Travel to the Northeast with an RV

Travel to the Northeast with an RV

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Two. Weeks now old key has been at this shot. Here. And let. Me tell you the, Pennsylvania, RV show the Hershey show it's but. A week away so I'm getting, restless. Well that was Thursday morning it is now Saturday. Night and my suspicions, were correct. Apparently, they ran into all kinds, of problems putting, a new engine into a new, engine yeah actually, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow morning I'm gonna, hit the road now. I'm. Riding. Riding, riding, with. My, RB, buyer. Wherever. -. You. Guys I'm free in. Miami. Well. Good morning. This. Is where I ended, up spending the night now. Let's get some breakfast. Shall we and my, favorite is usually, grandpa's, I just had the grandpa's, breakfast. Which is my favorite, I. Arrived. Here last night. Whoever. Time was it like a 1:00 a.m. and it. Is now seven. Ish. I'm. Gonna take a quick break and then hit. The road again this is where I slept very. Nice very quiet. We're. Here in Vero. Beach Florida. And. Now as we hit the road I want to tell you what happened to the car. Alright let me tell you what happened a, little, over two weeks ago I took the car in for service admitted, it you know I was, when I embarked on this long trip to New England, you. Know spark plugs brakes. Belts. The works so what, what happened by the time I was supposed to pick up the car the the. Service, manager of the place tells me that there is a problem they broke, some houses and they had to replace them and they had to order them it wouldn't be ready to the next day the. Next day he tells me that when they turn over the engine for the first time I was making a horrible noise and they, were gonna fix it don't worry well two weeks later I just. Got. My car and the. Consensus, is and, he, isn't, even sure but. The consensus, is that a tiny piece of ceramic. From one of the spark, plugs and, fell, into the, into. The engine, somewhere in there I'm not a mechanic but I know the basics of internal, combustion I guess if something, falls into the cylinder and you fire. Up the engine that could cause some damage. To. Make a long story short they, had to get me a new engine and. And, it happened to be a long weekend so the new agent took forever to get here to Miami there. To Miami I'm not in Miami anymore and then to add insult to injury apparently. When they were you, know when they took everything apart no it's an old car so, like all the houses that they cracked, you know they everything. Started, falling apart when, they took everything. Out. And in order to put the engine back in they basically had to put back all new houses all new cables although even. Even that the reservoir, for that for the coolant everything, is new so. He. Is running great I'm on, the road again I have to drive non-stop, you finally if I want to make it to Hershey Pennsylvania by. Industry, day which is the big. Old mouth. So. I'm leaving much later and I'm trying to arrive one day earlier. So or, at least half a day earlier, so. That's, the story enjoy the ride and. And. If I can't show you anything on the. I'm, gonna stop here by palm coast to put gas and by, Elise favorite, wine and then. Off we, go again. Passing. Downtown, Jacksonville. And with, that we, say goodbye to. Florida, and hello, to Georgia. On, my mind. Let's. Go into the Welcome Center. Well. Everybody. I took a shower. Itself. It. Is very, hot here in southern. Georgia and northern Florida I. Probably. Start breaking a sweat here really soon but anyways, let's go inside the let's go inside the Welcome Center see what's going on what. They have which. By the way I am, I am thinking of taking a more England, route in, part because of the heat maybe you know if. I hug, the Appalachian. Mountains, a little more, it'll. Be less. Hot cooler, and, according. To Google it's only 20 25, extra minutes so it might be worth it, anyway. I'm doing pretty good time it is, I've. Been here almost an hour it is now almost 1:00 p.m. and I'm going to see if I can get a Georgia map and hit.

The Road again. My. Original plan I was, gonna explore this area the, Cumberland, Islands you know I wanted to to explore Cumberland, Island and, even. A little note further north, like Jirka Lila and all that in. But of course you'll know that's not gonna happen right. Look. At my map let's, continue. But. The way part of the reason why I'm taking that more of a western. You know England route is. Check. It out it's, because I want. To avoid like the big cities like DC you know that that eastern corridor can get a little busy sometimes I imagine, it is hot. Let's. Let's go north quickly. Let's. Go into the mountains you. See. That's what I would like to have a motorized, just, flip, a switch and, you have air conditioning you know generator. Unless. I figure out a way to permanently, mount, a generator, here you know this. Right, now for, for the time I'm gonna be here I don't want to carry their generator down take. Out the cable, you know it's it's. A little bit of an ordeal let, me show you what they did here. With the engine. By. The way I still have sand from Key West down, there. You, see. Apparently. All these hoses all these cables they put near the reservoir, is new as well the. Only thing that there has made kind of nervous is that they didn't put the, plastic, the, cover I don't know if that's just ornamental. Or if that's like something. That helps anything. With the engine, this seems to be news. If. You forget to do the screw somewhere I'll. Figure it out. Hey. Wait. Let's. Continue North next. State is South Carolina as, I'm about to leave I get recognized, by this nice gentleman and, his family, sorry, I didn't get his name but if you watch this video you, made my day as my, travel woes are, about to begin. A couple. Of miles down, the road the check engine light came on engine, vibrations. And loss of power followed, and I'm, like this, is no good. Luckily. They have tires plus locations, everywhere.

In This area so I have decided to stop here in Brunswick, to, see if they can take a look at it. They. Don't seem to be very busy but they've said that they cannot look at it until tomorrow I understand. It is a Sunday afternoon. I'm. Just gonna use my obd2 reader, here, to have an idea what it's going on and get, this show back on the road. The check engine light did turn on and it started. Running rough. Couple of miles back there. The code said something, was cylinder. Five misfire. But. I cleared it and I forgot to take a screenshot. I'm. Sure it'll happen again I went. To the terrace plus but they. Couldn't do anything. Employees, yes. It's, Sunday we'll, make it there since, the misfire seems to be very intermittent. And 90%, of the time the engine runs well I've made, the executive decision to, continue pushing, north maybe, it's just a glitch, maybe, I'm just a fool but at this point I'm still kind of determined, to, make it to Hershey, by. Tomorrow let's. Stop here at the South Carolina Welcome, Center and take a break, hmm. It looks like we have a couple of stowaways here. Some, much-needed coffee. And on the road again we are. Okay. Let's talk about gas, mileage. Not. Great. Last. Last Philip was nine, point eighty. Seven. Master. Gallon but it's been hovering around nine I thought, with the new, engine new spark, plugs and all that that would I would get better mileage. But. It's, actually a little worse which is. Unexpected. I am, going to take a 26 West now and make that England, detour, and there is the, occasional rain. But this is my, kind of landscape. Rolling. Hills which, is a nice change of scenery for sure. As. Night begins, to fall I arrive at Columbia, not. The South American, country but South Carolina's, capital, city and check. Out exhibit, a here on the Left. There's. A Walmart, nearby, apparently. RV, friendly, so, yeah. Good, night. Well. I can't sleep so I'm, gonna hit the road early. Anyway. Good, morning. I think. We might get to Hershey today. I don't, know if you noticed but I, moved. The last night I. Decided. To come to the Cracker Barrel that that Walmart looked, a little, sketchy and in. My experience the place looks, sketchy. It usually. Is and it's better to err on the side of caution so. Here. It, is now, 5:30, a.m.. And. Let's talk a bit Charlotte's, rush-hour. Traffic. Hmm. Well, so much for bidding, rush hour traffic huh, and. Now it doesn't look like old, kia is going to make it very far so I pull over to, regroup here, having. The misfiring is still very intermittent, but. It is evident, that he is getting worse. As. We passed the Carowinds, amusement. Park we, are now in North, Carolina. Welcome. To North Carolina. We. Drive across Lake, Norman by the city of Mooresville. And by this point old, kia, is limping. Along. Let. Me stop at this rest area here, because I have to make a decision, but, first, breakfast. Okay. Let me tell you what's going on. I. Just had breakfast, I, put. That obd2. Code. Reader and, it says. Po2. Of five which is like like. An injector, on. The voltage or something like that and then there is AP Oh 305. Which is the.

