Travel to Ukraine: Lviv. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 1

Travel to Ukraine: Lviv. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 1

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L'viv. Often, ranks among the top ten travel destinations. In the world it's. The cultural, center of Ukraine, where, everyone, can enjoy the city's two hallmarks, Ukrainian. Coffee and Ukrainian. Chocolate, to. Share the mood of l'viv we, will go hope underground, and try, to look at l'viv from an aerial, view this. City offers an incredible diversity. Of activities so. At the end of the story we're going to surprise you. Well. The name is, aviv. Lavie, let, me live, in it like Tel Aviv. Sounds. Like okay. And, it's. An old city they told us that it's actually, really, really old I don't remember, the. Date because, the, first building. Was built but I think. It's something. Like I, think. Part of it like. Medieval, time yeah, and. It was just, lovely. To see all people everywhere. Somewhere. Eating a, shanty, it was like happening things all the time I, think it's a difficult European. City. For, example it mines me really like Zurich or like black I mean, all that architecture. Style and, exactly. Do, you feel like you've been again, here yeah yeah that's that's a good, good. Feeling, I sense that as, well when, you've been travelling around in Europe it's you. See something, that reminds you. Everywhere. Yeah, some. Parts are fairly, similar yeah, probably, that's because it's, this, mixture of, houses. While, we are here it's how. The name of the square do you remember - yeah. It's. Shevchenko. Boulevard this, is actually, the. Most famous. Writer, and propagator yeah in, the in Ukraine also. Won the. National, symbol, in my country we can compare him to slim by August ring by so, it's a national symbol everybody. Knows about him he's, so. Connected with Ukrainian. Culture yeah, for in my country from Greece we. Could say that. Capacity. He's, a well-known. Poetry. And. Yeah. Maybe, it could be compared, there, are so many squares with that name or so many streets. Here. In Ukraine like. In every city they, have a street named of a sheepshank oh really yes, so. He's that important. Good to know yes. Okay. So we're here at Yankee, Boulevard yeah, it's really nice though and I have heard that there is a Liberty. Statue oh yes but they've, told in the guy that's in a quite, high yes yes it's, supposed to be verifiable oh it's. Here yes. There. Is is it strange enough to be so high I mean and smaller. I mean, yes, of course compared, to the Statue of Liberty. It looks like that oh yeah it. Looks exactly like her but she's sitting here okay. Man, beside her okay, since I've never been. So. Happy to be here, and what's that Liberty. Statue, yeah, exactly. We have it's their own version, a little bit closer to us the closer's was good, enjoy. That yeah.

Take, A picture or pretend, that we are like her do, you pose like that yeah. Just, beautiful. It's. Amazing. Because, suit. We're. Not afraid of heights and we didn't mind the exercise, as we climbed our way up the spiraling, staircase, to get a bird's-eye, view from Town Hall reviews. Famous Tower which, stands tall right in the town centre. Hello, I would, just need two tickets in order to genuine lobsters. How. Much. Did. You say t right, okay, fix. All. The tickets. Thank. You so much. Coming. Stairs gonna be. Oh. Wow. Take. A look at this view. Wow, it's, creepy look. How big she is that. Well. We are here in highest hour of, living. Yes yeah, with that great view actually, it's a super, nice view can you see all these, houses here that we were looking at before yeah. Actually yeah, from. Here you are able to see city. From, high and, actually. You can enjoy all the colors of the city because we have to say that we've. Has so many colorful, buildings, and that, makes it really beautiful. Right yes and. Yeah. From, here actually you can see so many caffee, and restaurants. That I want, to go and today. Is. Just. Just wait a little bit I just I really want to see more of this beautiful city I mean look, at it we, have to. We. Met two. Guys in. That city and I, would like to ask you how do you feel about the city here, it's the first time here yeah okay. You're gonna stay for long yes. Three, nights and how. Do you feel alone. We. Like it so far we this is our first day so we did a walking tour this morning it was really great we. Learned a lot about the history of the city. Yeah. And we're here because actually this. Is my dad and so, his dad my grandpa, was. Born, in and. Grew up here yeah. So making a trip back to kind of see a buckaroo -, yeah and, you're like where do you come from now where do you leave maybe California. So, it's a quite long. Flight back to your roots right. 24. Hours to get over here come, on it's, driving, stopovers. It, took me six hours because I come from Greece from Athens oh and yeah, from. Sweden so. We. Noticed, that there, are so many nice colors, in the buildings yeah, well, the fact that there's so many different cultures represented, it's. Wonderful. To see that in the architecture, but then also in you know people, that are here the restaurants.

