Travel Italy, Discover Monchiero Carbone Wines in Аlba, Piemonte | Travel with WineMapTV Show

Travel Italy, Discover Monchiero Carbone Wines in Аlba, Piemonte | Travel with WineMapTV Show

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What, travel and wine, what. Could be better but. For the first time on Ukrainian TV we combined, it into a unique project famous. TV presenter, and famous, some of the end begins. An unprecedented, journey to the world I saw. You and got lost. I'm. Worried where, are we where are we driving to how, many turns did we make we, will see the whole process of winemaking I have never seen such a volume of foam in my life, from. The vine that the Sun is warming up in the vine yard to a bottle of wine on a store shelf in amazing, ability, to. Discover. Secrets, how to distinguish, attentive, one from fake and, what's the best to choose, how. To pour the wine correctly, I never tell anyone only at school at the third level a, tricky. Man huh and you will be able to win an unbelievably, prize yourself anyone. Who is watching us carefully must, remember this password and. Do, not make a mistake God, first to the winery, where we will be in this issue spell, the password, and, take the prize home my heart is sinking though, so are you ready to see the world through why. The. Town of hundreds, of towers, the Italian town of Alba, was once called Sol and today it will be very sweet here because it is the birthplace of, famous, sweets and the white truffle from, Alba is known all over the world in addition there is plenty of savory, wine which, imagined, is included, in the top 10 of the world's wines, so take a deep breath the most interesting is a head salut. Salut. Actually. It was my childhood, dream to ride through Italy on a bicycle. And even. Regardless, of the glass of white wine you see here I remain. Confident. Vitaliy. Catch. Me salute, salute damn. I saw Union got lost where, did you take it I found it in this place for rent and my dream came true I'm riding in an Italian, town on a bicycle do, you know that we're in the capital of the white truffle I guess I'll take a walk and look for a truffle, today well. The first task is to taste black or white truffle, II. Understand. That this is the sweetest place in Italy this one yes. Because one of the most famous companies, of the planet for the production, of sweets that was created, here so I recommend, understanding. Dolce vita italiano, is in fact a dream, and the, password for tasting in the evening. Well. I have, things to do for a whole day and I think that a bicycle, will slow me down so please Park it somewhere around, the corner sweetheart, will, you let me go for a ride, sure. Take a ride see you later, don't forget, about the tasting, I'll wait for you tonight, ciao for now I. Think. He heard me. This. Is Alba in the Piedmont region from the bird's eye view as, you see the center is cross shaped because like all the towns of Roman times it's based on a defensive, principle, in the center there's a tower as an observation, point and there are many churches and an administrative. Object, there, Alba. Founded, by the Romans has, been repeatedly, destroyed so, the present-day city, stands, on the foundation, of Roman, cities, although it is unlikely the local people often think about it but inside, these walls behind, the mask of the Baroque houses. Of the Middle Ages are hidden a. Romantic. Old man throughout his romantic, poet. A sentimental. Old man throughout his romance points, from the balcony, you see his name is written here which although sometimes, you can meet nights in Alba. Somewhere. Here in the middle of a flowering street is the house of one of the most famous families, of winemakers, in Italy on Giotto got a warning on, this, coat of arms in an old-fashioned Viet Minh dialect, it is written that each gate has its own bell. How. Do you do hi hello, welcome, I'm glad to see you here. Hello. Welcome I'm glad to see you thank you hello I see the whole family hello, I brought. Gifts for you, this. Is a well known this. Is well known in Ukraine in the world, Petric you've got paint a very nice and this is for you my friend thanks, a lot thank you. Sorry. I did not bring anything for the kids no. Problem, this dish will be for everyone. The. Town of Alba, is a real, eclectic place, here, we can see ancient architecture. Modern, antiques, listen, to incredible, jazz music, even hear the clatter of horse hopes. This. Ceremonial. Pillar, is the preparation, for, donkey, racing, in fact they take place on the first Sunday, of October just. Before the truffle, collection, season it is said that at first the races were arranged, as a bride in humorous, form of local entertainment, and now they use it as a charm for tourists, who blissful. Smiles are stomping, along the streets of the town together, with the donkeys, and horses in addition to that this town is a paradise. For the sweet tooth being, in the place where metallo and Rafaela was invented, and not tasting, it that's simply, sin, and impossible hello, can I buy a Nutella, with ice cream.

