hour before the, parks open, and they. Stop, running, about, one hour after, the, parks closed so. If, you want to be there early, just. Know when the buses start running, and if, you want to stay at the parks at the end yes the parks do stay open an hour after, they closed, the, rides are stopped but, the shops are open. Oh if. You, want to take that free, bus. Transportation, home make. Sure you're on the bus at the right time you don't want to miss the bus if. You, want to do this for free and. I will say yes all of this bus transportation, is free. It's complimentary. Isn't, that awesome yes, it is, so whether you are at like your Disney Resort Hotel and you're taking, a bus to, a theme, park or you. Want to take a bus to Disney, Springs guys there are buses, that take you to Disney Springs and when, you are in Disney Springs there are buses these free buses, you don't need a ticket these, free buses will take you back. To your hotel, they, will take you back to a theme park or a waterpark I mean wherever you want to go and they. Have buses for Disney. We'll provide, that free transportation, for you isn't that amazing, yes, it is that is a big Pro all of, this transportation, that. I'm going to talk about with, exceptions, and I will make note are, free. Ha. Awesome. Thank You Disney for giving me something free we love that we, love that something. Important to know is that not. All, of, the, Disney Resort, Hotels are equidistant. Between all, of the parks okay some, resorts, might be closer to other theme. Parks, and. You might, have between a 15 to a 30, minute, bus, ride it all depends, on traffic. And, where, you are going to. So. My suggestion, is this if you are staying at a Disney Resort, Hotel. And you are planning, to go to one of the theme parks during the day just, kind of take out Google Maps get. A sense of how far away your, trip is especially. If you have young children and. You, know you. Need to feed them or you they need a snack or they need whatever. Or you need a whatever, you want to know is, this a five-minute ride or is this a 20-minute. Ride it's kind of helpful for you so get, a sense of where your, hotel, is. Located. In relation to the other theme, parks because they really, are all around, I was. This mode of transportation the bus's is the only mode of transportation for. Value, resorts, and, for. Moderate, resorts, to get to, a theme. Park there. Are two moderate resorts, that you can take water. Shuttles, to Disney, springs Disney, Springs it's not a theme park Disney, Springs as free Disney. Springs, is an entirely different beast of fun but. Just. Know that buses. These, free buses are only these, are the only mode of transportation that, Disney provides you for.

Value, And moderate resorts if, you're talking about deluxe, resorts there's more modes coming up and that's what I'm going to tell you about right, now, so another mode of free transportation, for anyone for, anyone, is the. Disney. Monorail, so there is a monorail, system. Let's call it a, train. In the sky a futuristic, train and, now there's going to be more things coming up soon too but I'm not gonna get ahead of myself I'm gonna talk about the monorail so the monorail is. Elevated. And it, goes around. Magic. Kingdom to three, surrounding. Deluxe. Resort, hotels, the contemporary, is the first stop and then. You have the Polynesian, and then, you have the Grand Floridian those, are the three resorts, those deluxe resorts, that are right around Magic. Kingdom and you. Can take the monorail if you are staying at one of those resorts, you, can take the monorail if you want to go to Epcot. From. Magic, Kingdom so if you go onto the. Monorail. From Magic Kingdom you, will stop at the, Contemporary. Resort and, then the next stop is called, the ticket and transportation. Center you'll, have to get off that monorail. Go, walk, down a little, ramp and then walk up another little ramp and you'll, get onto a, another monorail. To, take you directly to, Epcot. Okay. So and. Again, anyone. Can take this monorail, anyone, they don't check tickets it's free. It's complimentary. A great. Way to get. Around from. Magic. Kingdom to Epcot a great way to visit. Some of those to luck resorts, that maybe you're not staying at this year or on, this vacation but you can get you can walk around you can't swim at the pools but you can certainly walk around you can shop you can eat at restaurants. Or go to bars there whatever, is there besides, the pool you, have access, to and, these. Resorts, are really. The top of the top the cream of the crop I would, say especially. The Grand Floridian has, some amazing shops. And there's, usually, music. Playing it's just amazing, so take. Advantage of, using this free mode of transportation the. Monorail. The. Third mode of transportation, is, let's call them a Disney, water shuttle. A Disney, water shuttle and these. There. Are, water. Shuttles, that well there are water shuttles, that will give you access to three, of the theme parks. Epcot, Hollywood. Studios and, Magic. Kingdom so, those. Three theme parks have access via water, shuttles. Animal. Kingdom does not sad. Day it just doesn't. You can take a water shuttle, from Wilderness. Lodge Polynesian. Grand, Floridian. Those, are around the Magic Kingdom if you're staying at the contemporary typically. There is a walkway, that you can walk directly to Magic Kingdom so you really don't need a water shuttle, there but, you can also take water, shuttles, from, the. Contemporary to, go to Fort. Wilderness, and. Wilderness. Lodge etc. So, you can still take water shuttles, from there just not to a park, if you are talking about the boardwalk, area behind, Epcot. And, in-between, Hollywood, studios you can take a water shuttle, from the boardwalk the Beach Club the Yacht Club Swan. And dolphin I think. I have them all if I'm missing some you, let me know in the comments below but, those. Deluxe. Resorts, those are all deluxe resorts they will take you either to. Epcot, or to. Hollywood, studios it's the same waterway. Just. Two different directions. And and truly, five, ten-minute you, know water. Shuttle, ride to either of those parks depending. On where you start from I mean it's awesome I love love love taking those water shuttle. Those. Water shuttles again they're free free, free is good I also. Need, to mention that there is a ferry, there. Is a ferry at the ticket and transportation, center, that. You, can take that. Will take you directly to Magic. Kingdom now that's the only ferry so that holds a lot of people the water shuttles, guys I really don't know how many that holds, I'm gonna guess, around. 30. Ish people, you know not a huge number they're not shy enormous boats by any stretch but those those, shuttles do happen, I would say every 15-20 minutes so they try to keep those going frequently.

