Travel to Ukraine: Tustan. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 2

Travel to Ukraine: Tustan. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 2

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In. The l'viv, region, in a small village of york rise, mysterious. Gray, rocks. Which. Attract thousands. Of tourists. Every year. What, attracts, travelers, to the urate ski wax. This, is an interesting, natural. Place which according. To scientists. Is the, remains of ancient silt. That covered, the bottom, of the global, ocean of tempest and. Secondly. On the top of the formidable, cliffs, these, unique remains of the medieval defense, complex, of two staff have been preserved. We're. Going to explore, this vicinity, historic. Place. They. Will finally hey. Guys we are here in the medieval, village, of testa. Actually, in the middle of nowhere in a lovely forest yes, and they want to climb that, mountain over. There or whatever it, is and. There's, a festival music festival here that we have the opportunity to take part of that and we're gonna dress up like middle, people. Yes we're gonna tear south so we're gonna fight I'm gonna, play, games we're gonna do everything. Really. Excited, in that so follow. Us in our long trip. Welcome. In our side Museum and I can make your short discussion. To. Stand it's an archaeological. Site and. Remains. Of medieval. Wooden, cliffside. Fortress. Which. Was situated here, since. 9:00 to 13th, century. It, was wooden fortress built, on, a nature, Robb's, nowadays. Remains. Only the, natural rocks, there, are no wooden, constructions, but. On big jobs left. Several. Thousand, of. Special. Science. Slopes. And holes. Artificial. Slopes and holes and, places, where these, moving, walls, were, situated, here, you can see also two. Logical. Slopes. On the on the surface, of the. This. Is the place were one. Of the walls of the fortress, was. Here. You can see. Extinction. Right here. And, doing. 20, years since, 1971. To, the end of 80s. Archaeologist, architects, and other scientists, they've made in different research. Of, this, territory they, made ex geological. Expirations. They, measured, all these holes, and slopes and in. The results they could make very. Precise. Very good graphical. Construction of, this portage drive this is 13th. Century, this, is the first. Building, period, of christen porters and this, is the biggest building, periods, of different. Quarters. Ancient. Rocks in the shape of a sleeping, dragon. This. Is the legendary, to Stan fortress. The. Story of to Stan begins in the 9th century. Tribes. Of Croat sleeved, in this area -. Stan was a defensive, and administrative. Center. It. Was a customs, point on a famed salt, road. The. Path that Ukraine's, legendary. Salt traders the shoe max took to deliver their goods throughout, the land. That's. Why many empires, have tried to seize it. However. By the 16th, century the, great - Stan fortress, was in decline. Now. We, can only see the fortress as a 3d, model. The. Name - Stein it's, in old Ukrainian. Language it, means stand. Here. It. Was situated, on a very. Important, trade, routes. From. Drohobych, to. Europe, not. Protect. The road yes, yes the our fortunes. It was like. Custom. It. Controls, a train routes through, capital mountains, and. Researches. Scientists. Is suppose that maybe, to stand controlled. Near one. Third of Paul. Transcript. Pantheon rules in, medieval times, the. Eventual. Works and, still preserve, different. Petroglyphs. It means, science. On on, rock. Crosses. Access. Animals. Like, this they. Are made in different times, by, old and more new in from, 20th century 19th, century and. It's, very interesting topic, because they.