Look. At all this Nutella. Mille. Grazie. It's, so tasty. I understand. Everything here's arranged so that attempts. To lose weight can be slender are an exercise, in futility. First. Francesco, takes me to the object, of his special drives of divine yards. Francesca. You started your business at a very young age when you were only 20 you, devoted your whole life to it for you this is not just a business but a process in which all your family, is involved. And. I wonder who will take your patent in the future if it repeat the twists effect on my booty mr. father I. Cannot. Answer these questions but you're very right when, you say that it's not just a job. Should. They, approach the robot in. Fact this is a passion that allows me to live and touch your good nature we see all these beauty. A, historical. Place it was here that in the 14th, century a wide variety of, Arni's, grapes was registered, I can't, even believe that I'm here. Good. Day hello. Can. I try. Okay. Try, will. You show me I'll show you let's work got, the vine closer to the grapes I'm, just worried not to damage the grape vines. We. Plant another one, you see you have a good turnout. In. The city of Alba the two main products, are hazelnuts, and white truffle Nutella, is made of hazelnuts. How. Would this be an Italian, a typical, Piedmont, product, and there's truffle, with oil and ordinary, truffle. This. Is an olive all cream how, much is it. Six. You raise. Well. This is my favorite part. No. Grappa, is not for me only wine. And. That is what we're eating during our business trip wine, and truffles. But. Even dirty ah David FG. In. Francesco's estate the wine cellar is a classic, because it is located in this cellar under the house. This. Is the first point where we receive grapes and make grape juice. The. Berries go from the top floor that, is from the ground under, the force of gravity they put into the press our press, is very modern with a cooling system and, with an oxygen supply system. This is for white wine but, red wine is made differently yes, because there the main goal is to make the grapes peel as long as possible in contact, with grape juice, which in modern methods, that we began to apply our, wine just at the bottom of the container we create bubbles of neutral gas then, they rise to the top and break the head of grape thus, grape, juice itself is mixed with the peels and, the wine becomes more saturated, and fragrant. Then. After 3 to 4 days of fermentation we, move the wine to another part of the winery which is where the process of aging begins, let's, go and take a look at exactly how this, process happens. Alba. Is a city that has always aspired towards, higher goals numerous, towers, over houses served not only as defensive, structures, but our status, symbols, where, the house has a tower this is a sign of, grunts. Ignore, or VIP but, later such people became impoverished, and, their houses were destroyed due, to wars or earthquakes, thus clearing, for a new constructions. And in this way Alba, began reaching higher. And higher to the skies in, this way Alba began reaching the skies a, bit more by a few litres with each restoration. The city is commonly, compared, to a beautiful, girl in a dress made, from middle-aged, metal, structure. The. Local church acts not only as a tourist, site but as a place of sanctity, and rest, after, the heat this temple, dedicated, to Saint Lorenzo, was built in 600, AD and like, everything, in Alva has been ruined and restored. If the frescoes, on its walls were painted somewhere, in the 16th century so according, to Italian standards, they do not have a great artistic, value, according, to local tour guides they're just another example of a well done work of art Italians. Are spoiled, by the quality, and quantity of ancient. And modern art, in their cities the. Church was restored in, the 1970s. And today it is a place for for holding exhibitions. And concerts. Here. Is the place where a red wine is aged this, part of the cellar is the oldest this, section, of our house is about 200 years old those, who sought to make a good wine arrange, their wine cellars underground because, here, there is no need for additional cooling, of the room it, is naturally, cold here and what is more important, for ageing the humidity, level is sufficient, and, if, the climate is dry then the vapor and of wine is greater, yes.