Cylinder Five. Misfire. I don't. Write that something really serious I don't know if I'm gonna make it or, if I should take. It to a shop. You know there's, no tire plus here in this area but they told me that I could take it to any Firestone, I don't. Know if I should try to make it I'm still about five, to six hours away from from, Hershey I. Mean. If I take it to a place I'm not gonna make it to two. Industry, they swallow I mean that. What's. The word I'm looking for. I mean, indecision. Dilemma. I'm. Gonna have to backtrack to. Mooresville. And. I'm gonna take it to a Firestone. So what's going on. Oh well. So, I'm backtracking, about 20 miles. I was, gonna try to push it see if I, could. Make it but. I rather, get stuck here and not in, the middle. By. The way Mooresville, here, is home of many NASCAR, racing, teams and drivers so. It is probably also, home of some, of the best mechanics, in the world. Unfortunately. And, this is a spoiler alert by the way that, was the last, time, old Kia, ever told. Anything, let's. Have a moment. Well. I'm boondocking at the Firestone. Well. I'm gonna start to do like Mike and say that my plan is not to have a plan because I did. Not have a plan to spend, the night here in Mooresville, North Carolina. But. It looks that way, I. Generated, going back there and. Apparently. There is one connector. The. Engine something. That the people in Miami didn't, do. Correctly, apparently, and. And. They're ordering it it's coming tomorrow morning, so. Tomorrow. Morning but. Tomorrow noon I should be able to to. Depart towards. Henge her Sikh I'm. Tired towards, Hershey Pennsylvania and, see. Some of the RV show admit some, of you guys. Didn't. Want to edit some video but I'm here I turn, on the AC a little bit had I known I would, have leveled, they are we a little better but it's not very street level, enough. I'll, keep you posted, oh by, the way did, I mention there's. A hurricane, coming, yeah. That too I went. To dinner with my friend, and fellow youtuber Brian. Wood and his family, but we didn't even take a selfie. Good. Morning. From Mooresville. North Carolina. I am. Editing, a little bit of video, I brought, my generator in last night. It's. A little bit of a mess in here there's. My. Mobile office with, my. CDs and, stuff and. Here. I am I'm talking at the Firestone still I'm going to make some coffee now and some. Breakfast, and then. I found the post office I have to walk like 1/4, mile or so and. I'm gonna mail once in the end and. Then hopefully by noon. Ok, I will be ready. Wrap. For breakfast, I put some ham cheese. Chicken. Salad from Publix some veggies and. Some, Thousand Island dressing, on them and one of these an, organic. Mission, tortillas. The. Mechanic said that he's going to the. Port's arrive around 1011 ish and then. We kind of told me he was gonna get right to it you know he's gonna drop everything I get right to it so. We got get me out of here soon so, I'm. Anticipating between. 12:00, and 1:00 p.m., I'll. Be on the road but who, knows. I'll. Just mail, the city found. This place, and. Check it out they have a Publix here I know. In New England things, might start to look, a little unfamiliar. But. At least for now, we're. Still in public land my mechanic here owns the vintage, Dodge Ram so you know his legit, right still. He's, been working, all day on. Old Kia and still. There's no solution, to the misfire, problem. All right everybody quick quick, update, here I'm trying, not to lose my cool but it's been one of those days I, don't, know if I told you but they, are not able to fix kiai it's a little bit of a red tape issue with.

With. The Miami office and the Miami regional manager, I don't know exactly what's going on yet but. Anyways I came to you how to rent a truck and unfortunately. Everybody very nice here in this town of Mooresville but, unfortunately, their. Trucks only have the four pin connection connector, so it's it's no good to tow mini teenee now. Richard. A viewer, a friend. Here in Mooresville is going to is, going to come pick. Me up we're gonna pick up mini teenie and I'm. Gonna be boondocking at his home tonight and hopefully, all this will get solved. Soon. I. Really. Do I haven't, been filming much today because. It's. Been a little bit of first frustrating. Date night hopefully. Tomorrow we'll get on the road and eventually. Begin. This the real portion, of this trip we just arrived here at the Richard's house and the. Gentleman what's your name again Barry. Was so kind to told, me too, many tini with his truck and I'm, looking here at Richards the place we got Robert all straightened, out. Don't. Worry about it and hopefully, tomorrow we'll be, able to get a truck and and get on the road before before, this hurricane, passes to listen my house is your house you can stay as long as you want to worry about it. Though. Here, are my luxury, accommodations. For, the night. Old. PA spending the night. Let's. Take advantage that we're here stuff that I liked Richard, where we're going we're going to Tim's table games, table and I'm stable in downtown Mooresville let, me tell you it's been a stressful day so I could use I can use a nice meal and an, IPA you'll. Get a nice meal a good IPA it's. It'll. Be good yeah, it'll be good it's been a stressful day but it's already getting better and tomorrow I have, a feeling tomorrow it's. Gonna be, almost. Back to normal. Can. I have to find a truck that's, the main thing yeah. Alright. Thank, you guys later, see you guys. The, eternal. All. Original. Yourself. All. Right here, we are let's. Eat. Pretty. Cool place I think I'm going to go for the Cuban, sandwich. I. Love. It. Well. Let's eat. And. Just like that a pretty. Stressful, day, comes, to an end, as. The Sun sets, over, Mooresville. North Carolina. Good. Morning. From, my full hookup, site here at Richards. And. The next day after much waiting Bridgestone. Was able to get me a truck probably the last available truck, in the whole state of North Carolina if, the hurricane coming, and all that it, was an hour away driving, Gastonia. So I went there and drove, it back to Mooresville, to pick up mini tini. Lake. Norman. Of. Course there, is a great height differential, between this truck and old Kia so, I'm gonna have to ask the guys at the Firestone, if they can help me at just the hitch. Yeah. Y'all know I have that one tire that wears out faster than. The rest right. It. Is going to take me a while to get used to this big, truck, but if there is a plus it, is that I can't barely, notice, I am doing anything at all so. The, iris Plus and Firestone's, parent, company, Bridgestone, came through after all and how on the road again, the. Fate of old Kia still. Uncertain, at this point I think they are going to tow it all the way back to Miami. Today. And then check. This baby out I'm sure you saw it if you follow me on instagram at. Traveling, Robert but. So. That's. What we're planning on doing for now, that the rest of the trip, the trip is gonna be cut short by the way I'm not gonna be able to go to Canada, because. I you. Know they're towing old Kia back to Miami for some reason instead of just fixing it here so, I'm gonna have to return this truck in Miami in, two weeks, well. Yes I was originally going, to spend some time in the New England states even, New Brunswick, Canada but, plans, change, right, I'm, gonna, stop here at this friendly, Walmart, and rest and check, out we. Actually fit into two adjacent parking. Spaces. Not. So big after, all. It. Barely fits but it fits. Good. Morning. I think I got the car set up to my liking now, eta. Six. Hours and 24 minutes. Let's. Hit the road. Well. You know how it is when you get a new car for the first time you have to set up the Bluetooth, and the steering wheel and, in my case the dash camera, mount and the phone mount and I'm, still not 100% comfortable. But, it'll. Do. After. About half an hour on the road we arrive in Virginia. I wanted. To stop here at the Welcome, Center but the, RV's section, is all taken, because, some trucks decided, to park in it there. Is another whole section, just for trucks. I'm. Kind of bummed, out but, isn't, this a beautiful, drive and, we, haven't even really seen the best parts, yet which will, be on i-80. One I reckon. By. The way big white here is tackling, this long, uphill, climb like it's nothing.