You, Know you can get whatever you want yes we, read that, the. Cafeterias, are so so. Many cafes yeah like you can see in France or in Vienna you know and actually, we need so many coffee and. You denied, to get me a cup, of coke but yeah I want to see more about. For. Sightseeing, before we have you. Nice. To meet you you have, a lovely, treat there yeah, thank. You nice to meet you. Look. Look dinner, but. Yeah. Before you leave you can be. There like that and I can be your Caprio. Hello. Every. Night in, my dreams. Your. Turn, I feel. I. See. But. You don't like Titanic here. But. Not as unfortunate. Okay, it's, time now to relax, him to go and grab coffees, and okay, just one coffee because I really want to see more, okay. Let's do that it's a deal it's, a deal good let's. Go. The. Streets of the city are very narrow, you can visit cozy, places and make, new friends at, the same time every. Street is a cornucopia, of unique, architectural. Styles, this, feast for the eyes is a splendid, location. For a photo session. Well. We have the real nice back over there to the town all right. Thing. And the view was released, honest but. No. But I'd, like to off like here you know. Well. Actually it smells amazing here, can you feel it. Solve, it crowded so many stuff and so, many questions let's find some awesome. Hello. My name is images golly nice to meet you and it is my friend. And. It's. A first time here for us and would. You like a religion, coffee and, we'll. Get. You so, how's, the procedure, and. Well. I could, you please give. Us more infor about this place yep. Now I introduce, our. Most. Famous, with a friend moreover. Thanks, first thank, you. Whe. Yeah. Whoo. We're. Done yeah. Okay. Thank. You so much, Natalia nice. To meet you. And wicked, add sugar. It's. Caramel and we can make it a mix with that spoon, right. Thank. You so much this is the mind coffee. Okay. Well. I let's. Try now this yeah. Here. You are. Here, you asked us to to, wait for two minutes because it might be really, hot so. Oh. And. Because. It's caramel, now maybe, who don't need sugar I think.

First. You. Try. First yeah. Mm. Well. It's like a cappuccino. Could say. Really. Nice quality, of coffee but. It's not so strong actually, yeah it's not so strong it's nice it's. Mine. Coffee. Do. You believe in that. Man's, butt but. It's. The world's only, coffee, mine. Well. Both, of us believe that it doesn't, work like that actually, no that's in front of them we have to respect and say yeah it was like that but. To. Understand, that there was coffee. But. Okay whatever, who said we have to say that it's really cool it's really tasteful, right yeah the whole presentations. Yeah nice. Experience, going down here no. In nice coffee so Cheers. I learned. But there is a Keith place there in, the. City so I bring you here so. Because. I'm a single and I need the keys would you give it to me I could. Do that. It's. A Keith place as you can see in the Sangha, and I. Wear the hard you have the curly here are the same. Well. What a lovely day actually it was right yeah it's been a really nice day today we have explored. Many things actually, how many restaurants, you can find in Li large we, can find a restaurant, for every, cuisine in Louisville yeah, it. Has to be said that so many restaurants, for so, many tastes, I mean even your, meat lover even you don't like. With. A really nice decoration, actually yeah the, presentation. Of the food is just, something. Unique that you can't find in many places it's, it's, so fanatical, that, right yeah yeah, that's. Cool even, though we. Have traveled a lot I have to admit it's the first city that you, have meet you. Can meet so many different, restaurants, yes and, good. Foods good food, very good very, high quality food and high quality and it's also quite it's, not that expensive in. Another. City it will probably cost much more than it does here so. We get all. These. Experiences. Around, us, it's, a very fair deal. It's. Quite affordable yeah, I think, the same, okay. Despite. The fact that we had a great first day together the next day we split up to explore our own interests. Well. We are in a lovely City full of cafe and full of fire, restaurants. Let's, start, no. But I want to see more sight saying yeah but I want to eat yeah. Okay I admit it as well but come. On it's fleet okay. See. You later. Ukrainian. Food is some of the best in the world created. By people who lived on some of the most fertile land, there, are many interesting meals, to discover, Bon. Appetit.

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Great episode!

Nice! Good luck with your videos!

Thank you for this video! We went to Lviv last year for Christmas and fell in love with the city and the humble people. We're going again this year.

Dimitrios Masouras you are an inspiration! :)

thank you dear douni!

Люблю Львів! Приємне відео.

We are happy you like it. Follow next episodes. // Нам приємно, що Вам сподобалось. Дивіться наступні випуски.

We are happy you like it. Follow us to see next episodes ;)

We are happy you like it. Follow us to see next episodes

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