The Higher the temperature the more the wine is absorbed, in the old barrels, but the highest risk is that air replaces, wine and then it may become slightly over oxidized. How. Did you find the best cast for ageing the. Answer. Took a few seconds, of preparation. But I may say that it took many years to gain the required experience you. Should ridiculously. Check the great variety that, you grow in your barn yard. And. Here. You may face the issue of which casks, may serve better French or American. Honestly. Speaking it, took five or six years to determine personally. For myself what, all species. Type. Of toasting, and size is you'd better to my grapes and my last. Can. We uncork, one of the old barrels, and tested, spooky. Let. Us open this one and you will try. Very. Good, I can't even see what is inside. See. What you think I think this. Is Barbara. Barbara. Excellent. My compliments you. Have a great sense of smell. Three. Italians, meet me a guide is among them we, will now get acquainted. Buongiorno. Hi, hi, Lara, and nice to meet you oh. Where. Were you in Ukraine, tell, me in. Kiev in turn is Yvgeny. You. Have very tasty, cuisine in ukraine and incredible, horilka, which labored with horseradish. In. Avoca so, may we take a glass, of wine or is this not a part of culture, in Italy its boorish or right. Salute. Salut. Salut. Salut, salut. This. Is a distinct. Part of our history here you can find our private, collection, starting, from 1990. Prior. To this year we, produced wine at another winery and then, we moved here. Francesco. Collects, the most important, bottles here in order to be able to trace the history of winery and make the product better the. Robert the TV magic Russian. 1997. I entered, college this year by. The way I studied, to become a winemaker. 1990. Finished. The first grade nice. Collection in calligraphy. 1997. 2001, 2003. 2004. 2005. The County. Now. I need to recall what happened to moon those times. Is. This the church where your mother got married. Do. You live there where's. Your window here, it is it's open. Let's. Go. Italian. Courtyards, I love them so much a peek, went remark I'm going, to visit Pedro. Wow. Where's your post box is it your correspondence. Mom. Hi mom. Sister. Wow. This whole house yours. Where's. The balcony. How. Beautiful. And. The view from the window is the best. Pedro. You are a lucky man. I. Would. Live here okay, let's, go. Here. Everything is really innovative, and this is the long-standing story. Of two families Mon quiero and got born they, began their winery future, in the beginning of the 20th, century. Bata. Bata Capelli you get a haircut here number one now. We will, show you a barber shop. Buongiorno. Here's. A party. Son. Currently, in the Italian, man's dream, land of beauty it seemed like all the men here are similar to Silvio, Berlusconi. And they, all behave, pretty much in the same way. Greetings. Ciao see, later. The. House of the monkey regatta born and family is beautiful it, is adorned, with flowers has, bright walls and sky-blue window, sashes featuring. Piedmont, several, generations, of the family still live here. And. Now the tally, I'll show you our Hall of wine tasting sessions, thank you and who is this man Francesco. Yes, this is a car tutor of Francesco. Embodies. Here the company's logo he likes it so much please, come in Batali this is our Hall for wine tasting it, serves as a place where we, invite guests, for a glass of our wine, what's. That picture this. Is our history you can see my great-grandfather, he's holding my husband, little Francesco. In his arms. In. This photo is our granny from the montero family, she was the one who initiated the, winemaking, journey, of our family. How. Large are the bottles volume of each is 12 liters we call this type of bottles. Baldassare. Is. It full yes it is we put all labels, on it by hand. The. Bottle has a special, shape and it's pretty heavy yes.

It's Special, like, a child. Millions. Of years ago there was a seabed here which had a major effect on the flavour and K, of the wine and these shells are a confirmation. Of that we found them on the lands of our vineyards. Can. You imagine 200. Million years, unbelievable. And, here. We have all our awards. Is, it the famous Gambetta, no sir, exactly. Gambrel also, is the most renowned, and influential, periodical. In Italy we want they're worth ten times and, as a result, we are proud owners, of the dumb barrel also star, this. Is basically, one, of the leading titles, among those that can be earned in Italy. Wow. What, a wonderful, Dinka, station, indeed, as beautiful, as you are you said dolce, vita in the morning and it's been like that all day long I see you got started, without me two, bottles are already, on court this is the part of today's lesson these. Two samples are exceptional, regarding, their quality, bought a maturity, level of alcohol and many other factors. Such. Wines require, quite a bit more oxygen. Will. Leave the bottle open for two three or sometimes, five, hours prior, to wine testing, which allows the wine to oxidize, thus giving it a delicate, bouquet and a delectable flavour. We. Are uncorking. White wine. We. Take this exceptional, bottle for the reason that it's made for a grape variety which. Is not cultivated, anywhere, else in the world here, is the only place and furthermore today I have visited that Hill where according to the register, it was first produced either 14th, century, cool. And so. Refreshing, as, usual. I'm, already eager to try it earlier. Today you, advised us to try white truffles, I searched, for them everywhere, and couldn't find them as it turns out it's not the season for white truffles, and when should I come to these amazing lands. Well I think sometime. In October so we can go on a truffle hunt in the neighboring woods. In, the meantime we, have wine. Now. After a hot day I want to enjoy a glass of wine I can smell its bouquet as if, it's white but, it smells like rose a wine. Is. It sweet for us would, you expect from it yes. You're right rose a sweet, keep a secret it is taught at taster, school, at the third level while. Tasting, you pump air into your lungs gulp, the wine and breathe, out through your nose with your mouth closed. This. Allows you to taste the wine and, enjoy its bouquet. This. Way you can make the proper assessment, of this wonderful libation. Pre. Then taste. Breathe. Out breathe, in taste, and breathe out. Breathe. Out through the nose. Is. There something to read that nothing. In. Addition, to the bouquet we, learn to detect the taste and after this we can come back to this bottle and thisis minerality and, after, this we can come back to this bottle and taste its minerality. Because. Grapes are grown on seabed soil. This. Swell consists, of shells sand, and limestone. So. We can fully enjoy these nutritional. Minerals, in a fine glass of Italian wine, while, listening to your stories, of shells in an ocean, bed I finish drinking. And want more than next one it's one that has brain like others this, one breathes for, a long time how, long did it breathe for are. You not interested in this thing on the table what's, on the table, it's so beautiful bright, it's probably for kids after, all they don't drink wine, this. Is so the mouth doesn't close or. Maybe so it closes. In. General, when you throw a big party in order that guests, don't see a stain of lipstick, on the wine glass and the girls don't see what, color it is we, choose our favorite color but it over the glass and that's it. This. Way nobody will get confused, it's.