Can't. Even tell it is towing anything behind which. Is quite a change from, old Kia. Hello. Everybody, this, was one of those appeals. Where old Kia would have would have struggled, tremendously, and, this. Truck today where did didn't ever feel it. Coming. Heavy-duty. What's. A cult, anyways. Like I'm kind of bummed out that I couldn't stop at the Virginia, Welcome Center I was really looking forward to getting a map but I'm gonna I'm going to Virginia on the way south again so. Progress. Why 95 so might. Be able to do it then. But. Let's take a quick break here but, gas and, continue. Whoops. Wrong, side. It, continues, to be a beautiful. Drive on high 81, which. Goes along the Appalachian Mountains. Mostly, over, earlier, roads and paths created. By Native, Americans early. Settlers and even migrating. Animals or, so. I've heard. Let's. Make a quick breakfast. Stop, shall, we my. Sliced ham went, bad but, my. Cubed ham is still good I put some cheese lettuce. Thousand. Island dressing it's. A wrap well, that was a very simple, breakfast, but very, satisfying. This. Truck is a beast, I just, floored it back there because I had to pass someone and it was like. Nothing is back there. By. The way on a sad note hey, it. Looks like this, made this, inconvenience. Might shatter. My dream of doing the lower 48 by the time I'm 48 or do you know but. I have. To return the truck to Miami. In. Two weeks. 13. Days now so. I'm gonna be able to see Vermont. Or New Hampshire and. Maine. Maybe. We'll. See. Still, very happy to be able to continue. On the road and travel. It's a beautiful Drive Lee said interstate. 81 I wish I could stop you know and, smell the mountains. But. We'll, be back to this area, at. Some point, now. The goal is Hershey. Pennsylvania. 20. P.m. maybe 4. To. Me I 81, here is a great alternative to, i-95. Since. It doesn't go through any large metropolitan, areas. Besides. Being. A much more scenic. Drive. And. Guess. What we, are now in West, Virginia. Welcome. To West Virginia thank. You. All right another state I think there's a visitor. Center coming up so it's going. Yes. Very excited, to be back in West, Virginia but. Unfortunately. Like, in my previous visits, it is going to be all too, brief. There. Are so many places that I was planning to visit here in West Virginia originally. But I. Continued. Relentlessly. In about, half an hour we should be crossing, into Maryland. A. Little. Bit of construction, in this area here, and not the smoothest of, roads but. As we cross the Potomac River, we. Are now in Maryland. Just. A few minutes later we, enter Pennsylvania. So. Far the one thing I don't like about Pennsylvania. Tollbooths. Way, too many, of them here in the Northeast, but it, is what it is right. Now. Crossing. The Susquehanna. River into. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Is, capital. And. Now we get to pay it, is five dollars and five cents with my four axles, and you, know there will be plenty, of more tools in this area and I, know about the EZ Pass it would have been a little cheaper, and quicker but, I want a rental, truck so I didn't want to deal with it. Driving. In this part of the country seems. Somehow. More complicated. Sometimes. Especially. After you know driving, all day I'm kind of tired but 50. Minutes. Gonna be in Hershey. Elizabethtown. At the KOA. Then. We'll go Hershey, for the Meetup. Let's, see what we can do between the rest of today and tomorrow, morning. I. Finally. Arrived at the KOA, and. Shortly after, I get to meet her B aka, red, jabber. NEP. Was. Gracious enough to come. Yeah. It wasn't your fault outside. Of your control. To. The show. Yeah. He only had much time now I know if. You want here's the outlay, think. You know. Yeah, give. Me when you get in but if you got that ahead of time you can see what's where check, it out now remain. If. I'm gonna be able to make it to me anymore, because I have to return this big thing to Miami in two weeks. Originally. Was going back to charge notice they were from China thoughts always come back at night but. Because. They're towing old Kia to Miami, are, they no way I guess they don't trust North, Carolina mechanics, ah well.

Corporate, Corporate office will do it as. Soon as I arrived in Pennsylvania. And I knew I was going to make it to Hershey I posted, on Facebook let's, have him made up today at droids, in Hershey, around, 6 p.m. so, so. I rode with Herbie and his wife Mary, a designated, driver hoping. That someone, would be there. Check, out the Hershey Kisses, shaped, streetlights. Yeah. I think everything, in this town revolves. About, chocolate. Anyways. Here, we are, frogs, independent. Brewing. And they, have a beer garden let's. Go inside. As. Soon as we arrive we are greeted by Armando, Correa his wife Annie and his mom Esperanza. I also. Get to meet Barbara. Actually. Meeting viewers, on the road is one of the most rewarding, parts of this job of. This lifestyle. It's. Always surprising that they know so much about you, and you, know so little about them. Dell. Braun was, inside the bar eventually, also came, out and that, was the group a small yet. Diverse group, of people with one main, thing in common, our, love, for travel. Eventually. We move inside to get a larger, table and something to eat and, it was quite, the fist. It, was great, to hang out and exchange, stories, from the road. Well. Unfortunately we. Didn't get to spend much time here in. At. The KOAT but it was great. There's there's. Herbie you. Gotta. Give me some of that footage. Alright. And. Anyways. It was great meeting, up with with, Herbie, and the. Rest of the gang. Mr.. Correa and. Barbara. And. Dale. Had. A great time last night at the at the brewery. I'm, retired by the way if I sounded, tired it's. Because I am it's. It's. I started, to touch up to me. But. The. Idea is to relax. Tonight in feeling charge, about my batteries, and and tomorrow we're gonna spend the day in. Philadelphia. You know. We'll. See as much as we can I'm not gonna stress you know about it and trying to show you guys every. Single. You. Know but. Good, place, every. Single attraction, but. We'll. See some stuff it'll be fun for, sure. Next. Stop, is the giant Center during Hershey, Pennsylvania. But. When I attend they are be sure I know a lot of you are also going to be there and. It. Would wait to meet up nice. Well. This road is not the. Greatest is it. To. Hershey we go. Riding. Riding. In my RV. Wherever. I, want. To be. Gasps. I'm free if. I RV, I'm. Writing. I'm. Riding in, my RV by, RV. Wherever. I'm, on to me. Because. I'm free in. My army. It. Is a pretty, Drive isn't, it if perhaps. A little, bit more rural. Than I expected, it to be honest. And. Here. We are arriving. At this show. Free. Parking by the way unless. You want to overnight I. Usually. Get recognized, by quite a few people at events like, this one particularly. Lately. Well. Here, we are the. Largest RV, show, in America first. So they say. I'm. Gonna begin by checking out the giant Center, which, is a lot less crowded. Than I expected, but hey it's still early, it. Is a lot quieter than I guess now I expect that I expected to see more people here but it's early I just look at busier later then. The vast outdoor. Area, I was. Originally going to be here for four days and now I've only got four hours so. I'm only going to show you a few of my favorites, and because. I made a much longer, video of the whole show. My. Favorite this time around is the pleasure-way lexer, as we, realize that at this stage in our lives we prefer, the flexibility. Of a proper. Class B even if it can be hard to live long term in such close quarters our favorite. Is actually the TS floorplan, although here I am showing you the FL. As you can see the. Same large sink, propane. So. Here's. A convection microwave the. Same, Dometic. Refrigerator, was on the excel TS and. Back here is a very similar deal as I, call this the X the X LTS, mini, because, you have the bed here and then. We. Fit east, west or north north, south I don't know exactly how they call it so that's, it's perfect.

