Travel France 10 most beautiful places France 2021

Travel France 10 most beautiful places France 2021

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I know how to name Knowledge is the Republic Development is a national main territory in western Europe and some parts of South America and some islands in the Atlantic Pacific and Indian bed brings the total area Besides about 674 thousand square kilometers with a population of nearly 69 million people is a country with a shape of five years, so France also has a name in the country of hexagons because of this Special design that France has borders with many countries. such as Luxembourg Germany Switzerland Italy nasco andorra and Spain and seafares to the North Atlantic to the west and the Mediterranean to the southeast each year France welcomes over 83 million foreign visitors. Most in the world in both the United States and China in terms of the number of illegal visitors, there are 43 popular places on the UNESCO World Heritage List, including architectures harmonized with modernity and culture . most beautiful blue and white beaches, magnificent ancient palaces of nearly a thousand years old cities with bold history in nearly thirty years period of famous religious pilgrimage sites and especially more than 200 gardens voted by the culture ministry as the most prominent in France France has many famous and beautiful cities such as three xen-on bordo nomad trebles call some pairs to do However the city that attracts the largest number of tourists every year is the new capital of Paris, Quy Vy with us to explore France Hexagonal country Dear audience Dear French audience The country has so many beautiful and historic tourist destinations that are rich in historical culture , so it is difficult for tourists to visit once. Gifting is also within

the limits of the The program We would like to introduce to you some of the typical places of France that Start as the new capital of Paris V with us to the light map to explore the capital Paris in the north of France Built on the banks of the Seine River Paris is a major cultural center of the world and a tourist city that attracts many tourists. With the bustle and romantic architecture and artistic atmosphere, every year over 30 million foreign tourists count the lotus river tunnel as a symbol of Paris, perhaps anyone. so that France must also experience a wonderful Drifting on the river When the seine river sells inspiration to countless literary and artistic works and immortal love stories the seine flows through Passing the capital Paris with the peaceful and peaceful landscape of France with a length of about 700 76km, this river experiences many scenic areas and many Creation works of the capital of Paris, rivers on stilts and mid-year. Champ-de-mars is the Eiffel Tower that was started to build bugs in 1887 and inaugurated in 1889 On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, people can not help but think of the eifel tower, anyone set foot. To France , all want to once see this symbol in the light capital Paris tower is built entirely of steel 325m high is used as a famous tourist destination and as a radio and television broadcasting station for Paris. The tower is divided into 4 floors from the second

floor . Guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Paris, now the hallway running around at night is the ideal time to see the whole beauty of the tower Every 5 minutes, France is lit up with more than twenty thousand lights and 336 illuminated projectors make the Eiffel Tower stand out and stand out, but more than ever, this tower is also a historical witness for France undergoing many ups and downs of history, at times seemingly completely destroyed. All because the war in Dong Thap is still standing and resilient as a spiritual gift to the will of the French people, this is the Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of French strength and unity in the middle the tour square and the last cushion of the avenue Elise The largest tourist gathering place in the capital Paris In 1806, Emperor Napoleon built this project after the French victory in Australia to honor the soldiers who fought for France, the width of which was 5m wide and 50 m high in this project. The largest French

sculpture in the 19th century. Its sides are decorated with numerous monuments and engraved names of famous people during the revolutionary period who want the largest sculpture to be exported. 1792 Revelation 1810, 1814 resistance and peace 1815 , the inner circuit of the four legs of the Arc de Triomphe is decorated with reliefs depicting famous imperial battles on the inside and the top of the arch with the names of the The famous general and soldiers and under the palate is the mausoleum of the anonymous soldiers.This is the A parrot church built in the 12th century over 856 years and still exists Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. the