Great Do, you know how many times I'd search for my glass at the party based on my lipstick, let's. Take another one let's. Do it the. One which we want to appear in Ukraine but in fact this one has not been produced in Ukraine for very many decades. Its. Main feature is that it is made of the grape variety Barbera. Which. Has been cultivated for the last decade to produce simpler, wines for everyday consumption. What. Came of it he turned out that it's possible, to make extraordinary. Ones that, were highly appreciated by the Italian, most respected, addition Guevara or so. And. It's. Cool to enjoy Barbera wine it's a sweet life or in Italian, it's Dolce Vita. It's. Cool and, it has such a beautiful color. Barbera. Always, has a rich color its color is like purple, yes. It is continued let's start with the bottle cork. Its. Parsley, it's aroma its aroma, is nuts or rich no it's dried plum I got confused between, dried plum, and parsley, in fact good one cannot be described, in terms of experience, for other things because. It is felt with the heart an, experience taste tester understands. That. It was stored for 18 months in an oak barrel before. Being bottled there's. None in Ukraine as this due to the price. There. Are several reasons one, of them is that it belongs to the high-priced category, and the second one isn't, its limited, output. Here. Is the second point the first sample was made of exclusively, local Barbera grape variety, cultivated, around Italy. But. Mostly in the Piedmont province, in the city of Alba. Daris, Barbera, wine is from Alba but. Yes Alba. Now. Let's taste, roaaarrr wine. It. Is made of Nebbiolo, grape it's. The world's most tantalizing, grade. Why. Because. It grows only in one region Italians. Bring it from Piedmont to, other regions and countries. But. It doesn't give good wine, are. There any reasons or explanations, or is it simply some mythology. They. Say that locals, charmed it I want. To taste this charmed, wine. That's. How the corkscrew, and quark sound. They. Have not become friends yet, the. Grape variety of nebula, is, truly, charming it is translated, from Italian as, father - and in fact this grape variety, ripens, during big parks in this region fog, prevents, one from seeing, the road. And. In, the fog grapes. Already. Ripe, there are many Hills here you. Can enjoy the fog standing, on a hill. It. Is very incredible view, and this explains why these grape varieties, called nebula, or foggy. What. Is this I. Don't. Know vanilla, vanilla. There. Are many other scents, this one is very complicated, and if you notice we, pour it into a glass of a different shape yes. It's rounded, a completely. Different shape is it specially, intended for this wine the, grape variety, of Nebbiolo, needs more oxygen and, a rounded ball helps, this and provides, the wine good taste taste, this one I can. Compare, what. We will do next you, pour a little drop in your mouth start. With this one let, the wine go between the lip and tongue and then, answer, which of them is more tannic. Then. Along the teeth and then Esser use, your tongue and teeth what.

It's. Tart. Taste. This one take. A swig. This, one is more tart right. Now. Let's taste its elder brother because, in fact there is no error wine named truth. It's. A great harvest it from several vine yards. And. Its elder brother is called green tea and it, is used with the prefix reserva it means that this man is well aged and it's, likely that it is more concentrated with, a higher grade of alcohol. Which. Allows it to live longer. In. A word it can be put into a collection of the previous wine was aged for 18 months into your barrel. It's. Much more aged it's. Brownish. I. Would call it rich red rich, red. It's. Not rich red but it has the color of my mushrooms, Bravo. Good. For you I'll take it Bravo, this, is somewhat. Bitter, it was mushroom, yeah. I recognize, the mushroom, what, is this is it a piece of skin, from some, animal Italians. Are famous, inventor as well I. Like. Mushrooms, what, is their skin. Skeen. Aroma, is very fine it, theoretically, gives an idea of how this wine will smell over time these, bouquet appears in the wine after he was bottled, and stored. I've. Never, tasted, so, many bread and aged wines, this, is the first time and I think that, I haven't tasted well, aged wines yet. What. You just need to have a voice password, ok, I thought, about it for a long time searching. Searching. And, then I remembered. For something erotic. In the air and I came up with the idea that the password, should be erotic. Attention. I'm ready with the password. Remember. It you should be the first to come to the winery Monte Arrow moaning voice the password, and take home the prize difference, I. Think. Romero is a good word to remember. So. The password is bolero. This. Was incredibly. Delicious, cool. Thought-provoking. Fragrant. And erotic. So, until our next wine tasting.

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