I Fit completely back here in this sofa, and that's the, deal maker for this bro, master chassis instead of the of the Sprinter, where it's just a couple of inches to do tomorrow, okay. Let's get out of here a lot of people are waiting to see this one let's. Check out the Bambi a lot of people have asked, about the, vampy and this is the Bambi. Flying. Cloud 19, CB, well, if we wanted to keep on going the travel, trailer route, which we're, not really, and if money was no object which, it definitely, is I would, probably go for something like this. That's. The bathroom. Cuz. They usually have. This is a pretty clever solution. It's, a dry path, and. Then, if. You put it this way I guess you have some privacy in, there or, you can, remember. That one have more room here's the sink on the outside three. Burner stove. This. Is a very cool unit because you have a permanent bed and, a permanent table so if you have different schedules, you can both work at the same time and. $60,000. For. The 19 CB well, that's all I'm going to cover in this particular video, because, as I said I made, a much longer, one just about the show and now, it. Is a two-hour drive to Philadelphia where. Ely is flying this evening and now, we're going to switch gears in, the next portion of this trip we are going to focus on some of the larger, cities and how, to RV, in them and let, me tell you each, one, is different. Generally. Speaking driving. Into a big city with an RV or any, large vehicle, for that matter is not advisable, unless. Of course you really, want to see the city finding. Where to park your rig can also be a challenge although there, is always, an option as well, soon find out in any case today we are going to visit Philadelphia. The, birthplace of. America. And the, Philly cheesesteak, among. Other things our. RV, park here not. In the most attractive. Part of town I must say my. Friend Rob said it looked like a penitentiary. Facility, and yes. It is ugly as sin but we're, not staying here for, the camping facilities or, the natural, beauty we're, staying here because it is minutes, away from city centre, when. RVing, in big cities sometimes location. And access, to public transportation is, the most important. Amenity. The. Folks who manage the park very very. Nice very pleasant and it, seems to be very safe they, even have an electrified. Fence in the back, they. Do offer a free shuttle service that, will take you to the bus stop. Anyways. Here, we are we, even have a little bit of a view of the Philly skyline. Well. Good morning. I checked, and there are no flight restrictions. In the area so let's, check out our surroundings. Before we go from 400. Feet above ground. Sometimes. Even modern cameras, can't figure out certain.

Situations, Like sunrises. On their own so. Sometimes, you just have to dive into the manual, mode. Yeah. It is kind of an industrial, part. Of town. Here's. The Schuylkill, River a, tributary, to the Delaware River on the other side of town, which, we will see later today when we visit, Penn's Landing, the. Delaware is the natural, border between Pennsylvania, and, New Jersey. Well. Now that I have shown you around let's. Get ready, to explore Philly. And the campus parking right and. Now. We're going to take a shuttle, to the city who. By the way kind of noisy here sometimes, another, thing to consider, we. Take the shuttle bus out, of this industrial, area, and hmm. That's a pretty big garage, sale, at least, that's what I think that is. We. Go across the river onto university, city where all the hospitals, are and here. We, take bus 42, the rest of the way. And Bastian. Hey. There's the independence, hall I think we missed our stop, let's. Get off right, here. Here. They have a statue called designer. Almost, right next door to the independence, hall. It. Was completed, in 1980. And it is dedicated to those who signed the Declaration of, Independence and the Constitution. Let's. Walk half, a block here towards, the Independence, Hall which, was originally the Pennsylvania. State House in. Order to visit and see inside you actually have to get an appointment at the Visitor Center so, we're probably going to do that tomorrow morning, because I really want to go inside. Here's. A close-up of the George Washington statue. In front of, the independence hall. Yeah. The entrance is all the, way to the other side. They. Have all these displays, here with the history of the Bell as a symbol, of Liberty from. The time when it used to be atop the Independence, Hall and how it got cracked, the. Current visible, crack actually it's part of a repair, job I didn't, know that. There. It is towards, the end, actually. I am really, glad we came early and, there, are not too many people because this is a very popular, tourist attraction. You. Have of course. Well. That was really cool to see one of the many things we want to see here in Philadelphia. Which, so, far I like, it a lot especially this part of the city with very. Nice architecture. Some, old some. Not so old. This. Here is Washington. Square and let's, check it out, this. Was one of the original five squares, envisioned. By the city founder, William Penn. Piers. The Bicentennial. Moon tree planted, from one of many seeds that made a round trip to the moon aboard Apollo 14. It. Actually looks kind of sad, maybe it's, the low gravity experienced. By the seed. The. Park also served as a burial, ground for many, many years and nowadays. Is, just this, Pleasant. Square enjoyed, by tourists, and locals. Alike. Now. We are approaching the, Tomb of the Unknown. Revolutionary. War soldier. Erected. In 1954. After they removed all the Civil, War monuments, because, they wanted to focus on the Revolutionary. War.