most widely recognized cultural symbols not only of the French capital but also of the world For nearly nine centuries, the Notre Dame Cathedral has remained standing by the poine river, witnessing the ups and downs of the history of France and how much of the church war is the Endless inspiration for musical poetry. Painting and welcoming more than 12 million visitors each year, there are many important events of France that say 1431 King Henry Fifth was awarded the throne at this church this place also witnessed the ascending of the Le throne. emperor Napoleon in 1804 pope votes 10th that beatification games temple has heroine the French in the war hundred years between France and me in 1909 generals for the more có Mass liberated Paris from Nazi Germany in 1944 in 2019 while conducting the imprisonment, the roof of Notre Dame suddenly caught fire on the evening of April 15, 2019, according to the US, most of the houses with architecture inside and around the church were damaged. Seriously badly, the entire French headquarters stayed up all night with tears and tears for the church and for the whole city The world has not spoken to Hoang Hoang many famous and wealthy people as well as the French government has decided to contribute millions of dollars to rebuild this historic cathedral not far away. The Louvre is one of the largest and most important museums in the world. The museum spans three pages of the great mobile palace. Later the museum built

a glass pyramid with a very modern and imprint. The entire palace is 210 thousand square meters wide, including over 60 thousand square meters for display inside the glass pyramid, a large space opened underground and became the main connection to the temple. Museum and at the same time he brought light to him into the museum this pyramid was built in 1989 by the famous American architect, the two children swear that the pyramid initially received many objections. for its French form strongly contrasts with the classic designs of the surrounding buildings, but today it works It is a smart initiative that enables people to turn the museum visit from the ground with natural light and avoid damaging the heritage displayed inside the centers of Paris. tens of kilometers to the west is versailles Palace, known as the most splendid palace and considered the most beautiful in the world because of the massive palace in delicate Truc Truc and far from the Hoa Palace is also a symbol. for the ultimate power of the feudal dynasties of France This is the residence of the French kings with the title back in the 15th and 16th centuries caves of over 67 thousand square meters and over 2,000 rooms located in a park with Area 815 Ha park is a large garden located in the west of this vast complex called the royal taxi mecca, here is a typical example of a French garden. Android landscape

architect design words and commanders to build it in 1979 the castle and garden were organized by Unesco, ranked in Ha di In addition to the capital of Paris, there are many great tourist destinations that most visitors do not have enough time to visit after visiting the capital Paris, these locations have a culinary history. traditional style of architecture and the natural landscape different here are some places reputation attracts many visitors start from nearest to farthest from Paris because together we discover à Kids located in the north of France is normandy coast with many natural landscapes known as western wonders and a deep historical cultural architecture of normandy coast that is also where the US military and ally has AOA landings to liberate France from the hands frog Nazi by the foremost leaders in world war II Although the battle lasted only 2 days that the soldiers killed so much that it also placed for the name of the sea of ​​blood or the day of dike means the longest day Taiwan hates eh, to pay tribute to the United States of France for the An area of ​​over seventy hectares is used as a cemetery and memorial for over thousands of Unknown Warriors who died here to rescue France every year the US Presidents come here Place an honorary wreath for the The soldier lay down because of the most prominent ideal of freedom in normandie area is the slug buttock to see the Tu Monastery Island located about 1km off the northwest coast with an area of ​​about 100 Ha and a population of up to 5 dozen people. It is the smallest island in France, but it is the second most tourist attraction of France after Paris II on the island connected to the mainland by a natural earth bridge before when it was not built. This dirt road, This Island is only exposed at low tide and hidden at high tide, leaving a beautiful oasis in the middle of the vast sea and sky, creating more consensus for the island monastery and monastery. recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site in 1970. This war is also the pilgrimage site for Christian fast-moving goods and visitors every day. y and one of