Signed, The spectre objects, means that people, reached here not only in MIDI effects but they also held, much. More earlier. Invited. Artists. From different countries, and they. Learnt, a legends of different, legends local. Legends about this. Place, and they, made a different, part objects like this, there was near 20, art objects, all over this territory. Last. Year. Now. We are staying in front of the main entrance to, the fortress. Of this thing and I. Would like to show you how it looked like in 13th. Century. We, made a special application. You. Can download it for free you. Can just put. Your camera on. The, rocks and, this. Application show you the. 3d. Model. This. Is called like I'll be mine to share with you you can see exactly how it look like yes. Here. You can see how, how, exporters, look like in the first the very early period of, building in, the ninth century. Later. The wooden constructions, appeared here and here, but, in the early period it was only only here, and. Later. Since. This. Period. Of building. Here. Who was special. In. Bridge that would be. Erected, up and by, a special, mechanism, to protect oh yes. Yeah to protect and it gave, a bachelor protection, of. The main entrance of the porters, and. Actually this trade routes that I told you about it, goes from this fuel and. Now. It's forests but once it was a mine roads which you could go and when, you came. Here you couldn't. Pass. Father. Without, paying. Taxes. In fact. Scientists. Think. That it was not enacted and it was not. Ruined, by, any army, and. By. Including, tatar Mongol army, they didn't came. Here they passed, over to, stand, strong. Very. Strong, affection, and, what, is what is the main unique. Into. Thing that there. Are many castles. Built. On the rocks in the world all over the world but, usually a rocks are. Used like a basement of, both, cultures, and here. Interesting, rocks. Natural, herbs are used like walls, proper, not like, not only like abatement but also like a walls of. Off, porches Kinnison, did, he bring, rocks. Here, or it, was a physical. In, a way in the tech abundance, of the location, already they took advantage, these, rocks are national works they. Are made, of sandstone, and they. Are near 55, million, years old, this, is, natural rocks, huge. So, people, just used very. Edge. Such strategic. Good. Location. To build a, fortress. On this in this place. Yeah, I need to take a little time you know it looks, like. See. How it is. The. Biggest. He. Want let's take place here mr., guru preserves, and this. Is the main way. To. To. Show this atmosphere, of several times because, water, zones exist in part and people. Cannot feel. How. It looks like and what is actually a medieval times. The medieval vibe yes, very, very important, also the chorus Ukrainians, to show, our medieval culture because, in, French, it, was a period when. Ukrainians. Nazis their, own States, it. Was Keanu's, and, state and them and, power. Powerful. States and this. Is one of the best periods, of our history, and, it's. Forgotten period and now. Teach. Children. What. But, we had a very high culture, in this and. This. Fortress, show. Us and. We. Were part, of my, utilization, because this. Architecture. Of the cultures, in this. Period it was very like high protein culture, sure. Can you see. It's. A means interest since in two channels it and for, example in this place when we are staying now we, are staying here. All. This. Between. By. Root 6. Tours. Building, these. Up here we are here at the floor and we have six floor from here. So. Now I think our, expression. Will be finished and now I I, would like to invite you to visit our hostel. Wait. Wait wait baby we're, going now, just, follow me I want to go this way I want. To go and drink coffee. The. King of the world. Come, on. Well. We, are here in the middle of the festival, and we dressed up like appropriately. The will to yours right yeah just to get in the right mood and, understand, what was actually going on during this period, of time, yeah it looks quite strange, but at the same time so funny. Follow. Us in to make, some activities. Look. At the Warriors we're. Gonna fight so, let's let's, run to join them. The. Participants. In the battle must follow some basic rules, they. Must use safe, tactics, blunted. Blades and hold, their swords, with one hand the, armor must be durable. Jona. From sweden that's.

A Machine nice to meet you field emitted. From. Crusaders. From 12th, century yeah, Jerusalem, Kingdom. That's, the traditional costume back then right yes, let's all do. Like. Protection, yeah. From. Swords, from. Then. You have the same costume right. Can. I try this one it's. Okay for you. The. Manager. Mr. ah yes it's very simple. No. This. Year, 300. Re-enactors, recreated. The Middle Ages in 25. Locations, the, most popular, forms of entertainment include. Playing, musical, instruments, dancing. And. Thank. You so much. Enjoy. Who's. The horse. They. All miss now it's abhors. Hi. How. Are you. Yeah. I'm good thank you are, you some kind of installation. Yeah. You, have nice time right. Actually. For us we, filming. About. That festival, and it's the first time for both of us and actually it's so attractive and, so interesting. It's. Great fun. I'm. Saying, yeah, singing. The. Scene okay. Old-fashioned. Ukrainian, song. Have. Fun thank you so much thank. You. See. Wants to make all the activities. That's, funny too big boys. Like. This. My. Love chuckles, this time ah. To. Give up, okay, okay. And. That's. You use here. Okay. Obviously. This my suing. Rocket. Base something like that isn't, easy, am opening, in the middle. It, feels so nice it's, my first stuff that I do by maybe a great career is going to be with, pottery. Thank. You so much. I. Don't. Think it treats me yeah, just. Open, it up here yes have. A helmet for me as well yeah. Aren't. We going to fight with the kids. 1. 2, 3, fight. Here. We are event, of the night or. Day. Evil. Day in. System, yeah it was great. So. Many activities to do yeah we started with the fortress, and we, ended. Up here in the festival, it was really nice so, many activities to do so many nice people a really, good. Organization. You know what I mean the organization, how wait, what, we eat no. It. Was great fun, would you mind of coming next year again yeah of course we should do it it's a deal. Thank. You for watching us yeah and. Keep. Up with us yeah, you next a an exception.

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