Check. Out those Illuminati looking reliefs, of, that building. So. This whole park is a grave, basically. Here's, the monument from the back and I don't know if you've noticed but, we haven't had breakfast, yet and my stomach is starting to growl and that, looks like a nice place. We. Get some coffee. Washington. Square. And, frittatas, very, nice. Robin. A story a South, Philly native and longtime viewer, has been texting me because, he wants to show me the real Philly, where. He grew up so, we are going to meet up in a little bit but first I want to explore all this historic. Area and the, independence. Visitor center this is actually where you get the tickets for the Independence, Hall and they have a gentleman playing the dulcimer. We have here I guess, nowadays raki is as famous in this town as old Ben himself. There. It is, once again across, the park the, Independence, Hall and. The. National, Constitution, Center which. Is an interactive, Museum, of the history that, transpired. Here. We, continue, to the Christchurch, burial. Ground final, resting, place of Benjamin. Franklin, $3.00 per person the. Map is an extra dollar and they. Also offer. Guided. Tours. We're. Just going to walk around a little bit explore, the old cemetery. There's, a Francis, Hopkinson signer, of the Declaration, of Independence and, designer, of the first American, flag but. Of course he's, not the only important, person, interred, here I bet. You most of these worn out gravestones, have a place in history. Visit. Then. Yes. This, is the final resting place of Benjamin. Franklin, himself and, here's, an epitaph, written, by, Benjamin, as a young man. It, is a small yet, beautiful. Necropolis, and. Here. He is again this, one made out of keys, and pennies. Thousands. Of them hmm. It kind of looks like the guy in the hundred dollar bill doesn't, he and how, would you change the world. It. Is always great to walk around, stumble. Upon things, the only way to truly, see a city and here, we are at Betsy, Ross house, she, is credited with making the first American. Flag, there. Is a museum, but hmm.

Another Time perhaps. Gentrification. We. Are now at the heart of the area called, old city, the oldest, and most historic part, of Philadelphia with. All this narrow, cobblestone. Streets. Many, dating, back to colonial times. Elfreth's. Alley here. Is the oldest, continuously, inhabited, residential. Street, in the whole United, States the, oldest house dating. Back to 1702. By. The way these are all private. Residences. With two exceptions two museums, and it, looks like we arrived here right, on time as the hordes of tourists, are coming in droves. Let's. Explore, some of the more intricate, nooks, and crannies, here, look. For, rent I wonder, how much it would cost to, live here, surrounded, by history. 17:49. Yeah, it hasn't been closed in 17 tonight. Stepping. Back in time. Let's. Take, a break shall we at this semicircular. Bench. Very. Very. Picturesque. Let's, continue towards, Penn's, Landing by. The way lots of new residential, apartments, in this area an interesting. Juxtaposition, of, the old and, the new. Slang. Definitely. A very. Photogenic, area, photographers. Paradise, for sure. Should. I not. That, steeple, there belongs to the Christ Church, very historic, actually, linked, to the burial, grounds, we saw earlier, it, was. Originally, founded in 1695. Colonial. Times. And. Here. We are there. Is a recommended, donation. Of five dollars per person to enter that, but it is totally, voluntary. And. There's. Ping's, landing, here marks, the spot on the Delaware River where. William, Penn founder, of the city first arrived, there. Is the Benjamin, Franklin bridge. That, spans the Delaware, River connecting. Pennsylvania. To New Jersey. It. Looks, like they turned the old pier, into a condominium, but, hey whatever, works right. The, black SUV that's rob who somehow tracked, us down you'll. Get to meet him son super, cool guy but first let's, walk around Penn's, Landing while. He finds parking. Beautiful. Views of the Delaware River and. The battleship, New Jersey, on the other side. Piers. Gazala a wooden, ship built in 1909, originally. A commercial. Fishing vessel. And now, it's, just here, cruising, the Delaware, River. Here. They have this hockey, rink and here. We have a very special ship, this is Cruiser Olympia. The oldest, steel warship. Afloat in, the world and apparently, they also rent you this of swan-shaped, pedal. Boats and, paddle boards, and all that good stuff. Yes. I'm here, and. You could go from Cape, May. Yes. Rob has all kinds, of good suggestions, for, road trips along, the eastern seaboard. Here's, also submarine. Bacana, really. Really cool I wish we'll had time to go inside we, bumped into Robin a story here in Philadelphia, said you feel about your native right yes sir yeah you're gonna show us around now what are we gonna see today, we're gonna see South, Philadelphia where, I grew up the, Italian market and then. We're also gonna go around the Art Museum we're, rockin ran up the steps hopefully we're also gonna get Robert to run down 9th Street like rocky did in the movie I will say about of. Shape I'm a little shape right now so but, anyways listen, listen explore a little bit of the. Real Philadelphia, but I would call it is, going. Doing, the whole East Coast from, Myrtle Beach on up hitting. The coastline. First. We're gonna go to this neighborhood called Northern. Liberties where. There are a bunch of bars and restaurants, seems to be a trendy, area these days. Terri's, farm I'm. Gonna Terry's farm. Well. Here we are a pretty cool bar and we are having a very refreshing. Cape May IPA. Well. Yes apparently, lots of good places to eat around this area thanks. To some recent. Revitalization. I hear now. We are heading to South Philly. Right. Here ridiculous. Actually open. Oh I, see and, when I am when I that, is the spot to go all. Right. So, if you ever come, to Philadelphia, this. Is where the people down little. Corner place. There's. Gems a famous. Philly cheesesteak, joint, but, that's not where we're going we. Continue immersing. Ourselves into. The traditional, Italian, neighborhood. In South Philly, the, ice cream truck in front of us is stable.

Here In this area called Mister Softee. There's, John's, water, eyes and other local. Delicacy. Apparently. Thicker than a slushie but thinner than a snow cone and definitely, not an Italian ice according. To the urban, dictionary anyways. We. Are approaching now the famous, Italian, market. This. Group s T Sharia they are supposed, to have the best pastries. In all South Philly, and cannoli, of course. Hmm. Fresh handmade, ravioli. This. House coming, up here to the right used, to belong to Angelo. Bruno loss, of the Philadelphia, crime family for. Two decades until, his assassination in, 1980. Right. There in, front of his house as. You see pretty, normal house nothing, too extravagant. Well. My stomach is growling so, I think we should go get some Philly, cheesesteaks. Apparently. Pat's invented. It and Gino. Perfected. It and according, to rub Jesus. A bit cleaner in any case the secret, ingredient, is apparently, the bread. Can't. Wait to get there. Memory. Ristorante. Italiano. Now I'm gonna figure out how to get on that YouTube. Yeah, hello there this. Is. The beginning of the Italian, market, there's. Paths as I said allegedly, the birthplace, of logistic, but, I think we're going to Geno's instead. It's a line but it's. Not a know there's jeans. Get actually party. Isn't. That something, that both competing, joints, are facing, each other probably, a good idea to, sample, both actually, but, the way traffic, is terrible, but. Rob knows what it's doing, we found parking. Take. Is. My friend Rob's here, says what is it called which. Melted. Which that's, that's, really color here so we, gotta get a melted, which at, Gino's. We. Got a standing line but it's not too bad. Like. Where's. Whit whit, whit okay. Yeah. Three. Whiz. Wix3. Whiz. With he's. In Florida, so you don't get to go. Traveling. Robert. Let's. Go to a rub, secret, plays here. Places. Hit just, taken but it just take. Another. Bitch see. This is where I go for Villa cheesesteaks Geno's, mmm. That tastes, really good. Listen. When when, when the little martini, when, many martini, can't make it when, it comes to Philadelphia. We park it and then go in. The. Denali the finale. So. What we're going to tell. You Marcus the Italian, market if. You want to run out night we can film you you, need you want me to film you that's, okay, okay. So this is the street where Rocky, Balboa. Was. Running in the movie, maybe. I should do it. After. That Philly cheesesteak I mean jeez they know it melted with our, if I can do it but Lucy wait wait wait, wait, wait wait, and, here. We are now at the Italian, market. All, kinds, of produce, and meat. Cheese. Seafood. The. Combination, of smells, deliciously. Overwhelming. Hmmm. Sausages. For. A martini don't you. Let's. Get some Jesus. Here's. Rolf's, America's, oldest, Italian, restaurant, established. In 1900. And. The, Sark. Owns bakery. This, year 2018. Celebrating. Its hundredth, anniversary. 100. Years in business throughout, five, generations. They're. Actually closing, down but the owner is Rob's, friend, and he was nice enough to show me the hundred year old ovens. In the back. This. Is where the magic happens back here. My. Grandfather, broke through about 100 years ago we. Started, out one building over here in, our basement our ovens in the basement, came. Off here. There's. A knowing down, it's. Underneath underneath, the floor I'm gonna meet the underneath these up this is like moonstruck. Company. New York look at that no that is. That. Was really cool. Okay. We, are kind, of tired so, we're gonna go back to the RV take, a break and then, go out again. By. The way I really want to thank Robin, a story for showing, me around the feely this was truly a unique, experience. Okay. We took a break and now we're going out again this, time we're taking an uber to save some time. We're. Here by the Museum, of Art and, look. At the line to take a picture with the statue of Rocky. Balboa. Well, we couldn't come to Philly and not do the rocky steps, right, so. That's what we are going to do next along, with all the other tourists, who came here to do the same thing.