Around. The, from from the home, resort, to, the theme park wherever. You're going Magic Kingdom or, Hollywood, studios or god I hope, that makes sense now. Those, are the free modes of transportation Thank, You Disney thank, you for free however. There. Are some modes of transportation that. You. Can pay for and I. Will say, that, I, have. Done some of these I have not done all of these so there is a new, new. Ish form of transportation at Walt Disney World called, the minivan. And I will insert a picture so you can see what, a minivan looks, like minivans. Right, now then they're kind of changing this right now guys because. I'm filming this September 10th and, changes. Are on the way but they haven't been put into place yet so, a minivan, is, let's. Let's call, it Disney's, version of. An uber, or a lift, but the difference is it is driven. By a Disney, cast member so they know a lot, of information about Disney. They. Have, had, a background check you kind, of know what you're getting when you use a minivan driver, you feel safe unlike. Maybe with an uber driver you don't know their background or, whatever I am NOT saying anything negative against, uber or lyft, or minivans. I am just stating, some information. I have, used uber in the past in Walt Disney World I have not yet used minivans. And I will tell you why in a moment for any particular reason other than I will tell you in a minute so. The minivan service, is. Service. You would use if you wanted, to get from point A to point B. Fast. Without waiting that's, something that you have to understand, when you are relying. On Disney transportation, is that you have to wait for, that mode of transportation to come when. You are ready and you are waiting in the line for that mode of transportation that does not mean that that mode. Of transportation is going to be waiting. For you sometimes. They may be sometimes. You may have to wait up to 2030 minutes okay so. It just depends on when you hit the line the. Bus might have been gone the water shuttle might have just been arriving. It, just all depends on when you get there this. Is the kind to. Relying. On the free mode of transportation, because. You can't rely, on it do you know name saying you cannot, it you cannot.

Expect. To have that bus, water. Shuttle, monorail, there, every. Time you, are ready, for it and in, the case where you have a reservation, and you, need to be somewhere, at a particular. Time and you have 15-20, minutes to arrive to the destination, you. Often, are in. A, pickle and you, need to do something immediate, to get to where you need to be so you can use a minivan, which. Is like an uber and they, will take you from point A to point B directly to, the door of where you need to be or. You could take an uber all, right uber, is. You. Know very similar to a minivan, but it's gonna be less expensive right now the minivans, we're. Charging, $25.00. From, for, one stop, we're one stop. $25. And now it sounds like there's going to be a flat, fee of $15. And then there will be an additional, charge per. Mile we're not sure yet of the. Charge per mile so you. Know there won't be a flat charge there will be or. There won't be a set fee, it will be a flat charge and then, additional, miles. However. Many miles you go. Uber's. Will, be a little less expensive than the minivans, that's just the reality so. You have that option of using an uber as well I. Have. Used, uber in the past when I've needed to be somewhere, in, the next 20 minutes and I, knew I, could, not rely on the transportation, like I went to the bus stop and the bus wasn't there and I said oh sugar. I need. To be here. For, this reservation. What, am I going to do I'm going to pull out my phone open up the uber app and get an uber now, why, have I not done the, minivans I really, do want to do the minivans it's the. Only reason why guys it's pretty silly it's, because I don't have a lyft app and you need lift you, need the app for lyft which, I could totally you know yet, but I just hadn't had setup and uber was already set up so that's why when, I need, to pay I, get. Uber out and I and I get the uber driver. To. Come and you know - usually, it's, about ten dollars or less when, I can get to wherever I need to be to, me that's, a good deal I think maybe sometimes it depends, on where I'm going but maybe up to $15. Honestly. Those few dollars piece, of mind for me are well worth it but. If you're doing, Disney to. Be very frugal and trust me I totally, get this okay I am a mother I have two children I'm saving, for things we, as a family are saving, for things money. Is important. To be well. - to think about let's think about money wisely we don't want to waste money so if. You want to do it for free you, just have to know that you. Instead, of allotting, you know 15 20 minutes to get to your destination because, that's how long it should take if you go from point A to point B honest.