the most important sites of medieval civilization the village and monastery are very well preserved and remain intact for centuries and this is Alpha à in the beautiful little town located On the coast of the No Money region in northwestern France, here you will have the opportunity to admire the vast ocean of Bo waves on towering cliffs where nature is in love. Offering natural white cliffs jutting out of the sea, which is considered one of the most impressive natural cliffs in the world, the cliffs in the precious natural area stand over 100m high with special vertical shapes. Surrounding each other around the blue coast to create a majestic, unique scene of nature, this place has been the inspiration for many famous artists of the French Impressionist School and sprayed stones to create ideas. great for many beautiful and ancient city valuable literary works most loved by many When fighting the dharma, it is krebs located on the border of France, so the architecture of the city ​​is more like Germany than this historic city center is called a compact fan means a miniature France with the system The canal and old German wooden houses will make you feel like a fairy tale In this peaceful and romantic land is the most beautiful and famous Notre Dame Cathedral here. Most of that church is the towering bell tower to 142m and the architecture of the world in the 15th century If the scrobbles has a miniature French city with fans, then about 64 km away is the city ​​she has, where Venice of small details Venice This is an old village area of France from the Middle Ages Communications Around here guests will find this place has great beauty that feels unreal roads with boulders along the nickel with houses close enough color types have private houses in the 14th century this building was built by the German style but they c The locals are very proud of their fascinating homes adorned with elegant gestures, and flower pots of dim-lit geraniums and signs of another French city are. Unesco recognized as a world heritage that is an antique city with many classical French architectures in the 18th century, the newly built famous architecture here is the largest water mirror in the world. As the capital

of the most famous wine region in the world, with grapes running across the words of the city, there is also a bridge for the poor that is a bridge of love where couples and couples express their love and love. eternal love vow a Town of France oldest is the year that was once the major political center of the Empire is code Here the Colosseum is considered as one of the great structures. Most since Roman times are preserved the arena has a height of up to 21 meters with 120 pumps on two floors inside. The arena is 133m long and 101m wide and surrounded by 34 rows of seats before this place can hold up to 24,000 spectators , but now there are only 16,000 seats built from AD i10 AD to be used as a match between boxers bullfighting or hunting today this arena is one of the venues big festivals of the city was chosen as the capital of Culture of Europe that is Masan where revenue attracts millions of visitors each with a beautiful blue coastline in the golden sun and ancient beauty with a history spanning over 26 centuries associated with many valuable literary legends that are noticed by visitors as the German church Mrs. the reich is also a symbol

of this city, built in 1218, making a hill nearly 162m high.From the top of the church, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of this 2600 year old city ​​with achievements. The architecture of the old factory buildings close together but still is a largest port city of France with the ancient port is report It is called a place called the docking place of domestic and foreign ships and is an important economic focus of the city This is the city of Lyon is known as the second largest city of France. The gentle and historic culture

recognized by Unesco as a world cultural heritage and attracts a lot of tourists every year, there is a large park in France and a beautiful life with an area of 113 women. Many families come here to participate in sports activities such as jogging and sailing, which is the square that takes her as one of the largest squares in Europe and is considered the heart of the city. Lyon horns worthy in the center of the square is a statue and the 16th rover rider ruas surrounded by magnificent and nostalgic architectures [music] And this is Mong faria says one dot city ​​is the most livable. In Europe with over 300 days of sunshine and sunshine each year, modern beauty is combined with tradition to bring a living space. Cave

and a better tourist destination than all phillies is home to thousands of years of history with preserved medieval fingers that visitors will feel like returning to the old times of the city. This has been dubbed a city of young and cheerful teenagers welcoming more than 60,000 students each mistakenly creating a bustling atmosphere of day and night. France not only has great works but also In which the wonderful beauty not only has the modernity but also focuses on the preservation of literary and artistic history in France is a place to love to remember from the ancient cultural architecture to the legal methods. Glowing With the mattress of

romantic rivers in the American neighborhoods, charming cats fragrant with the scent of early morning coffee and sweetness with a glass of wine at sunset in France Perhaps strange nostalgia over the years of visitors after a whisper and an ever-expanding place to welcome returning visitors remember to sign up for new videos We I will report immediately ah ah

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