That. I'm. A little out of shape. You made it. I. Might. Not be Rocky, Balboa but, I also did make it here, to the top of the rocky steps. Right. Here at the Philadelphia, Museum, of, Art. Now. I'm tempted to walk on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, here all the way to City Hall and Center. City but, first let's. Check this out here. Cool. Pediment, depicting, 13 figures, of the classical, mythology Sue's. At the middle. Actually. I think most people, come here just for the rocky steps very few, to actually, see the museum which. Is probably. Pretty good but we're just here for the steps today. Very. Nice view of the Philadelphia. Skyline from, here which, has changed quite. A bit since, the Rocky, movie was filmed in 1976. Okay. Did. That let's, go back. Down and, continue exploring Philly. It's. Much easier on the way down oh. That. Felicia's take. In steps. That's got a softie. The one in Finland was cheaper, than these four dollars for a, softie oh well. You're in front of the museum right. In America. There. Is an outdoor concert happening, although no one seems to be listening, and apparently, this weekend they are holding a Rock n Roll Marathon here, that's why they have all these barricades. And this. Here is the Washington, Monument fountain. The, actual equestrian, sculpture of George Washington, dates back to 1897, although it was moved, here in, 1928. After they completed, the Parkway, and the Kings. Oval, here at the. Bottom they have sculptures. Of Native, Americans, and animals. Native, to the United States I think. It is a beautiful, monument. Here. Check, out the moon kind. Of looks like the Death Star don't you think. Well. The idea is to welcome the parkway here all the, way to the other end. Yes. That's another Museum I would have liked to visit, I missed, the one in Paris a couple of years ago and it looks like we're going to miss this one too one. Day in Philly is just, not, enough. Fact. The, parkway was originally, designed to look like this on police say in Paris and it. Is nowadays lined, up with flags from all the different countries there's. A City Hall at the other end of the parkway. By. The way this area is considered the cultural, heart of Philadelphia. Beginning, at the Art Museum where, we were ending. With City Hall with, several other museums. In between clears, the Ben Franklin Institute. And the, world war one era memorial. Here in aviator, Park. Here. The, Academy, of Natural Sciences, which. Is like a Natural, History Museum. In. A few minutes we are going to see the love park, but here they have they a more Spanish. Version perhaps. Lots. Of, street art here, in Philly. This. Is what's called the love park, it seems to be a very nice place just to chill on a nice weather, day like this one if you, recall it was sunny this morning then it got cloudy and now it is sunny again. Check. Out all the flags lining, up the Parkway brain. Franklin, Parkway. This. Park is actually famous for the love sign, which is actually supposed to be a well-known sculpture. By pop artist, - Robert, Indiana and, the. Stereotype, is true we. Americans will line, up for anything. This. Is actually a beautiful, part of feel here, for sure it, has that European. Vibe, I guess and. This. Is City Hall with, the statue of William Penn atop, the clock tower. It is 6:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Saving, Time. All. Of a sudden we find ourselves in, Center City and you, know what we're gonna do it right we're. Going to see the city from above. Here's, the one Liberty, observation. Deck located, on the 57th, floor of one, Liberty, place, it is 1450, for adults not bad compared.

To Similar, observation. Decks in other cities, ooh. These. LEDs are really playing tricks on my camera. They. Have a video presentation as. You go up the elevator although. It. Looks kind of dated, nowadays, compared, to more modern, more, extravagant. Much. Taller and much, more expensive, observation. Decks no wait I'm getting ahead of myself here that, would be on the next video. And. Surprise. Here's, been once, again. The. Views from the top are actually quite, spectacular. There. Is the Ben Franklin Bridge, spanning. The Delaware, River to. Liberty, Place next, door. There's. That. Vast somewhat. Flat area, called South Philly. Where, we were earlier, today actually. They, have this very cool interactive, touchscreens, that show you what you're looking at but. There's not a whole lot other. Than that and some. Vending, machines, a cafe. Or a bar would, have been nice actually. That, spends landing somewhere, down there. And we, are parked actually somewhere down there in by that industrial. Area. Well. That was fun. We, exit through, the mall, let's. Call an uber and get back to the RV park. We've. Walked, several, miles today, and tomorrow, we want to do one more thing before we go we. Want to go to the independence. Hall again and go. Inside this, time. Yep. We were all the, way up there. Good. Morning. Hmm. A little foggy this morning in, Philly. Well. It is another beautiful, day here in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania we're. Gonna do a little bit more of exploring. We. Walk all the way to Pence land and see the Independence. Hall and. Then. Off we go towards New York. Beautiful. David I mean we could we couldn't have asked for better weather you, know it's low 70s, sunny. First, thing we did this morning was to get our tickets, for Independence. Hall so we have about an hour and now we're gonna have to kill that we're going to do banks, landing see what's going on. It. Was so lively yesterday. As lively. As this place was yesterday. Today, crickets. There's. Very few people, here just a, few other confused, tourists. Like ourselves perhaps. Perhaps. It is too early oh, well. Epic, fail, everything. Seems to be closed on a Sunday, morning so take note of that let's. Head back to Independence. Hall and maybe. We can kill some more time in that area and. Back. Here we are still, about half an hour to kill so, let's go into the red out right. Across the street came. To the readout tower. Something. To nibble on actually. That was a pretty, cool bar we might return after, the tour. Here. We are ready, for our tour of Independence. Hall which, is free by the way we, gotta wait 10 more minutes so. First, we go into this room where we're going to learn about all the history that transpired, within, these walls. Next. We're, gonna go into the main building and here we're going to see two main rooms two main chambers. The Supreme, Court and the Assembly, Room. I've. Really. Been looking forward to, this. To, the right guys watch your stuff. Here. We are the Supreme, Court room and the, very knowledgeable. Park ranger, tells, us a little bit about our judicial, system with. The very cool anecdotes, and a touch of humor his remarks, actually, greatly, enhanced. This experience. Next. We go into the Assembly Room where, two major historic, events happened, the Declaration, of Independence and, the drafting, and signing, of the Constitution, all that after, the First and Second Continental Congress. In. Which they, agreed and disagreed on many, things, he, describes, where everybody, was sitting and what, they argued, about making. It so interesting, it, is a great experience, being, here, where the nation, was born.