To Goodness might take you up to an hour it might take you an hour and that sounds like really that's crazy, but if you go to the bus stop and the, bus isn't there because it just left and trust, me I've been one of those runners and the bus just goes on by where there, goes the bus and then a bus is coming in 2025, minutes. You're. Waiting those 2025, minutes for the bus he hears you want to do it for free and then the, bus comes it has the low everybody on and then. The, bus goes and, you know so you could be to your destination, in 45, minutes instead of you. Know in 15-20 minutes I just. Say this because I need to educate that is my job as a travel, agent as an, agency owner of, quarrel joy travel I want to educate my. Clients and, those. Of you who are not yet my clients but those of you who are going to, Walt Disney World it is my responsibility to, make sure you. Are educated. Because. It's. Gonna make for a much more difficult, vacation, if you don't know this in advance knowing. This in advance you, just make you, make choices like, I said if you want to do it for free make, choices and know that you have to you, know give yourself a longer, chunk. Of time to get, to your destination or. Make. The choice that you're, going to, call. An uber or call a minivan to get to your destination here. Are okay, so I, should also I should also say this, I know this this video is getting super super long sorry. Guys the video is getting long but as well. As minivans or ubers, another. Mode of transportation is say, you have a rental car and you are staying on Disney, property and you. Want. To drive to, the. Theme parks you can do that for free now. Do know that, starting. Early this year in 2018, Disney did start charging, per, night, fees, for. Guesting, at Value moderate, and deluxe resorts, 13, 19, and 24 dollars respectively, per, night of your stay. Included. In that fee you. Are allowed, to park, in any, of the theme parks. So. Just, know that in advance if you are staying on Disney property you do not have to pay, additionally. For parking, fees if, you are staying off property, and you have a car and you're driving in you, will need to pay so this will be additional, money that you need to pay so, it's 20 22.

Dollars I believe right now to. Park. On property, if you want just a standard parking if you, want a. Parking. That's closer, I think. It's $45. A. So. You, know this, definitely adds up. But. Just know that in advance if you are going to have a car with you, driving. To Epcot Hollywood. Studio is an animal kingdom there are parking lots right there outside of the parks you just pay if you're off property, abrir, on property, you'll just show your. Parking. Pass, that. You have and, they'll, let you in if, you're going to Magic Kingdom and you're driving this is the one that you have to remember, okay if. You are driving the Magic Kingdom there is no parking lot right outside of Magic Kingdom it the parking lot is in what's called the ticket and transportation, center and. Then. When you get there you'll. Either have to board, a ferry board. A monorail or board a bus or maybe, there's even a water shuttle - I doubt it probably, not that's probably just the ferry, but. One, of those modes of transportation to, get you to Magic Kingdom. Honest, to goodness sometimes. People think the ferries a way to go maybe that's faster or the monorail depends, on when the monorail is coming it's all and when you hit it right so if the, monorail is there and you can get on that might be the fastest, way if the. Ferry is almost, full and they're getting ready to pull out that might be the fastest way honestly. One time I took the bus and that I mean I don't know if it beat the ferry or the monorail but, it went really fast and we got to Magic Kingdom and you, know just. A couple minutes and we, were there with no problem so look. Around pay attention, to what's available for, your mode of transportation when you get to the ticket and transportation, center and. Just you, know know, that you'll get to Magic, Kingdom you'll. Get to Magic Kingdom so it doesn't matter, but. But. Just know that you're not parking, right outside of Magic Kingdom you're parking and then you're getting on another mode of transportation to get you to Disney but all, of those modes are free. That's, a good thing to know maybe. If you drive your car that might be the day to call, an uber and, get, you dropped, off at, Contemporary. Resort maybe. Or the, Polynesian, and then you know actually. What, I usually do I don't, they're, gonna have to stop this I'm sure but if, I was doing this with with an uber I would just take an uber to the Contemporary. Resort and, have. Them drop me off and then I would walk on the walkway, to Magic.

Kingdom But, you know I'm sure, something's. I'm. Sure that's not gonna last forever because, people will figure that out and you, know a lot of people do that if they drive so they don't have to worry about the ticket and transportation, center okay. Goodness I hope, this information with. The. Transportation. The pros the cons you. Know what are the cons basically, the cons are you. Have to depend on on Disney. Timing, and, and. And. If you don't want to depend. On Disney timing for their buses or their or their water shuttles, you're gonna have to pay you, know and those are the comments really, but. I do love that Disney does offer all of this complimentary. Really, I mean you can do it for free you just have to a lot the time I hope this information was, helpful for you guys again look forward, to a magical. Express all, that, you need to know about the magical express information. Coming. Up soon in a video and. Again. Thank you so much for being a part of our channel here at coral joy travel have. A great day and I will see you in my neck. World, right travel touch, with magic sharing, joy and know, that I am also on Instagram. And Facebook and, I have a webpage coral dry travel so check me out on social media, I thought the chat with hey there - bye guys I'll see you in my next video.

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