Actually. In 1948, they decided to restore all this as it would have looked in, the 18th century and it's. All now managed, by the National. Park Service. Well. For someone like me not, born, in the United States that, this was actually a bucket, list destination. It, symbolizes, the birthplace. Of a, land of, liberty and, opportunity and I, feel it's a great privilege to live, here, and be able to call it home. We're. Going to say goodbye to Philadelphia. Although. I would love to come back. Great, time, yes. Unfortunately our, time here in Philadelphia, is coming, to an end our. Next, destination another. Unlikely, place, to visit with an RV. Well. We are leaving, Philadelphia heading. Towards, New York City it. Should be about two, hours breadth, decided, to avoid the New Jersey Turnpike, which, can, get expensive with our four axles, so, I've selected avoid, tolls, on the GPS, and let's. See if we can make it a stress-free. Drive. After. A while on the 295. We happen to us, one and, eventually. The, Garden, State Parkway. It, does, get a little complicated. As we approach, Jersey. City making, it a little bit of a stressful driver, but, that, was to be expected right, on the. Other hand we, see the Manhattan, skyline in, the distance, and that's always, satisfying. It. Is a little bit of a hot mess here, on community, ah a veneer the toll road would have taken us on i-70. Eight probably. A little better but then again we would have missed seeing all this, Westside of Jersey, City. Here. We turn onto Grand, Street. Heading, towards, downtown Jersey. City we. Are almost there. Well, here we are Liberty. Harbor marina and RV, park just. Like the one back in Philly we, have water, and electric, only but at least here we have a slightly, better, view. We. Made it to Liberty. Harbor, RV. Park and as you can see it's not, much more than a parking lot but, we. Are right there let me show you New York is right behind. The service yes. In this RV, park the most important, amenity is location. Just, a few blocks away from the path train station, and the ferry. Terminal it's right, here, but, we're hungry so we're going to check out surf city here first. We've. Got perfect, weather here, today. Here. We have our burger, it's. Pretty good and there it is One. World Trade Center. Such. A beautiful. Afternoon here as we walk towards the path train station. We. Just had burgers, at the surf city and now we're gonna try to go, to New York apparently, the ferry only runs Monday to Friday which. Is something. Within a note that. We do by the way today is Sunday. Steakhouse. He's, not, open. It, is getting dark and we're still kind of tired from the trip so. I don't think we're going to spend a whole lot of time in this city tonight which. Is a little, bit of a bummer because tomorrow, is supposed to rain. Anyways. Let's catch a train shall we. We're, taking the train here at the Grove Street Station and it is going to be a short ride just one more station here in the jersey side called Exchange, Place and then, we go under the Hudson and we emerge at the New World Trade Center, station in Manhattan a little. Disoriented. Here but eventually, we get our bearings. We, took the train called the path, it's, a 275, one-way, tickets. This. Beautiful. Station here this massive, iconic. Structure, here is called the oculus and, it was designed by a Spanish architect, Santiago. Calatrava. Now. That I think about it it isn't even that crowded, but yes, New, York can be a little overwhelming when you first arrive. Although. You get used to it pretty, quickly actually. Check, her out spider-man, two, of them. There. It is through the skylight one. World Trade Center. Definitely. Looks like something Johnny. I've would, have designed this, station you know Johnny I have the guy who designed the iPhone and all the Apple. It's. Also like being inside a whale or something. I. Wasn't. Expecting this, well. We're gonna actually through church through it now we just have to make sure that we enter. Through Church through it as well otherwise we'll never find it. I'm. Sure we will oh we're.

In New York. Well. Yeah, this, city is, unmistakable. Although. It has changed, a bit since the last time we were here. That. Building, wasn't there for example. The. Last time we were here I think that was December, 2012. One. World was, still under construction back, then. This. Here is the site of the yet-to-be-built. Two World, Trade, Center, in. The meantime it is this, sort of public art, thing. Here. Here's. The station, from another perspective. And. Here's. The 9/11. Memorial. The. Site were one of the Twin Towers stood. Now. Hall. On the ground in, the form of a fountain with. The names of those who died, engraved. All around, it. Here's. The new building one, World Trade Center. Lots. Of security measures. Around, here, to protect this area. In, very busy, airspace as well here in lower Manhattan. And we. Almost did go to the observation, deck today but the, working price of admission is over $40.00 after taxes, and we, are tired and we're, going to come back tomorrow morning, for, sure. Let's. Head back to Liberty Harbor. It is a pretty impressive structure. If you ask me. Let's. Got a dream. Yeah. I think we came out through the wrong exit let's, find our way back to the campground. Welcome. Back to the RV park. Check. It out. Lady. Liberty herself. By. The way it is a little, bit of a walk from, the RV park. To. The let's go Grove Street, Station, it's is the path train. That goes into Manhattan, but. It. Even, though it's a little solitary, it feels very safe actually, to. Be walking these on a Sunday, night is. What 8:00 p.m. right now. We're. Gonna linger a little more in Manhattan, but we're, kind of tired so we're. Gonna call it a night and. And. We'll spend the whole day tomorrow in Manhattan, about that. Good. Night. There's. A trend. And. It's still are kind of our favorite huh, there's. The dump station. In, the 10th area and the bathrooms are here is there a facility. And. There is a gym we, forgot the code or York er this is closed well today it is Monday, so we're going to take the ferry to Manhattan. Let's. See how the ferry works yeah I.

Think. We're gonna stay here in the aft section, since, it is the only outdoor area, where we can see the view. Unfortunately. It is kind of cloudy this morning. Actually. I say a little bit of blue sky so, there is hope. There. The historic, New Jersey, train terminal, Ellis, Island and the Statue of, Liberty and the Colgate clock one, thing has me worried, the top of one world is covered in clouds which means there's, not visibility, from the top perhaps. We should have gone last night after, all. Little, bit of trivia here, a smaller, earlier, version, of the Colgate, clock was moved to Clarksville, Indiana and, can, be seen from Louisville, across the river and, so. It earlier, this year when, I visited, my family who lives in the area. Here. We see once again Ellis. Island, and, the. Statue of, Liberty. It. Was a great, idea to, take the ferry which by the way is just a commuter, ferry, nothing, touristy, about it, $8.00. One-way, and it, is going to drop us off here at the pier 11, Wall Street, terminal, we're not going, to visit Lady, Liberty, on this particular, trip but, we will one, of these days. Here. We see Governors, Island and, in, the distance that's the verrazano-narrows, bridge that. Connects the boroughs, of Brooklyn and. Staten Island, here. We are at the financial. District, this. Older. Area, of Manhattan of, narrow streets, and tall, skyscrapers. Trust. Me the, skyscraper. Is there maybe. It is time for a high dynamic range camera. Here. We are walking on Wall Street, which, as we approach the New York Stock Exchange it. Becomes pedestrian. The, neoclassical, building here is the Federal, Hall where, George Washington, was inaugurated and the Bill of Rights was written and, across, the street well, there it is the, New York Stock Exchange, don't, forget to tag them on Instagram, seriously. Looking. Back at the Federal Hall one, more time as the, sign says the birthplace, of American. Democracy and let's, continue walking. It. Is noisy, by the way but there is so, much we want to see here, but. First a quick, breakfast, at this random place here called cozy. Bread. So. Lots. Of security barricades. All around the stock exchange, and all the security theater perhaps one of the longer-lasting, unintended. Effects, of the 9/11, attacks here. We are approaching the charging, bull placed, here in 1989. Perhaps, one of the main tourist attractions, here in the financial, district, I'm not even gonna try to take a picture because as you can see it, is a zoo, all around it actually, I think I'm starting to prefer, it when people actually line up to take pictures, at all these types of landmarks. The bull is of course the symbol of financial optimism. And prosperity, the newer statue of the fearless girl, was placed here in 2017. To promote gender, diversity. Apparently. It is supposed to be brave proud, and strong but. Not defiant. Or belligerent. Anyways. The Bulls sculpture, art or Demonica, was not very happy about the addition, of the girl to his iconic, sculpture, because, according to him it corrupts.

Its Artistic, integrity by, distorting the intent of the statue from a symbol of prosperity and strength, into, a villain. No. Bombers, still can't see the top of the One World Trade Center, but it looks like the, might be clearing up here's, the Trinity, Church of the Episcopal denomination. Very, historic, George, Washington, used to worship here, although, the current building, was finished in 1846. It, was also very important, to during the 9/11, attacks because people took refuge inside. The American, Stock, Exchange, building here has been vacant, since 2008. When it merged with the New York Stock Exchange. This, here is curry Park as we, make our way towards, Ground, Zero, and the 9/11, memorial, here, they have this 26, foot high rose. There, it is almost, out of the clouds. Here. We are once again at the 9/11. Memorial now. During the day, hard. To fathom that this is where, the twin towers once, stood. Also. Quite moving to see all the names engraved, around. The fountain. All. Clear now, is the time. Here's, the survivor, tree which was found in the wreckage and brought, back to life. Let's, go on to the One World Observatory. And the reason there is nobody here is that, they were telling everybody at the entrance that there was zero, visibility, against. No one told them that the top had been clearing up, we. Enter through this dark, cave, like, hallway, making. Our way towards, the elevators. Talking. About the elevators, we are about to see a very cool, video presentation. Here. Three. Of the elevator walls are covered with screens. Showing, how the city of New York evolved. Along the years, very. Very, cool. Welcome. To one world observatory. At. The top we get treated to yet another video. Presentation. You can tell they spent a lot of money, on this. Eventually, the. Screens left, and the, actual view is revealed, before, our eyes not. Quite zero visibility, but, it is still a little, hazy. The. Elevator was really. Cool but I think the rest is a little, overdone I guess, they have to justify, the price Wow. There's. Many teeny we can see it all the way from here down, there at Liberty Harbor. Here's. A looking north on the Hudson, River. And. Here. They have this very gimmicky. Screen, looking down as if it is supposed to make me feel very good or something. These. Zr spaces. Ever and there's the ferry we took this morning the, Jersey, side again, which happens, to be the clearest, one weather-wise, so, far. Brooklyn. Still, kind of invisible. We. Decided to go for a local IPA. Well, Midtown. Clears up. Well. For a brand new building, this is kind of fun acceptable. Craftsmanship. Is not, what, it used to be for sure. Visibility. Is getting better we, can even see the Empire State Building now. Now. Looking, towards Chinatown, and the Lower East Side. The Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. There. Is the Washington, Square Arch which. Marks, the end of Fifth Avenue. We. Would love to linger. Up here all day you know get. Our money's worth, especially, now that visibility is getting so much better, there's. The verrazano-narrows, bridge, again. In the distance. Okay. One last look, at. Lady Liberty. When. We go down. The, 270. Degree presentation. On the way down makes, you a little, dizzy at the beginning but it's also really, good. Thank, you for visiting one. World observatory. We, wanted to go to the 9/11. Museum I've heard, great things about, it that but the line seems to be pretty, long. I've. Also heard it's kind of a downer as it should be it was horrible, what happened here. They, say the line goes pretty, fast but still, I think, we're going to do this some, other time. This. Year is the 9/11.

Museum And I really wanted to check, it out they. Say it's really moving really, well-made. But, there's a little bit of a line so we're. Gonna save this for the next time. Let's. Walk around New York a little bit. A very. Nice couple back at the RV park this morning if they were living and they had to MetroCards. With like five trips each so, they were nice enough to give them to us I'm, telling you fellow our viewers are at the best so. We are going to use them and take the subway a few blocks north into the Chelsea, neighborhood because, we want to walk on the High Line which. Is this linear park, built on what used to be an elevated, railroad track. Should. Be cool by. The way I can never get tired of this station I think, it's so beautiful. We, are going to take line one, towards, uptown and our, train is here. We. Got off at 14th, Street which, is near the southern, end of the High Line and actually. Is Chelsea southern, boundary. This, looks, like the New York I remember, seeing in the 1970s. Movies, when I was growing up kind of, dirty, and worn, out somewhat. Intimidating. It. Looks like we started walking the wrong way but now. We are on the right track, walking. West, walk, into the West, I have, great orientation. When I travel, above ground but. The subway seems, utterly confusing. Perhaps. Because we are not used to it. Well. Here we are the, High Line

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@Traveling Robert Sorry, I'm not used to being able to take a shower in my van. It's definitely something that will shortly be installing in my project class B. I love your channel! Can't wait for your next video.

I enjoy your videos more than words can say. I have a question. You say. "WE" always on your tours so to speak, and, as you drive too. In this awesome vid I only remember one other individual that you were traveling with ,,, and that was the UBER driver! Sooo question . . . . Were you still with the UBER driver untill you got back on the road North? Who is the "we " ? I don't see your lovely wife on this travel . . . . .....? THANK YOU ROBERT. You are well loved and appreciated by many. Stay well. # I realize 'we' viewers are with you :) and I kind of think that's what you're referring to. But I wasn't sure ;-) ✌️

Don't watch if you got a problem. ✋DIST

You really should slow down in those gas stations! lolz weeeee. Great videos!

I just discovered your channel and I love your videos. The Carolina's are so beautiful! Go to Ashville North Carolina next time and visit the Biltmore Estate. It's absolutely beautiful!

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